TTG Chapter 266

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 266: Meet old friends

Where is this?

Wu Laoliu woke up and looked around blankly.

The tearing pain still reverberated in the body, and because the conduction of maggots spread from the brain to all parts of the body, Wu Laoliu’s convulsion and madness slowed down for a small time, so he barely slowed down.

“I really want to forget a lot of things.”

Wu Laoliu murmured, and the next knowledge drove the maggot to turn out a spare human skin from the sandalwood box. After getting it, Wu Laoliu compared it, and then he realized that it was right.

The man’s skin is big.

He has only 500 maggots now!

Wu Laoliu was shocked and immediately looked around. Wugu temple, the secret room under Wugu temple, one of his core strongholds. These five hundred maggots stay here.

Only when some of the groups he went out to explore were destroyed, Wu Laoliu would randomly appear in the secret rooms of the three core strongholds: Wugu temple, badawang temple or renwange!

There was an old diary beside him. Wu Laoliu was now only 500 maggots. He was completely powerless and hurriedly drove the corpse to turn it over to him. The latest diary records the living bead crisis in the south. He took 100000 corpses, 30000 maggots and pupae, 5000 maggots and 3000 “miling” just accepted in the sacrificial area to explore the burial area. Turn forward again,  he stays in the setting of the sacrificial area.

The Wugu temple’s “Wulao” can be trusted.

After reading it again, Wu Laoliu closed his diary and sent maggots to deliver the sound directly.

“Wu Lao  Wu Lao  quick ”

In half a minute, someone ran quickly, then knocked on the door four times, and then the other party proved himself in a special way.

Wu Laoliu just let people in.

“Sixth brother, are you okay?”

A long, somewhat gloomy little girl with long black hair combed into a horsetail, red eyes and pale skin, like a vampire. As soon as he entered, he asked anxiously and carefully picked up the little black six.

“Merge with me.”


“Wu Laoliu” did not hesitate to tear open his clothes, unzipped the human skin on his chest, and put Wu Laoliu in. Wu Laoliu was a little relieved when he quickly controlled the little human skin.

He walked out of the secret room with a gloomy face, sat in the main hall of the grain temple and summoned the core subordinates.

Soon, an adult man, a pair of little girls like twins and a boy all arrived at the main hall of the Wugu temple.

Wu Laoliu changed himself to a mature person and was relieved to confirm that the situation was not as bad as expected.

“Sit down.”

Sitting at the top of the table, Wu Laoliu saw two rows of rotten dead branches on the left and right of the Wugu temple. On the left were Wu Laozi and Wu Laosan, and on the right were Wu Laosi and Wu Laowu.

This piece of adult human skin occupied by Wu Laoliu temporarily is “Wu boss”.

There are countless cunning rabbits in the three caves. Wu Laoliu has been planning how to plan if he has the opportunity. Although he forgot why he was called Wu Laoliu, outsiders always knew that since there was Wu Laoliu, there should also be Wu Laoyi.

As soon as Wu Laoliu settled down in the sacrificial area, he chose five of the smartest maggots from his body, took out the five human skins he had sewn long ago, and made a large family. On weekdays, he hides his youngest “old six” completely.

Black six is very cloudy. Who knows that the youngest six is the master of everything. On weekdays, he often acts as an old black six. He is very arrogant and domineering. He is very strong and has no hidden power——

The youngest six are so strong. How strong are his five brothers and sisters?

But this time Wu Laoliu kicked the iron plate.

“Brother, what about the stone archway?”

Wu Laoliu asked anxiously. He had just looked around. Although there is not much memory, the maggot’s instinct is still there. He looked at the burial area and felt instinctively frightened, as if there were some terrible monster hidden there. But there was also a greedy desire in fear – which showed that the burial area had something he desperately needed to help him.

This is the same as Wu Laoliu’s expectation. Ben thought that the tomb area would definitely benefit him, so he went to explore there.

In addition, he looked to the southwest and was vaguely afraid.

Is that the ghost king in blood in the southwest Street area involved? But there was no problem in the sacrificial area – did the ghost king in blood fight with the guy in the burial area?

