TTG Chapter 264

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 264: So insects meet

Wei Xun didn’t go to see the flying stone FIGURINE. Seeing it now is harmful to it.

He said some love words to * * and promised to make a ring for him. At first, Wei Xun said to make one. But after he said that, the little Octopus got up with his own tentacle and tied up. Wei Xun asked the little Octopus about his grievance. He said that the octopus has nine brains. The main brain is located at the head of the octopus, and each tentacle has a secondary brain.

They want it!

“Well, well, do it.”

When Wei Xun coaxed people, he was easy to talk. Although he said that the little Octopus was changed by * *, it was not a real octopus. How can there be a lot of things like the main brain and the auxiliary brain.

is * * greedy for him and wants more and more love.

Seeing Wei Xun’s promise, the darkness that drowned him was finally a little happy. The cold, faint mist touched Wei Xun’s cheeks, eyes and neck like a kiss. Wei Xun was also allowed to lean out of the darkness and breathe a sigh of relief.

As soon as Wei Xun opened his eyes, he saw the little Octopus growing tentacles.

Wei Xun:?

The little octopus is full of tentacles, at least hundreds more, just like a thorn ball! Wei Xun saw that San value fell sharply! Of course, what does the little Octopus want——

He wants more rings!

“That won’t work.”

When Wei Xun tried to hold Wei Xun’s fingers with his newly grown tentacles, Wei Xun resolutely retracted his hand. Even if the embrace behind him became cold again because of his refusal, the momentum was fierce, and Wei Xun didn’t shake.

“Rules are rules.”

Good talking is not without rules. If the little octopus has infinite tentacles, does he have to make millions of rings?

When the little Octopus tried to convince Wei Xun with the crooked “you are C250, I have 250 tentacles, we are a good match”, Wei Xun smiled: “according to you, an Xuefeng is the first passenger, so you need a ring?”

The little Octopus suddenly became depressed.

I’m so angry. If you say so, the first passenger is the strongest, so you need a ring. It needs two hundred and five rings, which is weaker than an Xuefeng!

Although it is the same person, this strange winning and losing heart is really interesting.

Wei Xun smiled and thought of the increasingly cold black fog. He turned over and seemed to be buried in his arms. He muttered to himself and coaxed him to say that he liked you and made you nine rings, okay? No, no, no, not that you are nine times weaker than an Xuefeng. Nine is long, long, long, good meaning.

Coax coax, * * * finally happy. I felt that the little toy like octopus turned into a normal and experienced tentacle. Several extremely long tentacles surrounded him and hugged him tightly, as if to be pulled into the flesh and bones.

The sucking force of the suction cup sucking the skin is not small, and ordinary people will feel pain, but Wei Xun can feel the numbness immersed in his bones.

Completely wrapped, completely controlled. Wei Xun is a little stupid to talk. He brewed it for a while——

It didn’t work!

Damn it, Wei Xun tried again and failed!

It’s over. He’s seen someone. If he hugs him and has tentacles, Wei Xun can find happiness himself.

But the problem is that after the Shuang threshold was raised, he experienced that release. Now this kind of crisp hemp is like tickling for Wei Xun, not at the point!

And * * there’s really no next move! It seems that you can be satisfied with a hug!

“Come on.”

Wei Xun gently coaxed: “do you want a hug?”

** * he was silent for a moment. When the black fog covered his eyes like a black cloth again, and then he was deprived of breathing, Wei Xun thought * * understood. He closed his eyes with expectation and thought happily, “do you want to play deprivation of vision?”‘ Come with me? “‘ Cool, cool, really good! ” When I was young.

He felt the coolness of his lips, which lasted for a long time.


No, then.

Wei Xun:?

Wei Xun is unimaginable. He tries to open his eyes and * * thinks he can’t breathe. He releases the black fog blocking his nose and still firmly blocks Wei Xun’s eyes.

This makes Wei Xun a little grumpy.

What’s the matter? Do you blush with a kiss? Not to be seen yet? no All you want to do is kiss? The pro time is longer than an Xuefeng, even if it is successful?

