TTG Chapter 26

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (26)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 26: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

Suddenly, the sudden and sudden braking made everyone alert. Zhao Hongtu looked out of the window and lost his voice: “how did you get here!”

Ahead is a lush bush of weeds. The weeds in the direction of the road have been trampled, like a path. It can be a long grave, which infiltrates people under the bright lights.

This is where Zhao Hongtu and his party found the fetal meat grave in the morning, but Zhao Hongtu clearly remembers that the fetal meat grave is 100 meters away from the side of the stream. The off-road vehicle always goes along the stream, less than 50 meters away from Xiaolong River, and now the tire meat grave is in front of the people!

Did the tire grave move, or did the car unknowingly deviate from the direction?

In the dark, the grassy cemetery was more gloomy and seeping, and everyone felt wrong. At this moment, Lin Xi’s hands were covered with cold sweat, and the whole person was numb. His hand holding the steering wheel trembled. He didn’t know whether to move forward or turn around.

“Don’t get off.”

Miao Fangfei immediately solemnly ordered, and her voice was tight. The more this time, the more she needed to be calm. The spotted snake hissed on her shoulder and said, “don’t panic, take out your weapons – take out your basket.”

“Lin Xi, try turning around. Don’t be afraid. Everyone is here.”

Lin Xi wanted to shake her head wildly, but she was cold and stiff and couldn’t move at all, like frozen pork in the freezer.

Giggle –  his teeth were trembling, and a cold feeling passed from his shoulder, like being gripped by a terrible ghost hand. Lin Xi was scared to go crazy.

Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts in the car.


Lin Xi couldn’t get out of the car, even couldn’t move. She tried hard to get some action to attract everyone’s attention, but what made her desperate was that she completely lost control of her body.

It’s all in the car. No one found the difference!

“Turn around, turn around!”

Seeing that the car was still parked, Yu Hean couldn’t help urging, his voice was tight and panicked: “this, this is a ghost place. Turn around.”

“Lin Xi, go back!”

Wang pengpai found Lin Xi was different. He didn’t hesitate to bite his middle finger and wipe the blood on his face. But it seems that Yu he’an’s urging startled ‘Lin Xi’, and the car started again. Others were a little relieved. Lin Xi looked at his hand in panic — his hand was out of control!

Not turning around, but going straight ahead into the grave!

“Stop, Lin Xi, stop!”

The voices of his teammates were blurred, like a message from a very distant place. Lin Xi was stiff, and the cold on his shoulders quickly spread all over his body, making him completely lose control of his body.

Just as he was about to slam down the accelerator, suddenly, a big pale hand with distinct bones pressed on his shoulder. For a moment, Lin Xi’s mind returned to Qingming, and the next moment, the burning sensation spread from the center of her eyebrows.

“Ah –!”

Lin Xi screamed in pain and waved her hands indiscriminately, just like being scalded in the middle of her eyebrows by a hot soldering iron. The fat man with agile movements completely inconsistent with his body pressed the blood to the center of Lin Xi’s eyebrows, leaned out of the back seat and directly pulled down the handbrake!

Say something.

The SUV that was about to enter the cemetery suddenly shook and stalled.

Hoo, Hoo——

Lin Xi was confused and didn’t return until a long time. His forehead and heart are still hot, like a fever. In the rearview mirror, I saw a bright red patch on my forehead, which seemed to have worn off a layer of skin, with a scarlet blood spot in the center.

Lin Xi looked at her hand and saw that she was still holding the steering wheel. Lin Xi loosened her hand like a frightened man and looked at her subconsciously. 58.

Once pressed on Lin Xi’s shoulder, the hand that woke her up has been taken back and put on her leg, beating time one by one. When Lin Xi held her hand and returned, her shoulder felt numb. It seemed that she could still feel the cold of Bingjiu’s palm.

Bingjiu’s hands were as cold as ice, which made Lin Xi’s heart gush out more complex emotions similar to warmth.

Again, again, Bingjiu helped you.

“Lin Xi, take this with you.”

There was a bamboo basket in the back seat. Miao Fangfei was a little annoyed: “if I had let you hold the bamboo basket earlier, there would be no accident if you were not allowed. This time, thanks to director C and surging.”

“I’m just close. I don’t think about this ghost before.”

Wang pengpai returned his bitten finger and said with a smile, “Xiao Lin, the boy has enough blood.”

