TTG Chapter 28

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (28)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 28: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

After Pingping was swept away by Wu Laoliu, Wei Xun fell into a certain depressed attitude. It’s not a negative emotion like pessimism or depression, but a feeling of inaction and negative resistance——

It’s like knowing that school starts tomorrow, but you don’t catch up with your homework, and you’re still lying on the sofa playing with your mobile phone.

At that time, Wei Xun was stunned by the devil. Unless Li Gui Pingping came back to him again, Wei Xun lost his interest in everything. He didn’t even have any unnecessary reaction when Zhao Hongtu grabbed his sleeve and Wang pengpai resisted him on his shoulder.

Until the buzz rang out behind the car and the two corners of his forehead began to burn slightly, Wei Xun recovered a little.

What’s that?

Only after this recovery did Wei Xun wake up from his own world and realize the reality. He frowned. His clothes were soaked with blood and clinging to his skin, which was very uncomfortable. The smell of blood is not good, but the cold brought by too much blood loss makes Wei Xun lazy, like a hibernating snake.

But the smell coming from behind is really delicious.

Wei Xun turned to his side and looked at the window. He saw a gray flower mosquito with a large fingernail lying outside the window.

It’s no different from ordinary mosquitoes. But at the moment, Wei Xun felt that it was made like sugar – no, no, he felt it, and the corner on his forehead made him feel so.

Although they all have an appetite, it is not exactly the same as when they encounter resentment. For example, if you complain about the food and nutrients of your two corners, these mosquitoes are more like your homologous but inferior energy.

Wei Xun has always felt that his own ultimate monster is the devil. If he has the same origin, let’s call these mosquitoes magic mosquitoes. A single magic mosquito has too little energy. It’s like a grain of inferior granulated sugar. It’s impossible to cause double angle reaction.

However, there are too many mosquitoes chasing behind. For the two horns, they are like several large pieces of rock candy chasing behind. Although they all have poor quality and low energy, they are still considerable together.

I want to eat.

Wei Xun stared at more and more magic mosquitoes on the window and licked his lips.

But it’s really ugly.

Just then the car stopped and there were more and more magic mosquitoes on the window. Wei Xun felt that they were also eager to stare at themselves and devour the energy of a higher level.

Evolution is the instinct of all living beings. Even the people in the database are longing for his flesh and blood.

“Then come on.”

Wei Xun thought it was interesting. He smiled in a low voice and opened the window. Zhao Hongtu’s anxious cry blurred into a meaningless note in his ear. Wei Xun stretched his hand out of the window. On his left arm, the wound left by the battle just now, the magic mosquitoes rushed up and fell all over his arm. People’s scalp is numb when they see a piece of gray.

But in the next moment, all the magic mosquitoes died and were too weak – they were too weak. Let alone the evolution of the blood that swallowed Wei Xun, the blood that just touched him was swallowed back and turned into pure energy and integrated into Wei Xun’s body.

Wei Xun’s arm trembled, and the dead magic mosquitoes fell down like bran. Their bodies that were drained of energy were fragile, as if frozen by ice. A layer of corpses of magic mosquitoes fell, and more magic mosquitoes jumped on Wei Xun’s arm, like crazy as magic, but the knot only died.

“Thank you for your hospitality.”

Wei Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly. He didn’t need to buy recovery medicine. His wounds were healing rapidly. Moreover, Wei Xun has stronger control over his own body. The wound on his left arm is controlled by him and has not healed. The bloody smell has attracted more and more magic mosquitoes.

From the outside, the mosquitoes are thick and sharp like a gray fog and a tornado. The ultimate goal is Wei Xun’s arm. They fly and fall in pieces and die in pieces.

As the fable tells, if you want to get something from the devil, you will pay more.

The energy absorbed continuously makes Wei Xun’s body slightly hot and his breath is burning. This feeling is really great. Although he can hear the sound of San value decreasing all the time, Wei Xun doesn’t care. Like an dissatisfied child, he just wants more, and his dark black eyes look at the mosquitoes – there, Wei Xun smells a more delicious smell.

The three stronger and purer magic mosquitoes. Tong Xiang was lured by Wei Xun’s blood, but he vaguely knew the deadly bait, hesitated and refused to come over.

