TTG Chapter 265

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 265: So ghosts meet

At this moment, Wu Laoliu is hiding in a coffin. He is very embarrassed. The human skin was pulled down by him, put in the coffin, disguised as a corpse, and the maggots that really formed his body quietly hid in every corner of the tomb.

At the moment, the whole tomb was red with blood, like a sign of evil. The blood accumulated into a depression at the entrance of the tomb, and the color changed from bright red to reddish brown, like some viscous sauce. There are crimson twigs, which are like half of coral. Hard twigs grow out of blood and swing in the dark wind.

This is blood bait. Blood bait can only grow in the intersection of corpse Qi and Yin Qi and in highly toxic blood. When they grow up, they will wither and decay in an instant, emitting millions of deadly spores. These spores are highly toxic and grow when exposed to blood. They grow on the skin and meat of people, animals, and even corpses, suck up all nutrients and use prey as a hotbed for new blood bait.

The blood bait grows very fast. Now the whole tomb is almost covered with blood. It won’t take long for the blood bait to grow all over the tomb. When the time comes, the black old six maggots will also die.

But in fact, whether it’s full of tombs, poisonous blood, or blood bait, it’s all made by Wu Laoliu. Only in this way can we avoid the terrorist and persist in pursuing the murderer!

Get a chance of life.

Wu Laoliu was badly injured in this exploration of the burial area, but he didn’t regret it. As long as he could go back alive, he would dare to go back next time!

The burial area is countless times more dangerous than the sacrificial area. The sacrificial area itself is safe. As long as you understand those traditional rules and don’t offend ghosts and gods, there will be no big problem.

But the burial area is different.

This time, Wu Laoliu took more than half of his family property, including 100000 corpses, 10000 maggots and pupae, 5000 maggots and Qian Gang. He collected “Mi Ling” in the sacrificial area. He had all kinds of sneaky demons he had saved over the years. According to a comprehensive calculation, he could hold at least seven or eight heaven level demons.

However, when they were testing the burial area, they almost went out as soon as they were surrounded!

“Too dangerous!”

If you want to be in danger, Rao is resourceful and well-informed. Wu Laoliu is hairy all over: “it’s hard to fly around!”

The Millennium zombies are flying stiff. They can go to heaven and earth, go through the mountains and earth, and cast spells. The body is as hard as iron.

The coffins are all hung with iron hooks in the stone chamber, but this is a bait! Those who fly stiff are not in the coffin. They are like bats hanging upside down on the top of the tomb. They are not in each stone room. More than a dozen coffins in front are all empty. When people relax their vigilance, these flying stiff will appear quietly, which is like a spirit.

Flying stiff people are good. After all, they can be restrained by miring. But if you go further, there will be no bones in the deeper part of the burial area! This body has a skeleton black as jade, not afraid of the sun, and even can absorb the essence of the sun and moon, zombies are comparable to the order of the day, do not fear the spirit.

Fortunately, Wu Laoliu’s baby maggots can invade their bodies and are not manipulated. At least, bu Huagu is not too hostile to him.

However, if you go further, even the black old six maggots are not good!

“Fu corpse, definitely Fu corpse.”

Think of the dark, bright, evil and terrorist skeleton. The black old six shivered, and the maggots trembled with human skin, and the maggots were afraid.

It was an open-air cemetery with only a few rotten coffins. The corpse in Wuluo mountain is so heavy that there is no sun. But this open-air cemetery can see sunlight at noon. Wu Laoliu thought it was a safe place in the burial area. Unexpectedly, there were several dark skeletons lying on the square!

They were filled with a faint black fog, and the head Mi Ling touched it. The black fog decayed and blackened directly and became each other’s puppet.

When the maggots touched the black fog, they turned into black slurry one by one, and even the fog followed the maggot body, almost looking for the black old six. If those black skeletons could not move, Wu Laoliu would be killed on the spot.

That’s the corpse! An ambulatory corpse is a complete corpse! All their bones turn black, fearless of any control, and even completely fearless of the day to absorb the light of the sun. The only weakness is that they can’t move, but the black fog around them is enough to make all those who dare to invade their territory die invisible.

