TTG Chapter 279

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 279: Penalty Announcement

“The riots at the Inca sun gate are different from usual.”

Wanxiang Chun’s words made an Xuefeng frown. Then they moved to the tower where Wanxiang Chun lived.

“It is the tallest building in the home station. It is built on a high platform. It has a total of eight floors, such as a high tower. There are spiral stairs outside. The whole body is made of pure flawless white stone.”

Wei Xun felt familiar when he heard about the pursuit of dreams. Eight story tower, spiral ladder, white stone

“It was built in imitation of Babel sky tower.”

Wang pengpai explained that he stayed in the living room with them.

“People who are not on the way home cannot go up the tower. It is a forbidden area behind the ‘door’ on the way home.”

The dreamer whispered to C. the two guides spontaneously sat together. Even if the dreamer and Zhang xingzang have a good relationship with the way back, they can’t enter the forbidden area on the way back.

“Hey, don’t you go up and have a look?”

Zhang xingzang whispered beside him. Wei Xun just picked his eyebrows and didn’t speak. Seeing this, Zhang xingzang joked: “as expected, it’s the same as chasing dreams. It seems that you have to have more snacks if you want to be a tour guide.”

“Dessert is coming.”

Wang pengpai was so happy that he served some snacks. Meat and vegetables were sweet and salty. Now it’s 3 p.m. and it’s time for afternoon tea.

“Usually, the Inca Sun Gate riots only once a year, but this year is unusual.”

Knowing that C San would be absolutely interested in the sun gate, Wang pengpai said a lot.

“The Inca sun gate is at the border between Bolivia and Peru. The first ray of dawn will pass through the sun gate on the morning of September 21 every year. At that time, there will be a channel.”

“The hippies were sealed in the sun gate to suppress the passage“

Wang pengpai said: “even if the original channel appeared, it also appeared and disappeared on the same day, but it has existed since the first riots in the Inca Sun Gate five years ago.”

Five years ago, it was when Zhang xingzang was locked up in the abyss clock integrating the Inca sun gate channel.

“The passage pressed down by the abyss clock leads to the terrible eight layer sun.”

Zhang xingzang said that although he shrank in the clay sculpture to resist the pollution of the crazy sun, the pollution has still had a lot of effects on him in the past five years. Most of these effects are bad, but at the same time, he also learned a lot of information about the Inca Sun Gate.

After all, for the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, information is also a kind of pollution.

“The Inca Sun Gate belongs to the tiyawanako cultural site of the pre Inca period 17000 years ago. The word ‘tiyawanako’ means’ Creation Center ‘in the ancient Indian language. It is also a holy land for Indians.”

Zhang xingzang said, “the whole site includes the puma gate, the sun gate, the karasaya stone pillar, the underground temple and the Yaka Pana pyramid. The eight layer sun refers to the eighth layer of the Yaka Pana pyramid, which contains a large number of Saber Toothed animal skeletons and winged faces polluted by the crazy sun.”

“It’s not a winged face, it’s a personalized mythical bird.”

The dreamer corrected: “Saber Toothed beast is an ancient creature that died out 12000 years ago. It was engraved on the sun gate together with another ancient creature ‘Cuwei elephant’.”

“We speculate that all creatures engraved on the sun gate have been polluted by the crazy sun.”

Wang pengpai then said, “of course, you can also call them ‘mythical creatures’. Of course, I prefer to call them’ pollution sources’. Be careful of these things involving ‘myths’. You can treat them as some kind of fantasy, but you’d better treat them as monsters and pollution. Once you enter the’ mythical world ‘, you will be completely polluted and hopeless.”

“Every time the Inca Sun Gate riots, there will be ‘mythical creatures’ trying to come to the world through the channel.”

The dreamer said faintly, “the life playing man was punished by the hotel in that channel. After all, he caused the first riot five years ago.”

Five years ago, the hippies caused the first riot in taiyangmen?

Wei Xun is lost in thought. Wang pengpai thinks a lot when they talk.

His parents disappeared when he was very young. The memory related to his parents is very vague and not clear. The memory related to his brother is clear, but most of them stayed a few years ago.

Because Wei Xun hasn’t seen his brother since he was sent out to study at the age of 15. Now if he belongs to this decade, I’m afraid his brother will enter the hotel after Wei Xun went out to study.

But he should not be completely divorced from reality like Yu Hehui. Wei Xun remembers that he could see Wei Xuechen when he came home every winter and summer vacation, but later he became busier and busier and gradually disappeared.

At first, I just thought I was busy, and then my brother disappeared.

