TTG Chapter 283

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 283: A ring for me?

“Here you are.”

Facing an Xuefeng’s question, Wei Xun was calm and even said with a smile, “I carved you a ring myself. Why, you have to carve it for me.”

Give it to me

An Xuefeng’s teeth are a little sour. Of course he knows that Wei Xun’s ring is for him. There is a little Phoenix. He knows all the things that happened in the chieftain’s tomb!

He even knew there was an octopus carved on the ring!

But he is indeed the same person as Wei Xun. It’s no problem for Wei Xun to say so.

However, he is a little sour.

“Oh, give it to me.”

An Xuefeng smiled: “how funny.”

While he was talking, he stretched out his left hand without a ring and said, “I’m right here. You can put it on me directly.”


Wei Xun blinked and couldn’t help smiling. As soon as he wanted to say something more, he heard Tong Hege’s careless voice behind him: “Captain, Xun er’s ring should be given… Uh huh, uh huh?”

Yu Hehui directly covered Tong Hege’s mouth. Don’t talk at this time!

An Xuefeng swept his eyes and looked at Yu Hehui.

Yu Hehui looked at him silently. According to his understanding of an team, with his old teammates around, he would certainly converge

An Xuefeng tilted his head and motioned him to take Tong Hege out.

Yu Hehui:??


Is that reasonable?

Yu Hehui subconsciously looked at Wei Xun and saw that Wei Xun didn’t say much at all. He smiled and winked at him.

Yu Hehui is a little suffocated.

“Let’s go and discuss with Bai Xiaosheng about the establishment of the offline organization of the mutual aid association the day after tomorrow“

Out of sight and out of mind, Yu Hehui pulled Tong and Ge away without expression, muttering that “we still have to buy some wisdom puppets” and “buy baixiaosheng models”.

“Didn’t you think puppets were expensive before?”

Tong Hege asked in surprise that the smart puppet is expensive, but it can be very useful for organizing customer service, chat channel atmosphere group, task transfer tool person and so on.

When so many people applied to enter the Mutual Aid Association before, Tong Hege suggested to make some puppets, but Yu Hehui was careful, not like he spent money recklessly, but he didn’t buy it in the end.

Now they are used to dealing with newcomers. In addition, Zhang xingzang joins in. Tong Hege even feels a little relaxed.

How can I buy it again?

“There are many puppets of wisdom left in the past in the warehouse.”

Behind them, an Xuefeng naturally said, “find Bai Xiaosheng and let him get it for you. Use it first.”


Facing the door, Tong Hege turned back and said with a smile: “Captain, atmosphere…”


Tong Hege suddenly showed a puzzled expression, stretched out his neck and looked back until Yu Hehui pulled him from the secret door to an Xuefeng’s bedroom and went out of the room.

For their convenience, an Xuefeng said in the return team that Tong Hege and Yu hehuineng came home through him, so it was normal for them to come out from an team.

“Wei Xun has a good relationship with an team.”

When he went out, Tong Hege sighed and was a little ashamed: “we haven’t gone out yet. Let’s hold one.”

“Well, you don’t know.”

Yu Hehui sighed. Although the situation looks very good, he is still worried that Wei Xun is simply addicted to an team.

He was not sure where they had developed, but Yu Hehui thought they should not be really together.

“Now I’m jealous of the ring.”

Yu Hehui couldn’t help saying to Tong Hege, “what can I do in the future?”

Wei Xun is a good man, but Yu Hehui really doesn’t see whether he is really moved.

“What’s this? They don’t have external pressure now.”

Tong Hege knows very well: “didn’t he say that the hippie came out in November? I bet he’ll be fine when he comes out.”

Yu Hehui:?

What do you say?

“I told you secretly.”

Tong Hege lowered his voice: “it’s a man who plays with life. He opposed Wei Xun and an Xuefeng. Wei Xun told me when he took a bath in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing!”

Yu Hehui: “ah?”

Ah? What are you talking about?

What is this topic that I haven’t been involved in? No, everyone knows about an Xuefeng and Wei Xun? He still doesn’t agree?

“Don’t talk about gambling. What’s going on?”

Yu Hehui grabbed Tong Hege and gnashed his teeth: “tell me quickly.”

Tong Hege didn’t hide it. He directly told Yu Hehui that Wei Xun had asked him, ‘if you suddenly found out that your brother was with a man, and the man is still your enemy, what would you do?’.

“Brother, man, enemy, this is not Wei Xun, an Xuefeng and the life playing people.”

Tong Hege vowed that he had never guessed wrong: “I asked ‘do you agree with you?’ although he said ‘do you agree with you?’ alas, I know that Wei Xun must have a hard mouth.”

How could the hippies not respond! The Inca Sun Gate has been rioted several times!

Yu Hehui was more worried. Looking at Wei Xun, I’m afraid he had deep feelings for the life playing people and defended him very much.

What would Wei Xun do if he was severely stopped by those who play with life?

“Really, believe me. They need an emotional pusher now.”

Seeing that Yu Hehui frowned, Tong Hege comforted and made a ‘push’ action.

