TTG Chapter 260

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 260: Confrontation task (Part 2)

Wei Xun’s breathing stagnated and his movement was faster than his thinking. Before his brain turned, he took one step to grasp the other’s hand.

Xingyue’s hands were very cold. Wei Xun shivered. His hands were hard, smooth and bony. It’s not like a human hand or a skeleton, but it’s carved from some crystal stone.

Wei Xun couldn’t help thinking of his tentacles. People are strange. Is the suspected crystal material the direction of the transformation of the stars and the moon?

Why did he come out at this time? Is it because of the strange accident in the door? Or the red blood cocoon?

No matter why, Wei Xun firmly grasped his hand. At this moment, all the parliamentary butterflies were forgotten by him. He pointed to him, grabbed the hand and never released it again. Even he quietly turned into a sharp fingernail.

But he was unable to hold the hand.

The other party took him lightly at the moment of grasping him, threw Wei Xun back and directly threw him out of the magic mirror. The thunder roared down from Yongling, but Wei Xun was stunned. He opened his hands and clenched his fists. It was clear that he had just grabbed the other party’s hand one second, but he was thrown away the next.


A cat’s cry full of anger sounded, and Wei Xun’s trouser legs were heavy. He was stunned and bowed his head. He saw the phantom cat thrown out together. He didn’t like the wet rain very much. He wanted to drill into Wei Xun’s cloak, but Wei Xun picked him up with his back neck.

Without the familiar breath, the star and moon have left, and what he is carrying in his hand is a pure phantom cat.


The black leopard cub also cried out worried and sniffed hard on Wei Xun. Wei Xun found that the most smelling place was his hand – and the hand that touched the door. The Panther cubs even burst their fur and purred in their throats.

“You… Are you okay?”

The voice of the devil merchant’s anxiety and hesitation came from the side. This time, Xiaocui stayed in the magic mirror for a quarter of an hour, much longer than the originally agreed time. The devil merchant was worried and wanted to send the ghost king to have a look, but the ghost King shook his head and resisted.

Fortunately, Xiaocui came out with the phantom cat – but he came out with the phantom cat! At the moment of seeing the phantom cat, the devil merchant closed his eyes, but soon he felt that the terrible breath on the phantom cat had disappeared.

Xiaocui dares to carry the back neck skin of the phantom cat… Does it mean that the man has left?

What happened in the magic mirror?

Seeing that Xiaocui is rarely silent, the devil merchant cares about you.


Wei Xun still looked at his hand and suddenly asked, “have you ever shaken hands with someone?”

“How does it feel?”

Devil merchant:??

“No, are you really all right? How could I shake hands with someone!”

The devil merchant is tired of snacks. He doesn’t know how the journey is like this.

First, he opened his mouth and closed his mouth. Then he opened his mouth and closed his mouth. Until now, people have let them talk about him?

Is this normal?

Thought of * *… No, the devil merchant shivered. He didn’t dare to think that the other party had left a deep shadow in his heart. Looking at Xiao Cui’s posture, in order to prevent him from making any more dangerous remarks about the person concerned, the devil merchant directly changed the topic:

“What’s this in your hand?”


Wei Xun raised his hand and saw that the devil merchant was talking about the fangs of the black widow puppet in his dream. He is an honest man. After putting away his fangs, he said:

“The black widow’s fangs.”

Devil merchant:?

Black widow’s fangs???

“Stow  stow ”

His conditioned reflex closed his eyes and screamed until Xiaocui put away the fangs. The devil merchant sharpened haw and then opened his eyes to see Xiaocui with extremely complex eyes.

Mingming just goes in and out in the magic mirror, but Xiaocui… Is more elusive.

The devil merchant originally wanted to ask Xiaocui what the light blue and purple lines appeared on her cheeks. But he was afraid of hearing any more terrible answer, so he simply stopped talking and took out the pendant.

“Here you are.”

When the devil merchant conceded defeat before, the fragments of his pendant appeared. Just interrupted by MIA, now the devil merchant gives half of the princess pendant to Xiaocui.

But Wei Xun didn’t take it immediately.



The devil merchant said freely: “the black widow and Mia have been solved… Next, no one can stop you.”

Dealing with the black widow puppet and Mia is not only to help the devil merchant get rid of their control, but also to hope that the game can be more fair.

Win is win, lose is lose!

The devil merchant also hopes to hand over the pendant, even if Xiaocui wins. But not in the world.

