TTG Chapter 275

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 275: Creepy Road

“What to choose.”

Wei Xun pondered that at present, his titles are not few. The purple titles include “cold-blooded” and “lead silk”, the blue titles include “wild soul”, “adventurer”, the green titles include “traveler”, “archaeologist”, “highly toxic resistance” and “strong resentment resistance”. After wearing the crown, he also has the title of “False King”.

But Wei Xun doesn’t think it’s easy to use either.

It’s not a matter of exposing their strength. The titles of famous tour guides seem to be their strongest titles, or the initial titles. For example, the initial title of the devil merchant is the devil merchant. Titles and codes are like business cards for tour guides.

When two tour guides meet, others report a purple title and you report a green title. It sounds very unpopular. Before, the devil merchant said he expected the title of Wei Xun, but Wei Xun didn’t want to fool him, let alone

“You said the title would be reflected on the poster?”

[yes! Titles of different levels will be marked with different colors and have different effects!]

Anyway, it’s his first poster. My brother, an Xuefeng, butcher alliance and others who pay more attention to him will buy it. In fact, Wei Xun thinks this is the best opportunity to advertise the mutual aid association!

However, the glory of the alliance of returning and butcher is too prosperous, and Wei Xun is also a little more psychological. He doesn’t want to become a vassal of one party.

Then you have to show your real skills and become a topic!

So it’s better to say orange!

If there is no orange title, purple title is the best. But the cold-blooded man and lead silk Wei Xun are not satisfied.

The cold-blooded person’s mark on the life-playing person is too heavy. Both Wang pengpai and Yu Hehui told him before that there are very few people with the title of cold-blooded person in the hotel. The most famous is the former life-playing person, and then down is the eternal “C 9”. Almost every C 9 controlled by the life-playing person has the title of cold-blooded person.

In fact, it’s strange. Wei Xun doubts what game brother is playing, but in any case, the title of cold-blooded person is not appropriate in his opinion.

Can’t represent yourself.

If you really want to choose, pulling silk is actually good. This title sounds like a control department. Wei Xun has the puppet line of the puppet master in hand, which is very misleading.

“Make a discussion and report to the sea later.”

Wei Xun bargained with creepy: “I’ll get some good titles.”

Wei Xun has three title series tasks in his hand. Let’s not mention the mythical flame and dominating series tasks. At present, one of the easiest to obtain a new title is the advanced purple title of the wild soul “son of nature”, which can be obtained as long as he has three animal forms.

Now Wei Xun has a snow leopard and ferret, and the snow wolf also played in northern Tibet. On this trip, he watched the three wolves and Lushu orange in the western district closely, and was baptized by the Druids around an Xuefeng.

Wei Xun felt that as long as he was given a few more days, he could get the son of nature out!

In addition, the orange Title Explorer is also a good title he can get the fastest! During his trip to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, the overall progress of his “treasure hunter” series of tasks has increased a lot. Whether he takes risks or finds new relics, the completion of the tasks has increased slightly, and now it has reached 78%!

As long as he reaches 100% and gets the title of treasure hunter, Wei Xun has achieved the most difficult “opening up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude” in his superior’s title requirements. He can get the orange Title Explorer directly!

[please choose the appropriate title as soon as possible]

However, creepy said the most inhumane words in the most gentle tone.

[otherwise, you will be randomly selected]

“How much time do I have?”

After confirming that he could think for half an hour at most (creepy: This is the privilege of being a new star tour guide!), Wei Xun no longer hesitated. In his hand, there appeared a pile of boxes with different shapes and bright ribbons, like gifts stacked under the Christmas tree.

Hotel blind box!

What can I do in half an hour? Upgrading the title is certainly impossible, but it is more than enough to open the blind box. Previously, Wei Xun got four blind boxes when he passed through northern Tibet as a passenger. After completing the Apocalypse big bang record, the hotel gave him ten more, that is, now Wei Xun has 14 blind boxes in his hand.

“You have to bless me.”

Wei Xun rubbed the little Octopus ring on his thumb. There might be anything in the hotel’s blind box. It may be worthless junk, or it may be the best with the name of the principal! During his previous trip to Western Hunan, Xu Chen had developed “double-sided adhesive tape”, which can bond all items and even the title, making the title change and advanced temporarily!

There are about half an hour left. Wei Xun wants to try a blind box. If you can’t bet, then set the title of lead wire.

“Take Mao Xiaole’s lucky charm, necklace and crown.”

After wearing all the lucky items on his body, Wei Xun first chose the largest square blind box tied with gold and red satin.


