TTG Chapter 287

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 287: Sun Pendant

The death of c-1-c-2 not only angered yin-yang butterflies and worried Zhang xingzang and Yu Hehui, but also caused a great sensation in the hotel! At first, a traveler who wanted to join the association suddenly found that the alliance of “C 3” on the list had suddenly become the “shepherd alliance”!

He reported the news immediately.

What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Shepherd alliance and butcher alliance are going to cooperate? Or will the shepherd alliance finally be swallowed by the butcher alliance?

Or is it that the shepherd alliance can’t stand the butcher alliance’s digging and tries to join hands with the mutual aid alliance to make the butcher alliance less moving by the light of C 3?

Otherwise, how could “C 3” go to the shepherd alliance!

But when he thinks about it again, he thinks it’s wrong. The mutual aid alliance will be launched tomorrow. How can third party give the shepherd alliance heat at this time!

Soon there was a lot of discussion on the forum. There was a mixture of good and bad people on the forum. Some well-informed people said that “c-1-c-2 is dead”! The news of the explosion immediately aroused a heated debate.

[well done! Two domineering butchers and guides are dead. It’s really happy!]

[why did they die at the same time? There must be a conspiracy behind it!]

[hiss… Keep a low profile. I think it’s not easy. Look, c-1-c-2 is dead. Who’s in charge?]

[do you mean that the butcher alliance will do it by itself, so that third party can ascend to first party?]

[it’s impossible. The butcher guide can’t be a silly treasure. They are all from their own alliance. How can they kill two for holding one? It’s meaningless!]

[yes! And it will be the year-end celebration warm-up competition soon. The top three of class C can participate. Originally, the three positions are all butcher League. Isn’t it refreshing? Where can you kill people here!]

[Gee, I don’t think the “top” is C 3, but the original C 4 and C 5. In this way, they can participate in the warm-up competition at the end of the year.]

[what you said upstairs is reasonable. I’ll hang out with you!]

[the truth alliance and the shepherd alliance are moving. It depends on how the butcher alliance responds]

It is said that the truth alliance and the shepherd alliance started at the same time, but there is definitely a leader. The butcher alliance will never wait to die, as everyone knows.

In fact, most senior figures can guess that the driving force behind this is probably the shepherd alliance. The truth alliance can never be so high-profile.

But to be unlucky, the truth alliance must be unlucky first.

After all, the shepherd alliance still has two leading puppet masters, B three Pinocchio and B five clothed fish. Its strength can not be underestimated. The butcher alliance has no hippies, and the psychic media probably won’t fight the shepherd alliance.

The truth alliance has really declined over the years. There is only one B-4 leader, which is not enough.

The new C-2 fainted sheep may be killed, and the truth alliance should also bleed.

Everyone thought.

However, the development of things was beyond everyone’s expectation!

Just five minutes after the incident, the sheep fainted and immediately made a statement, which was made in his own name, not in the name of the truth alliance!

His statement was soon pushed into a hot post on the front page of the forum. In the post, the new C-2 tour guide fainted and sheep claimed that he had a great feud with the original C-2. This attack was a legitimate act of revenge and did not mean anything against the butcher alliance.

At the same time, he announced that he would withdraw from the truth alliance and join the mutual aid association!

“The truth of the truth alliance is wrong and narrow.”

Fainted sheep said sincerely: “recently, I listened to the ideological and moral lectures on mutual assistance. I was deeply touched by the” sincere “speech of senior members. Today, I just know what the real truth is.”

“Tour guides should go hand in hand with tourists. They should support and rely on each other, just like mutual aid associations. Tour guides should have high quality, high morality, control the overall situation, and can test and test passengers, but they should not be ruthless and stand idly by.”

“I solemnly announce that from now on, I will withdraw from the truth alliance and join the Mutual Aid Association. From now on, I have nothing to do with the truth alliance.”

Then the fainted sheep exposed the recording of a senior leader in the truth alliance who instigated him to challenge director Cui, exposed various bad habits of tour guides in the truth alliance, and exposed his krypton gold bars and offerings in the Mutual Aid Association – he almost sold his whole sheep to the mutual aid association!

As soon as he posted this statement, it immediately aroused heated discussion in the whole audience.

“This is a little clever.”

Mutual aid alliance resident, dreamer commented: “it’s hard enough for yourself.”

Yin and Yang butterflies hurried back to the butcher alliance. There were only Wei Xun, Yu Hehui, Tong Hege, Zhang xingzang, dreamers and Taoist bees left in the residence of the mutual aid alliance.

