TTG Chapter 280

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 280: Return routine

There is no shortage of lively people in the hotel. The top posts are either hot enough, or sent by the boss, or give krypton gold to the hotel.

Either way, it’s enough to attract a group of spectators. In the evening, when the traffic was the highest, coupled with the recent hot words’ Mutual Aid Association ‘,’ Knight ‘,’ S3 black widow ‘and so on, this post quickly folded to thousands of floors.

[really? Really? Sleeping trough, S3 black widow?! my eyes are not lying to me!]

[the black widow is also in the mutual aid association? What’s the status of a knight? Why does the poster only let me krypton to the congressman? It doesn’t say a knight at all?]

[onlookers buying posters]

[laugh to death, it’s still a big man. The poster only asks you to krypton to the congressman to show that you are poor. My poster suggests that I krypton to the intermediate congressman]

[woo woo woo, I also want to be rich. I also want to buy posters!]

[no, I fainted my family. Isn’t this mutual aid association a newly established small organization?]

[you can speak after looking at the background of C 3]

【 third party tears 】

[I’m really shocked. I can think of it. Tour guides and tourists eat all. I didn’t expect him to eat all things!]

[no, brothers, isn’t this the ‘punishment announcement of the black widow’? The Mutual Aid Association revealed her true identity and dared to punish the black widow?]

[… There’s nothing to say about it. It’s just a black widow. No matter who comes, you can definitely attack her. Well, it depends on whether the black widow accepts the advice and accepts the punishment]

[‘supervised by the knight dream…’ who is the big man of the knight dream?]

[I think it’s a bit like a dreamer]

[no, ‘the adjudicator hopes’ this should be the dreamer]

[brothers, according to the grapevine, the black widow was punished because she broke the rules against C San many times during her journey to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing! What else is involved in the knight code? Anyway, the black widow will lose a lot this time!]

[I don’t care about anything else. I just want to see how much the black widow has to pay and how rich the big tour guide is. It’s hard to imagine!]

[has anyone translated the post to the west side? Can this post be passed on? What about those who buy posters for the west side? Have they passed the post yet?]

[other people’s Mutual Aid Association moves faster than us! This post has long been taken to the west side by senior congressman peace, and it is also the top of the hot post list!]

Naturally, “senior congressman peace” is yuntianhe. This afternoon, tourists from the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing returned to the hotel one after another. Yuntianhe directly bought posters with the funds he had prepared early in the morning. He not only paid himself membership funds, but also paid more than 30 brothers.

Then he aimed at the current vacancy of senior members and directly krypton to senior members.

It happened that he had the title of being partial to the west, and he was a mixture of Chinese and western. If he could log on the forum there, Wei Xun temporarily handed over the west side to him – see what he did.

With the “Knight dream” in front, yuntianhe is more psychological and works harder.

Not afraid to offend the black widow.

If he does a good job, he can do the west side poster purchasing and marketing.

Wei Xun thought while watching the forum. He was a little sorry.

I don’t know when the devil businessman will come back. Only when he can do business can he make the best use of everything. But it’s not urgent. After all, this poster can sell for a year.

“Hey, this punishment list is a little interesting.”

Mao xiaomusician quickly turned Wei Xun to the “punishment list” below. What millions of points, exposing the real identity under the code name and so on are not really a matter for big directors at the level of black widow.

The key points are ‘free places at abyss nodes’ and’ experience right around Babel Tongtian tower ‘.

The former attracts tour guides and the latter attracts tourists.

Although the tour guide can’t go abroad easily, it’s very convenient for tourists. Most of the large and medium-sized tourists attracted by the mutual aid association have had the experience of traveling abroad.

The journey of 30 degrees north latitude is not just this journey. There will be many middle and high-level journeys around it that are not up to the level of no solution, but also belong to the territory of 30 degrees north latitude. As long as it involves the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, the points and scores obtained will at least double, whether in the body or around.

Not to mention all kinds of related special props and title tasks you will get here.

“I think even if this dream is not a dream chaser, it must have an affair with the dream chaser.”

Mao Xiaole said firmly, “not everyone can be so familiar with the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, and you see, on his punishment list, many of them are precious props produced by the black widow.”

For example, the little witch’s medicine, broom, pepper wood, ghost captain’s ghost fish eggs and so on. They are all from the black widow family.

