TTG Chapter 257

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 257: Confrontation task (medium)


On the other side, hiding in a place far from Qingling, the devil merchant in the tomb looked up in amazement. Mingming’s eyes were on the dark and humid soil, but he seemed to see the scene in the night sky. The familiar flash of lightning rips the night and shines in the sky again!

“How can I…”

He murmured, subconsciously grasped the black shroud on the clothes, twisted his face and let out a painful hum. The shroud adhered to his body, and black thin lines stretched out from the shroud and plunged into the body of the devil merchant. Even the guide’s cloak can’t stop the erosion of the shroud.

In fact, when the Qin made shroud just flew to him, it directly penetrated the guide’s cloak and automatically put it on the innermost layer of all the clothes of the devil merchant! Along with the devil’s business, those dense black lines penetrate his skin. Even if the devil’s business becomes alienated, the black line is still there. It has deeply penetrated into the soul of the devil’s business!

Even if there is no prompt from the hotel and it doesn’t identify the grade, the devil merchant guessed. The curse and power contained in this Qin made shroud is absolutely more than any prop on his clothes, even more than the magic mirror!

Wearing this level of terror props on the shroud, the devil merchant certainly has a strong power. The shroud is hidden here. The shroud is found by anyone and depends on it.

But at the same time, his thinking and fine commands are also being eroded. The longer he wears, the more he will be completely controlled by the shroud! At present, he hasn’t had a big problem, because there is a layer of “Grandpa Zhi” power between him and the shroud.

However, since he got the shroud, those black lines from the shroud have penetrated and occupied most of his body. Grandpa Zhi’s remaining strength will soon disappear. I’m afraid the shroud will get out of control after tonight! Especially in the Ming Tombs where the hotel rules disappeared. At that time, he will face the disaster of extinction.

Either ask the black widow or MIA for help, or leave the journey, return to the hotel, or go to a place where the shroud is pressed.

Or go to see Xiaocui – this Qin made shroud has part of him. Transferring the shroud to him and handing over the curse is also a way.

But as he promised when Xiaocui talked with him… He will embark on a road that no one wants to reach.

“He is…”

Stunned, the devil merchant showed a complex expression.

During the discussion, he kept his hand, and no one gave it all. At that time, Xiaocui had already passed. When the next punishment came, it was time for him to decide the outcome.

The devil merchant thought that the duel would depend on you. Although Xiaocui seems to have mastered the secret of summoning heaven’s punishment, you are definitely in his favor.

When the negotiations between the two leaders and the Ming Tombs are over, when the curse on Qin Shou’s clothes erodes the soul of the devil merchant, and when Xiaocui has more, that strange fine command pollution power.

The situation will become favorable to him.

The devil businessman boasts that even if he is eager to fight Xiaocui, the more favorable conditions for him, the better. If you change to him, he’s afraid he’ll have to drag it to the end.

But Xiaocui is like this.

The devil merchant touched his pocket watch, and the dark gold pointer trembled.

It’s September 27, 11:00 p.m. sharp.

Heaven’s punishment is coming. It’s on September 29 and September 28.

At this time, the shroud made by Qin did not completely pollute his soul, and he used the power of the shroud. You can find the strongest time point in the devil merchant program!

And now Xiaocui may not be able to determine his location, but the devil merchant can. He is in the dark and Xiaocui is in the light. The situation is more favorable to him.

What’s more, the Emperor Taizong was angry when the lightning was struck by heaven’s punishment. In the Ming Tombs, Xiao Cui could not get his support only by holding * * and phantom cat.

good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations.

But the strange man, the devil merchant, was not sure of victory.

“That’s interesting.”

He smiled. At this moment, the devil merchant felt that he knew Xiaocui.

This kind of feeling that he can’t lock the victory even if he gives up everything and presses all his hands… If he wins, he will feel anxious and powerless.

But now, as long as you think about your opponent Xiaocui, you are playing against Xiaocui, and you are disturbed by others. The devil merchant was happy.

“Let me guess where you are.”

The location of Xiaocui perceived by the devil merchant is in Qingling. But the place where the thunder fell is Yongling!

