TTG Chapter 278

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 278: MUA

The dreamer knocked on the door with Zhang Xing’s hidden gas and went home. However, as soon as they left the reception room door, they saw Tong Hege and Yu Hehui. Even if the mood is depressed again, you have to ask a good old friend to talk about the past when you see an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time.

In the past, Zhang xingzang was also a person with friends all over the world. He had a good relationship with Tong Hege. Both of them missed this decade again. There are many topics to talk about. Seeing Zhang xingzang chatting with interest here, the dreamer was embarrassed to go by himself.

Then catch up with Wang pengpai, who brought some snacks, tea and drinks with a smile. Mao Xiaole came out to chat with the guests. The originally angry dreamer somehow sat on the sofa with soothing tea and a small cake and watched Zhang xingzang chat with them.

My heart is blocked.

“This cake…”

It’s choking.

“… well done.”

“Yes, I think it’s good, too.”

Yu Hehui said with a smile. A pair of fox eyes looked at the nagging Zhang xingzang, Tong Hege and others. They leaned comfortably on the sofa and drank tea slowly. People who look at dreams simply doubt life.

Isn’t he in any hurry?

This is a creepy way! Although the dreamer took drugs and just read the poster several times to confirm that this is a creepy way, not a crazy creepy way, there is definitely a connection between the two!

Maybe the creepy way up is the crazy creepy way! Or the third party is not strong enough now. What special means have been used, resulting in the lack of titles and so on.

This is the title of this decade, not the next decade! If this is true, the meaning will be different!

Why is Yu Hehui not in a hurry?

The dreamer is unimaginable and looks at this happy scene.

Is it really just me? Is that reasonable?

Next to him, Zhang xingzang chatted with Tong Hege and didn’t forget to fill him a small cake,

“Is it made of Lushu orange? This craft is really good.”

Zhang xingzang praised, “come and chase your dreams. Try this.”


The dreamer grabbed the small cake and stuffed it into Zhang Xing’s mouth, so that he could not speak for a while and a half.

“That’s right.”

The dreamer went with the wind and said calmly, “I have an appointment with Ann team. Is Ann team free now?”

“Oh, Captain, he said you had to come today. No, it’s all ready in advance.”

Wang pengpai happily pointed to the tea. Mao Xiaole also looked over. He had a keen perception and felt that the momentum of the dreamer was wrong as soon as he came in. It looked like he didn’t sleep well and got up. He said coolly: “I just drew the sleeping symbol, and the effect was good. He slept behind Wang Yushu. I’ll give you some later.”

This sleeping charm is not easy to draw! It can make Wang Yushu fall asleep. It’s a top-level seal character. It’s easy to use against Tianjie monsters. On weekdays, Mao Xiaole has to keep this kind of seal script privately, or go to metaphysics to fight with their Taoists, but he can’t bear to give it away directly.

But who made him feel good today.

Hey, hey, teacher Sanshui is coming, hey, hey.

However, dreamers can’t hear the word “sleep” at all. Their dark orange cloak of anger is almost lit up.

“Go and see if Bai Xiaosheng is coming back soon.”

Wang pengpai immediately ordered Mao Xiaole to leave. Just as the dreamer looked at him with a smile and thought that Wang pengpai was probably ordered by an Xuefeng to delay time, after Mao Xiaole left, he saw Wang pengpai’s happy full moon round face, immediately smiled and sighed: “Alas, you’re here. It’s reasonable to say that an Dui must come to see his old friends. Unfortunately, there’s something right now.”

“For this, an Dui locked himself in his study. You are a tour guide. You can help me figure it out.”

Thinking about what? Do you think an Xuefeng took Wei Xun into the brigade as soon as he and C San wore a ring?

However, to the surprise of dreamers, what Wang pengpai said was really serious.

“The butcher alliance sent an invitation, which was written by the psychic agent on behalf of the hippie.”

Wang pengpai took out an envelope and handed it to the dreamer. The dreamer frowned and nodded in the upper right corner of the envelope.

