TTG Chapter 274

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 274: New Code Name!

[didi didi]

As soon as Wei Xun returned to the hotel from an Xuefeng, his mind was filled with drops of tips from the hotel. It was like turning on the mobile phone after turning off for a day. He saved too much information. It was like a dam burst. For a time, Wei Xun’s mind was full of drops.

After waiting for a long string of drops, we arrived at the link of the hotel’s assessment and settlement journey!

[your trip is being settled and is under comprehensive evaluation…]

[according to the assessment, the new star tour guide bing250 successfully led the tourists through all the scenic spots of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, perfectly recorded the three unsolved mysteries of nature ‘the Apocalypse explosion’, and won the highest participation of the whole brigade! It has made outstanding contributions to the development of the scenic spots of the Ming Tombs in the hotel!]

[you lost one passenger with a discount rate of 1 / 10. The discount rate is lower than 96.5% of the tour guides in the hotel. Please continue and make persistent efforts!]

[you have violated the rule of leaving the team over time during this journey. The hotel gives a warm reminder that the journey is risky and you should be careful when leaving the team!]

[the brigade you led this time □ □ has four passengers sneaking in with seal strength! You haven’t found them. If the level of the passengers involved is far higher than you, you will not be subject to additional punishment. The hotel reminds you that if you encounter any more uncertain passengers, it is recommended to report them directly to the hotel. There are rewards for reporting and meritorious for exposing them!]

[you won the challenge, successfully defeated guide B125, and won his absolute affirmation on the premise that guide B125 did not die! Friendship first, competition second, the hotel supports this behavior and will give you additional rewards!]

[you have successfully passed the difficult team leader assessment task! And you have been highly praised by the examiner. Congratulations, you will get higher glory!]

[please submit the report on the Apocalypse explosion three days after returning to the hotel. The hotel looks forward to your feedback!]

Wei Xun glanced at a long list of assessments, and then directly pulled to the end.

[your salary for this funeral palace trip in the suburbs of Beijing has been deducted!]

[you have obtained 3000 bonus points for confrontation mission!]

[as the winner of the confrontation task, you will get relevant prompt information one week before the warm-up competition of the year-end celebration!]

“The bonus for the confrontation mission is only 3000?”

Wei Xun sighed, “it’s really your hotel.”

In contrast, I’m afraid the relevant tips of the year-end celebration and competition are the most important. No wonder those people are so concerned about a confrontation task. I’m afraid they want not only the priority of edge selection, but also the relevant information.

Wei Xun thought of it and asked creepy again. When he saw that there was no reward, he gave up angrily and went to see the score.

[according to the comprehensive assessment, your trip has reached five-star praise! As a new star tour guide, you have been shining in the hotel. Please take more groups and make persistent efforts in the future!]

[at the end of the journey, the guide flag, guide Mai and guide Brooch will be returned to the hotel automatically]

[your next journey will start in a month. Please pay attention to the ‘my journey’ information prompt in the app at all times.]

[have a nice trip next time!]

“Five star praise?”

Wei Xun picked his eyebrow: “if one is dead and four people hide their identity, can they still get five-star praise?”

[your performance has far exceeded that of the tour guide in the same period. Please don’t belittle yourself]

The hostel’s little customer service thriller uses a soft electronic sound. Compared with the beginning, its electronic sound sounds much kinder:

[the hotel not only attaches importance to tourists, but also to the development prospect of tour guides! Look forward to the day when you become an excellent tour guide!]

Wei Xun Yixiang thinks that this should not pay attention to the development prospect of tour guides, but to the development of hotels. He thought the five points on this trip might have something to do with the Apocalypse explosion, but little customer service creepy refused to say more.

“OK, as an excellent tour guide, do I have any extra rewards?”

[when you become an excellent tour guide, you will have the preferential treatment of the hotel!]

I see. It seems that excellent tour guides and new star tour guides are both “labels” granted by the hotel, but I don’t know how to be an excellent tour guide.

After probing for a few words, Wei Xun couldn’t get any other news from creepy. Wei Xun simply moved to the next topic: “I have completed the confrontation task, and the hotel has no additional reward?”

[of course!]

The creepy voice becomes more enthusiastic in an instant [in order to reward your excellent performance, you will get all the points of this journey video, and you will have the first personal exclusive poster after the journey score is settled and the rank is advanced!]

