TTG Chapter 294

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 294: Catch the Sun

According to his words, the rune master and his party were in a hurry, while the other audience was in an uproar. What did they hear? No solution level props! Can be given as a gift!

Unexpectedly, the shepherd alliance, which has been suppressed by the butcher alliance, has such a rich family background!

“Pig guides still earn a lot.”

Someone went sour.

“I hope the shepherd alliance can kill the butcher alliance. At least the pig guide doesn’t kill people.”

There are many tourists PUA who have been guided by pig farmers. Besides, the butcher alliance is really bad in terms of wind evaluation. Even in the public opinion of the forum, most of them hope that the puppet Division will defeat the butcher alliance. An organization of all villains like the butcher alliance must not fall into the downwind. Once it falls into the downwind, it is absolutely everyone’s call and anyone can fall into the well.

In fact, there are many butcher guides in the Mutual Aid Association. Even if they secretly touch and add the Mutual Aid Association, they still remember the butcher alliance. Hearing this, many people are red eyed and want to kill directly. Some people expect the psychic media to kill the third party who doesn’t know the heaven and earth.

But the butchers’ Union hasn’t come yet.

Among the first three tour guides, only the butcher alliance has not yet arrived. In fact, many leading travelers were also present, but when the truth alliance sent the gift first, they tacitly agreed that the tour guide alliance sent it first, and then the passengers sent it again.

But the butcher alliance really hasn’t come yet.

Is something really wrong with the butcher alliance?

In fact, many people on the forum this morning posted anonymous posts with rhythm, such as “a villain alliance is going to fall, I won’t say who it is”, “wait for a prosperous era without a butcher guide”, “sigh, the three major alliances will become two major alliances in the future”.

In silence, people look at the high platform with unknown mood and want to ask for peace of mind.

Third one is the brother of Lord Xi Ming.

He won’t hear people say that about the butcher alliance.

Butchers are crazy. No matter relatives, friends, brothers and sisters, butchers will never stay after they lose control.

But C-1, he’s not a butcher… He’s not crazy. He and Lord Xi Ming… Have real feelings.

“No solution level props? She’s willing.”

Taoist bee’s eyes on the high platform are red with anger. He has never been loyal to the butcher alliance, but he does claim to be a butcher guide. A little C-3 dare to be so provocative?

But after hearing Bingyi’s voice, he suddenly calmed down.

C Yi is laughing, but this kind of laughter makes people cool at the bottom of their heart. With great interest, he took out the inexplicable object and glanced at it.

[Name: Crystal Skull of dawn Angel]

[quality: no solution]

[function: the only part of the dawn Heavenly Master without distortion! After taking it, you will have a whole series of orange titles, including two orange titles of ‘dawn angel’, ‘absolute cure’ and five purple titles!]

[Note: when you use the crystal skull, you are the dawn angel. There is only one dawn angel in the world!]

If this crystal skull is used, the dawn angel will have no possibility of resurrection.

Two orange titles and five purple titles are really unsolvable items. And there’s no problem, no distortion. Who can stand this temptation? Especially C-1, who is extremely eager to become stronger. Moreover, angels and Demons restrain each other, even if they don’t use it, they will never give it to the enemy.

Especially for someone who has just touched him in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing.

What’s more, as long as C hesitates, the man will definitely start at once.

“It seems that the puppet master wants to shape me a common enemy with her.”

Wei Xun smiled and threw the Crystal Skull aside.

A pair of white and tender hands caught it. The man was stunned. It seemed that he didn’t expect C to give it to her later. The next second, she carefully put the crystal skull in her arms. Then the huge, deformed and almost out of control spider shadow behind the man disappeared.

“The first non solution level item of the mutual aid association is in your custody for the time being.”

Wei Xun said casually, “what do you say, the knight is beautiful.”

“You are the real beauty.”

The black widow’s projection arrived just a few minutes ago. She used a special title, almost the same as a real person standing here. The black widow in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing has a variety of disguises. Now what Wei Xun sees is closer to her reality.

Flaxen curly hair, plain white face, no mask, only snow-white cloth covering the eyes. The trace of the flame covered half of the face like a rose.

I don’t know if this is the real height of the black widow, but Wei Xun still appreciates her height of 1.6 meters.

She held the skeleton in one hand and lifted the skirt in the other hand, and gracefully saluted Wei Xun.

“I will be loyal to you and do five things for you free. If George comes back…”

The last sentence was a whisper between the black widow and Wei Xun: “I will give you Babel Tongtian tower and tell you the secret of the parliament.”

Wei Xun laughed off. He never believed the black widow’s words, just as he gave the skeleton to the black widow temporarily, but its ownership was still the mutual aid alliance.

The two exchanged eyes. The black widow put on her knight’s black robe, smiled mischievously, and opened her thin lips: “if you don’t mind, I’d like to go out and clean up some fleas first.”


Wei Xun said, “after watching it for so long, it should start.”

On hearing the comments of the people around him, tour guide C-3 under the high stage suddenly became more proud and excited. Although her tone was modest, she showed arrogant strength: “after the puppet master has handled it, she will personally visit the mutual aid Alliance -”

“Will the puppet master really come?”

