TTG Chapter 269

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 269: These two are destined for me!

It’s true?

From disbelief to shock to complicated thoughts, Pingping fell into meditation.

This clearly means that he has something to do with the strong man who pollutes the land, and even he is still a brother!

But how is that possible!

But he really didn’t lie!

There are more and more doubts in her heart. At the same time, Pingping still has some confusion that is the same as Wu yuliu.

How long has it been since the chieftain’s tomb appeared?

Is it really only one month?

Pingping wants to be quiet, but when she wants to be quiet, the man is still croaking.

“In a month, you became the ghost king. If you didn’t make progress, how could you come to see you in advance.”

Wei Xun was relieved, hinted and sighed, “this is not the land of the land. Why, don’t you invite him to sit there?”


However, Pingping refused coldly, but she turned around before Wei Xun invited again. She only heard Pingping say faintly: “go to you.”

“By the way…”

Pingping pondered, “Bingjiu?”

She remembered that the ranking of tour guides in the hotel seemed to change. A month ago, this man was Bingjiu. A month later, just looking at his posture, why did he get advanced.

She wants this person’s real rank, but also to estimate how strong this C 9 has become. Although there is something to cooperate with, if this person changes too much in a short time

“Tell me your true rank.”

Pingping’s “ghost voice” seriously emphasizes: “real, rank”

Wei Xun knows that he knows what Pingping means. However, being so concerned about his rank shows that Pingping really has something to cooperate with him or needs his help.

But the rank… I’m afraid Pingping will be disappointed.

“It’s embarrassing to say”

Wei Xun told Pingping: “it’s C250 now.”

Pingping: “so your Sutra is C250… Huh?”

C 250??

No, what’s the matter? Is the ranking backward?

From C 9 to C 250??

But what he said is really true, and this man is definitely much stronger than a month ago.

Is there something wrong with your perception? He was lying and didn’t show up?

Pingping began to doubt her ghost life.

* *

Black six began to suspect his maggot.

Why? Mingming finally escaped the supervision of the hotel, escaped to the chieftain’s tomb for the first time, and successfully occupied the sacrificial area. Next, just try to restore his memory. What a beautiful thing Mingming is, but why.

The suspected hostel principal, the second lost contact, the dark forest in the South was burned, the South was shaken, and the new strong appeared, which was related to the leaders who polluted the land. The land outside the South was branded, the wandering corpse was broken, the ghost king in blood, and the new division of power

Is this really something that happened all morning?

Isn’t it after the year?

Wu jianliu felt that his time was fast forward. How could he have so many things in the morning?

But he couldn’t deceive himself. Wu jianliu looked at the ghost king in blood in front of him, and then looked at the one next to him wearing a scarlet cloak, which was obviously a big man guide from the hotel. At the moment, he is talking at the stone archway, which is the southwest corner of the sacrificial area, the southernmost and near the West.

This is the right place to choose.

Wu XiangLiu thought that in order to talk with the ghost king in blood, he now had Wu Xiangsan’s body and was also wearing a red skirt.

That’s good. It’s good to have a uniform tone.

Wu yuliu has a firm will and will soon get the whole flag up. No, don’t be discouraged. Maybe it’s his chance now! After all, the principal has many people, and he will soon find his name.

Scarlet cloak, this is definitely a very high and powerful tour guide in the interior of the hotel. In this way, the principal should be related to him, or he is the principal. Wu Zhuliu’s mind is a little confused. He still can’t remember many memories, but it’s enough to confirm his status and make sure that he represents a principal.

It is not impossible to return to the camp of the principal!

Wu Liu looked at the ghost king in blood, but now she was looking at him. But this time Wu Zhuliu didn’t keep a low profile and look away from her, but looked at her politely.

It seems that the principal has a good relationship with the bloody ghost king, but with her, Wu Liuming is more at ease… He just plays with balance, Wu Liuming! But he must also express his tough side and never be weak.

The chieftain’s tomb is full of dangers. Even if it temporarily occupies the Southern District, it can’t be taken lightly. Moreover, at present, his power is only in the periphery and middle of Wuluo mountain, which is a time of lack of people. And the principal can’t stay here any longer.

As long as he performs well now, the principal should give him a chance to improve his strength. The more balanced the two sides are, the more favorable it is for the principal!

