TTG Chapter 273

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 273: end of confrontation mission (2)

Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night. Whether it’s the large Eastern and western regions, or subdivided sub regions, Europe, the United States, Africa and so on, countless people stayed up all night from dark to 5 a.m.

The number of audience in the funeral palace Live Room in the suburbs of Beijing has increased rapidly, but this is a completely black screen live broadcast after all. More people choose to wait in the virtual Hall of the hotel.

The open Screen Poster belonging to C250 is hanging high above the virtual hall. The pictures in the poster originally surrounded C250 from all directions, like the hands trying to tear him up and rob him. With the decrease of the countdown, they gradually decreased, which made people more excited and excited. It seemed that C250 was constantly defeating the strong enemy.

How did he survive such a dangerous journey and kill powerful enemies?

The black screen journey gives people more room for reverie, which has attracted countless people to speculate and even set up gambling games – to be honest, compared with this kind of attention journey, the gambling games of the funeral palace journey in the suburbs of Beijing are few. However, the audience who followed the whole journey were full of subtle feelings about the word “gambling”.

Like physical resistance and fear, some people will automatically recall the scene of thunder falling as soon as they think of gambling.

But even if there are few bets, the speculation posted in the forum has been at the peak. The most popular option in the forum’s world sector is the big rolling flow in the East: “double principal rolling, passengers in the East rolling, Western rolling, C250 rolling, devil businessman, complete victory!”

The second highest option is the devil merchant’s inverted stream, which is also issued by a man from the west side: “just as the princess will fall in love with the king again and crown him, the devil merchant will deeply fall in love with C 250 and crown him as the king.”

Later, there are speculations such as “old gay devil businessman, I’m not surprised.” “Bing 250 recognized all the emperors of the Ming Tombs as brothers, and my brother solved everything.” “because the ghost monarch said that gossip was killed, the devil businessman had no cards, and he lost to Bing 250 with hatred.”.

When there were only ten seconds left in the countdown, people’s attention to the victory or defeat of the confrontation task reached the peak. Countless pairs of eyes looked at the poster hanging high in the most eye-catching position. Looking at the poster, there were only the last hands representing the Snatchers in the circle around the edge.

At the moment of the countdown to zero, the last hand disappeared, and only C 2501 stood on the whole poster! In an instant, the sound of fireworks explosion sounded in the virtual Hall of the eastern district. This is the fireworks set off by the hotel! Warm cheers were heard everywhere in the sound of fireworks, even comparable to the cheers when the journey of 30 degrees north latitude was opened up!

The posters belonging to C 250 flash, and everyone looks forward to looking up. According to the Convention, C 250 will have a new poster of his personal achievements! No, it shouldn’t be called C 250. Although it’s unclear whether his last scenic spot passed the team leader assessment task, from his performance this time, he can definitely be promoted to a golden tour guide!

There is only one second-class guide to kill! Some people even think that maybe the butcher alliance has kidnapped a class B tour guide and will wait for class C 250 to come out to kill.

A new code, a new rank, or even a new one can represent his title. All this will be reflected on the poster as glory! This poster will be included in the poster favorites of C 250 like other posters. But the difference is that before the beginning of the confrontation task in the new year, both tourists and tour guides can buy the same poster in the hotel commodity area for collection!

Personal poster is not cheap, but it is not just a poster. Like the magic portrait in a famous magic novel, the C 250 on the poster will move and make some reactions according to your actions. I can even watch the playback video of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing with you and explain some key points! (don’t do anything strange to the poster, otherwise the poster will destroy itself, and the hotel will deduct the mental loss fee from you!)

Of course, no matter selling posters or videos, C250 will get a large proportion! With a large number of points, we can pile up a strong and powerful tour guide as soon as possible!

New and powerful tour guides leading the next era will rise. Whether it’s people who pay attention to him, worship him, fear him, hate him, or have a complex mood… Most people have prepared points in advance and are preparing to buy a new poster as soon as it comes out!

Under the attention of the public, the poster is still flashing, still flashing – it is flashing, but no new poster comes out!

Not only that, after the countdown, the hotel has no new prompt tone at all! If it weren’t for the fireworks in the virtual Hall of the hotel on the east side, people would doubt whether someone had finally sneaked in and killed C250!

[why hasn’t the result been broadcast yet? Why is the last step of step 99-81 still missing?]

A word tells the mood of countless audiences. It’s not easy to stay up late from the early morning to five o’clock. No matter the news is good or bad, at least the dust will settle. As a result, the hotel got stuck in the end!

It’s a mental breakdown!

Some big tourist guides even think of the end of the last drunken journey to Western Hunan and the 30 degree journey out of the new latitude. At that time, it seems, it seems, the same is true.

Just hanging people’s appetite!

Worthy of another C 250!

Gradually, there was less urging on the forum, and even the originally noisy posts were a little cooled down. Not many people spoke, as if there was a dark tide, and everyone was waiting.

