TTG Chapter 29

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (29)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 29: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

There are four maggots in the vial, which Wei Xun searched from the Diaojiao building when Wu Laoliu was not there.

After all, the two mosquitoes that share the same strength with Wei Xun after he lost San have died. The golden mosquito has evolved. If he wants to find this monster as soon as possible, Wei Xun only thinks of Wu Laoliu.

Although it’s not clear whether the blood of Xiang can work on maggots and whether it will attract the attention of Wu Laoliu, anyway, Wu Laoliu hasn’t come back outside, which is very convenient for Wei Xun.

I’m really just curious. What kind of bad heart can Wei Xun have.

The blood in the butterfly tattoo is no different from that in other parts of his left arm. Wei Xun carefully picked up maggots with tweezers, threw two bottles at the side, and was curious to observe their changes. Maggots like Indian rice fell into the blood and began to roll and struggle, and black and gray bubbles continued to emerge from the blood. The scene looked strange and evil, just like the legendary evil witch refining medicine.

They won’t drown.

Wei Xun was worried about nausea. Fortunately, after a few seconds, the blood was no longer bubbling. Half of the butterfly tattoo blood in the left glass bottle was absorbed, and all the blood in the right bottle was consumed. You can clearly see the white maggots like wheat kernel at the bottom of the bottle – it seems that there is no change except for the big circle?

However, the maggots on the left are getting fatter, white and waxy, and even a little cute. The right side is still a little thin, and it looks clean. It’s definitely the cleanest maggot in Wu Laoliu’s body

“The blood energy under the tattoo is more sufficient, and the blood of other parts of the left arm also plays a role?”

If Wei Xun misses something, the blood in the left bottle has not been absorbed, but the maggots are in a better state than the maggots in the right bottle. The maggot’s level is too low to fully absorb his blood.

It’s a pity that Wei Xun didn’t have any new consciousness in his brain, nor did he perceive the psychology of maggots.

Compared with golden mosquitoes, they are still too weak. After all, Wu Laoliu’s body must have hundreds of millions of maggots. These four maggots alone are not special, let alone have their own consciousness.

The maggots don’t know Wei Xun’s dislike. They try very hard to move close to Wei Xun. They want to stick with “maggots” across the glass bottle, showing a sense of closeness – what does Wei Xun want maggots to do.

“What a pity.”

Wei Xun regretted: “I thought -”

I thought if it went well, I might be able to control Wu Laoliu.

The little devil holding his heart, now it seems that this experiment has failed a little. But this blood does have many uses. This time, there are too many maggots in Wu Laoliu’s body. If he meets a single monster in the future, a bottle of blood may play a big role.

“Baby, you can’t eat anything.”

I don’t know when a firefly came to the left glass bottle mouth. Eager to try to drill into the basic surface, Wei Xun blocked the bottle mouth with his fingers.

The firefly stopped on the back of his hand and glowed quietly. It was green and beautiful.

“How long have you been with me?”

Wei Xun took two glass bottles, together with the remaining blood and maggots on the basic surface, fell into the xiaolongxi behind the house and destroyed the body. I don’t know if Wu Laoliu feels it or not – it’s better to be cautious.

The firefly danced with her and landed on Wei Xun’s shoulder. It looked like a dim night light.

“Do you still want to play ball?”

Wei Xun seems to be talking to himself. In fact, he talks to Fireflies – or ghost babies. The ghost baby was the fastest to hold his thigh at that time, and was relatively lively (?) Wei Xun pulled out four ghost babies from the bottom of the bed. With this, there are five.

I thought all the five ghost babies would get into the stomach of the passengers. Maybe it was because of his special identity that the ghost baby left the list. It followed Wei Xun along the road. When Wei Xun poured the residual blood into the Xiaolong River, he still didn’t give up flying around the river.

“Good boy, come to me.”

Wei Xun held out his hand, and the firefly stopped on his finger, like an emerald gem.

“The blood bubbles just thrown away have been bad people. They are not clean.”

His tone is like coaxing a child. Fireflies flash, and the frequency is faster than just now. Compared with maggots and fat mosquitoes, Wei Xun can perceive the emotion most clearly.

I understand that ghost baby also wants to drink blood. It seems that this blood is a great tonic for him.

“No way.”

Wei Xun smiled low and said, “if I feed you blood, your mother will be angry.”


