TTG Chapter 27

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (27)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 27: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

“Scattered, scattered, the black wind scattered!”

Complaining that director C and the monster are in full swing in the black wind, Wang surging outside. They are burning with anxiety. After the ghost wall is no longer, the disturbed electronic equipment finally returns to normal, but the time has reached 10:30.

They must return to Yingzhu Miao village before 11 o’clock, not to mention the missing Hou Feihu and others. Now Bingjiu is still fighting and there are signs of an end. Xu Chen stares at the black wind and looks for Bingjiu’s figure. He uses his eyes too much, and both eyes shed blood and tears.

Just when they tried their best to rush to Bingjiu, the invisible wall separating them from Bingjiu disappeared, and even the black wind of resentment dispersed together, revealing Bingjiu’s figure.

It’s over!

The anxious Zhao Hongtu rushed over first and said, “director C” also called for the exit. He saw that Bingjiu jumped in place like crazy and trampled on the puddle. The sound of help was almost choking. He sobbed and scolded him for saying “you can’t die well for old Wu”, “buy pesticides” and so on.

Zhao Hongtu was stunned by the terrible scars on Bingjiu’s body. Then he heard Bingjiu crying – no, no, first, he heard wrong. How could guide Bingjiu choke. Zhao Hongtu suddenly shook his head, anxiously grabbed Bing Jiu’s sleeve and asked:

“Director C, brother Hou, they disappeared. You know them -”

“Don’t say that yet. Hurry up!”

Wang pengpai, Xu Chen and Yu he’an rushed over. Wang pengpai rushed at Zhao Hongtu, winked, grabbed Bingjiu, fought against him, and rushed in the direction of the SUV. Zhao Hongtu, who grabbed the third nine sleeves, was taken to run for a few steps. He felt cold when he went in the direction Wang pengpai had just winked.

I saw that the originally dispersed fog gathered again and pushed forward from the upstream of Xiaolong river. The waves surged like a magnificent sea of clouds. In the blink of an eye, they touched the graves and rushed towards them.

The sense of crisis pierced his nerves like a needle. Zhao Hongtu’s scalp was numb. He felt a strong sense of death crisis from the rolling clouds. Without much to say, his instinct drove him to turn around and run away. When he ran to the off-road vehicle, he realized that Wang pengpai had taken Bingjiu to the middle seat, and Xu Chen was on fire in the driver’s seat.

“Come on, get in the car!”

Xu Chen eagerly asked Zhao Hongtu to rush into the car. The door was still open. Xu Chen stepped on the accelerator and slammed the steering wheel. A drift almost threw Zhao Hongtu out.

“Bang -”

The off-road vehicle drifted, splashed mud and water, roared like a beast, turned around and rushed to Yingzhu Miao village. It was as fast as running for its life in a hurry. The rolling sea of fog followed closely, with a slight difference from the place where the car had parked just now.

Cold and overcast, people’s scalp numb with cold, and there are warning signs all over the body.

“Hou, brother Hou!!”

When Zhao Hongtu saw this scene, his pupils shrank suddenly and he wanted to grab the steering wheel like crazy: “stop! Brother Hou, they’re still coming up! ”

“Don’t move!”

Xu Chen exclaimed in surprise. Avoiding Zhao Hongtu’s action, the SUV turned a big corner, banged and almost fell into Xiaolong river. The babies in the basket cried loudly, which made people upset. The thick fog followed up a lot, which made Xu Chen’s face white and covered with cold sweat: “you’re not dying!”

Zhao Hongtu gritted his teeth, held the long bow and sank his face. Without saying a word, he wanted to open the door and jump to the door. There is an extremely terrible danger in the thick fog behind him. He can’t turn the whole car around to find Hou Feihu and others, but Zhao Hongtu is unwilling to throw Hou Feihu and the Miao team away.

He’s going to find it himself!

