TTG Chapter 267

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 267: Cuidao is the only true God

“Wu Laoliu? The merchant at the shopping point in xiangxili, drunk America?”

After listening to the words of half life Taoist, Zhou Xiyang frowned, meditated for a while, and then asserted, “this task is not easy to do.”

“Not yet.”

The half life Taoist rubbed his chin: “I didn’t feel too dangerous. I even thought it might be more smooth.”

“Eh? Do you have this feeling?”

Meckel mews in surprise. He knew that the half life Taoist had strong inspiration and intuition. From the decline of his strength to the present, he avoided all the fatal dangers. Including speaking, sometimes the half life Taoist population is so naked that he is frightened. Yu Xiangyang, the head of the Laoshan brigade, was worried for a while that the half life Taoist’s enemy was too wrapped in sacks.

But half life Taoist is still alive and kicking up to now. Obviously, he has a hand.

“This is a task related to 30 degrees north latitude. It may be simple.”

Mei Ke’er frowned: “when Wu Laoliu was on his journey to drunk Western Hunan, the chieftain’s tomb was also opened there… It was said that Ding Wu Laoliu was involved in the chieftain’s tomb.”

Half life Taoist priest said the word “Southern monster” on the task, which means that the southern monster can’t solve Wu Laoliu before passing the task out.

Why can’t they solve Wu Laoliu?

Either Ulu Laoliu is better than them, or Ulu Laoliu is in a deeper direction than them.

“The journey of 30 degrees north latitude is at the setting level.”

Meckel even suspected that the monster in Binan district was close to the core!

Want to enter the chieftain’s tomb? Oh, just kill Wu Laoliu.

But Wu Laoliu is closer to the core of the chieftain King’s tomb than you. How can you kill him?

Want to come in? Then kill Wu Laoliu!


Dead cycle.

Meckel sighed, “this is the difficulty of the journey without solution.”

“But my feeling is not good.”

Half life Taoist hesitated and patted his heart. Although C250 left, the lead wire with him was still there. Is this sense of security and calm the expectation of the task, or is it given to him? Half life Taoist is too sure.

“No, Jane is simple. Wu Laoliu can kill.”

Zhou Xiyang, who had been frowning and meditating, finally said, “you still remember the evil insect master.”

“Evil bug master?”

Meckel was a little confused.

“Who remembers that stupid thing playing with corpses.”

The half life Taoist had a great reaction and his face smelled: “did he die 800 years ago?”

“The evil bug master used to be the tour guide of Fengdu brigade.”

Zhou Xiyang explained to Mei Ke’er that Mei Ke’er had come in for a long time and had high potential. Although he was the same deputy regiment as half life, he was a little worse than half life. He had deep experience and understood some past things.

If we say that the veteran tourists on the way home and in metaphysics will definitely reshuffle and even fall after ten years, then the Feihong brigade and the crimson brigade are young people, and the next ten years should belong to them.

The chieftain’s tomb is also likely to be a journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the next ten-year cycle. Zhou Xiyang and Mei Ke’er revealed something. They also wanted to wait until then and said that Ding Feihong would get the opportunity to explore with the brigade led by C 250.

“He was a tour guide who came in at the same time as the half life Taoist. He was on the new star list of tour guides at that time, wasn’t he?”


Half life Taoist Leng hum: “what’s this guy’s skin? He’s very feminine and often uses some disgusting means.”

“It’s been nearly ten years since the evil bug master died.”

Zhou Xiyang couldn’t help smiling. Obviously, the evil insect master certainly left a heavy psychological shadow on the half life Taoist. Up to now, the half life Taoist is still gnashing his teeth when talking about this man.

“Although the evil insect master is really Yin, greedy, greedy, and has a cough in his style and habits, he said that he can still be a tour guide.”

Zhou Xiyang tried to be objective and said, “although he soon became alienated, he didn’t join the butcher alliance or the shepherd alliance. He always calls himself a ‘cold-blooded’ Guide on weekdays.”

