TTG Chapter 277

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 277: Dental impression

“Strictly speaking, your doomsday punishment is equivalent to some kind of curse.”

“Curse of rule class.”

Wei Xun is not serious, but an Xuefeng is much more serious. Years of hotel experience made him exercise his ability to be happy and angry. He was more used to Wei Xun’s way of speaking. He would not be provoked and looked calm.

But young an Xuefeng didn’t have his determination. Wei Xun secretly glanced at the poster in his hand and saw that the 24-year-old young an team on the poster was shocked and raised his eyebrows with an expression of doubt about life.

Wei Xun naturally held an Xuefeng’s hand, as if he had pulled it countless times. Most importantly, an Xuefeng didn’t let go after they held hands. More importantly, an Xuefeng didn’t refute Wei Xun’s words! (an Xuefeng: refutation is meaningless. He will still say it anyway)

But the poster doesn’t know what’s going on!

Is, is this true?

Even an Xuefeng on the poster was equally sensitive. He found Wei Xun smiling and looking at him the next second when his pupil was shaking, and he was inspired behind him.

Losers can’t lose. Even if the object is a man, he must be a husband.

So an Xuefeng said hello to Wei Xun: “Hi, wife -”


An Xuefeng suddenly closed the Shanghai newspaper and pulled it out of Wei Xun’s hand. He lowered his head as he moved, and Wei Xun just saw that his ears were red.

“Cough. Go to the study.”

It’s not appropriate to say such a thing in the bedroom.

An Xuefeng thought.

“OK, then go to the study.”

Wei Xun secretly laughed in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face. The man stood up like a stream of good advice and reminded him: “I promised to send this poster to me. Don’t destroy it secretly.”

This is an out of print poster with 990000 points! You can’t buy it from others, that is, an Xuefeng has a lot of privileges in the hotel. As the poster owner, he can send Wei Xun one.

An Xuefeng held the poster’s hand and immediately clenched it tightly. “I’ll let you take it away when you leave.”

Then he said, “don’t be confused by the poster.”

An Xuefeng reminded: “there is no real person in the poster. It can only be regarded as a false image, which is maintained by the hotel.”

“I think his expression is very flexible.”

Wei Xun ridiculed an Xuefeng’s expressionless face. An Xuefeng frowned seriously, but his eyes showed a light of helplessness and connivance: “you remember that after the first trip, the hotel prompted you to bind your identity and verify to become a tour guide.”


Wei Xun remembers clearly. After all, his tour guide passengers are bound once each. An Xuefeng mentioned this at this time. Wei Xun knew the hidden meaning of his words: “do you mean that at that time, the hotel extracted our information?”

“That’s right.”

An Xuefeng took Wei Xun into his study. Like the bedroom, this study is not a conference room, but a private territory when he thinks alone. Wei Xun glanced and found that the traces of life in the study are heavier than those in the bedroom. Eagle shelves, dog cushions, food basins and water basins are all here.

It seems that an Xuefeng stays in his study and seldom goes back to his bedroom to sleep.

The study area is very large, which is roughly estimated to be worth millions of points in the brigade station. Wei Xun’s small nest can’t even put a special large filing cabinet, and this kind of filing cabinet and bookcase are placed in two rows in an Xuefeng’s study. The placement of items is slightly messy, but there are also their own rules in the mess.

The most conspicuous is an enlarged version of the world map pasted on the wall behind the desk, which is filled with small flags of various colors and various signs. In addition, there is an enlarged local map of northern Tibet and the path map of a glacier.

“Sit down.”

An Xuefeng asked Wei Xun to sit opposite his desk. Wei Xun noticed a very conspicuous small globe on his desk. It’s like it’s made of gemstones. It’s shiny. The sea is blue. It seems that you can still hear the sound of waves after listening carefully.

It should be some kind of prop.

“Pour what you want.”

An Xuefeng turned the drawer, turned out a purple sand teapot and two teacups. Wei Xun took the teapot handed over by an Xuefeng. There were many cracks on the teapot, which seemed to be broken and bonded by someone. It looked ugly.

Guard Xun was surprised to find that the ugly little teapot was a legendary item!

