TTG Chapter 286

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 286: C I

Did the mountain god complain that something happened again?

Taizong suddenly woke up, and then he felt speechless when he felt a little.

Who did it again.

Go, go, go.

With a casual wave of his hand, he gathered all the spiritual pollution of the passionate and shouting God of fire in the whole mausoleum, and then stuffed the angry soul shouting to kill into it.

“God of fire, God of fire!”

The spiritual polluters who believed in the God of fire suddenly found the big family and were excited. Their cries went up several heights. Those who killed and resented souls in the middle were completely speechless and struggled to rise and fall in the vast sea of the God of fire.

Then wrap a circle around the outside and shout ‘Ming! Ming! ” Spiritual pollution, everything returns to peace.

But Taizong couldn’t sleep.

This idea of killing and resentment is very strong. Even if they are uncontrollable and only spontaneously affect the surrounding areas, it is necessary to mobilize the spirit pollution of the God of fire of the Ming Tombs in order to suppress them.

Wei Xun has only been out for a few days.

Taizong pinched his fingers and calculated that it was less than three days. Did he encounter this degree of danger?

The outside world is indeed more dangerous. It’s not as safe as inside the mausoleum.

Taizong hesitated and thought that the mountain god pollution had not been completely solved, and Wei Xun could not die. Thinking about it, he raised his hand and grabbed a resentful soul. With his fingers inserted into his soul head, the Taizong used his strength and said a serious word.


On the other side, on the way home, in Wang Yushu’s laboratory, Wei Xun saw the faint green resentment on the knife liquid and started to drill into the death order. He felt a little and saw that there was no big problem. When Wei Xun was about to take back his attention, he saw a dark green resentful soul “going upstream” and drilling out of the Ming Dynasty token.

Little brother, what’s the matter with you?

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows. He always felt that there was a familiar smell on the sad soul like a painful ‘cry’. As soon as he felt it, he heard the voice of Taizong, which was passed from the soul of resentment.

“Don’t bother me with nothing”

Taizong’s dignified way.

Wei Xun smiled.

Don’t come if you have nothing to do… Does Taizong mean that you can go to him if you have something to help?

“Hey, brother, that’s nice!”

Wei Xun said sincerely that he would listen to the resentful soul, and he didn’t know if it could take his true words back. But Taizong wanted him to take it. The Ming Tombs are so far away that he doesn’t have time to run back even if he has something… Huh?

Just when Wei Xun thought so, he suddenly received a hotel tip!

[you got the response from the tomb owner!]

[establish contact with the large imperial mausoleum and get the response from the tomb owner. Congratulations! You have met the hidden conditions and successfully won the purple title (tomb keeper)!]

oh Another purple title?

Wei Xun’s eyes lit up. After a little thought, he suddenly understood what was going on. Previously, in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, the devil businessman completed the team leader assessment task, and because the final “performance” was highly completed and the assessment was excellent, he got a title related to Mr. Skinner.

The completion of Wei Xun’s “sacrifice” is not low, at least it has been unanimously praised by the whole Ming Tombs. He thought he would get the title of the mausoleum keeper, but in fact he didn’t get any title at that time.

It turns out that there are hidden conditions for this title. You have to get the response of the tomb owner.

“Brother, you really helped me a lot!”

Wei Xun sincerely confided to the resentful Soul: “tell your brother what you want and what you want to do. By the way, you should be tired of staying in one place for so long. If I can do it, I will take you out and see the scenery outside!”


When he said this, the dark green complaining spirit slipped back into the dead Ming token like a mouse, making Wei Xun’s next countless warm and intimate words useless.

If only Taizong were also interested in the outside world.

Wei Xun is still thinking. Mountain God pollution will not affect the Ming Tombs for the time being. There is no agreement with the hotel, and no new brigade will enter. It is reasonable to leave temporarily.

Now that he has the title of “Tomb keeper”, it is not impossible to carry Taizong’s brother with him!

[tomb keeper (purple title): guard the tomb and establish a good relationship with the tomb owner. You are the tomb keeper and the housekeeper of the cemetery after people die. The more you guard the tomb, the stronger your title will be!]

[you guard all aspects of the tomb, and of course, you should also take care of the physical and mental health of the tomb owner. The hostel’s warm tips are always in a small box. It is easy to be depressed, depressed and autistic. For the sake of the tomb owner’s health, you can bring the tomb owner who responds to you to reality!]