When Xiaocui combines the pendant into one, it is the real dangerous moment! The Tourism Society announces the current winner in the minds of all present and countdown!

The countdown is the end of the journey! Before the end of the journey, the confrontation task will not stop. Whoever can hold the pendant to the end is the final winner!

The devil merchant was worried that Mia and they would control him by any means, so he took the lead. The year-end celebration has no proportion, and neither party will give up easily.

People on Xiaocui’s side won’t easily control him, but maybe the guide on the west side has to protect himself when he goes out!

The devil merchant thought of the vicissitudes of life.


Wei Xun shook his head: “it’s not over.”

Did the black widow do it? This is a problem.

She hid in the magic mirror and saw the phantom cat at the first sight. Wei Xun didn’t witness the battle between them, but he thought the black widow might be a very tolerant person.

Is it possible that the puppet was torn apart by the phantom cat and didn’t really take action?

be on  the cards!

If so, the black widow still has a mobile phone meeting!

And the Devourer is still there, the shrem king is still there, and the silver moon killer olaine is also there.

The period from the integration of the two pendants to the end of the journey is the most dangerous hunting moment! Before all the latent, hidden, no hands, will really start after this!

“Then , or later…”

Listen to what Xiaocui said, the devil merchant hesitated. The safest way is to integrate the pendant at the end of the journey to end the confrontation mission.

However, before he finished, Wei Xun took the princess pendant from his hand!

You must be stronger and stronger.

Wei Xun looked at the phantom cat and thought of the man in the star moon cloak.

What is the “door” opened by the Dutch official? Where does it lead? What’s the strange thing in the door? Is the Maria butterfly fragment related to the missing parents?

The black leopard cub roared, and the star and moon threw him out. Can it be said that the things in the door scared everyone?

“I really want to see -”

Wei Xun sighed that there was no fear, only expectation and excitement. Wei Xun looked at his hand. In addition to the princess pendant, there was a tiny grain of sand in his sharp and dark fingernails.

Wei Xun was not sure whether it was something he pulled from his hand when Xingyue grabbed his hand just now. He should not be able to hurt people. No matter how he bends and tears his tentacles, they will not have any scars.

If the grain was really picked from Xingyue, it can only be said that he wanted Wei Xun to take it away.

Carefully put away the grain, Wei Xun subconsciously looked up, and the pigeon gray gloomy sky was reflected in his pupils. Obviously, he couldn’t see * *, but Wei Xun felt that the other party had been watching him.

What is the peak of the mountain? What is the highest part of the sky?

Wei Xun took out the king pendant.

I really want to see the world of the strong.


With a light sound, the two semicircle gold pendants finally fit again. The finely broken colorful gemstones glittered brightly under the light of lightning. The bust of the handsome king and the bust of the beautiful princess face each other. The black stone inlaid eyes twinkle, as if they contain deep emotion, as if they had lived through the world.

[guide C: 50, congratulations on getting the complete Pendant!!]

The sound of the hotel, which had been silent for a long time, suddenly rang out in Wei Xun’s mind. It was extremely high against the task level, and even let the hotel pour more strength here, and even break through the obstacles of the Ming Tombs!


High in the air, the golden Taizong incarnation, with tightly locked eyebrows and tight lips, suddenly became more dignified. However, the voice of the hotel is still ringing in the minds of every passenger and guide on this journey.

[tour guide c-50 obtains the complete letter of the confrontation mission, and tour guide c-50 obtains the complete letter of the confrontation mission!]

[before the countdown, if the letter is still in the hands of c-50, the Eastern District will win!]

[Countdown: 29:30:35!]

These words echoed in everyone’s mind, and everyone was shocked and stunned. Whether it is Zhou Xiyang and others who are besieging olaine, hidden in the dark on October 10, or Bai Xiaotian and King shrem overlooking Yongling on the hillside.

“Well, close the pendant so quickly?”

Half life Taoist was shocked and lost his voice.

“Hiss -”

Yun Lianghan can’t believe it. He’s not very surprised that c-50 won the complete Pendant – joke, can the devil businessman win c-50?

He just didn’t expect that the two would win at this time!

“It’s worthy of being director Cui…”

Yuntianhe’s pupils are tiny. He thinks more than yunlianghan. Cui Dao can get the complete letter. I’m afraid he won not only the devil businessman, but also the strong man in the West.

“But this is not a good time.”

