TTG Chapter 284

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 284: Routine

“They came so early.”

The sound of walking sounded, the wolf tail shook happily, and Lushu orange walked to the living room with two baskets of fresh ‘picked’ ingredients: “good morning, Lieutenant!”

Wang pengpai is right. It’s too early. Even if everyone is not sleeping, most of them are still doing private things in their own station. At present, there is only Wang pengpai and Wang Yushu who looks a little depressed in the living room. The newly grown stubble has not been shaved and is lazily leaning against the sofa.

“Good morning, Yushu.”

The energetic werewolf won’t have any problem even if he doesn’t sleep for a few nights. Lushu orange is picky and takes out a bag of peaches with a little effort:

“Come on, have a peach!”

“Other vice teams help wash it. Last time, they liked this very much.”

Wang Yushu collapsed on the sofa like a bone and said, “don’t wash. They haven’t come yet.”

As he spoke, he slowly took out a few peaches. The peaches were very clean. In fact, they didn’t have to be washed. Wang Yushu directly bit one and threw the other to Wang pengpai.

“The people of Laoshan didn’t come, so half life Taoist came early in the morning.”

Wang pengpai shook his head, caught the peach and chewed it. Just a few seconds later, there was only a peach stone left: “I came and shouted to find Cui guide, but we don’t have Cui guide here.”

“Hey, today, Yu Hehui said they would come, but director Cui estimated that he would have to deal with the Mutual Aid Association, so he couldn’t come.”

Deer Book orange understood: “then you told him that half your life hasn’t gone yet?”


Wang pengpai had no choice but to spread his hand: “I have to come in and sit down. Even if director Cui is not here, he can come to help. He happens to see Wei Xun. He calculates that he has a good relationship with Wei Xun. I asked Xiaole to receive him.”

“Fortunately, Mao Xiaole has gone. He’s gone.”

Wang Yushu complained weakly, “this night almost tossed me to death.”

Hearing what he said, the deer Book orange wolf’s ear stood Alert: “the arms dealer came to fight with you? What’s going on in the Parliament?”

After coming back from the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, Lu shuorange has experienced the charge official. Now he is very sensitive to people from the parliament.

“It’s all right. Xiao Le should have been fishing with Wang Yushu all night.”

Wang pengpai said with a smile: “he said last night that he would catch rays to make today’s main course.”

The Wen ray, recorded in the “mountain and sea Sutra · Xishan Sutra”, is a legendary fish. The mountain and sea Sutra says that it “looks like a carp, its body is like a bird’s wing… Its taste is sour and sweet, and it is crazy to eat.”

After eating, it can treat madness. In fact, it is the mental control caused by pollution. Both tour guides and tourists eat this kind of fish very well, and it is a very expensive raw material for San medicine!

Of course, there can be no such fish in reality. The hotel mall doesn’t sell it at all. It’s only possible to see it on some special and extremely dangerous journeys. Once put at the auction, it can fetch a very high price.

Mao Xiaole has a “copper plate of Zuo Ci”, which can connect rivers, lakes and seas everywhere. Wang Yushu’s pond ignored the rules and fished with a copper plate in his pond, so it was possible to catch the Wen ray.

However, this is a legendary fish after all. It is extremely difficult to get things related to legends. No wonder Wang Yushu looks so tired.

But it is said to be precious, but almost all the people on the way home have eaten it. There was no guide on the way home before. Those mental pollution and out of control, in addition to relying on the security team and various vent means, food supplement is also very important. Every time we get together after a trip, we can eat rays every three or five times.

“Have you really caught a Wen ray? Then I have to show my hand!”

Lushu orange said happily. When talking about the fish, he didn’t think how practical it was. Instead, he looked forward to the taste of the ingredients and arranged it in an orderly manner: “it’s sour and sweet in itself. Half of the fish body is used for sweet and sour carp, half raw fish slices, and bird wings are used for Coke chicken wings. Hiss… It’s very suitable!”

“Don’t divide it so fine.”

Wang Yushu was unable to wave his hand: “Xiaole just caught four, one steamed, one sweet and sour, one sashimi and one thrown away.”

“No wonder you are so tired.”

Hearing what he said, Wang pengpai was awed. Then he said, “Hey, Xiao Le always stays up late like this. He can’t grow tall. He’s 19, but he’s short, short…”

Wang pengpai looked around and found that the team were all big and tall. With the title of werewolf, even deer Book orange is more than one meter eight. He smacked his mouth, touched his newly shaved head and was happy: “Hey, it’s really…”

“The short one is the same as Cui Dao!”