[currently guarding Mausoleum: 1]

[specification of mausoleum 1: large imperial mausoleum]

[tomb guests: 13]

[relationship establishment: 1 digit]

[do you want to make the tomb owner yearn for the real life more? Do you want to show up with the big ghost? You need a noble urn to satisfy the tomb owner, such as a diamond inlaid jade urn sold in a hotel!]

[as long as 9998, the diamond inlaid emerald jade urn will be brought back to your home! It’s the same as Li Hongxue, the ghost king of the metaphysical vice team. Come and buy it quickly!]

Lieutenant metaphysics used to like urn.

Wei Xun glanced and held it. Of course, the advertisement of the hotel was completely forgotten by him.

The title of tomb keeper is the same as that of demon bug controller. It has its own proprietary props. Its exclusive prop is a high-grade gold nanmu urn.

[Name: high grade gold Phoebe urn (0 / 10)]

[quality: exclusive title]

[function 1: you can put the tomb owner who responds to the call in the urn and carry it with you. You are not afraid of the influence of any light. If necessary, ask him to help fight!]

[Note: even the dead should eat. It is recommended to prepare more high-grade incense ashes!]

[function 2: the urn is easy to be damaged. The wooden urn is afraid of fire, pressure, water and freezing. When you decide to replace the new urn, as long as the tomb owner lives in it once, it can be transformed into your new title exclusive item!]

[Note: only one urn with exclusive title can exist at the same time]

[current residents in the urn: 0]

[please redouble your efforts and fight to fill the urn with people!]

Wei Xun watched it and put away the urn first. Although there is no one living in the urn, he believes that his brothers will fill it one day.

Wei Xun, who got the new title, was refreshed and carefully moved the dead Ming token aside. In order to keep the killing knife liquid flowing all the time, Qile orange left a strange orange red wood burning flame on it to keep warm.

The wood temperature is too high. Wei Xun doesn’t want the Ming token to be melted. He has to contact brother Taizong according to it!

“This is Fu Sangmu.”

Seeing Wei Xun’s distraction, he began to observe the wood. He had been watching his half life. The Taoist took time to speak. He pretended to be very calm, but his eyes shining with “gossip” betrayed him.

“Well, so you said hello to your brother?”

Half life Taoist read a stress on “brother”.


Wei Xun said easily, “although he can’t get out there at present, it’s very convenient to contact him remotely.”

Solved the case!

Half life Taoist pupil earthquake.

Wei Xun’s contact is really a life playing man!

Just now, Taoist Wei Xun said that the more he listened to it, the more wrong he became. He said, “thank you, brother,” “help me a lot.” “are you tired of staying in one place for so long? I will take you out when I have a chance…”

Isn’t this the proper Hippie!

It’s amazing. You can communicate with life playing people across the sun gate. Even the butcher alliance can’t do things. Wei Xun did it without the help of any props!

If there is a storm in the heart of half life Taoist priest, what did the life Joker help Wei Xun? No, it’s not just dealing with the resentful soul! Is Wei Xun really a murder knife drawn from the blind box? If not, can he say

Does it mean that the hippies are going to fight Parliament?!

“What do you know about Parliament?”

It’s lunchtime. We don’t want to keep the guests waiting. Wei Xun and half life Taoist walked out, as if they thought of something. Wei Xun asked as he walked.

Half life Taoist priest’s alert antenna suddenly stood up. Coming, coming, coming!

“Parliament is mysterious, and I don’t know much.”

He paused, then lowered his voice: “but I heard that there are many fragments of Maria butterflies in Parliament.”

Sure enough!

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows. Unexpectedly, half life Taoist said what he wanted to know most!

Behind the door opened by the Dutch official in the past, is it really the residence of the Parliament? What he sensed may really be Maria butterfly fragments!

Sure enough!

Half life Taoist trembled in his heart. As expected, Wei Xun already knew that Maria butterfly fragments. He was really connected with life playing people!

I think at the beginning, the hippies collected many fragments of Mariah butterflies by various means. Now the hippies are trapped in the Inca Sun Gate. Sure enough, did Wei Xun come into contact with the fragments of butterflies?

“This is not something you can touch at present.”

The half life Taoist warned seriously, “at least wait until you reach the platinum level, class B, or the passenger level reaches the peak.”

“It’s very dangerous, very, very dangerous.”

Half life Taoist is rarely serious: “what is the most difficult pollution source you encounter? This mountain god pollution is one.”