Pouring out all kinds of tea and drinks is only a basic incidental function. It can also pour out all kinds of precious drugs. More importantly, rubbing the teapot three times will produce a “tea elf” who can realize people’s wishes.

Worthy of legend.

“Aladdin God teapot?”

Wei Xun teased, added a few drops of magic honey to the cup, and poured the jade spring landscape with a teapot.

Yes, Yuquan landscape can also be poured out by a teapot. It can also pour many kinds of honey water. Although it can’t be poured out like the magic honey raised by the bee Taoist, it can also pour back San medicine sold by another hotel.

“‘To realize people’s wishes’ is the rule of the teapot. It is a rule prop.”

An Xuefeng only poured himself a glass of white water. He knocked the cigarette box skillfully, picked up a cigarette and looked at Wei Xun. He just sandwiched the cigarette between his fingers and didn’t light it.

“If you break the rules, you will be punished accordingly.”

An Xuefeng said, “for example, if you rub the teapot three times and summon the tea spirit, you don’t let it realize your wish, but drive it back. This is even a ‘violation of the rules’.”

“After violating the rules, your status with the tea elf will be reversed. It will ask you to realize one of its wishes. If you can’t realize its wishes, you will be locked in the teapot, and it will become your face and come out instead of you.”

“You broke it?”

Wei Xun stared at the teapot as if he understood how the crack came from.

“Xiao Le fell. It can’t close me.”

An Xuefeng took a cigarette in his mouth and rubbed the teapot three times with his thumb. He saw a wisp of light cyan smoke trembling from the mouth of the teapot, and finally turned into a fog elf wearing a light green vest, thick green trousers and two tea buds on his head.

The tea elf seemed to be afraid of an Xuefeng. After floating out, he sat trembling at the mouth of the teapot and looked down.

“Xiaole has been locked up once, but he is strong enough to break the teapot. Of course, it can’t violate the rules of the hotel even if it replaces Xiaole, so Xiaole will come out naturally when the next trip.”

An Xuefeng motioned Wei Xun to take out the rules props that led him to the doomsday punishment. After getting his twenty dice, seeing that the dice were only intermediate, an Xuefeng raised his eyebrows and said, “Tut,” are there any attached conditions? ”


Wei Xun understood that an Xuefeng was going to give him a demonstration with a teapot, but he didn’t hide it: “there are too many audiences, so people quit gambling and didn’t quit successfully.”

There were many audiences. Wei Xun’s gambling made the audience have the psychology of quitting gambling, but he failed to quit successfully.

An Xuefeng quickly got to the key elements, thought about the huge number of audiences in the suburbs of Beijing, and smiled: “no wonder.”

A simple intermediate rule props, even personal exclusive weapons, can’t get this degree of punishment.

Unless a series of incidental conditions are met.

However, there will be penalties beyond the level itself, indicating that there will also be benefits beyond the level itself.

“Good potential.”

An Xuefeng commented and put the dice in front of the tea elf. Before he spoke, he saw that the tea elf trembled all over. Bi Cui’s eyes were filled with tears and looked pathetic. He looked at an Xuefeng, then at Wei Xun, and finally put his pitiful and pitiful eyes on Wei Xun.

“It seems that he can’t.”

Wei Xun smiled and stretched out his fingers to touch the head of the tea elf. When the other party was very obedient and obedient, he smiled and said something like a devil: “if he fails to meet his wishes, he will be punished. After all, this is the rule.”

The tea elf turned pale and began to cry in a low voice.

“That’s right. But after all, he’s just a legendary prop. He can refuse wishes far beyond his ability.”

An Xuefeng knocked on the teapot: “but lifting the rules of intermediate rule props is within its ability.”

Tea ELF: woo woo!

Wei Xun smiled. Unexpectedly, an Xuefeng looked like a serious man. In fact, he knew there was a problem with his rules and was still such a tea elf. Let Wei Xun taste the feeling of young Xuefeng on the poster.

“According to the rules, it is very likely that when you give up the gambling that leads to your punishment, the punishment will disappear if the same audience hates gambling from the heart. Or when you gamble next time, with the same scale and the same punishment intensity, the new punishment will replace the original punishment.”

If we choose the former, of course, the latter punishment instead of punishment is about equal to no punishment.