Are you really pure with an Xuefeng?

Then why didn’t you see what an Xuefeng did!

What makes Wei Xun suffocate is that this is not his fantasy. Yes, * * * is really satisfied! Wei Xun can feel * * satisfied, hold him and whisper in his ear. * ** I began to say those words that I couldn’t hear, but even if it was crazy nonsense, I could feel the tenderness like the melting of ice.

But Wei Xun didn’t get anything except the sudden drop of San value!


Wei Xun really thinks that an Xuefeng’s slice has a big problem. One or two problems are abnormal. It is said that he has maintained well. What do other slicers have to do? Looking at the stars and moon, the whole body is cold and hard like crystal stone. The hippies have been sealed by the Inca sun for several years. I’m afraid it’s really a bigger problem than an Xuefeng!


Wei Xun sighed melancholy.

Take your time, take your time.

** * No, he can teach him. “An Xuefeng could have taught * * that time.

As for the safety team, he must be responsible for raising the threshold. Then he should have a good talk, have a correct attitude and have a reputation. There should be no problem.

The best thing is that they can recover into a complete person, but Wei xunmu still doesn’t know the secret behind the principal. I’m afraid he can gradually get in touch with the mountain god after he completes the task entrusted by the mountain god.

Wei Xun looked forward to it. In the hotel, I really feel different now, which gives Wei Xun a secret sense of excitement. When will it develop to the present… Hey!

Thinking of this, Wei Xun looked forward to teaching * * now. But now is not the time. Wei Xun is also a person who pays attention to people. The broken stone FIGURINE was only flown for a few minutes. It is still hanging on the old crooked neck tree 800 meters away and staring at them.

In such a shabby place, even with a cloak, Wei Xun can’t lie down.

“This is a second date.”

Using the second date as the topic, I imagined the future a little. Finally, I was satisfied. He also told Wei Xun something.

He couldn’t leave Wei Xun’s body, otherwise the principal would return to the hotel immediately. The chieftain’s tomb is three degrees north latitude. The journey is too dangerous. With the strength of Wei Xun’s eyes, even if it is not qualified to be promoted as a tour guide, it is very easy to die.

It’s past midnight now. It’s September 2-8. Tomorrow’s 5 a.m. is the end of the serious journey. Wei Xun: the devil merchant left the journey without permission and should have been punished. However, no matter the three tombs of the Ming dynasty or the tomb of the chieftain king, the control of the hotel is weak, and the rules can not fully cover here, so it can exploit loopholes.

The safest way is to * * stay in Wei Xun until 5 a.m. tomorrow, and then return to the hotel.

Like the rewards of this trip, the victory or defeat of the confrontation mission, etc., they will be settled after returning to the brigade.

Wei Xun thinks so. The mountain god has completed the first ring of the series of tasks entrusted by him. It’s time to come out the second ring according to the “task interface”, but the task interface is like a “card”, and there are not many new changes.

Mingming still reacts when he finishes the task, but the mountain god completely loses contact after he comes out, which shows that the mountain god is more powerful than the whole Ming Tombs.

“How dangerous is three degrees north latitude?”

According to the book, the mountain god is better than Taizong, and Taizong should also be better than the chieftain king. However, the chieftain’s tomb, located at three degrees north latitude, is more dangerous and inexplicable than the three tombs of the Ming Dynasty.

Is it because of the influence of three degrees of north latitude?

** * I didn’t say much. With the bearing capacity of Wei Xun’s eyes, I couldn’t tell you more about the core of the hotel.

He warned that the team leader assessment is not over now. You haven’t become a team leader and guide yet, and your strength has not advanced. You should be more careful.

601. The resurrected young dragon’s soul is sleeping in the dead Ming token, but Wei Xun’s resurrection is too urgent. He just cried to detoxify the black widow’s poison, which consumes a lot of power. It needs good health.

Xiaocui, the corn shoot, was also taken back by Wei Xun. In addition, he had nothing else to use.

So be careful.

Wei Xun knows clearly that * * is ostensibly a warning. The hidden meaning between the words is to return to the hotel at 5 a.m. tomorrow. When Wei Xun is promoted to the leader, the guide will get the leader ring.

