TTG Chapter 290

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 290: Little Strange Insects

Is this tombstone made of memory metal? How can it be closed when it’s cracked?

The expression on Wei Xun’s face was indescribable. If Wei Xun had not sent the tombstone stone to be tested and confirmed that it was black granite, he still thought it was a new type of metal.

But if it’s not the tombstone material

“This tombstone…”

An Xuefeng, who was tangled with his feelings with Wei Xun, also paid attention to the tombstone and frowned. I quickly went through the causes and consequences in my mind.

Then an Xuefeng looked a little subtle.

Remove all other factors… Even if the tombstone cracks not because of their kisses, but because of the smell of an Xuefeng in the poster, the only thing related to its closing is the sentence “we are not boyfriend at present” said by an Xuefeng.

From then on, the most likely cause of the tombstone cracking is the performance of his closeness with Wei Xun.

An Xuefeng and Wei Xun thought of the same thing.

If it’s not the material of the tombstone, then… Is there something left by the hippies in the tombstone?

“Wei Xun, I want to test the tombstone more carefully.”

An Xuefeng pondered. Wei Xun knew what an Xuefeng was thinking as soon as he heard it, and promised: “yes.”

Wei Xun actually had some doubts. There was nothing wrong with establishing contact with the tomb owner when the tombstone cracked, but it was marked with “residual soul consciousness”.

The tombstone can open and close automatically, indicating that the residual soul consciousness has some energy and can even affect objects. But Wei Xun felt that his brother’s performance was too emotional.

He seldom used to show these emotions, and he has always been silent.

This makes Wei Xun think of slicing.

On the surface, Xi Mingren has no incarnation of the principal and is not a member of the parliament, but Wei Xun doesn’t believe that he hasn’t left any behind hands.

Does it mean that my brother’s slice is in the tombstone? But just now Wei Xun tried to communicate with the remnant soul with the title of tomb keeper, but he couldn’t feel each other at all.

As if the tombstone was empty and there was nothing.

Or the tombstone of Zhigang Zhiyang completely isolated the consciousness of the remnant soul. But it can sense things outside, which I’m afraid is not true.

Or there’s something wrong with the ghost.

Because when Wei Xun felt it carefully, he could feel that the tombstone vaguely gave him an ominous feeling of “dirt”.

This is not an ordinary abyss breath, such as abyss pollution. If it is related to the abyss, Wei Xun will feel fragrant.

This is not solar pollution. It feels different. Moreover, people with such keen perception of an Xuefeng didn’t respond at all. Wei Xun made new discoveries only after he established contact.

He always feels that something is wrong and needs to be explored.

“I want to participate in the whole process.”

An Xuefeng wants to test the tombstone. No problem. His contacts are not comparable to Wei Xun at all. Time is pressing. Wei Xun also wants to know the answer as soon as possible.

Moreover, it has been exposed here. Even if Wei Xun refuses this time, with an Xuefeng’s prudence, he will definitely check the tombstone.

We might as well take this opportunity to make our own demands.

“It’s late. Will you come home with me?”

Wei Xun said casually that he was thinking about how to get an Xuefeng of the tombstone □□ as soon as possible.

An Xuefeng must have found out where his house is. Take him back to see if there is a problem with the cake.

Wei Xun thought.

Although we have already found out where Wei Xun lives… Wei Xun is so cautious and suspicious that he takes the initiative to invite him personally. This meaning is different.

An Xuefeng thought.

Wei Xun trusts him a little.

An Xuefeng subconsciously adjusted his clothes for a moment, and his throat was a little dry. After all, it’s the first time to come to the door. It doesn’t seem good to be empty handed.

Finally, an Xuefeng showed Wei Xun a hand, and that night he pulled back the tombstone of the hippie.

On the way back, I heard that Wei Xun had not had dinner, and there was no food in the refrigerator at home, so I bought a la carte and went back.

Wei Xun casually said it was too troublesome to order takeout, and an Xuefeng directly refused.

I’m kidding. Wei Xun still eats takeout in his current physical state?

“Pie pie?”

“Deng Deng Deng!”

As soon as Wei Xun brought the “stranger” into the house, the cake he had not seen for a long time suddenly ran crazy and hid under the sofa. It is as enthusiastic as a dog to acquaintances, but it can’t counselle outsiders.

“Pie pie?”

An Xuefeng followed Wei Xun and looked around habitually after entering the house. The furniture decoration alone shows an expensive posture. Most of them are black and white and gray, which looks a little cold. To tell the truth, there are not many traces of people’s life in this room. It is a little cat hair on the sofa floor hanger that adds a lot of popularity here.