“A little trouble.”

But an Xuefeng said. The main trouble lies in Wei Xun’s current physical condition.

The change from painless to painful is not only the problem of pain sensitivity, but also his out of control when punishment first came.

Without painless hindrance, the pain accumulated in Wei Xun’s body will gradually pour out, just like an avalanche. And now he has lost his cool feeling. Even if an Xuefeng can make him cool by some means, it will cure the symptoms rather than the root cause.

Feeling good in pain is a delicate balance. But if it only hurts. That’ll kill.

Thinking of the title on Wei Xun’s poster, an Xuefeng felt that things were tricky.

“Except for the rules, the props for punishment are very rare.”

An Xuefeng said, “I’ve only seen the same props that can remove any rule punishment in the hotel for so many years.”


“The white sand of the Sahara.”

Wei Xun became interested: “you mean the death Sahara at 30 degrees north latitude?”

Then he took out a thin necked bottle: “the sand of the Sahara?”

“Dreamers appreciate you.”

An Xuefeng saw the particularity of the thin necked bottle at a glance. The teal bottle body is carved like crystal, and the translucent lines stretch on the bottle body like flowers and leaves, which can show the color in the bottle. At the moment, the grain is gray, indicating that the thin necked bottle is filled with Saharan sand.

“Ash can’t.”

An Xuefeng shook his head: “the gray sand is only the first layer of sand in the Sahara, just like the owl flying outside the tower of Babel. It is a 30 degree north latitude item, but it has no more special functions.”

“Deep in the worm cave on the ninth floor of the Sahara, there is a special crystal ball. 999 of every 1000 crystal balls are worm venom. Only one crystal ball contains a kind of Sahara white sand.”

“Unknown level props can solve all curses, all punishments and all negative states.”

“Too precious.”

Wei Xun refused: “gambling is more suitable for me.”

Just listen to an Xuefeng and know how precious the white sand is. This is not tens of thousands of points, hundreds of thousands of points or even millions of points. Let alone use it to solve a doomsday punishment. Rao and Wei Xun think it’s too wasteful.


An Xuefeng is rare and extremely serious: “gambling is a road of no return.”

“The props with gambling as the rule are too dangerous. The huge profits always make people unable to see the more terrible danger. The profits you earn today will be compensated hundreds or thousands of times in the future.”

Even if Wei Xun didn’t realize the seriousness, an Xuefeng specially gave an example: “in the past, there was a traveler in the West District, astrologer and their brigade, which was very powerful. She had one rule prop, which was related to gambling. In addition, she was also very lucky. Even on a dangerous journey, she could gamble on legendary props, and reached the peak in just two years.”

“Gambling makes her crazy. When she gambles, she will win. She can’t see the risks. What’s more, she has developed the habit of gambling first no matter what.”

An Xuefeng shook his head: “finally… She tried to take risks and bet with the hotel to let her and her brother leave the hotel and return to freedom. However, she could not succeed.”

Gambling will raise people’s greed, and constant victory and invincibility will make people unable to see the road ahead. Speaking of this, an Xuefeng’s expression was very complex and finally calm.

“In the end, she owed the hotel 10 billion yuan. Not only she, but also her brother had to work hard to pay off the debt. The punishment of the hotel would not be so simple. No one knew how much she had to bear. In the end, the genius disappeared in the public view like a meteor.”

An Xuefeng stared at Wei Xun and said in a deep voice, “you met her this time, he Guan.”

The punishment of the hotel

Wei Xun thought of the door opened by the charge official, and a series of eyes behind the door. Thought of the dual identity of the Dutch official. Only the super one star werewolf mia, and her thin body tightly wrapped in clothes when she became a Dutch official.

What did the hotel deprive? Why did you let her come back? What the hell is behind that door?

“… it doesn’t mean that you won’t use this prop anymore.”

Returning to his senses, Wei Xun found that an Xuefeng’s tone became gentle: “it’s just too risky.”

If Wei Xun wants to bet, he hopes he can be by his side, at least it will be safer. He won’t let Wei Xun fall into the position of a Dutch official.

It’s too sad, even more unacceptable than death.


Unexpectedly, Wei Xun was very persuasive and didn’t insist: “I’ll ask the dreamer.”

