TTG Chapter 258

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 258: 3

The black widow didn’t look like a spider, but she showed her body, but Wei Xun looked at her at random. Seeing that the other party was the same as the puppet of the puppet master without a mask, he guessed that the woman with several spider limbs sticking out of the skirt might be a puppet.

But even the puppet is something that the Chinese tour guide rarely sees on weekdays, not to mention that she can do her best once! Especially in the ten tombs where the hotel rules are suppressed, and in the magic mirror space, maybe she can do it more than once.

That is, Wei Xun, who killed the ancestors of Yinshan and Yinguo Zhikui, won’t trust him and directly take his brother to war.

He paid more attention to the magic mirror space. In addition to bricks, this is a prop that can hold people that Wei Xundi has seen. His eyes flew around and saw that everything was foggy, like a lead gray sky. I can’t see the scene far away. I can see the outline of an ancient castle in the West.

The place where they lived was a cemetery, with sloping tombstones, moss, fences, withered thorns, and broken gray bricks stained with blood. At the core of the cemetery is a huge tree that can stand alone. The spider’s silk and cocoon house almost completely wrap the tree.

No wonder the devil merchant spared no effort to get rid of the shadow of the black widow, at least driving her back so that she can no longer appear on this journey.

Wei Xun thought.

He now has a ghost monarch in his belly, and now the black widow has brought the monarch’s nest. No matter how bad the situation is, the puppet of the black widow may even make the ghost monarch into a puppet by completely controlling the magic mirror, and then control the devil merchant through the puppet.

What is the curse of the princess? Pregnant?

Wei Xun suspected that the devil businessman used the curse just like him. The ghost Lord will definitely bring great benefits to the devil merchant.

Moreover, it is not necessary to let the devil businessman have an abortion. Wei Xun has a new idea.

But now the most important thing is——

Wei Xun rubbed his fingers. The fur on the back neck of the phantom cat was so soft and fluffy. It’s very heavy, not like the weight of a cat. When the cat’s tail was whipped on Wei Xun’s wrist, it was like a whip.

My brother is unhappy.

Wei Xun couldn’t help laughing and smiled, a little happy as a prank. He wanted to pick up the cat, but the cat broke away from his hand. For a moment, Wei Xun was picked up by an invisible force, just like he had just picked up the cat. Seeing their brothers’ interaction, the black widow who had been hesitant finally spoke:


“Black widow, let my phantom cat come!”

At the moment of being picked up, Wei Xun knew what to send. He spoke very fast. He poured beans out of a bamboo barrel. At the moment, he was carried by that force and threw it out directly from the magic mirror like throwing garbage.


In the twinkling of an eye, Wei Xun fell outside, and then looked at the magic mirror, which had become dim and could not enter again. Seeing that the phantom cat was carried by him, the puppet of the black widow can never leave the magic mirror alive. Wei Xun was intentional, otherwise he suspected that the phantom cat would disappear and left him to challenge the black widow puppet.

This is what my brother can do. He has always been very practical. I’m afraid in his opinion, it’s meaningless for Wei Xun, who can beat the ancestors of Yinshan, to fight with the devil merchant again.

If you want to fight alone, don’t go beyond the level and find the strong to fight alone.

He killed the black widow puppet and found something to grind his claws for his brother. Wei Xun felt very successful.

But the devil merchant almost died.

“How is it? Is it successful?”

The devil merchant came a step earlier than him. At the moment, his face was pale and frightened. The whole person was translucent. He really looked like a ghost. Wei Xun looked at him, but the devil merchant trembled. His consciousness covered his eyes and didn’t dare to look at him. As if he had been greatly stimulated by something.

After a few seconds, I heard the devil merchant close his eyes and say in a secluded way: “* *… Why doesn’t he wear a cloak?”

He almost died! Fortunately, Qin Shouyi is here!

The memory of that moment was even blank. The devil businessman suspected that the * * had been erased, otherwise he was afraid that he would die on the spot if he looked at the scene in his memory.

He is clearly in a ghost state now. Theoretically, he can’t feel any physical damage, but now he feels as if he has been beaten up. Even the ghost monarch in his stomach, the two ghosts are about to split.

For a moment, he even felt that he would be killed by * * – even if not, falling from that high air could kill him.

If not… The devil merchant thought he was going to fall to death. But really what they expected.

The devil merchant’s face was a little ugly and covered his stomach. He blinked his right eye at Xiang Cui. Wei Xun knew it,

“Here you are, my magic mirror.”

Wei Xun threw the magic mirror to the devil merchant and said casually, “I’ve solved the black widow. Now she and my brother are fighting in the magic mirror.”

The devil merchant’s hand trembled, and the magic mirror in his hand was like a hot potato. He immediately turned the mirror upside down and threw it back to Wei Xun: “ha ha, according to our previous agreement, this mirror should be observed by you for the time being.”

“Then I’m welcome.”

Wei Xun didn’t say much and put away the magic mirror directly. No, his things couldn’t receive the storage space, but he could carry them in his pocket. He turned to Wei Xun and looked at the tombstone. It was clear that he had been split by lightning for a long time, but more and more pollution spilled from the tombstone. It looked really frightening.

“Go on.”

Wei Xun held a hand and the ignorance of true fire appeared again. The wild goose feather sword is gone, but only the ignorance of true fire cannot be underestimated. Without the influence of the black widow, he will continue the battle with the devil merchant!

The devil merchant opened his mouth and saw that Chui soon entered the state. However, he was immersed in the fear brought by * * and had mixed feelings for a time.

You deserve it.

“I’m going to do my best.”

