TTG Chapter 268

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 268: This land is destined for me!

Wei Xun: ah?

A Wei Xun thought he had heard wrong. What’s the name of “you can’t find us unless you destroy the whole dark forest”?

Why are you so alert to him? Is he not weak enough? No, even if the other party occupies maggot II’s body and knows that maggot II submits to him, it should not be afraid of him. Even if * * and chicks are exposed, they should not be exposed.

After all, some live beads may be related to the mountain god, which should be very strong, not the seed table.

As soon as Wei Xun’s eyes turned, the matter was so far that he simply took the plan.


With a cold hiss, I saw the corners of the mouth of the excessively pale man. Those panic and fear disappeared in an instant, and the momentum changed suddenly.

Danger, indifference, the scarlet cloak came out on his shoulder. It was full of falling feeling, like a splash of rich blood flowing down, making the white hair like cold snow.

“Come out.”

He was faint, not too emotional in his voice. He was careless, like he didn’t pay attention to everything.

“Or I’ll destroy the forest.”

At the moment when his voice fell, the black fog shrouded him, as if a terrible huge dark shadow lingered around him, suffused with rich blood. The black fog seemed to open countless eyes hidden in nothingness.

When the eyes opened, the strange dead trees around all sent out deafening screams of fear, and the dead trees 100 meters behind the comatose maggot II burst from them. Together with the live beads on the face, the small zombies suddenly broke into powder. The sound of the dead trees cracking was like Moses dividing the sea, and the dense woods suddenly cleared an empty road.


Wei Xun stared at the cleared gap in the forest. Just now when he opened his mouth at maggot 2, he clearly felt that there were things there, but they all disappeared.

** * after overturning the forest, the black fog returned to Wei Xun. He said that we should not combine too many forces, otherwise it will speed up the process of the change of the chieftain King’s tomb.

Wei Xun doesn’t mind speeding up the change process of the chieftain King’s tomb, but unfortunately, his external forces seem to affect * *, and it’s bad for him to stay outside for a long time.

But if he pretends, he won’t give up.

“Ran away?”

Wei Xun’s hands lit up a flame. In the same room, I only heard the rumble of the big house, suddenly sunken down, and nearly a hundred tender yellow tentacles stretched out at the bottom of the house. It was the corn shoots called back by Wei xunlin!

“Burn the dark forest and dig three feet.”

The Phoenix Fire burns with a roar. The temperature of the flame contained in it is very high. The golden red flame sweeps through and devours the dark rotten wood, and the burning air is distorted. At the same time, the Great Lakes trembled violently, and the earth hills surged. For example, the Dragon turned under the Great Lakes and tilted the dead tree tops.

The withered and decayed roots were pushed out by the corn shoots. They were dark red. Peng Da rotted. After breaking, they gushed out smelly, plasma like viscous dark red liquid, just like the blood vessels of the Great Britain.

In fact, some things are extremely difficult to burn. Ordinary fire will destroy them when it touches them. Those dead trees are not easy to burn, but Wei Xun is very chicken thief. All the burned trees are eroded and overturned by * * power, erasing all strange forces, like dead trees like simple rotten wood.

The fire was burning and the corn shoots rolled. The momentum was very frightening, as if the bandits were setting fire to the mountain!

But the living beads became more and more quiet. They really hid themselves and could not live or die.

“That’s strange.”

Wei Xun talked to himself, but he was more and more curious.

Are the living beads afraid? Thinking about it, Wei Xun’s mind fell on the mountain god peach tree.

It’s hard to say that what really makes them retreat and fear is the peach tree growing in the eyes of the corpse of the mountain god? Where is the peach tree? What is the relationship between the living beads and the mountain god?

Thinking of Wei Xun’s enthusiasm, he took a step back. Then he had to push his nose and face close to a hundred steps. He didn’t have any words in his dictionary at all!

“Can’t you come out?”

With a faint hum, the next moment the corn shoots burst out from under the big house! It looks ferocious when it gets fat again. Most of its body was cut off in the Ming Tombs before. It has been eaten back after eating peach tree resentment and secretly eating * * black fog, and eating earth for a few hours in the chieftain’s tomb!