What safety point? This open cemetery is clearly the sunburned corpse, absorbing the essence of the sun.

Only in the middle of the tomb area, Wu Laoliu has consumed less than half of the ghosts and Demons saved by businessmen in various journeys for countless years. This time, most of his subordinates have been destroyed, but Wu Laoliu doesn’t feel discouraged! The higher the level of these zombies, the stronger the reality, and the brighter their eyes.

He is good at controlling all kinds of corpses, controlling corpse Qi, and even practicing according to this. The cemetery and burial area are his world. The stronger the burial area is, the better it is for his maggot six!

Since he came in, Wu Laoliu has been cautious and compromise. He finally reached the middle of Wuluo mountain and got into trouble in the south, live beads.

The sacrificial area is in the south of the middle section of Wuluo mountain, adjacent to the group of live beads. It is not a place to stay for a long time. There is a terrible ghost king in red in the streets and alleys in the southwest, which is already her territory, with countless fierce ghosts and ghosts. Even if the ghost king in red comes from drunk Western Hunan, they are barely villagers, and Wu Laoliu doesn’t dare to make love with her at all.

Only the burial area in the southeast is the real goal of Wu Laoliu! Originally, he planned to develop indecently, completely build the sacrificial area into his own copper wall and iron wall territory, and then explore the burial area, but the group of terrorist live beads stared at him and spread the pollution to 500 meters in the sacrificial area in just one month.

As a last resort, Wu Laoliu attacked the burial area at this node.

But the burial area is right. Since he entered the burial area, Wu Laoliu can immediately feel that the real life of the tomb is growing rapidly! Moreover, it is not only because there is strong corpse gas and dead gas here, but also because he got rid of the control of the hotel for the time being and was no longer supervised and exploited by the hotel!

Although he has not completely recovered his memory, recently, Wu Laoliu has thought of many words, ‘safe point’, ‘ten degrees of north latitude’, ‘Keepsake’, ‘undeveloped’, ‘chieftain’s King’s tomb’, etc. Some words he can understand, some words Wu Laoliu think have deeper meaning.

But as he stayed away from the hotel and the damned principal, the film that sealed off all his memories was getting thinner and thinner.

Give him a little more time and he’ll remember!

But with the pressure of those damn live beads, Wu Laoliu’s lack of time is time. The corpse has been searched, but Wu Laoliu wants to look inside again. It’s only now in the middle of the burial area. What will be deeper?

He already had the idea of guiding the live beads to the burial area, driving the wolves and swallowing the tigers, and making them both defeated and injured. However, the live beads were frightening and almost moved in a blink. The corpses could not move. I’m afraid the black fog alone could not trap them.

Just now, there was a corpse lying in the middle of the burial area. What would be deeper?

Those corpses were filled with black fog, which could not cover the whole open-air corpse yard. If the whole corpse yard was covered with thick black fog a few years later, Rao Shiwu and Liu dared not continue to explore.

But now he dare!

It is this exploration that drives Wu Laoliu into the present desperate situation.

“Call -”

The sound of shallow breathing came from the door of the tomb, mixed in the dark wind, and could hardly be heard if you didn’t listen carefully. But at the moment when the breathing sound sounded, Wu Laoliu immediately held his breath and dared not move. They dare not even have any thinking fluctuations, nor dare they contact the left behind maggots in the sacrificial area.

Wu Laoliu almost completely closed himself, but only one was hidden in the gap of the coffin cover, facing the door of the tomb, and the corpse quietly stared at the door.

The blood bait at the door of the tomb swayed slightly, as if the wind was blowing.

It’s like

What invisible man came quietly from the blood bait.


The next moment, facing the door of the tomb, the corpse suddenly burst!


The creepy feeling of the grave surged like a tide. Nearly half of the maggots in the tomb died, leaving only the maggots hidden in the inner corner of the grave.


