TTG Chapter 295

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 295: Gift Giving


“Be careful!”

When the wave of crazy solar pollution spread, and others were still immersed in Yin and Yang butterflies crying, several figures suddenly appeared beside Wei Xun!

Yu Hehui and Tong Hege recklessly poured pure spiritual power into Wei Xun. The dreamer and the black widow tried to get rid of the Sun Pendant, while Zhang xingzang formed a corner with Mao Xiaole and Wang Yushu and surrounded the psychic media!

“How dare you?!”

Mao Xiaole snapped and directly drew his sword to cut the psychic head. At the same time, Wang Yushu kicked away the yin-yang butterfly… He didn’t kick away. The man cried and hugged C and his calf too tightly. Wang Yushu didn’t kick at all. But the yin-yang butterfly is just a gadget. They are more wary of psychics and Pinocchio!

This is extremely strong 30 degrees north latitude pollution. I didn’t see the third Pinocchio. I just touched him personally. In an instant, the whole person was seriously affected by the crazy sun?! How dare the butcher alliance sneak it over and hand it over to c!

C Yi may now, he may have

However, the psychic did not dodge, and his eyes remained on C, who was holding the Sun Pendant. There seems to be surprise, obsession, and nostalgia in that look. He didn’t care about the long sword that was about to cut to his neck, because he knew——


With a crisp sound, Mao Xiaole’s sword cutting at the psychic’s neck seemed to have cut on hard steel! No, it’s not steel, it’s the hot sun. A little bit of solar pollution is entrenched in the neck of the psychic like a fire snake. At the moment, it is activated, like a blooming solar flower fire, which directly pollutes Mao Xiaole’s sword and turns it into scrap iron!

Seeing this scene, everyone’s pupils suddenly shrunk and their hearts were shocked. It was no less than feeling the pure abyss breath of C Yi and seeing the psychic take out the Sun Pendant.

The hippie is a madman, and the psychic medium who deals with all kinds of things for him is even crazier. Not everyone can come back alive when he mistakenly wears a suit and sneaks into the big guy rally as a small tour guide.

There were many private rumors about the events of that year, among which the most widely spread was that when the psychic media were in danger, the hidden life frolickers who were also at the rally passed by and thought he was interesting. The dying psychic medium asked him for help, while the playful man was indifferent and cold, allowing him to choose in a desperate situation.

If he can carry the pollution of the crazy sun without being crazy, give him shelter.

So there was the weeping psychic who was the first in class B and the most loyal to the butcher alliance.

It is said that there are many untrustworthy places. How could the psychic medium of the small tour guide carry the pollution of the crazy sun? However, in any case, the psychic medium has a sun like tattoo on the back neck, in which the pollution of the crazy sun resides.

When the hippie or his puppet appears at the same time as the psychic, the pollution of the sun will infect him, make him stronger and protect him.

However, the hippies have been studying at the sun gate for several years, and the sun mark behind the psychic’s neck has not lit up again.

But now solar pollution is happening again!

Countless thoughts churned in people’s minds, and a series of clues were connected together. C Yi’s breath, the Sun Pendant he took over, the whisper of “adult” when Yin and Yang butterflies kneel, and now, the most important thing.

The sun mark behind the psychic’s neck revives.

“Who the hell are you?”

The dreamer couldn’t help asking questions and asked the deepest questions in everyone’s heart.

Who the hell are you?

Who is C-1?

Are you the brother, the puppet, or… The hippie itself??!

Could it be him? Could it really be him?

The scene on the high platform also aroused waves in the hearts of the live audience and the crowd in the virtual hall!

“You ask me who I am…”

Under the attention of the public, in the extremely dignified and suffocating atmosphere, C Yi just hooked up the corner of his mouth, and the smile seemed a bit evil.

He put his slender fingers on the sunglasses, as if he would take off the sunglasses and show his true face at the next moment. Countless people subconsciously held their breath and thought that he would reveal his true identity in the next moment.

