TTG Chapter 262

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 262: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (end)

I’m not guessing out of thin air. Mountain god corpse is really qualified to be put on the battlefield! Not only can Zhou Xiyang get to the point, but others can also get to it. It is the iron rule of the hotel not to affect the reality. The Devourer must take action to prevent the further expansion of mountain god pollution. But of course they can also paddle. After all, it’s in the East District.

In fact, however, they almost went all out!

It’s still early to find out. There are still half a year between now and next month. If it develops for another half a year——


In an instant, almost all experienced tourists and tour guides have a choice in their hearts. While the two principals are still fighting because of C 250, kill the mountain god’s body several times as soon as possible.

Even if we can’t really kill it, it’s good to eliminate more pollution on him. For a time, all the strong ones tried their best, and the mountain god corpse even disappeared for a moment. Even though it was reorganized quickly, the pollution on its body was wiped out.

The thick black pollution in the lightning and thunder disappeared as soon as it rose, but it was not enough. The blood of the mountain god was like a surging flood, surging in all directions with the momentum of mountains and seas. The blood is full of great resentment, hatred and pollution. As long as you miss a drop, you can completely pollute a large area of land!

Seeing the scene, the Taizong, who secretly controls the overall situation, will appear. It’s too risky to release the mountain god’s corpse. It may completely destroy the Ming Tombs at any time. But if you continue to delay, it’s also dead. It’s better to give it a go now!

As Wei Xun said, all the strong people started, and even the corpse of the mountain god was wiped out twice. That’s enough, that’s enough. It’s far better than the Taizong’s plan. It’s the same. The Ming Tombs can continue to hold on.

“Everybody -”

Taizong was about to suppress the corpse of the mountain god again, but it was in the middle of the war——


A fierce sound resounded through the sky, half life Taoist bleeding from the corners of his mouth, but his eyes were shining. He opened his mouth, but he couldn’t speak. Without hesitation, half life Taoist simply stained his own blood. The back of his hand was tight, his joints were raised and trembled. He had to write in the void out of thin air.

His fingers trembled and the blood could not stay in the air, but the next moment his other hand caught his thin wrist. Zhou Xiyang’s pupils were dark, and the afterglow of the sunset in his eyes almost disappeared. The most) halo floated on his hand, shining the fingertips of half life Taoist, leaving light marks in the void.

Overdraft power is extremely painful, especially under the suppression of so many strong people. Rao is Zhou Xiyang’s perseverance. His whole body is tight and his forehead is cold and sweaty. He looks like a half life Taoist. He should be more painful. However, under the action of pulling the silk, the half life Taoist could not feel any pain, and he was even unexpectedly calm.

The hand stopped shaking, and the light trace reflected the blood color. Half the life Taoist used his hand as a pen to write the next sentence out of thin air.

“What punishment does the emperor have for success?”

The blood color and the sunset glow blend together, leaving the word “one” out of thin air! Zhou Xiyang suddenly closed his eyes, and two blood stains came down from the corners of his eyes. Half life Taoist was depressed, and the whole person was pale as if he were going to die, but his eyes were extremely bright, as if burning the fire of life. Half life Taoist clenched his fists and almost fainted with excitement.


He succeeded in using his talent.

is the original words in heaven  he showed his ! Half life Taoist clenched his teeth, and his bloody finger pointed to the “flood” created by the tainted blood of the mountain god

“If you want to succeed, how can the emperor punish you?” It’s the original sentence in heaven! It’s about the myth that in ancient times, the God of fire Zhu Rong sent by the emperor of heaven killed Yu mountain because of the crime of theft!

But half life Taoist can be regarded as a family that plays through the “heaven”. He is best at playing out the name of “heaven”. However, he makes it up and takes it out of context. Taking out of context is stronger than the former, because even if it is taken out of context, what he says is the original words of heaven!

“If you want to succeed, how can the emperor punish you?”, Just look at the meaning of the two sentences. It is precisely that the flood control of “is about to succeed. Why did the emperor of heaven punish him?

Without saying the first half of the sentence or any sentence related to the soil, the sky has nothing to do with the soil and the like. Half life Taoist priest sends a single pair of mountain god corpses, making mountain god corpses the protagonist!