Just then, a soft female voice sounded on the high platform with surprise and nostalgia: “I haven’t seen her for a long time… I thought she was avoiding me.”

Who dares to say that I haven’t seen the puppet master for a long time?

Huh?? No, the sound came from the high platform??

Suddenly, countless people looked at the high platform together. Sure enough, the fog dispersed! The hotel broadcasting has also officially started. This is a world-class broadcasting organized for the 30 degrees of north latitude, regardless of the East and West! Most people in the eastern district live in the virtual hall, while people in the western district can only watch the live broadcast.

When the scene on the platform in the live broadcast picture, countless people were stunned. The man who spoke stood at the oblique rear. She didn’t wear a hood and showed her flaxen hair and characteristic face

She is, she is a black widow!

How is that possible? Black widow is the west side guide! Even she went to the landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance??

The black widow has always been a tourist guide in the eastern district except the puppet master. There is only one reason why she will go.

How much she likes C-1!

“It seems that I misunderstood.”

The black widow spoke softly, but she said ruthlessly, “as long as she really comes… I won’t let her go back alive.”

At the moment of her appearance, the C31 people who were still talking nonsense stood still and dared not say a word. Others thought they were scared silly, but the knowledgeable leaders knew… These people were hopeless.

They will not die in the virtual hall, but they will die at most one day after they leave.

If you want to kill, class a bosses have countless ways. Especially for those who master the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, the rules of the hotel are like a big net full of loopholes.

However, few people pay attention to them now.

The vast majority of people in the west side of the live broadcast room are crying for the black widow and watching her, but the eyes of countless people in the virtual hall are all on the people standing in front of the high platform.

He was dressed in a black suit, which seemed out of place in many robes, but it was surprisingly good-looking and attractive.

The tourists who have been struggling to survive in the hotel for many years can’t help thinking of the reality and the ordinary but safe and happy life in the past.

And his attraction to tour guides is unparalleled.


Several tour guides subconsciously softened their knees. When they reacted, they found themselves kneeling on the ground. Then they were confused.

Why am I on my knees?

They don’t know why, but many big guys present know! As a matter of fact, when the dense fog on the high platform dispersed, C’s face suddenly changed as soon as he appeared! And the feeling of disbelief and inner shock reached its peak when the people of the butcher alliance arrived.

Finally, finally.

Yin Yang butterfly only felt that his life was coming to an end and he was walking with his last strength. The Sun Pendant put too much pressure on him, so that he was confused and couldn’t see the way ahead.

It was the psychic medium that transmitted the sound to him. The yin-yang butterfly was slow and then reacted.

Hoo, it’s here!

Hurriedly, the yin-yang butterfly even had no idea that he was still first. He wanted to hand over the Sun Pendant and liberate himself.

So after climbing the platform, the extremely tired yin-yang butterfly subconsciously looked up… No, there was no need to look up at all. The yin-yang butterfly felt a breath that was familiar to his bones and made him tremble subconsciously.

Is this, is this an illusion?

Is he too tired to hallucinate? Or is there a new variant of the dream of the dreamer?

“Hard work.”

Sure enough, it’s an illusion. Adults never talk to him like that. The yin-yang butterfly thought in a trance, but when she felt the familiar breath and saw the white haired man standing in front of him wearing a black suit and carrying demon wings, the countless emotions accumulated in the heart of the yin-yang butterfly could no longer stop and gushed out.

“My lord…”

I don’t know when he has tears in his eyes. Tears can’t stop flowing. He is too tired to insist any more. Yin Yang butterfly kneels down in front of him and cries.

“My lord…”

Obviously, he is a high-ranking B-2 tour guide, but when kneeling in front of a C-1, he kneels naturally, as if he should have been. The landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance officially began. Everyone in the virtual hall heard the whisper of the yin-yang butterfly and saw him kneeling in front of the man!

The butcher’s tour guides were very excited. Can you say——

“Lord C, this is a gift from the butcher alliance.”

The voice of the psychic medium sounded, and one word rationalized the action of the yin-yang butterfly. Yin Yang butterfly can kneel, but he can’t. C-1 is not an adult. They are two different but equally excellent people.

Even at the first sight, the psychic medium’s eyes showed fanatical light, but his voice was still rational and calm.

The truth alliance presented legendary runes and the shepherd alliance presented unsolvable items. What will the butcher alliance give?

Wei Xun’s eyes fell on the gift box held by Pinocchio. It was a dark red gift box the size of a washbasin.

Without any hesitation, Wei Xun pressed his hand on the gift box. The dark red box body naturally disappeared, and a golden red, full of fine cracks and exquisite Sun Pendant appeared!

“Ah –!”

Pinocchio couldn’t help screaming in pain. At the moment when the Sun Pendant appeared, his hands and arms were burned to ashes, and the terrible solar pollution was still spreading upward, swallowing him in an instant. And no one took the Sun Pendant and fell to the ground – no!

Bingyi caught it!

Seeing all this, the psychic eyes suddenly lit up and were so excited that they shed tears. Three elite tour guides of class B had difficulty holding the sun, but class C took over the sun with one hand!

The author has something to say: [shocked! The butcher guides cry for a man because of a secret that 99% of the world don’t know!]


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