TTG Chapter 291

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 291: Occupation of Highlands

“It’s it.”

Wei Xun looked at the parasitoid that was completely controlled by Nezha’s spirit and raised his eyebrows.

Wei Xun returned to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing tonight with the incomplete vacation manual opened in the blind box. This is what an Xuefeng suggested. After all, the capital has sufficient police force and a large flow of people on the 11th National Day, so it’s not very easy to do things.

Why don’t you go straight back to the journey.

As soon as Wei Xun returned to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, he appeared in the “Ming Tombs” where he finally left. As soon as he landed, Nezha Ling jumped over – he was waiting for Wei Xun!

“Brother, how are you now?”

Nezha Ling said with concern. When Wei Xun asked him why he was here, Nezha Ling took it for granted: “Taizong said you had some trouble recently, so I came right away!”

Wei Xun suddenly figured it out and couldn’t help laughing. I’m afraid he misunderstood the other party when he included the soul of the murderer’s knife in the dead Ming token and the original invitation to Taizong to “go out and play”.

Taizong should be too lazy to go out, but it was too unkind to directly refuse Wei Xun, so he simply brought Nezha Ling over.

“Brother, I really have some trouble, but I want to tell you good news first!”

Wei Xun smiled and took out the urn: “haven’t you always wanted to go out? Now you can stay with me at any time!”

“Is there such a wonderful baby?”

Nezha Ling was very interested. He took a look and said, “brother, are you going to worship me? This is really a good way!”


Wei Xun was still thinking about how Nezha Ling should establish contact with the tomb because he had no tomb. It’s easy to get feedback. As a result, Wei Xun was a little enlightened when nezhaling said so.

Can it be said that establishing a connection with the tomb is essentially a sacrifice? The simplest way to establish contact should be to burn paper money and submit a confession. That’s right.

Wei Xun tried to find out what Nezha Ling liked. Nezha Ling waved his small hand and directly said he didn’t pick it. His brother just carved a small stone statue for him. It seems that it is similar to the immortal statue in the sacrificial temple.

Wei Xun was already familiar with carving, so he gave Nezha the ball of the devil bug while carving.

“Brother, check it for me. I suspect there is something bad in it.”

“Bad thing?”

Hearing this, Nezha Ling lit the samadhi true fire directly and surrounded the demon insect ball with a raging fire.

“OK, let me help you.”

“The devil bug has no brain and no thought. It is the easiest to be controlled.”

Yu Hehui said that Wei Xun brought him and Tong Hege this time.

According to an Xuefeng, as long as you have been in contact with the puppet master, there is a risk of pollution. It’s safer to come to Nezha Ling to detoxify.

“Is the puppet master really so famous? I’d like to see him.”

Tong Hege said curiously that he and Yu Hehui both died early. The puppet master was not very famous and didn’t leave any impression.

“In fact, the butcher alliance is more dangerous.”

Tong Hege said carelessly, “we haven’t seen her body either. On the contrary, it was xun’er. When you saved Zhang xingzang, didn’t the dreamer join hands with the puppet master and join her in the butcher alliance?”

“If you are injured, you may be infected… The most injured butcher guides that night. Doesn’t it mean that even the psychic media were robbed by the puppet master for a period of time?”

“That’s right.”

Yu Hehui thought: “the psychic is a smart man. If there is something wrong with his body… I’m afraid only the Sun Pendant can suppress it. No wonder he wants to send the Sun Pendant.”

The key is not to ‘send the Sun Pendant’, but to stay with the Sun Pendant all the time.

“It’s troublesome.”

Tong Hege was a little confused: “what should they do when they go back?”

Yu Hehui looked at Wei Xun and looked at him. Wei Xun and Yu Hehui thought of this.

If the psychic is really polluted, and the Sun Pendant can suppress pollution. Then before going back, either the pollution will be eliminated, or he will take the Sun Pendant back.

What is the elimination of pollution?

Wei Xun thought of the suit that was offered by the psychic medium by the hand of Yin-Yang butterfly, which vaguely exudes the power of the abyss.

Will the psychic media not care about themselves to test him?

“He’s the kind of man my brother would like.”

Wei Xun commented: “you have more eyes, think more, and be cruel.”

Similarly suspicious, Wei Xun likes those who have little heart, are loyal and obedient, and can see to the end at a glance. Wei Xuechen likes smart people with many hearts.