The upper right corner of the scarlet envelope slowly deepened until it became reddish brown, like a trace left by water droplets.

“It’s the highest standard invitation of the butcher alliance.”

The dreamer thought of a lot for a moment, but when he saw Yu Hehui and Tong Hege sitting drinking tea and eating snacks, he felt fine.

Can C-3 go to the butcher alliance? It’s impossible. The hippies didn’t come out. What’s the virtue of the butcher alliance? I knew it when I saved clay man Zhang. The dreamer, as the adjudicator of the Mutual Aid Association, can also guess that C San secretly distributed leaflets in the butcher Union.

Some potential butcher guides choose to join the Mutual Aid Association secretly, which illustrates the current problems of the butcher alliance.

Instability, disharmony.

The hippy man was at the Inca Sun Gate, and C San didn’t really see him. With his suspicious character, he would never go to the butcher alliance. His invitation will be sent here, which is also a psychic medium. They default that C 3 is here.

After thinking about it, the dreamer didn’t think there was anything wrong with the invitation.

“You’d better go.”

The dreamer said calmly and objectively, “maybe the hippie ordered someone to leave something to C San.”

Next to Zhang xingzang, he had no choice but to hold the dreamer’s hand. The dreamer earned a little, but he didn’t break away. That’s why he’s so mean when it comes to playful people.

“Hey, I dare not let Xiao Le hear that.”

Wang pengpai made an expression of toothache. It was also a red rain in the sky. Because of a third party, he could receive an invitation from the butcher Alliance on his way home after ten years of hostility.

“I should go, but where is the appointment?”

Even if the psychic media dare not come back alone, the psychic media will never invite him into the butcher alliance.

But if you’re not in your own nest, it’s dangerous to make an appointment somewhere else. Who knows if an Xuefeng will suddenly turn his face. He has great privileges in the hotel. Even if he kills directly in the virtual hall, he can bear the punishment.

Are you really worried about this?

The dreamer was skeptical. Seeing that Zhang xingzang had begun to actively help the staff, he thought about it and joined the topic. Wang pengpai was relieved to see this scene.

The captain said to try to hold them down for the time being, but it’s really hard for the dreamer to hold off. Moreover, people came with anger at first sight. Fortunately, Zhang xingzang helped answer the phone.

Hey, I don’t know where the captain has gone.

Wang pengpai is a little melancholy. An Xuefeng, Wei Xun, an Xuefeng, bingsan, Wei Xun, bingsan are on their way home… Hey, he feels pain in his skull when he thinks about it. Bai Xiaosheng should come back quickly.

And the butcher alliance is also sick. Just invite C and San. What are you doing with the captain? Psychic, he dares to invite. Rao is Wang pengpai. He’s brave enough and cruel enough.

Wang pengpai sighed and agreed to continue to discuss with the dreamers. The captain said it would take half an hour… But come back quickly!

“Come and meet your father.”

At this moment, Wei Xun has gone to the chieftain’s tomb and contacted the corn shoots. The corn shoot is also missing a string in his brain (does he have a brain?), and he didn’t realize that he was thrown into the chieftain’s tomb. There is even a kind of snickering joy that people who watch it go away when they are put in the cafeteria. They eat a lot, and now they are fat for a few laps.

At the sight of Wei Xun’s corn shoots, he became happy. Now it’s too big to touch the insect head. Wei Xun simply patted the fat shoot tentacles, smiled and introduced the little snake wrapped around his wrist to him.

Listening to Wei Xun’s words, he wrapped it around Wei Xun’s wrist. Like a black-and-white jade bracelet, a small snake lazily spit out a letter and glanced at the corn shoots. The corn shoots, which had been enjoying themselves, did not dare to move. They suddenly went back to the ground. The tentacles held by Wei Xun trembled, trying to wrap Wei Xun up and take him to the ground.

Woo woo woo, it’s so dangerous and terrible. Corn shoots are like seeing natural enemies, and intuition is giving a crazy alarm. It even wants to break its tentacles to escape.