He looked up into the air, and the hotel prompts were intermittent, indicating that the hotel rules still could not be fully implemented in this area. The person concerned failed to convince Taizong, and the hotel failed to occupy the leading position in the Ming Shi Ling, which was very disadvantageous to Cui director!

There are hotel rules. At least the strong man with hidden power won’t attack him recklessly, but maybe now.

“The boy really likes to be exciting.”

The half life Taoist muttered and calmed down after being shocked.

“It’s 11:30 p.m. on September 17th, 19 hours… So the departure time is 5 a.m. on September 19th.”

Zhou Xiyang’s important way.

Only during this period… Holding the pendant temporarily is not the final victory.

The west side is likely to wait for work and rob the complete pendant on the last day. But they may also do it now. While the hotel rules have not covered the whole Ming Shi “mausoleum, they directly try their best to rob it!


Zhou Xiyang’s eyes sank slightly when he looked at olaine who had not moved for the time being.

If you don’t talk about it, then * * will continue to talk to Taizong as a person concerned. Although the hotel rules cannot cover this side for the time being, * * is the eyes of the hotel and the rules of the hotel!

In this way, it’s more favorable for C 50 now!

Will they do it?

What did they decide to do?

For a moment, all the passengers were strangely silent. But before they were silent for long, they were broken by a sudden accident!

* *

When the prompt of the hotel rang through the minds of all the tourist guides of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, the bullet screen in the live broadcasting room outside the hotel was also painted with question marks!

The hot post of “black screen live studio” has been on the forum for two days. It can be said that since entering the tomb of the tenth anniversary of the Ming Dynasty, the live studio of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing has completely lost contact.

Whether the two tour guides or the split screen of other passengers, it’s all dark! At first, the audience could amuse themselves and brush off the jokes, but they soon found something wrong.

How could it be shielded for so long?

Or all the staff block the live broadcast?

What the hell happened?!

They also want to see the team leader assessment and confrontation task of c-50!

The discussion has never stopped. The number of viewers in the black screen live room has not decreased much, and even increased in the evening. Countless posts have discussed this matter, whether in the east or west, the posts discussing this matter are the most popular.

In addition to the audience guessing, the senior leaders of tourist guides have guessed more reliably.

“They should have entered the interior of the Ming Tombs.”

Butcher alliance, the psychic sat in front of the Sun Pendant and talked to himself. The pendant hasn’t been moving since yesterday. Even if the psychic broadcast live in front of the pendant, there was no response.

Before contacting, the psychic media suspected that adults were distracted to control the incarnation of people, and the consciousness was not here.

However, the examiner on the surface of c-50 is clearly * *. It is only September 17 now. What does the adult control the avatar do?

What needs two people?

The Apocalypse explosion has not been recorded by the hotel, which shows that the whole Ming Tombs may not be under the control of the hotel. However, there was still a live broadcast in Deling village before, but now the live broadcast is on the black screen, which shows that the brigade is definitely involved in the key locations in the “ten Ming Tombs” or meets a key person, and the hotel rules are affected, so the live broadcast will be cut off.

“Tianshou mountain, Emperor Yongle.”

The presence of the two parties is definitely related to the negotiation!

“I suspect it’s the mountain god’s body.”

On the other hand, in the residence of the dream chaser’s Hotel, the dream chaser stared at the live broadcast on the black screen and was worried.

“Before, under the fifth floor of the underground palace, the Mountain God showed only one hand.”

He knew everything about the fifth floor of the underground palace from the half life Taoist, so the dreamers were more worried.

“The whole Yanshan mountain range is under the control of Yanshan mountain, and the mountain god exists unspeakably. Even if there is the suppression of keel and Baijiao, and the suppression of mountain god underground palace, I’m afraid there are not all the mountain god bodies there.”

“Do you mean that there is a part of the mountain god’s corpse under the ten tombs, and they triggered the pollution of the ten Tombs?”

Zhang xingzang didn’t worry much. He comforted: “there are two people here. Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

“There may be more corpses of the mountain god under the tenth mausoleum than under the fifth floor of the underground palace, or even half of the body or head of the mountain god.”

“If we can negotiate, it should be that the problem of pollution has reached the point where it can’t be stopped. It won’t be made by c-50.”

Zhang xingzang was right in saying that he was worried about people chasing dreams.

Dreamers are worried that this pollution is triggered by c-50!

“You don’t understand.”

The dreamer shook his head and looked a little dignified: “he promised to help the dragon soul revive.”