Five years… Wei Xun doesn’t even know when his brother disappeared. After all, his brother is really busy. Even if he goes back, he won’t see him at all. There will be birthday letters every year. Obviously, communication is so developed now, but his brother likes the traditional letter writing.

Maybe my brother has long disappeared, maybe these letters are set by him and sent every year.

“Why did the Sun Gate riot?”

Wei Xun asked.


Wang pengpai originally wanted to make a ha ha perfunctory pass. After all, it was a high-level secret. But he looked at the ring on the third hand of C, thought about it, and said, “he might want to open the channel between 30 degrees north latitude.”

“The passage between 30 degrees north latitude?”

Zhang xingzang asked in surprise. Even he didn’t know that.

“A big event happened in five years.”

Wang pengpai pointed to the sky and lowered his voice: “metaphysics is suspected of contacting the ‘older generation’!”

“It is said that the man left a message saying ‘get through the journey of 30 degrees north latitude… Really return…’, but we all think it is false. Metaphysics says that there is no message from the older generation.”

Wang pengpai shrugged his shoulders: “we have a good relationship with metaphysics. Xiao Le also calculates that what they say is the truth. What’s more, if it’s really a secret, how can it spread so widely.”

“But many people believe it, and this statement is indeed reasonable. However, our research direction is mainly the pyramid.”

The dreamer talked freely, and he studied deeply in this regard: “the legend of the Saharawi black Pharaoh pyramid, the Egyptian pyramid, the Mayan Pyramid, the Oceania pyramid, the Yaka Pana pyramid of the sun gate, and even the Babylonian tower are similar in appearance to the pyramid in the description of ancient Greek historians.”

The past six 30 degrees north latitude journeys have something in common.

“So we always thought that the journey of 30 degrees north latitude in Asia would be in Gangrenboqi.”

Dream chasing humanity: “in 1999, Russian scientists found more than 100 pyramids and various historic sites in Tibet. They believe that Tibet is the location of the largest pyramid group in the world, and Gangrenboqi is the largest pyramid.”

Isn’t gonrinboqi a high mountain known as the center of the world? How can it be a pyramid?

Wei Xun was interested and heard a strange and familiar voice coming from the door.

“Gangrenboqi means respected snow, and the outer layer of Khufu pyramid was originally pure white limestone, like white snow mountains.”

A man wearing glasses and looking very gentle came in: “the great earthquake in 1303 seriously damaged the Khufu pyramid, causing the outer layer of pure white limestone to collapse. These stones were transported to Cairo to build Sudan Hassan Mosque and other buildings. In the 19th century, the remaining limestone outside the pyramid was expropriated again to build alabaster mosque.”

Next to him was a smiling deer Book orange with wolf ears and tail.

“Hi, director Cui, we meet again!”

Lushu orange said briskly and briskly, and his eyes slipped onto Cuidao’s fingers.

Hey, there’s a ring!

“Bai Xiaosheng, sister orange, you’re back.”

Wang pengpai smiled, exaggerating and making a relieved expression: “you talk, I’ll go back and have a look.” after that, his eyes swept between Bai Xiaosheng and C San, and then he really got up and left the living room.

Yu Hehui keenly noticed his eyes and thought of what Wang pengpai had just said. After a little thought, he winked at Wei Xun, and then pulled Tong Hege to stand up: “brother Tong’s relics should also be here. Let’s go and have a look.” after that, they chased Wang pengpai and left.

“Hello, I’m Bai feibai.”

Wei Xun shook Bai Xiaosheng’s outstretched hand: “bingsan.” his eyes fell on him: “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Wei Xun has heard of Bai Xiaosheng for a long time. What he first contacted was Bai Xiaosheng’s post. According to an Xuefeng, Bai Xiaosheng probably guessed his identity and covered for him.

“No accident, the hippies will come out in November.”

Bai Xiaosheng nodded and said the news Wei Xun wanted to know most in a word!

This is what Wei Xun cares about most! It’s like Wang pengpai. They can’t talk about the key points.

“In the past, the hippies gathered the elite tour guides of the butcher alliance to enter the Inca Sun Gate together. Three days later, the Inca Sun Gate rioted, and the butcher tour guide group went out and became a gray name on the list. The hippies could not leave the Inca sun gate again.”

Bai Xiaosheng spoke succinctly and clearly. He understood Wei Xun’s mind very much. He directly said to long Qumai: “the elite butcher tour guide group trained in five years has died out. Now it is five years later. Before the year-end celebration, Xi Ming people will try to open the channel again.”