** * you can’t get the ring later than an Xuefeng, at least together!

What can I use to make a ring?

Wei Xun thought and took out a white crystal stone. The crystal obtained in northern Tibet is almost used. This crystal stone was knocked down from the crystal originally containing purified magic honey. The mutual aid society has attracted bee Taoist people, and naturally there are special containers for purifying magic honey and purifying royal jelly.

White crystal stone retired with honor and was just used by Wei Xun to carve a ring. This crystal is beautiful and very bright white. On the other side, it is soaked with a layer of light and pure honey, and strands of darker gold, just like interwoven gold.

Purified magic honey is so special that it has been impregnated with white crystal, making it look like a luxurious and beautiful special gem. At the same time, it also exudes a faint sweet aroma. It smells calm and soothing.

Wei Xun thought about carving a little octopus with the color penetrated by purified magic honey. He chose this crystal because he carved roses with crystal in the end. Practice makes perfect. It’s always faster to use this crystal carving.

After all, it has to be carved at 5 a.m. tomorrow, and the ring produced by the hotel is absolutely exquisite. He can’t carve too low-grade.

Seeing that Wei Xun began to carve a ring, * * * finally happily returned to Wei Xun. The tentacles turned back into small octopus again. Wei Xun put the octopus on his shoulder and took out a crystal.

[Name: photo crystal]

[quality: rare]

[function: record images with unlimited capacity, free from any bad and supernatural images, and the shooting picture is as clear as the live broadcast of the hotel.]

[Note:  after that, you can take a vlog clip with the photo crystal, upload it to your home page, set the purchase amount independently, and then start earning points!]

This is the photo crystal he got in northern Tibet. The chieftain’s tomb hasn’t been opened yet, and the live broadcast of the hotel can’t be involved here. Wei Xun took a full picture of the surrounding area, waiting to go back and study it later.

He put the photo crystal between the tentacles of the little octopus and let it take a picture. He carved a crystal stone in his hand for two purposes, a stone archway for measuring the surface.

The stone archway surrounded by a narrow wooden fence is mottled and incomplete, and there are wormholes. The words on it are almost worn away. It still emits a faint light late at night. Wei Xunzhi noticed that those stone figurines did not dare to get close to the stone archway. It seems that it should have some special power.

6141. And I’m afraid this light is fading.

Wei Xun saw the pus of many stone figurines on the wooden fence. The fence was rotten, black and shaky, like wood eaten by termites. It was so crisp that it was full of wood powder when broken by hand.

The situation of stone archway is not optimistic. The memorial archway stands on the ground with a thin layer of hay and broken leaves. Wei Xun poked away the hay with the guide’s flagpole and saw a dense and shriveled fly below.

These flies are firmly stuck in the underground part of the archway. They can’t see their original appearance deeper and turn into black and green slurry full of evil smell. Under the corrosion of these slurries, the archway has been crumbling. The archway with four columns and three columns now only has positive columns, moldy and black, and can’t see any words clearly.

“By the time the chieftain’s tomb is really open, I’m afraid the archway has been polished.”

Wei Xun sighed. Holding the small stone plaque obtained from emperor Jiajing, he turned around the archway twice. After Wei Xun took out the stone plaque, the dim light of the archway seemed to be brighter. They seemed to have mutual induction, but the induction was too weak.

Without seeing why, Wei Xun simply brought over the cracked stone figurines. The stone FIGURINE was really smart. It didn’t dare to escape. When Wei Xun picked it up, he wiped away the black and green pus and tears on his face.

You don’t dare to cry. You don’t dare to cry in your life. When you look at the little octopus on this man’s shoulder, you tremble. You can keep your life if you can get old.

He didn’t let Wei Xun dirty his hands any more, didn’t put on any “die rather than surrender” and didn’t pretend to be mute. Even the black and red maggot pupa in his mouth didn’t know where to swallow. His mouth was clean. He wanted to report on the spot when he was carried to the stone archway.