The ghost baby flashed blankly. It was too young when it was born, and its original body was eaten by hundreds of people. The remaining consciousness of the ghost baby was also very weak. He reacts to the word “mother” a little, but only a little. He still follows his instinct and chases Wei Xun – staying with this person makes the ghost baby feel comfortable.

Wei Xun is as cunning as a fox and understates the separation between Bo Guiying and Pingping. Wei Xun is not in the mood to think about why ghost baby stays with him, which is not important to him. The key is that he has guessed the identity of the ghost baby.

Yu Hehui disappeared, and Pingping hasn’t come back yet. At this time, I have to find a way to make the ghost baby play a greater role.

“Come on, let’s go to your previous home.”

Wei Xun packed up his things, held the firefly and walked to the building in the middle of qiebi village. He said to himself, “I see the price of the baby sitter is precious. Your mother should not be stingy about some alimony.”

* *

The four maggots brothers thrown into Xiaolong River by Wei Xun are not dead and have not been soaked with tattoo blood. The two maggots took the opportunity to absorb some residual blood before the blood was washed away by the stream.

Although maggots do not die immediately in the water, they are too small and fragile. The undulating stream is no different from the ocean to the fragile maggots. If this goes on, they will drown in it sooner or later.

After absorbing the blood containing energy, subtle changes have indeed taken place in the four maggots brothers, which is different from the previous mediocrity with a large group of maggots. These four maggots broke away from Wu Laoliu’s consciousness and produced their own thinking. Although their thinking is too weak to be perceived by Wei Xun, they instinctively know to unite and get through the difficulties.

According to the arrangement from strong to weak, let’s call them the eldest, the second and the fourth. The four maggots are tightly intertwined like a rice ball with a large fingernail. The stronger eldest, the second and the weaker fourth are difficult to sink and float in the stream.

How many times did the spray in the stream break up and drown them? How many times did the fish and shrimp in the stream devour them? The most dangerous time was when they hit the floating branches in the stream. The giant waves almost made the maggots faint. The sharp branches pierced the old man’s fragile body. Almost all of them died in the stream.

Finally, they survived and floated all the way down the Xiaolong river. They are so persistent not only because of their survival nature, but also because of their master’s orders.

It was the master who gave them new life, and the maggots’ instinctive consciousness must be extremely loyal and obedient to the master. The master refused their surrender and gave a test – the master wanted to control their original subject.

Perhaps it was originally due to group consciousness. Although they were still unable to communicate with their masters, the maggots were able to communicate simply, and their perception of consciousness was even sharper, capturing Wei Xun’s idea of “trying to control Wu Laoliu”.

This is the master’s order. Maggots have no mind and simple thinking. They won’t think about whether it’s difficult or impossible. They will persist in defeating all obstacles and try their best to achieve their master’s and wishes.

Qiebi village is in the upstream of Xiaolong river. Drifting down the stream Road, you can reach Yingzhu Miao village.

The maggot ball landed hard at the bend where the water potential was relatively mild. The maggot ball disintegrated. The four maggots flattened and barely rested for a while, and then climbed slowly and firmly towards Yingzhu Miao village.

I don’t know how long later, they finally returned to Wu Laoliu’s Diaojiao building. Before Wu Laoliu left, maggot guards were left in the Diaojiao building. The four of them were originally guarding by the window and were brought to the pot by Wei Xun.

After absorbing the master’s blood, the four maggots brothers did seem to be more cunning. The first boss tried to restrain his energy and let his chubby body shrink to its original size. The second old number and the fourth old number learned something like a model. After they were all shrunk to thin and dry, they rolled on the window edges and were covered with the smell of black old six. Then they went back along the window crack.

After all, they really share the same origin with Wu Laoliu. The left behind maggots only have the most basic defense instinct. The four maggots brothers quietly did not attract the attention of any guards. They quietly and peacefully integrated into the former group and waited for Wu Laoliu’s return.

* *

“Crazy mother-in-law, you don’t understand the egg thing of Bao’s photo batch, and you forget your nature.”

Wu Laoliu swears and rushes to Yingzhu Miao village with his dirty mouth. He is very angry and his eyes are terrible. From 10:30 to 3:30 in the morning, it took five hours and ten kilometers from the fetal meat grave to diaozilin. Who knows what she went through.

Wu Laoliu only wanted to take advantage of speculation and lead the fierce ghost Pingping to save Bing Jiu’s life. Who knows that the fierce ghost went crazy and chased him fiercely. Wu Laoliu wasted a long time before he got away.