“The original channel of Inca Sun Gate was destroyed on the day of rescuing Zhang xingzang, but it did not disappear.”

“You mean…”

Dreamers frown and think.

“No new channel appeared on September 21.”

Bai Xiaosheng pushed his glasses: “if the old channel is completely destroyed, the new channel will appear again when the first ray of morning light appears on September 21. The birth of the new channel will be accompanied by a lot of crazy solar spiritual pollution. The tower of Wanxiang spring is the highest. You can feel the changes of the sun when you use the title of golden winged ROC.”

But no.

This shows that the old channel has not disappeared. I’m afraid the hippies reformed it in the Inca Sun Gate while it was suppressed by an Xuefeng’s double keepsake.

But it’s faster than expected.

Bai Xiaosheng thought.

Even October didn’t arrive. It’s reasonable that there should be no movement at the Inca Sun Gate. What stimulated the life playing people? At this juncture

He glanced at the ring on Wei Xun’s hand and went on without saying more:

“If all goes well, the new entrance should be in Tibet.”

Bai Xiaosheng said faintly, “he wants the second journey of 30 degrees north latitude. Gangrenboqi is the most likely. The previous exploration has not appeared, perhaps because the method is wrong.”

He looked at Wei Xun and thought.

Or maybe it’s the wrong person.

Not everyone can open up two 30 degrees north latitude journeys like an Xuefeng, which involves a lot of things.

“Is gangrenboqizhen related to the journey of 30 degrees north latitude?”

Wei Xun asked. He found that both an Xuefeng and dreamers seemed to be full of interest in Tibet.

Mingming has not been developed for ten years, but they all think that the journey of 30 degrees north latitude is in Gangrenboqi.

Bai Xiaosheng said, “it’s very possible, but until we find it, we can’t be sure it’s related to 30 degrees north latitude.”

After that, he showed a faint smile to Wei Xun: “it will be more busy and hard at the end of this year.”

Not counting the year-end celebration warm-up competition, after going to the Sahara in October, I have to go to gonrinboqi in November.

Wei Xun’s words “hard work” only have deep meaning in his ears. When we went to the Sahara, there were dreamers. Wei Xun just followed us as a passenger. But the dream chaser is not a return guide.

When he went to gonrinbozi, was he a tourist or a tour guide? If my brother really appears there, I’m afraid the butcher alliance will also take action. For the “most dangerous” tour guides and “most dangerous” organizations, in the face of the pollution of the crazy sun and the possible new journey of 30 degrees north latitude, new passengers may not be able to accompany the team.

But if Wei Xun goes with him as a tour guide, there will be no problem.

Bai Xiaosheng told him about it in advance to make him make an early decision.

“But anyway, it’s all in November.”

Lushu orange is always full of vitality. When they talk, she washes a plate of fresh fruit. Each of the grapes in the plate is the size of a baby’s fist. It is dark purple, like purple gemstones. No seeds, no peeling, moderate acidity and sweetness, abundant juice, and a special and attractive aroma.

“Butcher guides actually have great potential if they want to develop sidelines.”

Lushu orange sighed, holding a grape to C San: “there is a second-class guide who is a demon insect and raises fruit flies. This is a by-product of his title.”

“Fruit flies are not very powerful. The fruit is really delicious!”

Wei Xun tasted it and thought that Lushu orange was really good! But he has no time to do sideline work. Instead, he can do the butcher guide who raises fruit flies. If he remembers correctly, the guide should be someone he sent leaflets before. It’s just that this man is too cautious and timid to join a mutual aid association.

But in any case, it should be added now, and then let him give a confession.

“… so would you like to stay for dinner tonight?”

As soon as Wei Xun ate the grapes, he heard Lu Shu and Chen Qi AI say, “Wei Xun is here too. You two are new people. It’s quite fate…”

“Lushu orange, I have a document to give to an team.”

Bai Xiaosheng naturally interrupted her and took out a stack of parchment: “please help me bring it to him.”


Lushu orange took the parchment, slipped the grape plate to Bai Xiaosheng and said “come on! Leave Cui Dao! ” Seeing Bai Xiaosheng nodding in her eyes, she put down her heart and left happily.

“Chasing dreams, I have made new progress on the issue of death…”

Then Bai Xiaosheng took the dreamer away again, but in a few minutes, only Wei Xun and Zhang xingzang were left in the living room.

“Hey, Bai Xiaosheng is still a thief.”

After the dreamer left, Zhang xingzang smiled and shook his head: “if only there was a baixiaosheng in my team, it would save much.”

Wei Xun said, “just say what you want to ask.”

