TTG Chapter 292

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 292: Suits

“What are you talking about?”

Standing in the hall of the butcher alliance, the puppet master gnashed his teeth every word.

“Psychic media, they have gone… Carrying the Sun Pendant?”

The sun had risen in the morning, but the puppet master’s eyes were dark and question mark. The process of taking over the butcher union was unexpectedly smooth, and the dirty door to detect the butcher guide did not work for her at all.

Quietly, the puppet master came to the base camp of the butcher’s Guide. Dozens of butcher guides in cloaks knelt down in front of her, and the bride ranked B and 6 knelt meekly in front, wearing a bloody red veil.

When the puppet master didn’t come, they were all loyal butcher guides. They were the most loyal. Unlike the slick bee Taoist, they were the backbone who would fight to the end for the butcher alliance.

… but in fact, it’s strange that the semi crazy butcher guide will be loyal.

When the puppet master stood in front of them and caused pollution, in the eyes of these people, the puppet master was their absolute master. The butcher guides, who were polluted but had not finished the distortion, had fainted at the moment of rising their heart of resistance. Just like the other two B-class elite tour guides stationed in the butcher alliance.

In fact, the puppet master also felt strange. After all, when he found that the psychic media and yin-yang butterflies shrank next to the Sun Pendant all night, the puppet master felt that the psychic media might have found something.

But it’s no use if he finds out now. If the puppet master is willing to completely abolish the psychic media, she can now completely control the psychic media. But the psychic is a very capable person, and the puppet master appreciates him very much.

The situation has become a foregone conclusion. The puppet master still likes to watch these plays of surviving and struggling to survive.

Since the psychic had long expected, the puppet master guessed that he would let those trusted tour guides evacuate in advance, or take them to the shelter of a principal, or to Parliament. At least save the living power of the butcher alliance.

Unexpectedly, the psychic media didn’t tell others at all and left all these people like abandoned children.

The psychic is willing.

The puppet master smiled and thought.

But the psychic did the right thing. After all, there are countless tour guides infected by her in the butcher alliance, and almost every tour guide has a little pollution. Once he takes these guides to some secret base of the butcher alliance, the puppet master can sense it at the first time.

Walking in the butcher League, wherever the puppet master went, the butcher guide all knelt down, and the scenery was like the return of life playing people.

Without a psychic medium in charge of the overall situation, the auxiliary support of yin and Yang butterflies, and a long layout plan, picking fruit is so easy and easy.

… that’s great! The puppet master was suspicious when he got there smoothly. Why didn’t he even have the slightest threat of the sun??

“Bride, report to me.”

Wave back other guides and leave the bride alone. The puppet master sat in the middle of the butcher League, in the chair of the president.


The bride kneeling in front of her bowed her head obediently without the command of the puppet master. When she was in front of her, the people controlled by her would not have too many self movements. Most of the time, she is not very good at controlling puppets, and mostly allows them to move freely, especially high-level ones.

These tour guides in the butcher alliance who are less influenced by her will be just like normal as long as the puppet master is not here.

As for Pinocchio, she can now sense Pinocchio’s position and convey information to him. But she doesn’t directly control Pinocchio. Because there are many restrictions on being a puppet in the hotel. After all, guided tourists are the private property of the hotel. It can be said that the puppet master’s behavior is to steal his home – to steal the hotel property!

There are too many restrictions on the title of Puppet Master in the hotel. Puppet masters often feel targeted by the hotel.

But it doesn’t matter, as long as she has mastered a journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

The puppet master thought.

It’s no secret that the hotel gives special treatment to tour guides and tourists who open a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. Their group of people who open 30 degrees north latitude even become one, and the deep-seated secrets of the whole circle are highly confidential. Even if the puppet master controls the psychic medium, he can’t get any information about 30 degrees north latitude from him.

The Sun Pendant was learned from the clothed fish (the clothed fish learned from the dreamer)

“Who let there be no movement in northern Tibet?”

The puppet master sighed.

The end of the year celebration is coming, and the end of the decade is coming. The reason why the Duke of the west side went to war regardless of the rules was that he was also a guide without a journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

The journey of 30 degrees north latitude is really important. Time is tight. She can’t wait.