Qingling and Yongling, one west and one east, are close together.

It is reasonable that the princess will make a wrong judgment, and the lightning robbery is also caused by the underground pollution of the Ming Tombs, which must be a natural punishment.

Do you believe in the judgment of the princess in the “confrontation mission”, or do you believe in the punishment of robbing thunder?

Soon, the devil merchant made a decision!

* *

[Taizong will be angry]

High above the sky, the Golden Shadow of Taizong shot directly at the moment of thunder robbery and lightning falling, and took a palm in the direction of Yongling. This slap was so powerful that it caused lightning to twist for a moment. If it was taken, I’m afraid everything except the Ming Tombs would collapse and dissipate on the spot!

But a shadow blocked the palm of Taizong’s virtual shadow.

** * still wearing a cloak painted with wave patterns, invisible air waves stagnated, erupted and swept across the four directions from him. I am fully aware of the terrible power. The dragons appeared last night!

However, under this bombardment, the shadow of Taizong stood tall and moved, but * * took a step back. If someone has great attainments in quantity, he can see that the momentum of the whole Ming Tombs is integrated with Taizong, and the gas field of the Ming Tombs extends to the earth and is connected with the earth vein.

In this case, Taizong’s strength is absolutely superior, but the strength of the principal of the hotel will be greatly reduced!

[heaven punishes lightning and wipes out the pollution in the Ming Tombs -]


Taizong sneered and said, “did I promise?”

The negotiation is not over yet. Your hotel directly starts to lead thunder to rob Yongling, which is to clean up pollution and take hostages. Do you have any intention?

This is the Ming Tombs, the territory he controls. He can, he can, he can, he can, he can!

[Taizong, please think again]

Although he said so, he pulled off his cloak. Without the cloak, the momentum of the principal suddenly came. The next moment, a silver Guqin appeared in his hand.

There are many cracks on the piano, like ice cracking, especially in the middle. Like it was broken by violence in the middle, but it’s like repairing and splicing. There is no decoration on the piano, only a blue purple triangular pattern surrounded by dark red and nearly black lines is printed on the right corner.

“Woo -”

The wind roared past. No one played, but the melodious music still sounded. The music contains infinite power, which surrounds the three people like substance.

Surrounded by music, there are only Taizong and phantom cat.


In Yongling, Wei Xun’s heart beat suddenly heavy for a moment, like a butterfly flapping its wings in the heart. There was a premonition. He subconsciously looked at the sky and found that the place where * *, phantom cat and Taizong were originally, was shrouded in thick clouds!

You can see everything, and you can’t even perceive the scattered power, as if there had never been anyone there.


Thunder and lightning struck Wei Xun fiercely. There were only a few flashes of lightning. When the thunder robbery was coming to an end, it was as devastating as terror.

But Wei Xun is standing next to the tombstone under the Ming tower. The high tombstone is like a lightning rod, which can directly eliminate the sky thunder and lightning when the pollution is diffuse! At the same time, the dark color on the tombstone also faded.

Compared with the short-lived emperor who reigned for only one month, Emperor Jiajing reigned for 45 years and was the emperor who actually held power for the longest time in the Ming Dynasty. When he was young, he was diligent, wise and shrewd. In his later years, he became addicted to monasticism and asked about the government. There are many stories about his romance in history, and there are still many stories about the Jiajing Dynasty written by Xiao Shu.

His strength is far better than that of the 14th emperor, and the pollution suppressed under the mausoleum is dozens of times more. If these pollutions were turned into shapes, they would only have a black and golden dragon claw. Wei Xun suspected that they all turned into half a dragon.

But how much pollution is good. The more pollution, the more it attracts the attention of heaven’s punishment.

Wei Xun touched his chest and thought of the suddenly increased heartbeat just now and suddenly smiled. He thought that when he first met * *, he had no strength to fight back, but now he traveled again and again, and he chased quickly.

The day of shoulder to shoulder, the day of looking directly at his face… It’s far away.

“Here you are.”

At the next moment, Wei Xun took back his eyes and looked at the entrance of Yongling.

A guide in a dark blue cloak stood there.