The ghost king in blood is very oppressive, but Wu XiangLiu is not a vegetarian. He just survived. He can still talk about Fengsheng and all kinds of scenes in the tomb area on that day.

Pingping has never been to the burial area. She listens very carefully, but she thinks more about it in her heart.

I’m afraid he knows more.

Pingping thought.

That’s right. Before, she saw that Wu Xiaoliu sacrificed his life to save Bingjiu at any cost, and entered here when the mountain was cracked. Her strength can’t be underestimated. Moreover, unlike her, Pingping has long been a polluter. Now there is also a kind of pollution energy in her body, which can pollute and occupy the land.

Sure enough, it seems that Wu XiangLiu should be the helper he originally selected. But Wu jianliu has too many thoughts, and Bingjiu continues to make friends with her, I’m afraid it’s also for balance.

Bingjiu… Bing250… Tut.

Pingping, now she can’t understand this man.

hide one ‘s capacities and bide one ‘s time? Personal injury? But the shadow behind him

I can’t figure it out, but Pingping doesn’t want to think about it.


Without much hesitation, Pingping said directly: “ I want to enter the king’s Tomb of shancrack chieftain within half a year.”

“Half a year?”

Wu Zhuo was shocked and lost. When Pingping saw the maggots on her chest, she still insisted, “it’s too fast. I’m afraid the black fog on Wuluo mountain will not disperse for half a year.”

The black fog shrouded the middle of Wuluo mountain, unable to communicate, contact or go up the mountain. Wu yuliu once tried to walk up, but he always returned to his original position strangely, just like a ghost hitting a wall.

But he knew that there were countless horrors on Wuluo mountain. He was frightened at the slightest thought.

“You know a secret road that can directly enter the chieftain’s tomb.”

Pingping didn’t look at Wu jianliu. Her eyes only fell on Wei Xun. After becoming the ghost king, her eyes were red. Against the background of painted black eyes, she looked seeping: “as long as you help me in, others don’t come out.”

Just send her through the secret road into the chieftain King’s tomb. After entering, he can leave.

Hearing this, he frowned, but no longer felt it was completely impossible. He began to weigh the pros and cons, but this was not the occasion for him to weigh them.

It is the man who really makes the decision.

“No, what’s wrong?”

Wei Xun took the crystal stone and carved it carefully. Before, he carved it while walking. The general outline came out, and the rest was carved carefully.  crystal ring, gold amber small octopus, bright gold wires intertwined around the small octopus.

The real little Octopus gathered around Wei Xun’s finger and tried to entangle Wei Xun’s finger. The little Phoenix squatted on the other side of Wei Xun’s finger and looked at the octopus on the ring. His small black eyes showed a fierce look. When he looked at Wei Xun, he became wronged.

It also wants a separately carved ring!

But Wei XunGen didn’t see the little Phoenix. After listening to the sixth report of Wu XunGen and Pingping’s simple and clear needs, Wei Xun didn’t ask Pingping the reason, and youyou said, “what if you think of it?”

“You’re not afraid of death.”

Pingping said coldly and ruthlessly, but Wei Xun hooked his mouth with deep meaning: “you are not afraid of death, of course you are not afraid of death.”



The little octopus and the little Phoenix slapped Wei Xun’s fingers and touched his wings at the same time. Wei Xun didn’t mind. He loosened his fingers and let them go one by one, chatting like: “is half a year enough, no advance?”

I’m afraid Pingping has paid a high price to become the ghost king so soon. Wei Xun saw that her eyes were red and full of anger and evil spirit. Dressed in red, she completely wrapped her body without leaking a trace of skin, which was quite different from the cool and hot clothes in drunk meixiangxi.

Tan Jianwei Xun is also assessing Pingping’s mental status. He is also a master of spirit now. It can be seen that although Pingping tried to be brief, she couldn’t suppress her mania at all.

However, as soon as his sentence came out, Pingping and Wu Xiaoliu looked at him inexplicably.

“The chieftain’s tomb is extremely dangerous.”