As a mountain god, it should also be the responsibility of the mountain god to maintain natural harmony, prevent drought and dredge floods. As an important mountain god, Yanshan should do its duty.

So why did the emperor punish him?

Half life Taoist refers to the “flood” turned into the blood of the mountain god!

When the mountain god degenerates and blood becomes a flood, the “flood” released by the mountain god will pollute the earth and drown the sky.

That’s why the emperor of heaven wants to punish him!

Logical self consistency, sentence immediately caught Phnom Penh, and sentence day was established!

“Yan -”

When the sentence appeared, it seemed that the mountain god corpse roared for the first time! Its cry was very strange and strange, which made people dizzy and convulsed. The lynx transformed by Meckel fell to the ground, turned into its original shape and couldn’t move in an instant.

At the same time, a huge bone with countless barb bones, covered with pus and blood, suddenly stabbed out from the ground like a long bone of some kind of terrorist torture tool, stabbing the half life Taoist priest and Zhou Xiyang.

It’s the broken clavicle of the mountain god corpse!

If you do a solid job, you will definitely be killed on the spot! But as soon as the terrible clavicle appeared, there was a flame on the sharp bone tip!

is a common flame that looks like. It has no special color. Strike a match and light wood. The flame is no different from it.

But the fire is burning on the mountain god’s clavicle! From bone tip to bone spur, from heavy mental pollution to pus and blood, it was completely burned. Half of the interlocking bones were burned and melted, and the burned clavicles were not restored.

It is the fire of Zhu Rong!

The Heavenly Emperor sent Zhu Rong to the lower boundary to impose punishment. The half life Taoist did not restore his full strength and could not recruit more. He only recruited a fire of Zhu Rong. But the fire can completely burn the mountain god’s clavicle.

Zhu Rong’s fire!


On the corn shoots, Wei Xun just picked all the peaches from the peach tree. Each peach is the size of a child’s fist. It is green and red. It is not yet fully mature. It looks like an ordinary peach. But the peach growing on the tree in the eyes of the mountain god is absolutely different!

It was impossible to pick the peaches directly, but Wei Xun picked some peaches one by one after maggots and magic mirrors absorbed the pollution on the peach trees and burned them with fusion flame.

At the same time, the fusion flame suddenly changed. A tiny Phoenix struggled, flapped its wings and flew out of the fusion flame. Chong Weixun screamed anxiously as if he should get something.

It’s the Phoenix Fire. Did it fly away? Why, has an Xuefeng?

In the twinkling of an eye, Wei Xun felt that it was wrong. The Phoenix Fire was stealing fire and stealing civilization fire. Did it suffer any rare flame?

The mountain god corpse deterrence also weakened a little, as if distracted from the other side. Wei Xun took the opportunity to lift up the star moon cloak and looked at it. He was seeing the half life Taoist show his “heaven” and the fire of his move burned on the mountain god’s clavicle.

It is worthy of heaven!

A flame that can burn the mountain god’s clavicle! What is fire?

Wei xunzhen did some research, but the fire that could burn the collarbone of the mountain god was never easy to deal with, and reason finally prevailed.

“Go and smell the fire and watch it protect Zhou Xiyang and them.”

He finally released the Phoenix Fire. The left-right fusion flame can’t get any chance on the strange peach tree. It’s better to let it out and have a look.

When Zhu Rong’s fire burned the mountain god’s clavicle, other strong people didn’t have time. They left no effort to fight one after another, but smashed the mountain god’s body again!


When Taizong saw the scene in front of him, he couldn’t help but be moved. No, he really didn’t. obviously, he could avoid danger as long as he ran away from the Ming Tombs, but some people worked so hard that the Taoist priest was on the verge of death!

Do they have a grudge against the mountain god corpse? Or is there another reason? However, in any case, it was very beneficial to the Ming Tombs!

No wonder Wei Xun said to believe them. What Wei Xun said is really good!


The situation is still not optimistic.

