TTG Chapter 282

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 282: Brother curse

“This task is OK.”

Butcher alliance, the bee Taoist is in his hotel. He has been surfing the Internet with high intensity these days, and today he has been soaking in the mutual aid app all day. Take the task and earn contribution points. Except for collecting honey, all your Kung Fu is spent on it.

“Location of C 2, 20 contribution points, can you increase the price if you know more details?”

“It’s a little interesting.”

Taoist bee snorted coldly. This is a butcher guide betrayed from the shepherd alliance. Taoist bee met at previous gatherings and knew him. Binger approached him with beekeeping and exchanged contact information.

But the bee Taoist’s eyes are poisonous. I can see that this man says he is a bee keeper. In fact, the core is Valentine’s magic mosquito!

This kind of magic mosquito is the most disgusting. It looks like a bee. It can also secrete a smell similar to the magic bee. It can swagger into the honeycomb to steal honey. Silly bees can’t tell it, and even feed it the most precious royal jelly. This kind of magic mosquito has excellent concealment, and even beekeepers may not notice it.

And this kind of magic mosquito is also very loyal. Even if it is released for a long time, it will eventually return to its master. Most of the time, when it steals a pot full quietly and leaves to find its owner, the poor beekeeper doesn’t know what happened.

Although binger swore to heaven that he had absolutely no intention of stealing honey, and he worshipped and admired him when communicating with Taoist bee, Taoist bee was ruthless and determined to find a chance to kill him.

It’s just that the butcher alliance can’t kill each other.

The bee Taoist took the task without hesitation and sent all the recent trends and details of C 2. Of course, the buyer added a lot of money.

“Trouble C 2… Can it be C 4?”

When the transaction was over, the bee Taoist fell into meditation. In his opinion, the most urgent thing to find C 2 trouble, and regardless of his being a butcher guide, I’m afraid it’s the C 4 side of the truth alliance.

People with a clear eye know that they must not provoke C-3, but the opportunity to warm up the competition will never be let go so easily. In this way, it is logical to kill C 2 and move forward.

After all, C, C and 2 are all from the butcher alliance. It’s okay to die one.

“I’m afraid the situation can’t be controlled.”

Taoist bee’s eyes fell on Bingwu, and he always felt that it would not be easy.

After all, C-5 is a member of the shepherd alliance.

Although the shepherd alliance breathed a sigh of relief by joining hands with dream chasers. But it has been dug by the butcher alliance. Even the bee Taoist has heard of it.

The puppet master does endure, but she is not a bastard.

Maybe she will use the truth alliance to boost the fire, kill C Yi, and push it on the truth alliance.

In this way, C-1, C-2 will die, and C-5 of her shepherd League will be able to warm up the competition.

The more the bee Taoist thought about it, the more likely it was, so he backhanded sorted out his speculation and submitted it to the Mutual Aid Association. The peer reviewed quickly and thought the information was very valuable. In the twinkling of an eye, he paid him 100 contribution points.

The left and right bee Taoist priest was a little stunned after he got the reward.

The processing speed of the mutual aid association is much faster than before.

Taoist bee thought.

In the past, it was speculated that after this information was submitted, it would not be paid until the next day. This is the case for the newly established organization, which has few hands, no puppets, and can’t afford intelligent processing robots.

Especially now that a large number of people join the Mutual Aid Association, the processing speed should have been slower.

But it’s actually much faster, almost the same as those big organizations.

Taoist bee was silent.

He found that the mutual aid association may not be short of people in his imagination, and those who are determined to enter the major organizations of the mutual aid association will not be short of money to krypton identity.

Taoist bee thought of all the rumors he heard in this day.

S3 the widow of the great guide black became a knight in the mutual aid society. When she was punished by the mutual aid society, she could only subscribe to pay a fine;

The mutual aid association is about to open an offline organization, and the leaders of the home road and the butcher alliance will come at the newly established ceremony;

Abyss node, 30 degrees north latitude journey and opportunities to explore surrounding scenic spots. As long as there are contribution points in the warehouse, they can be replaced. They are peak props and items that can get the orange title

The bee Taoist clearly realized that it was impossible for him to earn contribution points to rise to knight.