* *

“He used the piano?”

On the mountain outside Yongling, chewing dried meat on October 10, worried and looking at the sky, the wolf tail shook. Only from her back, she looks more like a werewolf.

“Just use the piano to the Emperor Taizong’s words. The negotiation has become a sentiment. It will always go to war directly. Did you order people to do it?”

“The principal will step in.”

Bai Xiaotian sat next to her, closed his hand and stood up.

“Go now.”


Lu Xiaochen neatly packed up her things without much hesitation. However, she went to Bai Xiaotian’s face and turned her back to him to carry him up. Bai Xiaotian refused.

“You go first.”

“It’s dangerous.”

On October 10, she frowned and said, “I don’t know much. I recognized her and said,” protect yourself. If you have something to do, blow the whistle. “After that, her shadow disappeared into the depths of the forest.

Bai Xiaotian didn’t walk in the same direction as her, but he walked to the top of the mountain, much slower. There was no light in the woods at night. The thunder was accompanied by a strong wind. The roaring wind with wet water vapor rolled up the stumps and withered leaves, which was very frightening. The wind was like ghosts crying and wolves howling.

Especially in this wind, there is a strange “ghog”, “ghostly” sound, like the water mass lump gel is crushed and crushed, what is the strange noise of something that is swallowed up and digested by the stomach and intestines.

From a distance, it seems that there is a peristaltic, oval shape among the dry branches and leaves on the ground.

Bai xiaotianmu squinted and walked up directly.

“You have to step on shrem.”

When he was about to step on the strange dog, the other party finally knew that he rolled lazily to the side and shouted like a dog: “it’s so dangerous!”

Bai Xiaotian ignored it and continued to apologize. Shrem, who should have appeared here, did not attract any superfluous attention. He rolled twice and saw that Bai Xiaotian was walking towards him. Shrem was busy rolling to keep up with him, chewing something in his mouth.

One man and one shrem walked all the way to the mountain. In three minutes, he walked to the top of the mountain. From here, you can clearly overlook Yongling. The terrible lightning and thunder seemed to fall from his face. Thousands of bright silver electric spears seemed to hang on the sky and night, and the stabbing people opened their eyes completely.

“Oh, how spectacular.”

Bai Xiaotian put on a pair of sunglasses, while shrem opened his eyes with relish. It chews harder, like popcorn at the movies.

“Hey, would you like some?”

After eating for a while, he looked at the white eyes. The little sky was still standing dry. Shrem was like a good man. He stretched out a hand with some golden jelly on his hand.

“This is the most expensive orange jelly sold by the hotel. It’s endorsed by deer and orange. Listen, she likes this jelly in addition to eating raw meat. It’s valuable!”

Shrem showed off and lowered his voice: “I’m with you. This jelly powder was made by her on the way home. Hey, that’s the way home. He can make jelly powder! Listen, no matter what you sprinkle jelly powder on, it will turn into jelly, and it feels very similar to shrem!”

“Have you eaten shrem?”

It’s cold, and the white sky is light. After listening to his words, slim choked and laughed with him: “although slim eats everything, I still eat the same race. Normally, any race can eat. Let’s do this -”

“No, I’ve eaten people.”

Bai Xiaotian said coldly.

Again, the choked slim muttered a few boring words, but he didn’t say anything again. After invigilating the exam, the examiner should appear again on the journey.

But in this journey, the control of the hotel is really low, almost comparable to the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. It’s strange that shrem, or the phagocytosis of his back, reappears again.

It was all expected by Bai Xiaotian.

Shrem used it to stop him, and it was expected that he would stop the stronger deer orange. In the other party’s view, he is more dangerous than deer orange.

At the same time, in the Qingling mausoleum, a silver shadow was surrounded by tourists. The “guide” who was almost attacked and killed hid weakly in the half life Taoist shadow.

* *

The silver moon killer appeared in Qingling.

After receiving the news from Tong Hege, Wei Xun looked at the devil merchant. The devil merchant blinked his left eye and coughed gently.

“Is it agreed, Xiaocui?”

To Wei Xun’s’ you’re coming ‘, the devil merchant didn’t answer the martial arts’ I’m coming’, but he shrugged and held the same product in his hand.

