TTG Chapter 288

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 288: Tomb Sweeping

“Be careful tomorrow.”

The clothes fish came and went in a hurry. Pinocchio’s rebellion made him unable to get together with dream chasing and Cuidao as planned. There’s definitely a lot going on in the shepherd alliance.

On the forum, some people have ridiculed the shepherd Alliance for losing watermelons and picking up sesame seeds. Others are curious about how the puppet master will fight back.

They don’t care how strong the real strength of the psychic media is. They just think that the butcher alliance doesn’t have a first-class guide now. If your puppet master is beaten by someone, it’s really useless.

If not handled well, it will be a great crisis for the shepherd alliance!

So this time, even if the puppet master is smooth, she will definitely do it.

“I’ll take a look and upgrade the security system of the mutual aid alliance.”

Zhang xingzang muttered, “it’s over, I’ll add money again,” and hurried to prepare with Yu Hehui. This thing is also very expensive. When hotels buy land in large quantities, they will naturally send basic “fog system”, which makes it impossible for people in ordinary virtual halls to find the existence of organizations.

The size of the purchased plot means the depth of the organization in the virtual hall. Like the butcher alliance, it is very deep and difficult to find. The current position of mutual aid alliance is not too backward, or even a little forward, which is easier to be found.

In addition, there are various facilities to prevent information from being collected, locked and monitored. You can buy them as long as you have enough points. But they are outrageously expensive.

“The puppet master will not target the mutual aid alliance unless she is really crazy.”

He doesn’t look good after dreams. He doesn’t care about the butcher alliance and the shepherd alliance. The dog bites the dog, but when it comes to the people he cares about, it’s no good.

“Tomorrow’s meeting is the time when she may make a move. So…”

The dreamer pondered for a moment and seriously asked Wei Xun, “do you want to open a channel with the butcher alliance?”

Unless the puppet master wants to face an Xuefeng directly, she is less likely to do it within the mutual aid alliance, and more likely to do it on the way of psychic media to the mutual aid alliance.

If you open a channel with the butcher alliance, they can go directly to the alliance.

“There is a floating door on the way home. You should have seen it, that is, the channel of ‘brother brigade’.”

Dream chasing humanity: “tour guides can also have brother alliances.”

At the thought of the fraternal alliance between the mutual aid association and the butcher alliance and building a channel with it, the dreamers are still very uncomfortable. However, in his position, he tried to be objective.

“Of course, the Tour team will spend 100000. The tour guide is different.”

“First become a brotherly alliance with the butcher alliance, and then both sides spend 100000 to establish channels, so they can communicate with the opposite side. For every additional 100000, a ‘brother’ can pass through the channels.”

The dreamer said in good order: “opening channels and establishing contacts with psychic media and yin-yang butterflies will cost us 300000 in total.”

“But what’s going on in the butcher League?”

The dreamer said faintly, “if they don’t take the initiative to contact, they may have their own ideas. There’s no need for us to worry. Moreover, they don’t necessarily be afraid of puppet masters by using psychic media.”

“The psychic contacted me.”

Wei Xun said. And three more of them will come tomorrow.

Now Wei Xun is most concerned about only one problem. He pulls the dream chaser aside and whispers, “dream chaser, I know it’s not very good for you or an team to come forward. Don’t worry, I’ll solve it.”

Listening to his tone full of concern and apology, the awkward feeling before chasing the dream disappeared: “it’s not your fault. Besides, you’re still so…”

The dreamer wanted to say “weak”, but somehow the dreamer couldn’t say it anyway. He silently crossed the word and said: “… In addition, an Xuefeng and I are now the adjudicators of the Mutual Aid Association. It is our duty to protect the mutual aid alliance itself. We have no problem in this matter.”

With him and an Xuefeng in charge, if the puppet master dares to fight within the mutual aid alliance, they can directly raise the shepherd alliance.

Then the dreamer asked, “what did he contact you?”

The C-1 butcher alliance doesn’t know much. The psychic medium has a deep mind and the dreamer knows it. The fact that the psychic is absolutely loyal to the hippie does not mean that he will treat the hippie’s brother equally.

Yin Yang butterfly is a simple and naive person who has many scruples and likes to hesitate. Whenever he thinks that the playful person has a little real feelings for C-1, he will not commit the danger of making the playful person angry to target C-1.

However, if the entrapment of C-1 can bring back the hippie, the psychic will not hesitate to do it.

Thinking of this, the dreamer became more worried and told seriously, “the water here is very deep, butcher… Sometimes they return to zero too many times, alienate too many times, and are deeply affected by pollution. People’s emotion and morality are very weak in their eyes.”