There are only seven Knight positions.

The bee Taoist was silent. He took out the poster scroll and didn’t open it, but even across the poster, he seemed to hear the voice of C San.

“Will you be my knight?”

“Only those who are favored by C San will say this in the poster.”

Taoist bee takes care of himself, as if he were comforting himself. He read a lot of posts on the forum and knew that many tour guides or tourists higher than him stopped when krypton reached the senior congressman at most. The poster doesn’t even mention knights at all. Because even if they have points and the support of the brigade League behind them, they are not qualified.

In fact, there is some wind tonight. Someone is adding fuel to the fire and clamoring for the mutual aid association to set a knight standard. The higher the status, the greater the right in the organization, which is the rule recognized by the hotel.

If most of the Knights and even the adjudicators of the mutual aid association are people of a certain force, with more strength and means, it is even possible to overhead the president and vice president.

As a result, before they became famous, the punishment announcement for the knight black widow came out. The bee Taoist saw clearly and knew that this was the Mutual Aid Association’s condescending reply to these forces.

Want to know the standards of knights? Good.

S3 is the black widow a knight or a punished knight. As long as you’re better than S3 black widow, you’ll come if you’re brave enough.

So that now those forces have no sound at all.

“I’m definitely not as good as the black widow.”

Taoist bee sighed, showing a decadent strength in his eyebrows and eyes, like a breath in his chest.

Indeed, the poster did invite him. Taoist bee is the talent that C San wants.

But if he has been hesitant and hesitant to make a choice, the other party will never wait for him.


Only a small, bubble burst sound interrupted the bee Taoist’s thoughts. The land in the middle of the Garden Bee Farm swelled up a small bag, and a pink worm with thick arms pushed several huge mud balls out of the ground like an earthworm, which was wrapped with dead bones.


The abyss worms hatched by the bee Taoist and symbiotic with him urged him to change the body fertilizer under the flower mud. After confirming that the bee Taoist saw it, he opened his mouth and swallowed all the mud balls directly, shaking his tentacles happily.

“Number one, come here.”

Taoist bee is a master. Taoist bee names his insects succinctly. The strongest one is number one, and then continues in turn. The little abyss worm skillfully climbed over to him and knew how to wipe the soil on the grass first.

Its whole body is pink white with pure white tentacles. There are two Ruby like dots on the left and right of the head. They look like eyes, but they are actually the perception points of worms. At the moment, the little worm arches the bee Taoist’s hand with its sensing point, like a dog. Taoist bee softened his expression and took out purified magic honey to feed it.

See No. 1’s tentacles swing happily. After eating, it pesters him and wants to eat. This is a female worm. It is very docile and obedient. In the future, it will have very strong combat effectiveness. Its physique will even be larger than that of the male worm and more fierce to the enemy.

But it eats far more than male worms and needs more energy to grow.

Energy associated with the abyss.

“Number one, you also think I should go there, don’t you?”

Worms are actually very dull and stupid, but maybe when No. 1 just hatched, it came into contact with the smell of ancient magic insects. The other party is still responsible magic insects, so it is more flexible. The bee Taoist doesn’t feed it, it’s not fierce, but struggles to get down to the ground and dig the soil more diligently.

It vaguely knows that it has worked hard to dig the soil. Those flowers may grow well. The more honey it produces, the more it can eat. Even worms have to be in charge of the poor family early.

But you can’t eat enough earth, corpses, bones and honey.

“When you become a knight, you can take you to the abyss node to eat earth.”

Looking at the figure of No. 1 effort, Taoist bee made a decision. He spent the last ten minutes of his ideological and moral lessons this month.

The familiar golden light spots appear and converge, and finally turn into a golden little man as dazzling as a little prince.

“Fair, we meet again.”