“I don’t like people with many minds.”

Nezhaling protested next to him. He carefully checked the ball of magic insects. According to Wei Xun, he focused on key magic insects such as fat bamboo shoots, Xiaocui and responsible magic insects. Finally, to everyone’s surprise, it was the parasitic wasp that Nezha spirit found out.

“Someone is manipulating it.”

Nezha’s Spirit said, “it was hiding very secretly. It had to be screened carefully, but it was too obvious.”

“Parasitic wasp… Does the puppet master want to do something to an Dui? She’s really crazy!”

Yu Hehui’s face suddenly looked ugly.

The parasitic wasps on Wei Xun’s side are definitely aimed at an Xuefeng who will participate in the meeting tomorrow. But the parasitic wasp appeared in the magic insect ball of Bingyi… Yu Hehui frowned and looked at Wei Xun worried.


Wei Xun was calm: “I think she’s going to fight Taoist bee.”

Parasitic wasps originally belong to the bee Taoist, especially in northern Tibet. According to common sense, all parasitic wasps contacted by hair ghost hair will eventually return to the bee Taoist.

Parasitic wasps have no brain and only know how to rely on female wasps. Once manipulated, they will be immediately detected by the demon insect guide. So it has been lurking until it is activated today.

“Taoist bee also has the ball of magic insects.”

As long as there is the title of devil bug controller, you can get the incomplete devil bug ball, as well as the bee Taoist priest. Wei Xun saw it when he turned it all in.

Yu Hehui thought Wei Xun was right. He was concerned, but he was confused.

“Taoist bee…”

“There are dreamers following.”

Wei Xun smiled. The small statue of Nezha Ling carved on his hand had begun to take shape: “it will be fine.”

“Come on, brother, try this little statue.”

The dreamer’s face is a little ugly.

At this moment, he was hiding in a wilderness.

The dreamer didn’t think that the bee Taoist could ask out the hair ghost at this critical moment… The hair ghost should be closely protected by the puppet master.

However, as Wei Xun said, Fagui really agreed to the appointment, and took the initiative to ask not to be in the virtual hall arena supervised by the hotel, but in the wilderness without anyone’s supervision in reality.

It’s just right to do it.

Yifa ghost’s loyalty to the puppet master, he will never act privately, that is to say, the puppet master attaches great importance to the bee Taoist priest.

That is to say

The dreamer’s eyes looked back and forth at the bee Taoist and the hair ghost, and thought of the clothed fish. His expression was more and more dignified.

No, it can’t be true. How much did the evil bug master divide himself!

In the cold wind, Taoist bee only felt a little cold behind him, as if someone was paying attention to him.

I don’t know if this man is from the mutual aid association or… Puppet master.

I’m a little, a little excited to think that I’m really bold in calculating A-2 tour guide!

My boss is the brother of a big man, and my bodyguard is a big man.

Taoist bee cheered himself in his heart. He was full of confidence. He looked at the ghost without hiding his disgust and hostility, as if he were looking at a pool of mud.

Taoist bee has always hated hair ghosts. He can’t tell the reason. It’s not just their competitive relationship, it’s more like a physical aversion, like a cat smelling an orange peel.

Especially the hair ghost, who is crazy, has been pestering him. Yes, Taoist bee thought that the hair ghost had been pestering him. In fact, Taoist bee didn’t want to pay attention to him for some time. He decided to concentrate on beekeeping and make a lot of money. As a result, the hair ghost would always jump out from all kinds of corners and trouble him. That kind of look was really disgusting.

Just like he is now.

“Taoist bee, Taoist bee…”

The ghost has crazy eyes. He looks very different from before – so does the bee Taoist. After accepting the abyss worm queen bee, the bee Taoist grows tall and has a strange affinity. Even if he now has a straight face and disgust, it makes people have a strange sense of closeness, just like his mother.

But the hair ghost became more strange. The back of his head and face were covered by long black hair, which was like a double-sided chastity. Only two blood red, disproportionate eyes were hanging on his wriggling long hair, which looked like two tumors.

“Taoist bee, leave the butcher Alliance…”


Taoist bee snorted coldly. How many years have you been trying to attract him into the shepherd alliance?

Times have changed!

“Can I leave the butcher alliance? Yes.” the bee Taoist despised it and directly provoked: “do you dare to leave the shepherd alliance?”