“This business is done back and pulled the ballast very well.”

Wu Laoliu felt distressed and stuffed the maggots who fell while walking into his body. “This human skin was torn by Pingping. It was almost broken from his chest to his back. It couldn’t cover the maggots.” now it’s like a bag of rice with a broken mouth. The white maggots leak out while walking.

Not only that, the fight with Li guipingping consumed more than half of Wu Laoliu’s strength, and the maggots were shriveled, leaving only skin. Wu Laoliu was so thin that he looked like a piece of paper man, floating like a gust of wind.

Turning the body into a monster has both disadvantages and advantages. It doesn’t matter if the skin bag is broken. As long as the maggots are still there, Wu Laoliu can always regenerate.

But now I realize that every maggot is basic, which is an alternative group consciousness. How many maggots are good, and when there are fewer maggots, it’s like Alzheimer’s disease. I always forget things and don’t say anything, and my reaction is very slow. So now Wu Laoliu hurried back to collect the maggots left in Yingzhu Miao village.

“Name, name, name…”

On the way, Wu Laoliu was confused. In addition to maliciously scolding Pingping and Bingjiu, he kept repeating the word “name” repeatedly. It’s not in vain to pay such a high price. Wu Laoliu didn’t dare to spread the fire on the principal, or even think about it. He only dared to be angry at C 9.

He is the most shrewd and stingy. Even if he becomes a monster, he has not changed. Whatever you pay, you have to harvest a hundred times, a thousand times. There was a fierce light in the eyes of Wu Laoliu. If the results could not satisfy him, no one could bear his anger, whether it was the tourists or tour guides who boarded here.

“Bingjiu, Bingjiu, name, name…”

He kept on saying that Wu Laoliu finally returned to his own stilted building in Yingzhu Miao village. The maggots left behind in the room climbed back into his body together, and let him know what happened in the room after Wu Laoliu left – if they are separated too far, the maggots’ thoughts and memories are not common, and can only be shared after they get together.

“Bingjiu, the little rabbit is coming!”

Before his ass was next to the chair, Wu Laoliu jumped up. Knowing that Bingjiu was rummaging in his house, he quickly scolded viciously, and he rummaged through the house – very good. He hid it in the bottom earthen pot, under the bed, behind the shelf, between the walls, and the treasures on the sheets were not lost.

“Hum, how dare the little rabbit fight with the old rock eagle?”

Wu Laoliu relieved himself, snorted proudly and coldly, took a hookah and smoked. I didn’t pay attention to Bingjiu’s arrest of several maggots.

If Bingjiu thought he could read the origin of Wu Laoliu’s memory from the maggot, he would think too much.

Wu Laoliu sneered and spit out a cigarette. What I am most proud of is that every maggot in my body is an individual, and my consciousness can be transferred in maggots. Even if she doesn’t start well this time, Pingping will kill her, and the maggots left in the stilted building can live again.

Not to mention that Bingjiu took four maggots, even if he took 40 or 400, it didn’t have much impact on him. As long as the subject consciousness is not there, it is impossible for people to get more information from maggots.

The little tour guide liked by… Is nothing more than that.

Wu Laoliu thought contentedly and took out his ears impatiently. Maybe it’s because there are too few maggots. He’s a little uncomfortable all over.

“Count the boy’s life.”

The dark and cruel light flashed in the eyes of Wu Laoliu. Even if he lost his past memory and name, Wu Laoliu himself was still a crazy and suspicious gambler. He would never rely on the falsehood of “getting back his name” said by the principal. He worked hard to protect Bingjiu and give it to the dog – bah.

I’m afraid I don’t understand that every maggot is his part. If he had left the maggots around, Wu Laoliu was not sure that he could take advantage of his unprepared and control the maggots to drill into his body, making Bingjiu a puppet of him – the boy was half crazy and was about to become a monster. If you turn into a monster, you will take advantage of it. I’m afraid even the principal can’t find it.

It’s just a pity that when the four maggots were taken away, he was fighting with the crazy woman Li Gui Pingping. When he came back, he had lost contact with them – I’m afraid he was killed by Bingjiu.


Wu Laoliu moved his neck and his movements were unspeakably stiff, just like a machine without oil. When I stood up, my body shook and my knees trembled. I almost couldn’t stand firm.

No way,  now half of the body are dead maggots, which are out of control. They are crowded with living maggots, which weakens Wu Laoliu’s control over human skin. These dead maggots are also very good energy. At present, we can’t waste any energy in this state.