As soon as the lid of the box was lifted, a light purple light came out.

[you have gained new attraction experience ball X1!]

The blind box disappeared and a familiar pale gold ball appeared in Wei Xun’s hand.

[Name: new scenic spot experience ball]

[quality: Amazing]

[function: it can increase the development progress of new scenic spots by 45%, and the experience ball will disappear after use]

[Note: the hotel does not encourage taking shortcuts. When you use the experience ball to open up new scenic spots, you may encounter some “small” problems!]

Very practical props for tour guides! At the beginning, Shi Tao in Western Hunan used it to bribe Wei Xun.

“You can still shine when you open the blind box.”

Wei Xun put away the experience ball and said with a smile: “how is it the same as drawing cards?”

[in order to improve the expectation of passengers, different levels of items will have different color halos]

Creepy and serious. The hotel’s items are from low to high, ragged, ordinary green, unique and special blue, amazing, legendary purple and orange at the peak. In each category, the color of the latter is richer than that of the former.

“What if you draw the principal’s goods?”

Wei Xun asked curiously, only the quality of the principal’s goods is “unknown”.

[different principals, different colors]

Creepy way [you have 25 minutes and 32 seconds left]

“I see.”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and threw a pale gold blind box as big as a ring box. What creepy said is “to improve the expectations of passengers”. Indeed, the blind box can only be obtained by passengers after each customs clearance journey. Under normal circumstances, it has nothing to do with the guide.

“Then I’ll look forward to it.”

It has nothing to do with the tour guide. The hotel is likely not to be so stingy. I’m afraid the shipment rate is not small!

Moreover, Wei Xun drew out the experience ball that is only useful for the tour guide at the first serve. If the blind box shipment has nothing to do with the drawer, it is likely that the hotel is promoting the contact between tourists and tour guides in an all-round way.

Not only do we appeal to the lonely and widowed tour guides to return to the Tour team, I’m afraid many of the things drawn out by tourists from the blind box will be related to the tour guides.

This is exactly what Wei Xun wants!

“Ten companies.”

As soon as Wei Xun’s blind box was thrown, there was a flash of color. Emerald light blue dark blue purple – huh?!

Wei Xun’s eyes and hands were quick, and he caught the only bright orange light in the halo! At the same time, the cheers of fireworks explosion rang out in Wei Xun’s mind.

[congratulations! You have drawn a top prop!]

The extremely soft feel came. When the orange light dissipated, what remained in Wei Xun’s hand was a pure white feather. The feather is very long, like the flying feather of some kind of bird. Golden particles float around the feather, making it look extra holy and pure.

However, the faint fragrance from the feather made Wei Xun feel something wrong. He felt that the fragrant thing must not be a holy thing.

Sure enough, when he opened the root of the feather, Wei Xun saw that there were dense ugly black spots at the end of the feather silk, and there were fine blood filaments in the middle, which seemed to be infected with some fatal disease.

[Name: feathers of dawn Angel (in distortion)]

[quality: peak]

[function: extremely rare feathers! After taking it, you will have 1 / 100 chance to have the orange title of dawn angel and 99 / 100 chance to catch fatal distortion!]

[Note: this item is more suitable for passengers in the western district. It is not recommended for passengers with demons, pollution and related titles, unless you want to experience distorted happiness!]

“Hiss… This?”

As soon as Wei Xun saw the introduction of feather, he said, “it’s a bit like Tianhu’s inner pill.”

You have a chance to get the title / blood after taking it. Wei Xun has only seen this attribute on the incomplete Tianhu inner pill sold by the hotel before! Is it also from a passenger recycled by a hotel?

However, Yu Hehui’s incomplete Tianhu inner pill is a legendary item, and this feather is an extremely rare peak level! This must have been some big man.

“It’s a little interesting.”

Wei Xun put away his feathers: “angel of dawn… Ask the devil merchant later.”

However, Wei Xun also had a little regret: “Hey, I thought it was the principal’s item.”

He ordered a little Octopus ring and touched his throat: “give me some strength, huh?”

In addition to this legendary item, Wei Xun also drew two purple lights, two blue lights and five green lights, two amazing, one special, one unique and five ordinary props. No tattered, the loss of the box is awesome.

The two “amazing” level props are [badge brightener] (you can upgrade the tour guide badge to one level and obtain the tour guide privilege of the corresponding level during a journey!) and [incomplete vacation manual] (you can go back to any experienced journey for a vacation). The others are ordinary props.

Wei Xun has the last three blind boxes left in his hand.