The puppet master’s eyes narrowed slightly. She could vaguely remember the style of the guide Jia Yi’s life playing people at that time. It was because the shock left was too great that she was cautious, yearning and wanting

Replace him, control him, and finally become him.

What’s the use of taking over the butcher alliance? It’s almost the end of the decade. It’s meaningless to close a big organization. What the puppet master really wants is a life playing man, a journey of 30 degrees north latitude!

In fact, she has made many plans… There are clothed fish in the dreamer. Unfortunately, the clothed fish has not been very obedient, and since Zhang xingzang’s resurrection, the dreamer has not continued to perish.

An Xuefeng’s side… An Xuefeng’s back hands have been pulled out, not to mention.

The worst thing is the black widow.

The puppet master thought.

She had already arranged everything. She waited for George to have an accident and then took over Babel Tongtian tower. Unexpectedly, the black widow found the problem in advance and was cruel. She directly killed George first and got the keepsake of Babel Tower! And she even raised the title of black widow to orange!

Sure enough, you still have to play with life.

Any class a tour guide is very difficult to get close, but the playful people are different. He left the Sun Pendant with his own breath to communicate with the outside world.

As long as the puppet master pollutes the Sun Pendant, he can pollute the life playing man himself.

“… psychic media, yin and Yang butterflies and Pinocchio left with the Sun Pendant on their shoulders. On their way home, Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu came to meet them at the door…”

“What are you talking about?!”

The puppet master stood up at once, and for a moment she even felt absurd.

How is that possible? How dare a psychic!

Pinocchio didn’t contact her today. The puppet master knew there must be something wrong. After coming to the butcher alliance and finding Pinocchio absent, the puppet master thought it was the psychic medium who brought Pinocchio to let an Xuefeng solve his hidden dangers.

She really didn’t know that these three people took the Sun Pendant away!

The Sun Pendant is gone. What kind of home does she steal? To comfort her little puppets?

“This must be a puzzle deliberately laid by the psychic medium.”

The puppet master soon calmed down and talked to himself.

“The real Sun Pendant must still be inside the butcher Alliance… Hum, insect carving skills, still trying to deceive me?”

Yes, with the prudence of the psychic medium, he dares to directly carry the Sun Pendant of the life playing man to see an Xuefeng? Moreover, Wang Yushu and Mao Xiaole came to pick them up… Mao Xiaole is the most hostile passenger to the butcher alliance!

Moreover, even if they don’t do it to see the face of C Yi… Will c Yi’s attitude be good? If you really trust, why don’t you just hold the meeting in the butcher alliance?

C 1 is the younger brother of the playful man. There is no one in the hotel who can be trusted except himself!

“Wang Yushu, I can’t help it.”

Mao Xiaole was so angry that his eyes looked like a butcher’s Guide. Anyone who dared to look at it all the way was glared back by him.

But it didn’t work. Mao Xiaole saw them take out their mobile phones. Must soon be ‘shocked! Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu personally escorted the psychic, yin-yang butterfly and Pinocchio! ” Your posts will fill the whole forum.

“Endure again, Xiaole, endure again.”

Wang Yushu advised, “you see, the Yin and Yang butterflies are too scared to speak. He is so counselled that you are happy.”

Yin Yang butterfly suddenly named:?

At the moment, yin and Yang butterflies are sweating all over, and their thin legs tremble when walking… It’s too difficult to carry the Sun Pendant. Even if the psychic media uses special props, they all gather their strength together. They work together to carry the Sun Pendant. They have to do their best to suppress this terrible force.

It’s like running forward after running a kilometer. It’s the same feeling with each step. Since he became a tour guide, he has not been so tired for a long time, so tired that his brain is blank. Mao Xiaole’s words are like random code, and his mood is strange and calm.

He didn’t know anything. He didn’t know why when he opened the door this morning, he would see Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu standing at the door. Mao Xiaole’s eyes were fierce, as if he wanted to tear him apart. He didn’t know why the psychic media appointed Pinocchio to hold the gift box with the Sun Pendant all the way.

He didn’t know why he had to go to the front – even in front of the psychic medium!