Its tender yellow head was covered with dense thorns. On weekdays, the earth drill obeys, and once it explodes, the sharp thorns are like the sharp teeth of prehistoric monsters. Numerous thorns were hard and exploded, and the surface quickly secreted a layer of amber liquid. The slurry fell on the ground and made a loud noise——

It was so corrosive that it directly corroded a huge pit in front of it!

Although the corn shoot that has only been metamorphosed once can only be regarded as a baby in the abyss worm family, it is ugly and fierce enough. With a sweep of his strong body, he directly wiped out the dead trees in front of him!

Although it is extremely fierce and cruel, it is extremely careful with the man on the top of the manager. Dozens of tender yellow tentacles converged and entangled meekly, like a throne on which bandits in scarlet cloaks sat.

I saw him playing with a lacquered spade branch in his hand. The peach branch was extraordinary (pouted down from the mountain god peach tree). Nearly 100 eyes grew on it, and some eyes opened and closed in front of him. It was very strange.

What is the problem.

Wei Xun thought.

At the Ming Tombs, the eyes on the peach trees were all open, and at the sacrifice area, Wei Xun took them out to Xiaocui for self-help. Some eyes were all closed. When I arrived, I was half closed and half open.

59564. It also said that the soil of the former corn shoots was a little like and a little different from that of the Ming Tombs.

Where is it?

However, it is the smell of the polluted mountain god!

Moreover, without the seal of the Ming Tombs, the mountain god is more polluted. We can imagine the relationship between the living beads and the mountain god.

Wei Xun was relieved when he thought of  Wei Xun. He originally decided to accept it when it was good, but  he thought he could go a little too far!

“Really don’t come out?”

The fire and violent earthquake in the dark forest in the South have attracted the attention of countless strong people on Wuluo mountain, but at this moment, Wei Xun looks like a peerless strong person. In the eyes of other monsters, life has forced the living beads of the forest in the south into the deep part of the dark forest!

Are there strong people outside houwuluo mountain?

What Wei Xun wants is seed effect!

 don’t you hide? Can’t you hide?

OK, then I’ll ride directly on the administrator to frighten the surrounding monsters!

Nothing came out in the southeast and southwest.

Wei Xun observed everywhere, but no monsters came out, which means that the monsters over there are probably weaker than the living beads and dare not go out.

Southeast, southwest, due south, three blocks are good.

Wei Xun thought.

The streets and alleys of Pingping are next to the southwest, the burial area is next to the southeast, and the sacrificial area is next to the south. The most important thing is that both sides are followed by the mountain god pollution in the dark forest in the south.

Wu Laoliu didn’t come out, and there was no corpse shadow in the burial area. Instead, Pingping floated out darkly, with a fierce and terrible ghost spirit, like the howling and crying of thousands of fierce ghosts.

But Wei Xun gave her a little smile and said softly, “Pingping, here you are.”

——He asked the corn shoots to arch more in the southwest, but he got Pingping out. If you want to investigate the matter of you, Guang Weixun is really weak. After all, he will leave soon.

It’s not enough for the allies to have one.

Seeing that Pingping’s blood shadow faded down, it seemed that he wanted to disappear directly. Wei Xun said: “I’ll talk about it later, which will certainly satisfy you.”

It seems that there is a lot of relationship between one person and one ghost, but in fact, what can Wei Xun and Pingping do.

He’s just trying!

Qian Weixun was only unilaterally fascinated by Li Gui Pingping, and although the journey was smooth, Wei Xun, who Pingping wanted to see off, took the passengers to see her off, he didn’t have much friendship with Pingping.

But Pingping’s attitude towards him is very subtle when she comes out as the ghost king again. She will say those two words, which is to show that “she has not forgotten the experience of Xiangxi”

It’s more like connecting.

Wei Xun doesn’t believe in feelings for no reason. He thinks Pingping must be what she wants. Whether she is interested in the strength of * *, the relationship between Wei Xun and the hotel, or the identity of the tomb keeper… You can talk about it.