A chuckle echoed in the silent tomb. The door of the tomb, the blood bait withered rapidly, and the spores were dyed gray by the strong corpse gas before they flew up, falling on the ground like dust. Looking at this scene, Wu Laoliu was shocked and the alarm sounded in his mind.

It’s not afraid of blood bait. It’s just playing with him maliciously!

Just like a cat catching a mouse, it’s interesting enough to make the prey despair when they think they are safe and relax their vigilance.

But Wu Laoliu didn’t despair. He wasn’t even ready to run away. Because he left half of his body in the sacrificial area, even if he died here, he can return to the sacrificial area again!

Instead of hiding, Wu Laoliu even sent the last corpse to look at him boldly – the loss is so heavy that he must find out what the monster in the ten thousand corpse pit is!

Yes, behind the open-air cemetery, there is an unfathomable mountain crack. The mountain crack is 100 meters long and tens of meters wide. There are all kinds of corpses in the mountain crack! Even iceberg crystal corpses and desert mummies should not appear in the climate of Western Hunan! At a glance, there are all kinds of withered or plump arms and limbs.

But these corpses are not zombies. They are not rigid, just ordinary corpses. But if so many corpses can be collected and all of them are preserved in such good condition, there is absolutely a terrible crack in the crack.

Wu Laoliu thought about the unfathomable road in the middle of Wuluo mountain, shrouded in miasma, and the terrible mountain crack. That crack in the mountain is the real nuclear area of the chieftain King’s tomb in Wuluo mountain.

I wonder if the black old six is excited and maggots jump in his chest. Will this crack lead to that mountain crack?

He just took a step forward.

Then he provoked the monster.

A little closer, a little closer, Wu Laoliu drove the corpse insect not to rush to the door of the tomb, and the other party seemed to be interested and didn’t directly crush the corpse insect.

With the help of the corpse’s eyes, Wu Laoliu looked at his hand.


One hand?

This hand has snow-white skin and no defects. Its fingers are slender and carved like jade. The nails are also neat. They are not ordinary zombies’ sharp nails, either gray, white or black. They are perfectly trimmed. They are very healthy nails, normal people’s nails.

Obviously, it’s not like a zombie, but Wu Laoliu is suffocating!

For him, the presence of zombies in the cemetery is not terrible. The presence of ‘living people’ is terrible! Whether it’s a real living person, it’s a powerful person. From the list, it’s no different from ordinary people. Zombies!

At the moment of looking at this hand, Wu Laoliu sounded the alarm all over, and immediately exploded all the maggots. Run, run, run. However, what made him feel desperate was that at the moment when his mind was separated from the maggots in the tomb and wanted to return to the sacrificial area, a snow-white hand appeared in the dark.

That’s the hand! It seems that it can cross space, cross life and death, chase the remaining consciousness of Wu Laoliu and directly find his base camp!

What a monster!

No, no, no, never go directly back to the sacrificial area!

Even if we lose this consciousness and this part of memory, we must not bring this terrible monster back to the sacrificial area. In the midst of lightning, stone and fire, Wu Laoliu made a decision, and this wisp of consciousness went directly to the stone archway.

There is the south of the sacrificial area, close to the group of live beads, where the stone figurines have been completely controlled by Wu Laoliu. Anyway, it’s already so dangerous. It’s better to take a chance!

The return of consciousness was just an instant. In the moment of returning, Wu Laoliu opened his eyes and was ready to run to it——

Eyes, why didn’t you open your eyes? What is this layer of white in front of you?


Wu Laoliu was shocked.

Where are my stone figurines??

Where’s my maggot??

Without waiting for him to think more, the next moment seemed like a thick shadow, unable to escape. Wu Laoliu felt the fear and trembling from the depths of his soul.


* *

“What’s the matter?”

When Wei Xun was asking about the head of the stone FIGURINE, he saw that the small octopus on his shoulder suddenly stretched out his tentacle and poked the air. But this is not a blind poke. Wei Xun heard a “Bo” sound, which was like puncturing a bubble.

“Wu Laoliu’s consciousness is back?”

At his first move, Wei Xun guessed the truth, and the next moment he became vigilant.