The king of ghosts in blood has a strong knowledge, which Wu Laoliu knows. Now he is greatly weakened. He can easily test it. He can only think about the good direction a little.

In addition to these two sides, Wu Laoliu was most worried that the group of live beads in the South would take the opportunity to make trouble. He finally looked south——


“Big brother!”

“Brother, what’s the matter with you?”

“Brother, are you okay?”

In the five grain temple, there was a mess. Old Wu six twitched and screamed in pain. He almost scratched his skin. It took a long time to relax. I felt a lingering fear and looked terrified.


Why does he think the stone archway is more terrible than the burial area?? Just like the fear and fear engraved into the deepest part of the soul, you completely have a little heart of resistance, and even dare to think about it. This kind of feeling, this kind of feeling

This kind of feeling is actually strange! But Wu Laoliu dared to think. He was paralyzed, his eyes were empty, and his thoughts were blank. Infected by his clothes, the black people all began to tremble.

Do you, do you say

Can it be said that the brigade has begun to control the chieftain King’s tomb and began to send principals here??


At least we have to wait, we have to wait… What are we waiting for? Wu Laoliu remembered, but he was almost completely convinced that the brigade should have sent someone so early!

At least a few days later! Is it really only a month? Is it said that ten years have passed?

Wu Laoliu almost wanted to ask the bloody ghost king in the same batch how many years had passed, but he dared.

You can, you can mess up.

“Old man.”

Wu Laoliu reluctantly rallied up and called Wu Laofu. His tone was very strict: “over the stone archway, your clothes are under your care.”


The gloomy young man replied, his face changed subtly, and his eyebrows tightened: “brother, is something wrong there?”

Wu Laoliu stared at Wu Laoliu for a while, confirmed that he didn’t lie, and mocked himself: “I’m stunned.”

That’s right. As soon as he returned to the hospital, he used the body of Wu Lao. It has long been confirmed that he has no problem. Moreover, it can be said that they are all part of him, and they may be selfish.

As far as he was concerned about the possibility of travel, he was scared to worry about gain and loss.

“Get ready.”

After hesitating again, Wu Laoliu said, “let’s quit the sacrificial area.”

If the leader of the brigade really comes to the stone archway, he must hide in advance, and the farther the better.

However, Wu Lao, Lao San and Lao Si all frowned. Wu Lao San was worried: “but where can we hide?”

One side is the burial area and the other is the street area. If they want to escape, they can only go up. You can go up to the core area of Wuluo mountain, which is definitely more dangerous. If you really hide like that, you’ll never come back.

“The third sister is right. It’s easy for us to occupy the sacrificial area.” Wu Laosi said angrily, “we haven’t explored the secrets here. We’re going to withdraw. What’s the matter with others?”

Wu Laoliu understood that they spoke because his heart was tangled and complicated, and everything he said was what he said.

ah, where can we retreat? and he is willing to put down the sacrificial area that is easy to lay down. Just because one by one is still certain, does the principal escape directly?

He’s willing!

“The current situation of Xiaowu is suitable for long-distance mobility.”

Old Wu said calmly, “everyone is confused. I’ll go to the stone tablet area first and say that he is determined to be the illusion of living beads.”

That’s right. Old Wu is the most calm, and what he said is lucky in his heart. Indeed, those living beads are best at hallucinations. They say that they have made them, and he has formed a dead enemy with them.

Say yes… Say yes, really? What do they do?

Wu Laoliu thought fluke and hesitated: “so…”

“Don’t worry.”

Old Wu said solemnly, “once something happens, I will give myself up immediately. I will give them a chance to find our brothers and sisters.”

But if you are really the principal, you will definitely have a chance to kill yourself.

Wu Laoliu thought melancholy and then clenched his teeth: “if you really want to be the principal… You will surrender.”

I’m afraid there’s no firewood to burn! There are still too many undeveloped parts in the chieftain King’s tomb, and the principal and brigade will use them.

“Please do everything.”


