TTG Chapter 276

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 276: Posters

“It’s out, it’s out, the poster is out!”

“Buy, buy!”

The vast majority of tourists gathered in the virtual Hall of the hotel are middle and low-level tourist guides. They don’t understand the background color distribution of posters and don’t think about the color of titles. Most people are satisfied with the new rank and ranking of C 250 after seeing [the winner of the confrontation task] and [golden level Guide: C 3].

When the poster is finished, the purchase channel is opened at the same time. Their first reaction is to buy!


“Why is the sleeping trough so expensive?!”

“Is there a mistake?”

Countless people hurried to buy. When they saw the poster “you will pay 30000 points to buy” [combat task winner · creepy road · C 3 (limited)] pop up in the hotel. It is not recommended to buy a large amount of money for special needs. Are you sure you want to buy? ” I was stunned at the prompt.

What big purchase?

The third tour guide… The third class poster should be about 1000 points. Even if the golden stage has the label of “winning against tasks”, it should be two or three thousand, or at most four or five thousand points.

What the hell is 30000 points??

“I fucking one, two, three, four… There are really four zeros? What are the prices? The hotel horse is dead!”

The virtual hall was immediately filled with noise, questioning and scolding from the hotel (issued by the tour guide), just like a pot of boiling water.

It’s not that the tourist guides didn’t prepare the funds in advance. It’s really that the hotel’s pricing is too outrageous this time!

Most of the poster prices are linked to commemorative occasions, the rank of the protagonist, the title of the protagonist, etc. when the title of “Twilight return” replaced “sword out of the cold mountain” in the year-end celebration at the turn of the times, the hotel issued a poster for an Xuefeng [winner of the year-end celebration · Twilight return · peak an Xuefeng (limited)], and the selling price directly reached 990000 points!

Ordinary travelers can’t afford to cry and shout. Usually a whole brigade or group buys one for return. After all, this is not an ordinary poster. The boss on the poster will tell you some key points of the corresponding commemorative occasion, and even give you some advice!

Like the year-end celebration with almost no video photos, the whole brigade buys a winner’s poster back, which is almost equivalent to buying videos. Therefore, “commemorative occasions” are extremely important.

Moreover, these posters are limited to one year and can no longer be bought the next year.

The reason why so many people want to buy Cuidao posters is not only for Cuidao, but also for his future development prospects.

Connected with tu’an Xuefeng, he is the brother of the playful man of the butcher alliance and the winner of the confrontation mission. The first journey opened up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude——

There is no doubt that Cuidao will definitely become a big man in the future! When his posters become more expensive, it will be difficult for the person to bear them. Those tourists who are in short supply can still buy them in the name of the brigade or group, but what can the tour guide do.

The tour guide alliance will not buy Precious posters and display them publicly. Those who have the financial resources will collect them alone after buying them.

What’s more, although most tour guides exploit tourists, the real wealth is only the top big guides, or the tour guides who have lingered in the platinum rank for many years and have no ambition. Normally, there are ideal tour guides who can get points quickly and spend quickly. Just buying back San props is a large expenditure, not to mention renting abyss nodes and a series of high consumption activities.

Just like the bee Taoist has done so many by-products, in order to invest in the Mutual Aid Association, once it returns to before liberation, the points can’t help spending.

So buy the poster before Cui daogui gets up!

Who doesn’t want a private collection when the big man was a child!

It was analyzed in the forum before. Considering all the main points, it was finally judged that Cui Dao’s poster was most likely “Samsung”. Samsung is a poster with a price of 1000, which is privately set by passengers.

Those articles related to tour guides and tourists and sold by hotels are not props. There is no level, so everyone will grade them according to the price. For example, a long time ago, the hotel sold “canned braised beef, the favorite of Maoshan Taoist priest of the return brigade”, 100 points a can, even two stars.

But no one can imagine that Cui’s poster is not a fucking Samsung, it’s a fucking 30000 points!

“Thriller, way?”

The bee Taoist started a poster for the first time. Even if he was shocked by the high price, his keen sense of smell immediately made him realize that the high price represents that the poster is absolutely extraordinary!

For a time, Feng Tao’s heart trembled a little. He finally sold honey and spent 30000 points like running water, but he didn’t care about his heartache. The price was not in the ranking of occasions and other levels, that is, the title was special, C 250… No, the strength level of C 3, the poster could be tens of thousands, which means that he was most likely an orange title.


“Creepy way, isn’t it the name of the hotel app?”

He frowned and felt something wrong. When I looked at the words on the poster right above the virtual hall, Taoist bee didn’t feel anything, and didn’t even think ‘creepy road’ was a title. After all, this is the name of the hotel app. I see too much on weekdays.