[your rank, title and image will be reflected on the poster! More hidden functions in the hotel will be opened for you. Please pay attention to the creepy app!]

[you will start the score settlement of this trip. Before that, you will obtain your own tour guide and leader card -]

“Wait a minute.”

Wei Xun interrupted creepy: “I remember that after comprehensive evaluation, I can return to the hotel or reality temporarily.”

“Score settlement doesn’t have to be so urgent.”

Wei Xun said sincerely, “well, I still have something to do. The poster, the score settlement, ah, and the tour guide’s team leader certificate can be slow first. Creepy, you are a reasonable little customer service, aren’t you?”


“Yu Hehui, Tong Hege.”

Wei Xun finally returned to his hotel station as he wished and smiled at the two people who were being sent back to his station. Directly took off the badly damaged mask.

“How are you? Are you okay?”

Tong Hege saw that Wei Xun had red marks like injuries on his body, and he was excited. He thought that Wei Xun had just returned from the extremely dangerous chieftain’s tomb. The alarm sounded in his mind. He shot directly before Yu Hehui spoke. The aura of ginseng nourishing and healing swept away all the traces on Wei Xun in an instant!

“OK, it’s just a little flesh wound.”

Tong Hege was worried and checked again, which was finally relieved. Yu Hehui’s expression was a little subtle and stopped talking.

The red mark Yu Hehui saw it and recognized it. It was the experience Wei Xun gave him before.

Skin, meat, wounds.

What kind of flesh wound is this? Is it a flesh wound that needs two people to cause together.

“Why is there no score settlement? Is something wrong?”

Pressing down what he wanted to say, Yu Hehui asked anxiously.

“Yes, the posters in the virtual hall have been flashing for half an hour.”

Tong Hege should be in harmony. He nuzui rushed to the window: “the flash virtual hall is like a disco.”

After the last expansion of Wei Xun’s Hotel, there has been a one-way window that can see the virtual hall, which can be adjusted by itself. Yu Hehui and Tong Hege, as resurrectors, do not have their own mobile phones, and their contact with the hotel depends on Wei Xun.

Wei Xun didn’t come back, and they couldn’t come out of the hotel. They had to look out through the window.

“Why are there so many people?”

Wei Xun looked out through the window. He didn’t see any flashing posters. He only saw the crowd in the virtual hall. He was surprised.

“It’s all waiting for your new poster.”

Tong Hege understood: “when the new poster comes out, it’s really settled.”

“So what happened? Why didn’t you make score settlement?”


Wei Xun took out the semi-finished crystal Octopus ring: “I promised to carve the ring first.”

When Wei Xun finally carved the ring, the poster directly above the virtual Hall of the hotel had been flashing for a long time.

The people waiting in the virtual hall have changed from excitement to skepticism. The topic of the forum has changed from “C 250 new ranking!” It was “the title of C 250 representative!” In the end, the top hot post became a second reading post.

The poster flashes in one second. I’ll see how many times it flashes in total!

Of course, this is a topic that can be discussed on the surface. Secretly, most tourist guides discuss it in a small group of acquaintances.

“C 250 won’t be taken away by the butcher alliance. Kill a second-class guide first, and then make score settlement. It just goes straight to the second-class guide?”

“There’s no need to be in such a hurry. Moreover, he is at most the tail of a golden crane this time. He can’t go up until he reaches C-1, even if he kills a B-class guide.”

“It’s not easy to get a score against the background of C 250? Some trips don’t have to be allocated by hotels, and the hotels agree that they can be included in the score.”

“Are you talking about broken copies?”

If ten brigades in a journey cannot pass through completely, they will become “broken copies”. At this time, the hotel needs people to evaluate whether the setting of the tourist attractions is reasonable and whether it is in line with the brigade at this stage.

“I don’t think so. The incomplete books won’t let tourists enter again. The tour guides deprive them of their privileges and suppress their strength to the corresponding difficulty. As’ tourists’ to experience and evaluate, even if the reward is doubled, no fool tour guides will go.”

The hotel cherishes the tourists and will not let them enter this incomplete book without professional evaluation. However, the tourist attractions are set up for tourists. It is not meaningful for tourists to evaluate. Therefore, it is necessary for tour guides to suppress their strength, deprive them of privileges and imitate tourists to evaluate the broken books.

Of course, the hotel will reward these guides.

