TTG Chapter 270

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 270: It’s bad luck to be called brother

Wu Laoliu directly led Wei Xun into the ancestral hall, which is the core “scenic spot” of the sacrificial area. Only when he controls it can he truly become the ruler of the sacrificial area.

However, Wu Laoliu can’t completely master the sacrificial area. After all, a month is too short. He hasn’t cleaned up all kinds of monsters hidden in the sacrificial area. Therefore, at present, the ancestral hall is the safest place in the sacrificial area and the core hometown of Wu Laoliu.

Wei Xun knows that Wu Laoliu will bring him here. I’m afraid he mistakenly thinks that he has the main person. Those “Wu brothers” tricks are meaningless to the main person.

“His current situation is too special.”

Wu Laoliu opened the deepest door of the ancestral hall and explained, “although the second is parasitized by live beads, he is still me.”

In other words, Wu Laoliu can still control Wu Laoliu’s body, replace his consciousness and control his body.


“Sixth brother, are you back?”

As soon as the door was opened, I saw a boy looking back. His Jade Snow was lovely. He looked like he was only four or five years old. His black hair was pulled at the back of his head, and two strands of hair fell on his cheek, reflected on his pale and bloodless skin.

Wei Xun has long found that the guide’s skin seems very white, which is an unhealthy color, but the child’s skin is no white as Wei Xun’s. Feeling Wei Xun’s gaze, the child looked at him curiously, with red eyes like rabbits. It’s just that his pale skin and blue fundus make him look a little gloomy.

“Who is this?”

“He is…”

“Let me talk to him.”

Wu Laoliu just spoke, but Wei Xun raised his hand and stopped him. When the door was closed again, Wu Laoliu retreated out. Only Wei Xun and Wu Laowu were left in the deepest part of the ancestral hall.

Without the presence of Wu Laoliu, Wei Xun no longer hid his interest. He approached him, looked down at Wu Laowu, and reached out to touch the slit in his forehead and heart like closed eyes.

Wu Laowu didn’t dodge. He even raised his head to respond when Wei Xun stretched out his hand, closed his eyes like a docile kitten, and let the cold fingers covered by gloves touch his forehead and heart.

Sure enough, Wu Laowu was abnormal.

As soon as he entered the door, maggot gave an alarm. All the four maggot brothers had drunk Wei Xun’s blood, so he could control them. Although the black fog shielding force on Wuluo mountain is too strong, Wei Xun can’t feel it if it’s far away, but Wei Xun feels it clearly when he’s face-to-face from a close distance.

Wu Laowu didn’t have any blood on him!

Although he was still dressed in human skin and his body was full of worms, Wu Laoliu could no longer control him. Maggot two hesitated and said, “Xiao Si is smart and has his own idea”, but Wei Xun felt that he and maggot two had already been fundamentally different! And this difference is not only brought by the eye on his forehead.

It’s more like

“You say.”

Taking back his finger, Wei Xun was more interested in Wu Laowu. He said with great interest, “who am I?”


Wu Laowu spoke crisply without hesitation. He opened his eyes as like as two peas in the red eye pupil, almost like a caper, and two maggots of maggots, almost three identical to his face when he first saw Wei Xun: “master, you finally came to see little four!”


Wei Xun seemed to smile: “No.”

He suddenly took his hand and grabbed Wu Laowu’s fragile neck. His tone was still calm: “why is the gift I gave you missing?”

The gift he said was the drop of blood in the past.

“Gift, gift…”

The boy who was strangled by his neck was at a loss. His eyes were filled with tears. He looked very poor and really soft hearted. He didn’t even dare to pick Wei Xun’s hand. His voice was full of thin tears: “sorry, master, Xiao Si is really hungry…”

“Oh? Really.”

Wei Xun didn’t let go and said carelessly, “then I’ll give you another gift.”

At the moment he spoke, a green filament stretched out from his fingertips and stabbed the boy’s heart with lightning speed! When the silk thread appeared, the boy who had been crying widened his eyes and didn’t seem to respond, but his body fell soft in an instant. A dark shadow passed behind him and was about to disappear into the dark in an instant.

He’s running!

But Wei Xun’s “gift” is not to lead silk.