Come on

Wei Xun breathed a sigh of relief, controlled his left arm, made the wound crack deeper, and the smell of blood filled the air, driving the magic mosquitoes around crazy.

Come on——

The newly opened wound is near the Mariya butterfly tattoo. The tattoo glows slightly where it is covered by mosquitoes and invisible to Wei Xun. The blood of the mirror was stained with light blue and purple.

The three magic mosquitoes that had been hidden in the deep fog could not help it. Two thin mosquito shadows as big as calves broke through the deep gray fog. One magic mosquito had white flowers on a black background and the other had black flowers on a white background. Behind him, the mosquito wings were three pairs.

The other magic mosquitoes retreated one after another like the arrival of the king. The two mutated giant mosquitoes flew very fast. In the blink of an eye, when they got to the off-road vehicle, they rushed at Wei Xun. The buzzing sound shocked the head and brain, and the seven orifices bled.

 at this time——

“Fasten your seat belt!”

Wang pengpai roared, “fat man, I’m driving!”


The engine roared like a monster, and the whole off-road vehicle was shocked. The off-road vehicle, which was originally deep in the mud and had no separation, started again. The wheels rotate rapidly, splashing a large amount of mud, and the magic mosquitoes falling on the window glass fly away together in an instant. At this moment, almost the whole off-road vehicle is glowing, and the extremely powerful force throws almost everyone behind and tightly adheres to the seat back.


Like a galloping wild horse, the off-road vehicle jumped out and drove at a speed of racing in the muddy land, which made all the people pale. No one could think that Wang pengpai was driving with this model.

“Data, data!”

Xu Chen in the co driver’s seat couldn’t speak clearly. Looking at the puddle on the road ahead, his voice was frightened and trembled: “puddle, puddle in front!”

“Ha ha, don’t worry. Fat man, you’re an old driver! ”

Wang pengpai said with a forthright smile. He didn’t know how to operate it. The off-road vehicle sped out obliquely and almost fell into the data Longxi. At the critical moment, it turned back and just crossed the puddle. The control power that ordinary people can’t imagine can be called a terrible driving skill.

No one had time to fasten his seat belt, and the person was thrown to the left. Zhao Hongtu fell directly on Wei Xun, and Wei Xun hit his head heavily in the car.


Dizziness interrupted the pleasure of absorbing energy. Wei Xun covered his head and finally woke up. He raised his eyes to see the bodies of mosquitoes on his arms. His face immediately showed an almost frightened look and trembled.

So disgusting!

Shaking his hand, he shook down all the mosquito bodies. Looking at the giant mosquitoes chasing after him, Wei Xun’s face was almost green.

Damn it, how could he think the mosquito is delicious!

The fog mosquitoes were left behind, but the two giant mosquitoes were still chasing after them. Wei Xun could clearly see their sharp mouthparts several sizes larger. The data arm is long, the sweater needle is thick, shining like metal, and it seems to be stained with the kind of raw reddish brown blood

In an instant, the Encyclopedia of how many kinds of bacteria and viruses were contained in the mosquito’s body slipped from the brain. At the thought of countless magic mosquitoes falling on his own arm and on the wound just now, Wei Xun wanted to jump into the August 4th disinfectant immediately and swim 5000 meters.

It’s dirty!

Don’t get old!

Next to Zhao Hongtu, he was dazed by the car and wanted to vomit. He panicked and got up from C Jiu several times, but his efforts fell short again and again due to sharp turns. He barely sat down until someone nearby helped him.

“Thank you -”

Zhao Hongtu was dizzy and said thanks. His voice fell down and his heart was thrilled. No, the only one sitting in the same row with him was Bingjiu! Before he could recover from the shock of “Bingjiu helped him”, he felt his pocket light.

“Ah, my gun!”

The hand gun Hou Feihu left him for self-defense was taken away by Bingjiu!

Looking at the two giant mosquitoes chasing after the off-road vehicle, Wei Xun almost saw that he had a dark history. He became angry with shame and suddenly became angry. However, he didn’t want to contact them again, let alone tear his hands. Even Wei Xun, the guide flag, felt that it was too short, so he simply took Zhao Hongtu’s hand and gun.