Taoist bee just thought that maybe Cuidao didn’t choose the title. This creepy way just represents the hotel. However, he is a stingy poster collector. He only collects those absolutely valuable posters, but over the years, there are dozens of posters in Fengdao’s hands, at all prices.

This has never happened.

“Creepy way… Is his title?”

The poster rolled up after paying the money fell into his hands like a scroll and was immediately caught by the bee Taoist. It’s heavy and textured. It’s definitely a high-quality poster. However, the bee Taoist stared at the poster in his hand, but he didn’t open it immediately.

He took a few deep breaths.

Black… The background of the poster is black.

When the bee Taoist remembered the poster displayed in the virtual hall, it could only be regarded as a picture without any special attributes. I can’t feel anything from the poster.

Yes, posters can give people a special feeling.

Not only can you talk to the characters on the poster, but also the background of the poster, which represents the title and rank, will give people a special experience. Just like when Taoist bee was confused, he privately emptied his family and collected a poster of an Xuefeng, just to experience the feeling of “returning home”.

What on earth is the way home for their group of guided tourists?

But it may be because he and an Xuefeng are too different in rank, or he is a tour guide and an Xuefeng is a passenger. The two are not connected. After the bee Taoist bought the poster, he only saw it a few times and put it on hold.

I haven’t seen the way home, but I can imagine that I can finally get freedom and find the joy and joy of the way home.

But if the “way home” is in front of us, we can’t feel it anyway, as if it doesn’t exist… That’s the most terrible thing.

Back to the point, so… Creepy road is really a title? The title of director Cui… Wait?!

Taoist bee’s hand suddenly trembled. He suddenly shook all over, and a shocking light burst out of his pupils!

Creepy way, homecoming?

Home, creepy way??

What’s the matter???

What is the title of the strongest tourist guide corresponding to the title of “return at dusk” awarded by the hotel?!

For some reason in the past ten years, it has never been awarded the title of the highest honor to a tour guide in either the east or the West. It didn’t appear until the end of the decade. Neither S1 devourer nor A-1 playful man has ever received the title of.

When the title is about to change, almost everyone has almost determined that the title will not appear. That incomparable and arrogant title that includes the name of the hotel app!

“Crazy… Crazy…”

Taoist bee opened his mouth because of excessive shock, but he couldn’t make a sound. He could only make a trembling sound.

Crazy creepy way!

On behalf of the title of the strongest tour guide in the past decade, it is the way of crazy devil thriller!

Impossible, how possible!

This title should not appear anyway! No matter the strength or rank, how can Cui Dao have this title?!

Because Cuidao is clearly a tour guide for the next ten years!

There will be a new highest title in the next decade, and he is absolutely impossible to win the title of the strongest tour guide in this decade. Otherwise all this will go wrong. Is it true that the strongest tourist in the next decade will also be accompanied by Cuidao, which is “the way home at dusk”?

“There must be something wrong…”

The bee Taoist muttered to himself, but he couldn’t deceive himself. Taoist bee is a rare tourist guide with a poster of “return at dusk”. He is deeply aware of the special meaning of the background color of the poster

Not green, blue, purple and orange, but a unique blood red background. This is the way home at dusk. Cui Dao’s poster has a dark background, which is as unparalleled as “the way home at dusk”.

“Hard, is gold the background color of the poster?”

The bee Taoist changed his angle and thought of the golden red lines on the poster. At first glance, they actually look like orange. No, that’s right. Maybe this poster is actually an orange title.

Yes, yes, after all, there is only “creepy road”, not “crazy devil creepy road”!

“Call -”

After realizing this, Taoist bee almost breathed a sigh of relief and found that he had just subconsciously held his breath. His back was cold and full of cold sweat.

“Yes, creepy way, just creepy way…”

He talked to himself as if he were comforting himself, but he couldn’t go on.

If the background color is golden red, what about the black that occupies most of the background of the poster? There is no “black iron” in the guide rank. There is no representative color of any guide rank that is black!

What’s more, creepy road is the name of the hotel app. How could there be a title that could be creepy way? When you think of the dark background… Creepy way, maybe he didn’t see it clearly. Is it really creepy way written on the poster? Isn’t it crazy?!

The bee Taoist almost wanted to open the poster immediately, but it couldn’t be urgent. After all, he is now in a high rank and can feel the information transmitted by many poster backgrounds. If it is really the title of crazy devil creepy road

Taoist bee anxiously circled for several times, but finally he couldn’t resist it. He took a mouthful of precious purified royal jelly in advance, and then carefully opened the poster – hateful, after the scroll of the poster was opened, the picture above came out first by default. If the bee Taoist wants to see the title, he must open it completely to see the bottom.

But he only opened a quarter and couldn’t hold it.