Originally, Wu Laoliu should have a good sleep to let the maggots absorb the energy of dead maggots. Now he has no time to rest.

“Bell — bell -”

When the ethereal bell rings, I feel cold at first. If I listen carefully, I will be in a trance and the soul will be called away. It’s not just a bell ringing. One after another, the Bell comes from all directions, from far to near, and finally comes to the gate of Yingzhu Miao village.

“Ding Ling – Ding Ling -”

“It’s not safe.”

Wu Laoliu scolded, “I’m full of anger tonight. When I let it out, I patted the door hard, and a loud bang stopped the bell.”. Wu Laoliu walked out of the door with a cigarette bag in his mouth, and his black eyes stared at the four thin shadows standing at the stronghold gate.

The witches who came to separate the ghosts from the pregnant women are here.

* *

“Ding Ling – Ding Ling -”


Zhao Hongtu, who was waiting in his room, was alert and opened his eyes. He clenched his long bow, leaned against the window and peeped out. He was seeing four dark shadows in the night closely behind Wu Laoliu and entered the Miao village.

It seemed that a dark figure moved in his eyes. Zhao Hongtu only felt that his extremely cold eyes looked at him, full of malice. Zhao Hongtu immediately withdrew and looked ugly – although he confirmed that he had not exposed his figure, Zhao Hongtu still intuitively felt that he had “seen” the thing.

It’s hard to deal with.

Zhao Hongtu returned to the table. The wooden table in the room has been simply arranged as a “supply table”, on which there are earthenware bowls. The bowls are basically filled with liters of rice, and there is a marinated egg on the rice – there are no eggs in Miao village, so they can only be replaced by the marinated egg brought by Yu he’an. Next to the rice bowl was a red envelope containing coins, and next to it were several pieces of beef jerky contributed by Wang pengpai.

The meat that can be found in the kitchen is basically moldy and hairy and can’t be eaten. Wang pengpai and Xu Chen, the animals raised downstairs by Wu Laoliu, went to see them. They are very Yin and dead. They are not good things. It’s better not to use meat. Finally, the knife head meat is replaced by beef jerky.

On the far right of the wooden table is an earthen jar full of stream water.

All the things requested in the wizard’s post were ready in just a few hours. Yu he’an once proposed uneasily that it might be better for the four of them to stay together, which was rejected by Zhao Hongtu.

“Every room has a baby room. Obviously, this is everyone’s task alone.”

Zhao Hongtu said coldly, “life and death have a life. Wealth lies in heaven.”

life is predestined.

Zhao Hongtu said silently, thinking of Hou Feihu who didn’t know his life and death, he looked cold.

After the difficulties, we will be able to meet each other in the three dynasties.


His stomach suddenly moved, and the basic baby was moving. Zhao Hongtu was disgusted and thought of the person who was parasitized by the opposite sex in the film. Enduring nausea, he barely touched his stomach.

[baby’s favor with you + 1 (4 / 10)]

It’s worth ten points. He added two points to the bamboo basket. Zhao Hongtu added two points when he was ready to offer something. Now he adds another point. Favors rise rapidly, and babies seem to be very easy to please.

When Zhao Hongtu went to the stream to pick up the water, he somehow slipped on the soles of his feet and almost fell into the water. Fortunately, my stomach was stuck, so I didn’t really fall down.


The baby’s movement is original. The next second, only to hear the thud sound, the door was knocked down.

“Pregnant woman -”

It’s sharp and sinister, like a Hu Huangjing monster. A strange voice like a man pinching his throat comes from outside the door:

“Open the door -”

* *

“Pregnant woman -”

“Open the door -”

[ghost baby’s favor with you – 1 (3 / 10)]

Hou Feihu, who was telling a story to the ghost baby in a low voice, immediately fell in favor of the ghost baby. This little thing is very difficult to please. It’s very difficult to increase its popularity. If you don’t agree with them a little, you’ll fall in favor.

According to Miao Fangfei’s suggestion and analysis, the fans all agree that the popularity of the fans is maintained at a high value. Unfortunately, it is too difficult.

At 4 a.m., the wizard who came to isolate the ghost from the pregnant woman had arrived at the door. Hou Feihu could feel cold. The action was very light. Quietly, he put down the bed curtain and piled the bedding on the bed, making the illusion that someone was resting, but he hid in the wooden cabinet next to him.

