TTG Chapter 272

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 272: end of confrontation mission (1)

“Crash –”

The water in the bathtub overflowed and fell on the ground. The big snow leopard took the little leopard cub in his mouth and rinsed it in the water, washing his mind full of qiumingshan thoughts. Wei Xun also knew that an Xuefeng would not promise him. After washing, he simply lay lazily on the top of the big snow leopard, stared at the black meat pad on his small claws, pondered for a while, and began to lick his claws.

“Wumi?” why am I a leopard?

Wei Xun didn’t ask where it was. Although there was a bathtub and a bed, it was surrounded by rough stone walls. There is no light. What an Xuefeng just used to fill the bathtub was not the faucet, but the stored water. It’s like a cave.

But it can block the attention of the hotel. It’s definitely a big deal here. Maybe it’s a safe house in an Xuefeng. If an Xuefeng was willing to tell him, he said that Wei Xun would not take the initiative to ask if he didn’t say anything. He would return to the hotel in about half an hour.

He wanted to ask the question of the little leopard for a long time. Wei Xun thought that the animals turned into wild souls grew up from childhood, but after understanding it, he found that it was not the case. Especially when they turned into ferrets before, they were at least young ferrets, but earlier snow leopards have always been leopard cubs.

On this issue, an Xuefeng is an expert. It’s too wasteful not to ask.

“Ouch.” you don’t fit well with nature.

An Xuefeng was absent-minded, staring at the little snow leopard’s tail dangling in front of him, explained.

“Oh.” usually, the guide prefers the abyss, which is contrary to nature.

Wei Xun nodded thoughtfully. Many people told him before that we must protect nature and not destroy nature during the journey. Wei Xun thought it was to avoid affecting the reality, but now it seems that there may be a deeper reason.

And according to what an Xuefeng said, all tour guides are probably more inclined to the abyss. Wei Xun is thinking about a problem. He is seriously ill. Special people tend to the abyss before they are selected by the tour guide. Or after entering the hotel, the hotel gave them something, which led the guide to the abyss?

What kind of existence is the abyss? What does it have to do with reality. Why can pollutants in reality be thrown into the abyss? What problems will this have on the abyss?

Wei Xun thought that Tong Hege and Wu Laoliu were also ‘recycled’ into the journey by the hotel and were also divided into several parts. Can the difference between them reflect the gap between tour guides and tourists?

We still have to bring Xiaohong back and study it carefully.

Wei Xun didn’t feel Xiaohong. He left the chieftain’s tomb too suddenly. Fortunately, most of the things Wei Xun took with him. One of them was corn shoots put out to eat the soil, and the other was Xiaohong. We have to find a way to bring them back.

However, the first time I entered the chieftain’s tomb was due to the favorable climate, location and people. How to enter the chieftain’s tomb again is a problem.

“Mi.” it’s unusual that you can successfully become a beast.

Wei Xun’s success in becoming a snow leopard and a ferret is probably related to his dual identity as a tour guide and a tourist. But ordinary beasts are fine. He became a snow leopard. He learned from an Xuefeng. He is not an ordinary snow leopard, but a snow holy beast with legends and people’s beliefs.

This kind of special beast is more sensitive and incompatible with the breath of the abyss, so Wei Xun’s snow leopard will always remain in the state of a little Leopard – of course, it can also be said that his strength is not enough at present.

An Xuefeng felt that the little Leopard on his head was no longer moving, and subconsciously shook his head. I saw the fluffy little leopard’s tail dangling before my eyes – compared with ordinary cats, the snow leopard’s tail looks thicker and more dense, which makes people think Rua.

Especially the smell of Wei Xun on his tail.

You can often see the snow leopard holding its tail, or the little snow leopard biting the tail of the big snow leopard. Their scent on the tail can reassure the leopard.


Although he turned into a snow leopard, he temporarily avoided human desire and hope. But the animal instinct has also become stronger, especially on the premise that an Xuefeng has a strong desire for him.