But the father said to call Dad!

QAQ it’s really hard to shoot!

“Goo Goo… Dad, Dad!”

The corn shoots cried, shivered and choked. Wei Xun thought it was fun to listen to its changeable cry. The abyss worm shouldn’t have been so emotional. I don’t know whether it was because Xiaocui melted the smell of the responsible devil worm when she gave birth to it and added emotion to the corn shoots.

Don’t say it. It’s fun.


The little snake spits out the letter perfunctorily, and the tip of the scarlet forked tongue points Wei Xun’s arm, which means urging.

The chieftain’s tomb was not completely opened up, the human skin map was incomplete, and Wei Xun left in a hurry. It’s hard to come in again by yourself, unless there is Wu Laoliu and Pingping.

But if they know that Wei Xun doesn’t even have the strength to come in, I’m afraid he will have a lot of trouble. An Xuefeng simply changed into a snake and walked with him.

If Huofeng is the most godly and calm, he is the most indifferent in snake state. Especially when he entered the pseudo hibernation, there was almost no emotional fluctuation, and even the chieftain’s tomb could not detect him. Otherwise, with his strength, he will definitely disturb Wuluo mountain.

After all, the mountain was shocked by Wei Xun’s pain last time. Now it’s a sensitive time. If you can do less, you can do less.

“People call you father. What a cold father.”

Wei Xun joked and accelerated his action and called Xiao Hong over. However, in a quarter of an hour, before Wu Laoliu reacted, Wei Xunhe left the chieftain’s tomb with the snake on his wrist with Xiaohong and corn shoots.

“I think that tree grows well.”

Back in an Xuefeng’s bedroom, Wei Xun wants to take a bath again. Wuluo mountain is very damp. It is wet everywhere, especially in the south forest. Even if you go there in a cloak, you will get sticky.

“There may be a mountain god’s body over there.”

He was talking about the peach branch of the mountain god, which was thrown on the mark of the dragon vein. I don’t know how the live beads are maintained. It’s only a few hours since Wei Xun left, but Wei Xun saw that the branch was water smart this time, and even two young leaves grew.

“Let your worm spit out some soil.”

The hoarse magnetic voice sounded, and the snake originally wrapped around his hand slipped down and gradually turned into a human shape.

“I’ll build you a cave later to simulate the environment over Wuluo mountain. You can raise some insects, mushrooms or fruit bats in the cave. Then you can plant trees if you want to.”

An Xuefeng yawned and was still affected by the state of pseudo hibernation. The speed of change was slower, and there were some white snake scales on his body. Wei Xun stared at the oval snake scale like a tearful mole under his left eye and felt very sexy. He came up to kiss, but an Xuefeng smiled and stretched out his hand and put his fingers against his lips.

“Kiss once a day at most. That’s the rule.”

An Xuefeng said lazily, “children, the tooth marks on your mouth haven’t disappeared yet, huh?”

“Who decides to kiss only once a day? There is no such rule.”

Wei Xun completely disobeyed the rules and wanted to bite his finger, but he remembered that an Xuefeng took a bath a few hours ago. He should take another bath. He was a little tangled for a moment. Less than the real desire for stimulation, cleanliness still prevails. An Xuefeng looked at all the tangled little eyes, raised his hand, covered his lips and covered his smile.

“Well, go take a bath and chase your dreams. They’ve arrived.”

An Xuefeng stood up and pushed Wei Xun to the bathroom. He stood outside with his back against the bathroom door and picked something important to tell him in the sound of the water.

“Bai Xiaosheng covered for your puppet before he went to the suburbs of Beijing. Xiao Le didn’t find a problem these days. But he has strong inspiration. Even Zhang xingzang’s puppet can’t hide it from him all the time.”

So it’s a dinner with everyone on his way home tonight. Wei Xun had better come in person.

“Take the teapot for the moment. The tea elf helped Xiyang manage the sunset brigade before. It’s in order. Your mutual aid association should be expanded this time.”