The dragon soul keel was seriously polluted because of the corpse of the mountain god. The person who tied the bell must untie the bell. If there is really a mountain god’s body under the mausoleum of the tenth year of the Ming Dynasty, the dreamer suspects that c-50 will really do it!

“Two servants, four peak travelers who hide their power, black widow, devourer, half life Taoist and Zhou Xiyang are here…”

So many people wipe their buttocks and bring in the thinking of “C” 50. People who pursue dreams think it’s a pity not to do it!

“Make a fuss, it’s all a fuss.”

Zhang xingzang was optimistic. Seeing that the dreamer was a little restless, he said happily, “if you’re really worried, ask an team. He must have news over there.”

Zhang xingzang said while opening the thriller app: “you’re so nervous now. Don’t worry when you finally confront the task…”


“You’re right.”

The dreamer took a deep breath, smiled bitterly and pressed the forehead. He was tired: “today, you do spiritual counseling with me again. Things on the other side of the Sahara are difficult to do.”

Mastering a journey of ten degrees north latitude is definitely a symbol of the strong. However, once there is an accident on the 10th journey of north latitude, it is also extremely dangerous and difficult to solve, which will bite the letter holder’s heart.

Zhang xingzang is right. The confrontation task has not started yet. He should adjust his state and cultivate his spirit.

The dreamer planned to think of it.

Although he can’t show up at the fourth scenic spot, he can show up at the end of the journey, when the hotel bus appears and takes the passengers away!

At that time, it was definitely a time of intense confrontation, and all the cattle, ghosts, snakes and gods came out. He has only one shot, and must  figure out who to deal with – the black widow.

The dreamer decided to use the mobile phone to force the black widow away. It’s also good to let all the strong people in the western region dream. There are several powerful characters. I’m afraid the group dream time is not long. But the dream chaser’s purpose is not to kill in a dream.

Trapped them in a dream for a few minutes, they can definitely take the opportunity to leave. At the end of the journey, it’s no problem to leave the journey and return to the hotel without taking the bus. He believed that Zhou Xiyang and them had this means

“I’ll go to sleep.”

After thinking over and over again, the dreamer knows well and is ready to go to sleep and conserve energy. However, as soon as he got up, Zhang xingzang, who had been silent since the beginning, grabbed his hand.

“Dragon, dragon.”

Zhang xingzang was stunned and stuttered. He couldn’t even speak completely.

“They all say,” that’s what you call me. ”

The dreamer was unhappy, but he also felt that Zhang Xing’s Tibetan language was wrong: “why?”

“God, I must be dazzled.”

Zhang xingzang said to himself and directly handed his mobile phone to the Dreamer: “look for yourself.”

“This is –”

After taking his cell phone, the dreamer glanced at him. At that moment, he could no longer look away!

The open screen poster of the creepy app has been changed!

It’s not the poster pushed by the hotel, nor the poster pushed by the live broadcast interface at the beginning of a wonderful live broadcast. The opening poster of the hotel app will only be related to the celebration at the end of the year. Even the confrontation task between the devil merchant and c-50 will not be on the opening poster. It is possible to be on the opening screen unless the task is determined to be the winner.

The previous opening poster was the return brigade.

But now the poster has changed!

[what’s this? What’s this?!]

On the forum, a post confusing the title quickly became popular, even overriding the topic of “black screen Live Room” and directly rushed to the top of the forum! The top floor of the post is the new open screen poster of the creepy app!

I saw a mysterious and beautiful butterfly in the upper right corner of the poster on the dark blue purple star background. The butterfly is extremely beautiful and lifelike, as if it would fly down at any time.

Below the butterfly, however, are pale and slender fingers. Wearing a light blue cloak, the guide turned his face sideways. He wore a hood like a mysterious wizard. Pale hair curled slightly and hung on the edge of the hood.

The turquoise and gold mask worn on the face all the time seems to be broken. The mask is not seen under the hood shadow, but there are blue and purple gorgeous lines, such as falling butterfly wings, printed on the pale to almost transparent face.

He opened his thin lips, smiled, and looked up, as if kissing the GEM PENDANT between his fingers, or offering the pendant to a falling butterfly.

Half king, half princess’s GEM PENDANT!

His light blue cloak extends indefinitely and finally blends into the background of the dark blue starry sky. Necklaces and pocket watches, together with the devil businessman in a dark blue cloak, have become tiny shadows from the pendant. There is only one horn on the poster! But at the same time, there are countless hands from all directions!