It’s really strong. The cold feeling on Lin Xi’s body has been completely dispelled. Now it’s like a warm baby on her forehead. He rushed to the king and whispered thanks. He casually held the bamboo basket in his arms. He didn’t dare to see Bingjiu again – since he returned to the embarrassing scene that he had just been controlled, Ken was seen by him. It was really embarrassing and terrible.

“Be careful not to let the bamboo basket leave your body.”

Hou Feihu said in a deep voice, “you really made a mistake before. It was inconvenient for Lin Xi of the car to take the bamboo basket, so Miao Fangfei helped you take it temporarily.

This is what everyone discussed before. Who knows, something went wrong.

There are also large and small projects in a journey. For example, the one who gets the “package ticket” from the corpse removal is a big project. In the middle of the night, the tour guide took them to see fireflies and so on. It’s a small project.

According to the usual experience, the props purchased and sold are all aimed at large projects. Miao Fangfei has more eyes and asks everyone to bring the bamboo basket this time just for insurance.

Who knows, I almost overturned in the gutter!

The lights went black, everything went dark, everyone lowered their voice, no one rashly lit the lights, and the surroundings were silent and desolate.

It’s clearly deep in the mountains and beside the Pentium stream, but don’t worry about the insects now. You can’t even hear the sound of the stream flowing. It’s terrible to be quiet.

Ghosts beat the wall.

“What should I do, continue to turn around?”

Yu he’an nervously turned out the cowhide and wrapped Yu Hehui. Xu Chen’s eyes were green and dignified. He looked at Miao Fangfei and shook his head gently.

Old travelers with psychic experience know that no matter how many times they turn around and change lanes after falling into a ghost wall, they will eventually return here. They must find a way to crack it.

“I have a bad feeling, but…”

Hou Feihu pondered and did not draw a conclusion at the first time. Zhao Hongtu was alert to the outside of the car. His whole body was tight, like a little leopard with a fried hair: “get off, don’t show it here.”

A half old but not new off-road vehicle can’t resist the attack of supernatural beings, such as Zhao Hongtu’s bow and arrow and Hou Feihu’s gun can’t be displayed in a narrow car. In this case, the harder you stay in the car, the more dangerous it is.

Zhao Hongtu looked at Miao Fangfei like this. Well, if Miao Fangfei is suddenly possessed by a ghost, the brigade will be commanded by Zhao Hongtu. Now, although Miao Fangfei is twisting her eyebrows and rubbing her forehead, she doesn’t look like being possessed. She is looking at C-9 in the co pilot’s seat.


Zhao Hongtu was dissatisfied with the tour guide, but then he suddenly found that he had done something inappropriate – no matter how dangerous the situation was, he had to ask the tour guide. The other party is the one who really knows whether it is dangerous at the moment.

Sometimes the danger is not fatal. Panic in a crisis is the most fatal.

Zhao Hongtu is used to being a lone wolf and believes in his own judgment. He disdains trust in the garbage guide, but Bingjiu… Bingjiu is really different. Knowing that he was a little excited and proud when he was able to command the brigade, he has now recovered.

“Director C, shall we move on or go home?”

Zhao Hongtu looked at his nose and heart and asked in a stuffy voice. Next to Hou Feihu, he kept silent and gave him a kick. Zhao Hongtu knew that his tone was not good enough. He frowned. He didn’t attack, but took a deep breath to apologize.

“Go back and do it?”

Just then, Bingjiu’s voice was calm without waves: “don’t you want to see fireflies?”


If the passengers can shout “yes” and “yes”, they will speak in unison with resistance written all over their faces. However, the “C 9” program made people understand that now it is time to “scenic spots”.

“Where are fireflies?”

Miao Fangfei’s tone was fairly stable. She looked at the time and found that the fluorescent pointer of the watch had stopped moving and stopped at 8:25.

too bad.

Miao Fangfei frowned secretly and lost the concept of time, which is the most fatal. Wu Laoliu asked the children to go back before 11 o’clock, which can only be measured by themselves.

“Aren’t there fireflies ahead?”

Wei Xun’s tightly clenched hand, a dark green light floating in his palm – it was really a firefly, the one he had just grabbed from Lin Xi’s shoulder.

“You see, how beautiful fireflies are.”

When Wei Xun and Zhang Xun were walking, fireflies fluttered like a flickering ghost fire, which reflected the dark interior of the off-road vehicle. There was a sudden light outside the window. The dark green light was darker than the aurora. On the wild graves and between the plants, the green light floated and ghostly.