Dark gold pocket watch.

“Or” Xiaocui “, you” Xiaocui ”

The devil merchant’s tone was brisk, but Wei Xun saw his complex emotions – the happy value of the devil merchant fluctuated subtly between 50 and 60, but it didn’t matter. Wei Xun was worried that his [responsibility value] was still stable at 80.

“You can call me anything you want.”

Wei Xun also took out the gold necklace – the one with the pendant removed, put it in a box with the pocket watch of the devil merchant and handed it to Emperor Jiajing standing aside for safekeeping.

“The king?”

“Whatever you want.”

Hearing his answer, the devil merchant pulled his lips and smiled calmly.

The devil merchant now determines that Xiaocui is the king, and bing250 is the king.

Wei Xun thought calmly.

Like him, the devil businessman who took up the task of confrontation should also have two restrictions. Maybe one of them is’ the king can’t attack you ‘or something.

Whether he comes to Qingling or Yongling, he will find that “Xiaocui” and others know about C 250.

The king can’t attack him, but C 250 can! Although Wei Xun is still influenced by [King Zhang Xiong’s expectation: the princess is pregnant with the purest blood of the Kingdom, the future of the kingdom of Zhang Xiong, you will attack the pregnant princess!], the devil merchant knows.

Attack people first. As long as the devil businessman thinks so, he will have more fear and consideration.

“How long will it last?”

The devil merchant looked at the stone tablet. Now the punishment of heaven is extremely terrible. It is like a splash of bright electric light that drowns the whole Qingling mausoleum, but in fact, it all falls on the pollution attached to the stone tablet. The seeping and majestic black gold pollution is suffused with bits and pieces of fire – the night the devil merchant met and was exploring Qingling with Xiaocui!

“Fight until you admit defeat.”

Wei Xun smiles.

“I really want to compete with you.”

The devil merchant sighed, “I finally know I have this opportunity.”

Opportunities to be disturbed.

At present, the two principals are restrained, and the passengers who seal the power are “restrained” by the principals. For the time being, they are completely unsealed to disturb him.

If you want a duel, now is the best time!

The devil merchant is very happy. Ming Xiaocui attaches importance to him and is willing to meet his wishes. He also wanted to express his feelings. He couldn’t help thinking more, but he was interrupted by Xiaocui.

“Come on.”

A long knife appeared in Wei Xun’s hand, the knife of a madman, and a wild goose feather knife of the Ming Dynasty!

“Clang buzz -”

The arc of the knife was like a trace of the moon, and suddenly cut at the devil merchant without warning. At the moment when the blade fell, countless words “Ming” appeared on the knife, which turned into a flame like fine command pollution. The fusion flame was hidden in the fine command pollution, and the scarlet thick slurry was all over Wei xunquan’s knife. In a twinkling of an eye, he turned into a fire command alienation, and the flame burned wildly, You even know that the knife makes a heavy clicking sound.

At this moment, the time seemed to slow down, the lightning stopped, the air disappeared, and there seemed to be only the scarlet knife light in the sky and underground.

Show no mercy. This knife will kill the enemy!



The air waves soared and spread all over the world. Like a strong wind, the surrounding residual branches and leaves were suddenly raised. The devil merchant bent his knee and knelt on the ground with one leg pressed by great force. He resisted the knife. A strange weapon in his hand, a golden scale!

Throughout the journey, the devil merchant never took out this scale, which obviously also affected his cards. Wei Xun smiled. At the moment, they were very close. The devil merchant who tried his best to support him clearly saw Xiaocui’s blue eyes, which were almost dark purple in this backlight darkness.

“Let me have fun.”

He heard Xiaocui whispering and laughing. The next moment, the flame burst out from the wild goose feather knife. The flame was mixed with countless fine orders. Pollution poured into the devil merchant!


The devil merchant did not hesitate to throw out a large mass of scarlet essence and saw that it was swallowed up by flame pollution. The devil merchant resolutely cut off the connection with it and was in a cold sweat.

Sure enough, Xiaocui’s pollution was transmitted to other fine orders!