Speaking of Cao Cao, the happy voice of the half life Taoist rang all the way. Compared with him, Mao Xiaole smelled a face and tried to withdraw his sleeve from the half life Taoist: “don’t pull my sleeve – this is my new Taoist robe! Don’t wrinkle it for me!”

“Congratulations, there are new people on the way home.”

Half life Taoist smiled, and his pale and depressed face became happy because of his bright smile. Reach out and don’t hit the smiling face. Seeing that the half life Taoist smiled so happy, when he was interested, he had to draw a lucky charm on the spot. Lu Shu orange subconsciously gave him a peach.

“You say Cui is as tall as Xiao Le?”

Wang Yushu was very interested. He didn’t really meet Cuidao among several people present. Although I have been watching him during the live broadcast, the live broadcast is actually another layer of shielding for the tour guide.

Like half life Taoist, the strong people who have really coexisted with Cui Dao on the journey can also have an impression of Cui Dao’s height. But the audience watching it live is not very good.

“It should be hiding his height. A hippie is very tall, and he won’t be short.”

Wang pengpai speaks to director Cui. His family has to protect him.

“What’s the matter? Is it more than one meter seven short?”

Mao Xiaole looked unhappy and asked, “what’s short? It’s the same as Cui Dao! One meter seven… This is the best height!”

Sanshui teacher is more than one meter seven! When Mao Xiaole stood with him, he rubbed secretly and compared his height, almost the same.

This is fate!

“Xiao Le is right.”

An Xuefeng’s voice sounded from the entrance of the stairs with a low smile: “one meter seven is normal height.”

“Cui Dao… The hippie is almost as tall as me. He is the younger brother of the hippie. He should be, cough. It’s also so tall. Hiss!”

With sharp pain in his waist, an Xuefeng secretly took a breath of air conditioning. He coughed twice and let go of the stairs. Wei Xun, who was blocked by his tall body, came here.

“Good morning.”

Wei Xun smiled gently and shyly. New travelers are polite and introverted when they meet strangers, even if they are bold and adventurous during the journey.

“San… Wei Xun, you get up early.”

Mao Xiaole hurried over and saw Wei Xun’s expression. He was unhappy and thought of it.

When Mingming had dinner last night, Wei Xun was very familiar with everyone. It was half life Taoist who suddenly came at this time! I wanted to introduce Wei Xun to recognize people in the morning.

“He is Cen Qin. We all call him half life Taoist and deputy head of Laoshan brigade.”

Standing next to Wei Xun, Mao Xiaole introduced him. At the same time, he rubbed secretly and stared at the half life Taoist with the corner of his eye.

Why don’t you talk yet.

Not so enthusiastic before!

Is there glue on your ass? Why are you still sitting on the sofa!

“Cen Qin, hello.”

Wei Xun and Mao Xiaole walked up to the half life Taoist priest and held out their hands to the half life Taoist priest: “I’m Wei Xun. Please take care of me in the future.”

“… ha, ha ha, ha ha, take care, take care.”

Half life Taoist paused for a moment, then laughed, warmly held Wei Xun’s hand and shook it vigorously: “don’t be so strange, just call me half life!”

“Yo? It seems that Wei Xun has a good future.”

Wang Yushu joked, “as soon as you meet, let people call you half dead?”

“That is!”

Half life Taoist was righteous and full of nonsense: “Wei Xun and I were like old friends at first sight. Bye, Xiangke. By the way, Xiaole, what did you say before? What else do you want to fish?”

“What fishing… Oh! You said that.”

Mao Xiaole kept winking at the half life Taoist. Don’t say what fish he wants to catch! He wants to surprise Wei Xun!

“If you have something to do, go first.”

An Xuefeng said, “surging, later, if yu Xiangyang comes in advance, take him directly to Xiaole’s side.”

Half life Taoist himself came in advance. If he didn’t follow the Laoshan army of metaphysics, Yu Xiangyang is likely to follow in advance.

“OK, if he comes, let him come to me.”

Half life Taoist laughed, hugged Mao Xiaole’s shoulder and walked to Wang Yushu’s room.

“Then I’ll go first.”

Wang Yushu yawned and followed him lazily. When he came to Wei Xun, he showed him a friendly smile: “xun’er, eat and drink well, just like your own home. Come on, this is your sister orange’s newly picked peach. It’s very delicious.”