The alarm bell in Hou Feihu’s brain rang, and he had a bad feeling that he reached the peak in an instant. He didn’t think much. He subconsciously grabbed Zhao Hongtu, but his hand was empty. Obviously, Zhao Hongtu sat next to the car, but now the car is empty and all its people have disappeared.

Hou Feihu clenched his hand and gun, looked up and found that Zihui was no longer in the car, but sitting in a wasteland, close at hand was a dark brown grave bag.

“A small basket, dangling”

“With laughter, my mother carried me down the stilted building”

I don’t know where the clear child voice comes from. The singing is mixed with the innocent and pure smile of the baby. Fireflies fly among the lush vegetation, like ten thousand stars falling on the earth. The air that has just rained is particularly fresh. This scene is dreamlike, like the scenery in children’s books.

Hou Feihu thought of Bingjiu. It is said that the pure soul of the infant who died young will become fireflies, that is, fireflies. These fireflies flying around him are likely to be all ghost babies!

“With laughter, my mother carried me down the stilted building”

“With laughter, my mother carried me down the stilted building”

“With laughter, my mother carried me down the stilted building”

When this idea came into being, the original ethereal and clear song gradually went out of tune, high and low, leaving only one word of the lyrics repeated, and the sound became more and more sharp and harsh, and finally turned into a harsh and frightening noise like fingernails scratching the blackboard.

The fireflies no longer fly. They hover among the grass leaves and the green light flashes. Hou Feihu feels that he has been fixated by thousands of malicious eyes. His muscles are tight and his fingers have pulled the trigger.

“Wow — wow –”

Just then, the baby’s cry came from the grave bag. The voice is intermittent, which seems to be extremely weak and lovable.

“Hee hee, ha ha, woo woo -”

At the same time, the creepy laughter also sounded in the grave bag. Listen carefully. It seems to laugh rather than laugh, cry rather than cry, and more like the howling of hyenas, which makes people instinctively feel bored.

“With laughter, my mother carried me down the stilted building”

“With laughter, my mother carried me down the stilted building”

The faster the singing, the more urgent it was. Hou Feihu had strong psychological quality and was not disturbed by the more harsh singing.

The bamboo basket triggered the scenic spot task.

Although I don’t understand that this dangerous project will appear before the official scenic spot, Hou Feihu has excellent psychological quality.  holding a gun in one hand, be alert and walk to the grave bag.

When he moved, the cry and sharp laughter became louder and shrill. Under the gaze of Hou Feihu, the grave head cracked from the middle. In the gap three fingers wide, four eyes opened from the grave bag and looked at Hou Feihu.

One pair of eyes is black and white, clear and pure. The other pair of eyes were full of blood, scarlet and deep, like ghosts.

The grave bag continued to crack until it became a big gap in the human head. Hou Feihu really saw that there were two swaddling clothes in the grave.

One is a white, tender and normal baby, and the other is a green, black, withered and thin ghost baby like a mouse.

“With laughter, my mother carried me down the stilted building”

In the faint singing, the baby and the ghost baby reach out to Hou Feihu, and the baby’s voice and the sharp ghost sound ring at the same time.

“Mom, carry me.”

* *

“In laughter ~ my mother carried me down the stilted building.”

Wei Xun was the only one left in the off-road vehicle. He hummed a song softly. Unexpectedly, it was very nice. Fireflies flew back to his hands and twinkled with the song.

Just now, all the passengers went back and opened the door, went down and walked, and their figures disappeared into the wild grave. As if the whole person had been swallowed by a grave, the scene was particularly scary and strange.

Wei Xun didn’t stop it. Before xiaolongxi, the hotel’s prompt made him understand that this is a [welfare project]. The welfare project will appear only when the survival rate of passengers exceeds 80%, which can be regarded as a warm-up before the formal project.

There will be rich rewards for completion, and it is more dangerous.

No matter how dangerous the normal project is, there will be a guide. But welfare programs are not only for tourists, but also for tour guides. When the tourists’ experience ‘the project, the tour guide also has the’ project ‘returned by himself. The tourists can’t get the help of the tour guide. They can only complete it by strength or wisdom.

In the past, few people survived. Miao Fangfei may not have made much preparation for welfare programs – after all, who could have thought that the proportion of people who could survive in drunk Western Hunan would exceed 80%?