“Hiss, what remnant is not remnant, you really don’t have a pattern!”

“If you want a score for C 250, as long as the one is willing to take him to the Inca Sun Gate and get some progress of exploration, you can get as many scores as you want!”

“Yes, you don’t know. Those big travelers use this method a lot! Why is the status of returning so high? The top ten brigades are all friendly with an team. Why can those big brigades bring new players to the top level quickly? Don’t you have a count in your heart?”

“Hiss… Does it mean that if you master the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, you can quickly earn points?!”

“If so, C250 is not a person without background. I think he can go to more than Inca Sun Gate, pyramid and Western Europe if he wants to.”

“He can go to the Sahara. Didn’t all dream chasers speak for him before? It’s too easy for him to earn points.”

“Go, you can go!”

“If the chieftain’s tomb hadn’t been completely opened up, he wouldn’t have to rely on others at all. Well, he can enter it by himself.”

“So why hasn’t the score been settled yet? The poster has been flashing for a long time.”

“Hiss… Do you think C250 was not taken away by the butcher alliance? Maybe…”

“What are you talking about? It’s impossible!”

“Not necessarily. After all, C 250 has a special identity. Maybe…”

“Absolutely not. I believe I will never do such a thing on my way home!”

“Yin Yang butterfly, where are you going?”

Butcher alliance, when the psychic came out of the hall, he was seeing the yin-yang butterfly leave the station and go outside. Most of their butcher guides live in the residences provided by the alliance and do not buy residences privately. Peripheral tour guides, inner tour guides and high-level tour guides are assigned to different places.

The psychic medium is opposite to the Yin and Yang butterflies, both close to the core of the hall. This time, the yin-yang butterfly was just seen by the psychic medium as soon as it went out.

“Nothing. I’ll go out and have a look.”

Yin Yang butterfly obviously didn’t tell the truth, but now in this situation, the psychic media won’t let him out: “it’s time for a meeting. You can talk about anything after the meeting.”

“Meeting at this time?”

Sure enough, the yin-yang butterfly stopped and frowned. The psychic gave him the list of participants. Yin and Yang butterfly looked at two pages and saw that the people listed above were all senior tour guides of the butcher alliance and tour guides focusing on training and observation.

The top ten tour guides in class B are elite tour guides in class B. they can use their own proprietary titles as codes in the hotel. Among the top ten tour guides, including yin-yang butterflies and psychic media, six belong to the butcher alliance.

Of course, after the emperor Cobra was killed, there were only five people belonging to the butcher alliance. These five people are currently in the butcher alliance, and top tour guides have not stipulated that they must lead the team once a month.

“A meeting about the warm-up match?”

As soon as Yin and Yang butterflies saw the general content of the meeting, they knew that the warm-up match was still a month later. What’s the meaning of the meeting now. At present, the most closely related to the warm-up game is, of course, the little master.

It seems that the psychic medium is Xiang Zhuang’s sword dance, intended for Peigong.

“You give me an accurate word.”

The yin-yang butterfly caught up with the psychic medium and lowered his voice: “was he… Taken away by adults?”

Yun Lianghan hasn’t come back, and the news is nothing special. Yin Yang butterfly left the butcher alliance today because she was restless and wanted to contact the people of the mutual aid association to see if there was any news of C 250.

Now only the psychic media in the butcher alliance can contact the sun gate. Now he’s just going to hold a meeting. How can there be so many coincidences!

It must be Lord Xi Ming. There are plans!

“I’m relieved if you said so.”

Relaxed, the yin-yang butterfly complained, “I thought…”

It’s funny that he thought C250 had been taken away on his way home! Ah, if it were true, he might be more appreciated if he could confirm the news first and report it to adults through the Mutual Aid Association. Unfortunately


However, the answer of the psychic medium was unexpected!

C 250 is not in the butcher alliance!

The butterfly heart of yin and Yang suddenly became chaotic. Can it be said that C250 was really taken away on the way home? Then he won’t settle the score and issue the poster. I’m afraid it has more meaning!

Hiss… If other tour guides join the Tour team, yin and Yang butterflies will never worry at all. The tour guide can still be wronged in the brigade, which is definitely confessed! But the return captain is the strongest passenger an Xuefeng. If there is a big difference in strength… The weak side will be addicted!

What can I do now!