“You’re welcome!”

Lushu orange waved boldly: “eat more if you like. Don’t worry. I have homemade Xiaoshi tablets here. If you eat too many pills, you can eat again!” after that, she pretended to be mysterious and winked at Wei Xun: “there’s a big meal at noon today!”

“Captain, I’ll go first.”

After saying hello, Lushu orange carried a basket full of various ingredients, was in a good mood and hummed a little song into the kitchen.

“Half life Taoist… What kind of person is he?”

Wei Xun sat on the sofa and an Xuefeng opened the morning news. In the news, Wei Xun naturally handed him a peach. When he saw them sitting on the same couch, Wang pengpai unconsciously smoked from the corners of his eyes and stopped talking.

However, seeing that an Xuefeng took the peach from Wei Xun, he first took off the ring to prevent it from being stained by peach juice. Then an Xuefeng naturally peeled the peach with a knife, and then handed it back to Wei Xun. The whole person seemed very relaxed.

Wang pengpai put his heart down slowly.

Ann’s team is really different.

Wang pengpai thought.

Before, team an was very angry and nervous. He stayed in the bedroom on the second floor all year round and wouldn’t come out unless it was important. He has been with an team for more than ten years, but even if Wang pengpai did something wrong, he had to be beaten up, especially others.

The former an team was not like this. Wang pengpai knew captain an before entering the hotel. But perhaps this is the price of becoming the principal. It can obtain greater power and more power, but it is also a kind of chronic death.

Chronic death of personality.

If a person changes completely, imperceptibly, and finally becomes completely no longer like himself, is he still the original him?

This is more terrible and desperate than the visible danger.

Astrologers, yin and Yang masters, and other tourists or tour guides who become the main people are all like this.

But now Ann’s team is like a comfortable, sunbathing cat. No longer irritable and depressed, and can even share the territory around you peacefully with others.

That’s nice.

Wang pengpai sighed, whether the change was brought by C San, Wei Xun, or

It’s definitely a good thing.

“Half life Taoist, how to say, he is a genius.”

Wang pengpai said.

An Xuefeng didn’t speak, so he introduced Wei Xun. The half life Taoist said is good everywhere and lucky. The misfortune that made him lose half his life became lucky in Wang pengpai’s mouth.

“If others encounter that kind of thing, they don’t know how to die. After all, half life stabbed a ghost bunker at the beginning. The Duke of the dead, the monarch of the dead and the master of the dead have to count according to the stack!”

Wang pengpai sighed, “if you want others, you can’t come back, but the half life Taoist came back alive. He said that his strength has declined greatly, but I think he may recover.”

The funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing can use “ask the sky” again. It should be no problem to recover.

“He’s fine. Other places are very good, but he didn’t keep the door open.”

Wang pengpai smashed his mouth. Seeing that team an was in a good mood, he dared to joke: “in terms of his usual performance, this half life Taoist must blurt out ‘Wow, team an, you’ve become lively!’ when he saw the first sentence of team an today.”


Wang pengpai pretended to imitate the surprised voice of half life Taoist. After learning it, Wei Xun couldn’t help laughing. An Xuefeng looked at Wang pengpai with a smile, but he didn’t say much.

On the contrary, Wang pengpai was suddenly looked at by an Xuefeng. He thought over what he had just said, and his fingers trembled on his thigh.

Yes, in terms of usual habits, half life Taoist would say so.

Then why didn’t he ask this time.

Not only that, but also to Wei Xun… Half life Taoist seems to say too little to Wei Xun. And he was always dignified and virtuous in front of outsiders at the beginning.

Why did you just laugh this time?

Wang pengpai thought. He couldn’t help but subconsciously glanced at Wei Xun from the corner of his eye.

Wei Xun is smiling at him.

Wang pengpai shivered. Somehow, when he was drunk in Western Hunan, Bingjiu said to him, “you’re a good rope.” “listen, let me see!” When I was, I seemed to laugh like that.

Then Bingjiu took away his climbing rope. When he came back, he was beaten.

“Ha ha.”

Wang pengpai, who was trapped in the soft sofa, is now on pins and needles, subconsciously avoiding Wei Xun’s eyes. He didn’t dare to look at Wei Xun’s face or even look at him from the corner of his eye. After a ha ha, Wang pengpai said to himself, “Deputy Yu seems to be coming. I’ll go and have a look first.”

After that, Wang pengpai hurried away. When he got to the back, he felt that someone seemed to be staring at him. He only felt chilly in the back of his head.



