TTG Chapter 281

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 281: Isn’t that appropriate

Wang pengpai’s hand shook, Mao Xiaole knocked the bowl with chopsticks, Wang Yushu coughed violently, Bai Xiaosheng calmly poured himself a glass of water, Lu Shu orange blinked quickly, pretending to be calm, but the wolf’s ears stood upright, and the plush wolf’s tail beat Bai Xiaosheng’s back with excitement.

“It’s not appropriate.”

In a strange silence, Wanxiang Chun put down his chopsticks and frowned suspiciously: “Captain, you have always lived alone on the second floor, not because…”

Isn’t it because of bad state, afraid of losing control and affecting others.

There is a special material barrier between the first floor and the second floor, which is precisely for the pollution problem of other returnees when an Xuefeng’s spirit is out of control.

“Yes, Captain, it’s not agreed…”

Mao Xiaole stopped talking and his face turned red.

He wants to live next door to teacher Sanshui!

Even though Mao Xiaole has great respect for an Xuefeng and has never refuted the captain’s order, he still wants to strive for it!

“On October 3, we will leave for the Sahara.”

Bai Xiaosheng joined the topic and said calmly, “time is too tight.”

Lushu orange nodded fiercely: “yes, the time is too tight… Cough!”

Time is too tight to have a wedding at all!

No, she should think too much. The captain and Wei Xun don’t mean that. She used to knock herself.

Lu Shu orange’s eyes floated between an Xuefeng and Wei Xun, and finally landed on an Xuefeng’s ring finger. The wolf’s tail drooped.

Hey, the captain and c-san really have a problem!

Tour guides and tourists wear rings here. It is reasonable that the tourism society will automatically wear them on their middle finger. How to wear it on the ring finger unless it is adjusted by yourself!

In that case, how can you tease Wei Xun so much when you have a ring!

Alas, Wei Xun came first. Lushu orange still remembers the scene of snow leopards snuggling together. How could he be overtaken by a curve

“Wei Xun, what do you think?”

Lushu orange pity poured Wei Xun a drink. She still remembered that Wei Xun liked to drink fruit orange when he came last time. This time, she specially prepared it again.

Of course, this is not an ordinary fruit orange. Orange juice and orange granules are provided by the guide of the fruit fly butcher.


Wang Yushu also advised: “when planning the residence of the hotel, the room next to the team leader is planned to be occupied by the tour guide. To be honest, the tour guide buys land much more expensive than the tourists. If you want to live there, you have to spend at least twice as much money.”

Spicy chicken Hotel, worthy of you!

“Is that so?”

Wei Xun was considerate, lowered his head, smiled apologetically and said politely, “thank you, team an. I’d better not break the rules and live on the first floor.”

“Cough, Xiao Wei, didn’t Bai Xiaosheng just say that time is too tight.”

Mao Xiaole said ‘yes’! Before the exit, Wang pengpai coughed twice: “everyone, let me say a few words. Well, I’m going to Sahara on October 3. The captain has to take Xiaowei to do some, ah, do some special training preparations.”


Bai Xiaosheng said faintly, “otherwise, with Wei Xun’s current constitution, going there is death.”

“No, you mean time is too tight?”

Lu shuorange looked at him in shock: “I thought… Wait!”

“No! This, ah, this, is Wei Xun going to Sahara together?”

Mao Xiaole was shocked, and most of the others couldn’t believe it.

“It’s too fast!”

“Wei Xun, he only had one journey!”

Wanxiang Chun wanted to say something, but he looked at Wei Xun. Wei Xun did not refute or surprise, but just bowed his head and drank juice silently.

Obviously, he knew it long ago.

“All right, be quiet.”

There was a lot of noise on the dinner table. An Xuefeng frowned and made everyone silent.

“That’s it.”

An Xuefeng said faintly and said, “two months later is the year-end celebration. Xiaowei will certainly play with us.”

“The danger of the celebration at the end of the year will not be lower than 30 degrees north latitude. What’s more, the celebration at the end of last year was selected in the East, and this year it will be the turn of the West. There will be more danger when we fight away.”

“Not only will I go to the Sahara this month, but I will take him to the pyramids next month.”

Listen to an Xuefeng say so, others will not make a sound. An Xuefeng looked at Wei Xun with a pleasant face: “Xiao Wei, it will be hard these days. Overcome it.”


Wei Xun said skillfully, “I will try my best!”

The next dinner passed in a relatively harmonious atmosphere. After dinner, Wei Xun and an Xuefeng went to the second floor together. Wang pengpai went to eat and walk as usual, Wanxiang spring went to the tower to stare at the trend of the Inca Sun Gate, and Bai Xiaosheng went to the underground archives.