“Go to hell.”


The sound of gunfire made Zhao Hongtu’s ears buzzing. He was stunned and looked at Bingjiu, but he found that his shooting posture was unexpectedly good-looking. The off-road vehicle has a large space. Wei Xun half stood up, turned his back against the driver’s seat, turned sideways, leaned out of the open window, and his shoulder against the window frame.

He covered his ears with one hand and shot with the other. His hands were surprisingly stable and his eyes were cold and frightening.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

good heavens.

Wang pengpai, who was driving, was distracted to look at the reversing mirror. He was seeing that all the C-9 shots hit the giant mosquito’s wings. He was surprised. He looked at what he had practiced. What surprised him most was the faint ominous red light attached to the bomb.

If you don’t have that layer of red light, ordinary bullets can’t hurt fog mosquitoes!

Wei Xun shot his anger like a gun and hit the giant mosquito who kept chasing the SUV. It’s too dirty. Wei Xun couldn’t bear to think that he had just absorbed so many mosquitoes as sugar beans.

His strong rejection makes the two horns reluctantly give up the impure magic mosquito energy that has not been fully absorbed. Wei Xun’s intention to kill giant mosquitoes made the two corners follow his heart and attach those energy to the bomb.

Each bullet has the energy of hundreds of magic mosquitoes. Even if the giant mosquito has purer blood and stronger strength, it can completely carry the damage.

Maybe they saw that Wei Xun had been sucking blood by mosquitoes. They didn’t resist, and finally they were ready to move. Maybe the two giant mosquitoes were wronged until they died. Why did the demon man suddenly change his attitude.

After the gun was shot empty and completely killed two giant mosquitoes, Wei Xun threw the gun to Zhao hongtuhuai without expression. Rudely rolled up the sleeve of his left arm, which was broken into rags, and squeezed it with his right hand.

“Buzzing, buzzing!”

A golden mosquito was pinched by Wei Xun’s wings, but he didn’t struggle, while he stretched his head like an alcoholic, and finally sucked more blood, shivering with cold.

Wei Xun always remembers that he first sensed three powerful beings in the mosquito population, and only two giant mosquitoes were killed by him. One of the most cunning and hidden mosquitoes has come to him quietly.

He even sucked a few mouthfuls of blood near his butterfly tattoo.

It’s too subtle and doesn’t even feel pain at all. Compared with the two giant mosquitoes, this golden mosquito has more data. It’s as big as its thumb belly. It’s chubby. Unlike the mosquito, it’s more like a plush bee. It also has circle after circle of patterns.

Wei Xun grabbed his wings without struggling and pretended to be dead. Although it seems that it is not aggressive, the energy contained in its body is the most abundant and powerful. Like a honey fudge.

Wei Xun clutched the mosquito in his hand, and his face was expressionless. He was very fast. Even Zhao Hongtu nearby didn’t find that Bingjiu caught a mosquito, but he heard his stomach rumbling——

The scene was a little awkward for a moment.

No, no, no, He Wei Xun’s food is not enough. No matter how hungry he is, he will starve to death here. It’s absolutely impossible for him to eat a mosquito.

“Buzzing, buzzing.”

As if he felt Wei Xun’s killing intention and unhappiness, the golden mosquito data hummed, and Wei Xun felt a slight hot at the butterfly tattoo on his left arm. Then there was a strange and weak consciousness in his mind.


This strange consciousness is also buzzing, like a mosquito – a mosquito?

Wei xunruo sat back in his seat. It was hard to hesitate when he wanted to kill him. The weak consciousness seemed to understand that at the critical moment when he decided his life and death, he kept sending out the consciousness of “submission” and “loyalty” to Wei Xun.


Wei Xun was amused. The mutated mosquito should have sucked the blood near his butterfly tattoo and mutated. Wei Xun vaguely realized that its surrender was sincere, but also had a deeper desire.

Wei Xun remembered that the fat mosquito was very deformed and had four pairs of wings, from top to bottom: a pair of white wings on a black background, a pair of black wings on a white background, a pair of golden wings, and the bottom pair of data to humble blue and purple wings.