The zhurong flame failed to burn the whole mountain god’s body. After burning the mountain god’s clavicle, it gradually disappeared and disappeared. At the most, a fire was carried away by a Firebird. Rao Shizong was excited about Zhu Rong’s flame, but he didn’t do it when he saw that the Firebird stopped on Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist.

The fire of Zhu Rong summoned by half life Taoist priest is the most precious, the slightest fire. Even if it is precious, there is no problem for him to take it away. Taizong even waved his sleeve and sent Zhou Xiyang’s people who were seriously injured and weak out of the Ming ten mausoleums to a safer place.

Because the fire of Zhu Rong disappeared), the mountain god corpse began to riot!

“Yan -”

“Yanshan -”

“Yanshan -!”

In the deafening shrill roar, the eyes as white and round as the full moon began to turn red! Before, the pollution that people had not easily weakened doubled and emerged, which suddenly changed everyone’s face!

 some mountain god corpses are quickly connected with other mountain god corpses. It’s no use just to remove the pollution on them! They will recover infinitely and transfer pollution infinitely. As long as they can’t collect all the mountain god’s corpses together, it’s useless to destroy the corpses here countless times!

Unless they use cards directly like crazy half life and Zhou Xiyang, but is it really worth them? Kill the mountain god’s corpse several times and eliminate a lot of pollution complaints. Even if you go to the battlefield, it should not be a top threat.

The black widow has withdrawn, and others have their own thoughts. It’s meaningless to drag on. The only damage will be the Ming Tombs and surrounding areas!

“Hard work, everyone!”

Just at the time, the Golden Dragon suddenly came, shining the night sky, Changling, Qingling, Deling, Yongling – the dead emperor of the Ming Dynasty, connecting the whole ten tombs of the Ming Dynasty. The golden lines are crisscrossed, with countless light spots. There are seven light spots in a group, which are lit up over the tombs everywhere, bright and dark. At first glance, it looks like a big dipper star everywhere!

The emperor of the Ming Dynasty was not buried with his body tilted, straight or bent, but with his right arm lying on his right side, his hand on the right side of his head, his left arm hanging under his left arm and his hand on his abdomen, his left leg straight and his right leg bent *, just like the Big Dipper.

The Big Dipper is a lucky star in the sky. It contains great energy and corresponds to the emperor on earth! When the Big Dipper stars are lit in turn, the angry mountain god corpse has a faint image of suppression. On Tianshou mountain, the Big Dipper stars corresponding to Changling are the largest. The stars light up in turn from dim to bright.

When the big dipper of Tianshou mountain lights up, the mountain god corpse will be suppressed underground again. However, the mountain god corpse roared angrily, and unlimited pollution gushed out, which could not be suppressed for a time!

“Half an hour) the Big Dipper lights up, and I will suppress it again.”

Emperor Taizong’s voice resounded through the ten tombs of the Ming Dynasty: “please give me a helping hand. I will be rewarded a lot at that time!”

There’s a reward!

The treasures in the mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty are like stars, but it is an area beyond the control of the hotel. There are not only mountain god corpses, but also unsolved natural mysteries such as the Apocalypse big bang. Rao moved the black widow, but she knew what was most important.

The mountain god corpse has been weakened. At present, the most important thing is the victory or defeat of the confrontation mission! The bright yellow abyss worm seemed to be seriously injured and out of strength. It collapsed on the Shinto before it could climb far. It was precisely because it could not climb far that the mountain god corpse did not chase out in anger. It was still the big corpse that stayed in place and did not destroy more mausoleums.

Is it a coincidence? Or do they have another plot?

The Devourer looked ahead, and the two principals of * * and Xingyue held the mountain god’s head, but did not break it again. The principal represents the hotel. They are not white-collar workers, nor are they like the generation of tourist guides who will eventually go to the battlefield and weaken the mountain god corpse in advance.

I’m afraid they’re taking this opportunity to negotiate with Taizong, and in addition, they only control the head and don’t let it hurt the participants in the confrontation mission. The mountain god’s head is not stupid. When he found that he could not break through the line of defense of the two principals, he went to the Big Dipper Seven Star array. He gave up fighting with the principals, but attacked all the tourists and guides present!