However, Wei Xun took an unusual path and took out a white cocoon without listening to the report of the stone figurines.



The black and red worm pupa of the stone FIGURINE’s eye suddenly protruded outward, and looked straight at people! Different from the pure fear, it looks at the maggot cocoon with a little more instinctive awe and closeness.

There’s a play.

When Wei Xunzhi saw the maggots in these stone figurines, he thought it must be right to take them out. Compared with the maggots that are still black and red worm pupae, the maggots that have drunk Butterfly Tattoo blood, absorbed the purest abyss energy, eaten purified magic honey and chewed mountain god pollution have long been divorced from this low taste.

It can be said to be a super advanced maggot!

Although the name in the magic bug ball is still human skin maggot, it has been promoted from low-level magic bug to high-level magic bug all the way. Now it is in the state of cocooning (variation). When it hatches, it will definitely make new progress!

When Wei Xun took it out, he seemed to feel something. The cocoon of maggots rolled and actively wanted to fight for his master. Even Wei Xun felt a little disgusted at maggot.

No, I dislike the maggots and pupae in the stone figurines, and I dislike them as dirty.

Cleanliness is a good maggot. Wei XunXin sighed that he wrapped several layers of toilet paper around the maggot cocoon, and then stuffed it into the empty left eye socket of the stone FIGURINE, so that the maggots went to talk about insect life with the stone FIGURINE.

While they were talking, Wei Xun recorded all the surrounding scenes into the photo crystal and compared the data found in the photo crystal.

After opening the chieftain’s tomb, Wei Xun searched a lot of information related to it. But later, when communicating with the dreamer, the dreamer warned him that the journey of three degrees north latitude was essentially different from other journeys. Influenced by the power of three degrees north latitude, they may have been greatly different from the original scenic spots and buildings.

Data can play little role, so we must see it as a problem.

Indeed, the current chieftain’s tomb is on Zijin Mountain, while the chieftain’s tomb is a mountain crack hit by Li guipingping inside Wuluo mountain.

However, since the memorial archway of “eternal enjoyment for future generations” is still there, and the stone tablet given by Emperor Jiajing can lead to it, it shows that it is still related to the present one!

Moreover, Wei Xun suspected that this connection was “limited by the purpose”. Just like this stone memorial archway, if the journey to the chieftain King’s tomb was really completed, I’m afraid the memorial archway would have been eroded and destroyed by these stone figurines.

It is precisely because of the arrival of Wei xunti that we can find the similarities that have not completely disappeared!

If these similarities can be preserved, it will definitely be beneficial to his brigade’s future exploration.

Wei Xun glanced at the stone FIGURINE and saw that maggot was re educating it. He took back his eyes, put down the carving for the time being, and took out a human skin map to compare.


Wei Xun found more new lines on the human skin map! The most conspicuous thing on it was the eye pattern on the corner after swallowing the eyes on the peach branch and the spiritual pollution of the mountain god.

But now, above the eye pattern, closer to the heart of the map, there is a small stone archway!

Wei Xun was immediately interested.

Does this mean that the place he passes will be lit on the map?

No, no, No. yes, Wei Xun felt the stone archway on the human skin map. There was a faint connection here!

If he can master more forces related to the chieftain King’s tomb, he may come here directly through the human skin map in the future!

Wei Xun immediately examined the human skin map more carefully. The stone archway occupied a very small area on the map, just like a sesame seed. It can be imagined how big the area of the whole chieftain King’s tomb is and how many crises and dangers there are.

Wei Xun did not let go of any clues. He looked carefully. “Fast, he saw a monster pattern like a skinned baby with wings on the edge of the map just north of the eye mark.

Old friend, corpse flying fox!

Wei Xun suddenly realized that this was the new scenic spot “flying fox mountain forest” that he opened up when he was drunk in Western Hunan and belonged to the chieftain King’s tomb!

At that time, Wei Xun saw with his own eyes that thousands of corpses and flying foxes scattered and fell into the wild and dense forests of Wuluo mountains. Sure enough, now they appear on this human skin map.

And the terrible corpse flying fox is at the periphery of the map!