“Say the lion opens his mouth… It doesn’t count. It depends on how the black widow chooses.”

Mao Xiaole smiled. The black widow Association definitely had a plot to join the Mutual Aid Association. The mutual aid association is both a crackdown and a warning, depending on whether she has got what she is plotting, or how much she can bear for it.

“Ah, I’m sorry, Miss Sanshui. It’s all I’m saying. I’ve wasted your time.”

Next to Wei Xun, Mao Xiaole suddenly reacted with a smile and said embarrassed.

“No delay, no delay.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “what you said is very interesting, and I like to listen to it. Don’t call me Sanshui teacher, just call me Wei Xun.”

“Hey, I’m just not used to it.”

Although Wei Xun said this sentence several times, Mao Xiaole always called him Sanshui teacher. While saying, “teacher Sanshui, why have you been broken recently?” The two of them walked to the station on their way home.

“Actually, ah, this matter has something to do with our brigade.”

“San… Wei Xun, you know, the latest C San, that is, Cui Dao, should be the guide of our brigade now, although he has not officially joined the brigade or lived in the hotel.”

Mao Xiaole is very good at using “we”. His tone sounds a little tangled.

“His family background is not very good, but he is not bad.”

Backed by the butcher League, Mao Xiaole has a blood relationship with the life playing people. In Mao Xiaole’s eyes, it is naturally “not much family background.”

“Well, some people say he was sent by a playful man to restrain us on our way home. I don’t think so.”

“Maybe life frolickers didn’t expect this.”

Wei Xun smiled, but Mao Xiaole hissed at him and said seriously, “it’s okay to have me. It’s better to talk less about life playing people when you’re alone.”

“Why, can he feel when I call him?”

Wei Xun joked: “how tired he is all day.”

“Others are not necessarily, but you are different.”

Mao Xiaole said: “there are so many butchers staring at you these days, trying to catch you. Maybe you have already been prepared in the butcher alliance. You should be more careful.”

“But I’m afraid they don’t have time recently.”

Speaking of this, Mao Xiaole was eager to try: “I heard that many brigades and groups fought with the butcher’s guide today! Hey, I heard that the yin-yang butterfly was persuaded and sprayed back directly. But don’t think that the yin-yang butterfly is a good man. He has a nest with psychic snakes and mice. This time, it is estimated that one will sing white face and the other will sing red face and show it to third party.”

Look at the attitude of bingsan, but whether it’s yin-yang butterfly or psychic medium, in the final analysis, it’s the people of their butcher alliance.

However, Mao Xiaole doesn’t have any bad feelings for C San. It’s not surprising that tourists will naturally have a protective desire and favor for their own guide, which is also normal.

Connect with the captain and get the ring with the captain. Even if it hasn’t been added to the way home, it can be admitted by the hotel.

Mao Xiaole recently looked more and more pleasing to his eyes. He thought that his code name was really good.

Third, Sanshui teacher, there is a “three” word, which is also fate!

Secretly glancing at Wei Xun, Mao Xiaole thought to himself.

“Welcome, welcome, warm welcome!”



On his way home, Wei Xun heard Wang pengpai’s warm welcome, followed by two muffled sounds. Holding a small fireworks tube, the glittering sequins fell on Wei Xun with colorful notes. Lu Shu orange and Bai Xiaosheng were left and right. Lu Shu orange was very happy, and Bai Xiaosheng also had a faint smile on his face.

“Don’t worry about these sequins.”

An Xuefeng’s voice sounded. He was standing in front of Wei Xun. It seemed that he had just taken a bath, and his hair was still wet with water vapor, which made him more fresh and capable.

“Hotel props disappear in a moment, pollution-free and pollution-free.”

“Dinner is ready. You can have dinner at any time! Wang Yushu and Wanchun have something to do. You can see them at dinner.”

Lu Shu orange smiled and winked at Wei Xun: “but feibai said, you may want to pick your future residence first ~”

“People in our brigade usually stay at the station.”

Wang pengpai said happily and waved forthrightly: “the captain said, Xiaowei, you can live wherever you want. It’s very easy to change the residence of the hotel. It doesn’t take any time.”

“San… Wei Xun, let me show you around first. It’s still early anyway!”

Mao Xiaole swallowed the teacher Sanshui and called Wei Xun’s name: “you haven’t been around the station yet! Let’s go and I’ll introduce you.”