So many tourist guides want to come in or send someone in. I’m afraid the mutual aid association can’t get busy with the review of dreamers, Yu Hehui and Zhang xingzang.

“Online organizations have their own limitations.”

A large sum of money from selling posters this time happened to buy a residence at the hotel. The mutual aid association should also switch from online to offline. Otherwise, it is impossible to develop to the level of homecoming and butcher alliance.

An Xuefeng didn’t say to give Wei Xun money directly, although he wanted to. But he also knows that the mutual aid association is Wei Xun’s hard work. It’s not a good thing to mix too much when he has spare power.

Of course, an Xuefeng has become an individual shareholder. At the invitation of Wei Xun, he has become the second adjudicator of the Mutual Aid Association. He didn’t hand in any material points. Wei Xun said that he helped to go to the chieftain’s tomb this time.

On business, Wei Xun is very clear, but he is not selfish. But to be honest, if there is no personal affair, how can an Xuefeng join this newly developed small organization.

With their current relationship, they don’t have to be too clear.

“The butcher alliance sent an invitation.”

An Xuefeng said again, “invite us both.”

“Invited you, too?”

The bathroom door opened, and in the hot steam, Wei Xun wiped his hair with a towel and came out. Even after taking a hot bath, his skin was still pale without any blood color. It was like white porcelain, which made the tooth marks on his lower lip more obvious.

The tooth marks that can be eliminated as long as the cheapest cure medicine still exist, which is particularly obvious.

An Xuefeng’s eyes darkened and he unconsciously stood up straight. But when it comes to the butcher alliance, his tone cools down: “that’s right.”

An Xuefeng calmly commented: “only when we go at the same time can he be sure whether you are addicted to me.”

“Where’s the invitation? Let me see.”

Wei Xun walked around an Xuefeng’s bedroom and didn’t find a hair dryer. When an Xuefeng gave him the invitation envelope, Wei Xun conveniently stuffed a towel into an Xuefeng’s hand. Of course, “help me wipe my hair. You don’t have a hair dryer here.”

An Xuefeng is unimaginable. He has never used a hair dryer. Men sometimes wash their hair when they wash their face in the morning. What hair dryer do they use.

But now he wants to have a hair dryer in the bathroom.

Or how about taking Wei Xun to shave his head?

An Xuefeng thought and changed a dry and soft towel. It was a little rusty and covered Wei Xun’s head a little carefully. The height difference between the two is that it is appropriate to brush their hair when standing together. Wei Xun squinted comfortably, leaned back at will, and looked at the letter in an Xuefeng’s slightly stiff arms.

Scarlet envelopes, one inviting an Xuefeng and one inviting C San, were all sent to the home station. Outside, Wang pengpai took an Xuefeng’s envelope, but now the letter in Wei Xun’s hand is for himself.

An Xuefeng didn’t open it, but Wei Xun didn’t avoid him at all. With their current posture, even if an Xuefeng didn’t deliberately look at it, he could easily see it.

The content of the invitation is very different. In addition to the different titles, the only difference in the content is

“A… Suit?”

Wei Xun said to himself.

At this moment, the butcher alliance, the psychic medium took the yin-yang butterfly to the room where the Sun Pendant is located deep in the hall. The meeting broke up long ago and didn’t discuss anything in the end. Therefore, the invitation letter was finally written by the psychic media, stamped with the chapter of the playful man, and sent to the way back.

The others are scattered and have something to do. After all, the butcher alliance is not stable now. This time, even the butcher guide dared to kidnap. If no one moves, the prestige (bad name) of the butcher alliance established in the past may decline again and again.

To tell you the truth, psychics have done a good job. The hippies have been trapped in the Inca Sun Gate for several years, and the butcher alliance is getting bigger and bigger. Moreover, they can dig the foot of the wall in the shepherd alliance, which almost collapses the shepherd alliance. You know, there are real Class-A tour guides in the shepherd alliance!

Of course, this depends not only on the prestige left by the life playing people, but also on the strength of the psychic media. Many people privately say that with the strength of the psychic media, it is not a difficult problem to kill the puppet master and become a class a tour guide. Even if both lose and win, I’m afraid it’s also a psychic medium.

