TTG Chapter 285

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 285: Butterfly Fragments

The fusion was carried out in Wang Yushu’s laboratory. The guests who knew about it were Xuanxue captain Wan an poverty and Feihong captain Qi Le orange.

Oh, there’s a half life Taoist. He asked to come on his own initiative (half life Taoist vowed: I’ll talk to you, and the success rate may be higher!)

In fact, half life Taoist just wanted to observe Wei Xun closely and check whether what he just felt was wrong.

… he felt nothing wrong! The other side of the lead wire is Wei Xun!

I’m young. Cui Daowei Xun is a person!

Half life Taoist priest took the maniac’s knife and murmured blessings while wandering. He didn’t look up, but his hand moved slightly. The crazy man’s knife was slightly sideways, and Wei Xun’s face was vaguely reflected on the blade.

This, this is Director Wei. No, director Cui’s real face.

Half life Taoist is in a trance.

When ordinary people encounter such calculated things, they either avoid investigating first, or they will have all kinds of negative emotions, but half life Taoist is more and more confident.

Director Cui is in a hurry to show him his real face… It seems that he and director Cui are really destined. Hey, that’s right. Otherwise, how can he get the task of killing Wu Laoliu into the chieftain’s tomb! All this is fate!

The chance for him to recover his strength may really lie with Cui Dao!


Half life Taoist eyes wander.

Well, then, if the hippie is his brother

Does the face under the hippie mask look like this!

White hair, blue eyes, or the same black hair and black eyes… Tut Tut, it turns out that a big tour guide Xi ordered people to look like this!

It seems that the hippie has a meter nine, which may be false! Hey, hey, maybe he is about the same height as Wei Xun. They are all 1.77 meters!

“Come back.”

The head was knocked down, and a helpless whisper came from Wan’an poverty: “close, close.”

You are blessing Dao. Why did you start giggling while blessing? Looks like a big fool!

Wei Xun glanced at him with great interest and probably guessed what half life Taoist was thinking. However, as Yu Hehui said, half life Taoist’s way of thinking is different from ordinary people. He adapts well to being cheated, and I’m afraid he will think it’s their unique fate and will be very happy.

“Half life Taoist got the task of killing Wu Laoliu and entering the chieftain’s tomb from the living beads.”

At that time, Yu Hehui said to Wei Xun, “Zhou Xiyang told me about it. Feihong meike’er also knew about it, but half life Taoist didn’t share the task for the time being.”

Both the relationship with live beads and the task in this regard are very important. Wei Xun can rest assured only when he holds the half life Taoist, so he hasn’t broken the lead wire, so he waits for half life to take the initiative to find it.

The faster the half life Taoist gets, the more urgent his “needs” become. It is also more able to infer the attitude of half life Taoist and better handle him.

“It seems that this maniac’s knife has great potential.”

Wang pengpai happily rounded up the scene: “half life Taoist couldn’t help laughing.”

“If this knife is really hard, let me burn it.”

Three gold crows flapped their wings and shouted, “but one is an intermediate weapon and the other is a top killer. You’re really brave to integrate the two.”

The greater the grade difference, the higher the failure rate. Moreover, the madman’s sword is Wei Xun’s exclusive weapon. If it fails, it will bite him back.

“With the help of the three of you, the success rate can reach 85 percent.”

Bai Xiao’s life was quiet. He closed his notepad and said, “let’s start.”

Wearing gloves, Wei Xun untied the white cloth wrapped around the murderer’s knife (half life Taoist priest: This is the shroud, you see, it’s all soaked in body oil), and suddenly came to his face. Before him was a narrow dark knife.

It looks very ordinary without any craft. It’s just like a knife sharpened by ordinary people. The white cloth in his hand was extremely cold. Wei Xun glanced and found that hundreds of distorted and frightened faces were printed on the inner side of the white cloth!

“Be careful, these faces are angry souls.”

Wan’an’s poor condensate said, “quench the Qi of the knife with a resentful soul. There is soul poison on this knife.”

Soul poison is fatal to the soul and spirit. This killing knife can not only kill people, but also tear up the spirit and destroy the soul!

“It’s amazing… I think there can be 10000 people’s resentful souls on this shroud.”