What comes into the eyes is darkness. Taoist bee closed his eyes in advance and didn’t look at the black background.

But even if he closed his eyes, the everywhere, rustling nonsense came from nowhere and filled his whole brain in an instant! For a moment, the San value of the bee Taoist fell wildly and was quickly pulled up by the purified royal jelly, but the severe pain still made him kneel to the ground and convulsed all over.

It hurts – why is it so painful.

It was as if thousands of lightning had cut his spine to grind his bones into powder inch by inch and smash his flesh and blood. His soul trembled. The bee Taoist is painfully curled up on the ground and can’t breathe. However, in the depths of boundless pain, there is boundless joy and excitement.

This… Is this the creepy way

Give people pain, give people fanatical excitement, want, let people want to sink deeper into the dark, and see what is in the dark.

No, no!

The pungent feeling of purified royal jelly is fading away. The San value almost returning to zero in a trance makes the bee road alarm ring in the heart of the people! Terror, it’s really terrible. Even if it’s not a crazy devil creepy way, it’s too evil and terrible!

Trembling hands wanted to close the poster, but the brain full of nonsense was luring, luring him to see it and continue to see it. There will be the ultimate enjoyment in the ultimate pain. But the bee Taoist is not a pervert. This severe pain can completely cover the spiritual pleasure.

He can only feel the pain of being crushed all over! The pain also affected his perception. He couldn’t even feel the existence of his hands, as if he couldn’t close the poster!

No, you can’t close your eyes anymore. Taoist bee clenched his teeth and realized that closing his eyes was actually a mistake. The posters issued by the hotel will never kill people. The pain of babbling is very terrible, which shows that there is something on the poster that can neutralize them! Just like when he looked at the poster of the sunset return, he only felt endless blood and nothingness, no end, no end, which almost made the bee Taoist out of control.

But when Taoist bee saw an Xuefeng’s figure, his heart suddenly settled down. He is like an indestructible mountain, standing in the blood of the sky.

There is no end, he is the end.

There is no end, he is the end.

There is no an Xuefeng, only twilight. But when an Xuefeng appeared, he was on his way home.

This poster is absolutely the same!

Taoist bee was in pain and trembled all over. He finally opened his eyes.

One half of the poster has been opened. In addition to the endless darkness and the blue and purple butterfly representing the hotel, the guide with long snow-white hair and beautiful as an elf has also been exposed.


Only beauty can describe him. Without the mask, only blue and purple butterfly patterns with little fluorescence are printed on his face. His pale skin is carved like ice and snow without any defects.

Regardless of gender, facial features and age, the impact of beauty is unparalleled.

But when I look back after leaving the poster, there is no specific image, only the shock left by too beautiful. This is the concealment of the identity of the tour guide by the hotel. In theory, even if the tour guide shows his true face, he will never be recognized.

But now the bee Taoist couldn’t think too much. His eyes were completely attracted by the people on the poster, not only because of the beauty, but also because when he saw him, the severe pain on the bee Taoist disappeared!

At that moment, it was pleasant and comfortable, as if you were in heaven, as if you were redeeming. Taoist bee’s eyes could not leave, and his muscles were twitching from time to time, frightened and resisting the pain in the dark.

When he looked at the people in the poster, the people in the poster also looked at him with eyes.

The next moment, the voice of indifference, arrogance and indifference sounded.

“Want to join my mutual aid association?”

That kind of careless voice accompanied by the eyes of examination, condescending, as if if if the other party could not satisfy him, he would abandon him like my shoes and take back his redemption!

Just experienced severe pain, the contrast at the moment makes people crazy to win his praise and satisfaction!

Fraternity? What is a fraternity?

How can I join a mutual aid association?

How can I join a mutual aid association?

How strict will it be? Can I pass?

There are few tour guides in the hotel who are willing to spend 30000 points to buy posters. Most of them are close to the strength of the bee Taoist. They have the same keen perception and have just been tortured by severe pain!

At this moment, they were thinking about what kind of organization the mutual aid association is and how to join it!

The bee Taoist, who had long been a large number of krypton gold in the Mutual Aid Association, of course, had preferential treatment.

“So you are already a congressman.”

The sound of ice cold is like spring flowers, and the ice melts. The man on the poster is no longer indifferent, eases his expression and slightly hooks his mouth… Is he laughing?

The radian of the corner of his mouth is too small to be true. Taoist bee just wants to see him smile at himself for a moment. He is eager to find out the title of “creepy road” and communicate with the people on the poster——

But the other party said no more than that. Just staring at him in silence.


The bee Taoist took a breath and tried to communicate with the poster: “I’m already an intermediate senator.”

Yes, he was a middle-level senator before!

However, the person on the poster is still the same, with a light hook at the corners of his mouth and a slow voice: “low level, intermediate level, high level, there is no difference for me.”