At the same time, it was confirmed that the Sun Pendant was really not in the butcher alliance, but the puppet master who came as quickly as possible was completely invisible with the privilege of A-2, lurking around, and his face was extremely dignified.

She had confirmed the identity of C Yi countless times before and confirmed that he was not a puppet of a life playing man, but now the puppet master was suspicious again.

The hippie has no incarnation of the principal. The tour guide at his level is supposed to have slices, but no one knows what he slices and where it is. The real body of Ximing people is definitely in the Inca Sun Gate. There has never been such a breath before C 1. He is absolutely closely related to the Sun Pendant.

If, if C-1 is really

The next second, a simple, golden long bow appeared in her hand. The puppet master has no fluctuation around him, just like a hunter completely hidden in the air.

It is absolutely impossible to bow without turning back.

If C-I is really a hippie, she will shoot down the sun today.

The atmosphere became more and more dignified, and everyone’s eyes fell on C. His fingers covered with black gloves are like hooks, pulling the minds of countless people.

However, to everyone’s surprise, C Yi simply pushed down the sunglasses.

Of course he knows what everyone wants to see and what those people expect and fear. What is the play of taking off sunglasses and putting on a red cloak.


None at all.

Wei Xun smiled and said, “of course, I’m the vice president of the mutual aid alliance. I’m a third.”

“You did…”

The dreamer subconsciously opened his mouth, but then he realized what C-1 said. Although we know that the situation is urgent, the dreamers still can’t help laughing and laughing.

It can’t be a hippie.

The dreamer thought that his tight nerves finally relaxed a little.

A hippie wouldn’t be so… Funny. So publicized, so relaxed. It seems that where there is C-1, even dangerous situations will accidentally become relaxed.

Just a little want to beat people.

Not only dreamers, but even Yu Hehui has a little itchy teeth. Tong Hege directly poked Xiawei Xun in the waist – don’t be funny, it’s not over yet!

When you say you are C-1, others believe you are C-1?

The Sun Pendant is still pressing in your hand! First, explain why you are not affected by crazy solar pollution!

But Wei Xun is not worried about this, because he knows that someone is coming.

“He is neither a playful man nor a puppet of a playful man.”

Just when the situation was deadlocked, suddenly, a calm and calm male voice sounded. Different from the psychics who carried the gift box step by step to the high platform, an Xuefeng directly appeared on the high platform and beside Wei Xun!

“C one is C one.”

An Xuefeng is wearing a double-breasted black windbreaker, black trousers, brown and black military boots, and a return knife. Today, he specially chose the black and white scabbard for his return. When standing next to C Yi, it gives people a subtle feeling that they are wearing the same color lovers’ clothes.

After saying these two words to firmly confirm the identity of C Yi in front of the owners of the live broadcast and virtual hall, an Xuefeng used his privilege as the adjudicator of the mutual aid association to temporarily block the live broadcast and raise the fog on the high platform again.

In this way, only the people on the high platform could hear his voice. At the next moment, an Xuefeng’s words attracted all their attention.

“I found out where the hippie slice is.”

“What are you talking about?”


“Captain an -”


Everyone was shocked and lost his voice. The dreamer, Mao Xiaole, and others asked urgently. The psychic pupil shrank suddenly and couldn’t help but call an team. Wei Xun’s heart moved. Did an Xuefeng detect anything from the tombstone?

Wei Xun hooked an Xuefeng’s windbreaker belt with his fingers, and then his hand was gripped by an Xuefeng.

An Xuefeng coughed a little and made everyone silent.

“Now is not the time.”

He looked down at Wei Xun and said casually, “is the gift from the butcher alliance over?”

“If the delivery is finished, it will come to our passengers.”

Obviously, an Xuefeng means that the landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance is the most important. Even if the sky collapses, he will bear it – he wants to talk about other things until the landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance is completed.

The psychic soon figured out the status quo.