However, after listening to Wei Xun’s words, the ghost King Pingping didn’t leave. She is still floating in the sky, but she seems to be supporting Wei Xun with a strong ghost spirit, and Pingping is too lazy to talk, but in the eyes of outsiders, she is like their conversation. The person is Wei Xunyi.

Wei Xun also felt some staring eyes coming from afar. Hostility, suspicion, fear and vigilance, but they dare not act rashly.

The black brothers didn’t show up. The wandering corpse was frightened by the * * possessed Cuidao and was afraid to cut off his hands. He was intimate and said the name of the southwest ghost king.

Is he really a manager!

Wei Xun didn’t care about his eyes.

In the periphery of Wuluo mountain, can you beat the live beads?

In the middle of Wuluo mountain, can you beat the ghost King Pingping?

If you can’t beat me, dare you look at me?

“From now on, the South belongs to me and the ghost king.”

The flame surrounded him, and the scarlet cloak was hunting in the flame wind. Wei Xun swayed wantonly in the high-temperature twisted air. With a move, the two tentacles of the corn shoot just stretched out. One tentacle is wrapped around the broken hand of the wandering corpse, and the other tentacle is wrapped around the unconscious maggot two.

It seems that these are the losers of his men.


When Wu Laoliu explored the burial area, he found that the last ten thousand corpse pit attracted wandering corpses, and the corpse pit was shrouded in thick black fog, and the stronger monster was still sleeping.

Wu Laoliu is an old acquaintance.

That’s why Wei Xun dares!

The only problem in  is live beads. After all, he can’t stay in  for a long time. And those living beads don’t know why they are so cautious, but the more cautious things are, the more likely they will be. He just wears a tiger’s skin.

Interests can really bind them together.

It depends on the mountain god.

Wei Xunwei pulled out the eyeball on the peach branch, crushed it, and threw it on the ground like a chicken. His eyes were fixed on the deep forest. When he dropped his broken eyes, it seemed as if a shadow moved there.


“Those who are willing to stay will be our Lord. Those who are unwilling to stay will leave before 0:00 today.”

Wei Xun pressed his hand on the dead Ming token. He poured the pure aura left by Tong Hege into the dead Ming token. The next moment, he only heard a dragon sing, and a golden dragon took off from the dead Ming token and surrounded Wei Xun! At the moment when the Dragon came out, Pingping’s expression finally changed, and some monsters in the distance suddenly changed their faces!


In the burial area, beside the corpse pit of 10000 people, the broken hands and walking corpses looked up at the sky and were stunned. The strong corpse gas lingered around him and seemed to be healing his body. But he was seriously injured and it took a lot of effort to heal.

However, when he was walking around the corpse, he completely ignored his broken hand. Subconsciously, he stood up and stared at the Golden Dragon. In his eyes, he couldn’t believe it. He was shocked. He murmured:

“It’s impossible… The dragon vein is the dragon. How can it come out in the dragon?”

The next moment, his pupils shrank suddenly and he jumped back into the corpse pit. Countless corpses buried himself: “no!”

“Are you doing it!”

The cold ghost came to Wei Xun’s face, and a sharp and anxious female voice sounded in Wei Xun’s ear – Pingping was actually delivering a message to him!

“Come on, put it away!”

Wei Xun had never heard of Pingping’s impatience. There was deep fear and fear in her voice, as if she were afraid of her. But Pingping said it was late. When she opened her mouth, avant-garde Xun had grabbed the dragon’s tail and shook it left and right like the Hulk.

As a dragon, it’s very empty and can’t play a good role. But what Wei Xun liked was its special power related to the dragon vein.

Although Taizong said that it was impossible for it to preserve the power of the dragon vein, Wei Xun was related to the mountain god, who owed a lot to the dragon. What’s more, Wei Xun immediately summoned the mountain god for help shortly after he resurrected the dragon. The dragon was in a hurry to be resurrected. He was really weak and was just seen by the mountain god.

The mountain god slapped Wei Xun and gave Bruce Lee some strength. Although it can’t change from weak to normal, it can still master some special powers belonging to the dragon vein.

Is Longmai’s work compatible?