“I know. Don’t worry. I’ll give you an explanation.”

Wei Xun then lowered his voice: “I want to ask a question. You answer me truthfully… Can a special token of 30 degrees north latitude travel pass through the brother channel?”

If not, there is no point in establishing a brotherly channel.

“How special?”

The dreamer’s conditioned reflex immediately replied, “of course, ordinary ones, such as my dust. But special ones don’t work… C-I, I don’t know if what you say is the same as what I think. If it’s really that kind of thing…”

He looked at C-1 seriously and said firmly, “that’s not what you can touch at present. It’s really dangerous.”


Wei Xun took a breath. Did the dreamers directly guess that the psychic media were going to transport the Sun Pendant? That’s too fast.

What C-1 wants to transport is not a token that can wrap the monster at the node of 30 degrees north latitude.

The dreamer frowned and thought.

He and Zhou Xiyang, who were present at the Ming Tombs, saw the sudden disappearance clearly. A slap from the mountain god, the attack of the black widow, the strength of the hotel, and together… Afterwards, the dreamer boldly guessed that on the day when Bingyi disappeared, he was likely to go to the chieftain’s tomb!

The reason why I guess so is that when □□ fish contacted him and said that his chest was stuffy, he always felt that something important related to him was happening.

There is a black old six in the chieftain King’s tomb!

Isn’t this one of the evil bugs highly suspected by the Ukrainian team!

There is not only Wu Laoliu in the chieftain King’s tomb, but also the original ghost Pingping. It can be said that Bingyi has some acquaintances in the chieftain King’s tomb.

Is he going to pull out these ghosts and show his strength while repelling the puppet master?

The dreamer is not sure.

After all, although Bingyi is the pioneer of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, in the eyes of the public, this journey has not been completed. It belongs to the journey of the next decade. Naturally, it has not been taken too seriously, has no sense of reality, and does not take it as a major advantage of the mutual aid alliance.

But if Bingyi can really call out the monsters in the chieftain King’s tomb in advance, the meaning will be completely different. Don’t talk about Pinocchio. I’m afraid the puppet master will endure humiliation and want to talk about cooperation with him.

It’s a completely unexplored journey of 30 degrees north latitude! What does it mean? All the big guys understand! In this way, Bingyi not only showed her skill, but also skillfully resolved the crisis of tomorrow. As long as the puppet master had thought about the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, even if she had to deal with Yin-Yang butterflies and psychic media, she would never pick tomorrow.

“Bear the blame.”

The dreamer thought and thought that this was indeed a good way, but he still warned: “you can bring it out, but you may not be able to control it.”

Monsters at 30 degrees north latitude carry extremely serious pollution. Once they are brought to the virtual Hall of the hotel, it is likely to cause the highest alarm of the hotel and exile it into the abyss at a second speed!

The abyss is so big and has many layers. If you want to come back, unless you find an abyss node, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, which is almost impossible.

“I see.”

Wei Xun nodded. The Sun Pendant is really dangerous. We must consider the problem of pollution.

But he can put the pendant in the sun clock!

Presumably, my brother used to come to this place often, and he will feel more warm and familiar.

“What do you think of the psychic?”

Wei Xun then asked. The psychic media dared to be the Lord to send him the Sun Pendant. Wei Xun could see that the psychic media was not timid and gambling was very heavy. Every step was a test.

Can you contact the life playing people far away from the sun gate? On the contrary, can the life playing people monitor the surroundings through this thing? Can you even come out through it?

When you think about it, ordinary people will definitely be afraid. The psychic medium is not only testing him, but also testing the real attitude of life playing people towards him.

It should not be easy to carry the Sun Pendant, but also the will of the life playing people

Are you willing to move a sun pendant to C-1?

“Psychic media once cried in the Francisco bone chapel, causing tens of thousands of skeletons to cry at the same time.”

The dreamer pondered for a moment and said, “it can arouse the mood of the dead and see how terrible the weeping psychic medium is. This is his deeds a few years ago. Now the psychic medium is definitely stronger.”

“The simple title of ‘psychic medium’ is already orange. It can control emotions… It’s unheard of.”

He shook his head: “if you can make the dead cry, you can definitely make the puppet master’s puppets out of control. The psychic medium can deal with the puppet master. If he asks you to help, he has ulterior motives.”

“Where do you think his ability to control emotions comes from?”

The “Weeping” psychic is the “sad psychic” if it is on the west side. Wei Xun, who has been in contact with three generations of emotional demons, is very sensitive to things related to emotion.