The wooden cabinet was in disrepair for a long time, and two holes were broken on the cabinet door. It was left and right, facing the supply table on the left and the door on the right.

There are also items on the offering table here, but they are not the same as those prepared in the wizard’s post. Originally, they prepared it according to the post. At 3:30 in the morning, Miao Fangfei hurried to find it with a cold look – the ghost came to her again and told her terrible information.

“The purpose of drawing peach talisman is to expel evil spirits – Hide pregnant women from evil spirits.”

Miao Fangfei whispered hurriedly, “but we are pregnant with a ghost fetus!”

Hou Feihu and his colleagues were in a cold sweat as soon as they heard this. Many novice travelers couldn’t distinguish the importance and always felt that they must do according to the project. However, people who have experienced several journeys have understood that they must learn to be flexible.

As a “pregnant woman” experience project, these two conditions must be met. If they really follow the original post, the witches will be able to hide the “pregnant women” from the evil spirits, and the first condition will fail, let alone lose the favor of the ghost babies – the ghost babies are the core of this task.

So in a short time, they rearranged the feeding table in their own house – the bowl filled with rice was turned upside down, the marinated egg (provided by Lin Xi) was hidden at the bottom of the bowl, the red envelope was filled with zombie eyes, and the meat next to it looked ruddy and beautiful like ham, but it was actually cut, zombie meat (reward of Hou Feihu’s last project), The earthen jar on the far right must contain spotted venom (Miao Fangfei gave each person a small bottle)

All living tributes are replaced by inanimate things, or the opposite, in order to reverse the project.

No one knew what the wizard would do to the “pregnant woman”, so Hou Feihu and them all hid – Hou Feihu hid in the cabinet.

The cabinet door leads to the ghost door. Hide in the cabinet and hold your breath, so your popularity will not be revealed.

“Pregnant woman -”

“Open the door -”

It was a sharp call. Hou Feihu, hiding in the wardrobe, held his breath and peeped at the door through the cabinet eye. The wooden door has not been locked for a long time. The back of the door is held by several boxes. It is difficult for people outside to push it if they want to come in.

Soon, Hou Feihu’s pupils narrowed suddenly. He saw the dark mist seeping through the crack of the door and the pile of sundries. The mist seemed to paste a layer of oil, dirty and greasy, and the air was filled with the smell of incense ash.

More black fog seeped into the door and formed a thin shadow. The shadow seemed to have no bones and twisted and crawled on the ground. Hou Feihu could not see this angle. He could only vaguely infer from the rustling sound that the shadow should have climbed onto the supply table.

“Ha ha – Wuwu -”

The shrill sound of ghosts crying and wolves howling suddenly sounded, like laughing rather than laughing, like crying rather than crying. Anger and malice surged in Hou Feihu’s heart. Hou Feihu felt that the “Wizard” was crazy, and the greasy smell of ashes became more and more strong. Hou Feihu took advantage of this time to breathe gently.

After a while, the rustling sound began to wander around the room. The “Wizard” was unwilling to look for pregnant women and evil spirits. Hou Feihu covered his stomach with his hands and covered his back with grayish brown blood. This was the second reward Hou Feihu received in his last project.

[Name: blood of high-level zombies]

[quality: special]

[function: the blood of zombies can completely cover up the human breath, and even the fierce ghost can’t realize your existence]

[Note: what? You say zombies don’t have blood? How come zombie movies are bloody.]

The ghost baby is afraid. The ghost baby who used to be very bad tempered and likes to move around is now quiet like a chick. Hou Feihu feels the mood of the ghost baby for the first time – he is afraid of the “Wizard” outside.

The rustling sound finally stopped in front of the cabinet door, and the choking smell of incense dust hit, making people dizzy. Hou Feihu closed his eyes and turned his eyes to darkness – human eyes are the window of the soul. Close his eyes and hide in the cabinet. After smearing zombie blood, the Wizards outside can’t find him.

There was silence outside the cabinet door.

* *

“God of evil -”

The wizard was wrapped in a robe, tall and thin, not like human beings, and his voice was sharp. Yu he’an sat down beside the bed and didn’t dare to look at the note. From the corner of his eye, he watched the wizard’s slender fingers holding a note and chanting words, and the note automatically ignited when his fingers waved it.

The note says “pregnant woman”. When the wizard was writing, Yu Hean looked boldly. These eight characters were not his. It was estimated that his stomach was the real “mother” of the baby.