“He has no white sand now.”

But an Xuefeng said, “I asked him. Zhang xingzang used up all the white sand accumulated before.”

“What happened to Zhang xingzang?”

Hearing what he said, Wei Xun subconsciously asked, “what happened to him?”

I shouldn’t have. I’ve seen Zhang xingzang before. The funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing has only been ten days. He has been staying in the residence of dream chasers. How can something happen?

As soon as the voice fell, Wei Xun saw an Xuefeng smiling at him: “it was something that happened before, not now.”

Wei Xun immediately understood that it was probably the perennial contact between the abyss clock and the crazy sun pollution that left behind some sequelae.

I can use up all the white sand saved by the dreamer for so many years… Cough, cough, I’m afraid the sequelae is not small.

Wei Xun was a little embarrassed. He stopped talking about asking for white sand from the Dreamer: “so…”

Without white sand, an Xuefeng will not specifically mention this crop, that is to say

“There is something wrong with the death Sahara that needs to be solved urgently. Four days later, we will enter the death Sahara together with dream chasing and Zhang xingzang.”

An Xuefeng coughed softly, looked at Wei Xun, wanted to say something, but changed his mouth: “the interval between your first punishment and your second punishment is about four days. According to common sense, the time of the new punishment will be extended later. I will deal with the problem of Sahara as soon as possible and bring white sand back for a week at most. You…”

“Don’t bother.”

With a squeak, the chair rubbed against the floor. Wei Xun was close to the desk. He stood up, leaned forward, looked at an Xuefeng with a smile and grabbed his hand.

“How about adding me?”

Wei Xun noticed the pause of an Xuefeng’s voice just now. Obviously, he didn’t mean to say that.

According to an Xuefeng’s previous attitude, he is very anxious to solve the problem of punishment on Wei Xun. The interval between the first punishment and the second punishment is four days. Maybe the next punishment will be four days. It’s not safe to extend the time.

Wei Xun knew at a moment that an Xuefeng never thought of it at the beginning.

So what made him change his mind?

“Are you sure?”

Wei Xun’s too beautiful face was close to him, and he could even feel his shallow breath. The exhalation of normal people is slightly hot with body temperature, but Wei Xun’s exhalation is cold, just like a gust of wind in autumn.

His hand was also very cold. When an Xuefeng was stopped by Wei Xun for the first time, he wanted to break away, but he felt that his hand was too cold.

Like a dead man.

There is samadhi fire and Phoenix Fire, but how can the body temperature be so low? Cold blooded person, a purple title, seems not to be too special, but it makes people gradually become no longer like people.

The way home, the way home, is a road of no return.

What’s the end of that creepy road?

An Xuefeng seldom takes the initiative to hold Wei Xun’s hand, which is too close for their current identity. But when Wei Xun took the initiative to hold it, an Xuefeng would not loosen it.

I hope I can pass on my temperature, let my hands catch people’s temperature and make it warm.

“Are you sure?”

An Xuefeng asked again in a low voice. He held Wei Xun’s hand, but his eyes were very serious and solemn, without a trace of emotion. He didn’t want to interfere with Wei Xun’s choice.

Thirty degrees north latitude… It’s not a good place to enter.

At Wei Xun’s current level, if he wants to go in with the team, he must join the return journey.

An Xuefeng understood that Wei Xun would understand what he meant.

He knew better that Wei Xun had never taken the initiative to join the journey home, but to tell the truth, he was really worried about leaving Wei Xun alone in the hotel. With the ring, there is more responsibility.

An Xuefeng began to think about how to bring Wei Xun into the Sahara of death if he didn’t join the journey home, but at this time——

“I thought we had signed a contract?”

Wei Xun smiled and stuffed every finger between an Xuefeng’s fingers. Holding his fingers, the temperature from his hands infiltrated his hands. Compared with ordinary people, the temperature was a little high, but Wei Xun felt it was right. He breathed comfortably and leaned closer. After glancing, Wei Xun noticed that there was a scorch mark on the desk, as if it had been burned by fire. The scorch mark is very new. It looks like it was left a few days ago.

Wei Xun felt the anger of Phoenix Fire from above.