Old Wu answered. His light face looked firm. He glanced at his brothers and sisters, and finally his eyes fell on old Wu.

Wu Laowu looks at the youngest, even much smaller than Wu Laoliu. He looks like a four or five-year-old child. But he is the one who has the highest hopes in Ukraine!

On Wu Laowu’s forehead, there was a vertical crack, just like a closed eye. The extremely precious treasure hidden in the crack is also the reason why Wu Laoliu became enemies with the group of live beads.

Note: seeing his eyes, Wu Laowu nodded at him.

“I’m going. Take care.”

“Take care, take care.”

“Note: safety!”

“Everyone is waiting for you to come back!”

In the sound of farewell and blessing, in the tragic atmosphere of wind and water, old Wu left the Wugu Temple alone and walked towards the stone memorial archway.

After he left, Wu Laoliu restrained his look, pondered for a while, and suddenly said, “three younger sisters, guanglao  one is weak, so do you.”


Wu Laosan wanted to talk and stopped, and his eyes were cold: “brother, you…”

“I doubt the old man.”

Wu Laoliu sighed.

He suspected that the old man would betray him, but the main person was too dangerous. Wu Laosan, the only female among their brothers, also has something special.

“You go to the streets and alleys and go to the ghost king in blood to see if you can help her.”

Wu Laoliu’s eyes fell on her bright red skirt and whispered: “please ask her out. Just take a look at the situation over the stone archway. Do you understand?”

“I see.”

Wu Laosan said solemnly, “just give it to me, brother.”

“Be more careful.”

Wu Laoliu sighed and watched Wu Laosan leave. He touched the top of Xiao Wu’s head: “it’s really an eventful autumn.”

“Big brother, if you want me to have a look?”

The voice of Wu Laowu’s young child sounded. Although he was the youngest, he was very sensible: “just look at it, you will have something -”


Wu Laoliu hesitated and refused: “take good care of your eyes… Old four, send Xiao five to the ancestral temple. Once the situation is good, you will run away with him immediately!”

If, if the situation is really severe, even if all other incarnations are left behind, as long as the little five can be kept, there will be a chance to make a comeback!

Wu Laosan left the grain temple and walked into the darkness. The sacrificial area is shrouded in thick darkness, and only the buildings everywhere emit a little light. But after leaving the building, the darkness surged like ink, making people lose direction and even blocking the transmission of information. Even Wu Laoliu is afraid of the darkness of the sacrificial area.

“Three younger sisters.”

Wu Laosan didn’t go to the streets and alleys. On the contrary, she moved forward to the stone archway. After walking for a while, I saw the figure of Wu Lao.


Wu Laosan quickened her pace and her face was full of uncontrollable excitement and joy. She lowered her voice and covered her chest: “is it really the master?”

“The master and big brother are all dead!”

At the moment, the big brother in the mouth of old Wu obviously said “old Wu”. His always calm and steady face also showed an excited look.

“Elder brother contacted me! Come on, let the host wait!”

* *

“Well, well, good.”

On the other side, in the stone archway area, Wei Xun just coaxed Fengniao. Although the Phoenix fire had long separated from the phoenix feather and became his flame, Wei Xun knew that it was still connected with the phoenix feather. At the moment, the Phoenix Fire swallowed its feathers and turned into a small, round Phoenix bird. It was very wronged to grasp Wei Xun’s hair, and his heart was almost melted.

“I only have you.”

Wei Xun pinched the soft golden red feather on the chest of the little Phoenix, patted the little Octopus jealous, and tried to pull the touch of the bird’s hair.

Although I didn’t expect Pingping to suddenly talk about this, Wei Xun, who was drunk in the west of Hunan, asked himself that he was at most playing Bingjiu. Even if he had the title of yellow, he had a clear conscience. Xiaofengniao really knows about it, but when the principal of xiaofengniao asked him to sign a contract with an Xuefeng, it’s OK.

How could he know what was going on? It’s just an opportunity to be jealous. Wei Xun said directly, “contract.”

“It’s a pity that I didn’t talk to Pingping.”