A tentacle stretched out, full of resentment, pressed a corner of the darkness. While Wei Xun grabbed the boy’s neck, the little Octopus thrown to the ground like a ball by Wei Xun had a temper. It directly tore the darkness here to pieces, leaving the other party nowhere to hide. Seeing that he was at an absolute disadvantage, it seemed as if he would be torn up by a small octopus in the next moment, but the shadow didn’t break the boat and fight for a fish to die.

Unexpectedly, it suddenly turned back. When Wei Xun thought he was going to kidnap him, the dark shadow ran in front of him, the next moment——

“Master, please, forgive me!”

The shadow fell to the ground like a tiger down the mountain and knelt down in front of him!



Five minutes later, everything was calm. Wei Xun sat opposite the boy. Under the absolute power oppression of the little octopus, the shadow returned to the boy again.

“Worthy of being the master, you are really too strong!”

The boy sighed that he could not see that just now they were still “he escaped and he chased”.

“I’m really lucky to follow my master!”


There was nothing to say. The boy immediately knocked his head again. He knocked down hard, and he knocked a hole in the floor. Looking up again, the human skin on his forehead was cracked and shook, revealing a “red line”.

No, these “red lines” are all alive. They are actually red worms crawling like fine lines! These red insects are very thin, very long and messy, like blood or scarlet hair.

But Wei Xun has been well-informed and calm in the face of red insects.

No wonder Wu Laoliu can no longer control Wu Laowu.

Wei Xun thought.

Wu Laowu is not even a maggot in his body. How can he control it.

But Wu Laowu is still a part of the “original owner”, but he no longer belongs to maggot Laoliu. Just as Tong Hege’s spirit participated in the different forms of Polygonum multiflorum essence at that time.

Did Wu Laoliu’s original tour guide also divide into several parts?

“What kind of bug is this?”

Wei Xun ignored the man’s good words and asked directly.

“It’s not something of value.”

The boy kowtowed to Wei Xun again: “it’s just some mutant giant wireworms. They’re nothing without their master’s blood.”

Human skin maggots, mutant giant wireworms, two distinct insects, are related to corpses.

But human skin maggots prefer human corpses to zombies. However, the mutant giant Nematoda prefers the corpses of insects.

Two kinds of corpse worms. Wei Xun had an idea. I’m afraid it was the special environment of the chieftain King’s tomb, coupled with the mountain god’s pollution and eyes, and Wei Xun’s blood that changed maggot four. From the maggot of the old black six to the side of the wireworm.

Can there be such a change? It’s like a whisker of Polygonum multiflorum mutated into a Taisui. How did you do it? Wei Xun was also surprised. Is it the special point of the tour guide, or can it be done by reborn tourists?

If this is the case, passengers who are reborn and split will not have to bother to find it. They will be finished by mutation.

But it’s not that simple.

“You’re weak.”

Wei Xun sighed. Compared with Wu Laoliu, the little wireworm boy in front of him is really weak. I’m afraid he’s worse than maggot two just looking at his strength. But weak to weak, he looks very smart.

That’s interesting.

Wu Laoliu is also very alert and cautious, but only carrying a maggot is almost like a real insect. At most, the wireworm child is transformed from one sixth of the black old six. His IQ should be a little worse than that of the black old six.

But this is not the case.

Without the master’s blood, they are nothing

The child specially said this sentence. Does his blood play a role? Although Xiao Si didn’t drink the blood near the butterfly tattoo, the butterfly fragments were in Wei Xun’s body, and his blood might have some variation.

“I’ll give you another drop of blood. Do you want it?”

“Thank you, master. It’s very kind of you!”

Hearing Wei Xun’s words, the little boy was overjoyed on the spot and almost knocked his head down again. But Wei Xun’s next words made him stiff.

“But you must drink the blood in front of me.”

Wei Xun took out the blood near the butterfly tattoo. With his current strength and the influence of the butterfly tattoo, as long as the little boy drinks his blood again, he will definitely be controlled by him again.

The influence of ‘eyes’? He has a good relationship with the living beads. Where would he be afraid of the influence of his eyes. He would take off the little boy’s eyes before pouring blood.

Wei Xun looked at him with a smile and waited for the other party’s reply. But unexpectedly, just a second or two of hesitation, the little wireworm boy made a decision and responded neatly.


Then he added, “Xiao Si is already the owner!”


Wei Xun’s mind moved, which was different from what he expected. He thought the little four should be very afraid of being controlled, otherwise he wouldn’t have reacted so much when he tried with a lead wire.


“Do you think red and green look good?”