Even if light is restrained from the dissimilation state, psychic media are rare, and guide with ghost dissimilation state. The puppet line can’t control him at all. The puppet master is best at manipulating group puppets. When encountering the crying of psychic media, he will also be polluted by group emotions and cry until death.

The reason why the puppet master doesn’t talk about the dreamer is that the dreamer is a tour guide who has opened up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude, which is not at the same level at all. The reason why he has been staying in A3 is that he has spent ten years trying to find Zhang Xing to hide.

A, a, a, and B are loyal subordinates of a and will never be promoted to class A. only then can the puppet master be stable.

Yin Yang butterfly had always thought that the psychic media could do the same for me, but he followed the psychic media through many checkpoints for the first time and entered the deep Hall of the butcher alliance. Seeing that the psychic media’s face remained unchanged, he crossed the corridor full of crazy sun pollution, opened the secret room and led the Yin Yang butterfly in.

Yin Yang butterfly realized that I can’t, I really can’t. Especially when we go to the room decorated with the sun, the yin-yang butterfly is really inferior.

“Psychic medium, it’s inappropriate for me to go in. This, this adult is watching…”


The psychic media directly pushed in the yin-yang butterfly holding a pile of poster scrolls, and then left him in front of the Sun Pendant. He was familiar with the way to cook water and make tea in the back. When the temperature was right, he put three large rock candy into the tea cup. When he came out with the cup, he saw the yin-yang butterfly standing in front of the Sun Pendant, his hands were not hands and feet, and kowtowed to report the situation there.

“My Lord didn’t look this way.”

The psychic medium said faintly, holding the tea cup and putting it in front of the Sun Pendant. After hearing what he said, yin-yang butterfly suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. Only then did she find that her wings were almost scared out and her back was full of cold sweat. He didn’t dare to complain about why the psychic didn’t tell him in advance, whether he wanted to suppress him and see him make a fool of himself.

Yes, the psychic is suppressing him, and there is no cover up at all. The yin-yang butterfly is not stupid. He probably guessed what the psychic medium wanted to do. Holding the poster scroll in his arms, the yin-yang butterfly whispered:

“Psychic, I will quit the Mutual Aid Association. I swear I will be absolutely loyal to Lord Xi Ming and the butcher alliance. I……”

“Return what.”

The psychic coldly raised his chin and motioned the yin-yang butterfly to go next to him: “didn’t you hear what the young master said.”

Little, little master

Every time I hear the psychic tube C-3 call the young master, the yin-yang butterfly feels sour and seems to have returned to the courtyard of the Republic of China in a trance. But to be honest, it’s really hard to call.

Call C San directly? How can this work? He is the blood brother of Lord Xi life!

Cui Dao? It’s not appropriate. Those smelly tourists are called Cuidao. They call it too much.

Lord Xi Ming is an adult. You can’t call third party a little adult.

The young master is also suitable.

“The young master said he wanted you to be a knight.”

The psychic said coldly, “then you do it.”

The yin-yang butterfly was obviously depressed with the naked eye. When he thought of what he needed to contribute to becoming a knight, he trembled and felt weak.

But it’s still appropriate! Not only properly, but also quickly!

There are only seven knights in the Mutual Aid Association. Who knows when they will be robbed. Yin and Yang butterflies even make up their brains for the people on the way home. One is considered to be a knight in the Mutual Aid Society (of course, an Xuefeng’s estimated position is higher), and one is considered to be a knight. With Yu Hehui and Tong Hege, eight people are one more than seven Knights!

But the psychic was not in a hurry. He firmly believed that knights could not be all returnees, and there might not even be a returnee except Yu Hehui and Tong Hege.

Why are you so sure.

Yin Yang butterfly looked at the psychic medium and seriously reported the situation to the Sun Pendant. Then he chose a column to stand in front of the Sun Pendant and hung the poster scroll carefully and solemnly.