Yin and Yang butterflies are confused. What does psychic media mean by having a meeting? Is it to summon people to rush home and bring back C 250? No, no, no, no, it can really kill people!

“People have been confined to the sun gate for too long.”

The yin-yang butterfly here was worried, but the psychic medium there was still calm. He didn’t even say about C 250, but talked about the current situation of the butcher Alliance: “there is some chaos in the alliance.”

Most of the butcher guides are crazy. Even if they are suppressed by absolute strength, they are not as attractive as the abyss. This hidden attraction is unparalleled. It is also the core of the centripetal force of the butcher alliance, and why the butcher alliance will be the ultimate happy hometown of all alienated guides.

When a playful man is around, he is like a walking abyss and can suppress everything. But if the hippies leave for a long time, even if there is an abyss node, the butcher guide will gradually slide to the edge of mania.

Killing, torture, venting, release, can’t be free. In the end, only by turning into a monster and falling into the abyss can there be real liberation.

The more top tour guides, the more calm they seem, the more seriously they are affected.

“You mean…”

“How do you feel after joining the mutual aid association?”

The cold psychic asked. When he exposed the secret of his secret association, the yin-yang butterfly suddenly sweated, opened her mouth and pretended to be stunned: “what association? I didn’t add any association! Psychic, don’t question my loyalty to adults! I…”

“Do you feel much at ease?”

The psychic ignored his sophistry and said to himself, “I asked several people who joined the Mutual Aid Association. They have rarely lost control since they joined.”

“How many?”

Yin and Yang butterflies were stunned and lost their voice. How many of them in the butcher alliance joined the mutual aid association?! How many more??

“The dissimilation of C 250 is homologous with adults. He is as special as adults and is very important to the butcher alliance.”

During the conversation, they have arrived in the conference room, and everyone else has arrived. When the psychic pushed the door and entered, he saw three people with different postures on the long table looking at them, two women and one man.

There are a total of 13 chairs beside the long table. Only elite tour guides and upward can enter this conference room. When all 13 chairs are full, it means that the three in class A and the top ten in class B belong to the butcher alliance.

The psychic media will remember what the hippie said casually, and has been working hard to achieve it.

The first is empty, the psychic sits on the left, and the yin-yang butterfly sits on the right. As soon as he took his seat, someone said:

“Is it just the two of you?”

The enchanting and moving woman wore a tour guide cloak and no mask. Instead, she wore the bride’s red veil at the time of marriage, and the red yarn embroidered with gold patterns hung down to her shoulders.

She looked at the door. The red yarn swayed slightly, and the end of the thread fell off. There were spots of dirty brown marks, which looked like stained with blood.

“Is there really no one else? I thought this time around, the superior would not be empty.”

Her voice is very nice, ethereal and pleasant, but there is some space, and it sounds like a strange echo. Seeing that there was really no one, her tone was a little more boring: “it’s so boring.”

“So want to see that?”

The psychic medium didn’t speak, but the yin-yang butterfly made a sound. He hummed and smiled, his eyes slowly swept over the woman, and his heart and hair were cold. The yin-yang butterfly has been brought by the psychic medium for so long, and I know him well. Once I had what the psychic medium said in my heart, the yin-yang butterfly immediately had an idea. Even if the psychic doesn’t elaborate, the yin-yang butterfly can roughly guess what he wants!

C 250 is suspected to have been taken away on the way home. Lord Xi Ming didn’t show up. The butcher alliance needs C 250 – so what should we do?

You can’t rob, you can’t rob!

Then there is only one way left!

The yin-yang butterfly has added a mutual aid association and has the deepest contact with C 250. When the psychic media takes charge of the butcher alliance, he is the best candidate… But the yin-yang butterfly doesn’t want to die!

“Psychic, let her go.”

Someone just jumped out. The yin-yang butterfly won’t miss the opportunity to throw the pot. It didn’t give others a chance to speak at all!

“I have an invitation here.”

The psychic medium glanced at the yin-yang butterfly, but did not respond. He raised his hand and put out two invitations. A blue and purple butterfly was printed in the upper right corner of the invitation. This is the sign of the hotel!

This is the most advanced invitation. It is recognized by the hotel. The whole process will be recorded by the hotel! Its price is also very expensive. An invitation costs 50000 points.

Now the psychic media directly took out two, and the yin-yang butterfly pulled out the corners of its eyes. It only felt that the worst expectation had come true!