For a time, people were under great pressure. Coupled with Zhou Xiyang’s half life Taoist exit, some people in the Western District rowed. All the pressure fell on October 10, Yu Hehui and Tong Hege!

At the same time, facing the mountain god corpse’s arm and half head, but the man was hard and resisted. Even when the rowers left), they cooperated more tacitly. On October 10, he turned into a werewolf without concealment. With a pair of sharp claws, Lu Shu orange tore the mountain god’s scalp and was not afraid of being stained with blood.

、5945. The voice of Baixiao’s command rang in their minds. Yu Hehui and Lu shuorange were as meticulous as robots. With the help of Tong Hege, Nezha’s spirit sometimes fought against the mountain god!

“It’s the way home.”

The black widow sighed and tied some mountain gods’ blood vessels with spider silk: “the brigade that does not need a guide can maintain such a strong combat effectiveness. The top title is not only because of an Xuefeng, but also because of their detachment.”

“Sex, so tired.”

King slim collapsed into a round cake, exaggerated wheezing, and agreed: “yes, those passengers are really powerful, but they have reached the limit.”

The return Tour team, which never needed a guide, is now connected with a new guide. Inadvertently, it revealed their bad state.

“It’s just a cover up.”

“Whatever the reason.”

The Devourer spoke in a cold voice: “ a confrontation mission, the winner will be the west side.”

Once the devil merchant dies, the fight against the mission will be a victory of C 250. But there is a devourer here. He is the strongest ghost guide ferry in the past. Once the devil merchant “dies”, he can ferry the devil merchant to himself immediately!

With his care, the devil merchant would never die and was completely controlled by the black widow. After half an hour, the mountain god’s legacy was suppressed, and the principal must be fair. At this moment, everyone who unsealed the power may be expelled from the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing.

Zhou Xiyang’s half life Taoist Mei Ke’er was seriously injured. Yuntianhe and yunlianghan are not evidence. Yu Hehui and Tong Hege are now exhausted against the mountain god corpse.

The devil merchant is controlled by the black widow. The most important thing is to take back the pendant. How can I lose this game!

The only thing to watch out for is C250. People are really evil. If he passes the team leader’s assessment task, his strength will rise sharply, and there is really no small risk. But then there will be few tourists left. Even if the principal score accounts for 50%, there are still 50% scenic spots!

How could he have passed the team leader’s assessment if the Ming Dynasty’s ten tombs were damaged into the shape of a mountain——

[sacrifice completed!]


Sacrifice completed?

How can the sacrifice be completed??

The unexpected sound of the hotel rang through the ears of all passengers and tour guides! Not only did the black widow wonder, but even * * Luo turned around and his eyes fell on Wei Xun.

Has the sacrifice begun? It’s over before it starts?

But at the moment, Wei Xun has no time to pay attention to * *’s gaze. He hides under the star moon cloak, and the devil merchant lies beside him like a dead man. Wei Xun simply took the devil merchant as the table and put the dead Ming token, maggot, human skin map and magic mirror on him.

The biggest change is the maggot. It swallowed the pollution of the mountain god and the eyeball on a peach tree. With it, it cocooned!

Yes, not maggot pupae, but the cocoons of butterflies and moths! Wei Xun suspected that the maggot had absorbed the blood at the butterfly tattoo and produced some variation during metamorphosis. It would be great if it could not be a fly, but what Wei Xun pays most attention to is the raised blood red lines like eyes on the cocoon!

The ‘eyes’ are the same as those on the peach branch. Not only maggots swallow their eyes, but also human skin maps roll many eyes. So far, the original map is completely blank, and eye like patterns have appeared in the corners of the map.

However, there are few patterns. Even if Wei Xun drives the corn shoots to stay on the edge of the battlefield, he has been secretly absorbing the mountain god pollution and the energy spilled by the passengers during the battle. He failed to make the human skin map produce new changes.

It’s hard! It is very difficult to enter the chieftain’s tomb in advance!

Normally, the hotel controls the surrounding area and marks it on the human skin map. Wei Xun obtains the first version of the human skin map and uses it as a medium to enter the area of ten degrees north latitude and go to the chieftain King’s tomb.