Without warning, Wei Xun instantly showed his lead wire and saw the little boy’s pupil shaking and his face blank.

“Tear -”

Sure enough, he reacted the most to the wire pulling. When Wei Xun was thinking about it, he heard the sound of tearing suddenly. The little boy’s human skin was directly broken. The next second, Wei Xun saw a large mess of crawling wireworms gushing out like a tide, collapsing in all directions, everywhere in the sky and underground!

Wei Xun:

Wei Xun closed his eyes, held his breath, and a relieved smile hung around his mouth.

I just feel that I have seen through the world of mortals and can become an immortal in situ.

Now that it’s all like this——

Facing the swinging red wireworms, Wei Xun made up his mind, opened his eyes again, and suddenly showed the lead wire again.

Anyway, the human skin is fried and the wireworms are sprayed. What else is terrible.

When Wei Xun thought so, he saw that at the moment when the lead wire appeared, the red worms in front of him burst together! Then countless smaller wireworms sprang out of their cracked bodies!

Ah, this, this

Wei Xun suffocated and wanted to stay away from this place of right and wrong immediately. But the next moment, his eyes flashed.

Some of the newly exploded small wireworms are red, some are half red and half black, and some are pure black. They are so small, but they are so long that they look like——

Clumps of hair.



“Parasitic insects, nature of wireworms, hair?”

Rustling, groups of red wireworms wriggled on the ground. The bloody wireworms were obviously stronger. They gradually swallowed and grew half red, half black and black nematodes. They are divided into dozens of groups, each with a powerful red wireworm.

After turning into insects, the instinct occupies the vast majority. After these red wireworms devour a similar species and become a “winner”, they expect AI Chong Wei Xun to raise his upper body and show his strength like a fighting dog.

But Wei Xun was washing his eyes with a little Phoenix and didn’t see any insects.

“Does it have anything to do with the puppet master?”

He talked to himself as if thinking.

The little wireworm boy is not afraid of being controlled. He is only afraid of pulling wires.

The true color of the wireworm is black. It turns red after absorbing Wei Xun’s blood.

It’s a natural color wireworm. It looks like hair.

These three seemingly unrelated points made Wei Xun think of the puppet master and the hair ghost who also appeared in drunk Western Hunan.

“Lead wire…”

Wei Xun’s fingers moved slightly, as if he were touching a thin line that could not be seen in the empty air. What he stirred was the lead wire between himself and the half life Taoist.

When he came out from the fifth floor of the underground palace, half life Taoist priest pulled out the puppet silk that the old ancestor of Yinshan controlled him and handed it to Wei Xun, saying that it might be useful for the title of control.

Half life Taoist said it should be used to make the corresponding props and weapons, but Wei Xun didn’t have time to do it at that time. This thing came from the puppet master and must be handled carefully, so it was put on hold for the time being.

But later Wei Xun found that perhaps it was because the puppet silk had controlled the half life Taoist, and Wei Xun’s lead silk had connected the Yinshan ancestor and the half life Taoist. This puppet silk had a subtle connection with his lead silk. When Wei Xun connects the half life Taoist priest with the lead wire, and the puppet wire is next to him, his lead wire can have the smell of puppet wire.

There is no variation in the title of lead silk. It can’t make the other party become a real puppet. It’s just bluffing. After all, it’s a second tour guide. When Wei Xun bluffed the little boy with this hand just now, he used the lead wire. I’m afraid he brought this momentum.

But if you are not afraid of being controlled, you should not be afraid of pulling the wire.

Then he had a violent reaction to the puppet master’s momentum, and it was obviously not friendly, but more like a hostile escape.

Why is that?

The puppet master killed Wu Laoliu? Maybe not. He has no memory of the past.

The black one, like a wireworm with hair, made Wei Xun think of the ghost of hair somehow.

A tour guide who has also been to drunk Western Hunan and is absolutely loyal to the puppet master. During his journey to northern Tibet, Wei Xun knew that his hair could kill female wasps through parasitic wasps.

Hair, is it really just hair.

Puppet Master, wireworm, drunk beauty in Western Hunan, hair ghost B 49

“What a pity.”

Wei Xun sighed. It’s a pity that all the ghost hair you got from the hair ghost was eaten by the little fox cub. After all, the ghost killed Tianhu in drunk Western Hunan, which can be regarded as revenge.

But if Fagui B 49 really has the identity he imagined, what is the little wireworm boy in front of him?