Wei Xun sighed and said, “there are more opportunities after all.”

“You said the third and Pingping had a conversation, right?”

“That’s right!”

The maggot in the cocoon happily opened his mouth through the maggots in the stone FIGURINE: “only the third brother… The third sister, the old one!”

During the interval of coaxing the little Phoenix, Wei Xun heard the news about Wu Laoliu from the mouth of the stone FIGURINE. The most important thing is that Wu Laoliu made five avatars for himself. Three of the five avatars are maggots.

The maggots who have drunk Wei Xun’s blood have a lot of blood. Even when only the maggot big maggot drank the blood at the butterfly tattoo, the three or four drank ordinary blood, but they supported and cooperated with each other. Finally, he succeeded in making a career in Wu Laoliu. If Wu Laoliu has no incarnation and is still alone, as long as Wei Xun gives an order, the three and four people who control his left leg, right leg and left arm can directly make Wu Laoliu half body.

“Avatars are better.”

Wei Xun didn’t let go of any details: “why did he send the three together and trust him?”


Maggots shake their cocoons. In fact, the little maggots in the stone figurines also know these things. Soon, Xiao San got in touch with him. Maggot was happy to tell Wei Xun about her contact with Pingping.

“You said that Pingping was reading about her old relationship with me, so she also favored San?”

Wei Xun is used to putting gold on his face. Of course, maggot DA can only say yes. The happy cocoons are shaking: “wait, wait for the third sister, let her tell the master in person… Third sister! This way!”

Wei Xun felt a slight response in his heart. Looking up, he saw a pair of young girls with similar models standing outside the stone tablet, half excited and half looking forward. When Wei Xun looked up, the two men knelt down on one knee.

“Subordinate maggots.”

“Subordinate maggot three.”

“I’ve seen my master!”

This is a new type of corpse worm.

“Well, let’s do this.”

Wei Xun falsely lifted his arms. Although there were two lovely young girls in front of him, he thought they were under the skin… Wei Xun didn’t personally help him, and he sighed: “I haven’t seen you for a month, but you are like a person.”


Seeing the three maggots is like taking off human skin and returning to reality. Wei Xun quickly stopped and handed over the head of the stone FIGURINE: “, see your big brother.”

The black old man held his head carefully at once and saw that the maggot’s big snow-white cocoon was wrapped with a layer of toilet paper wrapped by Wei Xun’s kiss. In his eyes, he said he was envious and worshipful.

“Big brother!”

“Be careful, stupid. Don’t break the master’s paper.”

Maggot found out on the spot that Lao min wanted to secretly get some toilet paper, and immediately scolded him severely: “third brother… Third sister, you’re so lucky.”

Maggots also drink Butterfly Tattoo blood. Although they are stronger than maggots, they are smarter and have their own careful thoughts. In contrast, the old three are more docile and reliable.

“Brother, you are so beautiful.”

Wu Laosan was shy and took out the white cocoon carefully. His tone was full of longing: “you are so white, the master must attach great importance to you.”

“Of course!”

The maggot was very proud, took out the momentum of being a big brother and told him carefully: “this sacrificial area is too dirty. The master likes it. By the way, what’s the matter with the little five and the No. 1…”

Wei Xun didn’t mind the three maggots meeting to talk about the past. He strolled around the stone archway and had an idea in his heart.

Wu Laoliu suspected that the principal was in trouble. The brigade was in trouble and was waiting for the dog to jump over the wall.

If he can stay here longer, of course, it’s better to plan. But he’s leaving at five tomorrow morning.

Just rely on Wei Xun’s three or four here, don’t worry, it’s too few. The number of core maggots of Wu Laoliu is still far less than his corpses and other monsters in the chieftain’s King’s tomb.

Give them something good to eat and let them change their strong  on the one hand, on the other hand

In the natural punishment of Tong Hege, he only blew up 20000 mutant evil ghost insects and 30000 or 40000 others. In addition, Xiaocui has not given up her responsibilities these days and has given birth to a large number of new children.