The yin-yang butterfly gave up thinking. Anyway, he would do as well as the psychic media arranged. He even couldn’t figure out how the psychic media could still have the strength to communicate with him. Even if the psychic medium then spoke to him and said, ‘the puppet master may have gone to the butcher alliance’, he wouldn’t be surprised

Yin Yang Butterfly:???

The puppet master went to the butcher Union?? Then hurry back to defense! The bride alone can’t stop her!

The yin-yang butterfly was sweating like rain and almost shouted, but Mao Xiaole and them were in front. They couldn’t let the old enemy know the weakness of the butcher alliance. The yin-yang butterfly tried hard to wink at the psychic medium, making their eyes cramp.

But the psychic doesn’t bird him at all.

“My Lord has always missed you.”

The psychic media even began to talk to Wang Yushu and them: “although many people think adults are ruthless, adults actually attach most importance to feelings. Lord Bingyi also attaches great importance to adults and must attach importance to feelings. They are handed down in one continuous line.”

You won’t call me young master again? Your name is Lord C-I again? Dress, dress!

This calm attitude of the psychic media calmed the yin-yang butterfly. He even felt that today was a nightmare for the dreamer.

They are all in a dream, hee hee.

“Don’t get close to us.”

Mao Xiaole said ruthlessly, “don’t test my patience!”

Wang Yushu’s hand pressed on Mao Xiaole’s shoulder and politely said, “the mutual aid alliance is coming.”

In fact, Wang Yushu doesn’t understand why team an asked Mao Xiaole to pick up the psychics. If it’s to show a good relationship with the butcher alliance, wouldn’t it be good to replace it with smooth Wang pengpai and Bai Xiaosheng? It also seems to pay more attention.

Mao Xiaole is famous for his hatred of evil. He hates butchers and guides most. He won’t pretend. Even if he is patient, he will definitely show his true attitude.

Let Mao Xiaole come, which means that although C-1 is connected with an team, there will be no change in his attitude towards the butcher Alliance on the way home? Still hostile?

This… There’s no need to behave like this today. Anyway, today is also a great day for C 1. It’s too hard to make it on the surface, and I don’t feel very good.

And to tell the truth, when Wang Yushu came to the door of the butcher alliance today, he always felt something was wrong. It was a strange feeling. He always felt that something subtle was happening inside the butcher alliance.

Forget it, No.

Wang Yushu shook his head and hugged Mao Xiaole’s shoulder. As he said, the mutual aid alliance is coming soon.

Captain C, let them come as soon as they have any plans.

“The puppet master should have arrived at the butcher alliance.”

In the exclusive room of the vice president of the mutual aid alliance, Wei Xun sat in the middle. He was wearing the suit sent by the psychic media.

The suit coat is casually placed at hand, the snow-white shirt is straight, and the black bronzed belt outlines the narrow waist, as if it could be held by one hand. The suit pants weighed his legs long and straight. The sharp points of black leather shoes are not on the ground, revealing a ankle wrapped by black socks.

The suit sent by the psychic media is in the style of dress. Wei Xun looks very polite and elegant after wearing it.

But he played with a sharp knife in his hand.

Suit mob.

After finishing his clothes, Yu Hehui couldn’t help thinking when he stood aside to check.

Different people will feel different when they wear suits, elegant, gentle, abstinence and restraint… The black suit and Wei Xun’s snow-white skin and snow-white hair blend into a wonderful reaction, which makes people amazing. Yu Hehui even felt that he had changed in front of him for a moment.

But when Wei Xun lightly hooked his mouth and played with the knife carelessly, the wanton hidden in his bones penetrated out. In particular, with the mysterious abyss breath vaguely diffused in this suit, it is more consistent with Wei Xun’s temperament.

Wei Xun is playing with the blade of a madman. At seven o’clock this morning, the killing knife of the arms dealer was finally integrated into the maniac’s knife, raising the maniac’s knife to a high level. But its initial level is too low after all, and the integration of “killing” is not very good.

The strength of the first person it killed will determine how strong the killing characteristics of the maniac’s knife are.

You can’t kill a second-class guide.

Wei Xun thought.

Otherwise, if he is promoted to class B, he will have a little trouble if he wants to participate in the warm-up match of the year-end celebration.

“After discovering that the butcher alliance really doesn’t have a Sun Pendant, the puppet master is likely to come here.”