An Xuefeng in Firebird state is the most calm. What makes the flame out of control and burn to the table? A few days ago

“Shouldn’t I have been on my way home…?”

Clearly, there is a desk between them. An Xuefeng is sitting and Wei Xun is standing, but their heads seem to be close together, which makes their cold breath catch the hot temperature. An Xuefeng looked deeply into Wei Xun’s eyes. The blue eyes were very beautiful. They were too close and looked a little purple.

An Xuefeng saw a smile from his eyes and some determination. Without carelessness, Wei Xun made a serious decision. But if you don’t take it seriously, it’s easy to misunderstand just by tone.

Including Wei Xun’s many actions… An Xuefeng’s eyes fell on the hands they held and on their complementary rings.

Wei Xun’s understanding of the connection between tourists and guides was not very right from the beginning.

And now… He’s not right.

“If you like.”

An Xuefeng pressed down his inner feelings and solemnly said, “welcome to the way home.”

“It’s Wei Xun’s way home.”

Wei Xun smiled. He knew that an Xuefeng understood.


Sure enough, an Xuefeng answered.

It’s Wei Xun, not the new third party, because third party is too conspicuous.

He is connected with an Xuefeng and is the brother of the life playing people. These two identities are delicate and balanced. However, once “C-3” announces which organization to join, the balance will be broken in an instant.

If C San joins the butcher alliance, will he be absolutely trusted on the way home?

If bingsan joins the return journey, will the psychic medium or yin-yang butterfly have further contact with him and tell him the current news of his brother?

Where is the Mutual Aid Association located?

This trip to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing exposed him to some secrets of the upper class, but he wanted to know more. At present, the butcher alliance without his brother cannot be trusted by Wei Xun. Therefore, at present, it is the best choice for Wei Xun to join the journey home as “Wei Xun”.

And to tell you the truth, the reputation of the butcher League is really stinky.

“I don’t even know what my brother thinks.”

Wei Xun sighed and looked at an Xuefeng.

What do you think?

He refused to have too much physical contact with him before, so he avoided everything. But this time, Wei xunkou’s “marriage” an Xuefeng doesn’t care, nor does he care about holding hands? Wei Xun became curious. He released his hand, bypassed the table, and put his cold hand on an Xuefeng’s shoulder.

“Welcome. Would you like something simpler or something more important? Bai Xiaosheng and his team will be back tomorrow at the latest. It will be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow… Don’t make trouble.”

An Xuefeng accurately grasped Wei Xun’s hand, but he didn’t loosen it.

There was a problem.

Wei Xun thought of it and felt more and more interesting.

He will regret it one day.

An Xuefeng thought indifferently.

I resisted before. I didn’t want to delay him. After all, Wei Xun is destined to belong to the next ten years, and he will leave soon.

If they really developed something, what would they do after he left?

An Xuefeng doesn’t want Wei Xun to be heartless at all. The connection between the brigade captain and the tour guide is much heavier than he thought. As long as they really have a relationship, Wei Xun can’t find a new lover in his life.

He doesn’t want to trap Wei Xun all his life because of these months. He can’t delay him.

But now it’s all right.

Thinking of the title on the poster, an Xuefeng wants to grind his teeth.

Creepy way? Creepy way!

How could Wei Xun have the title of creepy way! Even if this title is not what he should have at this stage, it may have used some special means, but it shows on the poster that “creepy road” will belong to him!

It’s a dog’s day. An Xuefeng rarely wants to burst foul language.

There will never be another Twilight return in the next decade! In other words, either Wei Xun belongs to this decade, or there will be problems in this battlefield. Their generation is very likely not to go!

Because of this possibility, the communication between guitu and the butcher alliance was exploded today. Those people couldn’t find Wei Xun. They all came to find guitu and the butcher alliance. Most butcher guides experienced the feeling of being kidnapped by violence for the first time, and everything was in a mess.

An Xuefeng also wants to find out what’s going on, but anyway

Seeing that Wei Xun was still moving forward, his fingers were still rubbing the back of his hand. An Xuefeng snorted coldly.