“An Dui can’t kill a playful man, and the playful man can’t get rid of him. It’s just right. Feelings won’t advance by leaps and bounds without parental obstruction.”

“I bet these two can be as long as they call people out!”

“I have something to tell you.”

After Yu Hehui and Tong Hege got to know each other, an Xuefeng loosened his hand holding Wei Xun. Wei Xun also saw that an Xuefeng wanted Yu Hehui to go out by themselves. He didn’t really put the ring on him.

“What’s the matter?”

“Yu Hehui has been reborn for almost a month.”

An Xuefeng thought carefully: “did he seal some memories at first? The memories related to us and the secrets of the hotel, and told you to contact the way home as little as possible?”

“Yes, it is.”

Wei Xun understood what an Xuefeng wanted to say: “but he doesn’t avoid you at all now, and Tong Hege has contact with you as soon as he comes back to life.”

“What do you think is the reason?”

Wei Xun originally thought Yu Hehui was to reassure him and never contact him on the way home to show his loyalty. But now it seems that there are other reasons.

“Because of what?”

The next second, an Xuefeng stepped forward and lowered his head. Their foreheads were close to each other, and Wei Xun was directly dragged into his spiritual fantasy without defense.

The endless ocean, black and white killer whales. Wei Xun sat on the smooth back of the killer whale and listened to its sweet voice ringing through his mind.

“The resurrected will avoid their own death.”

An killer whale said, “Tong Hege was killed on the battlefield. Of course, I killed the man who killed him.”

“Yu Hehui also died on the battlefield, but no one knows who killed him. I’ve been checking for years and now I have some eyebrows. ”

The humming of the killer whale stopped. When it was silent, it became silent. Even the sound of the waves could not be heard.

But even if an Xuefeng was silent, Wei Xun could understand what he meant.

Avoid death, block memory, subconsciously refuse to contact with the way home

The man who killed him may be someone on his way home.

Yes, Yu Hehui is hiding his identity and lurking to explore the way. If he is not a returnee who knows him well, it is impossible to kill Yu Hehui when he is unprepared.

“In other words, there are no ghosts on the way home now?”

Wei Xun reacted quickly. When Yu Hehui just came back to life, he had almost no contact with the way home. But now he is in frequent contact and has no problem.

There was a problem in the past. Someone led to his death, so even if he remembered how he died, he was still subconsciously away for the first time after rebirth. But now there is no problem on the way home, so after contact, Yu Hehui no longer said anything that can’t be contacted.

But Wei Xun clearly remembers that Yu Hehui reacted to his face when he just came back to life, especially from the perspective of condescending.

Wei Xun thought it was his brother who killed Yu Hehui, but an Xuefeng wouldn’t say so if it was the hands of people who played with life.

He is so cautious, I’m afraid it shows that there are still people he doubts on his way home.

So ten years ago, on the battlefield, a ghost on his way home pretended to be a playful man and killed Yu Hehui? Does the conflict between the return road and the butcher alliance, and the relationship between an Xuefeng and the mortal enemy of the hippies come from here?

“Be careful not to leave me.”

An Xuefeng finally told that the spiritual fantasy dispersed and the two returned to reality.

As soon as an Xuefeng came back, he naturally stretched out his hand to Wei Xun: “all right, bring it.”

Wei Xun didn’t react for a moment: “what?”


An Xuefeng directly rolled down the little Octopus ring. He was generous and considerate and said, “don’t worry, I’ll hand over this ring to… Myself.”

Then he simply went to the abyss node with Wei Xun. Wei Xun was still thinking about what he had just talked about. He was a little absent-minded. The mountain god didn’t know whether he sensed the powerful an Xuefeng and didn’t come out.

As soon as an Xuefeng entered the abyss, the node disappeared. Wei Xun’s throat was a little hot. The magic seed temperature was abnormal. I don’t know if an Xuefeng has found it. But soon Wei Xun began to care about more practical things.

The abyss node is really good. Wei Xun’s strength increases, and his “territory” in the abyss node expands immediately. As soon as the corn shoots entered the abyss, they scattered joy at the node, and drilled directly into the soil like husky. Xiao Jin and the responsible devil insects, who escaped from the abyss, were also very happy.

Like Xiaocui and queen bee, many magic insects that mutate in reality come to the abyss for the first time, but they also adapt quickly. After soliciting Wei Xun’s consent, Xiaocui soon took her cubs and escorts out to hunt for beauty and supplement the magic insect gene bank.

Xiao Hong, who has always been active, rarely stands quietly beside Wei Xun.

“How do you feel?”

Wei Xun looked at the living beads that followed Xiaohong. It didn’t seem to like the environment of the abyss. He jumped directly into Xiaohong’s arms and asked him to hold it. He didn’t even want to be held by the abyss.

“A little familiar.”

Xiao Hong said slowly, her eyes showing a little confused thinking. This is a surprise for Wei Xun.

Why did maggot four mutate into a mutant giant wireworm after fusing live bead ‘eyes’?

He had a strong reaction to the puppet master. After the wireworm turned black, it was very close to the hair of the hair ghost. And the ghost hair of the ghost also has the function of parasitic control.