“Xiao Zhao, the little scenic spot is over, okay! Miao team, they have also completed the small scenic spot! ”

Wang pengpai got up and grabbed Zhao Hongtu’s collar with his big hand. He grabbed him back like a chicken. He neatly fastened his seat belt and tied him up. He roared: “it’s just that the two waves of people have separated projects. I’ve seen it before. Look, it’s urgent for you.”

“Two waves of people separated… Have you ever had a project?”

The confused Zhao Hongtu seemed to have grasped the straw. Yu he’an suddenly brightened his eyes. They almost talked differently. They asked urgently, “brother Hou, is the Miao team / Huihui still alive?”

“Live, Ken, all live, let’s have a hundred hearts.”

Wang pengpai said that his knowledgeable and stable attitude relaxed their tense nerves a little: “remember, this is only a dangerous journey, and there can be no absolutely unsolvable project. It’s impossible to choose the wrong ghost baby and die. ”

“We’ve at most taken two different branches. Do you understand? If you don’t believe it, ask director C when you go back and make sure they’re still alive. Trust me.”

“Really, really.”

Yu he’an stammered and was worried. The probe wanted to ask Bingjiu, as if he wanted to grasp the straw: “BingDao, BingDao – BingDao, you have blood on your body!”

He suddenly changed his tone and raised it several degrees. He was frightened by the blood soaked in the seat on Bingjiu. The fat man who carried Bingjiu was also full of blood. The two people were like rolling in a sea of blood. Yu he’an was frightened into incoherence:

“Come on, stop bleeding for guide C, guide C, guide C -”

“Be quiet.”

A kind and indifferent word made Yu he’an like a goose whose head was pinched by the neck. He didn’t dare to say a word, but he still tried his best to make his eyes hint. If you bleed like this, even director C will die!

“It’s the ghost of Wu Laoliu.”

Calm down, Zhao Hongtu found his reason, lowered his voice, and told Wang pengpai and others what he had heard before. He realized that the situation of Bingjiu was wrong. Just now he grabbed the sleeve of Bingjiu, and Wang pengpai carried Bingjiu into the car. Bingjiu had no reaction!

Obviously, although the battle was over, the damned vicious old ghost of Wu Laoliu, Ken, caused serious mental injury to director C. Zhao Hongtu suddenly realized that they were wrong from the beginning. At the beginning of the bargain, director C did not fall into the wind in their imagination, but took advantage of it. No wonder the bamboo basket is so cheap.

However, Wu laoliuken has a grudge against director C. I’m afraid he has been lying in ambush nearby. When director C was about to pass the task, he suddenly attacked him. Only then did he get so seriously injured and even feel a little trance.

i see!

Yu he’an, Xu Chen and others suddenly realized that Wang pengpai made a suddenly realized expression with him, but he was worried about gritting his teeth. What black old six sneaked attacks, what follows him. Bingjiu is now in this situation. It is clear that the tour guide has lost San!

Generally, the loss of San by tour guides is divided into three stages. When the San value is 50-90, it is a slight loss of San, when the San value is 30-50, it is a moderate loss of San, and when the San value is 30-50, it is a high loss of San. No, the performance of the loss of San by tour guides is not good. There are manic, crazy, becoming infertile and extremely resistant – but Wang pengpai really thought that this C Jiu could really reach this level!

It’s only those platinum tour guides who dare to lose San. Don’t other tour guides dare to count down to death less than a month? Even the butcher’s tour guide rarely feels the need to keep the countdown to death in three days.

Why is Bingjiu so crazy!

Just now, Wang pengpai put Bingjiu on his shoulder. When he got into the car and took sugar from his pocket, he remembered that it was bad. Bingjiu could belong to the brigade. Without the comfort of the team members, San value could not recover.

It’s easy to treat the injury. The guide adds some death countdown and buys some treatment props in the hotel. The worst thing is that Bingjiu falls into a state of negative resistance and allows the blood to continue to flow, so he will die sooner or later.

If Bingjiu is finished, the brigade is basically finished!