In the living room, there are only Wang Yushu, Lu Shu orange and Mao Xiaole.

“You don’t have to live together for special training.”

Mao Xiaole said sadly, “it’s very convenient to go upstairs and downstairs. There’s no special training. You have to do it in a room.”

“Of course, special training can only be done by two people in one room.”

Wang Yushu deliberately teased Mao Xiaole: “I don’t think you understand at all.”

“There is a comprehensive full-function training ground in the captain’s private residence. It should be considered in this regard. It’s more convenient to live together.”

Lu Shu said to orange. Just after dinner, she was making a big cup of fruit tea again. Mao Xiaole likes Taiping Houkui produced by a hundred year old tea tree with watermelon, melon, strawberry, passion fruit and so on.

“Is that true?”

Mao Xiaole was dubious and took the fruit tea.

Mao xiaolechang eats a lot. She is a werewolf. Others can’t eat it. Wang Yushu lazily ate with watermelon pieces and smiled: “otherwise, do you think so? Xiaole, why are you so easy to cheat.”

Mao Xiaole quarreled with Wang Yushu again, but Wang Yushu looked at Lu Shu orange secretly.

How can it be so simple! As everyone said, who has lived next door to the captain over the years? Even if the private station is connected to the training ground, it is impossible to train all day. They won’t be blinded by such words!

To tell you the truth, it’s not necessary to live together unless someone thinks it’s necessary!

“I think the captain has recovered a little.”

After the trouble, Mao Xiaole rushed to copy the book angrily. Wang Yushu lowered his voice: “otherwise he wouldn’t do such a thing.”

The captain’s feelings in this regard have been a little missing. Now he suddenly enlightened. There is absolutely no opportunity. Before, they thought the opportunity was Wei Xun. After all, there was a problem during their journey to northern Tibet. Wanxiang Chun and Mao Xiaole divined that one had “multiplied” and the other had “love”.

But this time at the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, the ghost monarch of the devil merchant said, “an Xuefeng has an exclusive desire for Cuidao” and “he has love for Cuidao”!

Where can one love one? It’s not appropriate!

One is a special tourist who can join their brigade, and the other is a tour guide who can connect with an Xuefeng. They are all very special.

But it can’t all be love!

“I’m fishing for ghosts these days.”

Wang Yushu said, “wait until you catch the ghost monarch, and then force him to ask whether what he said is true or false.”

It seems that the devil merchant has gone to a mysterious place. He can’t find ordinary methods. Otherwise, he doesn’t need to go fishing.

“But you say, I think I have more affinity with Wei Xun.”

Wang Yushu thought, “he seems to have something on him. He can’t feel it clearly, but he is a bit like an ‘old friend’ of mine.”

“Weapons dealer’s murder knife? You opened the blind box?”

Upstairs, in an Xuefeng’s bedroom, an Xuefeng is opening a room for Wei Xun. Soon a 50 square meter standard passenger station was expanded next to an Xuefeng’s room.

Wei Xun commanded nearby and asked for a lot of turtle hair. An Xuefeng simply gave him the authority for the time being. When an Xuefeng went to the front to make a connection with his private residence, Wei Xun looked unchanged and immediately opened a secret door between his bedroom and an Xuefeng’s bedroom with his authority.

The hidden door was quite hidden, but an Xuefeng noticed it when he came back and raised his eyebrows with a “tut”. But before he could say anything, Wei Xun’s private residence was well connected. Yu Hehui and Tong Hege, who had been staying in his residence, could finally come and let the wind out

“Hello, Captain!”

“Captain, it’s hard!”

Tong Hege said loudly, and his heart was full of emotion. Bing Sanming didn’t live on his way home. In order to let them go back and forth at any time, the captain specially arranged Wei Xun next to his room.

The captain is so kind!

Living together so soon?

Instead of directly entering an Xuefeng’s bedroom, Wei Xun’s bedroom really relieved Yu Hehui. He habitually looked around, glanced over the wall of Wei Xun’s bedroom and suddenly fell on the bookcase.

He thought the bookshelf next to the wall looked a little strange… But that’s not the point!

“The black widow turned in the fine!”

As soon as Yu Hehui came, he first reported good news!

“She didn’t make any noise, but Zhang xingzang put ‘the feathers of the dawn Angel (in distortion)’ into the Mutual Aid Association warehouse. Within ten minutes, the black widow’s organization made a statement on the west side!”