When Wei Xun and an Xuefeng came out of an Xuefeng’s bedroom together, Zhang xingzang helped cover it up. Then he took Wei Xun on the ground of pinching clay figurines. Wei Xun had seen that he wanted to talk to himself, but he didn’t say what he really meant because of the dreamer.

“You can make a lot of money selling posters this time.”

Zhang xingzang did not say vaguely to him: “do you have any plans to put the Mutual Aid Association on the ground?”

“Yes, but I’m afraid there are many troubles on the ground.”

Wei Xun nodded: “managers on the bright side also need to consider.”

He doesn’t have much time to manage the union. Just look at the frequency of Wei’s journey. Normally, he became a golden tour guide. The restriction of once a month was of little use to him. Although the hotel still says that your next trip will be in a month, Wei Xun can refuse.

But Wei Xun is not too much, only too little. If the tour guide can’t go, then the tourists should go. Judging from his habit of going on the journey with high intensity, the mutual aid meeting falls on the ground. He must have no time to take care of it. Especially after the influx of people.

Yu Hehui and Tong Hege must follow him to restore their strength. It is impossible to stay in charge of the Mutual Aid Association. Yin Yang butterfly Wei Xun does not intend to reuse it. Taoist bee is a good choice, but he is not a manager. Wei Xun pays more attention to his room for rise (making honey). Yuntianhe is a good choice. Wei Xun intends to cultivate him, but at present, yuntianhe’s strength is not enough.

For example, this time, “the black widow tried to use her confession and attacked the vice president” should be severely punished. But yuntianhe can’t hold the array.

“What do you think of me?”

Zhang xingzang is amazing!

Even Wei Xun was surprised for a moment, and then said with a smile, “of course it’s best if you like.”

“But team Zhang, you shouldn’t have much time.”

Wei Xun is curious about what medicine Zhang Xing sells in the gourd. Shouldn’t he prepare for the reconstruction of the hope brigade with the dreamers? How can he manage the chores of the mutual aid association.

However, at the next moment, Zhang xingzang was amazing again.

“When I live in the Mutual Aid Association, of course there will be more time.”

Zhang xingzang wanted to hug bingsan’s shoulder. He remembered that the man seemed to have a habit of cleanliness. Finally, he hugged the back of the sofa: “but I’ll work for you. I can’t lose my share.”

Wei Xun was really curious. He saw that Zhang xingzang was serious!

“I’m afraid I have to come to the door and ask me how I abducted him.”

Wei Xun half joked, but he didn’t expect Zhang xingzang to agree and nod: “yes, I’m too strict in chasing dreams.”

“You don’t know how good it is for me to pursue dreams… Do you mind if I smoke?”

“You smoke.”


Zhang xingzang lit a cigarette and was suddenly a little silent. He looks in his prime of life. At first glance, he often laughs. There are some fine lines in the corners of his eyes, but he doesn’t damage his handsome. But when he calmed down, his eyes were very deep, and his eyes were even sharp when staring at people.

“You give me an accurate word.”

He knocked the cigarette ash and looked at Wei Xun: “what do you think of the next ten years?”

“The next decade is too far away.”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrow: “I just want to do well for ten years.”

“You should understand what ‘creepy road’ means.”

Zhang xingzang said, and his exploratory eyes fell on him: “you may go to the battlefield with us. It’s easy to die.”

“All the people died in the last ten years?”

“Not necessarily.”

Zhang xingzang said frankly, “ten don’t save one, but no one knows where they go even if they’re not dead. They all disappeared.”

“I should have died. Of course, I’ve been here for ten years, but my luck is too bad. If you say that, the hippie ordered me to go, you can also say that he saved me?”

Zhang xingzang smiled angrily, and his tone was much calmer than that of the dreamer when he mentioned the playful man. He was very open-minded.

“Chasing dreams has always wanted me to sneak into the next ten years. He is still so naive. I really think I can’t see his careful thinking.”

When Zhang xingzang talked about it, Wei Xun knew it clearly. Sure enough, he always felt that the dreamer didn’t look right at him. It was really strange. No wonder the dreamer gave Zhang xingzang a hard krypton to the knight and randomly to the seventh rule.

It turned out to be exactly what he thought.

“Ah, he is stubborn. I told him not to spend money to hurt me, but to pay me, and I was not allowed to refuse. He also made up so many lovely little reasons. Tut tut Tut, tourists should provide for the guide. How can they stay close to their own guide? It’s so bad.”

Zhang xingzang smiled and forgot to smoke. “Tell me, I don’t know what he thinks? I’m a passenger.”