“But Maria butterfly fragments are more dangerous than them. As long as 1 / 20, such a small amount can make the mountain god corpse mutate again!”

“It is the biggest pollution source, and it is completely uncontrollable. It can erode other pollution and re pollute it.”

Young man, you can’t grasp such things as Maria butterfly fragments!

Is that so?

After listening to the words of half life Taoist priest, Wei Xun was more confused.

The pollution seems to be reflected by the fact that the insects changed into magic insects after drinking his blood.

However, if only 1 / 20 of the fragments can change the mountain god’s body, then Wei Xun has 1 / 4 pieces of Maria butterfly fragments in his heart. Why didn’t he have any out of control changes?

When he first entered the journey, he was almost wiped out because of his mistake. It was the hotel that detected the fragments of Maria butterfly, so his customer service was replaced. Therefore, Wei Xun could replace Bing Jiu’s identity and continue to stay on the journey to drunk Western Hunan.

What kind of identity is it in here?

How did his family leave a quarter of the butterfly fragments?

And where did the butterfly fragments in Parliament come from?

“Is 1 / 20 a lot? It’s not a lot.”

Wei Xun pretended not to care. Sure enough, half the Taoist priest looked at him speechless: “how about 1 / 20 butterfly fragments in a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. In a word, remember my words, this thing is really dangerous.”

Then he went to the restaurant, and the half life Taoist stopped talking. But Wei Xun fell into greater doubt.

A 30 degree north latitude journey only produces 1 / 20 butterfly fragments?

The chieftain King’s tomb has not been opened up yet. It only counts the current six 30 degrees north latitude journey, which is only 3 / 10. Plus 1 / 4 of Wei Xun’s own body, it’s only 11 / 20. Where did the remaining butterfly fragments come from? There should be another way.

Is it a year-end celebration?

Is this why the East and west districts attach so much importance to the year-end celebration?

“Hey, you’re here at last!”

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I heard Zhang xingzang’s warm call: “our protagonist today is coming!”

“Just wait for you two.”

Wang pengpai smiled and said, “come on, come and sit here!”

This private little welcome celebration opened three tables. One table was for seven people on the way home, Yu Hehui and Tong Hege, leader of Feihong, Qi Lecheng, leader of metaphysics, Wan anpoverty and Zhang xingzang.

Fengdu Urumqi team was also arranged at the main table, but he went directly to the Deputy table. He came with the clothed fish and had a general relationship with others. He didn’t have to sweep people’s interest on the main table.

In addition to him, the other table was the head of the deputy team, the deputy regiment and so on, and the tour guides opened a single table.

“I won’t say much.”

An Xuefeng raised his glass and smiled at Wei Xun. Then he drank up the wine and lit the bottom of the glass: “we won’t do the toast. It’s not easy for people to get together once. Everyone eats and drinks well!”


“Safety team atmosphere!”

“The main course turned out to be a Wen ray. It’s really a way home!”

“Eat poor, eat poor, eat poor today!”

We are all good friends, laughing and bustling. It’s a pity to hear an Xuefeng say that he doesn’t propose a toast. He has figured out how to get Wei Xun drunk. He won’t have a chance in the future.

“The security team is really tight.”

Mei Ke’er, the crimson deputy regiment, sighed that black cats like fish best. Today’s main dish, Wen ray, is too good for his appetite! If you become a black cat, I’m afraid you’ll have to wag your tail.

“Yes, I don’t think the matter between them is groundless.”

The vice captain of Feihong brigade, six tailed white fox Yangxia, narrowed her narrow eyes and smiled meaningfully.

“I’m afraid this year-end celebration will be different from the battlefield.”

The leaders at the scene took a deep look at each other. If a responsible person like an Xuefeng didn’t solve the problem that these people disappeared ten years after the battlefield, it would be absolutely impossible to fall in love with new people.

Unless the problem has been solved.

They all came this time not only because of the invitation on their way home, but also because they wanted to see with their own eyes how Ann’s feelings were.

Now it seems that the rumors outside should not be just rumors.

“Hum, he wants too much.”

Fengdu wudui snorted coldly. He was lonely by nature. He drank alone and didn’t participate in the discussion much. At this time, he said, “the connection between the tour guide and the brigade captain should be pure and serious!”

“What’s more, he has Wei Xun now, so he shouldn’t provoke others.”

“If you can’t talk, don’t talk. It’s a good day.”

Zhang xingzang choked him directly: “besides, why isn’t bingsan and an team pure? I think you’re based on human base!”