There is a private warehouse of Wei Xun in the warehouse of the Mutual Aid Association, which specially collects all kinds of props and materials provided. There are also open warehouses that can be seen by all members of the association.

The things in the open warehouse can be exchanged with contribution points. Contribution points are equivalent to money in the Mutual Aid Association. You can get contribution points whether you complete the tasks in the Mutual Aid Association, turn in points, props, materials, communicate intelligence, take ideological and moral courses, etc.

You can use your contributions as money to improve your status in the Mutual Aid Association. Of course, you can change things. Wei Xun gave Zhang xingzang a series of sundries he didn’t need temporarily and gave him the right to manage the public treasury. Zhang xingzang proposed the need for a valuable treasure that can hold the members of the Mutual Aid Association.

Wei Xun thought about it and gave him the feathers of the dawn angel.

This thing is really chicken ribs. People below just think it’s awesome. They can afford to change the big guy, but they won’t spend a lot of money on an orange title of the west side. It’s the future of the Mutual Aid Association. Members on the west side may know the meaning of feathers. It’s really a great town library prop!

However, the black widow’s reaction is a little intriguing.

Wei Xun looked at the statement, which was high sounding, what condemnation, exposure of real identity, retention of prosecution rights, hidden rules of secret organizations, etc.

But the first did not retort that he was not in the Mutual Aid Association.

Second, there was no feedback on the fine list.

In fact, this shows that what the announcement said is correct in disguise.

So is Zhang xingzang. He didn’t put the feathers in the warehouse directly. On the contrary, it was released after the announcement that the black widow didn’t respond.

Wei Xun frowned thoughtfully.

“One more thing.”

Tong Hege said that after he joined the Mutual Aid Association, Yu Hehui was liberated and handed over the work of screening new people to him.

“A new member of the mutual aid association needs to pay attention, C 4.”

C-4 is the “original C-3” pushed down by Wei Xun.

“He is also a rookie tour guide, and he is also a cold-blooded tour guide and a member of the truth alliance.”

“Next, we will go to the East and west areas to warm up the competition soon.”

Yu Hehui explained: “one first-class tour guide, two second-class tour guides and three third-class tour guides. A total of six tour guides will participate.”

“The truth alliance hasn’t been doing well these years.”

An Xuefeng pointed out: “without a first-class tour guide, there are only four second-class elites in the top five. He can’t choose.”

Even if they only go to one, the other will be B San Pinocchio.

B 4 is definitely out of line.

“Yuanbingsan has been carefully trained by the truth alliance. He is the only cold-blooded tour guide who may participate in the warm-up competition.”

But now Wei Xun has the same score and rank as him, and his comprehensive strength is a little stronger than him.

Just put him down. There is no one else in the truth alliance. If he can’t, there will be no truth alliance in this confrontation mission.

“I suspect that the boy C-4 came to fight with you.”

Tong Hege simply said, “there is a duel supervised by the hotel. If he can win you, he can return to the third place.”

“Buy a piece of information and contribute 20 points.”

The truth alliance station, a haggard, worn-out cloak, trembling tour guide, silently holding a mobile phone. After listening to this month’s ideological and moral lessons, he bought a piece of information with the contribution points he just got.

“Magic sheep, if you can win C 3, our truth alliance will have a complete reputation!”

“The duel supervised by the hotel can never have foreign aid. Homecoming and butcher alliance are big organizations. It’s impossible to trouble us. Hey, you’re just timid. Don’t be afraid! If you had more courage, you could have been a second-class tour guide! ”

The elder’s words seemed to ring in his ears. The magic sheep pressed his hand on the screen hard, and his fingers almost pressed through the mobile phone screen.

Big organization? Don’t bother him? Pooh! How many times has the butcher guide kidnapped him when he doesn’t know how to count?

Although he can pass out in advance by special title every time, he can remember clearly!

“Buy a copy of C-2 information.”

The magic sheep said hoarsely and looked hard.

Let him fight with C 3? Die this heart!

He’d rather kill a third and two. Let’s move forward together!

The author has something to say: C 2:? Shall I go?


Fainting sheep, even if it is a slight shock, such as a slap on the palm of the hand, or even a raise of the newspaper, will immediately faint and be strong. But don’t worry, it will recover in about 10 seconds. It has a defect of genetic factors. When it is excited, its muscles contract, its limbs become stiff and can’t stand. In fact, they don’t lose consciousness and their eyes are still open.

Local herdsmen use it as bait to protect sheep. When the Jackal attacks, the dizzy sheep fall first, the wolf will eat first, and the other sheep will win time to run away quickly.

Faint sheep: is that polite?


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