“Single draw miracle.”

Wei Xun took a dark green gold satin ribbon blind box, rubbed it with a ring, raised his hand and opened it: “come on!”

When the blind box is opened, the light green light flashes… It’s over. It’s a piece of junk.

[Name: green shoe polish]

[quality: ragged]

[function: dye the shoes green]

[Note: as you can see, this is a tube of high-quality green shoe polish, but… Whose shoes are pink? Maybe you can try to dye your hair with it, ha ha!]

These two ha ha made Wei Xun want to feed shoe polish to the hotel.

“I opened the blind box in the wrong position?”

Wei Xun doubted his life. The little Octopus ring didn’t work well. He simply changed his mind, took out his scarlet cloak and wrapped the last two blind boxes piously.

Try it!


The last two blind boxes were opened, and Wei Xun didn’t see any light for the first time. No… it has light, but it is almost integrated with the scarlet cloak.

It’s red light! Not belonging to normal quality items, blood red light!

It’s an item of unknown quality!

The two blood lights have their own bias, one is blood red and the other is black red. Wei Xun unexpectedly opened a double yellow egg!

However, under the protection of scarlet cloak, none of the two items belong to??? of Wei Xun originally thought that at least in the blind box with blood red light, there would be??? Related items, however, are not.

[Name: Weapons dealer’s murder knife]

[quality: unknown]

[function: killing (fusible)]

[Note 1: the world thinks that the arms dealer is full of all kinds of hot weapons, but who knows that he has kept a killing knife with his painstaking efforts. The killing knife takes the strong bone as the blade and the strong skin as the scabbard. Be careful! Once the scabbard is out, it will kill people. The arms dealer is confident to hone it into the first knife in the travel agency!]

[Note 2: the killer knife can be fused with other knife weapons. Be careful! Once the gap between the fused weapon and the killer knife is too large, both weapons will be damaged!]:

[Note 3: the arms dealer lost the knife. He suspected that it was stolen by the replicator. He attacked and killed the replicator 365 times a year. Be careful! Once the knife is fused or taken out of the sheath, the arms dealer will immediately feel the existence of the killing knife!]

The blood red light dispersed, and a small knife with a palm size appeared in Wei Xun’s hand. Its scabbard is unusual. Human pimples are wrapped around the knife like a shroud. It is covered with complex and bloody mantras engraved with blood. It is very cold, as if it had been frozen for thousands of years, to absorb all the heat from Wei Xun——

Suck, you can’t suck.

Who makes Wei Xun cold-blooded.

“Arms dealer, the name sounds familiar.”

“Not the main person, but the item has also reached the level of ‘unknown’?”

Wei Xun didn’t draw his sword, but called out the hotel list first and checked it carefully… Sure enough, there was no name of the arms dealer.

There is no “arms dealer” code at the top of the list of tourists or tour guides.

Or he has several titles, and another one is on the list. But Wei Xun doesn’t think so.

The replicator is Wang Yushu. He is a returnee. He is covered by an Xuefeng. The arms dealer can kill him 365 times a year. He is definitely a top boss.

Wei Xun, the first-class tour guide in the Eastern District, knows to rule it out first, and the S-class tour guide in the western district is even less likely to cross the district to attack the replicator. It’s more likely that the arms dealer is a passenger. But few of the big passengers on the east side dare to do so.

If you are not the principal or the tourist guide

“Is the arms dealer a member of Parliament?”

Wei Xun murmured that he didn’t know much about the parliament. He just felt that the people in the parliament might have another identity in the hotel. Like Mia and the Dutch officer. Mia is real, not a puppet. So is the Dutch official.

If the principal is a tourist or a tour guide, what is the Parliament?

“Good thing.”

In any case, this killing knife is a good thing. Wei Xun’s personal weapon, the madman’s knife, is also a knife weapon. It is a good choice to integrate, use it, or use it to build a bridge with the parliament.

Wei Xun carefully put away the murderer’s knife and looked at the blind box flashing black and red light. His eyes were shining. Whether he can open the props he wants or not, this wave of open blind box is absolutely worth it.

Get rich, blind box is really get rich!

The guide has little chance of making a blind box, but the passengers are different. When, passengers must be!

“Let me see what’s in here?”

Wei Xun reached in and the blind box disappeared. What fell into his hand was a small brass telescope.

Seeing the properties of the telescope, Wei Xun immediately held his breath.

This is what he needs most!

[Name: binoculars]

[quality: unknown]

[function: it can make any item in the ‘future’ state, which can belong to a dual future at most!]