I don’t know how many posters the psychic bought. Most of the psychic’s points are spent in the butcher alliance, leaving little for themselves. Yin Yang butterfly estimated that he might be all in this time. Otherwise, why not go to the mutual aid association to be promoted to knight, but let him go.

While thinking that the psychic media may not be able to pay the 5000 points membership fee, the yin-yang butterfly thinks more. After the psychic media report, he saw that the Sun Pendant still had no response. He hesitated for a long time and finally opened his mouth:

“Psychic, when will your excellency come back?”

Xi ordered people to enter the Inca Sun Gate for several years, and even stopped participating in the celebration at the end of the year. It was his puppet who occasionally came out to preside over the overall situation over the years, but he never showed up.

When saving Zhang xingzang, the yin-yang butterfly and the psychic medium were brought into the abyss node by Wei Xun. It was too early to protect them. He didn’t see the hand of the living man after the abyss clock disappeared. Therefore, his suspicion was reasonable.

Is Lord Xi Ming really still in the Inca sun gate?

Will… He actually came out long ago?

C San is really his brother, isn’t it the adult himself?

In the beginning, Bingjiu has always been a puppet of adults, but this time it is different… Has the adults succeeded in their plot all the time.

Do adults want to abandon the butcher alliance and use mutual aid to find another way to live in the next decade?

Yin and Yang butterfly brain made up a wonderful and fierce play, but the ending of the play was not very wonderful. If bingsan is really the incarnation of an adult, then the title of “creepy road”, which obviously belongs to this decade, means that he is afraid to show up at the hotel.


But the determined answer of the psychic medium interrupted the various brain tonics of the yin-yang butterfly.

“The little young master is an adult’s brother, and Xi ordered the adult to be in the sun gate.”

The psychic said, “they are by no means the same person.”

Why are you so sure?

Yin Yang butterfly almost asked. Is it because of an Xuefeng? Because Xiaoshao… Forget it, he still can’t tell the young master. Just call the vice president.

Vice president of the Mutual Aid Association.

Because the vice president is an Xuefeng’s tour guide? Maybe this is just the plan of Lord Xi Ming to destroy the way home and send them to the West or something.

But the yin-yang butterfly somehow dared not say the three words an Xuefeng.

He glanced carefully at the Sun Pendant.

I always feel that saying “an Xuefeng” will lead to some disaster.

“Because of the suit.”

He didn’t ask, but the psychic took the initiative.

“Adults have already prepared a suit.”

At the last appearance, the psychic personally took the suit from the life frolicker. Obviously, the level is’ unknown ‘, but it is not’ xxx’s so and so ‘, not something belonging to someone. Its name is only two simple words.

‘suit ‘

Usually, when tour guides meet secretly and not on the journey, some tour guides don’t wear cloaks, but wear suits and other foreign clothes.

Although the colors of cloaks of the same level are roughly the same, in fact, there are slight differences in the colors of each cloak, which will easily show your real strength. Especially for high-level tour guides, there are only those people who know each other. Just look at what cloak you wear, and you can know your ranking.

So some secret gatherings don’t wear cloaks, but formal ones wear suits, which are sold by hotels. The price is not expensive, but also can hide your identity. Even before, there have been weak chicken guides wearing suits and sneaking into the big guy’s Secret circle.

Oh, the weak chicken guide was the psychic at that time.

But this suit is quite different from the cheap goods sold by the hotel. It is a suit, but there are more things. Normal suits, ties, cufflinks. Not normal sunglasses and gloves, a complete set.

As soon as the psychic sees the sunglasses, he knows that this thing is not prepared by adults for himself. Adults never bring this thing.

But if it’s the young master

White hair, blue eyes, too pale skin, can it be albinism?

He is afraid of light and always wears gloves to cover his exposed skin.

Sunglasses, gloves, special suits, will they be for him?

This suit is not ordinary, full of the breath of the abyss, sealed in a special box. The psychic had only seen it once, but after this time, every time he thought of a suit, he would be haunted by nightmares and couldn’t sleep well for the next week.