However, it will take at least half a day for Bingjiu to be finished. The crisis they are facing now is imminent.

“Xu Chen, drive faster!”

Wang pengpai has been catching up with the thick fog behind him. The gray fog is getting closer and closer. The buzzing comes from the fog. It seems that there are hundreds of millions of flying mosquitoes in it. The buzzing helps people feel numb.

This is a monster after the end of the welfare project. The hotel seems to be going to give passengers unlimited challenges. The rewards of the welfare project are rich, and the danger after completion is extremely terrible. Passengers often relax their vigilance after completing welfare projects, and then are swallowed up by fog monsters.

There are many kinds of fog monsters. Wang pengpai knew that they met fog mosquitoes this time. These little things are extremely difficult to entangle. They love to lay eggs in warm flesh and blood, turning people into their puppet granary. The only advantage is that they will not attack from a distance. As long as the car drives fast enough and can stay away from the fog area, it will not be hurt.

But now the speed of the off-road vehicle is getting slower and slower. The fog area, which was more than 20 meters away from the vehicle, has followed closely, and is about to lick the tail order of the off-road vehicle!

“A flat tire!”

Xu Chen, who has always been calm, was so tense that he almost broke his voice: “I can’t get up soon!”

A tyre burst just after a sharp turn, and he was driving on a muddy road. Xu Chen had done his best just to stabilize the current speed. His driving skills were just average, and he could not accelerate again.

The house leak happened to rain at night. At this time, the off-road vehicle crashed with a bang. The whole car sank and the wheels turned in place, but there was no way forward.

“In the pit, how to do!”

Xu Chen hurriedly stepped on the accelerator, but he couldn’t let the car go forward anyway. The outline of Yingzhu Miao village in front could be seen, but the car broke down here: “jump and run, the car can’t drive!”

Intermediate passengers are estimated to have experienced welfare programs. They don’t know how terrible fog mosquitoes are. How can people’s legs run past mosquitoes.

“We’ll all die if we lose the car!”

Wang pengpai threw himself out and rolled up his sleeves: “fuck, let the fat man come. Xiao Zhao, come back! ”

The more the crisis, the more we need a firm and helpful voice. It’s too late to think about it. Zhao Hongtu in the co pilot’s seat strides to the middle seat. Xu Chen goes to the co pilot, and Wang pengpai sits in the driver’s seat. Transposition is just more than ten seconds, but the fog has covered the off-road vehicle.

I just heard that mosquitoes were lying on the window glass, like covering a layer of wheat bran, out of sight. The most frightening thing was the Zi La Zi corrosion help from all over the outside of the car – fog mosquitoes were corroding the off-road vehicle!

As long as they erode through the car, the people inside will become lambs to be slaughtered. Even if Wang pengpai moves fast, the situation has reached a dangerous level that is difficult to reverse. Zhao Hongtu holds the long bow tightly, and his heart beats as heavy as a drum. It is no longer important not to regret later. In the dark, his eyes are as sharp as an eagle, staring at the side of Bing Jiu and a point on the door. Where the corrosion is the most serious.

Time seemed to solidify at the moment. They were like fish on the knife and feet and lambs to be slaughtered. Zhao Hongtu clenched his teeth and started at the moment when the monster eroded through the door, but at the moment, the scene in front of him froze his blood.

Bingjiu, who has been leaning quietly against the door, unexpectedly opened the window!

“What are you doing!”

Zhao Hongtu hurried to pull Bingjiu’s arm, but it was too late. The window was completely opened by Bingjiu. The buzzing suddenly rang. Fog mosquitoes swarmed in, and everyone had to die——

No, No.

Fog mosquitoes swarmed in, and they all stopped on Bingjiu’s left arm full of blood out of the window!

The fog mosquitoes that sucked his blood actually began to die in large areas. Wei Xun’s arms shook slightly, and the mosquitoes broke apart like frozen ice crystals.


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