“Hiss… It seems that these eyes are not  affected by pollution.”

Suddenly he thought of something, and Wei Xun looked at the eyes directly south of the corpse flying fox. If the lines imprinted on the human skin map are the real monsters you will encounter on this journey, I’m afraid it’s not that the human skin map absorbs the eyes on the peach branch, but that there are eye polluting monsters on the Wuluo mountain represented by the map.

Even they may be related to mountain gods! That’s why it appears on the human skin map because of the resonance of the ‘eyes’.

What will it be there?

Wei Xun looked at the dense eye patterns and became more and more interested. At first, he saw thousands of corpse flying foxes, but there was one displayed on the human skin map, perhaps the newborn corpse flying fox king.

But there are two or seven eyeballs in the eye pattern!

“It’s terrible.”

Wei Xun lamented that the corpse flying fox’s eyeball only occupied the north and South in the outermost part of the human skin map. The six directions of East, West, Southeast, northeast, southwest and northwest are still blank. I’m afraid there are monsters no weaker than them.

The shipaifang area where Wei Xun is located can be regarded as the “section” of the human skin map.

The periphery, the section, the core, the ground and the underground are progressive.

The journey of three degrees north latitude is really not simple. No wonder the dreamer said that so far, no one has completely cleared the Customs on the journey of three degrees north latitude, and an Xuefeng’s pyramid has a higher completion rate.

I’m afraid it’s stipulated that it must be cleared one area by one.

But now it’s different. Wei xunti marked the stone archway of the section!

In the future, if more than one brigade enters the chieftain’s tomb, other brigades will have to suffer. Starting from the periphery, his brigade can directly reach the stone archway.

This stronghold must be occupied!

Wei Xun made a decision and went to stone head.

Maggots are big and efficient, and the maggots in the stone figurines are interrogated by rolling. Three times five divided by two brought Wei Xun heavy news.

The maggots in this stone FIGURINE are not strange maggots!

They can barely count as a source of maggots.

Yes, they are from Wu Laoliu!


Wei Xun was happy: “Acquaintances!”

Acquaintances are easy to handle!

It’s only been a month. Wu Laoliu buried his confidants in the chieftain’s tomb. Wei Xun didn’t look out of sight. Wu Laoliu is really a talent!

Under Shi Ren’s account, the area where the stone memorial archway of Wei Xun’s road is located is called the “sacrificial area” by Wu Laoliu. In addition to the stone memorial archway, there are also important buildings such as the ancestral hall, the eight kings temple, the renwan Pavilion and the Wugu temple. Now it has been basically occupied by the maggots under Wu Laoliu.

“Wu Laoliu is still United.”

Wei Xun sighed that when he first met Wu Laoliu, he said that his whole person was composed of maggots, and any maggot could be regarded as himself. The same, every maggot has the memory of Wu Laoliu.

If they encounter a strong enemy that is difficult to deal with, maggots will explode directly. But the stone FIGURINE was suppressed by * * first. Seeing his maggot again, of course, he trusted to tray out all the information!

When Wu Laoliu tried to put maggots on Wei Xun and tried to control him, he certainly didn’t expect to be today.

According to stone head, it is a maggot head composed of black old six toes, and its status is not high. The real person in charge of the sacrificial area is the maggot who is extremely smart and has a high status. Wu Laoliu even divided a small part of their human skin and asked them to form a new □□□ with a part of maggots and garrison the sacrificial area respectively.

Among the three maggots, there are two maggots whose breath is similar to that of maggots!

Wei Xun understands that the two maggots in charge of the sacrificial area are definitely the two of the two three four. That special strong smell is the smell of Butterfly Tattoo blood.

Where’s the maggot? Is he dead or still following Wu Laoliu?

“Where is Wu Laoliu?”

Wei Xun asked.

Put □ □ preside over the sacrificial area. Where is the body of Wu Laoliu?

The stone head respectfully said, “Wu Laoliu took the big guy to attack the tomb area.”

* *


On the other side, in the burial area, Wu Laoliu suddenly frowned.

He felt something was wrong.


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