“An invitation to captain an and C 250.”

The psychic glanced at everyone and pushed the invitation down the middle of the table.

“It’s on its way home today. Who are you going?”

Home station.

“The new poster hasn’t come out yet.”

Wang pengpai circled around the living room with his back hands, glancing at an Xuefeng’s hand from time to time.

Why didn’t you see the ring.

Wang pengpai was nervous and made another circle.

Even if the team leader’s assessment task is just completed at the last second of the journey, it’s all back to the hotel. It should also be settled.

The relationship between C 250 and an team… Well, there should be a ring.

But now not only did the new poster not come out, but also the ANN team ring.

“What’s wrong?”

Nearby, Wang Yushu whispered, saying that Wang pengpai was worried. yes! Is something wrong!

“The bride is back.”

Wang pengpai finally couldn’t help opening his mouth: “she was on vacation in Sanya and suddenly went back to the butcher alliance. I think the butcher alliance is restless.”

The bride ranks seventh in class B. of course, after the death of the fifth emperor cobra, the ranking of the following people has moved forward. She is now sixth in class B. It is the psychic and yin-yang butterfly, the third person in the butcher alliance.

“Let me say there are many second-class tour guides in the butcher alliance.”

Wang Yushu has deep meaning: “you can stab two out if you throw a knife in.”

The butcher League accounts for more than half of the 110 tour guides in class B.

He said what Wang pengpai was worried about.

“Psychics are not fools.”

Wanxiang Chun said faintly that he knew what riddles Wang Yushu and Wang pengpai were playing.

“It’s better for him to be a third-class tour guide than to be promoted directly to a second-class tour guide.”

The tour guide for the warm-up competition at the end of the year is one in class A, two in class B and three in class C, not to mention class A. usually, the people in class B are elite tour guides, selected from the top ten miles. Moreover, the warm-up competition will come in November. Next month, C 250 will be counted as playing chicken blood, and they will never squeeze in.

However, the warm-up competition at the end of the year has rich rewards. It’s a pity to miss it.

Therefore, there are more opportunities for C 250 to rush to the forefront of C.

“Hard to say, hard to say.”

Wang pengpai looked at an Xuefeng and saw that he closed his eyes and did not participate in the topic at all. His face was a little ugly and his heart was even more worried.

Alas, if Bing 250 really goes to the butcher alliance, how can it be corrected. If he did go, I’m afraid he would take Huihui and Datong with his family


Look at the captain, I’m afraid he won’t rob people. Alas!

“Don’t sigh, it’s all right.”

Wang pengpai sighed that his Qi could circle the earth, and finally made an Xuefeng impatient. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“He’s not in the butcher League.”

An Xuefeng knew why Wei Xun delayed the score settlement. He just didn’t want to say.



Wei Xun blew the debris on the ring and appreciated its appearance. Even if it has not been polished, the jade soaked with purified magic honey and soaked with aura is also very beautiful. It’s just a little thick and looks more like a jade wrench

“It’s still not completely completed.”

Wei Xun regretted that he stopped because the hotel only gave him half a day, which is still the privilege of publishing posters.

It must be that the hotel wants Wei Xun to choose a title, match clothes, do a hairstyle and so on. With the hotel, these can be done quickly. Half a day is enough.

Who knows he was used to carve rings!

“OK, I’ll put it on first. It’s yours.”

Wei Xun took the ring and touched the Adam’s apple and the thorns on his left wrist. This is my shackle, which can not only record every bit between him and me, but also mark him.

I can’t come here now. If the ring touches here, it’s over the Ming Road. Then Wei Xun put the ring on his left thumb.

… it’s more like pulling the finger. Who makes the thumb closest to the wrist line.

Then Wei Xun communicated with the hotel and returned to the pure white space again.

[the score obtained in this journey is being settled!]

[due to the high difficulty of this journey and the completion of the team leader assessment task during this journey, you will get double points!]

With the sound of the hotel, various scenes in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing flashed before Wei Xun’s eyes. The first scene was that when he was on the bus, he found a paper bound golden boy and girl. Then in Zhi’s courtyard, he held a dead Ming token.

[two team leaders’ assessment tendencies obtained: 3000 points]

Then there is the existence of Nezha spirit, from meat balls to New Year pictures to strange little red birds. Nezha spirit is getting closer and closer to the tour guide in the light blue cloak, from hypocritical Brotherhood to sincere mutual care.