Wei Xun gave Yu Hehui the knife, stood up, put on black leather gloves, and then put the ring outside the gloves.

Wei Xun wore two rings on his left and right ring fingers. One is an orange red team leader ring, the other is a dark blue crystal diamond ring with purple tentacles.

An Xuefeng said that the ring was given back to him. Today is Wei Xun’s big day. He hopes that Wei Xun can also wear his ring.

Don’t say, such a ring looks better than Wei Xun’s carving. But the heart is the same in the ring.

Seeing the ring, Wei Xun thought of an Xuefeng. An Xuefeng is not in the mutual aid alliance, but returns to his way home and stays up late to detect the tombstone of the life playing people. The mutual aid alliance has not opened a channel with any brigade Alliance for the time being. An Xuefeng will start from the way home and come directly.

I wonder if he has solved the secret in the tombstone.

Wei Xun drank a small cup of chocolate liquid while thinking, and then his back suddenly opened the wings of the devil!

This chocolate colored liquid is the black devil sheep’s milk contributed by the fainted sheep! It has the function of quickly losing San. It is most suitable for tour guides who want to become alienated, but want to maintain a high death countdown and don’t want to be injured.

The open demon wing did not damage the suit, and the snow-white shirt was very suitable. Wei Xun checked the suit specially sent by the psychic media and even asked an Xuefeng to help see it, but there was no problem except for some abyss breath.

Although Wei Xun thinks it is definitely not an ordinary suit, so far, he feels only comfortable after wearing it.

The suit seemed to be tailor-made for him, which made Wei Xun feel very comfortable in all aspects. Especially after becoming alienated, this comfort is almost doubled.

After Wei Xun entered the chieftain King’s tomb once, his alienation has been strengthened.

There was a star like dark red light on the tip of his demon horn, which seemed to indicate that he had mastered the power of fire, and the great and powerful demon wings seemed more and more noble and powerful, dark but not dark, but there was a layer of star like and blurred light on the surface.

The most important thing is that Wei Xun succeeded in growing a lot after he became alienated a little! One meter eighty-five after alienation, he has successfully sneaked into the tall League!

“Psychic media, they really bring the Sun Pendant.”

Yu Hehui asked in a low voice, “if it’s really a special token of 30 degrees north latitude that can communicate with people playing life, it’s very likely to be unique.”

After normal damage, a new solar pendant will appear. But if the Sun Pendant falls into the hands of an Xuefeng and is thrown into the deep sea of Western Europe by him, then

Then you can ‘drown the sun’.

“He’ll bring it.”

Wei Xun was determined. He looked at the time, put on sunglasses, and walked out of the room with Yu Hehui to the hall of the mutual aid alliance.

“Come, come, come out!”

“What’s your name? Bingyi, I’ll call the vice president today!”

Yu Hehui went out first. Wei Xun behind him directly heard the noisy noise from Zhang xingzang and Tong Hege in front. Today is the big day of the mutual aid alliance. All knights are present. Even the black widow has specially arranged a cross district projection. They will attend on time.

There is a star hiding them to set off the atmosphere, which can never be cold.

Thinking of this, Wei Xun put on the suit coat on his arm and fastened the buttons himself.

When Wei Xun put on his full suit and came out while thinking about things, he found that the noise suddenly disappeared. It seemed that someone had suddenly silenced him, and there was silence everywhere.

Zhang Xing hid his hand on his waist and his pupils contracted suddenly. Just a moment ago, his scalp exploded and his cold hair stood upright. He almost took out his weapon!

The smell of the abyss, but it is different from the ordinary smell of the abyss.

Only those who persist to the end on the battlefield and those who see the most terrible existence can vaguely perceive the existence of nightmare terror.

The purest, the breath of the abyss.

Belongs to the boundless darkness.

Zhang xingzang believes that abyss and pollution cannot be equated. The purest abyss has no bias. It is more like a pure energy. Those abyss demons, alienated guides, monsters rising up the sky, and even the spiritual pollution brought by the journey of 30 degrees north latitude are not pure.

This pollution has its own flavor, which is affected by their experience, surrounding environment, race and so on. No matter how affected, these contaminated things are ugly in the eyes of normal people and normal passengers.