The wizard’s note with the eight characters of the pregnant woman’s birthday was lit. After burning, the ashes were thrown into the jar filled with water. The jar mouth was sealed with red Rune paper, and then buckled on the altar. This is called “brewing the sea”. That is, the pregnant woman was hidden in the sea, and the evil ghost couldn’t find him.

Yu he’an’s hometown has a similar means, which he is not worried about. What made him uneasy was the wizard’s eyes – Yu he’an heard the wizard’s throat “thud” when he was looking at the eight characters of his birthday just now.

When “brewing the sea”, Yu he’an’s fetus moved. Yu he’an heard the wizard’s “Gudong”, which was louder than just now.



This time, the wizard’s swallowing voice was particularly clear.

“Pregnant woman -”

The wizard’s voice was long, sharp and strange. His eyes were staring at Yu he’an’s stomach. The drip sound sounded. His saliva flowed out, moistened the front of the robe, and dragged the silk to the ground.

“It takes a baby’s heart to brew the sea -”

While talking, the cold light under the sleeve of the wizard’s robe flashed. What he held in his hand was a pig killing knife. The sharp blade stabbed Yu he an’s heart. It’s true that the monster covets people’s heart!

At the next moment, the wizard became frantic and screamed, “where are you – where are you?”

It turned out that when the wizard swallowed his saliva, the cautious Yu he’an took out the old yellow cowhide and put it on immediately when the wizard rushed over!

“Pregnant woman — where — pregnant woman — where –”

The wizard lost his target and stabbed everywhere with a knife like a madman. The wizard had no shadow in the dim yellow light! 5934!

Yu he huddled on the most basic surface of the bed, wrapped himself tightly in cowhide, and dared not move. Let the “Wizard” become more and more crazy and anxious, and his voice is like a cuckoo crying blood, sad and angry.

Just hold on until five o’clock – the ceremony will be over at five o’clock!

* *

“After two evil spirits, the Liujia ghost laid a deep well -”

In Wang pengpai’s room, the wizard finished the “sea brewing ceremony”. Although he was also salivating and greedy, he stared at his stomach, but he didn’t do it. Instead, he took out a stack of yellow paper in a regular way, held a hairless brush in his hand, drew randomly on the yellow paper, took out a piece of peach wood before the ink was dry, quickly pasted the yellow paper on the polished side of the peach wood, and the handwriting naturally remained on it.

This is the peach talisman. It is said that Liujia ghosts (the most vicious villain in ghosts) are most afraid of the magic peach talisman. They dare not enter the door with the peach talisman.

Next, just offer the knife head meat, and then put the peach charm and meat into the deep well in the village. Then, the ceremony is over. The wizard who had been normal before stopped and listened, as if he were listening to the sound outside the window.

Wang pengpai also vaguely heard a chicken crow. At 4:30, a pheasant from nowhere was crowing in the mountain.


The wizard swallowed his saliva, slowed down his hand, and finally stopped slowly. The fox’s eyes turned around at some time. Their eyes turned downward and stared at Wang’s surging stomach. Then they looked at Wang’s stomach and whispered:

“Pregnant women – why didn’t you prepare a big red rooster -”

“You didn’t write it on your post.”

Wang pengpai was so righteous that he stung the wizard. A moment later, he said in a long voice:

“Draw a peach Charm — the blood of the crowns of the red rooster -”

The wizard’s voice was shrill, like a saw repeatedly cutting people’s nerves. “Pregnant women – chicken crown blood –”

“Pregnant women – cockscomb blood -”

“Grandma’s chicken crown blood, drink your mother!”

The fat man suddenly jumped up from the bed with his round body. He put a narrow and long knife into the wizard’s head with lightning speed, so fast that the other party didn’t even have time to respond. With a dull hum, the wizard fell down like a broken sack, and a large area of pus and blood overflowed under him.

Wang pengpai didn’t feel dirty. He squatted down and pulled out his knife. Then he saw that his narrow knife was accurate. It penetrated through the wizard’s left ear and out of his right ear, directly through his whole head.

“Hey, hey, where can I catch a rooster for you at night? I want fat man to die.”

Wang pengpai said to himself. When he pulled out the knife, the wizard’s body convulsed. His originally slender body shrank. Wang pengpai took the knife to open the black cloth robe. It was an old fox with white fur.


The narrow knife stabbed into the fox’s heart, and the fox, still convulsing, finally stopped moving.