The number of cold-blooded tour guides is relatively sparse and up-to-date, which refers to those who only act as pure tour guides when they trouble passengers and help passengers. Cold blooded tour guides are very dissimilated, but they are almost used from the beginning.

Compared with the indulgent butcher tour guide, the cold-blooded tour guide represents “restraint”. Restrain themselves and alienation. It can be said that from the appearance, they are the tour guides closest to normal people. The cold-blooded tour guide alliance is called “reason”. They believe that only by doing so can tour guides maintain their original heart in the hotel.

“Shit cold blood, he just pulled a tiger skin for himself.”

Half life Taoist opened his mouth and retorted: “if the evil insect master can count cold blood, then I think the happy life man can count cold blood. Anyway, the happy life man is great. He ignores passengers completely for counting time.”

“The evil insect master is really like a lone wolf.”

Zhou Xiyang also retorted: “only he was sleek and had a good idea. You know, the major tour guide alliances were very powerful at that time, far from being like this. Over the years, the life-playing people were sealed at the Inca Sun Gate. The puppet master was extremely low-key, the dreamers were not organized, and the cold-blooded tour guides did not rank as the first-class leaders.”

Butchers, shepherds and the three tour guides’ leagues all feel like they have died by name. They are far more arrogant than they have been in the past decade.

“At that time, there were many tour guides joining the Tour team. The tour guide alliance relied on this to negotiate with the big tour team and even take care of it.”

Zhou Xiyang said, “dream chasers and evil bugs were the only alternatives at that time.”

The dreamer was abducted by Zhang xingzang when he was a tour guide for the first time at a young age. The evil insect master was sophisticated and exquisite. He was gifted. He soon moved to a high position in the league. He was deeply appreciated by the alliance leader of the league and the yin-yang division of the A-2 tour guide at that time, and was greatly promoted.

It is said that the evil bug master is very likely to become a new class a tour guide and take charge of the alliance in the new decade. Who would have thought that the evil bug master would eat inside out and set up a brigade for himself while holding the office of the league? He was so shocked that he wanted to be the leader and guide of the brigade!

“Yes, he wanted to enter metaphysics.”

Half life Taoist scoffed, and Zhou Xiyang was stunned by what he said: “what else?”

He only knew that the evil bug master finally went to Fengdu brigade, but he knew that this man was still involved in metaphysics.

“Yes, at the beginning, our metaphysics was the first. People go up and water flows down. He will certainly choose our metaphysics first.”

The half life Taoist smelled: “moreover, I control the corpse, and he controls the corpse worm, which is fit.”

“Eh? Then why didn’t you choose him? Didn’t you look at him?”

Meckel puzzled and meow. He knew that half life Taoist was the kind of person who only had strength. Sometimes he had a very strange temper. As long as he looked at him, even if you were the first, he scoffed.

“He’s disgusting.”

Half life Taoist subconsciously shook, as if to shake off goose bumps: “you know, he dared to recommend maggots to Yu Xiangyang!”

Speaking of this half life, the Taoist opened the chatterbox and said, “just that time, Yu Xiangyang went to find an Xuefeng to fight alone. As a result, he was almost killed. Do you remember that time!”

What he said was that an Xuefeng became famous and was secretly called “the first knife for new travelers” by many people. Yu Xiangyang, a little fan of the half life Taoist who was “the first person for new travelers”, heard that he was in a high mood and wanted to compete with an Xuefeng.

Almost got killed.

“Why do you always mention this? Are you trying to find freedom for Yu Tuan?”

Zhou Xiyang subconsciously looked at the sky and was relieved when he remembered that the live broadcast was still blocked.

“Hey, I can say that for a lifetime.”

The half life Taoist waved his hand and continued: “after that, Yu Xiangyang was depressed. He kept avoiding me and couldn’t find someone. I was busy at that time. You know, just ask about it.”