Of course, Wei Xun also has cat hair on his clothes. Cat owners are like this. Even if they don’t go home for ten days and a half months, cat hair will always magically appear on their clothes. An Xuefeng keeps dogs and eagles. There is no dog hair or bird hair on his clothes.

“Yes, my cat.”

Wei Xun took off his clothes and returned the windbreaker to an Xuefeng. He wore a thin Beige sweater inside, which looked very warm and soft. The sweater was a little big. It was empty on him. The sleeves were long enough to shrink the hands inside.

“Is it cold?”

An Xuefeng habitually held Wei Xun’s hand and rolled his sleeve. Then I found that Wei Xun was too thin, not the sweater. Even though he wore a windbreaker all the way back, his hands were still cold.

“Do you have any taboos?”

It needs to be mended. An Xuefeng asked as he thought.

When Wei Xun said, ‘I like spicy food!’ When, an Xuefeng said, “I’ll cook some porridge for you.”

The porridge in the casserole bubbled on the fire, and the Zila sound of cooking was accompanied by a hot aroma. An Xuefeng is cooking for him. It sounds strange.

Wei Xun specially moved a chair and sat at the kitchen entrance. He sat back, his hand on the back of the chair, his head on his arm, smiling and watching an Xuefeng cooking.

An Xuefeng pulled up his sleeves, exposed his muscular and strong arms, and skillfully stirred the pot. From Wei Xun’s point of view, we can see his broad shoulders and back, and the pink flower tether tied around his waist – Wei Xun, with a bad heart, pointed out the apron worn by his housekeeping aunt to an Xuefeng. Unexpectedly, he put it on naturally without any reaction.

On the contrary, Wei Xun gradually became fascinated by it.

Wei Xun’s impression of his family is actually very vague. Not to mention the memory of my parents, my brother is also very busy on weekdays and seldom goes home.

“Home” has no special memories for Wei Xun. It’s just a house. When they all disappeared and Wei Xun came back, he was more adventurous and exciting outside. Even if he is ill and cannot leave the villa, Wei Xun prefers to stay on the roof and enjoy the free wind.

I seldom came down, and I never went into the kitchen. All meals are cooked by the housekeeping aunt, or just order takeout.

Unexpectedly, an Xuefeng and the kitchen are very harmonious.

Wei Xun thought.

There are traces of wind, sand, rain and snow on his body and all kinds of scars. He is too high. He has to bow his head to pass through the door frame. He looks more suitable for adventure in the wild, smoking and barbecue on a campfire.

But now he has a strange sense of harmony when he is cooking in the kitchen with a cigarette in his mouth and a small broken flower apron.

“Death is like a collection of wonders in the Sahara desert.”

An Xuefeng talked about Sahara to Wei Xun while cooking. They have tight time and heavy tasks, so they must make good use of these scattered time.

“We can see as like as two peas in the desert of Sahara.”

“Only in orbit around the earth can we see its full picture. It’s a huge, very standard, concentric circle, like a blue eye.”

Wei Xun was curious: “blue eyes?”


An Xuefeng said, “its outer ring dyke is a strange blue when viewed from a high altitude. The inner ring dyke as a ‘pupil’ is light yellow.”

“It’s not a crater or volcano. It’s very mysterious. It’s one of the top ten geological wonders in the world. It’s called the eye of the Sahara.”

An Xuefeng put the fried vegetables on the plate and mentioned Lop Nur: “some people call it the eye of the Sahara, others call it the eye of the earth.”

“Why is it called death Sahara?”

Wei Xun asked. He remembered the “jade pendant in the desert surrounded by death” written in the mountain god mission. At present, he has two suspected sites, one is death Sahara and the other is Lop Nur.

The mysterious event of Pisces jade pendant in Lop Nur is very famous. Where countless people died, disappeared and went crazy can also be called “the desert surrounded by death”.

The Sahara is because it is a journey of 30 degrees north latitude, and its name is “death Sahara”.

[wreath in the highest sky]

[the peach branch is at the deepest ground]

[jade pendant in the desert surrounded by death]

At the level of Mountain God, these things are not uncommon in the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

“The journey of 30 degrees north latitude is sometimes named because of its characteristics, and sometimes it is just a name.”

An Xuefeng said, “when you enter the Sahara black desert, your eyes will be able to see death… It seems a little abstract. I’ll tell you when you get to the Sahara.”

Then an Xuefeng changed the topic, as if he had a connection with Wei Xun’s heart. He then talked about Lop Nur.

“… Lop Nur photographed by satellite is very much like an ear. Ear holes, earrings, earlobes and so on. It is also known as the ear of the earth.”