Waiting for the return journey and the movement of the butcher alliance.

The outcome of the confrontation mission can almost be confirmed. The next thing everyone cares about most is the attitude of the eldest brothers of both tourists and tour guides!

Wait! How can we miss this excitement! Even if the hotel doesn’t release the final results again, they must wait! Some people even doubt that the broadcast did not continue because the bosses interfered with the hotel, and the funeral palace journey in the suburbs of Beijing is not over yet?

But the brigades with people in the funeral palace team in the suburbs of Beijing understand.

“The journey is over.”

Captain Xuanxue and captain Feihong, Lian Mai, smiled in Wan’an’s poor tone: “I’ve received half life news. I said I’ve got on the bus, but bing250he is not in the Ming Tombs. Maybe I left, or in a hidden place that can’t be covered by the hotel rules.”

“Hey, I’m so worried. I’m so worried. Meckel has got on the bus. When will they come out?”

Captain Feihong, Qi Lecheng, is young and has some jumps: “Why is there no news from the butcher alliance? Do you think the hippie will come out of the Inca Sun Gate in advance? Will he and an Xuefeng fight? Who will you help then? We can’t do it now? Hey, I want to connect with Wang pengpai, but he doesn’t connect with me. Do you think the returning people have gone to bet on the butcher alliance gate?”

“Should the weeping psychic cry again? No, after all, C 250 can be regarded as the little master of the butcher alliance. On a happy day, he should not cry. If he doesn’t cry, he can’t even beat Wang pengpai, or does he say that the yin-yang butterfly will pick up? After all, he is designated by the psychic media and the leader of the next generation of butcher alliance.”

“Hey, when C 250 comes out, there will be a bloody storm! Do you think we won’t help? Do you want to go to the butcher alliance to block the door together? Hey, when do you say the new poster of C 250 will come out? I must grab one. Fortunately, there are no limits on this poster, otherwise it may be robbed by the butcher alliance and people returning home.”

“Do you want to buy a poster? You must buy one. I think you have to buy one for half life Taoist. He must be happy.”

When talking about the half life Taoist, he said, “half life said he had gained a lot in this journey.”

“That’s what Meckel said.”

Qile orange smacked his mouth: “he said that he was safe except that he always went to the higher level and ran away. Isn’t this nonsense?”

“It’s safe.”

Wan’an poverty nodded approvingly: “half of his life said to find a way to turn Bing 250 to metaphysics. Bing 250 is really powerful.”

If the journey did not involve confrontation tasks in the East and west regions, and many leaders with seal strength mixed in, Wan anpoverty thought he might be able to survive in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing.

No, it’s not possible, it’s very possible.

“Really, fortunately, he is not a butcher’s Guide.”

Qi Le orange said, “team Wan, which genre do you think he is?”

Wan’an poverty thought for a while. Finally, he shook his head with a smile and sighed, “he doesn’t belong to the school of our times.”

Not cold blood flow, not pig flow, not butcher flow.

Bing 250 is different from the tour guide of this decade. He will certainly lead the trend of tour guide in the new decade.

“Le orange, you’re lucky.”

Wan’an poverty took out his tortoise shell, but did not divine: “the new decade may be the best era.”

It’s so good that he even envies it. People of their generation can’t see it, but they can still see Qile orange.

As long as C250 will not die early and will not be seriously injured like half life, he will lead the next decade.

“I don’t like what you say about ten years.”

Qile orange was unhappy and snorted coldly: “you are all top tourists. Don’t say you will die every time! I don’t want anything in the next ten years. If you want to fight together, you don’t have to be afraid.”

“That battlefield is really so terrible? You can’t come back alone? If you can’t come back, can’t our weaknesses come back?”

“If I say, the growth rate of C 250 may be in this decade. I think his character is definitely not a fatalist. He will definitely agree with me here. What ten years is not ten years, leave all hope for the next ten years, and it’s all over.”

“Maybe you’re right.”

Team Wan did not refute, but smiled and sat up straight: “I have a hunch.”


[east side guide C 250, kept the complete keepsake of the confrontation mission!]

At the moment of his opening, the late broadcast of the hotel finally rang through the whole virtual hall and everyone’s mind again!

The sudden broadcast is an accident, but the content of the broadcast is not an accident!

[C250 holds the glory of the east side! He defeated B125 in this confrontation mission and won the final victory!]

[at the end of this year, the celebration warms up the competition and gives priority to the side selection. It belongs to the eastern region!]



The cheering sound like the sea roared, and the nervous heart that had been expecting was finally put down! But this was not the end. Everyone’s eyes fell on the high hanging and still flashing poster again, full of expectation!

New title, new rank, new code, new poster, what will it be?

Will C250 go home, or will it go to the butcher alliance?

Countless people subconsciously hold their breath and wait for the exciting moment!

At this moment, the familiar pure white space left the safe house at the end of the journey and returned to the hotel. Wei Xun is waiting for the settlement of the hotel.


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