He looked at Wei Xun seriously: “what do you think the title of creepy road represents?”

Does it mean that C San will grow up rapidly, go to the battlefield together and disappear with the previous generation, or

“In the next decade, the title will also be the creepy way and the way home.”

Wei Xun understood what Zhang xingzang wanted to ask: “an Xuefeng, he thinks so.”

Why did an Xuefeng suddenly change his attitude towards him? Wei Xun has been thinking. When he saw Zhang xingzang and the dreamer, Wei Xun figured it out.

An Xuefeng must think so.

“Hey, heroes think alike!”

Zhang xingzang happily crushed the cigarette out directly: “I think so, too!”

“So, as soon as your money comes down tomorrow, you can buy land and build a mutual aid association. It won’t take too long.”

At the end of the sentence, he hurried again: “the setting of the hotel is different from building a house in reality. I have experience and can get you an inseparable one day. I stared at the hope brigade, the hope brigade and the hope alliance.”

Wei Xun’s heart moved. Yes, Zhang xingzang was right! Although his experience is ten years ago, he is indeed an elite figure who has pulled both the brigade and the tour guide alliance!

Moreover, he has a wide range of communication, and there are people on the tourist guide. Isn’t this the management talent Wei Xun dreams of!

“What do you want?”

Wei Xun sat up straight and asked seriously. Zhang xingzang is also unambiguous: “become stronger.”

He deeply studied the Mutual Aid Association of C 3 and learned more about the gold fishing mode of this mutual aid association. A lot of points, a lot of materials and props are what he needs most at present.

But Zhang xingzang chose the Mutual Aid Association for more than these reasons.

“I have a general relationship with half life Taoist.”

Zhang xingzang said, “but I also know that he has a talent. Whoever he takes the initiative to make friends with, regardless of his strength, is definitely lucky and loved by the hotel.”

At first, Zhang xingzang also fell in love with half life Taoist, but before he contacted half life Taoist, this guy went to metaphysics all night. Later, Zhang xingzang tried to cooperate with half life Taoist several times. As a result, he missed it by mistake. It’s almost magical.

Now think about it, Zhang xingzang figured out the taste.

“He’s more enthusiastic about you than he was about an Xuefeng. At least his enthusiasm has doubled. It’s reasonable that he should walk around you according to your relationship with life playing people.”

Zhang xingzang couldn’t help laughing and said frankly, “I think it might be good luck to follow you.”

Zhang xingzang really thinks so, not to mention that he doesn’t want to just look at chasing dreams and try to block in front of him.

The tour guide should have watched the passengers rush in the rear. Over protection has never been a good thing. It’s not suitable to live in a dream hotel all the time.

Now is a good opportunity.


Wei Xun responded quickly: “don’t worry, all kinds of benefits will be in place.”

“Let me show you whether I’m good or not.”

Zhang xingzang said easily, “the meeting between you and an Xuefeng and the psychic media is actually best arranged in the Mutual Aid Association.”

Wei Xun looked at him deeply and then said with a smile, “I think so, too.”

The psychic asked him to decide the meeting place. If the offline organization of the mutual aid association can be established within these two days, it is certainly the most appropriate to meet in the Mutual Aid Association.

Tonight is a banquet for Wei Xun. Tomorrow is a welcome celebration for him to join the journey home. Those from the great brigade of Xuanxue Feihong will come. The day after tomorrow is the time to meet with the psychic media. They set out for the Sahara on October 3 and arrived in the Sahara on October 4.

Time is tight.

“But this is not the most important thing at present.”

Wei Xun smiled: “I have a good idea that can directly determine your status and make your reputation.”


When Zhang xingzang saw him smile, he always felt something was wrong. Hearing what C Sany said, he raised his eyebrows and pretended to say, “this… Is not very good. How can you directly expose people’s identity.”

“A quarter of the fine.”

Wei Xun simply said.

“I want half.”

Zhang xingzang put his face on his nose and complained, “I’m going straight at her. It’s very risky.”

“One third, no more.”


When Wei Xun went back to dinner as a passenger that night, Mao Xiaole, who came to pick him up, couldn’t leave his mobile phone, and his expression was a little strange. After receiving Wei Xun, he finally couldn’t help talking about gossip:

“Miss Sanshui, have you seen the forum?”

“There’s a funny novelty! The black widow, the tour guide of S3 in the West District, even added a small organization here! It was exploded!”

When Wei Xun looked at Mao Xiaole’s new strange way with his mobile phone, he saw that the hottest post on the forum was the punishment notice for the “beautiful” Knight of the mutual aid association and the black widow of S3 tour guide!


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