If you can use it

“Master, the fourth brother is most favored by Wu Laoliu at present.”

Lao Sanhui reported that Lao Siben was the weakest of their four brothers. He drank less blood, maggots were ignorant and had little strength.

At the beginning, when Wu Laoliu picked up the maggot head, he was secretly supported by Lao Laosan before he brought it to his fourth brother. However, his strength was too weak. He did not cultivate more maggots than Wu Laoliu. Instead, he ranked last and became “Wu Laowu”.

“In fact, you have a chance to fight for the boss. That maggot is better than you!”

The third man was angry and flat. The old man scolded her: “if there are no rules, how can I be called big brother? Besides, what’s good about coming out.”

I want to know that the “black boss” is definitely the target of the black six’s key attention. He will always be on the upper body, but on the contrary, he will be like the old actor.

“What you did was wrong.”

Wei Xun praised him, and the old man was happy at once. I’ve only seen that I’ve just learned how to use it for a long time. He’s still stiff, and the human skin at the corner of his mouth burst open, revealing a few grains

Wei Xun moved his eyes: “go on.”

“The eldest brother of Ukraine and the fourth eldest brother of Ukraine are close confidants of the sixth eldest brother of Ukraine. It is enough to prove that they have passed the test.”

Lao Huihui reported that he hesitated: “now… In fact, the problem of junior four is the biggest.”

“It melts the treasures of those living beads over there, and becomes smarter and… Has its own master.”


Wei Xun was interested. He just wanted to know what the eyes over there had to do with the mountain god: “tell me.”

“It’s a long story to talk about.”

“It’s all right. Eat and say.”

Wei Xun took out the peach tree with eyes on the branch and lingering with black pollution fog, and put it down against the stone archway: “eat self-help and be polite to me.”

“By the way, I’ll introduce you to a new friend.”

An emerald green ‘goblin’ with sharp ears walked out of the house gracefully. She was full of confidence in the face of this group of human skin maggots.


However, neither Lao Shu nor Lao San looked at her. Their eyes stuck to the peach tree and their faces were full of incredible horror.

Wei Xun, who has been observing their expressions, must be in his heart.

There’s a play!

“Lord, Lord!”

After a long time, the old man began to kowtow, and his voice was filled with horror: “the beads eaten by Xiao and Xiao Si also grow out of the tree! They are very similar to this tree!”


The third added: “there is a layer of cocoon shell wrapped outside, with a highly toxic and translucent lens inside, and a curled up ghost baby and monster embryo inside!”

“ and they are all connected in series, extremely vindictive!”

The old man had a lingering fear: “kill one and all the live beads will know.”

* *

“Hiss… Look, it’s dug out!”

On the other side, during the journey to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, in the Ming Tombs. Even if the tour guide and some passengers have left, but the journey is not over. Even if they are anxious and worried and want to communicate with the outside world, Zhou Xiyang and they still have to endure until the end of the journey.

All the people in the West have left, but Lu shuorange and also have a ruthless face??? Sent away. After returning to his mind, Zhou Xiyang actually thought that the principal should have been too lazy to pay attention to them… He obviously paid more attention to where * * and c-50 went.

As a result, the half life Taoist had to beep, ‘eh, * * * and C’s 50 left,??? Why are you still here? “It directly led the principal to turn back. Zhou Xiyang is still terrified by the terrible pressure. He is afraid that half life Taoist will tear it up.

But half life is really a fool. A fool has a fool’s blessing. He didn’t tear it, and Lu shuorange did it on the spot??? The second was sent away – obviously, compared with the half life Taoist’s mouth, the principal had a greater view of the way home.

Alas, I hope * * can cultivate more than 50 feelings with C.

Although he thinks so, Zhou Xiyang feels very hung and is a little frustrated.

To tell the truth, Yun Lianghan, Yun Tianhe, half life Taoist, etc. who are staying on the journey now have their own funeral sites, but they still have to live on. Without specific tasks, they have nowhere to go. They simply stay in the Ming Tombs to work for the time being – although the mountain God slapped the pollution away, it will not pollute the contaminated soil under the tired moon, But there are few strange things.