At the beginning, metaphysics joined forces with the “eagle team” to explore the Miluo River. What they thought was that they could find a latitude of 30 degrees north. After all, the Miluo River is located at 28 degrees north latitude, which is very close to 30 degrees north latitude.

As a result, there was no journey at 30 degrees north latitude.

“When I got back, I had time. I finally caught Yu Xiangyang, and then I found that he was wrong.”

Half life Taoist gnashed his teeth: “he raised maggots in the house!”

Yu Xiangyang was so shocked that he even doubted his title. It is reasonable to say that Huagu has the hardest bone. The next step in this title is Fu corpse, whose whole body is extremely hard black bone.

However, his current bones are blocked by an Xuefeng’s knife. When the corpse is buried, even if his whole body becomes a hard bone like bones, what’s the use?

Still stop the knife!

Yu Xiangyang was sure of the upgrade route of his title. At this time, the evil insect master appeared.

Yu Xiangyang went to find an Xuefeng to pick this up. It had little impact. Of course, the evil insect master who had been looking for opportunities to understand metaphysics and test metaphysics also heard about it. It happens that Yu Xiangyang has the title of zombie, and he can attract half life Taoist. It is obviously wrong to have a relationship with half life Taoist.

The evil insect master wants to take Yu Xiangyang as a breakthrough to understand the half life Taoist and contact metaphysics. After three words, he tried to find out Yu Xiangyang’s confusion, and then showed him a way.

Generally speaking, there are several promotion routes for zombies. One is to abandon the flesh and bones, temper the bones, and then return to the usual “walking corpse” route at the last top, that is, Yu Xiangyang’s promotion path.

The other is to preserve skin and flesh, and reach another limit by tempering skin and flesh bones. This kind of zombie has two branches. One side has another adventure and has become a legendary zombie. For example, Yu Xiangyang now has the orange title “dryland”, and the other is to raise corpses, scavengers and various plant fungi, which has become a special “summoning flow”.

The latter needs too much top title support, but takes time to find all kinds of valuable scavengers.

“Yu Xiangyang is a dead brain. I haven’t seen anything better than his initial title. As a result, he felt that he had no talent and was almost led astray by the evil bug master!”

Half life Taoist angrily said, “genius depends on talent. People like us can only rely on hard work. Young man, I think you have a lot of luck with me. If you want to try raising corpses? I have some new corpse worms here. Would you like to have a try? ”

Of course, what the evil insect Master said at that time was reasonable. He also gave Yu Xiangyang this corpse for nothing. First, he wanted to find out the possibility of the autopsy insect growing on the ossified bone, and second, he wanted to help him introduce the half life Taoist.

And Yu Xiangyang’s heart!

When the half life passers-by came in time, they were all passengers, and there was nothing to hide their identity. When Yu Xiangyang was caught in the hotel, the half life Taoist simply took a plane to block him at Yu Xiangyang’s house.

As a result, he came so suddenly that Yu Xiangyang didn’t respond at all. He was stunned. He didn’t have time to put away those small plastic boxes. Later, Yu Xiangyang went to cook. Half life Taoist had nothing to do to open the box – the maggots in that box almost didn’t send him away!

Later, as soon as he pressed Yu Xiangyang to know the cause and effect, he almost killed the half life Taoist.

Introduce, introduce Baba!

Bug master, go eat shit!

Yu Xiangyang, who has always been very obedient, dared to answer back and said that he thought what the evil insect Master said was quite reasonable. He was so angry that half a life Taoist priest one Buddha ascended to heaven and two Buddhas went out of the body.

“Hum, if he runs fast, I have to burn all his swarm of insects.”

Half life Taoist said darkly, “later, it was hidden.”

At the beginning, the evil bug master hid his identity to find Yu Xiangyang. He was very cautious. Half life Taoist didn’t connect this man with the evil bug master of the Alliance for a while.

When I learned later, it was the time for the evil bug master to die.