The water in the bath was cold, but the blood of the beast was very hot. The beating heart seemed to imprison a beast. It was roaring and roaring, asking him why he didn’t take the little snow leopard into his arms.

He even carved a ring for that person!

Thinking of the situation at that time, Wei Xun remembered that he was still holding a ring in his hand. The little octopus on the ring face opened his teeth and claws. At a glance, he knew who he carved it for.

Although he is the same person, he can understand his character and Wei Xun’s practice. When people are calm and self-sustaining, but when they become beasts, they can’t help being jealous and a little wronged.

It should be mine.

The beast hidden in the heart roared angrily.

Such important things as rings, which he carved himself, sent by the hotel, or bought in the future, should be mine!

I have ten fingers. I can wear them!

The little tail in front of me was still swinging around. The tip of the tail was bent in a circle, flapping the water, and the water droplets fell on the tip of the big snow leopard’s nose. It rolled its tongue and licked the tip of its nose, and the animal’s eyes narrowed slightly. The Druid title brings a sense of security and comfort that makes wild animals close and reliable, completely hiding the danger.

People can’t see the dangerous beast hidden in the depths.

In this environment, Wei Xun is very comfortable, and even feels like a spring of inspiration. As time went by, after Wei Xun had roughly figured out how to pick up Xiaohong and corn shoots, Wei Xun turned lazily and lay on his side at the neck of the big snow leopard, taking the opportunity to ask about the big snow leopard who had been quiet since just now.

“Woo Mi?” by the way, what would happen if I didn’t wake up after you called me?

When Wei Xun was sleeping, he felt that the deepest darkness in his dream had a great attraction to him, and he even felt a little close. If it weren’t for an Xuefeng’s persistent call, Wei Xun would really fall into the dark to find out.

Now I want to come to the dark place, that sense of closeness, which has some subtle similarities with the darkness behind the door opened by the Dutch official

Wei Xun:!!!

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted. Just as Wei Xun rolled, the shaking leopard tail finally broke the last string in the snow leopard’s brain. He suddenly opened his mouth and restrained himself. He just bit the little snow leopard’s tail, held it in his mouth, and greedily smelled the smell belonging to Wei Xun.

But the roar of the beast in his heart, the more he thought of the octopus, the more angry he became. He almost broke through the possessive desire of reason and made the big snow leopard bite a little heavy!

No bleeding, but Wei Xun’s body is very sensitive to pain now! The moment he was bitten by his tail, his scalp exploded. The shock and pain made him jump up suddenly, open his four claws and jump high!

He jumped so much that the snow leopard jumped up! Snow leopards are extremely slender and even neurotic animals. Sometimes the mother leopard is even frightened by her cubs, and then the big and small snow leopards jump at the same time. This is the case for an Xuefeng and Wei Xun at present!

But Wei Xun’s jump doesn’t matter. It’s just a little leopard. An Xuefeng’s jump was bad. Its strong and powerful body made a sudden force and jumped very high. The safe house was also built of special materials. It was very strong, but an Xuebao had great strength and directly hit a hole in the bathroom roof!

Next moment——

“Squeak -”

The alarm sounded suddenly in the safe house! The alarm sound is in a special band, which ordinary people can’t hear, but in the ears of Wei Xun and an Xuefeng, who are special snow leopards, the alarm sound is extremely harsh!


Wei Xun was so frightened that he jumped up again, ran directly to an Xuefeng and bit his hair. As soon as the snow leopard landed, it was startled to take off again.


“The alarm goes off!!”

All the hotels in the East and west areas are brightly lit tonight. Countless people stayed up all night and waited for the result at 5 a.m. In the live broadcasting room, forums and even some social software, both tourists and tour guides are discussing this matter.

However, the returnees at the moment have no mind to pay attention to these!

“It’s the safe house in Huashan!”

Wang pengpai coagulated heavily. At the moment when the alarm sounded, everyone gathered in the living room, and their faces were very serious.