“Hoo, frighten fat master.”

Wang pengpai was very serious. He didn’t know who he was talking to. He danced with a narrow knife twice: “fortunately, there is a knife that says’ the fox spirit must die ‘, otherwise you will be the fat master who goes to the underground for the night today.”

As he said this, Wang pengpai also sang a wild tune: “the king of hell told you to die more, and the fat Lord said ~ you die at 4:30 ~”

While humming, he picked up the peach talisman that fell to the ground and drew a picture on it with his fingers. Then he went out of the room with the beef jerky and peach talisman on the altar and walked to the well.

Before he reached the wellhead, Wang pengpai saw two dark shadows. It was Xu Chen who was pressed at the wellhead. The wizard like thin dark figure was pushing towards the well. Xu Chen had some judo skills. They were at a standoff near the well for some time. Wang pengpai caught up with him. At that time, he was seeing Xu Chen exert himself violently, locking the wizard’s arm, pulling onions in the dry land. He picked them up and threw them into the well.

Unfortunately, the wizard’s sharp reaction was so sharp that he hugged Xu Chen tightly and wanted to get up and plant in the well. The well mouth was too small. All the people were stuck in one place. Seeing that the wizard was waving his claws wildly to climb up, Wang pengpai rolled his sleeves and rushed over and shouted, “don’t worry, brother Xu Chen, I’ll help you with your arm power”. After rushing up, he drew his knife and hit the East and the West, Back stab ‘Xu Chen’!


With a wild animal like whimper, “Xu Chen” suddenly took off his strength and was pushed into the well by the “thin Wizard”. Hearing the sound of falling water, the “Wizard” was tired and panting between life and death. He didn’t care to communicate with Wang pengpai. He just waved to him. A few minutes later, the “Wizard” breathed well and gradually changed back to Xu Chen.

The fox spirit was drowned and its blindfold was automatically removed.

“Thank you, brother Wang.”

Xu Chen thanked and groped for the dropped glasses. Wang pengpai helped him pick them up. He laughed and asked, “brother Xu believes me so much. I’m not afraid I’m also a fox.”

“You too. I can’t fight anyway.”

Xu Chen smiled bitterly, picked up his glasses and put them on. He simply told Wang pengpai what he had encountered. In the following steps, the wizard first brews the sea, then draws a peach amulet, then presents the knife head meat, and then takes the meat and the peach amulet to go to the well with Xu Chen.

“There’s nothing ahead. It’s the last step.”

Xu Chen sighed and walked to the well with Wang pengpai. The peach charms and meat that fell nearby were thrown into the well. “When he came to the well, the wizard suddenly said, ‘what’s the taste of a pregnant woman who hasn’t tasted drowning’, and then he was going to push me into the well.”

“I didn’t expect that this guy also used a cover up.”

Thinking of this, Xu Chen felt cold behind his back. Originally, he was at a disadvantage. If someone rushed to “rescue” and thought it was a wizard who stabbed Xu Chen, he would really call heaven and earth.

“Thanks to brother Wang’s sharp eyes, otherwise I would really be a drowned pregnant woman.”

Xu Chen joked that he looked into the well. The dark well was not bottomed out. Not to mention the lost peach charm and meat, even the drowned fox could not see it. It really made people’s scalp numb.

“Hey, where are the eyes? It’s because the fox spirit is not good enough. Your stomach is still strong.”

Wang pengpai smiled. They didn’t go back, so they waited by the well. “Their ‘Taofu’ project has been completed. If Zhao Hongtu and Yu he’an want to complete the project, they must finally come to the well.

Sure enough, no, Zhao Hongtu came. holding a bow, holding the fox’s body, covered with blood, came menacing to the well. When he saw two figures standing by the well, he immediately threw down the fox corpse, stretched a bow and took an arrow. Fortunately, he was persuaded by Wang pengpai’s people in time. He would meet him. He said that it was not surprising that Zhao Hongtu did it when he offered the flesh of the knife head.

“The Fox also said to offer human head and meat.”

Zhao Hongtu snorted coldly and kicked the fox body at his feet. There are still claw marks of wild animals on his face, and the fox fur at his feet is cut everywhere. Obviously, they have experienced a big war.

“Brother Wang did expect well. We are really dangerous.”

Xu Chen was convinced by Wang pengpai’s analysis: “there are four steps in the Taofu project: brewing the sea, drawing Taofu, offering knife head meat and hiding the well. The four of us have encountered difficulties respectively.”

