TTG Chapter 263

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 263: Supplement 3

No matter the passengers still staying in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, on the other side, Wei Xun woke up from his confusion.

The feeling of forced “transmission” was very uncomfortable. At the moment, he was dizzy, tumbling in his stomach, and he was sour and soft. However, in fact, he landed with indescribable flexibility and didn’t hurt himself. Then he quickly climbed over the wooden fence, over the low wall made of stones and hid behind the lush vegetation.

The whole journey was quiet and agile like a panther.

At the moment when he hid, a shadow appeared in the dark. With the local dialect, he couldn’t really hear it. Wei Xun didn’t understand this dialect at first, but now he can understand it.

These people probably said that there was a particularly loud thunder, which woke them up. They saw a bright lightning splitting down and splitting on the side of the archway. They hurried over to have a look.

What’s more, it says that tourists have disappeared recently. It says that there are tourists, so it’s very dangerous to hide in the scenic spot. Then these shadows were found around.

Wei Xun has no voice or presence. These shadows are very strange! One of them looked around him. At a close distance, he didn’t look like a figurine. His skin was dark gray, like a stone FIGURINE. His eyes were covered with a layer of red and black hard shell. His’ skin ‘cracked inch by inch, and black and green thick slurry seeped from the crack, which looked terrible.

But the most frightening thing is that there are dense things crawling in the dark green thick slurry in the depths of the cracked skin fragments. It’s creepy to watch carefully.

These spots are all crawling maggots!

And the stone FIGURINE kept his mouth shut and never opened. Who said those words?

The voice of the words was faint and could not be heard. Wei Xun leaned to hear more, but at the next moment, Wei Xun suddenly felt that his surroundings were unusually quiet!

All the sounds disappeared, and the silence made my heart hair. A faint cold wind blew by his ears, like a wind blowing – Wei Xun calmly turned his head and looked at a pair of red and black eyes!

A stone FIGURINE quietly touched his face, and the stone face was close at hand! The smell of rotten soil came with a strong fishy smell. The stone figurines stared at Wei Xun deeply. The left eye was dark and empty, surrounded by dry flesh and blood, while the right eye, like other stone figurines, was a red and black shell.

When Wei Xun calmly stared at it, the right eye of the stone FIGURINE suddenly moved!

It seemed as if something was wriggling inside its right eye, trying to top the red and black pupa. Yes, the red and black is not a pigment, not a gem, but the pupa of maggots. There is more than one maggot in the pupa. There are dense bumps  now on the pupa shell, there are countless maggots about to change in the eye-catching pupa, and they are mature and about to break the pupa!

The hole in the left eye of the stone FIGURINE is afraid that the pupa of the stone FIGURINE has been broken!

Wei Xun’s works seemed to trigger something. The next carved stone FIGURINE suddenly opened its mouth, and it was filled with mature, full red and black pupae!

Click – click——

The convex points on the pupa shell gradually connected into a line and began to crack. Thin black lines, such as messy hair, were tightly wound around the crack. The smell is so strong that it suffocates you. I don’t know what kind of monster will hatch in the pupa. San value drops wildly and the death countdown drops rapidly, indicating that this stone FIGURINE is extremely dangerous!

Staring at Wei Xun, the expression of the stone FIGURINE seemed to be changing. The corners of his eyes hang up, the cracked corners of his mouth tilt up, his smile is ferocious and evil, his upper half leans forward, and his mouth and eyes full of insect pupae are getting closer and closer to Wei Xun!

It seemed that he had been stunned and didn’t move. The stone FIGURINE stretched out to Wei Xun’s face. The dense red and black insect pupae in the middle bulge outward one by one, looking like a nest of lotus seeds.

He wants to put these pupae into Wei Xun’s eyes!

Once the pupa enters the body, the consequences are unimaginable!

Get out of here!

“Hiss -”

But Wei Xun didn’t escape. Instead, he took a breath of air-conditioning, couldn’t bear to look straight and closed his eyes. Just now he was testing himself, but even after being trained by the four maggots, he still felt that the insect pupa was too disgusting.

If maggots are big, they are also black and red insect pupae

Fortunately, it’s a “color”, which is really good, and the “color cocoon” is really good.

As if feeling his emotions, something cold and greasy crawled down his throat and across his skin.

A little pale skin around the neck felt the ambiguous suction, leaving little red marks in circles. Then the thing finally climbed onto Wei Xun’s shoulder.

It’s a small dark blue purple octopus.

Come on!

When the little Octopus appeared, the stone FIGURINE suddenly shut up. The corners of his eyes did not hang, and the corners of his mouth did not crack. The face of the whole stone FIGURINE was full of the fear that monk shouted!

But it’s too late.

Most of the little octopus’s contacts were wrapped around Wei Xun’s neck and rested on his skin. Only one contact, arrogant and indifferent, lit the stone FIGURINE, the one closest to Wei Xun.


The left leg of the stone FIGURINE, together with its left arm, left shoulder and a left chest, all cracked.

It didn’t crack deeper, but there were insect pupae in the depths. I’m afraid Wei Xun was disgusted. The mouth of the stone FIGURINE is twisted and changed. The stones seem to have mutated into the tentacles of some marine creature, and its mouth is firmly sealed and locked.


