TTG Chapter 271

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 271: what is Wei Xun’s most wanted adventure?

In a daze, Wei Xun’s consciousness gradually returns. When the pain is severe to a certain extent, people will naturally protect themselves and cut off the connection between perception and reality. It can be said that Wei Xun fainted at the moment when the sharp pain far exceeded his ability to bear.

I don’t know how long it has passed. I completely lost my sense of time. In a trance, Wei Xun only felt as if some voice was calling him. This man must be very patient. Wei Xun thought that even without any response, the man was still calling his name and never stopped for a moment.

It’s a little noisy.

Many times, Wei Xun wants to sleep deeper. He doesn’t remember why he is in this situation, but people’s instinct of self-protection doesn’t want to face the sharp pain after waking up, which imperceptibly makes Wei Xun unwilling to wake up.

But every time I almost fell into a black and sweet dream, it was this voice that called his name again and again.

As if he didn’t wake up, the man could hold on to the end of the earth for a long time.

Who is he to me?

The question was fleeting, and Wei Xun didn’t study it deeply, as if he already had an answer in his heart.

But he didn’t wake up.

Can you really hold on until the end of time?

Wei Xun wondered, what if I just don’t wake up?

If others were in his position, they might be sober and moved because of the noise, but Wei Xun was careless and didn’t care much.

He could feel the man’s call, as if he didn’t want to immerse him in deeper darkness. But Wei Xun was curious.

What’s in the dark?

He was more interested in the depths of darkness than in waking up, as if something was calling him there.

Without the call of this voice, I’m afraid Wei Xun could not wait to sink.

If you keep calling me, I won’t go down.

Wei Xun thought lazily.

If you don’t call me, I’ll go down and have a look.

This is the best of both worlds.

This state lasted for a while. He seemed to realize that a simple call could not wake him up. The man outside decided to use both mouth and hand.


Wei Xun suddenly tightened up, like an electric current suddenly rushed into the deepest part of his body, and his soul became crisp and numb. He subconsciously wanted to hold his hand, but he couldn’t move at all, as if he had been firmly fixed to the ground. Happiness surged in layers like water waves. He was like trapped on a rock in the sea.

The tide rises and falls. When the waves fall, there is a short breathing opportunity, but more often, the waves will submerge the reef and bring people

The sense of suffocation made Wei Xun energetic all of a sudden.

If you tell me about compulsory happiness, I’ll be in good spirits!

Can’t control, can’t move, can’t even control happiness, can only be given. This joy of completely delivering himself and letting the other party control makes Wei Xun directly not want to do that in the dark.

He wants to go to heaven now!

“Ji… Continue…”

Wei Xun’s first action when he struggled to wake up from the darkness was to hold the man’s hand and probe down. His voice was more hoarse than expected, like a dead man climbing out of hell, just to do his best and shout in a hoarse and dry voice——

“Don’t stop.”

But the other party still stopped. Wei Xun was tense, but his happiness about to reach the peak could not be released. He subconsciously began to struggle. At the same time, when he woke up, the other party lowered his head as if to observe his situation. Between the two movements, Wei Xun seemed to rub against something soft.

The next moment, the other party suddenly got up, and the hands that had suppressed Wei Xun also loosened. Wei Xun took the opportunity to raise his arm with his last strength and put his arms around the man’s neck.

“Help me…”

His face was close to the man’s face, and his hair was close to his hair. He sighed and almost whispered: “an Xuefeng…”

Wei Xun’s whisper was so low that no one could hear except them. Wei Xun’s words made the other party’s body stiff, like an anxious but hesitant beast. His muscles were tight and stiff like stones.

But Wei Xun was very wet. The sweat and physiological tears brought by the severe pain made him wet all over, and his skin seemed to be covered with a shallow water film between his hair. The water film binds two independent people together and softens the rock, as if it were completely integrated. You have me and I have you, and they can no longer be separated from each other.

The stalemate is always the other party’s final retreat. He holds his hand again. Obviously, he can set off the waves that make him out of control, but he can’t leave as ruthlessly as the waves. In the end, he can only be helpless and tolerant, and carefully wrap the slightly salty sweat in the originally wild and bitter salty water.

Wei Xun was cool. In the end, he couldn’t even control to grasp an Xuefeng’s hair, but an Xuefeng’s hair was too short. Wei Xun’s closed fingers tightened and finally slipped off. The wet between his fingers was his sweat and an Xuefeng’s sweat.

An Xuefeng is sweating.

An Xuefeng, who has always been calm and calm, was forced to sweat a little. What does this mean?

Wei Xun’s spirit is divergent in the aftertaste, and he is lazy and unwilling to move. He pretended to close his eyes and hum, trying to disguise that he was still unable to wake up in a nightmare. But

He was too lazy to scream. Naturally, this disguise could not deceive others.

When an Xuefeng began to clean his body, Wei Xun tried to lie down, but an Xuefeng had great strength. As soon as he lifted his arm, he lifted him up like a cat and wrapped him in a quilt.

Yes, quilt.

After Wei Xun sensed that an Xuefeng was sweating, he knew that they should no longer be in the chieftain’s tomb.

The principal can’t sweat, let alone short hair. An Xuefeng is not temporarily borrowing his body, but more like a real one. Wei Xun once saw an Xuefeng on his way home.