The pair of wings were the most tender and soft. Wei Xun trembled with fear when he touched the data, but he didn’t dare to hide. From its vague consciousness, Wei Xun knew that this pair of wings grew after absorbing Wei Xun’s blood.


His blood – the blood near his butterfly tattoo, how do you use it?

Wei Xun did not speak, but in his mind, he conveyed the consciousness of “submission” and “control” to the weak consciousness of golden mosquitoes. The other party did not resist, but obedience opened him up.


Wei Xun spoke again, but he didn’t think he was a fat mosquito. He was smart enough to know how to “surrender”. After killing the giant mosquito and catching the fat mosquito alive, Wei Xun had been waiting for the prompt sound from the hotel.

Or “temporary task”, or “reward for killing giant mosquitoes”, or “special task for accepting the submission of mosquitoes”.

However, the hotel didn’t respond at all because Wei Xun killed giant mosquitoes and was subdued by fat mosquitoes.

This is not normal for hotels that seem to be aware of everything and control everything.

You deliberately give a cold reception, but also you can’t see it in the hotel?

It was Wei Xun’s curiosity about this matter that made Wei Xun leave this mosquito temporarily. Miao Fangfei gave him a few medicine bottles at that time. He ate the cool pill. Wei Xun put the mosquito into the data bottle. He acted quickly. Zhao Hongtu only saw that Bingjiu was too hungry to be conscious and began to take drugs.

After thinking about it, he took out a flattened chocolate from his pocket and handed it to Bingjiu: “guide Bingjiu, I’ll be in Miao village right away.”

Wang pengpai drives very fast. After throwing away the mosquitoes, Yingzhu Miao village is close at hand. The time was very dangerous. It was 10:50, ten minutes short. They were late.

“I don’t know brother Hou. They didn’t come back in time.”

Looking at the Miao Village getting closer and closer, Zhao Hongtu was more and more worried. He hoped that Hou Feihu and them would only go back to the Miao village first.


No, Hou Feihu and Miao Fangfei didn’t come back. Only five of them came back.

“Why, you look so ugly.”

Wei Xun didn’t accept Zhao Hongtu’s chocolate. He was in a good mood and asked casually.

“Director C, you, you’re hurt. Deal with it quickly.”

Yu he’an, who sat in the back, boldly looked over and said anxiously.

“Afraid of blood.”

Wei Xun was careless and didn’t want them to know that his wound had healed, so he casually smeared finger blood on his body, onto Yu he’an’s face and said perfunctorily:

“I’m not afraid.”

Yu he’an:?

He was stunned by the bloodstain. No, no, he’s afraid of blood. He’s worried about director C’s injury. He also wants to know what happened to Huihui.

Zhao Hongtu, sitting beside Bing Jiu, saw the coldness in his eyes and shook his head at Yu and an.

Bingjiu was in a bad mood. He wanted to ask about hou Feihu and Miao Fangfei, but he suddenly dared not.

Lin Xi also disappeared. Bingjiu didn’t respond. They should be all right.

Zhao Hongtu can only comfort himself so much, but he can’t let go of his worries.

With each person’s mind, the SUV drove back to Yingzhu Miao village. It was just 11 o’clock. The Diaojiao building at the head didn’t have the light, and Wu Laoliu didn’t come back. But no one cares about him.

With a bamboo basket on his back, he stood in front of the stilted building, waiting for Bingjiu to speak. The atmosphere was especially dignified for the missing companion.

When they returned to Yingzhu Miao village, Zhao Hongtu heard the prompt sound of the hotel.

[welfare project completion]

[task reward payment -]

[you get 2500 points]

[the baby is very satisfied with your basket, liking + 1 (full value of 10 points)]

[please note that in the following scenic spots, you will belong to Chaping Miao village]

When hearing the last sentence, Zhao Hongtu and Yu he’an were relieved at the same time and looked forward to Wang pengpai with gratitude. However, the two waves of people have separated from the project. Miao Fangfei and Hou Feihu should be fine.

Wei Xun was also prompted to complete the welfare task. At the same time, he also got the information of the next project.

“Roll call.”

The usual roll call, but half of the people were missing this time, and Wei Xun didn’t explain much.