However, they already have the bamboo basket as a prop, so they still have a great chance of surviving.

Now the most dangerous is Wei Xun.

He pushed the door and walked down. Under his feet was a soft soil grass, which was slippery and greasy like a swamp. If he stepped down on the ground watered by the shower, he could bring half a foot of mud. The mountain wind with water vapor blew, and Wei Xun sneezed with cold.

The night in the mountains of Western Hunan is very beautiful. The sky at night is black and blue. The mountains are covered and the fog is heavy. Suddenly there was a fog around. The cold fog was like a thread. In the twinkling of an eye, the scene was shrouded in fog.

[San value: 51]

San value  has been dropping silently. Wei Xun’s San value dropped a little when he was in the car just now, and now it drops a little again. This killing in peace can most cause people’s panic.

Wei Xun’s blood color in the bottom of his eyes became heavier. He was very interested and walked to the grave trapped by the fog, but he returned to his place for some reason.

“Is this the feeling of ghosts beating the wall?”

Wei Xun said to himself, “it’s wonderful.”

It seems to be a cognitive error. I clearly thought I was walking in a straight line, but in the heavy fog, I didn’t know I was walking in a curve, and finally returned to where I was.

This is Wei Xun’s first experience of ghosts hitting the wall.

“Over there is the passenger’s home… This is my home?”

Walking towards his position, Wei Xun found that he was trapped in a field of about 10 meters x 10 meters and could not see around in the thick fog. Except for the off-road vehicle, he could not see his things at all.

In the originally empty off-road vehicle, there is an extra figure in the co driver’s seat.

“Knock knock.”

In front of the SUV, Wei Xun knocked on the glass politely.

“Hello, customer.”

The window glass is half open. The person sitting in the co driver’s seat is leaning against the window, and his white hair is wet by water vapor and stuck to the window glass.

“The smell of blood is so heavy.”

Wei Xun disliked the way, took off a corner of the mask on his face, looked at it, then showed his exclamation and spoke highly of it:

“You are so handsome. Really, I haven’t seen such a handsome person since you.”

The face as like as two peas in Wei’s, at first glance, he thought that Wei Xun had died in the Deputy driving position.

It seemed to be driven by the action of the “man”, and the “man” suddenly slipped down the glass, leaving only two dazzling blood marks. The head was unable to be buried on the knee, like a dead swan. Large tracts of scarlet blood flowed from the body. Countless tragic scars appeared on the chest, back, arms and neck.

The flesh and blood rolled up, scarlet and dazzling. If it was cruelly torn by the sharp claws of wild animals, within a few seconds, an originally complete person became a large piece of meat. The splashed blood stained the window glass red and bloody.

Wei Xun watched with relish that the meat was torn into rag dolls, then turned into irregular pieces of meat and crushed into meat mud. Finally, the meat was shriveled and blackened and crushed into a pile of dry skin like wood chips.

Really eat, no, Wei Xun doesn’t like this way of death. Not only is it not magnificent, but——

“If I die, it’s the only way to die.”

Wei Xun sighed and joked in his eyes: “you can’t die like a corpse flying fox.”

[San value: 50]

Wei Xun was surrounded by cold grievances. The shrill roar of the corpse turned flying fox was getting closer and closer. Under the cold feeling of Sen, the countdown to Wei Xun’s death accelerated and decreased. He didn’t care much and walked by the off-road vehicle without nostalgia.

“Are you angry? Because I killed your partner? ”

Wei Xun said to himself. After looking at the illusion of returning to the “corpse” in the co pilot’s seat, he understood who was the “person” who was secretly watching and making San crazy.

Because the scars on the corpse and the final “death method” are the death method when the two corpse flying fox commanders were killed by the corpse.

[welfare task: Pingping’s test]

[task level 1: extremely urgent]

[mission Description: please be careful. Li Guiping is very dissatisfied with your killing of corpse flying fox and warns the hotel not to disturb the peace of flying fox. I totally don’t understand that hotels should open more scenic spots just to develop the economy of Western Hunan. So now, as a member of the hotel, Pingping will give you some small tests. If you pass her assessment, Pingping will no longer hinder the development of the scenic spot]

[Note: we can’t reason with fierce ghosts. Sometimes avoiding is the best solution]

“Is this a welfare task?”

