TTG Chapter 289

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 289: Opening and Closing

“Wei Xun?”

A hesitant, concerned, familiar male voice sounded from the dark. Then the man turned on the flashlight on his mobile phone and turned it into a weak light, which only brightened this small area.

After seeing Wei Xun’s true face, the other party immediately rushed over, habitually held his arm and asked nervously, “how are you doing now? Are you okay? Thank God you finally figured it out… Why are you here so late?”

“You Zi Ming?”

Without avoiding each other’s help, Wei Xun narrowed his eyes and looked at him.

At first, Wei Xun didn’t feel his existence. He found it when the other party approached and didn’t hide at all. It means this man is an ordinary man. The various titles and keen perception of the tour guide are of no use to him.

Wei Xun thought a lot just now, but he didn’t expect that the other party would be youziming at the beginning. Youziming is dressed in casual clothes. Today is October 1 National Day. It should have been a normal holiday. But what holidays do they have in their business? They have to go back immediately after a phone call.

At 8:00 p.m., I met him at Xishan cemetery. What a coincidence. Without answering youziming’s question, Wei Xun asked coldly, “Why are you here?”

“Have you forgotten that I’m here to patrol as usual.”

Youziming’s performance was beyond Wei Xun’s expectation. He naturally said, “don’t I patrol here every holiday?”

Wanderer Ming was influenced by others.

Wei Xun immediately realized.

It is true that the wanderer Ming accompanied Wei Xun to sweep the tomb. When he was very weak, he never said that he patrolled in the past!

“Who sent you here to patrol?”

But you Ziming is really an ordinary person now. Normally, all kinds of means of tourists and tour guides can’t work on ordinary people. But his career is special.

Wei Xun happens to know a strong man whose former occupation is the same as that of Wanderer Ming.

“It’s no secret that the leader sent me. Didn’t you know it long ago?”

The wanderer Mingqi said strangely, and he was a little nervous and worried. He was worried that Wei Xun’s condition developed seriously and his memory became bad. Otherwise, how could he deliberately ask these things again? He touched Wei Xun’s hand and suddenly changed his face: “you’re so cold… Let’s go to the hospital now.”

“It’s October now. It’s so cold outside at night. Why do you wear so thin and don’t you die?”

The wanderer Ming nagged and habitually took off his coat to put it on Wei Xun’s shoulder. However, at the next moment, a thick and warm long windbreaker with the man’s body temperature was put on Wei Xun’s shoulder first.

Wei Xun actually avoided it, but he was weak and much slower, and was covered by a windbreaker. Without looking back, Wei Xun’s eyes fell on youziming’s face. He saw it clearly. Youziming’s face was first surprised and then happy. It was obviously the expression of seeing an acquaintance.

Sure enough, the next second the wanderer Ming opened his mouth and proved his guess.

“An Dui, why are you here!”

The sound of an Dui is like tearing apart the reality and the hotel, bringing two different and essentially the same worlds together.

“Comrade you Ziming, the night patrol is over.”

The low male voice sounded behind Wei Xun. Wei Xun felt an Xuefeng’s hand on his shoulder. The movement was very light, but Wei Xun still shook his body.

Youziming is here. His alienation, titles and all kinds of props can’t be used really. What shows is the most real personal physical quality.

Obviously, even without the title, an Xuefeng’s physical quality is still top. But Wei Xun is really sick. An Xuefeng felt Wei Xun’s weakness, so he didn’t have time to deal with the greetings of wandering Zi Ming. He asked him to leave the cemetery with a simple order.

This is not normal. Wandering Zi Ming is not the one who will leave Wei Xun at will. But if he had some psychological hint, it would be different.

The last ray of sunshine had long disappeared, leaving only sporadic lights in the cemetery. This cemetery is remote, and the place where the light can not be reflected is even darker and colder. But an Xuefeng’s windbreaker isolated all the cold wind.

“Last time I checked, you Ziming was about to enter the hotel.”

An Xuefeng spoke first and broke the silence. He wanted to light a cigarette, but he looked down at Wei Xun and finally didn’t move.

“As you know, ordinary people who are destined for us are always prone to all kinds of bad luck.”

Being selected by the hotel is the greatest misfortune, and according to the standard of hotel selection, the other party either has extremely desired expectations or is terminally ill.

If nothing happens, how can there be strong expectations? For example, people in Mao Xiaole Taoist temple are dead. For example, after Bai Xiaosheng disappeared, Lu shuorange extremely hopes to find him.

It is difficult to say whether this is a chain reaction caused by them or what catalytic role the hotel plays in it. But after entering the hotel, the less contact with reality, the better.

For example, Wei Xun hardly returns to reality. Although this is related to his being too busy, there are also factors that don’t want to involve you Ziming.