[aging: 3 minutes / 15 minutes]

[Note: the future and the present cannot coexist. When you peep too much into the future, the present will disappear. Please be careful]

Three minutes! Compared with the one hour effect of ‘double-sided tape’, three minutes is really too short, but it also shows that it is stronger than double-sided tape in some way!

“It’s not a disposable prop?”

Wei Xun took his glasses. They were not the same as the telescopes sold on the market today. They were heavy, brass colored, like they were made of some kind of metal. The lenses had been worn. There were a lot of wear marks on them, and there were many mottled erosion marks on the lens barrel, like they were salvaged from the deep sea.

“Keep any item in the future… The title is OK!”

This is much more useful for Wei Xun than double-sided tape! After all, it’s just a fusion of adhesive titles, with high restrictions. After all, not all titles can be integrated into advanced ones.

But the telescope is different. It directly makes a title of Wei Xun reach the next stage in advance, or even the next stage! Wei Xun doesn’t think three minutes are short. If he can take out the telescope in a key battle situation, he may be able to completely change the situation!

Moreover, it is applicable to any item. Wei Xun can even use it to temporarily advance weapons such as the blade of a madman, and even see what effect it will have on the human skin map.

“It seems that ‘too much snooping into the future will disappear now’, which can’t be used frequently.”

Wei Xun said to himself, “is it the frequency of use or the interval? I didn’t say it specifically, but…”

But he knows him. Just ask him directly with a telescope at that time!

[you have 20 minutes left]

“I’ve made a decision.”

Wei Xun made a decision when he counted off the whole hour. It is not clear how many times the telescope has been used, but I’m afraid the interval will be very long. The orange title for the promotion of the title of adventurer has been determined. The orange Title finally pointed to by the line of “flame in the world myth” is what Wei Xun wants to see.

But the problem is that at present, he only has fusion flame and does not have the title related to this task line, so he can’t directly see its future.

What’s more, Wei Xun wants to see more


Pick up the binoculars and turn the barrel. The two barrels, which are clearly entities, can perfectly coincide together, just like illusion.

Wei Xun held a telescope in front of him. In a gray fog, he thought of the title of “cold-blooded man”.

Dominating a series of tasks, the top title of the cold-blooded person should be the orange title ‘dominating’

With the same purple title, why is brother a playful man, but he is the master? Wei Xun cannot know whether the green and blue titles of Wei Xuechen’s same series are the same as him.

But he can see the future.

Since entering the hotel, Wei Xun has countless questions and conjectures. He knows that he is not strong enough at present, but he also wants to know more!

“Double future.”

For a moment, Wei Xun was dizzy, and the fog at the end of his line of sight burst out like a vortex with unparalleled suction! It seems that something is breaking away from him. It’s his title! But at this time, the glasses suddenly filled with a powerful and terrible force to compete with the suction.

Wei Xun is sandwiched between these two terrorist forces! One and a half minutes later, if he still tries to peep into the future, he will be completely torn apart!

But this point and a half is enough for Wei Xun.

What is the future? What is the future of this similar but different road? Why did my brother raise so many “cold-blooded” C Jiu?

Let me have a look.

The title of purple “cold-blooded” suddenly changed in Wei Xun’s mind. Deep purple changed into golden orange, and the word of cold-blooded turned into “master”. But this is not the end! The brilliant golden orange is gradually replaced by another color——

“Hey, look, has this poster changed?”

In the long wait, the tourists and tour guides still wandering in the virtual Hall of the hotel no longer look up and look forward to the change of flashing posters, but do their own things as usual.

But when the flickering light disappeared, it still attracted the attention of most people.

When they looked up, they were shocked to find that the poster lit a circle of golden red! The picture in the middle becomes a black hole, just like paper burned by fire! The middle has become coke, and the flame burns to the outer ring, burning all the pictures that once existed. And a new scene was born from the embers!

“How can it be black?”

Deep in the hall of butcher alliance, in the conference room, yin and Yang butterflies are puzzled. The meeting lasted nearly half an hour, and the unlucky guy who couldn’t find out the way home to send the invitation. Just in time, people outside reported that the posters had been changed, led by psychic media, and several people present immediately took out their mobile phones.

The posters hanging in the virtual hall will change, and the open screen posters originally belonging to C250 on the creepy app will naturally change. They are all people who have their own posters. Of course, they know to look at the background color first.

Even if the personal image has not appeared, you can see a lot of things just by the background color!

“Black background gold pattern, he really rose to the golden stage.”

The bride commented: “this gold… Very pure.”