Wu Laoliu only came back consciously. It was clear that he was killed in the cemetery! Instead of choosing the sacrificial area, the nuclear area, where the maggots were reborn, he came to the sacrificial area, surrounded by the stone tablet area near the eyeball monster. Kill him! Monsters are likely to chase him!

Wei Xun didn’t feel anything. He knew that the other party was really strong, far better than him!


It was late and fast. At the moment when Wei Xun’s head moved, the little Octopus melted into the darkness, representing the reappearance of the * * fog. The tentacles of the enlarged horn stretched out from the fog, one covered Wei Xun’s eyes and two wrapped his body. But this time * * didn’t cover his ears.

So Wei Xun heard a dull hum, as if someone had been hurt.

But since I let him listen, it’s definitely not * **


A chuckle sounded out of thin air. Wei Xun had never heard such an ethereal and pleasant male voice. The voice was lazy, like he didn’t wake up.

“No wonder he fled here… It turned out that he had a backer.”

“Get out.”

With a faint sound, it sounded from Wei Xun.


** * use his body words?

After a brief surprise, Wei Xun knew it. * ** This is supporting him! Besides, it’s not from Wei Xun. The black fog enveloped Wei Xun’s body and covered his face. * ** The momentum and the breath of Wei Xun are integrated together, which makes them look like a person.

At the same time when the word “roll” was released, Wei Xun felt that the word “self roll” was merciless!

Beat the enemy hard, bring them fear, give them a strong shadow of “Wei Xun”, and let them deeply brand the breath of Wei Xun at the bottom of “Wei Xun”.

In this way, even if there is only Wei Xun and no * * in the future, they will firmly remember this fear.


After realizing this point, Wei Xun rarely sighed in the book.

I don’t know what to do.

If the positions are exchanged, he will never do so from the standpoint of * *.

If it was him, he would fight with him, but all sizes and deterrence would be in his own hands.

Let the protected deeply remember that without him, it would be impossible to do anything here. So as to rely more on him, trust him and think of him all the time.

Instead of directly covering him with tiger skin to scare the enemy, what can he get in addition to gratitude? Wei Xun can leave him to take risks here alone in the future.

What should I do.

In Wei Xun’s opinion, this practice is really Tai’an Xuefeng.

I’ve never seen such integrity and no private person.

** * will be jealous and want more. Even he has many means and practices, which look very different from an Xuefeng. Wei Xun originally wanted to slice his soul to cut something out, just like the dreamer. The astrologer cut out his pessimistic side and stopped being pessimistic from now on.

Wei Xun thought that * * would be part of an Xuefeng’s emotional, evil, and even full of paranoia and violence. However, the more we understand them, the closer we get to their core, the more we find out that they are actually one.

And the results of the pre adventure are very interesting.

** * is love, and an Xuefeng’s is “possessiveness”.

Did an Xuefeng not cut out his possessiveness? How do you explain the situation? Yes… On the slice, the hotel hid something?

Think about it. People who thought they would cut out all pessimism suddenly found at a critical juncture that they were still extremely pessimistic from the depths of the spirit. What would happen then?

Will you fall into despair.

Shaking his head, Wei Xun stopped thinking. Now is not the time to explore these problems. Wei Xun felt that the amount of * * was surging in his body, and as soon as he made a move, he crushed the enemy to ashes – he didn’t come after him, but only a wisp of pure corpse Qi and a hand.

Now, that hand is in Wei Xun’s hand.

‘wandering corpse’

** * “the voice sounded in Wei Xun’s mind:” bear 9981 thunder, zombie ”


Wei Xun exclaimed in his book that Tianlei is familiar with him. The zombie is really a cruel character.

“Gathering the grievances of heaven and earth, not old, not dead, not alive, not dead, abandoned in the six samsara, and able to enter and exit the Yin and Yang boundaries, is called wandering corpse *”

Even the tone of * * was a little more cautious: “little .”

The swimming corpse is very strong.