Never fight him!

“Roar – peel, peel!”

The devil merchant sent out a large number of fine orders from Mr. Skinner. During Wei Xun’s response, he took the opportunity to retreat suddenly and directly to the edge of the stone tablet protection circle.


A flash of lightning struck the devil merchant’s back and cut him down. Half of his head was numb. There is no lightning falling at all. The stone tablet absolute reserve is only a circle with a radius of three meters, just like a small Colosseum.

Who goes out first, who goes out!


Look at Xiaocui three or two times. To cut off the pollution of the fine command, the devil merchant turned his hand and took out a dead spirit directly. Without hesitation, the devil merchant swallowed the dead directly. The dead breath suddenly broke out, the devil merchant’s hair turned pale, his eyes were cold, his body completely turned into a ghost state, and his momentum suddenly rose.

Pseudo zero!


With a shriek, the illusion of a nihilistic girl suddenly appeared in Wei Xun’s house. At this moment, she had completely opened her eyes, stared at Wei Xun’s brain with no command and yawned.

Wei Xun’s heart suddenly flashed, and his sleepiness surged up. After this meal, the devil merchant pulled away again, and countless undead attacked Wei Xun driven by him.

fly a kite! He wants to fly Wei Xun’s kite!


that ‘s fine with me.

The blade fell and killed a dead soul in an instant.  hurt the pregnant princess,  don’t kill anything else! The fire of samadhi is lit, and the burning souls scream miserably. Wei Xun smiled in the flame, and the strange fine command pollution burned on his skin. Compared with the undead and the devil merchant, he was more like a devil!

Attack the pregnant princess, that’s good.

Without the hindrance of the dead, Wei Xun instantly narrowed the distance between him and the devil merchant, and the blade cut his throat. The wild goose feather knife was originally a sharp weapon. It was instilled again in the flame pollution. It was directly broken into countless sharp blades contaminated.

 at the moment when the devil merchant tried to avoid debris and pollution, Wei Xun’s hand turned into a sharp claw and quietly probed into the devil merchant’s abdomen.

As long as you let him have an abortion, there’s no problem.


However, Wei Xun’s hand hit a hard and smooth plane, the magic mirror!

The devil merchant seems to have thought that Xiaocui would attack his abdomen early, but he hid the magic mirror under his clothes.


The devil merchant’s face was distorted by pain, and a strong suction came from the magic mirror. Wei Xun wanted to retreat. In the blink of an eye, he seemed to see a dense, crisscross cobweb. A woman sat between the cobwebs and smiled at him.

Black widow!

The black widow, who didn’t appear during this time, hid in the magic mirror of the devil merchant! She is like a spider carrying a trap, so that in her spare time, she can wait for the hunter to come to her door.

From C 250, I promised the devil businessman to fight him fairly. This calculation against him has been designed!

Wei Xun was totally unable to resist the attraction of the magic mirror. In an instant, most of his children were sucked into the magic mirror. Only he, the devil merchant, was also entangled in a cobweb. Obviously, he had his magic mirror, but now he was completely controlled by the black widow.

The illusion of the black widow was smiling at him and stretched out the spider’s claws, but Wei Xun smiled at her too! At the next moment, Wei Xun’s only hand took out his good brother’s cloak, which was about to reach the time limit, and put it directly on the devil merchant’s cloak. He held the devil merchant’s shoulder tightly. At this moment, he was in a common crisis!

[a good brother’s cloak will randomly recruit a brother who will help you through the difficulties to help you bear the danger!]

What brother does the devil merchant know? What brother helped him and Xiaocui tide over the difficulties?

This good brother’s cloak and scarlet cloak came at risk. There is a special tacit understanding between Ben and the original owner!

In an instant, the devil merchant disappeared and suddenly appeared in mid air, where * * confronted Taizong. At the moment of his disappearance, something was changed under his cloak. He moved in his heart and looked more. Wei Xun grabbed the cat’s neck skin with his backhand, resisted with him, and rushed into the magic mirror with the cat!

In the magic mirror, I saw the expressionless cat in C 250’s hand, and the black widow’s smile was a little stiff.


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