Half life Taoist stood by the pond and sneezed twice. Mao Xiaole said, “stand by and sneeze. Don’t surprise my fish!” At that time, half life Taoist unexpectedly didn’t have a sharp tongue to fight with him like in the past, but was wilting. He really moved aside by himself.

“I said Xiao Le, you can’t catch all the rays in the west mountain, can you?”

Not to mention Mao Xiaole, Wang Yushu, who was soaking in the pond, saw that the half life Taoist was in a bad mood and took up the conversation.

“The number of four is not good. At least five are needed.”

Mao Xiaole stubbornly said, “don’t bother me fishing. It’s too hard to fish!”

“OK, OK.”

When Mao Xiaole concentrated on fishing again, Wang Yushu climbed out of the pond, sat on the sun chair by the pond, and only dipped his feet in the pond.

This rule works as long as part of his body is in the pond.

“What’s the matter? There’s a conflict with Yu Tuan?”

Wang Yushu lowered his voice, chatted with half life Taoist, and observed half life’s expression.

Half life Taoist looked at him silently. Of course, Wang Yushu looked back, but he muttered in his heart.

Huh? Am I wrong? Not because of the conflict with Yu Xiangyang?


Half life Taoist sighed melancholy. He wanted to stop talking and wanted to stop talking. Finally, he kept his voice very low like a thief.

“That man… The one meter tall white haired man behind an team is Wei Xun?”

“That’s what Mao Xiaole often talked about before, Mr. Sanshui? The newcomer you’re going to accept this time?”

“One meter seven tall, ha ha…”

Mao Xiaole, who is between one meter and seven, is nearby. Half life Taoist has 185, but he calls one meter and seven big tall. Wang Yushu scoffs at him: “it seems that you are really optimistic about Wei Xun.”

Even if Wei Xun is not here, the half life Taoist praises him. Isn’t this really optimistic or something?


Half life Taoist murmured: “I’m really optimistic about…”

Damn it.

Half life Taoist was so painful that he even wanted to ask himself why he came so early!

Aren’t you afraid that Cui guide will untie the lead wire and that he can’t be found or blocked.

I’m afraid that an Xuefeng, director Cui, will have a meeting with the butcher alliance tomorrow. I’m afraid that director Cui will directly visit the butcher alliance, and then they will miss it.

After the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, Xuanxue and Laoshan saw the hope of the half life Taoist to recover his strength. They kept arranging a new journey for him. They said they would go to Sahara with them on the way home. They started on October 3. It’s only a few days.

I must meet Cui Dao alone before this!

Otherwise, we will go to the Sahara in early October, the warm-up match will be held at the end of October, and November is the last exploration of Gangrenboqi by the first five brigades. The end of the year celebration will be in December!

No, he doesn’t have time to see director Cui this time!

Feeling that lead silk is always on the way home, I also feel that Cuidao has not pulled out the silk and has not concealed his meaning. Half life Taoist thinks he understands the hidden meaning of Cuidao.

So he came early in the morning!

But unexpectedly, he really didn’t expect that Cuidao would appear as a passenger! Not yet, not yet covered up, not wearing a mask!

Half life Taoist screamed in his heart.

How can you, a yellow flower tour guide, show others without wearing a mask! This, this is really, really… Alas!

After seeing the guide’s real face, I have to be responsible for him.

Half life Taoist was gloomy and felt that he was led to the pit by Cui. Although they didn’t say it clearly, Cui Dao’s dual identity may still be a secret for the time being on his way home.

People who know too many secrets never have good fruit to eat!

An Xuefeng… An Xuefeng may also know, and Wang pengpai. And I’m afraid the two men noticed his abnormality, that is to say——

“Damn it.”

Wang Yushu asked curiously, “what life do you want? What are you talking about?”

“I said…”

The half life Taoist whispered, “have you seen the face of the big guide?”

“What, what?”

Wang Yushu’s eyes lit up because of the light of gossip: “who showed you your face? Is it a real face? The real face in reality has not been disguised?”

Passengers always have a secret excitement when talking about this topic, just like turning off the lights in the middle of the night and whispering about the mysterious field with their roommates. The guide’s face is always mysterious, but the more things you don’t want to see, the more people want to explore.

“Who says I’ve seen it? I’m asking if you’ve seen it.”

“Oh, it’s boring.”

Wang Yushu glanced: “Zhang xingzang hasn’t seen the dreamer’s face. Which tour guide will show people his face.”