Wei Xun responded with a smile, and the light from the corner of his eye swept Wang pengpai. Just now, when Mao Xiaole said the word “three”, Wang pengpai subconsciously looked at him and was noticed by Wei Xun.

After the afternoon conversation, Yu Hehui went back to the hotel. Yu Hehui told him that Wang pengpai might have guessed something. But he has a tight mouth and can’t talk nonsense.

“Wang pengpai is the most convinced of the security team. He was actually the informant of the captain a long time ago.”

Yu Hehui said to Wei Xun, “even if he guessed something, as long as the captain didn’t speak, he would keep his mouth shut.”

“That’s a good thing.”

Tong Hege said rationally, “if team an, vice team Wang and Bai Xiaosheng are willing to keep a secret for you, others will be firmly concealed on the way home. \”

But this is not a long-term plan after all.

Wei Xun thought and looked at an Xuefeng.

We’ll see it in the future. We should talk about it then.

“Lord Wei, come and give me your palm.”

Afraid of the embarrassment of a large group of people, Wei Xun in Wuyang, Lu Shucheng and Bai Xiaosheng left with excuses, leaving only Mao Xiaole, who is most familiar to Wei Xun, and Deputy Wang pengpai, who has almost the authority of the whole station, to accompany him.

Wang pengpai is funny and funny. He knows everything. He is a self familiar person. He will never feel embarrassed when he is silent.

Wei Xun’s residence hasn’t expanded yet. It’s poor. It only has some infrastructure. As soon as it opens, it’s the virtual hall or reality of the hotel. But the home station is different. It’s like a manor villa.

On weekdays, there is a hidden fog, which can’t be seen in the virtual hall.

“This is our main residence. It is half sold and half given away by the hotel. There is a thousand eight hundred square meters. Everyone is active in the first four hundred square meters, that is, in the villa. There is a big iron door behind the door, which is a forbidden area. It’s very dangerous. I’ll tell you later.”

Wang pengpai said: “no matter how high or low the hotel is, most of our team live on the first floor. The captain lives on the second floor. Up the third floor, most of them are functional rooms. What will be the living room, film and television hall, conference room, guest room, tea room and so on.”

“Each person has a basic residence of 50 square meters, but our brigade station can connect their own station. At that time, how many points can buy more land.”

If all the connected stations are counted on the way home, I’m afraid the area of this main station will have to be doubled several times.

“Fifty Ping is too small. Wei Xun, you can live with me first!”

Mao Xiaole actively recommended himself: “I’m big over there. There’s a special study. Wei Xun, you can code there! No one will disturb me at all!”

Fifty flat, too small.

Wei Xun was silent for a moment, thinking about the small piece of land he had bought at the beginning, he couldn’t help asking, “how much is a square meter?”

“For our first brigade, it’s cheap to buy land here. You’re a newcomer and there will be hotel discounts.”

Wang pengpai felt that he might have less money and comforted: “overall, you can buy one square meter with almost 3000 points, which is much cheaper than the house price.”

3000 points per square meter

When Wei Xun thought about his original land purchase, he felt a little suffocated.

“At the end, the first room is where sister orange lives, 101.”

Wang pengpai said: “be careful when you visit her on weekdays. Sister orange’s room is connected with her own residence, engaged in breeding, what vegetable garden and animal garden, which is still dangerous.”

“She can’t see things well.”

Mao Xiaole complained: “before she raised some magic termites, she escaped and ate all my peach and jujube trees.”

“But don’t worry, it hasn’t happened since Bai Xiaosheng moved there.”

Wang pengpai patted his chest and stamped the floor: “Bai Xiaosheng lives in the basement here. He said it’s quiet here. Our archives are also underground and there is a miniature super calculator. Bai Xiaosheng is using it. If you have anything to check, you can go here to find him.”

Wang pengpai took them back to the staircase utility room and pretended to knock on the small door: “Hello, Hello, is Harry Potter here?”

Wei Xun hooked his mouth and couldn’t help laughing. I’m afraid Harry Potter doesn’t think it’s polite.

Of course there is no Harry Potter living in the staircase, but there is a pile of colorful and beautiful paper cranes in the door.

“If you have any simple questions you want to ask, just use your mobile phone, but if you have any private questions, just come here and say to the paper crane. Bai Xiaosheng will tell you the answer when he knows.”