Whether it’s going to catch a rooster in the mountains in the middle of the night or the fox spirit wants to eat “human flesh”, it’s an impossible task for passengers. In the end, they can’t avoid a war with the fox spirit either by wisdom or by force.

People waited by the well until five o’clock, and the end of the Taofu project did not wait for Yu He to settle down. They nervously went to his room together. Yu he’an’s room seemed to be passing through a hurricane. All kinds of furniture and articles were torn to pieces, and there were deep claw marks on the floor. Yu he’an in old yellow leather endured so hard for a long time until the wizard roared and disappeared out of thin air.

Although he was not hurt, his cowhide broke four holes. He sighed bitterly and didn’t care much about the low completion of the project. The high or low degree of project completion is only related to the final reward. It’s easy to say as long as you live.

After listening to Xu Chen’s words, Yu he’an is also completely convinced of Wang pengpai. He turns to worry about his brother.

“The fox spirits we meet here are so tricky. Huihui is there -”

“As long as the people realize that the ghost baby is different from the human fetus, and the things on the post are prepared in the opposite direction, there will be no big problem.”

Wang surging said, but his eyebrows were frowned, a little sad.

“Fat brother, what’s the matter?”

When Zhao Hongtu asked, Wang pengpai waved his hand and sighed, “it’s time to wash the number in a few hours. Have you found that director C is not here?”

“Yes, where’s director C?”

“Is it in his house?”

“No, we saw it when we came.”

Xu Chen shook his head: “now there is only Wu Laoliu in Yingzhu Miao Village except us.”

“Could it be the other side?”

Yu he said anxiously, “Huihui, the Miao team have to take over the project. Maybe director C went to fix them first?”

“Hey, I’m not sure…” Wang pengpai touched his chin and his face was worried. Hou Feihu thought and his face sank: “I have a bad feeling.”

“Let’s wait. Maybe guide C will come.”

“Alas, where did director C go?”

* *

“Where did director C go?”

In qiebi village, Miao Fangfei said anxiously, “the four of us have just finished the Taofu project and are getting together. Wang pengpai and Wang pengpai over there were right. Although the basic wizards seemed more strange and terrible, they were scared and safe this night. They all hid in the cupboards in their houses to see that the wizards were incompetent and furious – only Lin Xi was in danger.

The basic ghost baby made trouble. When Lin Xi was nervous, he played a prank and opened the slit of the cabinet door. The wizard almost found one body and two lives.

Fortunately, Lin Xi got a zombie finger in her last project. She closed the cabinet door in time with the zombie finger and blocked the wizard out. Even so, the wizard lingered in front of his cabinet door and knocked on the door. His terrible eyes greedily looked at Lin Xi through the crack of the door and scared him half to death. It was not easy to get through the time.

In the final analysis, Lin Xi’s ghost baby’s popularity is too low. There are only two points. When the wizard knocks at the door, he drops another point and there is only one left.

Ghost babies will make trouble if their favor is too low, regardless of whether they will die or not.

After five o’clock, when the wizard leaves, the Taofu project will naturally be completed, and the completion degree of the four people is not low. Miao Fangfei’s statement that “in the project, ghost babies are the most important.”.

The second scenic spot has a total of Taofu, washing number and chaojiu number. Now only the first project has been completed, but the tour guide Bingjiu is gone.

“Could it be on Zhao Hongtu’s side?”

Hou Feihu also put forward this statement, but Miao Fangfei looked frozen and shook her head.

“Probably not.”

Perhaps because she was possessed by a ghost twice, Miao Fangfei could vaguely feel the ghost’s mood – the fierce ghost was getting angry.

Something terrible seems to have happened.

Only guide C can achieve this effect in the whole journey.

Where on earth is it now?

* *

[death countdown 06:40:25]

[death countdown 04:12:05]

[death Countdown -]

The stream was red with blood, the grass on the bank was covered with blood, the trees were broken and overturned, and the shrubs were uprooted. The whole place was like a strong wind crossing the border, and there were traces of fierce battle everywhere.

“Whine -”

“Whine -”

The shrill and angry scream echoed in the mountains and forests. It seemed that there were terrible monsters looking for something in the wind. The scream was getting closer and closer, and the terrible pressure came. The people immersed in the stream were still floating. They didn’t move, as if they were dead.

The countdown to death drops very fast, and his mind seems to have gone away. Wei Xun is in an unprecedented crisis!


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