There are men’s hands and people’s hands. This hand grabs his cloak, hooks his hood, pulls his hair, and grabs his wrist. It is ferocious and terrible. It seems that  tore him up and snatched the GEM PENDANT in his hand!

[tour guide C of the eastern district received a complete letter of confrontation mission!]

Canjin characters are printed at the bottom of the poster with radioactive light. They outline Phnom Penh for the whole poster and attract everyone’s attention!

But under the dazzling gold characters, there are lines of small black and red characters, just like the whisper of the devil.

Can he keep the glory of the east side

[will he be the ultimate winner of the confrontation mission?]

[what is the priority of the side selection in the competition at the end of this year?]

[Countdown -]

[Countdown: 29:28:15!]

What’s the date today? What’s the date? Is the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing over?

All the tourists and tour guides who pay attention to the live broadcast and the competition are boiling up! The audience in the western district was anxious, and the audience in the eastern district were also worried after ecstasy, and some even scolded them.

This is the garbage competition system!

I won the “letter” so early, but I can’t guarantee the absolute victory. Now the live studio has a black screen.

[kill the devil merchant quickly, please, kill him quickly!]

There will be a countdown, which means that “C” has not killed the devil merchant. If one side of the mission dies, the winner will be determined directly!

If the devil merchant doesn’t

They were worried in the black screen for 19 hours!

* *

If Wei Xun hears the concerns of the audience in the live broadcast room, he will definitely show a reassuring smile.

nineteen hours? That’s a waste of time.

He’s not going to stay in the Ming Tombs for so long.

“White deer, white Jiao.”

Wei Xun drank lightly. Two white shadows suddenly passed through the lightning and came to him without any damage. This also shows that the punishment is coming to an end. The underground pollution of Yongling is almost destroyed, and the lightning is far less dense than before.

“Brother, are you really doing this?”

Wei Xun didn’t expect that Nezha Ling would follow him! It is reasonable to say that Nezha Ling should return to eight armed Nezha city after completing the obsession of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty. He just stayed here because he was worried about Wei Xun.

“It’s too dangerous. Really, old man, tell me, how sure are you?”

Nezhaling said seriously, if he can come here, it is also the Taizong’s permission. Seeing that Taizong was not at ease with Wei Xun’s plan, he asked him through nezhaling’s mouth.

Wei Xun doesn’t care much.

“Be sure… Ten percent.”

“Are you looking for a car?”

Nezha’s spirit was in a hurry, but Wei Xun smiled. He took out the human skin map and asked, “look, brother, will you be punished this day?”

“Of course not. You still like to be split.”

Nezha Ling didn’t have a good way.

The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty had already changed their thoughts. They turned the Dragon into a dragon and dispersed their grievances. Of course, they were no longer evil dragons.

Not to mention helping the evil dragon, Wei Xun should not be punished by heaven again. This heavenly punishment is just his punishment for deliberately prolonging the heavenly punishment and deliberately provoking the heaven countless times before.

Finish this time and write it off. Unless another evil dragon is killed immediately, Wei Xun will not be punished by heaven from now until the end of the journey.

“So I cherish this opportunity.”

Wei Xun said calmly. He put on a new pair of gloves, poured the maggot out of the small glass bottle for the first time and put it in his hand.

How can I enter the chieftain’s tomb in advance?

It was an area that the hostels did not fully grasp. It was more 18000 miles away from the Ming Shixiang mausoleum. Even if there was something obtained from emperor Jiajing and the Emperor Taizong’s order, it was not easy to enter.

In the Ming Dynasty, the chieftain king did submit to the court.

But now, with the influence of special forces on the tenth degree of north latitude, the chieftain’s tomb is by no means simple. It’s not easy to enter. You must use a bridge!

Human skin map is, so is maggot. But the hotel didn’t control it, and the human skin map didn’t have enough energy. Wu Laoliu didn’t get to the top of the chieftain King’s tomb. Maggots are big and young, and his energy is almost.

It’s a ten degree journey north latitude. No one can enter in advance.

What’s more, Wei Xun’s early departure from the journey is equivalent to a confrontation with the rules and forces of the hotel. Energy, he needs a lot of energy. Let maggots advance, let people grow, and even destroy the powerful power of the journey!

Wei Xun took out the dead Ming token again.

If it is said that the chieftain’s tomb represents the power of ten degrees north latitude, the task entrusted by the mountain god will let Wei Xun touch the “rules”.