I felt that Wei Xun was busy, but it was too late. After the crack sounded, the surroundings were quiet again, but the silence was very different from that just now. Wei Xun stood up and found that all the stone figurines around the stone archway were gone, leaving only the special-shaped stone carvings of small octopus. When he glanced over these stone carvings, they were broken into powder and cleared in an instant.

A blue purple, with a transparent tip, waved in front of Wei Xun, as if to say don’t look at the statue, look at it!

“Oh, no one can ask.”

Perfunctorily holding the small touch tip, Wei Xun’s eyes fell on the remaining stone figurines in front of him again. The stone figurines watched by Wei Xun dared not move and shed two lines of regretful black-green pus tears.

The expression of this stone FIGURINE is obviously more vivid than that of the following stone figurines. It should be the strongest of their faces, but I don’t know which is stronger than Wu Laoliu.

When Wei Xun was thinking about it, he felt that the little octopus on his shoulder was like a fried cat. He was tight and eager to try, as if he wanted to kill the single seedling of the stone FIGURINE. Wei Xun looked away, pulled down the octopus, held it in his hand, and asked curiously:

“The team leader assessment is over. When will you come from me?”

After passing the team leader’s assessment and getting the team leader’s ring, Wei Xun’s reality can become stronger by leaps and bounds.

The little Octopus doesn’t speak. How can the octopus speak? It can only wrap its touch around Wei Xun’s finger, just like rings.

That’s right. Wei Xun was still so agile after the vertigo of transmission. He could understand the communication between the “stone figurines” because * * occupied his body! It was the moment when the mountain god slapped him and * * entered Wei Xun’s body without hesitation!

It is the responsibility of the examiner to judge the current state of candidates in an all-round way. Just as the Devourer controlled the body of the devil quotient. The mountain god is powerful and terrible. If Wei Xun hadn’t communicated repeatedly in his heart, I’m afraid * * would have taken him away at the moment of controlling Wei Xun’s body.

Now the mountain god slapped the stone archway successfully, and the crisis was relieved, but * * still depends on Wei Xun’s refusal to come. It’s just that the demon seed at Wei Xun’s throat turned into a small octopus and used it to communicate with Wei Xun.

This is the edge of the ten degree scenic spot in the northern latitude, which is more dangerous than the Ming Tombs! The dangerous degree of the horror monster at the core of the scenic spot is even comparable to the complete version of the mountain god corpse, and even more dangerous than the mountain god corpse under the influence of the special environment of 10 degrees north latitude!

The little Octopus vowed, but Wei Xun thought this was just one of the reasons why he didn’t come.

** * leave his body to indicate the end of the examiner’s evaluation. Wei Xun can definitely pass the team leader’s assessment, and once he passes the assessment, the hotel will give Wei Xun a ring.

He is the tour guide who connects the brigade captain. One ring of the hotel is two.

One for Wei Xun and one for an Xuefeng.

Without his share!

How can a little Octopus not have a ring!

The little Octopus stuck to Wei Xun’s skin was angry and angry, but Wei Xun felt a cold on his back. As if there were something cold and dark, hugging him after he died. It’s distorted, which makes you afraid and makes you lost in the ancient mystery.

Even though * * imitated an Xuefeng’s goddamn favorite Plush people, turned a small octopus and put on a cloak, he was the main thing that could not be seen, heard and said after all.

And he seems to be stimulated.

Wei Xun thought.

I’m afraid the experience of finding happiness with an Xuefeng deeply stimulated * *.

He really realized that he was incomplete. No matter how powerful and powerful he was, he could not bring “happiness” to Wei Xun.

It was totally unacceptable to him.

** * love is like an abyss, like a touch lurking in the deepest part of the abyss, drowning it and making it into an immortal flower. Only in this way can we be with him forever.

Only with him.

The darkness that almost engulfs and assimilates people is terrible, but Wei Xun is already a senior Octopus comforter. He kissed the little octopus on the palm, then relaxed, leaned back and fell into the darkness. Darkness drowned him like water, and gentle but paranoid covered his eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Did he see me?

Does he smell me?

Did he hear me?

Is he talking about me?

Just me?

Black spread to Wei Xun’s chest. It can be as soft as fog and as sharp as a blade.

to want to.

I want to see it.

Do you have me in your heart?

“Remember the first gift I gave you?”

As if he didn’t feel the danger hidden in the dark at all, Wei Xun opened leisurely, the corners of his lips caught up, and he was smiling.

“Do you still keep the crystal Roses I carved for you?”

“This is the first time I have sent roses.”

The darkness calmed down, and a little cold and hard touched Wei Xun’s finger, which was the same crystal rose as the dog.

An Xuefeng is really a very traditional person.

Wei Xun thought.

It seems that an Xuefeng and * * are really different, and they don’t look like one at all. But Wei Xun always remembered that even if they looked different, they were essentially the same.

Both he and the * * from slicing  pay special attention to the first time, the first time on various levels.

“And our first date, do you remember?”

Wei Xun holds a wisp of black fog, just like holding the * *’s  and smiles:

“That was also my first date with you.”

The momentum from the black fog suddenly became more gentle, but just like an Xuefeng, the * * bone is also a conservative one.

This kind of private words should be told to Wei Xun. How can it be heard by others.


The stone figurines were swept by a huge wave, flew 800 meters and fell heavily to the ground.


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