TTG Chapter 293

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 293: Nutrient Solution 570000 Jiageng

There are really many people.

Standing on the high platform, Wei Xun glanced and saw the crowd in Wuyang. Countless people look at the high platform, but at present, the high platform is a fog to them. The ceremony hasn’t started yet. Whether the audience can see this can be controlled.

Wei Xun looked up and saw that the nearest one was the Party led by yuntianhe. No matter the tour guides or tourists, they all wore black robes and looked very much like a Death Eater party.

There is no decoration on the black robes of the most ordinary members. The neckline and cuffs of low-level members are dark green, the middle-level members are dark blue, and the high-level members are purple.

The Knights standing behind Wei Xun, their black robes have gold stripes. The black hem of the adjudicator’s dream chaser is orange.

Looking around, there are still many black robes belonging to the Mutual Aid Association, including hundreds of people. This is mainly supported by tourists. There are many more tourists than tour guides.

After all, many tour guides who join the Mutual Aid Association don’t dare to come. To tell the truth, the three tour guide alliances are very chaotic. Bingyi has a feud with the truth alliance and has a poor relationship with the shepherd alliance. The butcher alliance absolutely dare not haunt the place where an Xuefeng is present on the way home.

Not to mention the uncertain outcome of the three major tour guide alliances, many people are sitting and watching, and not everyone dares to come. Most of those who can come are uniwolf guides without camps and organizations. And a very conspicuous tour guide of “real shepherd flow”.

Wei Xun noticed them at a glance because a senior member of the Mutual Aid Association wearing a purple border and black robe was giving an open ideological and moral lesson to the members of the Mutual Aid Association present.

There are really a lot of listeners. At the beginning of this month, many people have not taken ideological and moral lessons. I’m worried that something will happen at home, so I’d better take advantage of this to have a big class with you. After all, there are many people, and there are hotels in the virtual hall. It feels safer.

Not only the members of the Mutual Aid Association, but also a lot of spectators were listening. From time to time, there were voices of coaxing and questioning, but yuntianhe was not affected at all. He was eloquent, and even many listeners nodded.

No one expected that he would dare to appear in the public view today!

“Yuntianhe doesn’t have stage fright.”

Wei Xun heard Tong Hege whispering. Indeed, yuntianhe is a bit of a social bully. Wei Xun is wondering whether to sell him as a knight. The following events were organized by yuntianhe with several people. There were not only lectures to attract the audience, but also some ordinary members who sent leaflets and sent some worthless small gifts produced and sold by themselves in the mutual aid alliance.

Wei Xun looked at Yu Hehui, and Yu Hehui clearly took out a flyer model to show him.

[the 30 degree north latitude organization mutual aid alliance landed today, with 5000 points and a broken membership fee of only 2500! You will be given a special suit for the Mutual Aid Association, and you can also sit in the front row to meet the first passenger an Xuefeng and the psychic media who can represent the first tour guide with Yin and Yang butterflies at a close distance! You can’t miss the opportunity, and you won’t come again!]

Obviously, this leaflet has great attraction to middle and low-level tour guides and tourists. Yuntianhe can be said to have completely grasped it. In the half hour before the landing of the mutual aid alliance, nearly 100 tourists came in, and more than a dozen tour guides were fooled by him.

During the national day, there is a high incidence of entering hotels, and many people travel. Those new tourists and new tour guides, trembling, just entered the virtual hall to explore, were attracted by the excitement here. They were not deeply involved in the world, dizzy and dizzy. I don’t know how many received the leaflets. There are special offers for newcomers.

In particular, when another senior member wearing a purple black robe cooperated with the lecture and spoke by himself, it caused a wave of upsurge!

Although the man is dressed in black, you can tell from his deeds that he is one of the most popular figures in the past two days. Faint sheep!

In the eyes of others, the fainted sheep was crazy. He not only killed the butcher’s guide, openly betrayed the truth alliance, but also openly provoked the shepherd alliance that she calculated, and finally directly raised the sheep to join the mutual aid alliance.

No one expected him to be so high-profile and come directly to the scene!

However, the next second, there was an unexpected sudden birth. A silver light flashed directly at the fainted sheep. When the atmosphere was the hottest, someone secretly shot at him!

There was an uproar in the crowd, but the uproar turned into a bigger noise before it was completely sounded. Countless people saw with their own eyes that the silver light suddenly disappeared before it fell on the fainted sheep, while one person in the crowd made a noise like crazy, then cried bitterly and began to beg for mercy in disgrace. It’s like falling into a nightmare.

People nearby immediately talked, and someone shouted, that is, they saw it, and it was this man who secretly started it! Some people say, “that silver light is a one-time special prop that can transfer people to other places.”.

It’s just transmission, not an attack, but everyone can think that a group of people have been prepared at that place, which is equivalent to drilling a loophole in the hotel!

Suddenly, I don’t know who mixed in the crowd and shouted, “this is the out of print transmission Rune of guide B 4! Only people from the truth alliance can buy it!”