As for what privacy issues can not be said on the mobile phone, Wei Xun thought that Bai Xiaosheng indirectly told him through the forum that the hotel is not safe, and many big tourist guides have various means.

The strength is not enough. Sometimes you can’t even confirm whether the contact is the one you want and whether it has been secretly replaced by someone. Like the ghost trading carried out by the devil merchant, it comes and goes without a trace.

“You can also take some notes back. Folding paper cranes by hand is the same effect.”

Mao Xiaole shrugged.

Bai Xiaosheng’s residence is 102 for the time being. The next place is Wang pengpai’s room 103. Wang pengpai opened the door carelessly and took them around. He connected a large area and stopped all kinds of modified vehicles. Cross country, motorcycle, mountain bike and so on.

“I can fly planes, helicopters and private planes.”

Wang pengpai regretted to pick up a UAV: “but it’s no use driving a plane on the journey. In reality, you can’t drive indiscriminately, so you have to drive a UAV… By the way, Wei Xun, can you ride a horse?”

“A little.”

Wei Xun said that he had ridden a horse before, but he was not very interested. He spent most of his limited time on more exciting activities.

“Hey, it won’t be all right. Our horses are very good.”

Wang pengpai patted his stomach and said with a smile, “we have our own Racecourse in Hulunbuir. Ha ha, of course, I’m talking about the journey. You will also get some props in the future to return to the original journey freely.”

“Those places are not under the control of the state, and there are no side trips. You can do a lot of things.”

Mao Xiaole added: “the place selected for the journey is always a little special pollution. It is appropriate to raise mutant animals.”

“How much does it cost to build a horse farm in the hotel station? It’s still easy to make the journey.”

Wang pengpai said, “in many places, it’s hard to drive, but you still have to rely on horses. Moreover, some places are special, such as the black desert. You can’t get in without white camels, and sandstorms can kill you.”

“Passengers with various titles are very powerful, but they can’t be arrogant.”

Mao Xiaole said with a smile: “of course, Miss Wei is not such a person!”

How cautious Wei Xun is, Mao Xiaole, who has been his pen pal (reader author relationship) for several years, can’t be clearer.

I can still play like this!

Wei Xun opened his eyes and listened to Wang pengpai boast about their camel farm in the Taklimakan Desert, the ship port on the other side of the Bohai Sea and so on.

Wei Xun’s amazing [incomplete vacation manual] can only go back once, but Wang pengpai and some of their props may return unlimited times, legendary or peak level props.

Wei Xun couldn’t help imagining the future. If he could get similar props and pass the chieftain’s tomb, he would be able to transform it into a breeding base for comprehensive corpses, eyes, magic insects, mountain sacred trees and so on!

But this will not be possible for a while.

When reason returned, Wei Xun thought of the abyss node.

The return journey is temporarily unavailable, but he may be able to make full use of the abyss node and raise some demons or something? Although he doesn’t have time to do this for the time being… Isn’t there a mountain god in the abyss node!

The Yanshan Mountain God used to be a spirit deer, spirit snake and spirit ginseng on the mountain. It looks like a God who likes small animals. Even if the mountain god is polluted and doesn’t like small animals, he should like small demons.

Later, put the White Deer spirit, the little white Jiao, the little white dragon and the old white weasel back to be close to the mountain god, and the eye tree can also be planted in it. Don’t corn shoots just like staying in the ball of magic insects? It’s good to stocking in the abyss node.

And I’m not afraid of the dominance of the mountain god family. After all, the abyss node is. Wei Xun decided to get in touch with him when he was free tonight and send out the little Octopus ring. Then I have to go to the abyss node to talk to the mountain god another day.

It happened that the task of the next stage came out at the time of hotel settlement.

[rule task: entrusted by Mountain God]

[task level: rule]

[task description: the Mountain God seems to think of something after the keel is reborn. The return of some incomplete memories makes the mountain god fall into greater anxiety. He finds that he has lost three very important things. It is precisely because of the loss of these three items that his body falls into such a severe situation.]

[the Mountain God entrusts the owner of the abyss to retrieve the three items before the earth is completely polluted. His memory is still incomplete, so he can only give you some tips.]