“The captain is not in the station. I can’t contact him for the time being.”

Wang Yushu stopped smiling: “there is no news about Bai Xiaosheng and Lushu orange?”

“They are safe now, but they can’t come back for the time being.”

Wanxiang’s cold spring voice said: “you move your hands and feet.”

“The butcher alliance?”

Mao Xiaole said impatiently, “it’s four fifty-five, and the results will be announced soon. It’s like what they will do when they take advantage of this! I knew they still had ideas about Wei Xun!”

These days, it’s not once or twice for the butcher alliance to inquire about Wei Xun. There have even been several kidnappings against him. Recently, yin and Yang butterflies even took action in person! But the way back did not fall into the weak, killing many tempters with ghosts in their hearts, showing their strength and frightening the sneakers.

It is Wei Xun’s intention to return home, which will certainly cause a series of targeted by the tour guide. This is a game between the two sides, but Wei Xun is not an ordinary chess piece, and his safety is very important. The day before yesterday, according to Bai Xiaosheng’s instructions before leaving, Mao Xiaole solemnly invited Wei Xun to live in a safe house on his way home.

Such safe houses built in reality are extremely rare. They are rich and hard on the way home. There are safe houses on the way home all over the world and almost all over the country. Their value lies in shielding the perception of hotels to a certain extent.

Because most of them are all kinds of “folklore”, the places where supernatural places are located have “pollution” or are at 30 degrees north latitude. But for the time being, there is no brigade involved, no scenic spots opened up, and it is not under the control of the hotel, which is least affected by the rules.

For example, the Huashan safe house, which sounded the alarm, is located in the depths of the Huashan Grottoes located at 30 degrees north latitude!

Of course, Wei Xun is not in Huashan safe house, but on his way home, he released a series of false news. Maybe there will be a butcher alliance to test!

“Xiaopeng Yushu, you are stationed in the brigade, waiting for the captain’s news at any time.”

It was at the end of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing that Wang pengpai quickly made a decision: “Xiao Le takes a copper plate, you inside and I outside.”


“No problem!”

The safe house is not accessible to the hotel, but Wang pengpai and his team have their own way to arrive quickly. It takes only two or three minutes from the alarm to the discussion to reaching the safe house outside Huashan. When Wang pengpai arrived outside Huashan’s safe house, Mao Xiaole located the bathtub in Huashan’s safe house through the “Zuo CI copper plate” that can lead to various waters.

As long as they give an order, they can cooperate inside and outside at once!



As soon as Wang pengpai arrived at the door of Huashan safe house, he felt something wrong. It felt

“Is the captain in the safe room?”

He murmured, but his fat body was as agile as a civet, completely hidden in the dark and could not see any shadow.


Mao Xiaole’s voice came from the headset and said concisely, “I didn’t count the danger.”

Wang pengpai did not smell the stench of the abyss, nor did he perceive any creatures related to the abyss.

Not a butcher?

There is no danger. The captain is in a safe house, not a butcher, but the alarm sounded… Wang pengpai’s face is cold. Is there an accident in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, and the captain is out of control?!

“Three numbers, go together!”

In an instant, Wang surging made a decision. In three seconds, the bath water splashed, and Mao Xiaole broke out with his sword. Wang pengpai suddenly appeared in the safe house, holding a small piece of incense in his hand. The strong sandalwood smell can calm people and suppress all emotions almost instantly.

But at the same time, there was a deafening crash in the direction of the bathroom, followed by Mao Xiaole’s scream!


Wang pengpai was stunned and rushed to the bathroom three steps and two steps. Before entering the bathroom door, he directly attacked sandalwood in the bathroom. However, at this moment, no matter how soothing the fragrance is, it can’t help being surprised again by people running in the bathtub water. An Xuebao is angry!

“Bah, bah!”