Half life is humane. Now there are only about a thousand left on the cloth, indicating that other resentful souls have been absorbed and polished by the killing knife.

Obviously, this knife has reached the stage of accumulation and cultivation. As long as the rest of the soul is absorbed, this killing knife will become a real big killer.

“This kind of thing is hard to touch.”

“It’s easy to affect people’s mind and make people more and more abnormal,” said SANZU Jinwu Qile orange

The exclusive weapon and the master complement each other. The killer knife originally had no ability to target the soul, but the arms dealer forcibly added it.

The murderer’s knife can also affect the soul of the arms dealer. This evil spirit… Is by no means a good influence.

“Melt it, melt it, it’s not fun!”

Wei Xun was thoughtful and looked at Wang Yushu, who was cheering beside him with his eyes and hands.

If Wang Yushu and the arms dealer were old acquaintances and had a good relationship, Wei Xun believed that Wang Yushu might have stolen the murder knife.

He stole it and threw it somewhere nobody knew. Then the knife was recycled by the hotel, made into a blind box and opened by him.


The three legged golden crow crowed and spewed out a golden sun flame: “melt it!”

“Weapons fusion has begun.”

An Xuefeng is not here. He stands on the roof of the rear tower of the station and pays attention to the movement on the other side of the parliament.

“Still here?”

An Xuefeng asked casually, “combine work and rest. You should also have a good rest.”

“Can’t sleep.”

Wanxiang spring said faintly that there was a lot of space on the roof, so that he could stretch his huge golden red wings. Like the wolf’s ears and tail of deer Book orange, his wings can’t be taken back except under special circumstances. It will be hard to put them away by force.

The surface of his wings is covered with a diamond like crystal layer, which looks very beautiful, but when Wanxiang spring retracts his wings, this crystal layer will bring him unbearable pain for a long time.

There are many things downstairs and less space. It’s easy to sweep things with big wings. So he always prefers to stay in the tower.

Everyone has some problems on the way home. The problem of Wanxiang spring is insomnia.

“I saw the movement of Maria butterfly fragments.”

I don’t want to discuss this topic anymore. Wanxiang Chun looks up at the starry sky above his head. Like Wang Yushu’s pond, the “starry sky” on the tower is also simulated by the same special non solution level prop “star map”. There are sixteen stars, thirteen stars of life and three stars of fortune in the chart.

Life stars can lock a life body to observe the other party’s movements and conditions.

Yunxing can lock a certain organization to observe the overall fortune of the organization.

Of course, this kind of lock can only be locked after you have ‘intimate’ contact with each other on the way home and collect breath.

Three stars, respectively, locked the way home, the butcher Union and Parliament. On weekdays, people on their way home say “observe the trend of so and so”, that is to look at the stars on the roof of the tower.

However, recently, the fortunes of the return route, the butcher Union and the parliament have all been rising, which is in sharp contrast to the previous trend that they have all been declining and are almost down to the bottom.

The reason for the alliance with the butcher on the way home is that there is Cui guide. An Xuefeng’s situation is getting better, and the Xi life man is about to return. What is Parliament for?

“The Maria butterfly fragments of Parliament are about to be cultivated.”

Wanxiang Chun murmured, “it’s crazy to take it as the core to cultivate monsters when it’s only incomplete fragments.”

Among the 13 life stars, except for the eight that bind all the members on the way home, one of the other five life stars locks the hippie, one locks the dreamer, and one binds the collection of Maria butterfly fragments on the way home. The last two were bound with some fragments of the Maria butterfly left outside.

One is in the Sahara black desert, the other is in parliament, in arms dealers.

The successful binding shows that these fragments can actually be regarded as a special “living body”.

“He was crazy.”

An Xuefeng smiled: “I’m afraid he hasn’t air traffic control anything else recently. No wonder the suburbs of Beijing will let Dutch officials go.”

There’s nothing else to worry about. The combination of Wei Xun’s knives should succeed.

An Xuefeng thought unconsciously and went to Wei Xun’s side. He didn’t come back until Wanxiang Chun spoke again.

“This trip to the Sahara to find butterfly fragments may not go well.”

Wanxiang Chun said seriously, “the life star of the dreamer is very dim, while the star of the butterfly fragment is very bright.”