Just like now, they dug out a group of oval balls larger than the head.

“I’m familiar with this thing. Is this a watermelon?”

Half life Taoist rushed over and took a look.

“What head watermelon, you see clearly.”

Zhou Xiyang glanced at him and the pollution was gone. The pile of things had completely disappeared. He broke the white cocoon shell of one of them. The translucent lens flowed out like broken jelly, and there was a fetal, curled dark shadow inside.

“Hiss… Come on.”

Seeing this, the half life Taoist also seriously raised his eyebrows and thought for a while: “it looks like a tire…”

“Kunlun fetus?”

Mei Ke’er came up with the “smell”, which made her ears fly: “it stinks!”


Kunlun Mountain has the most vigorous vitality. Under the ice crack, the deep part of Kunlun Mountain condenses into the shadow of suspected fetus, which is called Kunlun fetus, also known as “fetus”.

The half life Taoist walked around and shook his head: “I’m too angry to use this thing.”

The real Kunlun fetus has strong aura and has many uses. It can nourish the soul. Put the broken ghosts, demons, etc. into the Kunlun fetus and look at it a few days later, you can get a complete soul from it.

However, the “fetus” in front of us, the “Kunlun fetus”, the “Kunlun fetus”, is nurtured by the vitality of Qi, and the “Kunlun fetus”, a more evil and terrible thing, is born due to the strong resentment of death on the corpse of the mountain god. Like the Kunlun fetus, it is far from the “Kunlun fetus”.

While they were talking, the black ‘fetus’ in front of them suddenly moved! For a moment, pictures flashed in everyone’s mind, all of which were the most terrible, sad and unforgettable scenes in their memory!

“Be careful, this sneak attack!”

Half life Taoist scolded, and without hesitation, he cut off the fetus with a sword. Look, the fetus struggled for a long time before it finally moved. It turned into a pool of black thick slurry. There was black gas coming out, which was the residual resentment of the fetus.

“Fortunately, the pollution here has been cleared.”

Half life road people have lingering fear, this tire almost let them suffer a great loss!

“Let me see what you’re complaining about.”

The half life Taoist grabbed the wisp of resentment along with him. For this novelty, the old passengers are very brave to try and say that he will receive any special task or title task.


Seeing that the half life Taoist grabbed this wisp of resentment, he was stunned and moved. Zhou Xiyang frowned and gave him a slap. He physically woke up: “wake up!”

“Grass, don’t hit your face!”

The half life Taoist suddenly regained his consciousness, and his expression was still very strange. He thought about it and held it back. After a while, he lowered his voice and said mysteriously, “ah, man, it’s running! I’ve received a task!”

“And this task can be simple!”

“Why? It’s easy. Tell me. Don’t sell off.”

Meckel brightened her claws.

“Hey, I tell you, this task is related to the journey of 30 degrees north latitude!”

Half life Taoist didn’t sell off, and directly put a big thunder: “as long as you complete the task, you can get the recognition of the monster in the South and enter Wuluo mountain.”


“Wuluo mountain?!”

Zhou Xiyang’s pupil shrinks suddenly. Meike’er dares to believe that Wuluo mountain can be a familiar spot for all passengers and guides now, because the only journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the Asian region, the tomb of the chieftain king in Western Hunan is on Wuluo mountain!

“Look, we really have a fate. This is a team task that can be shared.”

The half life Taoist said happily, and then sighed: “it has nothing to do with us old guys.”

ah, the chieftain’s tomb has not been developed yet. Obviously, it’s 30 degrees north latitude for the next ten years. Even if they know, they have no sense.

“Then I also want to hear about it. What task!”

Meckel is too curious. Everything related to the chieftain King’s tomb is covered with a veil of mystery and unknown, not to mention its meaning. Even if he had no chance to enter in his life, he was really curious.

“The task is quite simple. There are not so many fancy things. Just kill a few people.”

Half life Taoist stall, the mission revealed:

“‘Kill the black six ‘, you can complete the task!”


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