“Like me and chasing dreams, even if we wear a ring on our ring finger, it’s also a good brother of iron!”

As soon as Zhang xingzang pulled out the dreamer, the Ukrainian team stopped talking. With his worship and trust in pursuing dreams, he can’t say anything bad about pursuing dreams.

“Well, I don’t need to say more about the character of an team.”

Zhou Xiyang had a stiff face and said seriously, “it’s just the nonsense of a ghost monarch. How can you take it seriously.”

“Yes, it’s not easy to get together and have a drink.”

Yu Xiangyang calmly picked up the wine glass. The half life Taoist beside him deliberately sniffed the wine and boasted, “Wow, it’s great. It’s monkey wine. It’s really bleeding on the way home this time!”

The atmosphere soon became hot again and skipped the topic. But that said, when everyone inadvertently looked at the main table and saw an Xuefeng’s ring on his ring finger, they still felt a little subtle.

Think about the kidnapping and arrest of Wei Xun by the butcher Alliance… Hiss, it really can’t be thought about at all.

“Really, you talk about the stories of old men. What are you doing with such gossip?”

Half life Taoist complained to Yu Xiangyang, “anyway, I believe in an Dui’s character!”

Hey, what do you know? One or two. Bingsan and Wei Xun are clearly the same person!

Half life Taoist has a feeling that everyone is drunk and I wake up alone.


Yu Xiangyang said expressionless, “if an team is a little careful, you are in the sack now.”


Half life Taoist snorted coldly and didn’t care about him. To be honest, Bai Xiaosheng pretended to be Bai Xiaotian and lied to him about his feelings! But I’m afraid team Wan knows that he can pretend to be so long. Bai Xiaosheng sneaks into Laoshan mountain. There must be some complicated things in it.

“The problem over the poster can’t be solved for the time being.”

At the main table, after the happy celebration and teasing at the beginning, the big guy began to eat, but towards the end, Bai Xiaosheng talked about business.

Deer Book orange secretly kicked him.

I’m having dinner. Don’t talk about business. It affects your appetite too much!

But the captains rarely have time to get together. Naturally, they have to take the opportunity to talk about business.

They were talking, and Mao Xiaole whispered to Wei Xun, “they are talking about the poster collection corridor of metaphysics.”

Metaphysics, as an old brigade, has not been dated for ten years from generation to generation. They collect so many posters that it can be said to be a poster history museum.

There are all kinds of characters, all kinds of brigades, in the East and West, and posters of the best tourists and tour guides of each generation.

But not everyone can enter the poster history museum. It is not open to the outside world. Only the team leader can enter.

“Only Wan’an poverty and Cen Qin have entered this generation of metaphysics.”

CEN Qin, once the leader of metaphysics of this generation, went in when the old captain Chen Cheng was still there. Wan’an poverty went in after becoming a captain.

“A few years ago, it was said that the old player of metaphysics’ came back ‘, which seems to be a crooked rumor from the butcher League, but it is not groundless.”

Wang Yushu whispered, “you know, at the end of each decade, all the characters in the posters will disappear, leaving only the background and text.”

The characters on the poster come from the extraction of their identity information when the hotel binds the app between tourists and tour guides.

The disappearance of the characters on the poster is equivalent to the elimination of their “number” by the hotel.

Why is the sign ‘cancelled’? Of course people are gone.

“The people below don’t know, but we all know. People will eventually ‘disappear’ on the battlefield every ten years. But where are the disappeared people? Are they dead? There’s no final conclusion.”

Wang Yushu took a sip of wine and said slowly, “so… If one day, people suddenly appear on the poster.”

The poster of the character disappearing, and the figure of the other party appears again?

You can’t think about it. It’s creepy when you think about it. Mao Xiaole frowned. He felt that he shouldn’t have told Wei Xun so early. But Wang Yushu shrugged. It’s not too early now. This decade has come to the end. Wei Xun must know sooner or later.

“So, people really come back?”

Sure enough, Wei Xun immediately raised his interest.

“No, it’s just a human shadow on the poster. It’s very vague.”

Wan’an poverty heard their discussion and said gently, “I’m not sure if it’s a person.”

His words sound more terrible.

“Whether it’s human or not, it’s not a good thing for us.”

An Xuefeng said coldly.

The figure on the poster shows that the other party has contact with the hotel and may return.

No one of the older generation knows what they have encountered and become. Returning is not necessarily a good thing.

And if these people really return suddenly, it can only show that there is a serious problem on the other side of the battlefield.