“After a day’s rest, did the passengers have a good rest? I think we must have had enough spirit. I really want to know what the next scenic spot projects are. ”


Therefore, the passengers immediately concentrate, listen carefully to every word of the guide, and dare not drop any word.

“Let’s ask you a question first. Did you notice what was written on the God list during the activity of” people’s life ”

God list?

Yu he’an and others were stunned by this strange word. Xu Chen pushed his glasses and whispered: “the red paper of the Spring Festival couplets.”

Shenbang culture is popular in Sichuan, Sichuan, Hakka, Huaihua, Hunan and other places, including three parts: ancestral tablets, divine plaques and divine couplets. The Diaojiaolou where they live has abandoned the first two, and only the divine couplets have been retained in the main room.

Although many people don’t know what it is, when they enter the house, they look up and see the red paper ‘Spring Festival couplets’, which is very conspicuous.

“It’s like… The golden furnace has been burning for thousands of years, and the jade lamp will last forever?”

Yu he’an hesitated. He also remembered the red couplet and deliberately recorded the words on it. It’s a habit for experienced travelers to collect information all the time. Maybe they can use it sometime.

“Yes, this couplet of gods prays for continuous melons and incense, and hopes that the newborn children will be free from disease and disaster.”

Wei Xun said: “the mountains around Longxi are rolling and extremely closed. It was once known as the ‘wild land of Longxi’. Now it still protects many old strange customs. Our next project is to experience the special baby rearing customs in the mountains of Western Hunan. ”

I don’t know why everyone has an ominous feeling after listening to C 9.

However, his words made his back cool.

“Drunk” journey to Western Hunan, choose the three most representative baby rearing customs for tourists to experience, including painting peach symbols, washing three dynasties and playing three dynasties. Speaking of this, knowledgeable travelers may be confused. This painting of peach runes is a means used by witches to isolate ghosts from pregnant women, but what can we do if we don’t have pregnant women. ”

When they heard this, Zhao Hongtu realized something. Each one looked ugly, and Wei Xun looked ugly – sorry and angry. Damn it, he also took the bamboo basket. Why didn’t the child drill into his back basket.

He has to spend money to experience things during pregnancy. These tourists can get them without spending a penny, and they can earn points after completing the project.

There is such a good thing in this world! Wei Xun doesn’t know if the tour guide can still be a passenger, but if he can get a chance, he must have a try!

“That’s right. With the expectation of everyone, passengers have already selected their favorite babies?”

Wei Xun was dissatisfied and quickly said, “these babies are still very young. They are only six months old, but the clever painting and the painting of peach symbols were also carried out when the pregnant woman was pregnant in June. So next, we will play the role of pregnant women and personally experience how witches separate ghosts and exorcise evil spirits for pregnant women. ”

After he said this, Zhao Hongtu and others immediately felt that the bamboo basket behind him was light, the belly in front of him rose, and the belly bulged like a balloon. The clothes were rolled up, one by one, like six months pregnant!

This is my task!

Zhao Hongtu looked at the belly that had been raised. It was like looking at a strange one. He didn’t dare to touch it. His heart was afraid and disgusting. After all, he was only 16 years old. He was not afraid of trauma, but he was most afraid of things that penetrated into his body and multiplied in his body.

Thinking so, Zhao Hongtu’s face turned blue, his stomach was churning, and his vomiting was surging. He wondered at a loss – is the aftereffect of carsickness so great? Why is he still sick now.

Next to Xu Chen, he also covered his mouth, frowned and retched a few times. Zhao Hongtu understood. Fuck, this fucking pregnancy reaction!

“Please put away the wizard’s Posts and prepare carefully so as not to lose them. This project is an immersive experience project. I hope you can cooperate wholeheartedly. ”

Wei Xun stared at the passengers’ stomachs with curiosity when posting. He was very curious. Can a six-month-old baby really cram into a man’s stomachs without dough? Where should the internal organs be squeezed? Won’t they get hurt?

He really wants to experience it. This curiosity temporarily exceeds Pingping’s sadness.

Sobbing, Pingping, his Pingping.