Even if he went to Fengdu brigade, he was very cautious. At that time, others thought he was just a talented tour guide who knew the height of the sky. Unexpectedly, he was an evil bug prepared by the management alliance. He has a series of titles, switching to use. And he seems to be able to set the body, the same as the puppet, which is recognized by the hotel and can occupy the list.

So far, no one knows that there was an evil bug master on the list at that time, but he spent his whole life.

“This man is very dangerous. Although Xiangyang was a little skeptical about life at that time, he was still a little crazy about his self-confidence in his future. As a result, he almost became self skeptical and hesitant. He was said by the fool of the evil insect master.”

Half life Taoist said coldly, “if you say that Wu Laoliu is an evil insect master, it’s really dangerous.”

He is also a fool. Zhou Xiyang first said that Wu Laoliu was dangerous, and then brought it to the evil insect master, which obviously shows that there is some connection between the two.


Zhou Xiyang said, “as you know, the Urumqi team has been looking for the evil insect master for years. The Urumqi team is not dead, which shows that the Urumqi old six has not been recycled by the hotel.”

The tour guide will be recycled by the hotel. Same as a dead passenger. If the dead passengers are valuable, after they die, the tourism society will exploit their valuable things and put some of them in the blind box and some of them in the mall to sell, just like Yu Hehui’s Tianhu inner pill.

Then the rest of the passengers will be put into the journey by the hotel as a monster to test the new passengers.

Therefore, passengers may be reborn, but the tour guide is the same.

No one knows what will happen if the tour guide dies. In the past, yin and Yang division, A-2 tour guide, died. He obviously had a slicing principal, but his slicing principal… Completely lost his memory related to death.

Some people say that the tour guide was recycled and put on the shelf by the hotel when he died, but there has never been anything related to the dead tour guide in the hotel mall.

Some people say that the “props” made by tour guides after being recycled are the “source” of those titles, but this view has no basis.

But no matter what, if the guide dies, the whole brigade he connects will also die.

“Before, it was said that the evil insect division and the black team were shallow connections?”

Half life Taoist frowned, and the evil insect master died. Wudui and the whole Fengdu brigade were silent for a period of time. Later, when wudui reappeared, it was also greatly weakened and kept a low profile for years.

At that time, it was said that they were shallow connections, and the title of Urumqi was somewhat special, so it was saved.

But now it seems



Zhou Xiyang nodded and said, “they are deeply connected, which shows that the evil insect master is not completely dead. Over the years, the Ukrainian team has been secretly looking for him. I heard that there are some clues in the Sutra.”

“I haven’t been found for so many years. He can hide it.”

Half life Taoist frowned and said strangely, “it’s a secret. How did he tell you? Did you tell us? Did Xuanxue and Feihong know about it?”

Zhou Xiyang was tight lipped. Since he said it, it means that all their brigades should know about it.

“Yes, Wu Dui asked us to help remove the shepherd alliance and capture the puppet master alive.”

Zhou Xiyang directly sent a shocking thunder!

“He said that one of the evil bug master’s works was likely to be revived by the puppet master.”

“Meow slot!”

Meckel’s shocked cat’s eyes were wide open. The half life Taoist was’ eh ‘for a while. It was incredible: “is he a tour guide? Can the tour guide come back?”

“Ukrainian team didn’t say.”

Zhou Xiyang shook his head: “in short, if the evil insect master is reborn by the puppet master and imitates the passengers, he will never betray the puppet master and be absolutely loyal to her.”

In this way, the puppet division is equivalent to holding the life of the whole Fengdu brigade.

If you kill the puppet master directly, you will let the evil bug master who was reborn by her die together. It’s very difficult to catch them alive. It’s strange that Uzbekistan wants to join hands with them.

“Yes, what’s the matter with Wu Laoliu?”

Meckel also looked back, puzzled and meow: “does it mean that he was resurrected by the puppet master?”

“Only ‘one of the evil insect masters’ was resurrected by the puppet master.”

Rao was Zhou Xiyang, but he frowned: “that’s what the Ukrainian team said.”