When the tour guide is normal, he has a cloak and mask to cover his body and appearance. When it is really dangerous, he returns to zero alienation. Even without the mask, he is also an ugly and terrible monster.

Unless the tour guide is really voluntary, no one can see and remember the real face of the tour guide. It is said that when there is only deep connection, passengers may see the completely unprotected face of the guide in the spiritual fantasy territory.

But the tour guides and tourists who can connect deeply absolutely understand and respect each other. No one does such immoral things.

After all, “the guide hides his appearance” is the implicit rule of the hotel. No one knows what impact the rule breaking will have on the guide.

Those small and medium-sized tour guides, regardless of whether they are big tour guides, are definitely highly concerned by the hotel.

“Seriously, haven’t you seen it?”

Wang Yushu didn’t believe that the half life Taoist had no reason to discuss this topic and asked, “doesn’t it mean that your metaphysics has a special title…”

“What title! It’s all rumors and nonsense!”

Half life Taoist’s righteous words were refuted on the spot.

“It’s all true.”

Wang Yushu joked. He said that in the past decade, Chen Cheng, the leader of metaphysics, “sword out of the cold mountain”, has always been a gentleman, not arrogant and impetuous. He is simply a perfect person.

But after he disappeared from the battlefield, he didn’t know who passed it on. He said that Chen Cheng had a special orange title and could see through all the truth. He saw all the faces of the elite tour guides of class A and class B in the East and class s and class A in the West!

On the battlefield, metaphysics, as the largest brigade at that time, was the first to be wiped out, and all the members were missing. It was precisely because these tour guides united to kill them!

This gossip immediately set off an upsurge. No matter how metaphysics is pressed or clarified, it is of no use. After all, compared with a perfect person, a perfect person has a stain, which is more talked about.

At that time, I didn’t know who was secretly contributing to the fire. The trend of public opinion was gradually wrong, and the reputation of metaphysics was deteriorating. The people of Laoshan brigade were shaken, which was the most critical moment to recruit new people in the first year of the new year.

Wan’an poverty, who was still very young at that time, was not as calm as it is now. A series of bubbles appeared on his anxious mouth. Just then, Bai Xiaosheng gave them an idea.

There is only one more powerful news that can cover one public opinion.

So soon, someone began to spread around the forum, saying that once the guide was seen, he must be a connecting guide according to the hotel rules!

What? I heard that a small tour guide was masked and became addicted to the passenger. The mask of any tour guide is the same as the bride’s cap. Whoever lifts it will be responsible for the tour guide.

Many tourists are afraid of tour guides, hate tour guides, and even are exploited to worship tour guides.

Therefore, the saying that “if the tour guide is masked, it can only be done by tourists” is more in line with their high point!

When the rumor spread completely, the matter about Chen Cheng came out again, and there was no discussion heat.

Chen Cheng saw the true faces of those big tour guides?

Or he can hold left and right, regardless of the West and East, and connect ten digit tour guides. Let all these directors be loyal to him, or the rumor is false.

Of course, in addition to the public opinion on the surface, an Xuefeng, Bai Xiaosheng and Zhou Xiyang secretly started their old business again. Finally, they found out the rumor about Chen Cheng, which was secretly instigated by the “Twelve leagues” of the then major tour guide alliance.

Of course, after being targeted countless times, the current twelve leagues have declined so much that they can only be used as puppies for the butcher League.

“It’s impossible to be responsible for the guide after seeing his real face.”

Half life Taoist said stubbornly. If this is true, don’t tens of thousands of passengers who saw Wei Xun’s face have to be responsible for him?

“Which guide’s face do you want to see?”

Just then a cold, low voice sounded.

Half life Taoist was stiff and had the illusion of being caught. When I looked back, I saw Yu Xiangyang standing with his arms in his arms, condescending and staring at him coldly.

“Ha ha, the sun is coming. I’ll bring it directly to you.”

Behind Yu Xiangyang, Wang pengpai smiled a little embarrassed: “you talk, you talk.”

After that, he closed the door quickly and completely shut the noise behind the door.

“God, I have to wash my eyes.”

Standing in the corridor, Wang pengpai said sadly.

Since he met the captain and Wei Xun, he feels something wrong when he looks at any man.

My eyes are not clean. The world of pure straight men has changed.

Wang pengpai silently returned to the reception hall. The next scenes he saw made him want to wipe his eyes.

