TTG Chapter 261

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 261: Supplement 2

“Coo, COO, COO!”

The corn shoots fled desperately, panicked and stuttered to communicate with Wei Xun, but the child seemed to be frightened and silly, except crying and shouting ‘Xiangxiang!’ Nothing else.

“Master, master!”

Broken tentacles stretch like blooming sea anemones. Chui Chui rolled out from the inside. She was crying pear blossoms with rain. She turned into a prototype, rolled and climbed, and rushed to Wei Xun.

“Chui, how are you now?”

Obviously, there are so strong people behind, but Wei Xun’s viscera jump wildly, and he still feels the creepy feeling engraved into the bone marrow, as if they were completely locked by the extremely terrible existence. Even if he is far away, Wei Xun’s San value is still far from zero, and the devil merchant has become a complete ghost.

If Qin Shouyi hadn’t protected him, he might have lost his mind and fell into madness!

This extreme sense of death crisis even made his “wisdom” return to a point – this is the extreme fear of alienation, knowing that instinct and wildness can not solve the problem of death, so he pushed out the “nature”.

… ?

The devil merchant was very sensitive to the word. He struggled, opened his eyes in a daze, and his brain seemed rusty and barely rotated.

Why…  who is this calling? Is, is the other party the real king?

He looked up with all his strength.

I saw a big emerald insect fluttering into the arms of C 250.

Devil merchant:?

Devil merchant:??

Is this, is this a green?

Is this really “green”??

Click, as if something in the book was broken, and the eyes of the devil merchant lost all their look.

“Keep your energy.”

Wei Xun felt the change of the devil merchant and took out his hand. His eyes closed. Now the devil businessman is extremely weak. He doesn’t have a name brand. It’s like walking a tightrope.

He’s gone. He’s gone. He’s gone. He’s really dead.

“Everything went well before, but when we got to Tianshou mountain, it was completely disobedient!”

 Chui has nothing at all  the devil merchant  quickly  told Wei Xun about it. Taizong mentioned some things under the Ming Tombs to Wei Xun.

At first, it was hundreds of years ago that the “big” trembled and died. Tang mountain is not far from Tianshou mountain, and the death of the mountain god Taizong is sensed.

The mountain is “dead”, but the Ming Tombs are auspicious land of Feng Shui after all. They can still remain intact without tragedies such as landslides and cracks.

However, even in Jirang, under the bad situation of the death of the mountain god, it can not prevent the great change. At first, the branch of the mutated dragon began to pollute the whole Tianshou mountain. Taizong cut it off, but he found that every time the power of the dragon vein was killed, its pollution would melt into the soil.

If you can’t be killed, you can only be sealed.

Taizong’s seal is at the foot of Tianshou mountain, but over the past few hundred years, more and more pollution has gathered, and gradually he found that the pollution at the foot of Tianshou mountain has changed.

At first they became like a hand, finger, wrist, arm, big arm – and then later.

At the foot of Tianshou mountain, half a huge, nameless terrorist head was found.

The head of the mountain god corpse!

Wei Xun guessed that the dragon bone Baijiao couldn’t suppress the complete Mountain God’s body. In order to slow down its recovery, he had to transport the pollution to Jitu everywhere. Recently, the Ming Tombs were suppressed by Taizong, so they were more popular.

Half a mountain god’s head, Mountain God’s brain, Mountain God’s shoulder, Mountain God’s left arm——

Wei Xun felt bad when he heard the corn shoots say “fragrant”. Can’t the corn shoots be cannibals??

“The smell of extreme terror under the sun is like being in the deepest depths of the abyss!”

Her voice was full of fear and fear, and the bottom of the abyss seemed to be an extremely dangerous and terrible “square” to her. Wei Xun only heard a little about it.

It’s said that an abyss worm was born at the bottom of the abyss, and the corn shoots can flow freely under the abyss. I’m afraid it’s a worm talent. Did the pollution caused by the corpse of the mountain god make the Ming Tombs close to the bottom of the abyss?

I’m afraid it’s the corn shoot that finds something extremely attractive to it that won’t even listen to the words of the ‘mother insect’. Wei Xun put out the corn shoots and “Cuixia” on purpose to provoke the corpse of the mountain god. The Ming Tombs suppressed it and Taizong stared at it. Before the mountain god’s body was completely unearthed, they should not have a big problem.

But now it looks as if he has completely angered the corpse of Mountain God and is directly watched and never dies. It seems that the problem lies in something like that!

“We didn’t see any heads and arms. The corn shoots kept running with me. Finally, we came to a large, round and white ‘ice surface’.”

“Cui duo shivered and continued quickly:” there is a ferocious and twisted peach tree growing on the ice. The tree is full of eyes. It’s strange that the peach tree seems to bear fruit. I can’t see it. I didn’t see it… ”

“Relax, relax.”

Chui Chui was about to collapse and cry. Wei Xun comforted her repeatedly and directly stuffed her with purified magic honey. At the same time, Wei Xun thought.

What others saw was different from what he saw. This was discovered by Wei Xun as early as the fifth floor of the palace. The normal corpse he can see doesn’t know what it will look like in the eyes of others. Or maybe the Ming Tombs changed, so she couldn’t see the mountain god’s body.

What is the round white ‘ice surface’? How can a peach tree grow on it? Even Taizong didn’t say this, but Wei Xun intuitively thought this was the core of the mountain god corpse’s anger!

“What did the corn shoot do? It stole the fruit from the peach tree?”

“Goo Goo!”