But now the human skin map is incomplete. When the maggots break their cocoons, they can’t afford to contact Wu Laoliu. Wei Xun resolutely abandoned the most secure human skin map method and chose PlanB with a higher risk factor.

Splitting the use of the human skin map and the hotel is actually the power of the hotel + the qualification recognized by the tenth degree of north latitude + the media marking the chieftain King’s tomb + the powerful power to enter the special area.

In fact, Dian Weixun, the medium to go to the chieftain’s tomb, has been obtained from the Yongling mausoleum. Now he only needs the strength of the hotel, the qualification recognized by the 10th degree of north latitude, and the powerful strength to enter the special area.

Wei Xun already had the Dharma. He took out the dead Ming token and released the general. Different from when he first met, the general saw Wei Xun, the God of fire, and knelt down on one knee.

Obviously, after being recognized by Taizong), the general has completely recognized Wei Xun. If sacrifice is not sacrifice, how can sacrifice be considered successful? As long as Taizong agrees, he has no “problem”.

Lei split the mountain god corpse and called everyone to attack the mountain god corpse together. Is it a sacrifice?

Of course, forget it. Isn’t it a sacrifice to the mountain god!

As long as Wei Xun communicates with the general, he can complete the sacrifice immediately! After summoning the general, Wei Xun looked again at the dragon soul in the death order card.

Different from the state of dragon soul, keel and pollution mixture before, the pollution from Mountain God has been absorbed by Taizong. Only pure dragon soul and keel are left in the token, and they have been bonded together.

“As long as the bones of its divine soul are bonded together, and then a trace of pure dragon is given to it to provide sacrifices, it can help it give birth to the dragon body.” this is the secret that Taizong told him at the beginning.

Now the bones of the dragon soul have been bonded together by Taizong, and the pollution has been eliminated. The pure dragon soul Taizong has also been handed over to Wei Xun. There is only one sacrificial offering left from the dragon’s complex.

Taizongyuan’s suggestion is to take him to visit Mingchuan daze everywhere. The dragon soul used to be the dragon vein, and is most sensitive to the dragon vein. Taking the dragon vein as a sacrifice, the dragon can recover within a year, and may retain some talents as the dragon vein.

But Wei Xun felt that one year was too long!

What is there as a sacrifice to make the dragon soul recover immediately? No matter he or Ming Shiling, he urgently needs the reward of dragon soul recovery belt!

When he told Taizong about the task of “Mountain God’s entrustment”, Taizong communicated the trace of Mountain God’s interest at the abyss node. Taizong fell silent and gave him a new suggestion.

As long as the purest dragon and death, plus things related to the real dragon, can immediately restore the dragon soul!

That is to say, the dragon soul of “Fu” is unstable, so we must continue to rely on the death order card for recuperation, which takes more effort, but — “Fu” is also in harmony with Wei Xun’s mind.

Wei Xun took out a scale. It was a half white and half black scale that faded when the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty turned the Dragon into a dragon. There were also scratches left by lightning in the black and white.

From an evil dragon to a real dragon, fade the pollution, and turn death into a dragon. The scales can fully represent the dragon!

Then he took out two dragon horns, one dark red, one wood color, and two black and red. It is the Dragon horn of the 14th emperor, the 15th emperor and the sixth emperor of the Ming Dynasty. The first two sections of Longjiao are Xie Weixun’s to remove the pollution under the mausoleum and relieve the crisis of returning to the mausoleum. The 15th emperor was filial and exchanged his own horn for his father’s, so he gave Wei Xun a horn to his father and son.

The Dragon horn of the sixth emperor of the Ming Dynasty was broken by Taizong himself and given to the seventh emperor. When the seven emperors saw that Wei Xun wanted scales, they gave him the horn together.

Four Dragon horns, as sacrifices related to dragons, are absolutely qualified!

Next, you need the purest death.

“Call -”

Wei Xun took a deep breath, turned his hand over, and two red pills appeared in the palm.

It’s the red pill he didn’t take at the beginning. It’s all fatal poison. It can hurt not only people, but also the soul.

“Here we go.”

He patted the devil merchant in the face as a reminder. However, at the moment when Wei Xun communicated with the general and completed the sacrifice, he stuffed the two red pills together with the magic mirror into the soul of the devil merchant.