“Hum, ha ha.”

The ghost sent out a sneer: “if you dare…”

Before his voice fell, the next second he saw the bee Taoist took out the badge of the butcher alliance and broke it directly without hesitation!

Hair Ghost:?!?!

Breaking the badge means that the man resolutely withdrew from the alliance and there is no chance of turning around at all!

Did the bee Taoist decide to completely surrender to the mutual aid association? He——

“Do it!”

Taking advantage of the momentary amazement of the hair ghost, Taoist bee yelled directly. No matter whether the bodyguard followed or not, he threw a ball of red things directly at the hair ghost!

what is it?

The ghost wants to hide, but his body can’t move at all. The dreamer completely blocked the site and sneaked into the dream. No matter who in the hotel or the hotel can’t contact them and find them during this time!

But the dreamer can’t attack him. Don’t be afraid of him. This sentence was said by the puppet master. Fagui deeply trusts and admires her.

He shouldn’t have been afraid, but the hair ghost trembled all over, not only the suppression of the strong, but also because the red thread group brought him a strange feeling.

As if they should have been one


The child’s voice sounded clear, and the ghost now looked very funny, like a small red wool ball on a large black wool ball. But when you look carefully, the creeping ‘wool’ is disgusting and can make people collapse.

It was Xiao Hong who was thrown by Taoist bee! Wei Xun’s guess is right. Xiao Hong really has a deep connection with the hair ghost.

“There are many ugly tumors on my brother.”

Xiao Hong wriggled and made a numbing sound.

“My brother left me in the abyss in order not to be completely infected by the tumor… Now I’m back.”

More and more red lines finally replaced black. The crisp child voice gradually changed into a low male voice: “my brother can die at ease.”

Many great things happened tonight, but the sun still rose the next day. In the shepherd’s Union, the puppet master is choosing the clothes for himself to attend today.

Even if no one invited her, puppet master still chose her carefully, with the a slight hook in corners of the his mouth and a smile.

How many years of dormant planning, how many years of seeds have come to harvest.

Autumn is coming, and the harvest season is coming.

For many years, the butcher alliance has been cannibalizing the shepherd alliance and poaching the shepherd alliance’s tour guide. Who knows that she is behind the scenes?

Pinocchio was rebelled and entered the butcher alliance, which was her last step. In the previous rescue of Zhang xingzang, the puppet Division has determined that the abyss clock is no longer in the butcher alliance, and the channel of the sun gate has also been suppressed.

What’s the use of even the Sun Pendant? Those who play with life can’t get out again.

“Today is our good day. You should laugh.”

The puppet master chose his dress and took off his clothes with a smile. Her body was almost perfect. The only discomfort was that she had a woman’s head printed on her abdomen.

It’s just that the print is already very light, like a faded ink painting, which will soon disappear.

“Alas, it’s a pity that only one of us can become the leader.”

The puppet master fondly touched the woman’s head on the lower abdomen: “but don’t worry, I’ll always find a way to separate you. Wait for more and more puppets…”

The dress covered his body. Before going out, the puppet master went to see the ghost with eyes and hair. Hair ghost comes back in the morning and applies for the highest self as soon as he comes back □□. He met the dreamer last night. Although, as the puppet master expected, the dreamer would not do anything to him, every time the puppet master would send ghosts and clean his mind.

Prevent the dreamer from leaving anything in his dreams.

But this time she didn’t have much time, so she had to come back and clean up. Fortunately, she spent hundreds of thousands of points to build the self □□ room, which is the most defensive solid building. No one can enter without her password. Can’t leave.

“In the future, we will also build a □□ room in the butcher Union.”

The puppet master talked to himself, smiled and left the shepherd alliance.

After today, the butcher League is a puppet. No, no, no, of course she won’t attack the mutual aid association and find an Xuefeng for their bad luck. She’s just going to take over the butcher League. Presumably, because of the hostility of an Xuefeng and dream chasers towards the butcher alliance, they will be happy to see their dogs bite their dogs.

As for psychics, they… If they want to hide next to the Sun Pendant, they should hide all the time. An Xuefeng can’t agree that the meeting is located in the butcher alliance. They must come out today.

Can they take the Sun Pendant with them?


Psychic media, they actually took the Sun Pendant away??

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