Thinking of this, Wei Xun felt sad again. At the thought of Wu Laoliu’s gnashing his teeth before he came back – he had to leave an imprint, image, deep and engraved lesson for Wu Laoliu.

“By the way, everyone must want to know where other passengers have gone? Not in a hurry, after washing three days, Chaping Miao village will hold a grand three dynasties wine together with qiepi village opposite Longxi to celebrate the birth of the baby. By then, you will be able to see others. ”

Cut wall village!

Everyone was shocked. After distributing the post, the short meeting was over. Wei Xun turned and left, but Zhao Hongtu didn’t leave. They gathered together to discuss.

“It’s broken. What’s the matter? Huihui and them went to qiebai village.”

Yu he’an held his belly and looked bitter: “if we are pregnant with this fetus, 

Yes, Yu he’an’s words are poking Zhao Hongtu’s most worried and anxious point. Just now C-9 said, “we choose the fetus we like”. Does the so-called choice of baby ghost baby mean this? ”

“Brother Wang, do you think they will be in danger?”

Mingming Miao team is away. Zhao Hongtu is now the strongest person in the team, but he may not trust Wang pengpai because of a series of things that happened in the fetal meat grave. He wants to ask his opinions.

“Don’t worry, it’s dangerous. It will be dangerous, but I’m not sure.”

Wang pengpai picked up a handful of toothed flowers and patted his belly. Everyone is pregnant. He seems to have changed the most. After all, Wang pengpai himself has a beer belly.

“As we judged before, it is safe to choose ghost babies and dangerous to choose human babies. In fact, I still think it is safe to choose human babies.”

Anyone with a clear eye can see which is more dangerous, ghost fetus or baby. However, Wang pengpai’s remarks were not questioned, and everyone was listening to him carefully. Yu he’an rubbed his hands and said, “brother Wang, you have more knowledge than others. Come on, tell me what’s going on. Alas, Huihui has more data than brother Zhao. She’s pregnant with a ghost fetus. I’m really worried.”

No, no, it’s too loud.

The fat man’s heart and head murmured, but up to now, he can’t take it anymore. After all, Western Hunan is not a simple journey. When the brigade capsized, it happened that the two teams were separated. What he had seen was that the extra “Ninth person” was assigned there. Apart from others, Wang surging was also worried.

Everyone wants to live well. No one has a bad heart and wants to watch people die.

“There are three items on our trip, right?”

Wang pengpai broke it up, crumpled it and said to them, “the previous itinerary included four places: longyizhuang, fierce bone plank road, soul loss stream and qiobi village?”

Everyone nodded.

“I think so. In the end, we must go to qiebai village. So the Miao team went to qiebi village first and should be rewarded with “choosing the right child”. It’s dangerous, but they can certainly find more clues. ”

“If we had known this, we would have chosen ghost babies.”

Zhao Hongtu gritted his teeth, but Wang pengpai shook his head and said sincerely: “brother Zhao, listen to brother Pang’s advice. It’s impossible for a hotel to make an absolutely correct and safe choice. Look at the assignment, we’ll push forward from the conclusion, and the hotel can’t let all of us choose one side. ”

Xu Chen said, “so, choosing four babies and four ghost fetuses is really the safest thing to do.”

“Yes, I believe the Miao team, they have absolutely no problem.”

Wang pengpai was resolute, and his firm attitude relieved Zhao Hongtu and others. Of course, Wang pengpai also pushed many details, but they haven’t said it yet. Only by analyzing the surface, it’s enough to fool Zhao Hongtu and them. Some places were vague, and no one asked 1234 questions.

“In contrast, we are on the more dangerous side.”

Seeing that everyone was generally relaxed, Wang pengpai tightened his nerves to them in time: “do you remember how many people from Waizhai village who went to qiebi village for a banquet survived when the ghost possessed Miao team told a story?”

“All dead.”

Yu and an shivered.

“Most of the villagers died. They went the latest. The villagers who arrived one day late were alive.”

Xu Chen added meaningfully that the four exchanged their eyes and everything was silent.

“Anyway, we will meet at the three banquets. Now let’s look at this project first. ”

Wang surging said, opened the wizard’s post wrapped in red paper, and picked his eyebrow: “Oh, traditional characters.”