Take care of the earth? Increase Reiki? Breeding spirit beast?

No, no, no, these dragons can’t do it at present. At present, it is a dragon with dragon veins. One thing it can do is actually very chicken ribs. That is to mark one side of earth and print the breath of dragon veins.

It is convenient for Wei Xun! Wei Xun likes to circle around the mountain, and Wei Xun is about to confirm his idea by integrating it. He throws it around and directly makes the dragon breath printed on the soil outside Wuluo mountain in the southeast, South and southwest.

Obviously, it is the same force, but the dragon vein breath in the south is the deepest, slightly shallower in the southeast, and the dragon vein mark in the southwest is the shallowest, which can hardly be felt.

Xiaojinlong’s dragon vein power is restored with the help of Mountain God, and he is most sensitive to mountain god! As Wei Xun expected, Zhengnan is most deeply influenced by the power of the mountain god, and Pingping, the shallowest in the southwest, may be influenced by her identity as a tomb keeper recently. To Wei Xun’s surprise, there seems to be another dirty force in the southwest, and the dragon vein mark is gradually left.

For example, if it is … That is to say, at present, the two kinds of pollution in the chieftain King’s tomb come from the mountain god and the chieftain king?

To do more experiments, Wei Xun threw down the 100 eye peach branch in his hand and made it stick on the dragon’s pulse.

“This dragon is favored by the mountain god. The Qi of the Dragon pulse can support the peach branch of the mountain god. The larger the range of the Dragon pulse Qi brand, the more prosperous the peach branch will grow. Once it leaves, the peach branch will die.”

Wei Xun made up a story to himself and threw maggot two to the peach branch. He believed that the living beads would get some information from maggot two.

As he guessed, if the two kinds of pollution on Wuluo mountain compete with each other and compete with each other, the live beads obviously belong to the mountain god. The hundred eyed peach branch is a real mountain god peach branch, which is very attractive to the living beads.

Dragon Qi alone cannot suppress monsters, and there is no real dragon. It was Wei Xun’s idea to bind Longmai’s power with peach twigs, but what he said about Longmai’s raising peach twigs was pure nonsense. The points need to be improved, such as shopping for tools in hotels so that the hundred eyed peach branches will die as soon as they leave the soil.

But before Wei Xun continued to think, he was shocked by Pingping’s voice.

What’s up? Why do you want to put the Dragon away?

Is it dragon special? Is it dragon pulse? Dragon special? Is it the reason why the dragon’s pulse is branded?

Wei Xun takes back the dragon’s dead Ming token, but Pingping’s shrill voice still doesn’t stop. Wei Xun listens patiently. Pingping seems to say that he is in line with the dragon vein, the Dragon branded mountain, which is an extremely dangerous and terrible thing!

But the next moment, Pingping, who was tense all over, frowned. Nothing happened to her.

impossible. Several kinds of pollution are intertwined on Wuluo mountain, and the south is also occupied by the pollution of a strong man! When Wei Xun made another attack on the victim’s home, it was like robbing the victim’s home. He was just killing himself.

But how can people fit in with the dragon vein mark mountain without being subjected to the reverse bite? Not even the living beads of the dark forest in the south?


“ I was thinking that I could brand  dragon pulse  gas for , right?”

Pingping’s sudden silence further confirms Wei Xun’s point of view. However, Pingping knows that there is pollution in the land. She may not know the mountain god, but she can definitely feel that she is an absolutely strong and invincible peerless strong man.

This is also the last step for Wei Xun.

He took back the flame and let the little Phoenix stop on his shoulder. Spreading out the human skin, Wei Xun sighed. He suddenly grabbed his cloak and said to himself, “can you feel it?”

 can you feel it?  the mountain god breath left after being slapped by the mountain god on the cloak.

“Yes… My brother… Alas!”

Wei Xun then took out Bruce Lee and let him wrap it around his wrist, saying something about the vicissitudes of life. He didn’t say much, just hinted: “you’ve admitted me.”


Pingping blurted out and gave him a deep look. Her face was cold and fierce, but her heart was full of tangles.

, , how is it possible? But she could feel that everything people said was true!


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