“The eye of the earth, the ear of the earth…”

Wei Xun thought deeply and got up to help an Xuefeng bring the dishes to the table. The dishes fried by an Xuefeng are very simple. Fried cabbage, scrambled tomatoes with eggs, sliced sauce beef, steamed bread and porridge are the taste of the north.

Although Wei Xun said he would eat pepper before, he didn’t choose it. They don’t pay attention to what they eat without talking or sleeping. While eating, Wei Xun asked, “is there anything really buried under the earth?”

Wei Xun thought of the mountain god. If the huge and terrible corpse were buried underground, would it form something like the “eye of the earth” on the surface?

“That’s a lot of eyes. There are a lot of holes on the earth.”

An Xuefeng said casually: “there are not only the Sahara eye, but also the big blue hole in Belize, the burning hell gate in Karakum Desert, the doomsday pit in western Siberia, and the little eye in Taklimakan Desert… There are many. Come to eat.”

Seeing that Wei Xun only picked beef to eat, an Xuefeng mercilessly moved the beef and pushed the cabbage in front of him.

“I don’t like being vegetarian very much.”

Wei Xun pretended to say: “it may be the influence of becoming an animal…”

He first appeared as a passenger with black hair and black eyes. Later, Wei Xun’s hair gradually turned white on the grounds of ferret influence. When he succeeded in becoming a white haired blue eyed little snow leopard, he completely recovered, and he didn’t change back after he went back. This is actually a little strange. Few people do this.

However, an Xuefeng is an authority on the wild mind. He has frequent contact with Wei Xun and didn’t say anything. Others naturally think it’s just Wei Xun’s special.

Listening to Wei Xun taking this as an excuse, an Xuefeng looked at him with a smile and didn’t talk much. But pushed a small disc over.

It’s made of beef with sauce. There’s a little spicy pepper in it. Wei Xun had been eating soy sauce beef just now, which was a hint. Seeing an Xuefeng pushing the disc, Wei Xun immediately laughed.

“Don’t let the title affect you too much.”

An Xuefeng likes Wei Xun to focus on him, especially when he smiles. That kind of look always makes people feel very affectionate.

With white hair, white eyelashes, white to almost transparent skin and ice blue eyes, it looks like a precious and beautiful snow elf came to the world.

But when the “spirit” is very interested in eating cabbage with spicy food, it is very grounded. An Xuefeng sighed in his heart and ordered a plate of sauce beef: “conforming to the title will make you stronger, but it will also lure you gradually out of control.”

From loving meat, to eating half cooked meat, to eating raw meat, and finally even raw meat can not be satisfied. Desire and hope drive you to kill, drink fresh blood, and eat fresh meat that is still convulsing and beating.

An Xuefeng knows this best and how to control it.

“But the orange title is too powerful and infectious. Whether tour guides or tourists, the top few actually swim on both sides of the boundary between out of control and control.”

An Xuefeng took a sip of porridge: “especially the tour guide, it’s actually more dangerous. When they get to the first-class position, their title represents themselves.”

The title represents themselves?

Wei Xun felt that an Xuefeng meant something. He was reminding him and telling him deeper things related to the first-class tour guide.

“The playful man plays with fate and is played by fate. The dreamer controls the beautiful dream and gradually gets out of control on the way of chasing the beautiful dream. The puppet master controls the puppet, but she is also controlled by the puppet.”

When an Xuefeng talked about puppet master, Wei Xun knew it. Tomorrow’s meeting is in the morning. An Xuefeng can’t be unaware of what happened in the butcher alliance and the shepherd alliance.

Zhui Meng told him that he suspected that the puppet master’s terminal disease was teratoma. The kind that develops brain tissue and connects nerves.

And an Xuefeng’s words seem to explain this.

“Don’t be hurt by her.”

An Xuefeng said, “she seems to use puppet line, but her real killing move is not this. And it’s not as weak as expected. The dream chaser may have told you that the puppet master is not strong, but this is because the title of the dream chaser too dominates her.”

“The puppet master made the black widow suffer a great loss. There was a deep hatred between them. If the black widow could kill the puppet master, she would never live, but even the S-class tour guide in the West would not want to fight the puppet master.”

“Don’t underestimate this woman. She has great means.”

Wei Xun didn’t take the initiative to mention it to him, and an Xuefeng didn’t say to help. But he didn’t do nothing. While cleaning up, he told Wei Xun some secrets of the puppet master in detail.

“This is very secret, and the psychic media may not know it. If it were me, I would never accept anyone under the puppet master.”