Hearing Wei Xun’s mention of “home”, the corn shoot quickly turned and cooed – no, it’s too thick to turn back‘ What looks back is its pile of tentacles. The tender yellow tentacles covered the sky like a prison over them. Anyone who saw the scene would think it was a monster swallowing people, but Wei Xun knew that it showed that the corn shoots did not swallow things alone, but hid in the “false mouth” formed by tentacles and brought them back to him!


“No, I didn’t steal the fruit!”

The weight wrapped in the mucus of corn shoots fell in front of him, but Wei Xun had no time to see it. He only felt a deep-rooted cold coming from behind, and the tentacles of corn Shoots Directly collapsed and disappeared.

Subconsciously, Wei Xun looked back and was facing the last huge pale full moon.

No, it’s not a full moon. What Chui saw was the round pure white ‘ice surface’, which was the eyes of the mountain god!

 panic screams and extreme cold fear hit at the same time.

“It swallowed the whole peach tree!”

This pure white eye has no half color, and only the middle one has a black one. Look closely, it’s like a black hole left after something is pulled out.

The peach tree is growing in the eyes of the mountain god, and the corn shoots directly pull the whole peach tree back!!

This is really an eye opener for the mountain god corpse!

No wonder it was so angry that it was completely sober under the suppression of Taizong and the Ming Tombs!

But when he took it, Wei Xun would never return it. He made a crazy act of mourning — “maggots are big, human skin” picture, dead Ming token and magic mirror are thrown on the peach tree.

This peach tree contains extremely huge pure energy, which is what he needs at present.

Give it to me!


At the moment Wei Xun started, he vomited a mouthful of blood, and the whole person seemed to be torn apart. But the next second, the mountain god’s eyes looking at Wei Xun were blocked by a figure, and his cloak fell and flew over Wei Xun. The black leopard cub sneezed in disgust. He was still busy holding a corner of his cloak and covering the peach tree.

Star Moon cloak!

But just at that moment, there was no tentacle shrouded, and there was no completely isolated environment in the corn shoots. The smell of this thing filled the air, making the mountain god’s body completely locked in the target!

The corpse of the mountain god was completely crazy. The huge half of his head was covered with thick black “long hair” like thick column tentacles. Lightning all over the sky suddenly disappeared on the “long hair”. The heavy pollution contained in a long hair is like the black golden dragon claw solidified under the pollution of “Qingling”!

However, Wei Xun’s long hair was cut off by a bright orange knife! The copied version of the returning knife was broken. The * * who had just pulled out the knife from the giant hand of the mountain god did not cherish the weapon at all. The water vapor was diffuse, and the wave cloak was like a real wave. Countless huge and terrible tentacles hidden in the wave came from the darkness.

** * and Xingyue entangled half of the head of the mountain god’s body, but there was no copy of the return knife to suppress, and the mountain god’s giant hand was restored. However, this giant hand did not attack Wei Xun, but caught king shrem!

It was found that Wei Xun used jelly powder to jelly the stumps of corn shoots and put the blame on Queen shrem. Bai Tiantian secretly gave him a bag of shrem powder.

Jelly is just a fool, but shrem powder can definitely confuse the real with the false! Corn shoots have long been used to it, and even have a tentacle dedicated to dusting the remaining limbs of the tree. This time, when it came down, Wei Xun gave it shrem powder, which was really useful!

“Hey, hey, this is not right!”

King shrem was shocked and turned pale. He tried his best to avoid the giant hand of the mountain god’s body and jumped back to the Devourer. Now the Devourer’s face was dignified, and the dark silver snake head walking stick appeared in his hand. The silver Python broke away from the stick and hissed at the mountain god’s hand.

“Hiss -”

But the next moment, the silver Python bumped into the crimson blood worm. Countless blood worms come from the depths of the “big” and are wrapped around the mountain god’s arms. They are wriggling, greedily swallowing and polluting everything around them, sometimes expanding and contracting, like the mountain god’s blood vessel – it is the blood vessel!

These blood vessels were smashed by the silver Python and attacked the Devourer, but the next moment they were caught by countless tenacious cobwebs!


Black widow! At the moment, even she stopped talking. Countless spider silk sprayed out of her fingers and wound around scarlet blood vessels, strangling and disappearing. But the danger is not only in the blood vessels, but also in every part of the mountain god’s body. It is an extremely dangerous killer!


The light of the silver knife cuts off the silver bone spurs that suddenly bulge from under the “Mountain God”. This is the bone of the mountain god’s body! A “heavenly question” sounded, which also cut off another bone spur, and the half life Taoist turned pale:

“These bones and blood vessels are spreading in all directions. If they are not controlled, they will soon spread to the whole Tianshou mountain!”

“Mountain God’s body can’t be killed!”

Zhou Xiyang stared at the front, and his eyes couldn’t bear the blood and tears. He saw half of the mountain god’s head smashed and disappeared under the joint efforts of * * and Xingyue, but the new head grew again in the next moment.

“I’m afraid it’s necessary to collect the corpse of Mountain God completely before it can be hanged completely!”

Zhou Xiyang’s head is slightly heavy. The mountain god’s body has developed to this “step! Half life Taoist took a breath of air conditioning. He had never seen the corpse of Mountain God in the “Palace” before. Polluting the dragon vein made a deeper impression on half life Taoist. The Ming Tombs are no longer 30 degrees north latitude and cannot develop into 30 degrees north latitude scenery. If you drag on——

It is very capable of returning home. It will be put on the “battlefield” by the hotel this year and become a strong enemy of their generation!


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