“One of the evil bugs? He can hide.”

Half life Taoist is convinced. There is no such cunning rabbit three Grottoes method in cunning rabbit three grottoes.

In other words, the Ukrainian team believes that the evil bug master has set up a number of items, one or more of which have been revived by the puppet master, and the Ukrainian old six is also likely to be a part of the evil bug master.

It was precisely because the drunken Meixiang Liwu old six who had just been explored by C 250 had appeared that he asked Zhou Xiyang to pay more attention.

Now the half life Taoist has received the task of killing Wu Laoliu and enjoyed it. That’s why Zhou Xiyang told him about it.

“Hey! We found something strange.”

When Yun Lianghan’s “voice” sounded from a distance, Zhou Xiyang and their tacit understanding stopped their mouths and mentioned Wu Laoliu again.

“Do you have it?”

Yun Tianhe came with him. This person, such as Zhou Xiyang and others, took the same task. They are responsible for cleaning up the relatively safe Qingling. The tourist from the tour guide alliance was also very conscious. After Cui Dao left, he didn’t get close to Zhou Xiyang, but cleaned up his own.

“You found it there, too?”

Seeing the cloud and the good Han’s eyes falling on the pile of tire balls, Zhou Xiyang had a wonderful feeling in his heart after listening to what he said.

I’m sure these bastards have sent out the task of killing Wu Laoliu.

“It was dug up by yuntianhe. It’s not as complete as you.”

Yun Lianghan looked at the pile of balls and was wary of not approaching.

“I think it looks like a monster spawned by mountain corpse pollution.”

Yuntianhe smiled gently and held a thin black monster like a baby in his hand, but Zhou Xiyang’s eyes fell on his cheek.

There is a blood thread like meridians.

“As you can see, the monster we dug up has dried up.”

Yuntianhe noticed Zhou Xiyang’s eyes and comforted him: “when I dug it out, I heard it like talking. This is the pollution I caught when I tasted it.”

“Boy, you’re playing with fire.”

Half life Taoist walked up to yuntianhe politely, took yuntianhe’s shoulder, gave him up and down, except for resentment, confirmed that there was absolutely no residual resentment in the tire, and then let go: “the journey is almost over, don’t kill everyone.”

“I know, thank you.”

Yuntianhe was very polite and didn’t resist. However, half life Taoist priest was relieved that the resentment outside was cleared, but who knows if those foetuses left any dangerous essence marks in yuntianhe’s mind.

“This thing is very dangerous. It will tempt you to produce an illusion, so as to tempt you and control you.”

Half life Taoist was half warning and half interrogation: “did you hear what they said?”


Yuntianhe was distressed and happy: “I’m still a tourist. If I’m a guide, I’m afraid I’ll lose San. Did the monster on your side speak?”

The boy said something. Half life Taoist said something. He was ready to fight. However, at the next moment, Zhou Xiyang held his shoulder and shook his head.

“You can set the inch.”

Zhou Xiyang said coldly, glancing at yuntianhe’s shoulder. He felt the breath of Yu Hehui and Tong Hege there. Yuntianhe has them staring at him. Don’t worry.

* *

“Did you kill yuntianhe?”

On the other side, on Tianshou mountain, Tong Hege frowned and asked, “I think this little boy is full of bad water.”

Wei Xun left, but they stayed here. Taizong was quite polite to them. His treatment was one level higher than that of Zhou Xiyang and others, and he placed them in Tianshou mountain.


Yu Hehui said, “Wei Xun said before leaving that if yuntianhe took the initiative to join the Mutual Aid Association after the war, he would be killed.”

Yuntianhe was once controlled by the puppet master. Even if he tried to kill Zhikui to prove his renunciation with the shepherd alliance, Yu Hehui was still at ease. After talking to Wei Xun, Wei Xun didn’t mind. He said that Yun Lianghan didn’t care and received Yun Tianhe in the Mutual Aid Association.

