TTG Chapter 259

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 259: Supplement 1

At the moment, the magic mirror was like a strong wind passing through. It was only five minutes before Wei Xun came in, but the inside of the magic mirror was in ruins.

The cemetery disappeared and was completely razed to the ground. The tombstone is askew, the earth is buried, and the towering giant tree built by the black widow is gone, leaving only rotten wood residue, stumps and leaves.

With one foot in the air, dead branches and leaves seem to cover a pit. Wei Xun looked. In the gap where he stepped on the collapse, he seemed to see a bit of the spider’s forelimb torn into pieces. It was unbearable to see the spider’s forelimb, and it was buried.

If nothing happened, Wei Xun blocked the cat with his feet. He looked around quickly and didn’t find the phantom cat – it seemed to be hiding and didn’t want to see him.

But after all, it was his illusion. Even if he could not perceive the specific direction, Wei Xun could perceive that the phantom cat was still in a magic mirror.

“Have you ever seen a hippie?”

Thinking deeply, Wei Xun seemed to admit his fate. Instead of struggling, he asked about the life Joker with a complex expression:

“Elder brother… He plays with life. Will he really torture others cruelly?”

Wei Xun’s tone was calm, but there was an extremely complex emotion hidden in the depths of his language. For example, the hippies he heard from other people are very different from his “brother” in memory.

Indeed, if you don’t say anything else, you can’t see that c-50 is the brother of a life-playing man. There are great differences between their brothers.


The Dutch official has a good attitude. Her own position is not exactly the same as those in the western district. She doesn’t want to kill him if she catches C’s 50.

“It’s not necessary.”

There is no need for torture. People who play with life are always killed with one blow.

The same person who answered the question of “C” 50, the Dutch official’s face was very dignified. Her whole body was tense and she glanced at her face. The sound of “brother” was startled.

Where are the hippies?

Although he was not aware of any nearby existence, an ominous foreboding shrouded his head, and the charge officer was ready to leave with c-50 immediately.


Wei Xun seemed relieved and whispered, “then I’ll put it away.”

The phantom cat is not exactly a brother, but the man behind the star moon cloak hides it. But the other party didn’t come out completely. It takes the cat’s sexual thinking instinct as its core, and integrates some paranoia, extreme and brother’s character.

Although he is now in the cat, he doesn’t want others to see his influence on the nature of the cat.

It’s like — some spider stumps buried.

“Cats like to torture their prey. Some bad cats go too far. But at the same time, they are also very cunning and hide at the scene – woo!”

The foreboding became more and more serious. The charge officer directly blocked the mouth of C’s 50 and didn’t let him say a word more. However, at the moment when she stopped talking, Wei Xun suddenly released the true fire of Samadhi. He condensed and compressed the flame to the extreme, and the flame did not burn, but exploded at the moment of his release!


In an instant, there was a white light in front of him, just like countless high explosives exploding with him. The power was full. The already thin fog was torn up again, and the cemetery blew a huge pit directly from him. The explosion is crazy. It’s like “C” 50 completely ignores himself. He’s crazy and wants to die with the charge officer!

“Good power.”

However, the speed of the Dutch official is fast! She grabbed Wei Xun and moved to a place where the explosion could not be affected, with some praise in her tone.

  1. The 50’s really grew up too fast. During the journey, she saw with her own eyes that the other party had acquired samadhi true fire from the beginning to now. She could control it to condense to a point and cause an explosion.

He did not care about himself and detonated it directly at close range, showing that he was crazy about gambling.

As a Dutch official, she knows how to gamble. At a glance, it can be seen that the real gamble of C’s 50 is not that Samadhi real fire can hurt her, but that he puts himself in danger through samadhi real fire explosion. He is gambling that his’ brother ‘will come out to protect him!

This is also the reason why the charge officer still chose to take the c-50 out of the explosion range when he clearly can resist the explosion.

Gamble with your life. The collector appreciates him!


“You lost the bet.”

The aftershock of the explosion dispersed, but there were still only two of them in the magic mirror! He Guan knew how ruthless the life playing man was. In fact, after ten years in the hotel, people are not human anymore.

It is abnormal that he will fight for his blood relatives. He is the lifeless man in the charge official’s cognition to stop watching and let him fall into despair indifferently!

C , 50 , seems to be unwilling. He hangs his head and looks forward in a daze. The cemetery is gone. There is only a huge pit in front of us. The explosion smoke dispersed, and the remaining, weak samadhi real fire swayed and flew towards c-50. It seemed that something was entrained in the flame.

He Guan looked up, but the next moment her pupils shrank.

What was carried in the flame was a small arm long fangs!

What did she realize? The Dutch officer took off quickly and looked down at the pit. Then she trembled all over.

The remnant of civil engineering, samadhi, was blown up by fire, but some things didn’t blow up.

In the deep pit, there are many broken and miserable limbs of the black widow puppet! She is not sure to be killed in one blow. The torn limbs and tenacious spider silk are clustered together, with tragic claw marks on them, like a messy wool ball.