[completing two additional difficult entrusted tasks: 10000 points]

Oh, it’s Nezha spirit!

Wei Xun was surprised by the high score and even counted it again to make sure there were four zeros. It seems that nezhaling occupies a very high position in the hotel evaluation, Wei Xun thought.

Even if it’s a double score, and then it’s two times to complete the entrusted task, it’s normal to have a entrusted task of Nezha Ling, which also has 2500 points.

The score of participating in the development of chieftain King’s tomb was 3000! It’s almost like that!

When the obsession is over, Nezha spirit should return to the eight arm Nezha city.

Wei Xun thought that when he had time to go to the real eight arm Nezha City, as well as Bai Luling and Bai Jiao, he had to go to the Ming Tombs to take them, just to communicate with Taizong again.

Brother’s feelings, no matter how good, have to keep in touch!

The following picture surprised Wei Xun that it was the figure of the devil merchant!

[help each other, complete the team leader assessment task, win the confrontation task, two people survive: 1000 points]

Is that a bonus? This is really an unexpected surprise. If good people are rewarded. Wei Xun thought that Qin’s shroud was still on the devil merchant. He was also curious about where the devil merchant went now.

I’m going to see my good brother another day! Let’s see what’s good there:)

The devil merchants quickly swept over, followed by blood and flesh, thunderstorms, people fled in panic in ancient cities, and the Forbidden City not far away became dark before the disaster.

[perfectly recorded three unsolved mysteries of nature ‘Apocalypse Big Bang’: 4000 points]

Then the picture turned dark. Just when Wei Xun thought it was over, the voice of the hotel sounded again.

[pass the team leader assessment perfectly: 3000 points]

[victory in confrontation task: 5000 points]

[outstanding contribution to opening up the Ming Tombs scenic spot for the hotel: 5000 points!]

Wei Xun didn’t expect this! The black picture is a black screen. The hotel did not see the communication between Wei Xun and Taizong from beginning to end. The only two people who know about this matter, related to the high-level of the hotel, are only two principals.

Will the principal go back and write a report to the hotel?

I’m afraid it has something to do with someone that he can get the 5000 extra points. Next, Wei Xun also found that the five thousand points were very important to him! Not all the staff survived, and the number of people on the live broadcast did not exceed one million. He had no additional score. This is all his scores!

Although you will become a golden tour guide after passing the team leader assessment, the real ranking of tour guides is still calculated according to the real score.

If the real score does not reach the golden level, the team leader ring will also seal some abilities, such as the devil merchant.

When the real score also reaches the golden level, the team leader ring can really work. It not only has the power given by the hotel, but also has a variety of uses that fit with the tour guide itself, which can really make the tour guide more powerful!

Previously, Wei Xun was promoted to silver level first-class tour guide by 290 points. Silver level is divided into five levels in total. One star is obtained for every 1000 points, and five stars are promoted to one level.

After arriving at Silver five-star, you can only advance to the gold level after passing the tour guide leader examination.

In other words, Wei Xun still needs 25290 points to really rise to the golden level. If it is the golden crane tail, his ranking can only squeeze into the top 10 of class C, or even into the top 5. But can’t reach the top three.

But now, five thousand more points will be different.

[your total score at the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing is 31000 points!]

[calculating your rank!]

In less than a second, Wei Xun knew his new rank and code.

[congratulations, you have been upgraded to a gold level zero level two-star tour guide! 290 points short, you will get another star!]

It seems that the gold level is 2000 minutes a star. Wei Xun made a calculation in his heart and suddenly felt that it was very difficult for gold to rise to the stars.

[your total score is the same as that of C 3! According to the judgment of the hotel, your comprehensive strength is slightly better than him!]

[congratulations on getting the code of C 3!]

The code of C-3 was pretty good. Wei Xun thought that it was the same as the last C-3 integral, which was really a bad fate.

I didn’t care much about it. The C code should not be commensurate with the title, but Wei Xun’s situation is different. Next, when the hotel asked Wei Xun to choose the title to be put on the poster, he made a mistake.

“Which title sounds better?”

Wei Xun murmured. He scratched his current titles, purple, blue and even green.

Then Wei Xun was a little depressed.

“It seems… It doesn’t sound very good.”

At least it sounds more handsome than the devil merchant. This requirement can’t be lower!


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