“There are dreamers and Chang Hsing Tsang staring at the association.”

Wei Xunli of course: “hotels say that dream hunters die of beautiful dreams. I have to find something for him to do and try to make him never sleep again.”

“This baby has a grudge against Wu Laoliu.”

Yu Hehui frowned. Yuntianhe found him immediately after the war and sincerely asked how to follow Cuidao. He was willing to give everything. Yu Hehui naturally said that he needed to go through a severe test if he wanted to follow Cui guide. He casually said that there was an “assessment period”, so he put a fox hair on yuntianhe’s shoulder, and Tong Hege also put his beard.

Yu Hehui knew everything about the fetus dug up by yuntianhe just now and the future. They even participated in the illusion of the fetus to yuntianhe.

“What else does the illusion say to meet your wishes? I think it’s evil.”

Tong Hege complained, “I said to kill the hotel. It said to change a wish. I said to let Cuidao have a safe and eternal adventure all the way. It said that let’s think about how to kill the hotel. I’m so happy. Let’s play here?”

Without mentioning the name of ‘Wei Xun’, Tong Hege was very cautious.

“It’s just some residual thoughts.”

Yu Hehui said, “Zhou Xiyang said that half life Taoist received the task of ‘killing Wu Laoliu’, but yuntianhe only heard the words of ‘Wu Laoliu, Wu Laoliu’, and didn’t receive the task. It should be that the fetus he dug up was almost dead and had no energy.”

“Let’s underestimate it. If Wu Laoliu provokes these babies in the chieftain’s tomb, I’m afraid Wei Xun will be implicated by him.”

Tong Hege distressed and said, “there should be no Puppet Master’s control on yuntianhe. It’s hidden in front of the dreamland.”

Previously, yuntianhe also tried to talk to the remnant Nian. Later, when they listened to them, they would only numbly say “black old six, black old six”. Yuntianhe simply read it to them and talked about what “Cui guide is the only and infinite” and “he is the strongest guide in history and the Savior followed by everyone.” he will save everyone, Only he can save everyone. “No power, no strength, even the Parliament and the principal are convinced by Cuidao. They will follow Cuidao and create a new future.”

Yu Hehui felt numb when he heard it. He was trying to understand yuntianhe’s idea.

“If Wu Laoliu is an evil insect master, it’s good for us. Let me tell you.”

Yu Hehui and Tong Hege talked about the four maggots brothers, but how they wanted to know that the little chatter of yuntianhe here caused a storm in the distant Tomb of the chieftain king of wuluoshan.

* *

“Do you mean there are live beads here?”

In the chieftain King’s tomb, after inviting Xiaocui and the second and third son to have a meal to complain about the pollution and let them have a preliminary understanding, Wei Xun asked the third son to take Xiaocui with him to plant devils in the sacrificial area (corn shoots secretly guard), while he took the second son and maggot cocoons, carried a small octopus on his shoulder and a small Phoenix on his head, and went to explore the live beads in the south.

I don’t know when I can come in again when I go out this time. Wu Laoliu has a dead grudge against these live beads. He has just been cleaned up by the wandering corpse. It’s time to be weak. Don’t be killed by these live beads.

However, when Wei Xun walked out of the stone archway and the sacrificial area, he went to the mountain forest in the south. He still didn’t feel any danger. He didn’t see half of the live beads.

“Second, don’t be worthless. Swallow that pollution quickly!”

Maggot felt that she had found her face and scolded her dick.


The gloomy year leading the way was a little willing, but he obediently swallowed it – except for the blood drinking when he woke up, this was the first time the host invited them to eat. The second and third were so moved that they hid a mouthful of it. They thought they could aftertaste it when the master left. By the way, they fed Xiao Si a mouthful to let him remember the master’s .

But maggot big thought it was the pollution from mountain trees that made the living beads aware of it, so they all hid!

“It seems that live beads have something to do with mountains.”