But * * in Wei Xun’s mind, it’s not like that. Wei Xun only listened to the light opening of “self-care” and said: “I’ll take this hand. I’ll leave if I dare to get close to the south district.”

“I don’t think… There are cruel characters who can beat me on Wuluo mountain.”

The wandering corpse was really powerful. The * * shot failed to directly crush his corpse Qi. Let him say a word! Just listen to the wandering corpse wondering:

“You have this kind of reality. How can you nest here in the ancestral hall?”


Wei Xun scolded, but this time he didn’t let * * do it again – people who rely on him alone always have no confidence.

Taking this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he also has to have a good hand to frighten the wandering corpse.

Turn around at will. Wei Xun raised his hand directly and summoned a flame!

I’m afraid it’s not easy to deal with the ordinary fire of wandering corpses. Even the real fire is almost strong.

Wei Xun summoned the “Phoenix Fire” and swallowed a trace of Zhu Rong fire on the battlefield behind the mausoleum of the tenth Ming Dynasty! As soon as the flame came out, the surroundings suddenly became warm, as if from late autumn to early summer, those dirty corpses were completely cleaned up, and the original black mold wormhole on the stone archway disappeared!

“Zhu Rong’s fire? How can you have Zhu Rong’s fire!”

Even zombie gas is shocked! The flame swept over, it had nowhere to escape under the power of * * and could only be burned by the flame! Even if he couldn’t see it, Wei Xun could feel that the zombie gas was being burned away by zhurong flame, which was complete destruction. There was no such trace of zombie gas in the world.

Wei Xun only knows that Zhu Rong’s fire has only a trace of fire. It’s too little. It takes some effort to burn the corpse gas – but under the suppression of * *, the other party has nowhere to escape. This slow burning is not like less fire, but more like deliberate torture!


Wei Xun’s next words further confirmed you Jiang’s conjecture. Sure enough, this man is going to torture him!

In a word, what you want depends on the other party’s own brain. It gives people a sense of pressure to control the situation. The effect is better when combined with the prestige of * * and the slow burning of Zhu ronghuo.

“I admit, you are really good.”

However, you Jiang is a hard bone: “even if you can easily find me and burn me completely, I am not just a small role in this place.”

“What’s more, I’m afraid your opponent shouldn’t be us.”

The movement and noise on their side startled all sides. Under the keen perception given to him by * *, Wei Xun could feel that there was a terrible blood shadow rising in the southwest and the cold looked at them.

“It’s stronger than swimming.”

Stronger than you stiff??

Wei Xun sucked in the air conditioner and murmured.

“Wu Laoliu is really lucky.”

To the East is you Jiang, and from his meaning, you Jiang is probably just a small role, and there is definitely a more frightening presence in the burial area.

To the west is a ghost king in blood. Listen to * * it’s stronger than you Jiang.

How can the black old six occupy the sacrificial area? Why don’t those stronger ghosts invade here?

There is absolutely a secret in the sacrificial area!

Wei Xun decided to take advantage of this day to turn over the sacrificial area. He didn’t hesitate immediately. He wished to melt the fire and burn the corpse gas slowly.

You Jiang saw that he was on the job. The strong man tortured him so much. He is definitely a small eye who will repay him! He is not afraid of being killed. In fact, who is not afraid of being killed? I’m not sure this man will really break into the burial area just to kill him!

No, before the corpse gas died out, he made a horizontal move, directly caused disaster to the East, and said with a fierce smile:

“That’s interesting. You are the tomb keeper, and she is also the tomb keeper. I just don’t know who can really guard this big tomb! Ha ha ha -”

He was going to be burned when he got stuck. He didn’t think that the strong man was shameless. He stopped the fire at the moment after he got stuck!


You Jiang asked Wei Xun to cease fire on the spot. Wei Xun understood what this man meant as soon as he heard it. But his remark really reveals two key messages.

“You are the tomb keeper”

Before returning to the hotel, Wei Xun’s status was not settled, and he didn’t know whether the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty conferred the title of “the chief of the tomb keeper” and “the bottom of the tomb” by thunder splitting.