Wei Xun has made a decision. He doesn’t take maggot 2 out. He wants to take this little four out to see the world! Just do it. Wei Xun summoned maggot two to “communicate” with the little live beads around him. He buttoned the eyes on maggot two’s forehead and threw them into the red line insects. At the same time, Wei Xun sprinkled a pile of Butterfly Tattoo blood.

The waiting time was quite long this time. Wei Xun carved the ring and strolled around the ancestral hall until the ring was almost engraved and it was completely dark. The new “little boy” was not successfully released until midnight.

He was still wearing the old human skin, which was crisscrossed with red marks, as if he had been subjected to some inhumane abuse. In fact, it was the marks left by the blood red ironworms. On the basis of a vertical line, he added a horizontal line on his forehead, which looked like a cross.

When he woke up, Wei Xun put down his ring and stood in front of him. He saw the boy slowly open his eyes. For a moment, it seemed that thousands of blood filaments were winding in his blood red eyes. The most terrible thing was that the blood filaments were still wriggling!


In the twinkling of an eye, the blood faded, and the red eyes returned to clarity. The little boy walked up to Wei Xun, bowed his head meekly, his eyes closed, and his attachment was general.

“You won’t be called Wu Laowu anymore.”

Wei Xun tried to take him back to the devil bug ball, but failed. Maybe it’s the eye.

If you can’t take back the magic bug ball, you have to take it with you. The name Wu Laowu is too conspicuous and easy to attract others’ attention.

“Just call it Xiaohong.”

In fact, Wei Xun wanted to call him Xiaoxue at first, but when he thought that Xiaoxue’s nickname was the same as a snow leopard, it didn’t seem very good.

Just call it Xiao Hong.

“Good master! The master is very kind. The name is really nice. Xiao Hong likes it!”

Xiao Hong said happily, pulled Wei Xun’s clothes and showed him a big smiling face. The smile was so bright that the mouth was cracked, and the red wireworms inside began to sew and mend busily again.

“Don’t call me master when you go out.”

Wei Xun said that the title of master was too conspicuous.

“Then call me, call me brother.”

For such a child, it’s best to call him brother.

“Really, really, really!”

Xiao Hong was very excited. Qi Aiai, the corners of her mouth cracked and cracked, and even the wireworms with good performance tried to stretch out from the crack and swing at Wei Xun. It looked like the whole group of demons were dancing. It made Wei Xun smoke from the corners of her eyes and scolded: “calm down! Don’t do this after you go out. Come on, call your brother to listen.”


Xiaohong replied, “brother!”

Is that the feeling of being called brother?

Wei Xun tasted it carefully, but his eyebrows were getting tighter and tighter.

Why didn’t you feel comfortable, but a little ominous? This should not

[warning! Tour guide C 250, your doomsday punishment has not been lifted yet!]

The low voice sound is in Wei Xun’s mind. The chieftain’s tomb was not under the control of the hotel. The voice of the hotel could not be heard. The only thing he could hear was the voice of the principal. At this time, opening is more like a reminder.

His doomsday punishment is not over! The previous doomsday punishment content was [your positive feelings and emotions will gradually disappear!]. The first time it disappeared was Shuang. Now it’s 0:00 in the morning. It’s just three days since Shuang lost!

Sure enough, as Wei Xun expected, the next time will come again in a few days! If he did not pass through the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing in advance, this time point is the most critical time for sacrifice!

But now the situation is not optimistic. Wei Xun seems to feel a sense of depression and worry in his voice… What kind of punishment can make you worry? Suddenly, Wei Xun felt the darkness around him. His tentacles completely wrapped him from top to bottom, completely controlled him, and the next second——

[your doomsday punishment this time is -]

Wei Xun seemed to hear a faint sigh, but then he had no time to be distracted!

[warning! Tour guide C 250, your “painless” feeling has disappeared!]

[the hotel regrets to remind you that if you don’t find a way to relieve the punishment as soon as possible, you will always be in pain!]

The severe pain was like a thorn whip, which suddenly and fiercely pulled at Wei Xun’s nerve!

“Ah –!”

The author has something to say:

Wei Xun: how cool!


Wei Xun: Tui, it’s bad luck to be called brother!

Xi Mou:?

An MOU:?

Brother group:?

The elder brother group decided to get angry with 500 red envelopes and wash away Wei · bad luck · Mou Xun!


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