Wei Xun hums and laughs, and the corners of his lips taunt: “open up scenic spots and avoid? To be honest, I’m not interested. ”

“I haven’t seen the fierce ghost yet – is it fierce enough, clean?”

Wei Xun felt that his fingers were trembling slightly. It was not fear, but his body could not hide his excitement. He wanted to break through the shackles of reason and control his classics like a wild beast with surging desire for battle and bloodthirsty and cruel thoughts.

The pull of reason and desire and hope made him more and more excited. Wei Xun paced in the open space like a beast patrolling the territory.  at the moment, clearly standing on a relatively open grassland, there is no shadow around, but the malicious sense of peeping is everywhere.

“I have no interest in corpse flying fox.”

Wei Xun lowered his voice and the blood light in his eyes flickered. The dark nails that had been cut short by him were long again, and the hook was as sharp as a beast’s claw.

The mission of the hotel, the issuance of scenic spots, Pingping’s assessment and temporary retreat were all forgotten by Wei Xun.

He is eager to fight, to tear up, or perhaps to be torn up – the contradiction between the dangerous temperament of destruction and self destruction is full of him, but compared with his fierce and dangerous appearance, Wei Xun’s tone is extremely soft and gentle, like the whisper of the devil, tempting all living beings.

“Pingping, where are you?”

No one came back. There was only thick fog around. The ambient temperature was decreasing, and the feeling of malicious peeping still existed. Everywhere, you can’t find your existence.

“Hide and seek?”

Wei Xun chuckled and walked leisurely on the wet land with a pattering sound. The previous heavy rain left puddles. The originally clear puddle rolled under Wei Xun’s tread and became muddy.

“It reminds me of the game I used to play -.”

I didn’t find any tension from Wei Xun. He chatted with his old friends and said to himself, “there are strange things under the mud in a swamp. People can’t find their existence, but when people walk through the mud on the monster, their essence value will decrease significantly. With this understanding, people avoid, or surround and kill monsters — ”


Wei Xun returned to the place where he initially stood on the second lap. There was a small puddle without eyes. Patter, Wei Xun stepped on it again

[San value – 1]

When people walk in a hurry, the most easily overlooked are the sky above their heads and the puddles under their feet.

Wei Xun lowered his head slowly. The muddy puddle could not reflect his face. There was a scarlet, resentful blood face in the deep of the puddle – the face was peeled off, and its facial features were deep pits. The flesh and blood were gnawed, and there were long black worms like blood vessels and earthworms crawling on the uneven flesh and blood.

Countless dark, bat like grievances surrounded the blood man. The skinned blood man stretched out his blood hand to Wei Xun in the depths of the puddle to pull him into hell.

Wei Xun didn’t avoid. His pupils widened slightly and grinned, showing a happy and satisfied smile

“I can’t find ~ you ~”

* *

Baby or ghost baby?

For Hou Feihu, this is a difficult choice, which is also expected. As Wang pengpai mentioned during the discussion in the afternoon, walking up the Xiaolong river is the fetal meat grave, and swimming down is the baby grave.

This is likely to be a project involving selection, but no one can imagine the speed of selection.

Bamboo basket can only take one baby.

Who to choose, a human baby or a ghost baby?

Hou Feihu’s forehead was dripping with a cold sweat. It was a life-threatening choice, and everyone in the brigade was divided. No one could discuss it and had to return to make a decision.

It seems to be aware that Hou Feihu is hesitating. The baby is giggling at him. His lovely smiling face is like an angel, which makes people unconsciously want to smile at him. The ghost baby cried with resentment and hatred. Her face was covered with blood like tears. Her scarlet eyes stared at Hou Feihu with resentment. She was sharp as a nail knife. She easily tore her swaddling clothes several times when waving.

According to the judgment of ordinary people, they are definitely more inclined to be normal human infants. However, as a senior passenger, Hou Feihu has self returning experience and knows that it is the most correct choice to do it now.


Hou Feihu frowned when he thought of the plan they had discussed in the morning.

In fact, he didn’t quite agree with the plan – although it was the safest and safest at that time, he needed the cooperation of the whole brigade. In case there is a leak, it is difficult to make up for it, and this decision is undoubtedly very dangerous for Yu and Zhao Hongtu.

If you are just entering this journey, Hou Feihu will definitely focus on self-protection and will not trust unfamiliar companions. In the face of survival, everyone is selfish, which can’t blame anyone.