The little prince smiled brightly at him, and a friendly light shone in his golden eyes: “are you doing well now?”

Hearing his voice, Feng Dao was unconsciously relieved, but when he realized this, he immediately hardened his face.

Be careful. Ancient demons and insects are very dangerous. Never put down your guard in front of them!

Taoist bee reminded himself fiercely and pinched his leg.

Even if he has made a decision, he must strive for favorable conditions for himself!

“I want to supply all my assets to the Mutual Aid Association.”

The bee Taoist said calmly, “including myself.”

In fact, it was not as difficult to say this sentence as expected. Taoist bee thought that after all, he knew clearly what he would contribute if he wanted to sit in the position of knight with his own strength and assets.

“Just a moment, please. It’s not something I can handle.”

Hearing what he said, the little prince was surprised at first, then folded his hands and apologized. A few seconds later, his figure did not disappear, but his momentum obviously changed.

Obviously, there was someone else behind the little prince.

“Mutual aid societies don’t buy or sell people.”

As soon as the man opened his mouth lazily, Taoist bee’s face turned white.

Terrible pressure!

Almost completely suppressed, this person is either a second-class tour guide or a top tourist!

It’s not easy to be a knight!

The man glanced at the bee Taoist, looked up and down, and smiled: “what’s more, you’re not even an elite tour guide, how much can you be worth?”

Taoist bee was almost speechless. Feeling the danger, No. 1, who was turning the soil, hurried out and wrapped around him. The bee Taoist felt his body shaking, but even in the face of an invincible enemy, he was still brave, raised his body like a snake, and opened his snow-white tentacles.

“… another abyss worm. What is the abyss worm now?”

It seems that he heard the man muttering, but Taoist bee didn’t care about it. He clenched his teeth, just carried the other party’s pressure and said:

“The alienated state of the abyss queen bee, coupled with a symbiotic juvenile abyss worm, a magic bee farm that continuously produces income, and the mother bee of the same year…”

Under the pressure, Taoist bee was methodical and displayed all his advantages!

“Eh? This man is a little interesting.”

Zhang xingzang, who temporarily took charge of the class for examination, sat up straight and finally raised some interest: “no wonder third party attaches importance to him… Interesting.”

“Hey, chasing dreams, do you know what the bee Taoist is?”

After Zhang xingzang asked, he didn’t get a reply for a long time. Then he remembered that the dreamer was losing his temper with him and went directly to the guest room to close the door and sleep with a pillow.

Alas, you’re such a fool. You should kick me out if you’re angry. There’s no reason to sleep in the guest room yourself.

Zhang xingzang had no choice but to think of it.

Besides, I’m afraid he can’t sleep like this.

Zhang xingzang is the best at cajoling people, but he feels he has to pull the relationship between himself and chasing dreams. After coming back, Zhui Meng always wanted to get the brigade captain’s ring out again, but Zhang xingzang kept secretly refusing.

There is no deep connection between them, which is actually good. In his current situation, if he wants to improve his strength quickly, he can only use dangerous moves. Even if he is afraid of death, Zhang xingzang doesn’t regret it.

But chasing dreams can’t die with him.

“Hey, this is really.”

Zhang xingzang shook his head helplessly and focused on what was in front of him again.

Taoist bee can resist his coercion, but it’s not just that he has good talent and strong alienation! Zhang xingzang smelled the unusual meaning. He thought he could dig something out of the man!

“When you say you can transform the knife, can you integrate the magic materials and props?”

In an Xuefeng’s bedroom, Wei Xun raised his finger, and the orange juice sugar ball like Valentine magic mosquito Xiaojin flew around his finger.

“For example, the mouthparts of Valentine’s magic mosquito, can the integration increase the blood sucking effect of weapons?”

Wei Xun was whimsical. An Xuefeng “tut” and interrupted his delusion: “save it. Your knife is not so easy to melt.”

Wei Xun and an Xuefeng mentioned the weapons dealer’s murder knife before. It is precisely because the black widow’s fine has contributed a large wave of materials to him, including some rare items that can be used to make weapons and strengthen weapons.