The wet Mao Xiaole was thrown out directly and hit Wang pengpai heavily. Wang pengpai calmed down and looked anxiously into the bathroom. The next moment he saw the snow-white leopard, his body suddenly became blurred, and then began to deform——

Snow leopard is so easily frightened that its heart can’t slow down at all. After throwing Mao Xiaole, an Xuefeng regained his reason. Seeing that Wang pengpai and Mao Xiaole came at the same time, he became the most calm and rational beast for the first time.

“Hiss -”

The surrounding air suddenly became cold, the temperature dropped sharply, and the water on the ground formed ice flowers. The cold white fog rose and filled the air, dimly lit up a pair of amber deep animal eyes, and the pupils in the eyes seemed like a vertical line.


The sound of scales rubbing sounded. One side was as black as dark jade, the other was as white as snow, and the color matching was like tai chi. In the hiss, a huge Python appeared in the bathroom. It curled up so big that the bathtub could only hold a small piece of its tail. There are two bulges on both sides of the Python’s head, like strange bone bulges, and like

The undeveloped dragon horn.

However, in the process of changing the form, the title of Druid could no longer work. He felt that Wei Xun, who was fleeing from the bathtub by outsiders, was extremely vigilant. Subconsciously, he cancelled the snow leopard state without many attack means and changed into a human shape. Then he was immediately rolled up by an Xuefeng.

Now Wei Xun doesn’t wear a mask!


Wang pengpai’s sharp eyes vaguely saw that there seemed to be a man hidden in the winding body of the python. But now the python is facing them on the left. Looking at them, it is pure white and disturbed by rising white fog. It doesn’t look real. But in Mao Xiaole’s eyes, there was a golden red flash of fire, and he had an instant insight into the reality hidden by the white fog. Even if there was still a python body blocking it, he could see more than Wang pengpai.

In an instant, Mao Xiaole’s pupils contracted suddenly, but at the same time——

“Didi, Didi, Didi!”

Wang pengpai’s mobile phone suddenly rang. It was the prompt sound he set. It would ring when he was about to reach 5 a.m. in ten seconds! After all, the safe house shields the hotel. Only with tips can we better calculate the time. Wang pengpai took a headset and the prompt sound was not put out, but an Xuefeng spoke at the same time when the prompt sound sounded, which attracted all his and Mao Xiaole’s attention.

“Let Wang Yushu repair the house tomorrow.”

He hissed, his tone was very casual, and there was no explanation, as if it was just a trivial matter.

“OK, Captain, you’re fine.”

Wang pengpai responded quickly. Seeing that an Xuefeng was really all right, he also relaxed. He leaned on Mao Xiaole and said half jokingly: “Captain, you really made Xiaole wet…”

No! Wang pengpai found something wrong with this column. Mao Xiaole was tense and was in a state of high concentration! What Mao Xiaole sees is——

Wang pengpai opened his eyes and subconsciously looked at the back of the Python’s body before him.

But this time he didn’t see anything, but Wang pengpai was still distracted.

“The countdown begins. Go back to the brigade station.”

He happily hugged Mao Xiaole’s shoulder, who stared straight over there, and took him outside the door, considerate, leaving private space for the security team. An Xuefeng, who had always been calm, didn’t know what he was thinking. He glanced at Mao Xiaole and didn’t say much.

“Xiao Le, what do you see?”

When he got out of Huashan safe house and returned to the brigade station, Wang pengpai asked in a low voice.

The captain didn’t leave Xiaole, which shows that what he saw can be told to everyone. It’s not a secret.

Mao Xiaole tightly pursed the corners of his mouth and still didn’t come back. Wang pengpai simply grabbed his peach wood sword and finally attracted Mao Xiaole’s attention.

“I see…”

Mao Xiaole was hard to say, and rarely hesitated: “maybe I read it wrong…”

“See what, say.”