An Xuefeng commented: “if they plan to take Pinocchio with them tomorrow, I’m afraid they will suffer a heavy loss.”

Although an Xuefeng didn’t know that the psychic media did intend to send the Sun Pendant to them, with his understanding of the psychic media, he thought that this person might bring Pinocchio to the meeting tomorrow.

With Pinocchio, he is completely beating the puppet master’s face and raising the prestige of the butcher alliance.

An Xuefeng will not let the puppet master smash Wei Xun’s field. The dreamer, Zhang xingzang, the metaphysics who came to the celebration today, Feihong… Can be said to be on Wei Xun’s side.

Unless the puppet master is crazy, she will never attack the Mutual Aid Association. They were absolutely safe throughout the meeting. Before the meeting is over, public opinion will be basically finalized. Even if the puppet division later targets the butcher alliance, it is difficult to recover.

Even if the puppet master wants to directly attack the base camp of the butcher Alliance… The psychic media must have arranged in advance, and the most important Sun Pendant will be taken away by them. If the puppet master wants to go crazy, let her hair.

But an Xuefeng said the psychic media would suffer a lot.

Teratoma, brain tissue, connecting nerve, don’t be hurt by her, the dreamer who controls the dream restrain her

A series of clues converged into a conjecture in Wei Xun’s heart.

What is the ultimate control?

Using foreign objects to control, such as puppet silk puppet line, has lost ground after all.

If you quietly change the nerves of the prey, control his thinking and control his brain

“Half life Taoist was hurt by the puppet of the puppet master.”

Wei Xun suddenly asked, “will something happen to him?”

“She uses this move to consume a lot. She shouldn’t use it many times. She won’t waste it casually.”

An Xuefeng said, “moreover, metaphysics is safe and poor. With Li Hongxue, half life Taoist will certainly have a detailed physical examination after returning.”

“Is the clothed fish controlled by the puppet master?”

Wei Xun talked about the clothed fish again and said, “I want him.”

“Going to his abyss node tonight?”

An Xuefeng frowned: “let’s go tomorrow night. I’ll go with you.”

We have to study the stone tablet of the hippie tonight. It’s too late.

After Wei Xun nodded, an Xuefeng said again:

“The clothed fish is the alienation of the demon insect group.”

“It’s not a single, giant devil bug, but a group of hairy Jersey fish. Each one can be said to be himself. The way of thinking of the social devil bug… Is very unique, and it’s difficult for the puppet master to completely control him.”

“And the devil insects always multiply quickly and update quickly.”

So as long as the clothed fish leaves a newly born little hairball without any problems in chasing dreams. Then he’ll be fine in the end.

However, the alienation state of a single individual such as psychic media and yin-yang butterfly is different.

It may not even be tomorrow. Something will happen to them tonight.

Neither an Xuefeng nor Wei Xun slept tonight. An Xuefeng is testing the tombstone, while Wei Xun is busy with other things, such as asking Taoist bee to ask the ghost out for the reason of duel, such as going to eight arm Nezha city to find Nezha spirit all night.

If the puppet master’s real means are like what an Xuefeng said, Wei Xun finds that he is not safe around him.

It’s necessary to find Nezha spirit.

Something happened. Something really happened.

The yin-yang butterfly despairingly thought that since returning to the butcher alliance, the yin-yang butterfly has collapsed and incoherent: “you, do you really want to send this, this Sun Pendant to the mutual aid alliance?”

“There is only one butcher in our alliance! Brother, brother, are you crazy!”

Only when one of these things is broken can there be another. It has special power and can directly contact the life playing people in the sun gate. It is very valuable.

Yin and Yang butterflies hurried back to discuss major issues with the psychic media. As soon as they arrived at the alliance, they saw the good news of Pinocchio’s defection. They were not happy for long. When they saw the psychic media take off the Sun Pendant from the wall, they became frightened and worried.

What’s the matter with adults? Or a new pendant? He thought there were a lot of cracks on the pendant

… when he knew that the psychic medium was going to give this pendant to Bingshi, it became a deep collapse.

“And Bingyi hasn’t promised you yet! Maybe, maybe…”

C is a silly treasure to accept! Isn’t this equivalent to moving their butcher boss into their own nest! Even relatives should be vigilant and wary of each other. That’s right. Who knows what the hippie wants to do? What if he actually wants to eat C-1 or revive from C-1!

At this moment, the yin-yang butterfly seemed to feel the pain of being sandwiched between the two tissues.

“Why don’t we open a channel with the mutual aid alliance? I, I pay. The vice president can come back to see Lord Xi at any time. No, I really don’t need to send out the Sun Pendant!”