Is this rule a parliament or a party? No matter what it is, Wei Xun will make a decision! This task is the key for Wei Xun to convince Taizong!

 being good at commanding the brigade and uniting passengers is what an excellent tour guide should do. Even though the composition of the brigade is complex at present, for example, it is in great danger of terror and even mass destruction——

Then everyone will do it.

The integration pendant, the confrontation task is only the introduction, and Wei Xun has another way to force everyone to unite.

Nezha Ling advised again, but Wei Xun didn’t hesitate. He smiled and said, “I’m willing to take risks.”

“Not only for myself… But also for my brothers.”

His own brother, brother nezhaling, brother Taizong, and brother an Xuefeng and * *.

He’ll catch up with you as fast as he can.

“Xiaocui, if we don’t have one this time, please tell me your title.”

The devil merchant also participated in this adventure. Although the princess’s curse disappeared, the devil merchant’s stomach was not deflated, and the ghost king was still in his stomach.

He vaguely understood Xiaocui’s plan, and he also had a place where he could arrive in advance with the help of huge energy.

Xiaocui is not a c-50, and after this journey, Xiaocui will no longer be a c-50.


Wei Xun smiled and went to the devil merchant: “I will tell you the best title.”

While talking, Wei Xun alienated directly without warning and then shot. The dead Ming token pierced the devil merchant’s head, and the devil merchant didn’t resist or even supplement the death Countdown with points!

The ghost also knows that it is not necessary. In an instant, the countdown to his death returns to zero, and the whole person has a terrible alienation. At the same time, o’lain suddenly looked at the direction of Yongling. King slim jumped with surprise. Bai Xiaotian’s pupils narrowed, as if he thought of something.

At the next moment, the horizontal knife swept through, and on October 10, which had been hidden in the dark, Yu Hehui shot at the same time to block the thousands of bright silver arrows. Take a closer look, it’s not an arrow, but a sharp spider’s silk!

The black widow is still lurking and has not been completely solved.


“That’s a little too much, boys.”

A beautiful figure appeared, but it was no longer a spider puppet. Without the hotel rules, the black widow can use more power, but she is incarnated in human form.

Her words were still smiling, but what she said was awe inspiring.

The black widow is serious!

The reason why they didn’t get the complete pendant before was that the experienced passengers all knew the rules and understood that it was useless to grab the pendant now. There were still 19 hours left and right, and it was not too late to compete again in the end.

But if the devil businessman was killed by C 50, the meaning is different!

As long as the devil merchant is completely killed, the winner of the confrontation mission will only have C 50. The countdown will end directly!

So the devil merchant returns to zero and the black widow goes straight!

“Oh, that’s sad. I thought they were good friends.”

On the hillside, King slim said melancholy and deeply, “the friendship of young people is changeable.”

“You’d better move.”

Bai Xiaotian said coldly. He was so sharp that he untied the seal! A book appeared in his hand, while in the other hand, it was a copy of a returning knife!

Let the strategist who gives advice play with a big knife. It’s a violent day. But Bai Xiaotian knows what he wants and, of course, what he should do.

“Hey, hey, this is a little too much.”

King slim was startled by his direct knife, and a huge drop of sweat appeared on his body.

“There’s no need to!”

“No need –”

At the moment when King slim spoke, another voice sounded at the same time with him. A familiar tall figure appeared in Yongling, beside the devil merchant and Wei Xun.


As an examiner, he can leave a secret path for himself to return to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing!

So strong.

Wei Xun’s “ignorance fire” that was about to burn to the devil merchant suddenly went out, and the volatile and almost out of control energy of the devil merchant was completely suppressed.

Wei Xun is really merciless. Even if the devil merchant returns to zero, he will kill him. Even if the devil merchant tried to suppress himself, he gradually lost control under this situation. The black widow was stopped by Yu Hehui on October 10. Olaine was on his way. If no one took action, the devil merchant would be completely killed in half a minute!

[devourer, violation]

“Really, you don’t have to.”

The Devourer suddenly retreated, and the cloak printed with the waves was raised to block him and Wei Xun. The * * who had been confronting Taizong at high altitude came to Wei Xun in an instant. The power of the person directly shielded the Devourer’s authority.

“Oh, sir.”

The black widow smiled wildly and said, “his brother hasn’t come out. As a gentleman, you shouldn’t be so eager – hiss!”