But now listen to an Xuefeng say, I’m afraid the wanderer will have an opportunity to enter the hotel tomorrow morning.

“Because of you, he didn’t go in?”

Wei Xun said calmly, “you also set his psychological hint?”

An Xuefeng’s hand was slightly stunned. Unexpectedly, Wei Xun could have such a calm conversation with him when he found him on the grave of the hippie life man. It was obvious that he was investigating the real identity of the hippie life man.

“That’s right.”

An Xuefeng replied, “he is in good health and has no terminal illness. He will not become a tour guide. And his strong expectation is very simple… As long as he realizes his expectation in advance and meets his sense of expectation, the hotel can’t choose him.”

An Xuefeng should have said the strong expectations of youziming, but he didn’t.

You Ziming has a happy family and a happy life. What he expects is that his good friend Wei Xun’s body can find a cure, get better and live happily.

Although Wei Xun’s journey was not known to the tourists. There was a hotel shielding, as long as there were subtle differences in the direction of shielding, it would lead to great differences.

“Even if you are prepared in advance and stay behind, under the influence of the hotel, you are very likely to find out that you are missing.”

At that time, when he wants to find Wei Xun and save Wei Xun, his idea will reach the top and enter the hotel. Wei Xun is a tour guide. He doesn’t disclose any identity and name. Youziming can’t find him. He will only continue to work hard and climb up.

Why are there always a pair of brothers, sisters, close friends, even husband and wife, mother, daughter and son in the hotel? It is precisely because the expectations of ordinary people are difficult to be selected by the hotel.

If family members and close friends are missing, that expectation will rise to the highest quickly and be selected by the hotel.

“You Ziming has a good talent.”

An Xuefeng said.

Well, Wei Xun has only been in the hotel for a few months. He is about to enter the hotel. It is precisely because he is at this critical point that an Xuefeng can give him psychological hints.

Like Yu he’an, after Yu Hehui disappeared, he tried his best to find him, but he still found him for several years before entering the hotel. This shows that his talent is really ordinary. An Xuefeng and his team just investigated the case of Yu Hehui’s disappearance, so they quickly entered the hotel.

The speed at which youziming was selected by the hotel was not much worse than that of him.

An Xuefeng thought.

An Xuefeng checked the real Wei Xun and Wei Xuechen, and naturally found the wandering son Ming. With the police system, an Xuefeng pays more attention to him.

“If he enters the hotel normally, he may be the best passenger in the next decade.”

An Xuefeng couldn’t help sighing. He should have appreciated the younger generation, but he was actually a little sour.

If everything is normal… There is no horizontal contract, and there is no connection between an Xuefeng and Wei Xun, maybe the next decade will belong to Wei Xun and youziming.

You Ziming is a rare person of Wei Xun who has a good relationship and can be trusted. Wanderers Ming will find Wei Xun, and Wei Xun may not hide his identity. They are likely to become connected tour guides and tourists, just like the relationship between dreamers and Zhang xingzang.

“Thank you.”

Wei Xun whispered his thanks, which made an Xuefeng recover from his meditation. An Xuefeng felt that Wei Xun leaned directly into his arms, sincerely thanked him and sighed: “it’s great that he didn’t enter the hotel thanks to you.”

“You Ziming’s character, if you want to enter the hotel, I’m afraid you will suffer a lot in the early stage.”

Wei Xun’s closeness made an Xuefeng a little happy, but his next words made an Xuefeng a little sour.

He really cares about the wanderer Ming.

“Oh? Really?”

An Xuefeng said faintly and took his hand away from Wei Xun’s shoulder

“Yes, he is not as decisive as you, nor as cruel as you.”

Wei Xun smiled, raised his head in an Xuefeng’s arms and looked at his face: “you’ll make others suffer, won’t you? Listen to Zhou Xiyang, you killed the guide the first time you entered the journey?”

… an Xuefeng took his hand from Wei Xun’s shoulder and fell on his waist. Wei Xun’s waist is very thin. When an Xuefeng holds it, he always feels light and weightless, as thin as a piece of paper.

An Xuefeng snorted and was a little happy. He wanted to have a straight face. But after glancing at the tombstone of the lifeless man, he tilted his mouth again, deliberately lowered his voice and asked, “yes, I killed a lot of tour guides.”

“What? Are you afraid?”

“That’s them. Damn it.”

Wei Xun said casually, “if I were the guide you met for the first time, maybe we would have a tacit understanding. Do you believe it?”

Wei Xun’s words made an Xuefeng subconsciously think of such a picture

Wei Xun, who was only a teenager ten years ago, may be bolder and more lively than he is now. Wei Xun, who took the group for the first time, certainly didn’t look like a new tour guide. In the face of their group of passengers who are obviously older than him, they may pretend to be old hands to deceive Mengxin.