More like something invisible, inaudible, and unthinkable.

This is a suit belonging to the abyss, which is completely unlike what people can wear. But the psychic clearly remembers that before leaving, the adult said, “if one day he comes, give him this suit.”

Who is he and when will he come? Why don’t adults hand it over to him, but ask him?


But the psychic remembers that he answered and took the box containing the suit.

What adults say is always right.

The psychic thought.

C San needs a suit for this meeting. With an Xuefeng and him, C San wears a dark blue cloak, which is always despised visually.

It can be seen from the psychic media of C San’s mutual aid association that he is as ambitious as adults.

Similarly, he would never wear an adult’s Scarlet cloak on such an occasion.

A suit, just right.

“You offer it to the Mutual Aid Association as a contribution.”

The psychic said, I really think it would be very appropriate if adults arranged it in advance.

The yin-yang butterfly answered, then hesitated and said, “well, the occasion of the meeting has not been decided yet…”

“It’s up to the young master.”

“If he says to go home…”

The psychic medium glanced at the yin-yang Butterfly: “as long as he is wearing this suit, we will also go on the way home.”

“I, we???”

The yin-yang butterfly shivered, pointed to the psychic medium, pointed to herself, and said, “me and you?”


The psychic medium alone is still too weak for an Xuefeng. He and yin-yang butterfly go together, b-1-b-2 together, and the first and second leaders of the butcher alliance go together.


Yin Yang butterfly sighed heavily in her heart, and he knew it! It must be bad for a psychic to call him!

“OK, I’ll offer it later.”

Yin and Yang butterflies are powerless, but they don’t refuse. But he hesitated for a long time and said bitterly, “then I’ll call the bride back?”

Those who dare to kidnap the butcher’s guide are all big brigades. The bride is out to kill Li Wei, which can be regarded as a grievance and a debt owner. As long as they don’t kill like the emperor Cobra and put it in the forum, they are less likely to be attacked and killed by an Xuefeng.

Well, I have to meet an Xuefeng and them. Isn’t it good to kill now.

A tangled thought of yin and Yang butterflies.

“You go and call in front of others.”

The psychic medium said lightly, “but they won’t stop. As I said, if they go out today, they will kill.”

“Ah, this…”

What else am I going to say? Send them to punch them in the face? The yin-yang butterfly almost knelt down to the psychic media. They almost want to dig out their hearts and show their loyalty to the psychic media. Brother, don’t suppress me like this!

“We are the butcher’s Guide.”

The psychic said indifferently.

OK, you’re the big brother. You’re right.

“Then why don’t I kill some?”

Yin Yang butterfly didn’t hesitate much. He had a lot of blood on his hand if he could be the second leader of the butcher alliance.


But the psychic said no to him again. He looked away from the Sun Pendant and stared at the yin-yang butterfly. His eyes made the yin-yang butterfly tremble.

“The psychic follows Lord Xi Ming and follows the butcher alliance to the black.”

The psychic medium said with deep meaning, “but the Yin and Yang butterflies are different.”

“Since you joined the butcher alliance, you have been suppressed, driven, tortured and abused by the psychic media. In fact, you have a different heart for a long time. But you also know that many butcher guides have not killed too many people. Most of the people who died in their hands were killed because of the difficult journey.”

“You want to leave, but you also want to change the butcher alliance. When C San first appeared, you were deeply attracted by him and finally found an opportunity to change. When the mutual aid association appeared, you joined without hesitation and became a knight of the Mutual Aid Association.”

“You believe that everything will change in the next decade.”

“But I really don’t want to change!”

The Yin and Yang butterfly said in despair, “I just want to provide for the elderly in the butcher alliance now!”

However, the cold, independent and cutting psychic media can’t accommodate a pension butterfly. In the end, the yin-yang butterfly can only recognize its new person with tears.

“It’s not possible whether there will be another ten years.”

It was like getting rid of some burden, and the tone of the psychic medium relaxed. He took out a roll of posters: “returning home at dusk is the strongest tourist title, and crazy devil creepy road is the strongest tour guide title.”