When the yin-yang butterfly left, the dreamer looked at Taoist bee and wondered why Taoist bee didn’t go back because there was a big event in the butcher alliance. He still doesn’t like the butcher’s guide, and his eyes at the bee Taoist are a little sharp.

But Taoist bee accepted it and bowed his head, but he just didn’t go.

I’m kidding. It’s a big event when the mutual aid alliance was established. He must stay and get through the difficulties with everyone, so as to be accepted by everyone and deeply integrate into the group!

How can you be in the mutual aid alliance or the butcher alliance? The pattern of Yin-Yang butterfly is small!

“Once this statement was issued, he completely offended the truth alliance.”

Yu Hehui sighed.

At the same time, the fainted sheep killed the butcher alliance. There is no other way but to go to the Mutual Aid Association wholeheartedly.

“Fainted sheep, a C-3 tour guide, earned quite a lot.”

The fainted sheep contributed all his family property, and Zhang xingzang looked better. Fortunately, only those virtual banners, cards, flower baskets and so on need to be changed. The station that has invested most of the points is all right, otherwise he will really have a heart attack.

“Fainting sheep is a very strange demon, with high output.”

Dream chasing humanity: “wool, sheep horn, mutton, sheep milk and sheep bone have a good effect on both tour guides and tourists.”

Fainting sheep in the abyss, like shepherds, can graze large groups of magic sheep. Once an enemy attacks, it will faint for the first time and emit a charming aroma of mutton. It uses meat and body to delay hunters and give magic sheep time to escape.

But in fact, it’s like gecko’s tail breaking escape. When the sheep faints and leaves their body, the soul will rise on the head sheep. Unless the whole flock is eaten in one pot, the fainted sheep can be said to never die.

“His magic sheep is very cheap, but the effect is good.”

The bee Taoist smiled sadly: “it’s very suitable for raising flowers.”

When he was short of money and couldn’t get the real body, he bought the magic sheep at a low price and buried it in the soil. Don’t mention it, because the magic sheep can reproduce and grow fast. It can be released in a month or two. It can give birth to ten babies and eat more. Fainted sheep can’t afford to raise them. He and the truth alliance are at odds and distrust each other. Fainted sheep often hide their names and sell magic sheep at a low price.

In order to be promoted to a senior councilor in the Mutual Aid Association, the fainted sheep dealt with most of the magic sheep in advance, and the rest of the male and female were sent to the mutual aid association with his family.

Raising sheep still has to be handed over to a specially assigned person, just as Wei Xun authorized him to take over all kinds of beehives and pupae offered by Taoist bee. After he fainted, he became the shepherd of the Mutual Aid Association. Their output is linked to the contribution point salary issued by the Mutual Aid Association, which is equivalent to that all the original self-employed households are merged into the alliance.

“The effect of ‘sincere’ speech is good.”

Tong Hege sighed: “I listened to it for 40 minutes and didn’t know what to say. In a word, I was shocked.”

Up to now, the mutual aid alliance has not been a grass-roots team for a long time, and Wei Xun doesn’t have to take the ideological and moral course himself. The “sincerity” of the new senior members (yuntianhe) is matched with the devil of responsibility. Who knows the impact of Ideological and moral education.

Fainted sheep is also recommended by yuntianhe. I really appreciate yuntianhe’s appearance.

“After all, they are all lambs. They always have a common language.”

Tong Hege immediately corrected: “no, the fainted sheep is the ‘shepherd’, which should be quite in line with the appetite of yuntianhe.”

“It’s better to turn around, or you’ll have to make trouble again.”

As long as there is a precedent for killing people to ascend the throne, I’m afraid it will not be peaceful from now to November. Towards the end of the year celebration, class C tour guides are the backbone of the tour guide group. It is not a good thing that the head strength is seriously lost due to internal friction.

“The fainted sheep defected to the mutual aid alliance. As long as you protect him, the name of the mutual aid alliance will come out naturally.”

Yu Hehui calculated carefully and decided to make full use of it as an aspect of publicity.

The butcher alliance will find fault with the truth alliance, but for Cui Dao’s face, he should not kill the fainted sheep again.

“Magic mutton is good.”

Wei Xun said casually that his brother liked lamb chops before. After receiving it, magic sheep guard Xun stuffed several heads into the abyss clock. Not only that, he also stuffed all kinds of strange foods, such as pollen, honey, magic insect meat, Wen ray meat slices and fruits, as well as his own poster.

After all, the abyss clock was once connected to the sun gate channel. Although there was only the pollution of the crazy sun, Wei Xun always felt that it was too easy for him to obtain the abyss clock node.

With his brother’s character, if you count the abyss clock node, it will fall into his hands. Maybe he will leave a way for himself or something?