After the passengers die, the potential ones will be recycled by the hotel to be the boss during the journey. What will happen after the tour guide is recycled?

As long as there is alienation, there is only one possibility for the death of the tour guide – to lose control and die in alienation. After the death countdown returns to zero, the tour guide will be crazy, alienated and out of control. Alienation represents pollution.

Wei Xun has been thinking about whether a dead guide in this case will be exiled to the abyss as a source of pollution after being recycled and drained of all available things by the hotel?

Living beads can be regarded as some kind of “monster” and “pollution”. What will Xiaohong change when she comes into contact with the abyss?

In order to test this conjecture, Wei Xun took Xiao Hong to the abyss node.

Sure enough, I found something.

“What’s over there?”

After thinking, Xiao Hong suddenly pointed to the distance: “master, I feel a little familiar over there.”

When Wei Xun looked, he found that Xiaohong pointed to the direction of his territory expansion. Without much to say, Wei Xun took out the maggot cocoon. Now the snow-white cocoon has expanded in a circle and looks like a fist sized marshmallow. Some light blue filaments can be vaguely seen on the outer ring, with beautiful light blue fluorescence in the dark.

After returning from the chieftain’s tomb, the maggot cocooned in the second stage. It tried to accumulate strength in the cocoon, but Wei Xun couldn’t contact it for the time being.

However, it also has some sensibility. After Wei Xun took out the cocoon, those light blue fluorescent filaments, such as mycelial filaments, fluttered forward.

In the same direction as the little red finger.

After the peace talks, an Xuefeng came back to find Wei Xun and found him standing at the boundary of the territory and looking forward.

“What are you looking at?”

An Xuefeng approached.

“I want to go to the front.”

Wei Xun said directly. The hyphae of Xiaohong and maggot cocoon point to the direction outside his territory, but also to the front.

“It’s wild ahead. It’s dangerous.”

In the territory, there are hotel rules, and tour guides and tourists can give full play to their normal strength. But in the wild, their strength will be suppressed.

“And didn’t you say that you’d better not be reborn in the near future.”

An Xuefeng said helplessly. He knew what was going on when he saw Xiaohong and maggot.

That kind of breath is vaguely related but different. It should be a split person.

The more people you resurrect, the more terrible the danger of resurrection. Moreover, three is a delicate number. Once the third person is reborn, he may encounter more troubles and difficulties than the first two combined.

An Xuefeng saw at a glance that Xiaohong and maggot are by no means complete. At best, they account for only one eighth or less of a complete person.

It’s difficult to find all the people. How can we talk about rebirth.

Although he said so, since Wei Xun thought, an Xuefeng looked forward carefully. Then he said ‘eh’.

“There seems to be an abyss of Chlamys fish ahead. The earth hills over there look familiar.”

The mound mentioned by an Xuefeng is almost a white mountain to Wei Xun. The mountain is towering and rugged, and its shape is strange. It is also full of large and small holes. You can see it even far away. Think about it and know how high it is.

“There is a nest of toy termites on the edge of the chlamydomus territory. This Baishan looks a little like a mountain.”

An Xuefeng was surprised and said, “I’m lucky. The abyss is so big. It’s not easy to find two abyss nodes close to each other.”

“If you really want to go, let dream chaser bring the clothed fish at the welcome celebration tomorrow. They have a good relationship.”

The rare and close abyss nodes are still acquaintances. Maybe this is the opportunity for Wei Xun to revive himself. Rao and an Xuefeng think it’s too coincidental.

And… Clothed fish is also the alienation of magic insects. Also, as Zhang xingzang told him just now, a knight specially favored by Wei Xun is also a demon insect alienation


An Xuefeng’s face is a little delicate. So many insects remind him of a tour guide who used to be extremely difficult, coquettish and overcast.

It shouldn’t be such a coincidence.

Although he thought so, an Xuefeng told Wei Xun: “Fengdu wudui may come tomorrow. If he really comes, don’t show your insects in front of him.”

The most taboo of a reborn person is to have a relationship with the person who wants to reborn him and has a very close relationship.

The connection between the tour guide and the brigade leader is definitely the most intimate.

oh What’s going on?

Wei Xun picked his eyebrow and said with a smile, “tomorrow I’m Wei Xun.”

Of course Wei Xun won’t use insects. In other words, he’d better brush up the task progress of treasure hunter these days. The weak physique can’t be compensated by special training for the time being, but the orange title “Explorer” is extremely easy to use in the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

Wei Xun didn’t sleep at all tonight and used all the adventures of that day. Then an Xuefeng took him to safe houses around the world on his way home. There are some small relics nearby. He went to simple exploration with Wei Xun to brush the progress of the task with exploration.

By dawn the next day, Wei Xun’s task schedule had risen to 93%. It should be appropriate to brush it all before entering the Sahara.

They had planned to explore the hanging coffin in Bashan, but the accident forced them to return to their home station in advance.

“Half life Taoist knocked at the door before dawn!”

Wang pengpai yawned and complained, “it’s only five o’clock in the morning!”

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