Wang pengpai’s tone was positive. Mao Xiaole immediately abandoned those hesitations and replied: “Lieutenant, I saw a man. I didn’t see his face. The captain’s snake tail wrapped around him. His skin was as white as the captain’s snake scale, as if, as if…”

After saying this, he paused and finally spit out two words: “naked”

“Hey, isn’t it a naked man? It’s not a girl. Look at you.”

Wang pengpai easily patted Mao Xiaole on the shoulder and snapped: “it’s a false alarm. I think the bathroom roof was broken. It may be that he was frightened and jumped when he became a snow leopard.”

“The captain won’t be scared casually!”

Mao Xiaole retorted: “nothing can scare the captain. When do you see the captain jumping up and hitting the wall? It’s only possible if he completely hides his memory and seals his strength, like northern Tibet.”

But obviously not!

“You’re right.”

Wang pengpai laughed happily, but he knew that in addition to what Mao Xiaole said, if an Xuefeng was completely relaxed and not fortified at all, he would sometimes be frightened. If the security team also uses the title of druid and completely returns to wild nature, the originally repressed animal instinct will double.

But the security team is completely relaxed and not fortified at all. In fact, it is even more rare. At least I haven’t seen it in recent years. Because the captain’s situation has reached the limit. Wang pengpai twisted his eyebrows and fell into meditation.

Completely relax, undefended, hiss

“Why do you shake your head?”

Mao Xiaole asked angrily.


Wang pengpai just subconsciously shook his head, because he just thought of C250! The connection between tour guides and tourists is bilateral. If anyone can alleviate an Xuefeng’s situation and let him completely relax, there is only C 250.

But C250 can’t appear in Huashan safe house now! Even if he can be forcibly taken out of the journey, there is still??? Yes!

Wang pengpai doesn’t believe that he will agree to an team and bring people back in advance. Maybe the boy is going to rob people.

“No, don’t you think it’s wrong for a naked man to appear next to the captain in the bathtub!”

Mao Xiaole couldn’t help but say, let Wang pengpai come back to his senses. He smiled and said, “what’s wrong with this? Maybe it’s a passenger who will have a wild mind and just come back. It’s not once or twice that the captain has changed into a living person without a dressing mirror. You haven’t seen it.”

“Well, let’s go back quickly and don’t let the trees worry about them any more.”

Although he thought so, Wang pengpai accelerated his speed. As long as he listened to the hotel broadcast, he could be sure. Although they had left Huashan safe house, the broadcast of the hotel did not ring out in their minds, which made Wang surging feel more subtle.

No, I don’t think so. No, it’s really

“Yes! I’m afraid he’s a traveler with a wild mind!”

When he was about to arrive at the station, Mao Xiaole finally couldn’t hold back. A shout shocked Wang’s surging brain and made melon seeds buzzing. Only listening to Mao Xiaole’s breath, he blurted out his heart: “he can have a wild mind. Man, his skin is as white as snow. Staying in a safe house can make the captain unprotected and pester him.”

“Who is this? Lieutenant, who are you talking about? Who else can there be?”

Mao Xiaole held Wang pengpai’s hand tightly. His voice suddenly became weak and showed a sense of incredible helplessness: “Lieutenant, teacher Sanshui is really not in Huashan safe house, right, right?”

fuck you!

Wang pengpai was shocked!

All he thought about was C 250, but he didn’t think there was another possibility! Mao Xiaole is right. If you want to say so, it is completely right with Wei Xun in several points! And I love him. Although I don’t know why, he definitely has a deep fate with Ann team.

Become a snow leopard, a big Druid, maybe it’s to help Wei Xun deeply understand the title of wild soul? For him to advance in the future?

It is normal for an Xuefeng to completely relax next to Wei Xun.

At the key point near the end of the journey, he lurks around Wei Xun, who is likely to be secretly attacked by the butcher alliance, and is ready to take them by surprise, which is what an Xuefeng will do.

“Yes, Wei Xun is in Huangshan safe house.”

Although he said so, Wang pengpai was awestruck. Maybe team an had a hunch that it was dangerous there, so he transferred Wei Xun in advance?