The problem with the dream chaser Sahara is an accident in the first exploration. Instead of getting the butterfly fragments, he was swallowed and taken away by a monster in the depths of the desert.

Up to now, the monster has become more and more terrible. In the past two years, it even began to compete with dream seekers for control of the Sahara. They are not sure whether monster consciousness is dominant or whether the consciousness of Maria butterfly fragments is revived in the monster.

The latter is more dangerous, but from the stars, the latter is more likely.

“I think the stars of dreamers are brighter than before.”

An Xuefeng rubbed his chin, suddenly thought of something, and smiled: “the dreamer died of a beautiful dream… Maybe it will make him lose sleep all the time, and the situation will get better and better.”

“Hoo, I finally melted it!”

At 12 noon, the murderer’s knife was finally melted into a pool of black liquid. There were dark green resentment souls floating on it. They seemed to be roaring and cursing everything. Even the powerful half life Taoist would feel his eyes tingling and his brain buzzing at the sight of these resentful souls.

“Really don’t get rid of the resentment?”

Qi Le orange asked seriously. He wanted to burn his soul, but Wei Xun said he wanted to keep it.

“They are really dangerous.”


Wei Xun said firmly, “this danger is nothing. Next I will encounter more dangerous situations… The stronger the knife, the more chances I will survive.”

Since Wei Xun said so, Qi Le orange will no longer refute: first cultivate this beach of things, eliminate the evil spirit that originally belonged to the killing knife, and then integrate it into your knife. ”

Wan’an poverty offered: “put it in my turtle shell.”


Half life Taoist whispered: “the captain’s turtle shell is extraordinary. It… Cough cough!”

Why did Wei Xun suddenly play him with a lead wire? No, he played him, didn’t he? What does that mean? What does he mean?

“Cough, cough, cough, I mean, although the captain’s turtle shell is good, it’s still a little worse than my God’s question!”

Half life Taoist was arrogant and confident. In fact, he said, “Captain, why don’t I give him a try first? After all, I did the blessing. Maybe I can eliminate it more thoroughly.”

“If Wei Xun has no opinion.”

Wan’an poverty knocked on the turtle shell, asked and looked at the half life Taoist. Half life looks at heaven and earth, just don’t look at him. A little nervous.

Wei Xun should mean that?

“I can do anything.”

Wei Xun bowed his head skillfully, as if he didn’t have his own opinion at all: “then you’ll be in trouble for half your life.”

Hey, hey, Wei Xun used honorific words to me!

Half life Taoist was foolishly happy. Qi Le orange they finally checked and left. In addition to the owner, other irrelevant people had better leave.

Half life Taoist and Wei Xun are left in Wang Yushu’s laboratory. Without waiting for half life Taoist priest to talk to Wei Xun, the next second he saw that Wei Xun took out an extremely familiar thing.

Dead Ming token.

He’s not pretending! This is his showdown!

“Can these resentful souls be polluted by spirit?”

When half life Taoist shouted in his heart, he listened to Wei Xun.

“Yes, yes… But these resentful souls were strong or powerful monsters. They are really strong.”

The half life Taoist subconsciously replied, “be careful of being anti polluted.”


Wei Xun said easily and put the dead Ming token next to the knife liquid: “I just said hello to my brother. I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

The pollution of the Ming Dynasty in the token of the Ming Dynasty communicated with the Ming Tombs, and Wei Xun found that Taizong did not eliminate the “God of fire” in the consciousness of the Ming Dynasty! God of fire! ” New pollution!

It seems that my brother still has a heart for him.

Wei Xun sighed.

Coming and going is the way to get along.


In the Ming Tombs, Taizong, as usual, was surrounded by the consciousness of the death of the Ming Dynasty and the increasing “God of fire! God of fire! ” Half asleep and half awake.

Just then, he suddenly heard a very disobedient, shouting “kill, kill, die!” My voice!


The author has something to say: half life Taoist [justifiably]: it is very reasonable for my brother to grow up with my brother!

Half life Taoist priest [shocked]: No, no, Wei Xun is going to say hello to the life playing man! What shall I do? Shall I just stand here and watch? It’s urgent to wait online!

Play with sb?

PS: correct it. Xun Zai is 1.77 meters. The chapter was revised yesterday ~ it doesn’t affect the reading


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