These things are absolutely needed by everyone, and they are very important. Even some Zhang xingzang are not listed on punishment list.

Will take the initiative to hand over these things, which can only show that the black widow really wants to have a good relationship with C San.

This batch of materials really came in time. With this batch of materials, Wei Xun immediately thought of the transformation and integration of Madman’s knife!

Before going to death Sahara, it would be absolutely beneficial for him if he could fuse the knife well and upgrade to advanced level.

There is also one point here, that is, now the madman’s knife and gambler’s dice have reached the intermediate level. They can be combined together to become a new combined prop ‘clown’.

You play with others, they are like clowns in front of you. But be careful, you don’t become a real clown yourself!]

This is the hotel’s original evaluation of the “clown”. It sounds very strong. But when Wei Xun tried to integrate a wave at the station to see the effect, an Xuefeng seriously advised him to be careful.

“Combined props are very strong, but they can also be extremely unstable. Therefore, we must choose the leader carefully. ”

An Xuefeng said, “the priority of regular props is higher than that of other props. If they are integrated, the gambler’s dice will dominate.”

The gambler’s dice itself can bring punishment far beyond the grade. The rule punishment on Wei Xun can’t even be solved by the legendary tea elf. What a terrible gamble would it lead to if it became a combined prop and became the dominant?

Crazy gamblers can do anything crazy. An Xuefeng doesn’t want Wei Xun to be affected by this.

“Upgrade your maniac’s sword first.”

An Xuefeng suggested.

As long as the maniac’s knife reaches the advanced level and has level advantages, it will dominate after the combination.

A maniac is better than a gambler.

So there is this wave of fusion weapons to transform the madman’s knife.

“Arms dealer, he is indeed a member of Parliament.”

An Xuefeng didn’t care and said, “but he can’t find you here. As long as you don’t go to the fishing lake in Wang Yushu.”

An Xuefeng warned: “the rules there are chaotic and ignore regional space. Everything can be caught and detected by all kinds of existence.”

Wei Xun was curious when he heard the speech: “arms dealers attack and kill replicators 365 times a year?”

“Wang Yushu is teasing him. The two used to be a little entangled.”

An Xuefeng thought about it and mentioned it a little: “Wang Yushu was already a top passenger when he joined the journey home. At that time, he and the arms dealer didn’t add any brigade. It was a two person group. The arms dealer made high-end weapons and sold them to the high-level market. Wang Yushu’s medium and low-grade replicas occupied the medium and low-end market, almost monopolizing the arms business of the hotel mall.”

“But later, there should be some contradictions between the two. The arms dealer went to the Parliament and Wang Yushu came home. He just came there. Many strong men assassinated him and I killed many.”

“Later, I found that the arms dealer was actually secretly attacking those who assassinated Wang Yushu. The relationship between the two people was not as bad as you thought.”

“Is the arms dealer a tour guide?”

Wei Xun asked.

An Xuefeng shook his head: “no, he is a passenger.”

Wei Xun was surprised that he was not a tour guide. Why did he never say the real name of the arms dealer? Always just code? An Xuefeng knew what he was thinking at a glance:

“After joining parliament, there will be no real name, only code name.”

An Xuefeng said, “they have some special means on the ‘name’. You know Wang pengpai, Wang pengpai is not his real name.”

“Before, we had some conflicts with the parliament. Wang pengpai’s name was passive. Now no one knows what his name is. The name ‘Wang pengpai’ was written by Mao Xiaole and engraved on the eight character doll. It is not a real name, but more like a code name. Even so, most people can’t connect their name with him. Even if they think of it, they will forget it in a moment.”

Wei Xun suddenly realized that no wonder Wang pengpai introduced himself when he was drunk in Western Hunan. No one connected him with the way home!

“Can’t even you solve the problem?”

Wei Xun asked curiously.

“This is a rule of Parliament, which can be done if the parliament is destroyed.”