“If we meet each other, we will have a reaction.”

What the psychic media took out was the 990000 poster of an Xuefeng! The poster yin-yang butterfly has never seen it at all, but as soon as the blood red came out, the yin-yang butterfly was anxious and almost rushed up and almost shouted, “don’t open this poster here!”

Don’t let an Xuefeng appear here! He always thought something would happen!

But the psychic easily avoided him and didn’t stop.

“So if it’s really creepy, just put the two posters together.”

Psychic media sometimes wonder why adults don’t get the title of crazy devil creepy way?

Is something wrong? Or is the title of crazy devil creepy Road, which contains the name of the hotel app, too special. People who are qualified to have this title will be concerned by the hotel or imprisoned?

Otherwise, why have adults been trapped in the Inca Sun Gate for so many years?

Psychic media slowly unfolded an Xuefeng’s poster. He felt a palpitation, but this palpitation made him more confident. An Xuefeng’s poster was indeed related to the young master’s poster.

They are the way home and the creepy way.


The psychic is a little crazy.

If you open two posters here, let the hotel realize that Mr. Xi life is not a creepy way, and there is someone else in creepy way.

Isn’t that, can you get rid of your imprisonment and return to the hotel?

I haven’t seen you for a long time. I haven’t seen you for a long time. The psychic didn’t tell the Yin and Yang butterflies. Even if the passage to the Inca Sun Gate was still there, when he went in to report to the adult, he never saw the adult’s real body. What he saw was just a puppet.

He could have put up with it for so many years. But this time at the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, he saw the scarlet cloak and heard the voice disguised by C San, which was very similar to that of an adult. The psychic couldn’t help it anymore.

It’s hard to be capricious.

Once, even if there is any change.

In the sound of preventing the collapse of Yin-Yang butterfly, the psychic firmly opened an Xuefeng’s poster. And pasted him and C-3 posters together at a close distance.

Let’s have a look.

Let’s see if there’s a response.

If not, it also means that adults are not locked in because of the crazy devil creepy way.

The psychic thought indifferently.


The next moment, the two posters pasted together began to talk.

The young master’s voice sounded first, smiled and joked: “you look like a husband of mine.”

“How many husbands can you have?”

Young an Xuefeng’s voice was wild and fierce. He seemed to have been stimulated. He stressed: “you are my wife. We are married and have a ring!”

“Don’t be angry, husband.”

In front of the petrified psychic medium and the yin-yang butterfly, the two posters posted together are in front of you and me! Hell, yin and Yang butterfly just wants to cover her face and escape from the scene immediately, but shit, he doesn’t dare to move now!

He felt that the Sun Pendant in front of him was burning!

He will no longer doubt whether the adult is at the Inca Sun Gate. Is this Sun Pendant just decoration! He swore, really, as long as he escaped from here, the yin-yang butterfly was willing to swear with his own life!

However, even if he closed his eyes tightly, the dialogue between the two posters was still haunting and sounded in his ears.

“Shall I kiss you?”

“Do you need to ask such a thing!”



With a loud noise, the psychic media jumped up, and the yin-yang butterfly almost had myocardial infarction. An Xuefeng’s poster disappeared and burned into a mass of black garbage, and the Sun Pendant was completely cracked! The terrible seemed to surround all the destructive forces in the secret room. As soon as the white eyes of the yin-yang butterfly turned over, they simply fainted.

“The Inca Sun Gate riots!”

On the way home, Wei Xun, who was talking to Zhang xingzang privately, suddenly saw Wanxiang Chun appear in the living room, his face serious and dignified.

“A new channel is suspected to appear!”

The author has something to say: Psychic media [shock]: it can still be like this!

Psychic [apology]: I’m sorry, sir, but I have to do another ten waves right away!

Happy life person:?

Little angels, Happy Mid Autumn Festival, Bo Bo!

This chapter is awarded 500 red envelopes by happy psychics! First come, first served!


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