An Xuefeng will definitely explore how much authority the tour guide has, and where the different positions of tour guides and tourists in the hotel come from, so as to make a series of explorations on Wei Xun.

Bold, mysterious, adventurous, absolute control and power over passengers will remind him of the confrontation with the most cunning criminals, which will naturally attract his attention.

They will have confrontation and tacit understanding. Wei Xun won’t let the players die casually. He will only go to the most dangerous place alone. But when he took risks, an Xuefeng could keep up.

Maybe they will escape from death together, and then they will do it again, again. When the male hawks were established, an Xuefeng would invite him as a tour guide for the first time.

When opening up the pyramids and the western continent, they should take risks together.

“The hippies have been preventing you from entering the hotel.”

Clearly think is a very beautiful dream, but what an Xuefeng said sounds very serious and cold. Almost put ‘I’m checking your brother’ on the surface.

In fact, an Xuefeng is a little confused. There is no doubt that Wei Xun attaches great importance to life playing people. When he found that he investigated the tomb of the life playing man and even sent someone to patrol. He sent only his rare friends in reality. With Wei Xun’s paranoia, he should immediately raise his vigilance and stay away from him.

When he found that Wei Xun was going to sweep the tomb, an Xuefeng smoked two packs of cigarettes and took a cold bath to wash away the smell of smoke. Then he came over. He is ready to tear his face temporarily. Why is Wei Xun so calm.

Of course, Wei Xun knew that his brother began to investigate an Xuefeng before he disappeared.

To put it in such detail, brother started investigating him ten years earlier than an Xuefeng.

Of course, only Wei Xun found this. He didn’t realize that an Xuefeng was too different. He just felt that every time he was close to an Xuefeng, he just took a bath. Wei Xun liked the clean and refreshing feeling.

“If I had entered the hotel ten years earlier, I might be the first guide now.”

Wei Xun talked a lot and then said with a smile, “but after investigating for so long, did you find out if my brother has any incurable diseases?”

“I always think my brother doesn’t look like a person with a terminal illness. Do you think a normal Y-type tourist can be converted into a tour guide?”

Turn tourists into tour guides?

“The rise of hippies is fast, but they were very low-key before.”

An Xuefeng said, “a normal person who follows the guide’s route can’t rise so fast.”

Because before the golden stage, the regulations of the hotel limited the tour guide to lead the team only once a month. In the early stage, most of them are low difficulty groups such as safety and difficulty.

The tour guide is extremely short of money. Unless he is like a dreamer, he is kept by Zhang Xing at the beginning and spends a lot of integral props casually, he can’t grow so fast.

“I think so.”

An Xuefeng is euphemistic, but since he can say so, it is basically a fact. Wei Xun looked at his brother’s tombstone. If his brother was a passenger at first, why did he become a tour guide?

Is it about him? Or is it because my brother is looking for his missing parents? Is there any secret that only a guide can explore and explore?

“Hey, if my brother is a passenger, he should become the first passenger.”

Wei Xun sighed: “he can’t be the second. Even if the first position is dangerous, he will certainly be the first. I’m afraid you’ll have to fight every day.”

Xi ordered people to be passengers… Fight every day

An Xuefeng grimaced and refused to think about the possibility: “go back?”

Although the current temperature is not cool for an Xuefeng, he feels Wei Xun trembling in his arms. The cemetery itself seems to have a kind of Yin Qi. The temperature is lower and colder than other places.

“Did you find anything in this grave?”

Wei Xun doesn’t want to go at once. He’s still carrying a gold nanmu urn.

“I didn’t dig the grave.”

An Xuefeng first stated: “but I did use special means to check here.”

“This is a normal empty grave. The hippies didn’t leave too many backhands here. The only special thing is this tombstone.”

The tombstone of the hippies is black granite, the same material as their parents’ tombstone. It was also Wei Xun who found that there was still surplus material for his brother to customize the tombstone for his parents, so he made it with the rest.

“This tombstone is very masculine.”

An Xuefeng frowned. The stone used to make the tombstone was Yang, which was not in line with many local customs.

“If the stones with too much yang qi are used as tombstones, the people in the tomb will suffer as much as the scorching sun day and night.”

“Is there a problem with my parents’ tombstone?”

However, Wei Xun’s eyes lit up slightly after hearing his words. Scorching sun, baking… When an Xuefeng shook his head and said no, Wei Xun thought deeply, and then shouted ‘an Xuefeng’.


When an Xuefeng looked down at him, the next second, his lips suddenly hit a cold and soft film.

Luckily I brushed my teeth tonight.