Especially the Sun Pendant is full of cracks! There were not so many yin-yang butterflies yesterday. I heard that the psychic media spent a lot of money on several an Xuefeng posters to perform in turn in front of the Sun Pendant. But an Xuefeng’s poster was too expensive and out of print. Then he heard that the psychic bought more than a dozen C-1 posters and hung them around the sun.

I don’t want the Sun Pendant to crack completely after seeing Bing Yi and an Xuefeng.

Hiss… No.

Yin Yang butterfly suddenly realized that, yes, if you want to send the Sun Pendant, either the first-class tour guide will come, or the first three tour guides will work together to completely shield its breath in the hotel.

Die young! No, Pinocchio will go to the mutual aid meeting tomorrow!

What’s this, puppet master’s cafeteria? Who do you want to kill?

Psychics are really crazy.

Yin and Yang butterflies think of pain.

He has nightmares in the butcher League every day. When he wakes up, he forgets the content. He only remembers the inexplicable fear deep into the bone marrow… Especially tonight, at 8 o’clock, the yin-yang butterfly almost knelt to the ground.

Adults are absolutely angry! Psychic, he’s playing with fire!

But the psychic was not moved at all. Not only that, he directly locked the door: “we’ll sleep here tonight.”

Yin Yang Butterfly:???

Sleep under the eyes of the sun? This is too, too impolite??

If things go on like this, both yin and Yang butterflies suspect that as soon as Lord Xi Ming comes out, they are the first to die.

“You can go out if you want.”

When the yin-yang butterfly advised again, the psychic medium said coldly, “if you want to die.”

The yin-yang butterfly was as quiet as a chicken on the spot. Every time, he was intimidated by the psychic medium’s tone of wanting to eat children.

Because he knew what the psychic media said was true.

So the yin-yang butterfly finally responded, ignoring Pinocchio’s desire to ask him out for dinner on his mobile phone.

I’m kidding. Who dares to play with his mobile phone in front of the Sun Pendant!

“Psychic media and yin-yang butterflies don’t come out… It’s a little interesting.”

In the newly arranged resident room, Pinocchio played with his fingers. He broke his wooden fingers one by one and reattached them. The white puppet string is like some kind of worm, wriggling and stuffed with hollow puppets.

The psychic asked him to stay in a safe station for the time being, but after confirming that he could not see the psychic and yin-yang butterfly here, Pinocchio went out directly and was completely disobedient. He walked around the virtual hall and logged in to the mutual aid app on his mobile phone.

Yes, Pinocchio has also added a mutual aid association in private, but at present he is a low-key intermediate member of Parliament.

Pinocchio found the bee Taoist through the Mutual Aid Association. But to his surprise, Taoist bee didn’t answer at all.

“Everything tonight?”

Pinocchio tutted and always felt a little upset. Then he closed his eyes.

Inside Wei Xun’s magic insect ball, in the hydrangea space, a parasitic wasp slowly opened his eyes.

This parasitic wasp is the one Wei Xun got from northern Tibet and smashed the hair of ghosts. Its qualification is limited. The abyss energy overflowed when Wei Xun fused abyss nodes several times failed to upgrade it. In the end, he only became a nanny to take care of bee eggs.

Now, the parasite looks very wrong.

Its bee eyes turned gray and flew askew, emitting an ominous smell. All the way through those bee eggs, magic bees, and a large number of evil ghost insects

It’s familiar with the ball of the devil bug. Can fly out without disturbing the master.

This time, however, the situation is different.

Why, why are all the surroundings blocked and the temperature is getting hot?

The parasitic wasp is agitated and confused. Pinocchio, who controls it, is also agitated and has a dim sum feeling. However, just as he was about to cut off contact with the parasite, the parasite suddenly froze. Before it ran away, a huge, burning, invincible hand stretched out out of thin air and pinched the back neck of its fate.

“Oh, brother, look what I found in your Hydrangea?”

Nezhaling, who examined Wei Xun’s Hydrangea, was elated: “a little strange insect!”

The author has something to say: an Xuefeng: it’s not easy to come here. You have to bring some gifts.

[an Xuefeng pulls out the tombstone of the life playing man]

Psychic: it’s not easy to come. You have to bring some gifts.

[the psychic took off the Sun Pendant]

Puppet Master: it’s not easy to come. It’s more or less

[the psychic doesn’t see you]

[Yin Yang butterfly doesn’t see you]

[Taoist bee doesn’t see you]

[clothed fish doesn’t see you]

[mysterious disappearance]

[even parasitic wasps…]

Puppet Master:???


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