“Did you think of it?”

The dreamer smiled and looked at each other tacitly.

“I have long suspected that psychics have two title systems.”

The dreamer has something to say: “and it is a title that can integrate with each other.”

He suspected that the psychic medium had accepted the sad devil bug and had a title system with this as the core. Psychic media always don’t show it in front of people, but also to hold back.

“The title of mutual integration…”

Wei Xun’s expression was moving and thoughtful. Then his tone of voice became sweet and soft: “good dream pursuit, you help me, only you can help me.”

It’s hard to refuse him to talk like that… It’s too sweet.

The dreamer muttered in his heart and said helplessly, “what’s the hurry? If it’s to deal with the puppet master, even if you don’t say it, I will…”


Wei Xun asked for advice with an open mind: “it’s about emotional demons.”

No matter the confrontation between those people, no matter when to improve yourself is the right way! Inspired by psychic media, Wei Xun also wants to become a ‘responsible XX’!

Dream chasers used to build hope alliances, hope brigades and hope brigades. He should also have a deep understanding of emotional demons. This is what he sees at home, and Wei Xun didn’t ask him for nothing.

Dream chasers have always wanted to help clothed fish out of the sea of suffering. Wei Xun also doubts whether clothed fish has anything to do with the evil insect master. Take this opportunity to test it.

“I’ll show you someone.”

Wei Xun said mysteriously, moved in his heart, and called Xiao Hong, who was honest in his residence.

“This is!”

The dreamer was shocked when he saw it, and his tone changed.

“Xiao Hong has a deep connection with the hair ghost on the puppet division.”

Wei Xun pretended that he didn’t see the difference of the Dreamer: “according to Taoist bee, the ghost power is general, but it is highly trusted and valued by the puppet master.”

“How much do you value it… You say, if I can hold the hair ghost in my hand, or if something happens to the hair ghost tomorrow, what will the puppet master do?”

Wei Xun said slowly, then smiled and pushed Xiaohong in front of the dreamer, saying kindly, “come to Xiaohong and call your brother.”

It was already six o’clock in the evening after the matter was settled with the dreamer. Taking advantage of the last afterglow of the sun, Wei Xun went back to reality, and then immediately took a taxi to the western suburb cemetery.

Although both parents and brothers disappeared strangely, when their parents disappeared, my brother bought them a graveyard and erected a monument. When my brother disappeared, the search was fruitless. After finding that his condition worsened and he could not live for a few years, Wei Xun also set up a monument for his brother.

Xishan cemetery is far away. When Wei Xun arrived, it was almost 8 p.m. and the cemetery had long been closed. But Wei Xun found a way to sneak in, holding only the lilies bought in the florist in one hand and the golden nanmu urn in the other hand. Wei Xun found the monument of his brother and parents.

Wei Xun wanted to try as early as he got the title of tomb keeper.

He pulled up the grass and put the flowers in front of the tombstone.

“Brother, as I said before, I may not be able to come next year’s Qingming Festival, but now, maybe I can come next year.”

Wei Xun unscrewed the thermos cup, sprinkled some sweet tea in front of the tombstone, and put a small pot of Taoist bee’s honey. Then he talked as if he were chatting.

“Brother, do you think the tour guide is alive or dead?”

Tour guides are dying people with terminal diseases. The way to strengthen the countdown to death is to return to zero, which makes Wei Xun think all the time.

The devil merchant had chatted with him before. The devil merchant entered the hotel at the last moment of his life when he fainted when his terminal illness broke out.

Could the guide have died when he entered the hotel? They are still alive, just because the hotel is still there, thus maintaining the illusion of. Maybe he died suddenly when he was basking in the sun on the roof that morning.

“If so, brother, you are a dead man.”

Wei Xun said softly and said to himself, “after you left, I visited the Tomb every year. You are my brother again. I must be guarding the tomb.”

If it is as Wei Xun guessed, as long as he gets the “feedback” from the tomb owner, Wei Xun may be able to take his brother to the small box!

The psychic is too thoughtful. Wei Xun can’t trust him. And this person has so many ideas that he dares to send the Sun Pendant.

Although his brother is strong, Wei Xun still needs to confirm his brother’s safety.

I don’t know if my brother left a hand on the side of the grave.

Wei Xun thought of it and slowly took out an Xuefeng’s poster. But at this moment, he suddenly turned back, looked into the dark, and said coldly, “Sir, you’ve been standing there for a long time.”

“Why, do you want me to invite you out?”


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