“The truth alliance is going to kill the fainted sheep!”

“No, the B-4 tour guide openly wants to challenge the authority of the mutual aid alliance!”

“Fight, fight!”

It was hot everywhere. Countless people stretched out their necks to see the excitement. There were also people who were timid and wanted to leave for fear of causing trouble.

“What are you going to do? The dreamers are all shooting. What else can we do?”

Someone shouted, almost on purpose. When he made this sound, the whole audience was in an uproar.

“Here comes the dreamer? Is this the hand of the dreamer?”

“Lying in the trough, it’s really worth my coming this time to see the big man a and B make a move!”

“I haven’t seen enough. Are there any people from the truth alliance who attack the fainting sheep again? The dreamer is so handsome!”

“I’d like to see if guide B-4 dares to do it again in front of the dreamer!”

The atmosphere in the field suddenly changed. Seeing that the situation was gradually uncontrollable, the B-4 Rune master hidden in the crowd looked cold and black as the bottom of the pot.

When he came here this time, he actually wanted to communicate with the fainted sheep and the third one of the mutual aid alliance. He had punished the guide who forced the fainted sheep away, and found that there were traitors in the truth alliance, and he also got some other news that he wanted to disclose to the third one… But he would never do it here!

“After going back… Thoroughly investigate the alliance.”

He was so serious that his voice sounded chilling. He closed the door for such a long time and wanted to make a continuous journey in October, surpassing Pinocchio to become B-3.

But I didn’t expect so many things to happen.

The rune master’s eyes, like a sharp blade, swept at the people who were still in a nightmare and crying.

“I’ll see who did it.”

After that, he put on the purple cloak representing the elite of class B, walked out of the crowd with several confidants, and krypton gold in the hotel. His voice can be heard by people here in the virtual hall.

“Misunderstandings, all misunderstandings.”

The rune master walked out slowly with a serious tone: “the truth Alliance came to congratulate the landing of the mutual aid alliance. It is absolutely impossible to send someone to attack the members of the alliance. I hope we will not be broken by some sneaky villains.”

After that, he waved his hand, and there was a man behind him. The rune master took the gift box in his hand: “take one legendary prop, five legendary runes, and several runes of other levels. I wish the mutual aid alliance eternal youth!”.

Is it really the truth alliance who attacked the fainted sheep? To tell you the truth, not necessarily.

But I can’t help it. I can only solve the field like this.

The truth alliance is getting worse year by year.

Thinking of this, the rune master felt a little bleak.

He punished the second-class guide who forced the fainted sheep away, but it was impossible to expel him. This is the current situation of the truth alliance. At the top, money is the most useless thing. What’s the use of his Rune teacher even if he can make money again. Not even the top three of the elite in class B can’t get in until they reach class A.

It’s a death to go to war like this.

No face to stay any longer. After giving out the gift box, the rune master will take people away in a hurry.

“How about the rune master?”

People who have self-help alliances receive gifts and send them to the high platform. Wei Xun looked, and Zhang xingzang next to him looked: “the rune master is full of sincerity this time.”

Zhang xingzang’s eyes are poisonous. He is a person who knows the goods: “these runes are useful. Many of them are the best.”

“The rune is the most profitable tour guide.”

The bee Taoist also came over and sighed, “he has a mass production rune, which can make purified royal jelly mass production! Unfortunately, these most critical runes are only sold to the insiders of the truth alliance.”

“If he wants to attract people to join the truth alliance, he might as well be a first-class tour guide.”

Tong Hege said: “B four is still too low. The boss is B four. To tell the truth, there is no future.”

When he said this, he didn’t expect that his boss had just been a third.

“The most profitable…”

Wei Xun was meaningful. Then he glanced at Zhang xingzang and said, “it was our people who attacked the fainted sheep just now?”

Just in time for the dreamer’s arrival, it also made the mutual aid alliance raise a wave of prestige. It doesn’t feel like it was done by the truth alliance itself.

“No, not ours.”

Zhang xingzang shook his head and said tactfully, “we did arrange people, but it was used to pit the shepherd Alliance…”

The truth alliance is too weak at present, and the rune master has been hiding his whereabouts before. They really don’t have any holes except runes.

“Who do you say is a sneaky villain?”

Speaking of Cao Cao, the rune master and his party have not left, but they are blocked by another team! The team wore sheep’s head badges on their chest, and the new C-3 was the first.

The shepherd alliance sent someone!

“But the legendary items and the truth alliance are the three major tour guide alliances. It’s too shabby.”


The rune master’s face was livid, but he was the kind of person who showed face and wouldn’t quarrel. In particular, the other party is still a class C tour guide. He quarrels with him. Isn’t this a self lowering price.

“Of course I know who I’m talking about.”

At last he had to put down a not cruel word, and then turned and took people away.

As a result, the voice of C San came from behind: “the shepherd alliance has one unsolved prop, two legendary props, five opportunities to enter the abyss node, and several other gifts. I wish the shepherd alliance and mutual aid alliance, and the friendship with dreamers forever!”


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