He got rid of his distractions and returned to zero again in a moment. However, this false zeroing is different from before.

A layer of bloody skin appeared out of thin air and adhered to the devil merchant. Then he rushed to Wei Xun, more than twice as fast. Wei Xun lit a fire of ignorance, but the fire could not stop the devil merchant. He simply dug into the heart of the devil merchant with his mutated sharp nails, but unexpectedly, at the moment of touching, a layer of hard shell fell off Wei Xun’s claw.


The originally weak ghost seemed to have the power of Wei Xun’s claws. Juli bumped into Wei Xun and almost knocked him out of the stone tablet safety circle and into the lightning.


“It’s a little interesting.”

Just now, Wei Xun felt the faint smell of peeling first. Obviously, the devil merchant may have got some titles related to it. The claws that have been ‘skinned’ can no longer be restored to their original state, while the devil merchant has the power of ‘skin’.

Strong title, absolutely purple!

Moreover, in this title, devil merchants have strong resistance to non physical attacks and pollution attacks.

The situation reversed in an instant. Originally, the devil businessman didn’t want to get to Wei Xun, but now he is rushing to get to Wei Xun’s body. The kite flying became Wei Xun, but the devil merchant was too fast.

The tombstone itself is Yin. They fight around the tombstone, and the speed of the ghost increases to the extreme, almost blinking again and again. It’s really difficult to avoid him, especially those who Wei Xun doesn’t like to avoid.

While dodging again, he threw something into the air. After another attack, Wei Xun did not dodge, but went head-on. The devil merchant’s claws were almost the same as those of Wei Xun before. He dug fiercely into Wei Xun’s shoulder, but at the moment he suddenly retreated.

59! This color is simply branded in the heart of the devil merchant. He dodges consciousness, his pupils shrink suddenly and his breathing stops.

What is this?! This form, this color, isn’t it——

In the high tension, the terrible figure first appeared in the devil merchant’s mind. If the devil merchant could find this tender yellow jelly in a few more seconds, but what Wei Xun caught was the moment of his misunderstanding!

The dead Ming token was thrown by Wei Xun and crossed the jelly. It looked like yellow jelly.

[the spiritual pollution of the God of death mountain and the strength of the God of death depend on his power in people’s hearts. His strength comes from the fear in people’s hearts – when the enemy thinks he can kill him, he can kill him!]

Can the Devourer king shrem kill the devil merchant? Of course! The Ming Dynasty token is like a sword of death. It instantly smashes the devil merchant’s claws, tears his cloak and bombards his chest. The mental pollution of the Skinner collapsed instantly, and the Pearl smoke filled the air, which was the ghost’s blood.

The devil merchant counted down, and the countdown to death was almost zero. But he was not dead. The dead Ming token that could tear up the tour guide’s cloak could not completely penetrate the black Qin shroud.

The Qin made shroud that can make him live without a cloak. Of course, it can also make him live under the attack of the ‘devourer’!

But even if he is still alive, he is seriously injured and weak and can’t get up again. Unless the devil merchant returns to zero now, but

“ɕ… ɕwon.”

He coughed weakly and was covered with a pearl mist.

“Green” is worthy of “green”.

He wanted to speak, but he had no strength. At the moment he admitted defeat, half a pendant suddenly hung on the body of the devil merchant.

The princess’s Pendant!

If you want to get it and join it with Wei Xun’s King pendant, Wei Xun will be the winner of this confrontation mission!

“I told you I would win.”

Wei Xun came over and picked up the dead Ming token first. In fact, the dead Ming token didn’t run through the chest of the devil merchant. To be exact, he didn’t hurt the devil merchant except that he defeated the pollution of the peeling first, tore up the devil merchant’s cloak and made the Qin made shroud fade.

After all, he can’t hurt the pregnant princess.

The devil merchant’s sudden death countdown can be said to be himself. However, if the body is not injured, the reduced death countdown can be quickly supplemented with points.

He and the devil merchant understood this, but the devil merchant still looked weak and did not stop Wei Xun from picking the other half of the pendant.

But at this time, the accident happened!

“Worthy of being the first tourist guide of the new star.”

With a chuckle, suddenly a hand grabbed Wei Xun’s wrist from the devil merchant’s stomach!

The beautiful woman’s hands and fingernails are painted with a clever plum blossom pattern.

Thank you!

When the devil merchant fell from the air just now, the charge officer tampered with him! Taking advantage of the victory and defeat of the two people, the devil businessman conceded defeat. When C  50 took the pendant, he suddenly took it!

Wei Xun felt an irresistible force. Half of his body fell into the belly of the devil merchant. The scene was terrible. The Dutch officer will take him away!

“I think your curse is really pregnant.”

However, Wei Xun was not in a hurry. Instead, he held the hand of the official and sighed, “I really want to –”

He wanted to experience the severe pain of labor before.

But the devil merchant doesn’t want to.

His face was pale and embarrassed, but a vicious smile came out of the corner of his mouth. When Chui’s only remaining hand quickly took out the magic mirror, he held Chui’s hand.

Black widow, Dutch official, werewolf alliance, all want to control him, control his body and control his soul.

“Get out of here!”

Even if there is a ‘beautiful’ future, it does not mean the freedom he wants!

The devil merchant roared, and the figure of the ghost monarch emerged from his belly and forcibly activated the magic mirror again! He Guan felt that he didn’t want to escape, but he was tightly held by chucui.

At that moment, Wei Xun and he Guan were sent into the magic mirror by the devil merchant at the same time!

“Hi, brother!”

As soon as he entered the magic mirror, Wei Xun said hello first and narrowed his eyes with laughter.

I’m here again!


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