[wreath, peach branch, jade pendant]

[wreath in the highest sky]

[the peach branch is at the deepest ground]

[jade pendant in the desert surrounded by death]

[the reborn Bruce Lee will guide you, but maybe you should be stronger first. After all, these things are in extremely dangerous places]

[task 2: find three items]

[task Third Ring: place three items in three polluted mountains to control pollution]

The wreath and jade pendant have no clue for the time being, but the peach branch may be related to the peach tree captured by the corn shoot from the eyeball of the mountain god’s corpse.

Wei Xun thought.

At present, he knows three mountains buried with the corpses of mountain gods, Xiaotang mountain, Tianshou mountain and Wuluo mountain. These should be the three polluted mountains in the mission. But Wei Xun is not sure.

Just in the evening, I’ll have a good chat with brother Shanshen.

Wei Xun followed Wang pengpai as he thought about it. When he thought about it, the introduction was almost over.

Wang Yushu lives next to Wang pengpai. He has a special laboratory on the third floor and a small pond in his private residence.

“This is no ordinary pond.”

Wang pengpai said, “the tree can catch a lot of inspiration… Cough, cough, copy inspiration. He can catch everything except fish.”

“The front is where I live!”

Mao Xiaole then jumped and said, “I live in 105!”

There is a small paper man on the door of 105. This paper man is not abstract. It is a bit like the “cartoon” paper man Wei Xun saw on Bai Xiaotian. He is wearing a melon skin hat, wearing a long shirt and carrying a bird cage in his hand. In the bird cage is a small paper starling. As soon as he sees Wei Xun, he fans his wings and shouts with a broken Gong voice, “Welcome! Warm welcome!”

Mao Xiaole talked to Wei Xun about planting trees, making paper and raising paper people, collecting ores and grinding them into pigments. Then he took out a book and handed it to Wei Xun, a little nervous.

When Wei Xun took a look, it was the first book of Maoshan Taoist priest written by him!

“This is the paper I made myself. It’s bound by hand and handwritten by vermilion pen. Wei Xun, you can take it with you for self-defense!”

Mao Xiaole’s face was red and incoherent, looking forward to looking at him. That look is really moving.

“Thank you. I’ll keep it well.”

Wei Xun solemnly took over the book. This book is heavy and as thick as a big dictionary. It uses a lot of heart at first sight. It reminds Wei Xun of the complete collection of jokes given to him by his brother cat.

However, hearing what he said, Mao Xiaole retorted directly.

“Don’t keep it well, just use it. If you encounter any danger, just tear the book and throw it over. Your safety is the most important!”

“Xiao Le is right.”

An Xuefeng’s voice came from the living room. Mao Xiaole’s room was closest to the living room. The voice of the news broadcast just ended could be heard in the corridor. An Xuefeng, who had just finished watching the news, turned off the TV and stood up to look at them:

“Well, do you have an idea?”

“A little idea.”

After a round of visit, Wei Xun really gained insight. The big brigade has too many privileges. If he connects his small station, he can enjoy the same privileges.

Just construct all kinds of terrain, such as forest, grassland, plain, flower sea, cave and so on, you don’t need to spend extra money!

“Wei Xun, why don’t you be my neighbor? I have a lot of delicious food here!”

Lu Shu orange smiled and said, she brought the dishes to the table, and Wang Yushu and Bai Xiaosheng followed her to help. To tell you the truth, Wei Xun is a little excited, but it’s inconvenient to be next to Lushu orange

He looked at an Xuefeng, who nodded knowingly. After everyone was seated, he coughed and decided directly in the style of captain: “Xiaowei, he will live with me.”


The author has something to say: there will be 3000 words updated at noon tomorrow, Bo Bo!

An Xuefeng [pretending to be confused]: why do you send a question mark? Isn’t it a rule for new players to live with the captain? Right, Xiao Wei.

Xiao Wei:?


PS: the little angels have a problem now! Well, when I was preparing the article, I bought the full record of mysterious phenomena at 30 degrees north latitude as a reference book. I found all the journey at 30 degrees north latitude from the book, including the Inca Sun Gate. However, a little angel suggested that the Inca sun gate is actually in the southern latitude. I checked carefully and found that it is indeed so QAQ

No way, the text has been so long, it’s not realistic to change it. I’ll mark it. Let’s treat it as overhead! qwq

This chapter is issued by the sun gate with 500 red envelopes!

Xi Mou:? Shall I go?

Play – Life – people – being – Life – luck – play – play -!

He is worthy of playing with life!


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