Pure gold indicates that his real score has reached the golden level! And not just through the team leader task, the score does not reach the standard of fake gold.

“I think the gold is a bit like golden red, the color of lava.”

Another woman said hoarsely. She wore a pure white cloth from head to foot. She couldn’t see any shape at all. Even her cloak was covered by white cloth. The back is high and uplifted, like a deformed hump.

“It should have something to do with his title or team leader’s right.”


“Why is it black?”

The psychic medium murmured and didn’t care what they said. He stared at the background of the poster and was puzzled.

It’s different. The personal posters are different from those of the previous hotels. Publicity posters are how good-looking, but personal posters will only be related to this person.

The background color of the poster is usually the color related to his title, or the color of the cloak represented by the code. The color of poster shading is usually related to rank or title.

Although the title of returning home at dusk is orange, it is the only one. The hotel gives the title of the first passenger. Therefore, it presents a rich and dazzling blood red.

Blood red is the most unique color.

What does black mean?

“How could it be black?”

On the way home, everyone was also silly.

“I’ve never seen this color.”

Mao Xiaole feels wrong. When he meets something uncertain, he subconsciously looks at an Xuefeng, but he sees an Xuefeng staring at the mobile phone screen, his thick eyebrows locked, and his eyes are rare, showing a bit of shock!

The change of the poster continues. There are flowing golden and red lines on the black background poster, like lava flowing on the scorched earth. Those magma like zigzag golden red lines, from thick to thin, finally converge to the right point in the middle of the poster. They are intertwined, like a golden red chain, but like a ring, condensed in the person’s pale ring finger root!

It is a luxurious and dignified power ring, which can not be tarnished even by the magma flame. It is based on platinum, and the ring is engraved with elegant spiral lines. The gemstones inlaid on the ring are warm, small, bright yellow canary tourmaline, bright orange fluorescent stone, Sri Lanka Pink Orange Sapphire.

Finely broken white crystals adorn it, and the reflected gemstones are translucent and bright, with rich colors, just like wrapping the flame in the pure transparent crystal. It was like a cocoon full of flame, and in the center of the ring, the flaming ‘flame’ broke out of the cocoon and turned into a golden red gem butterfly!

The butterfly is carved from emperor topA stone. Its color and brightness are comparable to diamonds. You can even find all the warm colors related to the sun on it. The golden red butterfly perched on the pale fingers, dragging a luxurious gold chain at the end, with fine black crystals falling at the end of the gold chain.

This is not the only butterfly on the guide.

The poster gradually takes shape. You can see that the golden red like magma is getting darker and darker, and finally becomes pure black. Blue and purple butterflies are flying in the dark. Fluorescence surrounds the edge of butterfly wings and falls on the white hair of the guide.

Wearing a dark blue cloak, the guide stood sideways. The color of the whole poster was very dark and dark, and he almost melted into the darkness. He didn’t wear a hood, and his snow-white hair poured out. Previously, his white hair only came to his neck on the poster, but this time his snow-white curly hair grew to his ankle.

Wisps of white hair covered his body. Several blue and purple butterflies fell on his hair, and even butterflies danced. Seeing a wisp of white hair around him, the scene was dreamlike and beautiful. However, the circle of pure white and bright hair reflected by butterfly fluorescent scale powder looks like the shell of a cocoon at first glance.

It’s a cocoon.

The beautiful and mysterious butterfly is actually a cocoon that binds him. The fire line gathered in his hand like magma was like a flame burning a cocoon!

One side is the darkness in the light, the other is the light in the heat. The guide raised his hand and put it on his lips, like kissing a golden butterfly on a ring, as if to chase the flame light. But on the transparent gem, there are blue and purple butterfly shadows reflected.

It was the blue and purple butterfly shadow that was branded on his pale to almost transparent face.

In the warm light of the gem, the lip corner of the guide was slightly hooked, revealing a smile.

At the bottom of the poster, where the golden red flame burns most warmly, three lines of black and gold characters are printed.

[confrontation task winner]

[golden stage tour guide: C 3]

[Code: Creepy road]

“Thriller, way.”

An Xuefeng’s voice was very light, and the same golden red ring as the man on the poster appeared on his ring finger. But an Xuefeng’s eyes fell at the bottom of the poster. His pupils were very dark and his eyes were deep.

Word by word:

“Thriller, way?”

The author has something to say: an Xuefeng: read the title of wife twice!

An Xuefeng: my wife’s ring should be set directly on the ring finger! It’s ridiculous to pull the finger, isn’t it?


Play someone: who your wife?


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