[sacrifice completed!]

At the moment of the general’s approval, the prompt sound of the completion of the sacrifice resounded through Wei Xun’s mind. In an instant, the power belonging to the hotel fell on Wei Xun, which was exactly the same as when the devil merchant completed the team leader assessment.

It is the strength of the hotel and the judge! But at the same time when the “prompt” sounded, the soul of the devil merchant who swallowed two red pills trembled and began to dissipate. Even the ghost would die one day. Without stopping, the hotel prompt sounded again.

[the tour guide B125 is dead against the participants in the west area of the mission -]

But the death judgment of the hotel was not finished. For a moment, it seemed as if the time was still. It seemed that there was an invisible force invading the hotel. The force was extremely powerful and even interfered with the judgment of the hotel! Wei Xun smelled the strong, cold smell of water. Black drops of water splashed down beside them, as if they were transferred from the corn shoots to a river in an instant.

Sheltered by the cloak of stars and moon, Wei Xun did not have any power influence. He tried his best to look around, but saw that everything around him had become nothingness, leaving only a vast and dark river with no boundary. Countless dead spirits floated in the long river. Wei Xun even saw several giants comparable to and even far more than giant dead spirits.

It’s the Styx!

A small boat floats on the Styx River, and the dead is even heavier than the Styx river. The huge dead in the river retreated to one side and dared not approach the ferry. The undead ferry leads the undead in. But there was no ferryman on the boat – Wei Xun guessed that the Devourer was already a devourer after all. Although he could still summon a ferry to lead out the Styx River, he could not board it.

Or he thinks that only one ferry can lead away the devil merchant. If he really shows up, I’m afraid he will attract the attention of * * and stars and moon, but only increase obstruction.

But it’s good for Wei Xun! As soon as the ferry came out, the ghost merchant appeared directly on the ferry. Taking advantage of the pure death it represents while the ferry is still there, Wei Xun directly puts out all the materials and entangles Bai Jiao, who is familiar with the dragon soul.

He’s starting to recover the dragon soul!

At the same time, the devil merchant changed when he got on the ferry. The devil’s left eye is still closed, but his right eye opens quietly. It was a dark gray eye with no pupils. It seemed to be condensed by fog and could devour all light.

The eyes of the ghost monarch!

It seems that something is abnormal. There is death on the ferry. You should force your eyes to close. Of course, the ghost monarch can’t disobey the ferry, but just at the time, what is shining in the soul of the devil merchant? It’s the magic mirror!

The ghost monarch had already set up the magic mirror. At the moment when he opened his eyes, the magic mirror opened. At that time, countless sundries with strong energy poured out of the magic mirror – the broken limbs of the black widow puppet, the crushed debris printed with the power of a principal, and part of the limbs of the Dutch official——

My legs are incomplete. The charge officer should have escaped. But  is enough! On behalf of the two top powers, the huge chaotic energy of one principal poured out, which immediately stirred the Styx like boiling chaos, and the ferry was trembling with the water. Of course it wouldn’t capsize. Some forces couldn’t overturn it, but the ferry stopped for a moment.

But the ghost King’s main thing is opportunity!



Xingyue’s body shape is slight. If the black widow has something to do with it, the Devourer suddenly frowns and disappears. However, when he appears above the ferry, he sees that the devil businessman who should be sleeping has opened his eyes!

His left eye was pink and his right eye was dark gray. For a moment, he was almost integrated with the ghost monarch, and in his hand was a magic mirror. With the help of the ferryboat’s “going to” power, the fog in the magic mirror dissipated, showing a piece of dilapidated and incomplete, but you can still see the majestic castle of the past.

With the help of the heavy death on the Styx River and ferry, the devil merchant reached the kingdom of the ghost monarch! But the Devourer was so fast that the ferry was bumpy that they almost couldn’t go!

Fortunately, the power of the hotel was on the side, and the rules were still in place within the scope of the power of the hotel. The ring of the leader of the devil merchant flashed, and the Devourer could not make a complete move. That is, as soon as it stopped, the devil merchant on the ferry disappeared!