“Oh, did anyone come earlier than us?”

At 7:30, Zhang xingzang put his arms around the dreamer’s shoulder and appeared from the suspended gate with a long smile. Yesterday, the two men looked as if they were angry, but now they look as if they have been coaxed.

Wang pengpai, ha ha on the surface, cares in the heart.

Hug your shoulders

At eight o’clock sharp, Zhou Xiyang appeared.

“I brought someone to help.”

Zhou Xiyang smiled and patted the shoulder of the cold looking young man behind him in his hunting clothes. He pushed the young man who looked forward and broke his arm further behind him: “this is brother Shi Xiao and Shi Tao. They are also destined for Cui.”

Shi Tao was the first young man to get drunk at the scenic spot in Western Hunan. He was determined and served as a ride for Cui Dao for most of the journey.

“Hello, brother Wang!”

Shi Tao bowed respectfully, and then asked, “will director Cui come today?”

“They came here for Cui.”

Zhou Xiyang smiled nearby. Obviously, he appreciated the two brothers, otherwise he wouldn’t bring them here.

“Xiao Tao is working very hard now.”

Shi Xiao nodded: “he is now a high-level passenger. Thanks to Cui Dao.”


Shi Tao said solemnly, “that trip to Western Hunan has changed me a lot. I really want to thank C and Cui in person.”

So fast from the original middle-level bottom to high-level, Shi Tao is almost like fighting his life. Although judging from Cui Dao’s current level, he may not have the opportunity to fight side by side with Cui Dao in his life, Shi Tao still took this opportunity to say thank you to his face.

Just say thank you. What’s your blush.

Wang pengpai thought silently. Then he patted Shi Tao on the shoulder and praised him. He regretted that Cuidao didn’t come today.

At nine o’clock, Xuanxue came with Feihong’s people.

“It is said that Wei Xun likes animals.”

Three feet of Jinwu flapped their wings and stood proudly on the head of a six tailed white fox. On Jinwu, there was a lazy blue Jiao.

“If we come like this, he will be happy!”

“Roll, roll!”

Wang pengpai was angry when he looked at it: “change me quickly. Don’t make chickens fly and dogs jump.”

“Yang is heavy on the way home.”

Wan’an poverty and Wang pengpai exchanged information about the half life Taoist and Yu Xiangyang. Then, the metaphysical deputy team with the title of ghost King whispered and looked wan Yan, pale and said, “why don’t you hide in my turtle shell for a while?”

Wang pengpai:

They are followed by the B-5 elite tour guide clothed fish (formerly promoted after the death of the B-6 and B-5 emperor Cobra) and Fengdu wudui.

“Excuse me, this is a gift for Wei Xun.”

The clothed fish is gentle and gentle. It’s nice to hear. There are two balls of white wool jumping on his guide cloak. His mutant clothes fish looks like the fluff on his Christmas hat.

“Hum, Wei Xun should have come to our team.”

The Ukrainian team standing beside him looked dissatisfied and handed the prepared gift to Wang pengpai: “he just doesn’t understand the good of having a resident guide. The resident guide should live in the brigade and live outside.”

“Ha ha.”

Wang pengpai accepted the gift with a fake smile. They had a general relationship with Fengdu and didn’t intend to call Urumqi. But since team an said to invite clothed fish, Ukraine will certainly come.

There is no glue on the guide and passengers, but the Urumqi team is sticky fish, which is very tight. People outside said it was because the evil bug master of the Ukrainian team died. Although the Ukrainian team miraculously did not die, it also left some strange sequelae and so on.

“Hey, has the relationship between the clothed fish and the shepherd alliance been settled?”

After the clothed fish went to find the dreamer, Wang pengpai looked at the black team and reminded him.

“I think the puppet master wants to handle something. You should be ready quickly. Time waits for no one.”

“I see.”

Ukrainian team looked at him with a low voice: “I have made a decision.”

Wang pengpai didn’t ask what decision he made. In short, it was someone else’s private affair.

“Sometimes I think there are too few girls in our brigade.”

After receiving the visitors, Wang pengpai was idle and complained to Bai Xiaosheng who finally came out of the underground database.

“And do you think there seems to be something wrong with the relationship between the tour guide and the tourists?”

Wang pengpai pinched two thick and fat fingers, and the gap was a little big.

“It’s normal.”

Bai Xiaosheng didn’t lift his head. He looked at the materials in his hand as he walked.

“Come on, it’s time for them to start merging weapons.”


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