The body of the previously able black widow suddenly sank. If she was hit hard, the star moon cloak flashed past. It seemed that someone appeared, that is, he disappeared in a moment, but it also made the black widow dare not tell jokes about life playing people.

“Hey, don’t you care about those two sweethearts?”

He saw that Bingzhuo 50 pulled the devil merchant, rode on the White Deer spirit, and the scattered lightning chased him, but he ignored him completely. Unexpectedly, he ignored him completely and ran directly to the direction of Shinto!

He has no problem running. The strong will catch up in an instant. But the problem is that the direction of C  50 runs right into the silver moon killer! O’lain became a silver moon killer again. The silver light flashed and the machete came out of the scabbard, with a killing intention.

“God asked!”

But Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist are reliable enough! The giant lynx that Meckel turned into carried them, so that Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist could use Tianwen without scruples.

In an instant, the knife light and the golden giant words offset each other, and the surging waves swept all directions. The running c-50 seemed to be stunned. He rode on the White Deer spirit to stand on the Shinto and didn’t move.

No, even without the influence of waves, it is difficult for normal people to run on the violently shaking earth. The earth roared and shook, and even the rebuilt solid Shinto began to crack. The vibration spread rapidly from Tianshou mountain to the whole Ming Tombs.

“Wait – bold!”

The voice of anger is like thunder. Taizong is angry! Whoever makes such a move in the tombs of the Ming Dynasty will definitely arouse Taizong’s anger. This is not good news. Even if they are strong and numerous, they will bow their heads here.

However, at this moment, the c-50 riding on the White Deer spirit was like a fire and stabbed into the heart of the devil merchant!


His knife went down and caused a chain reaction. Olaine, the nearest one, directly took the knife, and the black widow started again. The Devourer frowns and looks at the earth and the sky.

He always felt something was wrong, but when * * shot, he could only follow. Otherwise, the black widow and olaine alone can’t stop * *, let alone a star and moon peeping in the dark.

The battle of the strong has completely overwhelmed the earthquake, and the Shinto has completely collapsed. Together with the stone statues on both sides, it seems that Taizong has been furious to the extreme. Bai Xiaotian, who confronts king shrem in the distance, frowns slightly when he sees this behind the scenes. The next moment he throws out the knife in his hand!


King shrem was surprised, but he was not shocked by the copy of the return knife. Half of his body had quietly sneaked underground and was ready to join the war. With this sneaking in, the whole shrem suddenly turned white.



Half life Taoist suddenly turned pale. When he used heaven’s question, his intuition was connected with heaven. He faintly felt that there was an extremely terrible danger coming, and the center of the danger was——

“Call -”

Without warning, without any sound or breath, the Shinto earth suddenly collapsed and sank, and a huge, tender yellow worm broke through the earth!

“Abyss worm!”

Zhou Xiyang blurted out, shocked and stared. He couldn’t believe it. The place where the worm appears is under c-50 and the devil merchant!

In an instant, countless attacks attacked the huge worm and directly reduced its huge body to more than ten circles. But the abyss worm is famous for its fear of pain. It is not affected by any attack at all. Instead, it rushes straight out, as if chasing some jackals, tigers and leopards behind it.

Zhou Xiyang subconsciously wanted to chase them, because the abyss worm pushed them away. But he suddenly found that all the strong, * * *, devourer, black widow, silver moon killer and others did not chase the worm.

Their solemn eyes fixed on the earth.

The worm is so long that half of its body is still underground when it runs far away. But the next moment——

“Hiss -”

Its body suddenly straightened! It seems that there is some terrible force underground to hold the lower part of its body! The abyss worm born with great power not only couldn’t escape, but was pulled back!

“Clang buzz -”

At this moment, an orange knife flew in the distance, directly cut off the lower half of the corn shoot, and then the blade pierced deeply into the ground.

Stabbed into that small piece of gray, completely lifeless rotten skin.

However, even the replica of the returning knife can’t completely prevent the underground monsters from appearing. The earth cracked, and the more rotten, the more rotten the skin revealed. It was just a finger. And underneath it, there are more terrible and huge things hidden.

Terror spreads all over the world, accompanied by mental pollution that can drive people crazy in an instant. In a flash, the thunder and lightning made a great effort. At this moment, the San value of both the devourer and the black widow plummeted.

The monster hidden underground, which was led by the tender yellow worm.

It’s more than the depths of the underground palace, the corpse of the mountain god!


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