This is also very possible!

Listening to him, Mao Xiaole seems to have found the backbone: “so it’s not Sanshui teacher, right?”

“Cough, Xiaole, this…”

Wang pengpai knows that Mao Xiaole is Wei Xun’s only fan. He is also quite sincere. He has a firm heart and doesn’t know love. Even if he was abnormal after Zhan went out, he firmly believes that there is pure brotherhood between an DUI and Wei Xun. He has always been very good at refuting Lu Shucheng’s and Wang Yushu’s jokes.

But Wang pengpai knows the current situation of an Xuefeng. If you love Wei Xun, it can definitely represent an Xuefeng. It may be an opportunity to integrate with an Xuefeng in the future… Etc.

Your love?

Wang’s surging look changed slightly. At this time, they returned to their home station.

“How’s it going?”

“The captain is over there. It’s okay. It’s just a little accident.”

“That’s good.”

After a brief exchange, the scene was quiet for a moment, which made Mao Xiaole really a little upset. He knocked his sword with his fingers and couldn’t help saying, “there’s no change in the butcher alliance? The hippies didn’t release the seal and came out of the Inca sun gate?”

At the end of the journey, the hotel will broadcast the winner of the confrontation mission, and C 250 will return. There will definitely be changes in the butcher alliance, even in the tour guide alliance and major brigades!

The priority of side selection is very important in the warm-up competition at the end of the year, but Mao Xiaole doesn’t focus on this. He thinks about the connection between team an and C250.

Now there are absolutely countless people who want to kill C250, because killing him means burying together on the whole way home! Mao Xiaole doesn’t want to gamble on the attitude of life playing people and whether they have family affection. All he can think about is that he must try his best to find C 250 as soon as possible and confirm his safety!

“There is no Xiaole, and the hotel has not broadcast the victory side.”

However, Wang Yushu’s next sentence stunned Mao Xiaole: “isn’t the countdown over?”

“Yes, the countdown is over, but there is no winner.”

Wang Yushu sighed, “people in a hurry scratch their heart and liver.”

“Much like that time.”

Wanxiang Chun said faintly that he was talking about the time when the Drunken Beauty ended in Western Hunan and the journey was opened at 30 degrees north latitude, but the hotel did not broadcast the name of the developer.

These two things are the same protagonist, the same C 250.

“Maybe he’s somewhere out of the reach of the hotel rules.”

Wang Yushu said rationally, “it’s smart. After all, countless people are waiting for him to come back.”

Five o’clock in the morning is the end of the journey, but it is not necessarily the time to return to the hotel. After all, it is not BIU one time to come back directly, but to take the means of transportation of the hotel, just like the return of normal tourists.

The Ming Tombs are scenic spots that hotels do not fully control, and even the rules are suppressed. If C250 stays there and doesn’t board the hotel bus, the hotel’s Broadcasting jam will indeed happen again.

“There’s something moving on the west side. It’s time to prepare in advance.”

Wang Yushu said, even if it hasn’t been broadcast yet, the news from Bai Xiaosheng and them is absolutely stable.

“Be careful of the silver moon killer. I’m worried about what mark he left on C 250.”

The moonlight is the eye of the silver moon killer. When the moon shines, the silver moon killer will carry out assassination. Once you have his mark on your body, you will never sleep in the future.

“There will be no mark.”

But just then, Wang pengpai suddenly opened his mouth and looked a little strange.

“There will be no mark. The silver moon killer can’t do it.”

After all, C 250 is some love. How can the silver moon killer do anything on him.

But – can one love two people at the same time.

Your love is by no means cheap.

Wang pengpai took a deep breath.

Or team an is really playful.


[the East West confrontation mission is over, the East West confrontation mission is over!]

At this time, the whole hotel, whether in the east or west, sounded the sound of the hotel broadcast everywhere! Whether staying in the hotel hall or in reality, all the passengers heard the voice of the hotel!


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