But now, after experiencing life and death and meeting Bingjiu as a guide, Hou Feihu’s thought has changed.

Maybe this plan will really succeed.

The experience of serving in the army made Hou Feihu more aware of the cruelty of reality, and also made him hope to have comrades in arms who can be trusted and fight side by side‘ Perhaps for some people, as long as they can live, it doesn’t matter whether others live or die. However, Hou Feihu hopes that the passengers who unite in one country will be more and more, and we can really fight side by side in the dangerous and difficult journey.

One day, live.

“With laughter, my mother carried me down the stilted building”

Hou Feihu felt cold behind his back, not because of the horror of the ghost baby, but because he felt someone staring at him behind him. The malicious eyes have a strong sense of existence, like a cold and greasy snake swimming on the back.

“With laughter, my mother carried me down the stilted building”

The singing without any waves on the tablet is getting closer and closer, and the singer (ghost) is gradually approaching. His malicious eyes are almost attached to the back of Hou Feihu’s head, and now he can’t turn around.

Time limited options, decisions must be made immediately.

Hou Feihu’s face was firm and no longer hesitated.

He leaned over to hold the ghost baby from the cracked grave and put it into the basket he returned. Suddenly the singing stopped, the crying stopped, and there was a strange and creepy silence around.

* *

In another tomb, Yu he’an was already covered with the cowhide of an old yellow ox. he stared at the two babies in the tomb with trembling hands. She tried to reach out several times, but when she reached half way, she clenched her fist again.

“This is the safest way to do it. Everyone may survive. \”

Miao team’s sincere and serious words echoed in Yu he’an’s mind.

“But if anyone has any objection, please raise it immediately. We don’t need this plan because it requires the cooperation of our whole brigade. Everyone can’t make any mistakes. ”

“Team Miao, I listen to you.”

Yu he’an remembers that when he returned to the “team leader” at that time, “you are the leader recognized by director C. Ken can’t be wrong.”

no problem.

Yu Hean repeatedly hypnotized himself.

If you have the cowhide of an old yellow ox, there will be no accident. Even if there is an accident, everyone will save you – it will be fine.

Now that you’ve agreed, you can’t flinch!

As soon as Yu he’an clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, he reached out to get the human baby from the grave, quickly put it into the back basket, and then wrapped it tightly in old cow leather. His heart beat fast, he wanted to jump out of his throat, clenched his teeth and dared not move.

When the song stopped, there was silence around. Yu Hean was very fluffy. He kept silently reciting Bodhisattva’s blessing and Buddha’s blessing. After a long time, the cold night wind blew, wrapped in the smell of wet soil.


Yu he’an opened his eyes carefully and was surprised to find that Zihui was still standing in the cemetery, but his surrounding environment returned to normal, and he could see the off-road vehicle he was riding when he was young and see the road back to Yingzhu Miao village. Standing nearby was Wang pengpai and Zhao Hongtu.

Go back, go back!

Yu he’an’s customer is a joy, followed by a freeze, but Yu He Hui is not found!

It’s bad.

“Wang, brother Wang, have you seen Huihui!”

Yu he’an was in a mess. She hurried to Wang pengpai’s people with the basket on her back. She didn’t reply, so she went to see their basket. Yu he’an was completely cool from top to bottom.

In Wang pengpai’s basket is a sleeping normal human baby, so is Zhao Hongtu. They are all like the plan, but they are different.


Wang pengpai shook his head. His voice was very low, almost angry, and his tone was dignified: “brother Hou of Miao team didn’t return either.”

“How could this happen!”

Yu he an lost his voice and said, “it’s different from the plan. How can it be –”

The sleeves were pulled violently. Yu he’an subconsciously tilted his body and was tightly covered from the side.

“Shut up!”

Zhao Hongtu roared in Yu he’an’s ear, shorting of breath. Yu he’an’s greatest advantage is listening to him. Zhao Hongtu immediately shut his mouth, but he was still breathing heavily, nervous, anxious and panting.

Zhao Hongtu is actually nervous and anxious.

Brother Hou didn’t return.

Zhao Hongtu covered Yu he’an’s mouth with one hand and the gun in his pocket with the other hand. He was uneasy. This was handed in by Hou Feihu SUV. At that time, both of them thought that Zhao Hongtu would be the one in danger.

In the afternoon, the children discussed the possibilities of each item. The basket can hold all items. The characteristic of Western Hunan is that the basket can also hold children. Contact with ghost baby, which may be related to this.