Of course, if they are no longer human, but become monsters, the situation will only be worse.

“Now, the situation is not bad.”

Bai Xiaosheng pushed his glasses and said rationally, “near the end of the year celebration, the frequency of virtual shadows in posters has not increased, but decreased. And the posters that have appeared virtual shadows have been concentrated in the last decade. At present, there is no case of virtual shadows in posters earlier.”

“The real problem with the virtual shadow of posters may not be in our decade, but in the next decade.”

Wang pengpai patted his belly and sighed, “Hey, if we are lost on the battlefield, if there is a chance to come back, I must come back and see the tree.”

“OK, maybe I’ll be the deputy team after that. Ha ha, you have to call me Deputy Wang.”

Wang Yushu giggled. Their topic soon passed, but Wei Xun kept it in mind.

The knife liquid needs to be kept. It can’t be delivered today. When Wei Xun went to inspect the offline station of the mutual aid association in the afternoon, he pretended to be casual and asked about the yin-yang butterfly.

“How long has the butcher alliance been established?”

Ah, that’s not good! The waterfall sweat in the heart of the yin-yang butterfly is like taking off the vest and meeting in three dimensions.

I’m your knight loyalty now. You, you just ask me about the butcher alliance. Is that right?!

There is a Zhang xingzang organization and several Knights’ “wholeheartedly help”. This afternoon, the models that have been built under the line of the mutual aid association are similar, but they are not fully open. Only their upper class people can come in.

Wei Xun said in advance that he would go to inspect the site. When he arrived in the afternoon, several knights from the east side basically arrived.

Tomorrow is the day when the mutual aid association will land and change its name to “mutual aid alliance”. At the same time, it will also receive an Xuefeng, psychic media and yin-yang butterflies. In fact, everyone has no spectrum.

The two judges didn’t come, but the knight came in 7788.

Zhang xingzang, code name dream;

Yu Hehui, code guard;

Tong Hege, code name enthusiasm;

Yin Yang butterfly, code named loyalty;

Bee Taoist, code fair.

In addition to the beautiful black widow’s absence, Wei Xun left another place for the devil merchant, so that seven knights can live together.

Wei Xun actually felt that there were a few seven knights, and the personnel had not reached the level of crossing all alliances and brigades, and he was ready to bring in half life Taoist.

The number of members is too small to fully tap everyone’s krypton potential.

However, there is no need to worry. After the mutual aid alliance is launched, the number of knights and parliamentarians can be increased.

In fact, everyone is very formal when they meet this time. Zhang xingzang is all-round. He specially customized a special black robe in the hotel as a unified dress for the time being, which saves everyone from face-to-face embarrassment.

But the black robe is just a decent thing. Who doesn’t know who here. Anyway, yin and Yang butterflies are very villainous and nervous. They are very low-key and try to install Wallflowers.

“The butcher alliance is an old alliance. Its history can be traced back to a hundred years ago.”

However, the yin-yang butterfly didn’t speak immediately, but the bee Taoist said directly. Feeling the eyes of yin and Yang butterflies, Taoist bee was very calm.

Others have sold. In the future, third party will be his direct supervisor. Who cares about the old butterfly in the past.

For a hundred years, there should be posters, corridors and so on.

However, Taoist bee is not the core figure of the butcher alliance after all. He doesn’t know much. The yin-yang butterfly hasn’t let go… I believe he can let go completely after the meeting tomorrow. Wei Xun is not in a hurry. He walked around carefully under the leadership of Zhang xingzang, and finally picked a place to put the abyss clock down.

There is a mountain god in his own node, which is related to him. It is impossible to put it over. Just put an abyss bell town first.

Bingsan’s move made the yin-yang butterfly feel a sense of belonging.

If only we could put the abyss clock in the lobby.

Yin and Yang butterflies are not without regrets.

It feels like home.

However, Taoist bee was very satisfied to see that bingsan didn’t put the abyss clock in the hall, but in the hall somewhere inside.

The mutual aid alliance should look like the mutual aid alliance itself. It’s not a subordinate organization of the butcher alliance. It’s boring to get too close.

However, in Wei Xun’s heart, the node of abyss clock is full of solar spiritual pollution, which is useless.

If only the dreamer could introduce the clothed fish to the meeting.

Wei Xun looked forward to thinking that it was inconvenient at noon this morning. In the evening, he would get together with the dreamer, clothed fish, as third party. But this morning, Wei Xun got the contact number of the clothed fish through the dreamer.