I’m afraid it counts now. What makes you Jiang know that he is a tomb keeper? According to his meaning, “Tomb keeper” may have a special position in the chieftain King’s tomb, which is extremely important.

Guarding this big tomb, the big tomb in Wuluo mountain, is of course the tomb of the chieftain king!

Who can really guard this tomb? There can only be one guard of the tomb in the Ming Dynasty. Besides him, there is another grave keeper here——

Wei Xun thought deeply and looked at the ghost king in blood, who was floating in the night sky with more and more terror.

Suddenly, Wei Xun smiled. The original attitude towards you was as cold as the winter wind, and suddenly became as warm as the spring wind.

“Pingping ~”

Wei Xun said kindly, “I came to see you!”

“I haven’t seen you for a month. Do you miss me?”


What is he?

What Pingping? What? Not for a month? What is he doing?

You Jiang was dazed and stunned, and a terrible idea suddenly came into being.

Is it——

“Pingping and I have a close relationship. Can you destroy Pingping by speaking two words? Pingping and I are -”

What is it? But what?

This is too bad. It’s obviously intentional!

Zombie gas failed to listen to the last sentence. The next moment, Zhu Rong’s fire ignited again and it was completely burned.

The surrounding area was suddenly quiet, leaving only the ghost king in blood in the air and Wei Xun standing on the earth with a black fog.

“I haven’t seen you for a month. Pingping, you’ve become more beautiful.”

Wei Xun sighed.

Yes, you Jiang’s remark about the tomb keeper made Wei Xun determine the identity of the ghost king in blood!

What tomb keeper is qualified to guard the tomb of the king?

Of course, he lived in qiebi village in the times. He was originally a vein of the tomb keeper of the chieftain Wang Pingping! He met a fierce ghost in Western Hunan!

I think Pingping was just a fierce ghost for a hundred years. Without seeing her for a month, she became a more powerful ghost king in blood than you Jiang. This ten degree chieftain’s tomb at north latitude really has different repercussions.

It’s a close approach, but Wei Xun is still vigilant. Who knows if Pingping is rational now?

The ghost king in blood was floating in the air, but he didn’t do it. He just stared at him. His eyes were very cold.

Wei Xun has a bright smile and is on guard.

As the black fog dispersed, the little Octopus returned to his shoulder. Wei xunqai put down his clothes a little, * * * this is his way to tell him that the ghost king in blood didn’t kill him.

When Wei Xun thought about this and decided to have a relationship with Pingping, he saw the ghost king in blood floating down without any idea of having a relationship with him.

“Wait, Pingping, don’t you remember our appointments!”

Wei Xun immediately made it up: “it was too cold for you to be alone in the chieftain’s tomb at that time, and I will come to you. But if you don’t believe it, you and I are too weak to come so soon – but now, I’ll come in a month!”

“Hurry to go, Pingping!”

“Pingping, Pingping, don’t you invite me to your side as a guest!”

Under the call of Wei Xun’s true feelings, the ghost king in blood finally stopped when there was only a touch of blood left behind. Then she opened quietly.

That is, Wei Xun still remembered Pingping’s voice after he had left Zui Meixi for a month. That was the first time he heard the voice of a fierce ghost! It seems that she has deliberately hidden the amount of money. Pingping’s voice has not changed much. Of course, she has no enthusiasm.

I miss the first trip.

Wei Xun thought with emotion, and then heard Pingping say faintly: “I was with you before. What about those men and women? Are you looking for another lover?”

“I have a good eye this time.”


What are men and women together? What are you looking for?

Wei Xun was rarely stunned, and it was this moment that Wei Xun suddenly felt a chill on his back. The cold feeling was originally aimed at Pingping, but after she opened the cold feeling, the cold feeling for her slowly dissipated and was confined to Wei Xun. The Phoenix Fire stared at him melancholy, and the black fog condensed into a tentacle, which tightly surrounded him.

The blood color dissipated, and Pingping Shi ran left. Wei Xun was left in a mess, holding his giant tentacles and phoenix feathers on his head, and began to coax octopus and Phoenix birds.


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