Wei Xun recited and put away all the little Phoenix and octopus. Although they don’t leak any breath, who knows that live beads have special sensing methods.

Seeing this scene, the second child shrunk his neck in fear and his eyes were in a trance for a moment.

“Remember, call me master outside.”

Wei Xun is very cautious. Who knows what live beads are? He can expose the relationship between himself and maggot II.

“Just call me…”

A simple pseudonym makes it difficult for monsters to tell whether it is false or false. Wei Xun thought that his name could be called his original name, but not C250… Although his name was C250, after all, he should be upgraded and his title should be changed after he went back.

But after all, he is called C250 on the side of the mountain corpse. The live beads will send messages. Who knows if there are any live beads on the mountain.

After thinking about it, the nickname “Cui Dao” given to him by the passengers is more reliable.

After all, Yun Lianghan and Yun Tianhe never caught up in the last war. Zhou Xiyang and they didn’t have time to call him at all. The name of Cuidao should not have been disclosed.

At present, only he and his second son are walking in this gloomy forest. They should look like big meat without any protection.

Wei Xun can pretend to be weak. He even took off his tour guide cloak, restored San value, cancelled alienation and put on the title of “passenger”. In this way, there is no shelter for the hotel. The back is slightly itchy and is the tentacle of a small octopus. After all, he still thought Wei Xun was too risky. Although he listened to him hide, he left a tentacle tip outside.

You can kill as fast as you can at any time.

“Wuluo mountain… It should be included in the Yanshan Mountains.”

Walking in this dark and dark variant forest, Wei Xun held the human skin map in his hand and saw that the scene he had passed was gradually recorded on the human skin map.

It’s nine in the morning, but there’s no light in the woods. The black dead trees are dense, and there are no leaves on them, but the light can’t pass down at all. It’s like covering Wuluo mountain with a layer of dense and windy black cloth, almost reaching out and seeing five fingers.

The only bright light comes from a special fluorescent fungus growing on trees. On the branches of these rotten dead trees grow large umbrella shaped dark red mushrooms similar to mushrooms. There is a fluorescent color under the fungus, and a strange insect pupa hanging from a silk is very similar to a meat insect called “Hanging Ghost” hanging from the roadside trees in spring.

Wei Xun commanded his second son to collect some fluorescent insect pupae and some bacteria for him. They can light up the darkness in the living pearl forest in the south, which is absolutely special.

Wei Xun asked the second son to remove the bark and confirm that the dead trees were completely necrotic.

“Is this an egg or a live bead?”

When he tore the bark of a big tree as thick as a man’s hug, the second found that the bark was torn open, and there was a big ball with a white cocoon shell embedded in the rotten trunk, which was very similar to the live beads they said!

“Cui Dao, this is the lowest level of live beads.”

The second carefully poked a crack in the cocoon shell to expose the translucent colloid inside. Wei Xun looked up and saw a fist sized corpse wrapped in the colloidal body. When he looked carefully, it seemed to be a zombie squirrel.

A black cord like an umbilical cord passes through the cocoon shell, passes through the colloid, and is connected to the zombie squirrel. Wei Xun broke the thread and the zombie squirrel immediately turned into powder.

“The forest is full of such live beads.”

The second son obeyed Wei Xun’s order, wrapped the cocoon shell, the remaining colloidal body and zombie squirrel powder, and said, “from the extreme edge of the south forest to here, he walked at the speed of Wu Laoliu for five days.”

“On the first day, he went to the core of the forest and stole the smallest and most precious beads they guarded while the 27 most dangerous live beads were still sleeping and awake!”

The second child said, “then he was running for his life in the next four days. Only four of the 27 live beads woke up, but he killed Wu Laoliu ten times!”

Wu Laoliu has special escape and rebirth skills, and his strength is weak. He was killed ten times by four live beads, which Wei Xun didn’t expect.

“Not all awakened… It should be because the chieftain’s tomb has just been opened.”