“A liter of rice, an egg, a red envelope, a piece of knife meat, and an earthen jar full of water.”

Yu he’an read it out smoothly and attracted people’s attention. He scratched his head and smiled simply and honestly: “I’m used to traditional characters. “I don’t have any talent, and I only have this ability.”

Speaking of this, Yu he’an was sad again: “Huihui is the most talented person of our generation. At the age of seven, she will be selected by Hu Santai milk. Both parents are happy. Who, who knows, they have been selected into this Laoshi journey.”

“Don’t be sad. Have a good time. Wait until you go out to see your parents.”

Wang pengpai patted him on the shoulder and comforted him: “the old Yu family is still waiting for you to honor your ancestors.”

“No, no, No.”

Yu he’an subconsciously retorted, but kowtowed again. He stared like a demon and repeatedly said, “light, glory, Huihui, , glory…”

This posture looks a little scary and stunned. Wang pengpai had no choice but to slap him on the shoulder and shouted, “wake up!” Then Yu he’an shouted back to God. He was a little confused and lost his mind. It looked really worrying.

“Brother Yu, we can’t be here. Do you still want to see your brother?”

Wang pengpai advised, “look at what’s written in the post. When the Yin Shi wizard arrived, everyone is really worried about you.”

The red post says the time of the wizard’s arrival and what he needs. It’s four o’clock in the morning. At four o’clock in the morning, the wizard will come to draw peach runes and separate ghosts for them. Before that, you must have everything ready.

* *

“The wizard will come at four in the morning.”

Miao Fangfei looked tired, put down the rag in her hand and whispered: “ just get everything ready.”

“I’ve explored this damn place, not to mention the meat. I don’t even have a chicken feather.”

Shi Tao smiled bitterly. The four looked at each other and sighed.

In the previous plan, they took the ghost baby. It should have been a safer choice. Who knows, they came to this place as soon as they opened their eyes after taking the ghost baby.

The dilapidated ancient village has not been inhabited for a long time. It smells rotten. The weather is over, and they are in a strange place, which is not suitable for exploration. Under the leadership of Miao Fangfei and Hou Feihu, the four people worked together to clean up a room, barely able to live.

As for why four people——

Yu Hehui is missing.

Mingming chose ghost babies, but only the four of them were sent here, but Yu Hehui disappeared. Hou Feihu and his colleagues began to look anxiously until Miao Fangfei frowned and revealed that there was one more person. They were all stunned.

“But, that doesn’t necessarily mean Yu Hehui…”

The first mock exam of Shi Tao’s voice was that he had listened to Lin Xi’s grave and harsh way. “He is so strange that he and his brother are not alike. “Even twins can’t be exactly the same.”

Speaking of this, Lin Xi’s face was ugly: “why didn’t you react to such an obvious loophole before.”

“The ghost interferes with your perception, and the data is the same when longyizhuang handles the body.”

Miao Fangfei comforted: “I didn’t react until I was reminded by director C.”

Hou Feihu looked dignified: “so now it’s gone? He also said, “went to Hongtu’s side?”

“I don’t know.”

Miao Fangfei whispered and turned the bamboo basket in front of her. The ghost baby has been crying. The shrill and sharp cry makes people’s eardrums ache and is very easy to get impatient. However, perhaps she is a female, or influenced by possessed ghosts, Miao Fangfei has a high tolerance for ghost babies.

She held her swaddling clothes and hummed the tune of her hometown. After a while, the blue gray ghost baby fell asleep. Others were also very noisy. Seeing that Miao Fangfei was clumsy to learn her posture, the ghost babies didn’t buy it. They were tired and sweating.

“Be nice to ghost babies.”

Seeing Lin Xi’s impatient expression, Miao Fangfei reminded: “everyone heard the hint just now.”

“We belong to qiebai village.”

Shi Tao nodded and coaxed the pregnant ghost baby clumsily.

“Ghost baby is very satisfied with your basket, liking + 1 (full value of 10 points)”

Hou Feihu added: “this is the key.”

“The bamboo basket is a key prop, which means that the favor of ghost baby is very important for our next project.”

“But how do we take the next project?”