For C San, he wanted to go to his abyss node to see this. The clothed fish directly agreed and kindly told him many key points. He asked C San to be at home and stay as long as he wanted.

[since I met you, I’ve become more and more cheerful]

The clothed fish sincerely thanked him: [chasing dreams is a good man, he should live more relaxed and better]

Alas, since the clothed fish said that he would regard the abyss node as his home, Wei Xun was not polite. He heard from the dreamer that the clothed fish was breaking away from the shepherd alliance. It happened that when he lost his home, the mutual aid alliance could become a new home for the clothed fish!

Wei Xun felt that there was a lot of room for discussion about entering his new home with his abyss node. Anyway, he has a good relationship with magic insects. It is said that the clothed fish is also the alienation of magic insects. When he was in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, he lent the magic insects and clothed fish that can crush thousands of pieces of paper to the dreamers.

Rounding off, He Wei Xun and clothes fish also hate each other. It’s too late to see each other!

“The flower basket has been ordered, and the specially customized virtual banners, virtual fireworks, radio, red carpet, landing gifts, red envelope rain, new uniforms and badges of the mutual aid alliance are also ready.”

Yu Hehui said that there are many things to prepare for the landing of the organization. Moreover, there will be countless mutual aid associations tomorrow. Whether in the east or west, tomorrow’s mutual aid alliance will definitely attract the attention of the public.

What we should look forward to most is the meeting of vice president bingsan, his connecting passenger an Xuefeng, as well as bingsan’s “brother family” psychic media and yin-yang butterfly.

Since Wei Xun held the meeting in the mutual aid alliance, what he wanted was to make a reputation. Of course, this meeting can’t be quietly and directly into the alliance. It’s too unlicensed and too mean.

Zhang xingzang likes big scenes and publicity. C San told him that they immediately hit it off. When they met this morning, Zhang xingzang looked at his mobile phone from time to time. He was dealing with these things.

“Just write C 3, are you sure?”

Zhang xingzang smacked: “don’t add a title or something?”

“No more.”

Wei Xun shook his head and said with a smile, he hasn’t grasped the title of creepy way yet. He can only use one and a half points. This kind of thing is not easy to expose at present. He needs to get the key moment.

Moreover, even if there are posters, everyone knows who he is. When the points of selling posters were settled this morning, the hotel prompted that there were some cards. According to the number of staff in the hotel, Wei Xun has 50 million points on his first arrival!

Moreover, this is only the first batch of points to the account. No one can tell how much the poster can really sell in the end, which is much faster than Senator Hao’s wool!

However, 50 million points seem to be a lot. If you really invest in the construction of the resident of the mutual aid alliance, there will be no sound of water. The tour guide’s purchase of land is expensive. It’s even if it’s two in one case. If you want the most sophisticated facilities, you have to pay extra money. Fortunately, Yu Hehui spent a lot of money (in fact, he took it from the return warehouse) to buy the intelligent puppet of baixiaosheng model. With the help of its careful calculation, Zhang xingzang spent every point on the blade.

However, publicity can not be saved.

However, accidents always come when people are completely unprepared.

“Something happened.”

At four o’clock in the afternoon, the adjudicator and the dreamer hurried to bring them an explosive news.

“A quarter of an hour ago, C 1, C 2 disappeared one after another, and now they have all been confirmed dead!”

“What are you talking about?!”

Yin and Yang butterflies suddenly stand up. C 1, C 2 are all butcher guides! Both of them were killed in a short time, which was definitely premeditated!

“How brave.” he gnashed his teeth and wanted to return to the butcher alliance immediately and return a tooth for a tooth. But someone spoke louder than him.

“Sleeping trough, what are you talking about?”

Zhang xingzang was shocked and lost his voice: “are all C-1, C-2 killed? That is to say -”

“That’s right.”

The dreamer looked seriously at C San, no

“You are C-1 now.”

He said.

“It’s over.”

After hearing the news, Zhang xingzang seemed to be kicked by someone. He covered his face with pain and murmured, “we have to modify… The budget is not enough.”

Hearing what he said, Yu Hehui, who was in charge of the financial power, suddenly changed his face.

Yeah! Those banners, broadcasts, billboards, flower baskets and other things are all specially customized!

What’s written on it is all C-3!

The author has something to say: Wei Xun: Thank you for inviting me. I’m on the rocket. Someone asked me how to raise the code. I can only say that I’ll rise when I lie down:)


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