“Hey, you’re out.”

Wei Xun smiled like a devil.

Sure enough, he saw a cat at the edge of the pit.

Then Wei Xun arched the fire: “do you like playing wool ball?”

In a word, let the phantom cat decide to kill someone.

It’s clearly the name of c-50, but it wants to destroy the mouth of the Dutch official!

At the moment, the collector felt a great sense of death crisis, but she was braver than the black widow. At the moment of the phantom cat, the collector threw down c-50, but also threw out a playing card with him. A playing card is suspended in the corner. Spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds, two red and two black, almost forming a half red and half black ‘door’.

She’s still going to take it away by force!

The reason why it is almost is that when a playing card appears, the wind condensed by the energy roars up and instantly sweeps through the inner space of the magic mirror. The fog was torn and twisted, like toilet paper rolled by a washing machine. Wei Xun’s head exploded. If he was hit hard, San was crazy.

It is clear that the official is a passenger, but his means can make people lose San more than ordinary mental pollution! He can’t control his dissimilation. However, even his strong demon dissimilation can’t stop the strong wind. When Wei Xun’s San value drops to 30, the door changes.

How strong!

After alienation, his intuition soared. Wei Xun only felt that the red and black ‘door’ was like a terrible black hole, containing incomparable power. It can tear up space and even directly rob people from the journey. He can’t resist the power of the ‘door’.

From shock to expectation to excitement, Wei Xun tried his best to resist the suction of the “door” and tried to get rid of the lotus official’s hand, but it didn’t help. Neither the puppet master nor the black widow had a chance to show their full hands in front of Wei Xun. He Guan’s hand is really powerful!

Is it the strength of the top strong.

Wei Xun was still thinking until “San”. The critical point of low San is that the San value is lower than 30. Ordinary tour guides will lose their mind when the San value is lower. It seems that the “door” is for a kind of tour guide.

The killer mace of alienated tour guides? Or transfer the tour guide to prevent them from falling into a situation where they can’t recover? But the door will also make the passenger San value drop suddenly.

He Guan, the Parliament and Wei Xun have deeply remembered that he is a powerful force he can’t resist at present. In an instant, he was very close to the door and could not resist the suction of the door.

“Call -”

At such a close distance, Wei Xun vaguely heard some very slight breathing sound. The darkness behind the door seemed to hide some terrible monster. At the moment when the breath sounded, Wei Xun’s jump began to accelerate – no, it’s not an ordinary jump acceleration.

This feeling is almost the same as the feeling brought to him by * * just from high altitude.

It’s Maria butterfly fragments!

It’s like a butterfly perched on the dirt. Every time the butterfly flapped its wings, the dirt would beat once more. The butterfly flapping its wings faster and faster, and Wei Xun’s jump is also accelerating. It’s a feeling——

There are fragments of Maria butterfly in the door!

“Call -”

The “door” suddenly began to tremble. The charge officer who was being beaten by the phantom cat was shocked and opened his eyes. The “door” was faintly out of control! At the same time, Wei Xun was unconventional. Instead of dodging back, he moved closer to the “door”. When his hand touched the door, it seemed to feel something, and a series of eyes suddenly opened from the dark depths inside the door!


When the string’s eyes opened, the playing card holding the corner of the string suddenly split from it.

The whole “door” was crumbling, but it did not affect the eyes in the “door”. His eyes are like a string of dark stone balls, which are dead dark gray. Only his big eyes in the middle open a line.

The dark gray stone is actually the eyelid, but its eyes are rich crimson. Blood like viscous red liquid drips from the eyes, pulls out the silk, and the end drops move. Wei Xun’s eyelids jumped slightly, and he jumped faster and faster. Unexpectedly, he felt that the liquid was like a caterpillar’s cocoon.

Will butterflies break out of their cocoons?

In the accelerated jump, Wei Xun got closer and closer, and his struggle became more and more intense as he approached the cocoon. Vaguely, he smelled the strong fragrance of temptation. He jumped fast as if he were going to jump out of his throat. It was the first time that Maria butterfly fragments had such a violent reaction.

Can eat!

What’s in the cocoon is a great remedy for butterfly fragments!

The earning of the cocoon became more and more intense. Wei Xun could feel the fear from it. In addition to the fear, there was a deep hidden greed.

Butterfly fragments are incomplete, and the strength of butterfly accommodation is not strong.

It can also devour each other!

But at the next moment, the “door” could no longer bear the pressure, the playing cards broke, the “door” completely collapsed, and the series of eyes were swallowed up by darkness. At that moment, Wei Xun wanted to rush into the door, but he grabbed his shoulder and pulled it back.

At present, the only “person” outside him in the magic mirror is the charge official, but it is not the charge official who catches Wei Xun. From the corner of his eye, Wei Xun saw the dark black robe sleeve like an abyss.

It’s a man in a star moon cloak!

He came out of the phantom cat!


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