He dares to use the Devourer!


The Styx River disappeared, the ferry disappeared, the Devourer’s Secret silver cloak was windless and automatic, and the lower lip corner of the vortex mask was slightly hooked, which seemed to be laughing. He looked forward to the place where the strength of the hotel came – the strength of the hotel was improved because C250 passed the team leader assessment.

“Look, he made a choice.”

In fact, the departure of the devil merchant is not a bad thing for them.

When the devil merchant leaves, he will not be killed for the time being. Then to win the confrontation mission——

Just kill C 250.

If the devil merchant leaves, he can no longer seize the pendant, then C250 will die!

The Devourer’s hand in the words is without force! But he is fast, and he has been paying attention to the two principals on the side of the Internet. He is faster. However, as if prepared, the Devourer turned directly to resist the two principals. At the same time, the figure of the black widow appeared quietly beside Wei Xun!

“Boy, I didn’t realize that you still kept it.”

The black widow smiled, brushed her fingers over Wei Xun’s hair and took out a feather from there.

It belongs to the tower of Babylon, owl feathers! No matter where Wei Xun hid it in the hotel warehouse, the black widow can locate him and find him through it!

“What a pity…”

The power of ten degrees north latitude erupted, and the feather turned into two strange owls. They are not afraid of the power of the host, but take away the star moon cloak and the black leopard cub! Without the protection of the two items, C250 is like a hedgehog with a sharp thorn pulled out. Just the pressure of the strong makes him bleed and seriously injured!

For a moment, the attack of * * and stars and moon became more fierce. Unexpectedly, it beat the Devourer to disappear in the journey. But king shrem appeared out of thin air. It has a stronger ability to fight. It just dragged on for another five seconds! In less than five seconds, in only one second, the black widow’s hand pinched the neck of C 250.

C250 tried his best, as if he wanted to hold his hand and stop him, but for the black widow, he was as weak as a chick. Hold your neck and deprive yourself of space. C 250 opens his mouth in pain. It seems that he is breathing hard and talking about something.

The black widow won’t waste time listening to people’s last words. She works hard. She injects a lot of poison at the moment she grabs C 250’s neck. Even if the other party returns to zero, alienation can definitely poison him.

However, even if the black widow didn’t listen to C 250, the weak, almost silent voice still rang in the black widow and in the minds of everyone present.

He’s saying——


[congratulations on completing the first part of the task entrusted by Mountain God: restoring the keel!]

The voice of the hotel rang through the dying Wei Xun’s mind.

[rule task: entrusted by Mountain God]

[task level: rule]

[mission Description: Why did the mountain god who was integrated into nature become a corpse full of resentment and pollution? The impeccable keel and dragon soul he had been guarding restored the mountain god’s reason for a moment. He received the remaining breath of the abyss and used his best to project part of himself into the abyss so that he would not continue to collapse]

[but the suspension is limited. The Mountain God entrusts the owner of the abyss to find out the real reason why he turned into a corpse and free him]


  1. The Mountain God promises to work for you (you can get the help of the mountain god once when you complete the first ring, the third ring and the sixth ring of the task!)
  2. Perhaps you will be eligible for access to the hotel rules]

[you have completed the first step of the task! When you call Yanshan, you will be able to get the help of mountain god!]

There was silence around, like the darkness of death). Wei Xun smelled the strong breath of death. But silence is really quiet.

When he whispered the word “Yanshan”, the corpse of the mountain god raging on the Shinto suddenly stopped moving! The black widow’s hand holding her throat suddenly loosened, and her palm was as miserable as the fire. But Wei Xun’s throat and the place where the devil seed is located, there is a faint blood mark!

Smashed king shrem and * * rushed to Wei Xun, but frowned and subconsciously covered his chest.

The devil seed he gave Wei Xun, the half red stone condensed from the abyss node, is half of his broken heart.

In order not to interfere with Wei Xun and affect his spirit, * * * seldom goes to “respond to” half a broken heart. But now he found that there seemed to be something else in his heart!

The terrible, powerful and familiar breath is slowly waking up——

It’s the damn mountain god!