Wu Liu implicitly suggested: “and when you get there, I’m afraid…”

There is absolutely more pollution in the middle section of Wuluo mountain, and the principal can’t get out completely, and the tour guide has a very strict influence! Moreover, the hotel does not control the chieftain King’s tomb at present, so it is impossible to send a tour team. The guide can only come alone unless he has… What does he have.

I really can’t remember when I knocked on my head.

“Are you talking to me?”

Pingping looks at Bing 250 and her tone is calm. However, the hostility in her eyes shows that Pingping is extremely manic at present.

Half a year to open the secret road… 58713?

The atmosphere in the field suddenly solidified like a tight string. Wei Xun noticed the change of the atmosphere, but he just asked, “what happened in half a year? It’s six months.”

It’s the end of September. In the next six months, there are year-end celebrations, warm-up competitions, year-end celebrations, and even the “battlefield” three months after the year-end celebrations can be counted in the next six months.

Can’t he go to the chieftain’s tomb six months later? Isn’t that what he’s doing. It’s only a month since he entered the hotel.

What happened in six months? Is it short?

Pingping is silent. Her mood is a little subtle and she wants to beat people. As long as C 250 doesn’t depend on men, she can beat it now.

But half a year later… That’s really not necessarily.

“That’s a deal.”

Wei Xun set the tone of cooperation in a few words. Pingping and Wu guoliu agreed that he would release the mutant devil insects in his territory, and Wu guoliu would provide Cuidao with all kinds of mutant, powerful insects and strange plants except maggots every month. Pingping will tell him some information about the chieftain King’s tomb, and will be responsible for guarding his territory and repelling the invaders when Cuidao is not here.

The “Cuidao” is responsible for helping wuzhuliu explore the burial area within half a year and helping Pingping enter the chieftain King’s tomb through the secret road.

He promised the former not only because Wei Xun was also interested in the burial area, but also because Pingping told him that the secret road was deep in the burial area.

It has to be cleaned up anyway.

Wu XiangLiu wants to restore his memory more, but he is more vigilant to the principal – since he can deprive his memory and return it to him, who knows if he will add something else to his memory?

He wants to remember more.

Wei Xun didn’t communicate with him much here. Although Wei Xun was curious about who Wu jianliu was, it seemed to involve Hotel secrets and couldn’t be disclosed.

So Wei Xun can only promise Wu jianliu that he will take good care of Wu Jianer and take Wu Jianer out.

Before his “negotiation”, the unconscious Wuzhuer was sent back by the live pearl, just at the junction of shipaifang and the dark forest in the Southern District. He is very cautious and still has no idea of communicating directly with Wei Xun, but he is also very bold.

Maggot two is inlaid with an “eye”, and with maggot two comes a small live bead.

The live beads without the colored cocoon shell look like slim. Wei Xun once played a small game. In the game, slim sometimes has extra silver coins wrapped in his body. The silver coins can be seen through his translucent body.

This little live bead is quite like that kind of silver coin slim, but its body is not silver coin, but a table tennis ball sized thing like an egg.

“It should be able to communicate with its kind.”

After signing the contract, Pingping left without hesitation, leaving Wei Xun and Wu jianliu behind. Maggot 2, who was still unconscious, was checked by wuzhuliu. Unfortunately, even wuzhuliu couldn’t wake it up. Moreover, this little living bead is very unfriendly to Wuxiang six, so Wei Xun can only separate it for the time being.

At this time, Wei xunzai showed that the little live bead was not far away from maggot II. It was like that maggot II had a pet.

“In this way, you can take it out and communicate with me at any time.”

Wu Wu has eyes, which can communicate with him and the living beads of the forest in the south.

“Can magic insects enter the live beads? If the corpse hatched by the live beads is a zombie or a new corpse… Is the corpse in the live beads a zombie?”

Wu Zhuliu was a little distracted, and his mind was still on the little living ball. Wei Xun listened to his little Zhuo muttering, and he was obviously a research talent. If Wei Xun hadn’t been afraid that Xiaocui would be pregnant with a corpse and didn’t put Xiaocui in front of Wu Xiaoliu, he might have a common language.

Although the pattern is a little small… But the pattern is small! One group of four maggots is enough!

“Are the eyes on his body the same as those on Wu Xiaowu?”

“No, it’s different.”

Wu yuliu hesitated for a moment, then stood up and said, “come with me.”


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