An Xuefeng thought of this for the first time, but then he frowned and stepped back. It was impolite to kiss in the cemetery. Even if this remote corner is surrounded by the Wei family, there are only the tombstones of Wei Xun’s parents and brother. An Xuefeng still thinks it’s not good.

But as soon as he retreated, Wei Xun closely followed him, as if he were going to stick to him. He also deliberately smacked his mouth and kissed the voice of “Bo Bo”. When an Xuefeng straightened up, Wei Xun stood on tiptoe, tried to kiss his lips, and tried to pry open his teeth. And he put one hand around an Xuefeng’s neck and tried to press him down.

But an Xuefeng’s strength, even if Wei Xun can match, or an Xuefeng feels that Wei Xun’s arm is too thin and is afraid to stretch him, so he has no choice but to take the initiative to bow his head. Even if an Xuefeng deliberately bit him, Wei Xun shed physiological tears in pain, but he still kept close to him.

He really likes kissing an Xuefeng. An Xuefeng has a high body temperature and the temperature in his mouth is hot for him. This burning and powerful feeling really fascinates Wei Xun. He thought it would be dirty to kiss too close and exchange saliva, but he didn’t care about it when he kissed an Xuefeng.

After feeling that when he made a choking sound, an Xuefeng’s body became tighter. Wei Xun even made more sounds deliberately. His beautiful blue eyes were bright with tears, like a sapphire.

An Xuefeng couldn’t stand Wei Xun crying, and when Wei Xun cried, his first reaction was not to coax him, but to make him worse, just like a pervert. An Xuefeng sighed and finally took the initiative to respond to the kiss. He felt that Wei Xun’s voice was too loud. An Xuefeng took the initiative to block all the voices.

They clung together and exchanged a mint kiss. It was too close. An Xuefeng finally put his hand around Wei Xun. If they were closer, they might look like one person.

When an Xuefeng thought so, he found that Wei Xun’s other hand was propped back.

An Xuefeng:?

What are you doing?

An Xuefeng bit Wei Xun not light but not heavy, when he retreated due to eating pain. Take the opportunity to take a look.

Then an Xuefeng found that Wei Xun was holding an unfolded poster belonging to a young an Xuefeng in his backward supporting hand.

An Xuefeng:?

The poster is facing the tombstone, and the kissing scene is facing the tombstone.

When an Xuefeng was confused, he found a scene that made his pupils shrink suddenly!

The tombstone that has not been moving all the time has a crack quietly!

Wei Xun couldn’t even care about the pain. When the hotel hint sounded in his ear, Wei Xun was very happy.

[currently guarding tombs: 2]

This cemetery is finally counted! Wei Xun looked at the newly added tomb 2 with joy

[specification of tomb 2: small private tomb]

[guest in the Mausoleum: 1 (residual soul consciousness)]

[relationship establishment: 1 digit]

Both positive and negative feedback are responses. He has established contact with his brother!

He kissed an Xuefeng again excitedly, but an Xuefeng didn’t avoid it this time. His expression was a little subtle. It was rare that he didn’t speak decisively and bluntly.

“Is this… Any tradition in your family?”

He spent his spare time investigating the tomb of the hippies, and the only thing he found was that the tombstone was abnormal. But unexpectedly, they kissed a few times and looked at the poster. The tombstone was cracked!

What’s this about?

An Xuefeng couldn’t help thinking of some colleagues he knew before. His parents died on duty in their early years. After finding a partner, he would go to their parents’ grave to worship and inform them.

Is it because of this?

Just… That’s why Wei Xun kissed him in front of the grave of the life playing man?

Should we cross the Ming Road according to the worship at the grave?

An Xuefeng broke off Wei Xun’s face and looked at his expression carefully. Wei Xun smiled and looked at him. He was really beautiful and moving. An Xuefeng couldn’t help kissing the tip of his nose.

An Xuefeng can see that Wei Xun likes him and is special to him. He always only kisses and gets close to him. But the predatory and arrogant nature of an Xuefeng made him want more and all. He felt that Wei Xun still lacked some feelings for him.

So an Xuefeng stepped back and said seriously, “I don’t think your feelings for me have reached that stage.”

That sounds lame.

An Xuefeng sighed, how can you not be someone else’s boyfriend after kissing.

But he hopes that there will be more and more things between himself and Wei Xun. Instead of going straight to the last step.

“I’m sorry, but we can’t be boyfriend at present.”


Wei Xun looked at him. The next second, something even more confused Wei Xun happened.

The original cracked tombstone of Xi Ming people was closed again!

The author has something to say: Xi someone: Thank you, an Xuefeng!

[shock! Xi’s highest evaluation was given to his nemesis!]

Xi sb: an Xuefeng is a good man

At the end of that month, there is a nutrient solution that is about to expire. You can pour it on your brother qwq! We will resume Jiageng when we enter the Sahara next month!


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