Lin Xi said in a low voice: “director C is over there…”

“Everyone is ready?”

At this time, a familiar and joking voice suddenly sounded. Miao Fangfei was delighted at the frightening scene, but they all looked up at the voice, and their faces were full of surprise and vigilance.

“What are you, director C?”

Miao Fangfei was so excited that she couldn’t hide her caution. There were too many illusions and visions in this journey.

“No, no, no, No.”

Wei Xun said with a bad heart. Seeing that Shi Tao was suddenly depressed, like a lost dog hook, the bad mood of double division of labor is much better.

Yes, the brigade was divided into two sides, and Wei Xun, as a hard-working tour guide, had to rush on both sides. Although Wei Xun knows that he can only stand in the stilted building of Wu Laoliu and get to qiepi village in one minute, which is a special benefit given to the tour guide by the hotel.

But when he thought of the same topic, he had to repeat the explanation of the scenic spot project twice. Lazy Wei Xun was really unhappy.

He simply came here for other purposes besides telling the tourists about the scenic spots.

[welfare project completion]

[task reward payment -]

[you get 200 points]

[you got a clue related to the corpse flying fox king]

[clue 1. When Pingping was six years old, she got a data flying fox from her father. Her father said that she would always guard Pingping when her brother died and came back from reincarnation. Pingping named it a long, which is my brother’s nickname]

Wei Xun’s task of opening up scenic spots has reached 80%, and the final progress must be related to the corpse flying fox king. But it didn’t rush up to die like the left and right commanders. Wei Xun didn’t have any news about the corpse of the flying fox king in Yingzhu Miao village for so long. After reading this clue, he understood.

“Always guard by Pingping’s side”

It is also said that the corpse flying fox king and Pingping have always been together. No, this “Pingping” refers to qiebai village, the soul who mixed into the brigade, and the ghost attached to Miao Fangfei all point to qiebai village.

Perhaps the final task of developing scenic spots can only be completed at the end of the project, but now that he can arrive at qiebai village early, Wei Xun will not miss the opportunity.

What’s more, he came to qiebai village for more than one purpose.

“Needle tube?”

After finishing the project briefly, after the ghost babies entered the passengers’ stomach, Wei Xun took Miao Fangfei aside to chat alone. When getting the wizard’s post, Miao Fangfei confirmed Bingjiu’s true guide and was obedient to him.


Miao Fangfei nodded and took out a plastic bag from the side pocket of his backpack. There were five unopened needles, three ordinary ones and two silver gray metal ones. They all had thick fingers and were equipped with needles.

Because of the title of “novice Gu Po”, Miao Fangfei is used to carrying a needle tube with her, collecting poison blood and injecting poison blood into herself. The blood is usually corrosive. These two expensive Mithril needles were prepared for this purpose.

Without hesitation, she handed it all to Bingjiu. Although she didn’t ask Bingjiu what the needle tube did, Miao Fangfei was also curious and secretly guessed.

What does the needle do? Does he draw anyone’s blood?

However, the time of the current project is pressing. Data is protecting her belly. Miao Fangfei quickly goes back to prepare the things of the wizard with everyone.

In addition to the needle tube, Wei Xun searched Miao Fangfei for a pile of clean and sterilized data bottles, tweezers and other things. After getting these things, Wei Xun didn’t go back to Yingzhu Miao village, but he found a room in qiebi village. Let’s wait for the moment.

After living in the hospital for a long time, Wei Xun was very skilled in taking blood. He took out the needle tube, took the rope, strangled his left arm, and took a tube of blood at the butterfly tattoo and another place respectively.

The golden mosquito locked in the data bottle smelled the smell of blood and his eyes were straight. He was anxious to fly around, but he didn’t dare to really disturb Wei Xun.

Inject the blood from the two needles into two different glass bottles. Wei Xun’s eyes are focused. He wants to do an experiment.

The variation of the golden mosquito and its inexplicable loyalty to him, whether it sucked his blood or only the blood near the butterfly tattoo?

His blood is used for all insects and monsters, and only for monsters homologous to demon horn?

Wei Xun is really curious.

As for the subjects——

Wei Xun took out another data bottle, which contained several half dead and crawling maggots.

Black six maggots.


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