Sometimes Zhang xingzang feels that the so-called pollution and variation are just transforming the people or things who see it into a state that can adapt to this energy.

Maybe they are ugly in the eyes of the abyss.

But must the abyss be ugly?

At this moment, the man stood in front of him. Zhang Xing’s nerves trembled. He felt a fatal temptation.

It is powerful, mysterious, undetectable, and makes people want to explore to the fullest, even if they are lost.

It is this sense of loss of control that makes Zhang xingzang’s conditioned reflex sound the alarm and wake him up in an instant.

Then uncontrollably, Zhang xingzang took a step back, and the corners of his eyes twitched.

It’s so similar.

Zhang xingzang couldn’t help thinking.

The moment C came out… It was so like a life playing man.

Even without a cloak, alienation is not exactly the same, and his height is even different… But the pure breath of the abyss makes him a little PTSD.

It’s different.

Yu Hehui took a deep breath, and the snow-white fox tail, which was out of control, shook anxiously behind him.

He has been with Wei Xun just now, and he doesn’t feel much different. But now Wei Xun put on his suit and coat, completely. When he stood in front of them after wearing his suit, that feeling completely changed.

Before, Yu Hehui only worried about whether Wei Xun in a suit would be too “human”, worried that someone would think of it.

But now Yu Hehui is worried… Whether there is something terrible hidden in the suit sent by the butcher alliance.

A splitting headache.

Yu Hehui’s head hurt very much. His temples jumped suddenly, as if some memory was going to break through the obstacles and gush out.

This breath, this breath is too familiar.

It makes Yu Hehui vaguely think of the moment of his death and think of

Someone who killed him.

“President, I’ve done everything you arranged.”

At present, it is only the bee Taoist of class B who can’t feel so many things. After a moment of amazement, he took the lead in breaking the calm. Taoist bee is very good at coming. He saved the word “Vice” directly. Just like the deputy director in charge of himself in reality, the deputy director directly calls the director and the group leader. It’s comfortable to listen.

He walked to Wei Xun in a low-key way. When he made close contact, Taoist bee narrowed his eyes comfortably.

Deep in my mind, the anxiety and madness that even purified magic honey could not completely eliminate seemed to have been caressed by an invisible big hand and completely calmed down. It’s like coming home after a hard day and lying on a soft bed wrapped in a quilt in the rain.

It’s so comfortable.

Taoist bee couldn’t help thinking.

It’s as comfortable as… When I was in the butcher alliance, it was rare when I was in the hall with Lord Xi Ming.

If only Lord Xi Ming hadn’t been at the Inca sun gate all these years. If only I could see him by chance.

Taoist bee is a little lost.

The reason why he came to the mutual aid alliance so neatly is that over the years, more and more anxiety and tension out of control account for most of the reasons. He must make changes.

The bee Taoist thought that only by confessing to the mutual aid alliance and listening to the little prince’s ideological and moral lessons could he gain a moment of peace.

But now, seeing C for a while, he felt the same sense of being comforted.

It’s worthy of being an adult’s brother.

Taoist bee sighed and thought, and strengthened his faith.

“Peace has been organized. Now you can go out. Many people came to the landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance.”

Taoist bee asked Zhang xingzang to revive them.

“Team an and psychic media should be there soon.”


Wei Xun narrowed his eyes and didn’t ignore Zhang Xing’s mistake. He felt the mood of Yu Hehui and Tong Hege a little. He found that there was no big problem, so he decided to talk about it later.

So Wei Xun walked in front, and the Knights followed him and walked out of the door of the mutual aid alliance.

With soft Hotel light and comfortable breeze, Wei Xun found himself on a high platform.

The mutual aid alliance is a 30 degree north latitude organization. Many other organizations are quietly established, but the hotel has set up a high platform for them in the virtual hall, and even has a special push.

This is a privilege only for the journey of 30 degrees north latitude!

Let all the tourists and guides in the hotel remember this moment!

The author has something to say: there will be a change at noon tomorrow!

Puppet Master [exclamation]: the psychic is very cruel. Did he leave all his guides?

Psychic: ambitious (normal) have all entered the mutual aid Alliance:)

Today is the 500 red envelopes sent by Yu Hehui’s Fox Tail (?), first come, first served!

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