An Xuefeng downplayed: “although fat son thinks it’s very convenient, anyway, I’ll let him find his own name before going to the battlefield this year.”

The last battlefield, the last effort of all of them.

Some names should be handed down, not just a code.


An Xuefeng looked down at Wei Xun. Wei Xun seemed to be thinking about something. His long snow-white eyelashes flickered and his mouth was hooked. He didn’t think of anything good at first sight.

But an Xuefeng felt that it was the best thing for him to come to the hotel and return home.

“It’s a little tight to play parliament when you’re on the battlefield.”

Wei Xun thought about the door and the cocoons and eyes in the door. He pretended and rubbed it to an Xuefeng. He boasted: “you know, I have a grudge against the people in the parliament. The Dutch official wants to catch me several times. I have to take revenge.”

“Will let you retaliate back.”

An Xuefeng smiled and got his promise. Wei Xun was also very satisfied and didn’t ask for more information from the parliament.

There are enough things at present. Deal with them first.

“Qile orange will come tomorrow. He has the title of three legged Jinwu and is the best at smelting weapons.”

An Xuefeng said, “let Wan’an poor give you a good time. If you can build it directly on his turtle shell, you will have a higher success rate and more luck.”

There are walls in the East and west areas. The black widow’s things can’t be transported until tomorrow. Tomorrow is just right. It’s a welcome celebration on the way home. It’s not big according to Wei Xun’s idea. It’s some people from the sunset brigade, Feihong and Xuanxue, their brother brigade on the way home, and some acquaintances of their subordinate brigade.

Being in the bedroom at 9 p.m. is actually a very novel experience.

An Xuefeng thought.

At this time of the day, he should be either in the study or in the confinement room to prevent himself from getting out of control.

But staying with Wei Xun, he felt very peaceful and relaxed.

Do you want to do some mental relief with Wei Xun?

An Xuefeng hesitated a little. After all, it was October 1 after zero. The tourism society called the poster money. Wei Xun should stay up all night.

It’s a waste of time not doing anything before all night.

“OK, it’s late at night, I won’t disturb you.”

However, when an Xuefeng was meditating, he saw Wei Xun Shi ran rise! He politely said “good night, Captain”, and then went back to his bedroom through the secret door!

An Xuefeng:?

Is that reasonable?

It’s unreasonable. To be honest, it’s not Wei Xun at all!

Indeed, everyone needs private space, even husband and wife, but an Xuefeng always thinks something is wrong! He thought for a moment and walked around the bedroom twice.

“There are still some details to discuss with Wei Xun about tomorrow’s celebration.”

An Xuefeng said to himself and contacted Yu Hehui to confirm that Wei Xun didn’t take a bath and change clothes. Then he coughed, pushed open the secret door and walked over.

“It’s nine o’clock. It’s time to go to the abyss node.”

On the other hand, Wei Xun returned to his bedroom, followed by Yu Hehui, who was busy reviewing new members, said hello to Tong Hege, and then turned to the private residence.

This side of the bedroom is a two meter double king bed. His private residence is still a single small narrow bed at present. Tonight, Yu Hehui and Wei Xun sleep outside and inside.

“Come on, Xiao Hong, you come with me.”

Wei Xun asks Xiao Hong, who has been staying at the hotel all day and is now helping Yu Hehui and them.

“I’m coming!”

Xiao Hong came actively. When he asked curiously, “brother, what are we going to do?” Wei Xun said casually: “take you to the abyss node to see the world, and give the ring to

“Cough, cough, cough!”

Before Wei Xun finished, he heard Yu Hehui coughing violently and deliberately.


Wei Xun’s heart was never good. The next second he heard an Xuefeng’s meaningful voice at the secret door.

“Give the ring to who?”

The author has something to say: Wei Xun [pupil earthquake]: it’s my brother’s curse!

Wei Xun [reprimand]: Xiao Hong, you’ll call me master in the future. Don’t call me brother again!

Play with sb: [smile]

An Xuefeng: [broken face]


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