Without warning, Wei Xun was pulled down. He subconsciously wanted to hold his body and hold his hand on the table, but his lowered hand and bent body made him look like an Xuefeng in his arms. Wei Xun didn’t realize it, but smiled and leaned forward to see an Xuefeng dodge. But this time an Xuefeng didn’t hide.


It hurts!

Wei Xun was bitten heavily on his lower lip. His sharp pain made him suddenly tighten his body, and physiological tears sprang up in his eyes. He subconsciously wanted to lean back to dodge, but an Xuefeng was so strong that he had no room to dodge. However, after the severe pain, Wei Xun’s mind was all attracted by an Xuefeng and couldn’t believe it.

Why did he suddenly do that?

Is he enlightened?

What is he going to say, ‘don’t provoke me if you’re not serious?’

But an Xuefeng didn’t say these words!

Even as if Wei Xun’s lips with tooth marks were not bitten by him, they were completely ignored!

Listen to an Xuefeng’s light description and write: “it’s settled. You’ll be busy with your welcome ceremony on the way home. Bai Xiaosheng will do it well.”

“Don’t worry. When dreamers sleep in an alienated state, they can get colored soul sand. With this sand, we can directly enter the seventh floor after entering the death Sahara.”

Feeling Wei Xun’s gaze, an Xuefeng comforted: “don’t worry, you can definitely go to the ninth floor and find white sand in one day. Even if the next round of punishment comes in four days, it’s definitely in time.”

Wei Xun didn’t speak, but looked at him with an eyebrow. An Xuefeng seemed to find the tooth marks on his lips.


An Xuefeng made a surprised expression and hypocritically said, “where’s the tooth print? I’ll find you an ice bag to apply it.”


Wei Xun looked at him deeply, and then suddenly bent down and gave him a tooth for a tooth.

“Just apply it for me…”

Everything is going well on the way home, the dreamer

Dreamers have insomnia.

Even the mask couldn’t cover his dark circles. He had been staring at the new Cui guide poster for two hours. Even if Zhang Xing hid beside him and said, “pursue your dreams, go and have a rest.” he turned a deaf ear to it.

In fact, the sand given by the dreamer before has been used by Wei Xun as the core object during the construction of the Mutual Aid Association. He just showed an Xuefeng that the sand in the bottle in his hand was newly given by the dreamer when Zhang xingzang joined the mutual aid association and rose to knight.

In fact, it was rare that Wei Xun didn’t plan to collect things at that time. Before, the dreamer came to the Mutual Aid Association as a judge to support him. However, with the dreamer’s character, if Zhang xingzang added an organization and that organization had a conflict with mutual aid, the dreamer would certainly connect his passengers like him.

If Zhang Xing hides in the Mutual Aid Association, the dreamer will not go. Moreover, Zhang xingzang has strong strength and good appeal. Wei Xun wants to learn more about his brother and taiyangmen from him.

But the dreamer refused to take advantage of him.

“It’s not for nothing that xingzang joined the Mutual Aid Association.”

At the beginning, the dreamer asked Wei Xun what the seventh rule of the mutual aid association was. There are seven rules developed from the core of the Mutual Aid Association, of which the sixth and seventh rules are random and enjoyed by knights and above.

As the adjudicator, the dreamer can enjoy six rules, and what he comes to at random is the sixth [rule 6. Members of the mutual aid association have stronger resistance to the spiritual pollution of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude (hidden rules, enjoyed by knights and above)]

The seventh rule is [Rule 7. When holding / Integrating / using items related to the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, members of the mutual aid association will be able to block the gaze of the hotel (hidden rules, enjoyed by knights and above)]

Wei Xun suspected that this rule came from the crazy sunlight. After all, Zhang xingzang was imprisoned in the abyss clock for several years and was not found by the hotel, or even forced to take the journey. It’s like this man completely disappeared from the hotel.

Disappearance can sometimes be equated with freedom.

“I want xingzang to try.”

The dreamer directly hid krypton for Zhang Xing to the knight and handed over this bottle of Sahara ash. Knights can only have five rules. It’s harder to be random. Moreover, Wei Xun could not interfere with the rules of the Mutual Aid Association.

More words were not said by the dreamer, but Wei Xun vaguely guessed some.