Wei Xun is not sure, but anyway, as soon as he comes out and goes in again, all these things will disappear. I don’t know whether it was swallowed by solar pollution or what happened.

Since he came back, he has had some communication with the psychic media intermittently. At the moment, Wei Xun also has a mobile phone. It is the psychic media that has just sent him new news about the meeting tomorrow.

The psychic is very polite: [young master, I want to know, is the puppet master a senior level of the mutual aid alliance?]


[yes] the psychic sincerely said: [the puppet master may be present at the meeting tomorrow]

The puppet master may be present? The psychic sent him big news! Wei Xun is very curious. Why did the puppet master come to the mutual aid alliance?

But soon he knew.

Here comes the fish.

Obviously, Wei Xun and dream chaser haven’t arrived yet. The clothed fish agreed on a time point for a small gathering, but the clothed fish came in advance and didn’t look very good. The dreamer felt something wrong at first sight. Others avoided suspicion and went to do their own things, but Wei Xun stayed.

Clothed fish is his new knight, and clothed fish is the current connecting guide of the Ukrainian team. It is said that the leading tour of the Ukrainian team is related to all kinds of magic insects that Wei Xun wants to revive. Wei Xun is still very concerned about clothed fish.

“Things have changed. I’m afraid it’s hard for me to leave the shepherd alliance.”

The clothed fish was upset and his voice was hoarse. The hairy balls on his cloak and hat exploded: “the puppet master probably won’t let me go.”

“I said I would bring you out, so I would certainly bring you out.”

The dreamer said without hesitation, first make a firm statement, and then he asked what was going on.

The clothed fish looked up at Wei Xun.

Wei Xun, who is looking at him with concern:?

“Now the butcher alliance should have issued a statement.”

The clothed fish sighed and laughed at himself: “their knife is really cruel.”

The dreamer frowned and immediately opened the forum, while Wei Xun received new news from the psychic media on his mobile phone.

[well, Pinocchio, the B-3 tour guide of the former shepherd alliance, has joined the butcher alliance]

“The butcher alliance has been digging Pinocchio’s corner. I heard that Pinocchio’s puppet line is hidden in Pinocchio’s puppet, which is absolutely impossible to betray.”

The clothed fish smiled bitterly and said, “I didn’t expect that they really succeeded in digging.”

The announcement issued by the butcher alliance is exactly the statement of “B-3 tour guide Pinocchio joins the butcher alliance”!

It takes seven inches to hit the snake. Since the shepherd alliance secretly starts against C-1 in order to warm up the position against side. Then they simply turned Pinocchio upside down!

In this way, the first three of class B are all from the butcher alliance! There are two B-class tour guides participating in the warm-up competition. The first five may be selected, and the first three are the most likely.

Pinocchio’s position is crucial!

In this way, the first three of the first five are the butcher alliance, the fourth is the truth alliance, and the fifth is the clothes fish of the shepherd alliance.

The butcher alliance is not only aimed at the shepherd alliance, but also at the truth alliance!

If the puppet master wants to repeat his old skills, B-4 is definitely easier to kill than psychic media and yin-yang butterflies!

Unless she wants to completely tear her face and directly bring the psychic medium and yin-yang butterfly into one pot

Wei Xun suddenly realized something.

This kind of thing is difficult to do in the nest of the butcher alliance, but tomorrow the psychic and yin-yang butterfly will leave the alliance and go to the mutual aid association! No wonder the psychic media said that the puppet master might be present tomorrow. She didn’t come to the scene, she came to kill!

If so, how to deal with it?

The handle of the clothed fish is still in the hands of the puppet master… I don’t know if the dreamer will do it. If team an makes a move

The vibration of the message prompt sounded, and Wei Xun glanced at it while thinking. However, the news just sent by the psychic media stunned him.

The psychic sincerely said that [by gathering three elite tour guides, I can transfer the special keepsake belonging to 30 degrees north latitude… For a long time, Lord Xi Ming gave orders to me through the Sun Pendant in the Inca Sun Gate]

[my Lord must miss you very much. Recently, the sun pendant has had visions because of you many times. If you like, I will hand over a sun pendant to you tomorrow]

Can you communicate with the hippies in the Inca sun gate? Sun Pendant??

Wei Xun’s eyes lit up.

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Wei Xun: the sun pendant has changed. My brother must miss me very much!

On the art of speaking by psychic media

Psychic medium: the sun pendant has changed frequently recently. Adults are missing you!

Broken and scrapped solar pendant for many times:?

Several posters of an Xuefeng burned recently:?

PS: Pinocchio is the puppet Zhengtai. He appeared in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing. Old butterfly and he are Zhengtai’s appearance!

Old Butterfly:?


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