Thick clouds blotted out the sun, thunder and lightning stopped, and there was a virtual shadow of the mountain god in the vast night sky!

It is still alien and terrible, but it seems to be more rational than the monsters under the earth. The beauty and majesty of the past can be vaguely seen on its ugly and incomplete face.

But the mountain god’s face is not very good-looking, and I don’t know if it’s because of the disfigurement. Many disgusting and ugly tentacles cling to the mountain god’s changed body, full of the breath of the abyss, which is the most difficult resistance when he erodes the abyss. And before he had finished handling some things, he called out!

Is it fast? How quickly did you reply?

The mountain god looked at Wei Xun in silence and saw a little golden dragon wrapped around his neck and burst into tears with Bai Jiao. Dragon tears can cure all poisons.

It’s a dragon. That’s right.

He was subjected to strong and terrible malice. The source of malice was self-defense. One of the people around him was very similar to some damn tentacles.

The mountain god’s body moved slightly. The tentacles that adhered to him and tried to strangle him fell on Wei Xun, but they became clever in an instant.

He was also too lazy to see more. At Wei Xun’s request, the mountain god virtual shadow stretched out his hand. He stared at the mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty, which was mostly damaged. He stopped and looked up at his terrible corpse. He slapped it down!

 slap the corpse directly into the earth! The pollution caused by those corpses and the damage to the ten tombs of the Ming Dynasty, the whole mountain god recovered as before, and the ten tombs of the Ming Dynasty were restored as before in an instant! The almost terrible power made Nezha spirit afraid.

It’s a mountain god. It starts with human beings or worship natural mountains and rivers. It’s an ancient god because people believe in birth!

Another slap, the mountain god patted Wei Xun. At this moment, Wei Xun, who could barely recover from Bruce Lee’s tears, did his best to take out a stone tablet with an index finger long and half a palm wide from the storage space, engraved with the words “future generations will enjoy forever”.

This is the key medium for Wei Xun to reach the chieftain’s tomb safely!

During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, in order to commend the meritorious deeds of contemporary chieftains in fighting Japanese aggression, the imperial court lavished praise on them, and specially erected a plaque “for future generations” outside Laosi city. Up to now, the plaque is still erected outside Laosi city!

Everything is coming to the extreme. The strength of the ten degrees of north latitude used by the black widow has not dissipated. The strength of the hotel that passed the team leader’s assessment has not dissipated. Shi Pai, human skin map and maggot cocoon Wei Xun are in his hands, and the strength of the mountain god is enough to let him enter the special area!

The mountain god slapped and photographed  C 250 ə, which disappeared immediately. The nearest black widow also faded and dissipated immediately. The strong wind dispersed, scattered the thick clouds, and the stars shone. All the Big Dipper stars in Changling lit up at once. Without the interference of the mountain god corpse, the large array of the Ming ten mausoleums suddenly became.

But no one is paying attention to it now.

Everything was so fast and urgent that no one could respond to it, so that everyone was silent.

No one spoke, no one spoke, and I didn’t know what to say.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter now?”

The silence was broken by the voice of the half life Taoist. The Taizong threw them out and poured some energy into them, so that they were seriously injured very quickly. When they landed, they were not afraid of death. They immediately rushed back to him and took Yun Tianhe with Yun Lianghan.

Half life Taoist priest and Zhou Xiyang rushed to the front and were stunned when they saw the complete Shinto without any crack or pollution. They thought it was a fantasy.

“It’s over.”

The one who answered his question was Baixiao. Looking up, the silver moon killer also lost his trace. It was Qiang who left the journey. All the passengers in the western district were gone, and the tour guide in the Western District disappeared. There were only people in the eastern district.

“C 250 and * * left together.”

C250 although the mountain god slapped him and took him to an unknown place, he should have designed it. In addition, * * also disappeared with him. Baixiao believes in his strength. There’s nothing to worry about now

“I don’t have you.”

The half life Taoist muttered that he didn’t listen to Bai Xiao very much. He simply looked at it with his own eyes, looked at the night sky with him, looked at the principal who was left alone in the air and wearing a star moon cloak, and wondered:

“Eh, * * * and C 250 have left. Why are you still there?”


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