After he was in a coma due to pain, I’m afraid a lot of things happened, which led to a change of mind. He took him back to the hotel in advance and sent him to an Xuefeng. There was no hint from the hotel. At best, he was imprisoned by an Xuefeng. At worst, it was not five o’clock in the morning. Although an Xuefeng took him away from the chieftain King’s tomb, he shielded the hotel by special means. The journey to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing has not ended.

But Wei Xun doesn’t care about this at present. He uses a low voice to arouse an Xuefeng’s attention, and holds it up again at the moment when an Xuefeng unties the quilt.

Short hair, sweat drops, real, belong to men’s powerful body, an Xuefeng himself.

It’s so exciting.

“Do you really just want to drive manual with me?”

Wei Xun rubbed around and muttered hints.

“Listen to Zhou Xiyang, you also like adventure… There’s a mountain I’ve wanted to go to for a long time. It’s called Qiuming mountain. Do you want to… Hiss!”

The sharp pain from his waist inspired Wei Xun. He bounced like a live fish, but he was still firmly held by an Xuefeng.

“Do you still want to drive to qiumingshan like this?”

An Xuefeng’s voice was slightly ironic and dignified. He just pinched Xia Weixun’s waist and left a red mark at most. But Wei Xun’s reaction was too violent.

People have all kinds of feelings. They feel happy and painful. Wei Xun has no pain, but in the judgment of the hotel, he does not have no pain, but has a “painless feeling”.

The deprivation of doomsday punishment makes the pain disappear and makes Wei Xun feel the pain again. In the past, he was numb to pain, but now he has a sense of sensitivity. In addition, Wei Xun’s first, he directly threw out an Xuefeng’s pain out of control, which makes an Xuefeng worried.

I don’t know how high the pain iceberg in Wei Xun’s spiritual fantasy is. An Xuefeng suspects that he has developed another mountain system. Excessive pain will make people completely out of control, like an avalanche, while Wei Xun is still heartless and even wants to surf on the avalanche.


An Xuefeng frowned, but when he saw Wei Xun, who was weak, collapsed and curled up in his arms and closed his mouth because of pain, those preaching words couldn’t be said. Finally

There is only one sigh left.

“I said before…”

Wei Xun closed his mouth and was unhappy that he couldn’t go to the famous autumn mountain. He felt that the whole person was bad. When an Xuefeng took him to the bathroom to clean his body and put it on the bed, Wei Xun simply stuck to him. An Xuefeng gave a “tut”, but didn’t take him directly

Tear it off.

This unusual move made Wei Xun feel bad. The next moment he fell down, an Xuefeng turned into a snow leopard! While he became a snow leopard, Wei Xun felt a subtle call from the wild. In an instant, some of his personal clothes fell off, and Wei Xun became a little snow leopard.

It just landed on the thick and soft fur of the big snow leopard.

“Woo woo!”

The little snow leopard was unwilling to pull himself out of his hair, but his young body was not mature and had no worldly desire.

Like being sterilized, Wei Xun suddenly woke up.

“Woo woo?”

He tried to change back, but this time he failed. Not only that, the big snow leopard seemed to be filled with this pleasant and warm smell, which made him instinctively want to approach, follow it, get close to it and snuggle with it. When the snow leopard picked up his back neck, Wei Xun even skillfully curled up his limbs, took his tail and tasted this novel feeling.

The more he immersed himself in this feeling, the more he could feel a faint sense of strangeness. It seems that in the depths of his heart, someone is whispering in a very light voice to make him want

Want to… Abandon human identity, become a beast and return to nature forever.


The two snow leopards who returned to the wild nature returned to the bathtub full of water. The water in the bathtub showed a faint mint fragrance, which made Wei Xun wake up all at once. At the same time, the snow leopard glanced at him obliquely. His beard was warped. It seemed that he was a little proud, as if he was saying, “I knew you would listen hard.”

“Woo -”

This is the role of the great Druid title, which will dissipate in five minutes.

The snow leopard muttered. He used to lick the little snow leopard’s hair. His sharp teeth bit his ears. It was obviously intimate and not too heavy, but the little snow leopard trembled and felt as if his ears were going to be bitten off.

It’s really sensitive.

Wei Xun found the new world, but the snow leopard didn’t find it. He was still muttering in his throat that Wei Xun was in a critical situation and even caused those strange black fog changes on Wuluo mountain. It was not suitable to stay any longer. However, the concealment here was very good, and the hotel couldn’t find it,

Let Wei Xun rest assured.

It’s 4:30 a.m., half an hour from 5 a.m. Wei Xun can choose to “return to the hotel” in half an hour.

“What do you want to ask?”

Wei Xun should have many problems, an Xuefeng thought. Whether Xiao Hong goes or stays, the situation when he is unconscious, why the black fog on Wuluo mountain will riot, how to untie the doomsday punishment, whether he is out of control, what is the darkness in his dream, and so on.

But an Xuefeng was subtle and expected that Wei Xun would not ask these questions.


Sure enough, the little snow leopard almost without thinking, wrapped his tail around the big snow leopard’s tail and gave a kiss.

“When will you go racing with me on Qiuming mountain?”

The author has something to say: the famous autumn mountain, the first mountain, makes the first tourist an Xuefeng afraid, and the first tour guide plays someone as the enemy of his life!

This chapter is issued by qiumingshan (?) with 500 red envelopes!

The next chapter is forecast:

Wang pengpai [pupil earthquake]: shock! There’s someone in the captain’s room at five in the morning!

Either prisoner or sister-in-law!

Hello, sister-in-law! (no)


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