Zhang xingzang has been a traveler for ten years, but he has been imprisoned for nearly ten years. Within ten years, everyone is growing, and the dream chaser has stood from a small tour guide to the position of A-3.

But Zhang xingzang’s time seems to have stalled. His name is not on the passenger list. There is no new development in the title, and there is no more progress in props and strength. Even most of the clay figurines with personal props were burned by the sun, leaving only the basaltic clay sculpture on the verge of breaking.

But he is destined to receive much attention because of the existence of dreamers and the experience of being imprisoned by hippies.

How many decades can life have?

For tour guides and tourists, they have only one decade. It will be on the battlefield soon after ten years.

Can Zhang xingzang survive on the battlefield?

The dreamer is not sure.

At this juncture, Zhang xingzang was rescued, and the dreamer didn’t regret it. After all, the hippie was the guide for ten years, and he had to go to the battlefield. As soon as he goes to the battlefield and the shackles disappear, Zhang Xing will go directly to the battlefield as soon as he hides.

But Bing 250 is a tour guide for the next decade. There is crazy sunlight in the core of his mutual aid association, and there is shielding the attention of the hotel in the rules. Is it just shielding the live broadcast, or

Like when Zhang xingzang was imprisoned in the abyss clock, completely let the hotel ignore this person?

And now

The dreamer clung to the poster for a long time.

Why is it creepy

Why is it the title of this decade?!!

He stared at the poster, his eyes red.

An Xuefeng can think of any dreamer he can think of, but he is extremely difficult to accept anyway!

Why? He has just found his next home for Zhang xingzang, and it has become the best in ten years!

Unexpectedly, wow, the dreamer really didn’t expect that this feeling of being stabbed made the dreamer almost unable to breathe! He can’t wait to rush to C 250… No, it’s C San’s hotel. Find out what’s going on with the title.

But Yu Hehui told him that bingsan went to find an Xuefeng!

Fuck an Xuefeng!

“Hey, dream chasing. Do you see the news just sent on the way home?”

Seeing that ordinary things can’t arouse the interest of dream chasers, Zhang xingzang is worried. He just received a text message. He was surprised when he saw the text message, but he felt that the text message could definitely bring the dreamer back to his senses!

“It’s time to recruit new people on the way home! It’s the first time to recruit new people on the way home in recent years!”

The dreamer was still immersed in the poster. He listened to Zhang xingzang’s cheering and chirping: “a text message sent by an Xuefeng personally! Lying in the slot, as soon as I received it, I thought it was C-3 to join the way home. I didn’t expect it was Wei Xun!”

“I also saw the recording screen in northern Tibet. Wei Xun really has something. But I didn’t expect that he was targeted by the hotel on his way home and can’t add new people? Can he really add it? Then Wei Xun is really destined for his way home.”

“Hey, hey, did you hear the gossip outside at that time? It said that an Xuefeng and Wei Xun were going to get married. It also led the butcher alliance to kidnap Wei Xun several times.”

Zhang xingzang said happily, “their wedding is not. We must go to their welcome celebration. Let me think what gifts to prepare? An Xuefeng is really unkind. The time is too tight for people to prepare well…”

“… will you shut up?”

The dreamer took a deep breath. Now he doesn’t want to hear the names of an, Xue and Feng.

But Zhang xingzang deliberately teased him. Seeing that the dreamer had a hard reaction, he was immediately happy.

But why didn’t he talk?

Zhang xingzang felt something was wrong. He came closer and looked at it. He was suddenly shocked: “Hey, hey, dream chasing, don’t cry, why are you crying?!”

“I didn’t cry!”

The dreamer broke out, gnashing his teeth and incoherent: “my eyes are red with anger!”

Yes, an Xuefeng is very good. Bingsan is still there. A celebration will be held tomorrow to welcome Wei Xun in??

Good, good!


The dreamer grabbed Zhang xingzang, who was anxiously turning around like a big dog next to him, and said word by word: “let’s have a good look on the way home!”

The author has something to say: dream chaser: sleep you paralyzed hi!

Don’t say team an can’t, team an has begun to grind their teeth! (safety team:?)

Ann [confident]: Hi, wife!

An Xuefeng: I don’t say anything. You should understand the tooth marks.


Play with sb??


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