The fetal meat tomb and baby tomb are probably related to choice. In fact, before they came out, they discussed the possibilities of each item – of course, they also discussed whether to choose fetal meat (ghost baby) or baby if they encounter a choice.

This bamboo back basket is smaller than a normal back basket and can only hold one.

According to the ghost story attached to Miao Fangfei, Pingping may have had a premature child who was eaten as fetal meat by the villagers. The purpose of our trip is to “experience the corpse chaser Pingping”. This “child” is definitely the key in the second project.

From the perspective of villagers, the image of children may be fetal flesh. From Pingping’s point of view, the image of a child may be an infant or an anti infant. The problem is that now everything is just ‘possible’.

When it is impossible to absolutely agree to the project and do not know what the real project is, choosing a single project is the most irrational approach that is likely to lead to mass destruction.

After all, the project may be to surpass the ghost baby, or to save the innocent baby mutilated by the ghost baby.

So at that time, they decided that if they really met the choice that everyone needed to make, the safest way was to hold four babies and four ghost babies. After all, there were eight people in total.

As for which aspect is more dangerous, it depends on whether the scenic spot is upstream or downstream of Xiaolong river. If the scenic spot is in the fetal meat grave, which is the home of ghost babies, it is safe to hold ghost babies, and babies are dangerous, and vice versa.

But in this case, it should be noted that four people will be in danger. Therefore, Miao Fangfei emphasized several times at the beginning of the plan that if anyone disagrees with the plan, it will not be used. After all, it is fools who test human nature in the face of survival crisis.

When proposing this project, Miao Fangfei swallowed the truth, said that everything she said was true, and decided to take herself as an example and choose the dangerous party. As soon as she appeared, Zhao Hongtu couldn’t see it anymore – Miao Fangfei’s physical condition was poor, and she was possessed by ghosts. She had big information and couldn’t be in danger.

Miao Fangfei should make a safer choice, while Zhao Hongtu is more powerful and can live in danger. Should choose the dangerous side.

After Zhao Hongtu, Wang pengpai also clapped his chest and said that he should take the initiative to face the danger. Strong Xu Chen also stood up. It is precisely because of their example that this proposal passed without too many twists and turns.

Yu he’an chose the dangerous side for his brother’s safety. After all, you have old cowhide, which can last longer. Even if you can’t win, you can get help from people.

The scenic spot is at the fetal meat grave. According to inference, the four people holding human babies will be in danger, that is, Zhao Hongtu, Wang pengpai, Xu Chen, Yu he’an.

Zhao Hongtu was ready to be buried alive when he saw the tomb crack, but unexpectedly, he got out unharmed!

That means——

Things have changed.

He stared at the cemetery. Shortly after Yu he’an came out of the cemetery, Xu Chen also appeared in the cemetery. When he saw the people, he was stunned, and then his face sank instantly.

No one appeared from the grave again.

Hou Feihu and his friends disappeared.

At the thought of this, Zhao Hongtu was so anxious that he was so nervous and worried that he was almost swallowed up by his guilt – brother Hou was prepared to go with him and choose the dangerous side, which was persuaded by Zhao Hongtu. Zhao Hongtu scolded the previous self return in his heart

Brother Hou hasn’t come out yet.

Zhao Hongtu was so anxious that he couldn’t breathe. He wanted to rush to Bingjiu immediately. As a tour guide, he knew where brother Hou had gone.

I know, know

I wonder if brother Hou is still alive.


“Bingjiu is crazy.”

Wang pengpai murmured that he was the first to see Bingjiu move towards the black wind formed by resentment. Wang pengpai saw clearly the blood light and silent warning in Bingjiu’s eyes——

Don’t disturb me.

The four of them stood in the same room, fearing to look in the direction of the off-road vehicle. They wanted to help, but on the way, they seemed to be stopped by invisible obstacles and couldn’t get closer.

There, Yin Qi and resentment are so heavy that they can be seen by the naked eye even without the title of supernatural. Thousands of dark monsters fly around like black crows and tornadoes, like the dusk of the end of the world.

It was the battlefield of Bingjiu. The silent whirlwind was amazing, but it could not block the blood light of the claw. Bingjiu’s deep and pleasant laughter could even be heard in the hoarse and harsh wind.

“Ha – not yet out.”