Wei Xun thought that it had only been a month, and the monsters on Wuluo mountain were sleeping and slowly mutating, which was normal. The existence of those dangers should not be completely polluted or awake.

It’s normal to be as lively as Wu Laoliu. Maybe he took advantage of this loophole to take away the most precious beads and gain a foothold in the sacrificial area.

“But he completely annoyed these live beads. The forest is’ alive ‘.”

As if he thought of something terrible, the second child shivered and tensed: “every day is a fantasy. Day and night, as long as the spirit is a little relaxed, he will be trapped in the most terrible illusion. He can’t rest, and the torturer is going crazy.”

“The sound of falling beads is like rain. Zombies appear at the edge of the forest every day and stare here. They couldn’t get out of the forest a week ago, but the day before yesterday they could walk outside the stone archway!”

“There was even a live pearl who chased and killed Wu Laoliu that day and broke into the sacrificial area. Fortunately, Wu Laoliu had been on guard for a long time and set up a pile of trap mechanisms to kill him.”

The second son said in a secluded way, and his voice became more and more gloomy. There are no fluorescent bacteria in the area where they live. It looks dark and terrible. It’s like some monster watching in the dark.

“It’s exciting.”

Wei Xun listened with interest and sighed with emotion: “I want to live like this too!”

If this happened to him, he would be so excited that he would go to sleep!

“Wu Laoliu didn’t think of taking the opportunity to kill it?”

As soon as Wei Xun spoke, he knew it in his heart. The corner of his eye swept behind maggot 2: “he was afraid that the live beads were just a trap. The other three live beads stayed outside and waited for him to catch up?”


Maggot two said darkly, “he felt that… All the twenty-seven live beads woke up. They were hidden in the dark forest outside the stone archway. As soon as he left the sacrificial area, they would kill him.”

“Oh, this is terrible.”

Wei Xun held his breath and his voice became lighter and lighter: “are the 27 live beads you said… Those behind you?”

As soon as he said this, maggot 2 suddenly closed his eyes and fainted in the sky. He knew when he was completely controlled by the illusion and manipulated by the people behind the scenes! The other party manipulated maggot two, step by step, and took Wei Xun into the dark forest. It was also the most dangerous circle that the 27 live beads had set up for a long time!

Maggot found this early in the morning and told Wei Xun that defender Xun would just take his plan. He also wanted to go to the live bead core to have a look. So he pretended not to find it and followed maggot two… But he was surprised to find that maggot two was still walking towards the core of the dark forest at first, but soon, he walked farther and farther away, as if he wanted to take him back to the sacrificial area!

What kind of flower work is this?

Wei Xun simply led to the topic of Wu Laoliu stealing beads and deliberately angered the other party. Now it seems that it has been effective. The other party has pretended!

Wei Xun looks forward to looking behind maggot 2… Looking at the darkness around… Huh?

Why are there no monsters?

This was beyond his expectation. He clearly sensed a strange smell and was waiting for the live beads to come out. He immediately asked * * to catch them alive and take them back to study.

But why didn’t the monster come out?

“Your… Name, what.”

Just then, the comatose maggot two suddenly spoke again.

These live beads are very cautious.

Wei Xun sighed, is it necessary to know his name, curse, and then come out to attack him?

Use this caution.

But on his face, Wei Xun pretended to be nervous and vigilant and said tentatively, “Shh, you controlled it. You should have known my name long ago.”

Opposite silent for a long time: “Cui guide?”

“What do you want to do? Come out and don’t pretend to be a ghost!”

Wei Xun was very fierce, but he looked flustered and swept around. He seemed to be afraid of monsters hidden in the dark. He was looking for their direction, but——


Wei Xun murmured in his heart.

Why didn’t the monster come out? Yes, it should be his perception error?

“Hum, ha ha.”

Just then, maggot 2 suddenly gave a strange smile: “human, fruit is cunning.”

Then he said sternly, “do you think you can cheat us out by pretending to be weak?”

“Die, you can’t find us unless you destroy the whole dark forest!”


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