His head tilted slightly, as if he were kissing the ring. The luxurious and magnificent ring attracted the attention of the bee Taoist.


The sign of the hotel is also a butterfly. There are butterflies on his ring. Creepy way, creepy way… Taoist bee’s heart is beating faster and faster. He is more and more eager to know whether creepy way is the crazy devil creepy way he wants, and whether it has anything to do with the hotel! He couldn’t help but say, “what’s special to you?”

He wants to know more! This poster is worth more than 30000. Even if it sells for 130000, 300000, or even more expensive, it is absolutely worth it!

“More special -”

The people on the poster seemed to be chuckling. At first glance, they really praised Taoist Wang and appreciated his ambition.

Sure enough, krypton!

Taoist bee is crazy about his current assets and counts all the things that can be sold and realized. No, no, he doesn’t just want to know the secret of the poster. Instead of asking the poster, he might as well talk to the real owner of the poster!

I don’t know whether Cuidao has used his purified magic honey. I think it’s good to use it. It’s the ultimate goal of Taoist bee to really know him and even travel with him in the future!

Then, the bee Taoist heard the man in the poster chuckling, “do you want to be my knight?”

For a moment, Taoist bee turned pale.

The hotel won’t make mistakes. The price of 30000 shows that the poster is really worth the price! Many people are as decisive as the bee Taoist, especially the leaders and heads of major brigades and regiments, as well as the big passengers. Almost everyone has a poster! Those high-ranking tourists who bite their teeth can afford 30000 yuan posters.

After all, unlike the tour guides who are poor, even if the tourists are exploited during the journey, the blind box after the journey is also a huge wealth, not to mention the huge base of tourists, which is far from comparable to the tour guides! Under the influence of multiple factors, the sales volume of Xiawei Xun’s poster is very high, but the money for selling the poster will not arrive until next month. Today is September 30th. Wait another day. Wei Xun is not in a hurry.

The poster is second, and the name of the mutual aid association has been completely launched in the tourist group! For a time, all over the forum were discussing the Mutual Aid Association, discussing how to join the mutual aid association and how to obtain the qualification to join the Mutual Aid Association. Not only ordinary tour guides, but also those big tourists and tour guides were moved.

They want to find out what’s going on in “creepy road”. They’re going crazy! Dare not say thriller, also dare not say way, the vast majority of people still call him Cui guide. Some people even want to kidnap him by any means, like a madman, regardless of Cui’s background. There has been a lot of noise in this half day. The former third party (now the fourth party) has been kidnapped countless times.

But those people couldn’t find Cui Dao anyway, because after settling back from pure white space, Wei Xun went directly to an Xuefeng.

Without seeing anyone else on his way home, Wei Xun took a special passage and went directly to an Xuefeng’s bedroom. At the moment, Wei Xun took a comfortable bath and saw an Xuefeng sitting outside, staring at his poster in his hand. Wei Xun also asked for an Xuefeng’s poster. It’s the one worth 990000 points [winner of year-end celebration · sunset return · peak an Xuefeng (limited)]

The young an Xuefeng is in the middle of the poster. Compared with now, he is less calm and more rebellious and handsome. He is upright. If he is touched by Wei Xun too much, he will turn his face and avoid. He can’t hide. He will twist his eyebrows and say: “… Don’t touch me.”

“Just touch you, just touch you.”

Wei Xun was so excited that he directly pulled an Xuefeng’s hand and shook it in front of the poster. His skin is too white. The color difference is obvious when he holds his hands with an Xuefeng. But the ring finger has the same, golden red gem ring.

“See, right.”

Wei Xun said slowly, “we’re married, don’t you know. Alas, you’re right. After all, you’re just a poster, not even a ring.”

“What a pity.”

On the poster, the young an Xuefeng’s cheeks were bulging, and he felt a bit gnashing his teeth and skeptical. I couldn’t stop glancing at the ring. It was a little sour when I glanced too much.

“Don’t tease the poster.”

Until an Xuefeng’s helpless voice sounded from the side.

“You watch it?”

Wei Xun found that an Xuefeng didn’t take back the hand they held. He picked the tip of his eyebrows and took lightness between his words, but he didn’t talk to him about the way of poster horror, but turned a corner: “so, you asked me to come directly after settlement and said there was a way to solve the punishment of the end of the day.”

“How to solve it?”

Wei Xun is rarely serious. If he ignores that both of them are sitting in bed.

“Is it settled here?”

The author has something to say: Taoist bee: not a drop… Buzzing

PS: the black widow paid 300000 points in one breath, rose directly to the senior Councillor, and then handed in the owl feather with the smell of Babel Tower, and jumped to the knight position.

PPS: tomorrow will be a day, boo boo!


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