The beast like claws were stained with blood and tore up the dark resentment of the flying attack. The cold body became warm and hot due to the battle. Wei Xun exhaled, the corners of his lips turned up, and there was no smile in his eyes.

“Your little pets, but I’m going to kill them all.”

He is slow and reasonable, like an elegant and leisurely young master. He can’t see how rude and cruel the action of tearing up the enemy is. Wei Xun suffered a lot of injuries when he was attacked by the resentment of the flying fox, because they had no entity and were not afraid of the attack.

However, when Wei Xun imitates Wang pengpai and the tip of his claws is stained with the blood returned by himself, these dirty things will no longer pose any threat to him. Even Wei Xun deliberately gets hurt and tries to lure the fierce ghost Pingping out with his weakness.

Pingping never left the puddle from beginning to end. She was like a young lady who didn’t step out of the gate in ancient times. She would always stare at Wei Xun with gloomy resentment in the puddle and shed blood and tears in her eyes – but she refused to leave.

Wei Xun didn’t bother to think about whether it was a limitation or a limitation.

I just want to see how strong the fierce ghost is, can’t I?

When he realized that Wang pengpai’s friends had already made a decision, Wei Xun realized that the “test” might soon be over – which was not reconciled.

So Wei Xun changed his way, and he began to tear up the corpse and turn the flying fox. Sure enough, the fierce ghost Pingping looked at him more and more fiercely, and the blood color in her eyes became more and more thick, almost black.

The boundless and terrible thoughts of yin and evil gush from the depths of the water pit, which makes people feel like they are at the poles of forest and cold. No one will feel comfortable when being attacked by grievances. Wei Xun narrowed his eyes comfortably, the corners of his eyes were slightly red, and the pure white corners in front of his forehead were as moist as jade.

Sweet resentment.

A little more, a little more.

“Not yet?”

He tore up the resentment of the familiar corpse flying fox again. He spoke warm words, almost seductive, cruel and charming: “you know, if I didn’t want to see you, I wouldn’t kill them – they all died for you.”

They died for you.

Die for you——

‘death -!! ”

Only Wei Xun could hear the shrill roar from under the puddle. In an instant, the San value dropped sharply and the countdown to death was halved! So strong, so powerful, Li Gui Pingping was finally completely angered by Xiao. The blood red figure emerged from the puddle, Sheng Xiao, with scarlet and venomous eyes staring at Wei Xun.

Wei Xun only felt that he had been locked by death since he returned. The thrill of walking a tightrope between life and death made him goose bumps. For example, the current ran through the spinal cord and his breathing became more rapid.

Great, really, really great——

When the fierce ghost Pingping suddenly moved to the devil’s abdomen and the blood claw grabbed Wei Xun’s throat, Wei Xun even cooperated to lift his head and expose his fragile neck. Secretly, the devil like dark claw cunningly attacked the fierce ghost’s abdomen to tear her abdomen!

What a powerful opponent, what a terrible power, the sense of crisis is like the sickle of death. If you can lose both at this time and be on the verge of death, you will feel unimaginable excitement——

When Wei Xun was so excited that he couldn’t help himself and trembled for the expected stimulation, suddenly a dark shadow swept between her and Pingping.

Just listen to an old and stuffy hum. The dark shadow just took the fierce ghost Pingping who almost killed Wei Xun into the puddle. The fierce ghost Pingping screamed sadly and reluctantly: “old black six -”


The old voice was painful and anxious, like the hero savior of the sky. In an instant, the situation reversed. Wu Laoliu and Pingping disappeared together. He seemed to be seriously injured. The ground was covered with black blood and several dying maggots.

“Come on, run.”

The maggots struggled, wriggled, whispered to Wei Xun, and said sincerely, “I’m holding Pingping. Run, time is coming.”


Wei Xun stared at the puddle and the maggots crawling around the puddle. He was stiff into a stone statue and didn’t return for a long time.

After a few seconds, her cheeks trembled and her eyes were moist, which seemed to twinkle with tears. Wei Xun stepped on the puddle like crazy, jumped and stamped on it, and the maggots were stunned by it.

But no matter what Wei Xun did, he couldn’t get out of the fierce ghost again.

“Pingping, my Pingping!!”

Wei Xun choked and was in great pain. He ruthlessly raised his foot and crushed the maggots. Take a deep breath, gnash your teeth and hate in your eyes.

“Wu, Lao and Liu, you and I are at odds!”


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