“The Sun Pendant is the most precious treasure in our butcher alliance, which can express the sincerity of the butcher alliance. In addition, we have a special gift for your excellency Bingyi…”

The psychic medium’s long voice secretly glanced at the yin-yang Butterfly – why is this man still crying??

Yin Yang butterfly didn’t understand the situation and was still crying. He just felt another person standing next to the adult and glanced at his hand holding Bingyi’s calf… Yes, this creepy fear of the butcher definitely came from an Xuefeng.

But with adults around, yin and Yang butterflies are not afraid! He looked up dimly with tears in his eyes. From his angle, he could only see an Xuefeng’s falling hand. I didn’t know when he held it with C Yi. No one found that their hanging hands were clasped with ten fingers, and the orange red ring between the intersecting fingers complemented each other.

The yin-yang butterfly is an exciting spirit. If he would shake hands on such an occasion, he could not deceive himself with brotherhood.

“It’s not just a portrait… Bingyi and an Xuefeng are real… HMM!”

Yin Yang butterfly murmured, and the next second he was dragged back by the psychic medium.

Although the yin-yang butterfly knelt down and cried to show loyalty, the psychic media had planned it long ago, but this does not include that when an Xuefeng appeared, the yin-yang butterfly was still kneeling on their feet!

He’s not their butterfly dog!

Also said what portrait… What is not true… There is nothing at all!

“I’m sorry, he lost his manners. He’s so happy today.”

The psychic medium regained his composure as quickly as possible. As early as the moment an Xuefeng appeared, he had wiped away all his tears. Now he showed the most impeccable state.

The psychic hand turned over and took out a silver exquisite gift box: “here are all the contracts between the yin-yang butterfly and the butcher alliance over the years.”

He stuffed the gift box into the arms of the yin-yang butterfly, took out a paper towel to wipe the face of the yin-yang butterfly, then pushed him to the third side, apologized, and said with remorse: “I didn’t train him well. In the future, I’ll ask the third adult how much you care.”

Following the strength of the psychic medium, the yin-yang butterfly staggered for a few steps, and the next second he finally recovered.

Yin Yang Butterfly:??!

No, what’s going on? As agreed before, there is no such thing. What do you mean? These are all the contracts between him and the butcher alliance? Isn’t the membership contract also in it?

What does that mean? Isn’t he already a knight in the mutual aid League? You don’t have to do that, psychic. What does that mean?

The yin-yang butterfly panicked, and his San value dropped wildly due to excessive fright. Two beautiful butterfly wings came out directly – the psychic media gave him emergency special training before coming out. In the past, yin and Yang butterflies changed their faces first when they changed their state. The small butterflies are very beautiful. The enlarged butterfly hairy face can only be said to be a ghost.

After the special training, the yin-yang butterfly will first change its wings. At that time, the psychic medium’s good name said, “don’t scare you out of alienation and shame when you see an Xuefeng.”.

So now the psychic can whisper to C Yi and say, “there are many kinds of expression states of alienation, adults. It’s easier for you to master when you exercise in the abyss node. Just like the yin-yang butterfly, the alienation state will change its wings first when it is overjoyed, and it will change its face first when it is frightened.”

“The abyss clock is an excellent place for cultivation. With the sun hanging on it, you will no longer be affected by the sun pollution.”

The psychic looked at them with a comforting look and whispered, “don’t blame the adult for not seeing you. The adult has prepared a lot of things for you in advance. He really cares about you…”

The brain of Yin Yang butterfly in chaos is like a filter. It only hears this sentence.

So I’m just something prepared by adults for C 1!

Yin Yang butterfly is a little sad and angry, but I don’t know why, it’s a little secretly happy… No wonder, no wonder Mingming’s life is very fond of him, and even did something wrong. Adults scold him harder than psychic media. But he has never been a psychic.

It’s not him! No! But the leader of the yin-yang butterfly expected by the hippie is not himself at all!

The butterfly of yin and Yang realized, and it was like enlightenment at this moment. I understand all the pains of the psychic media in recent days… He must have lost face just now to show his silly side in front of C-1!

Happy life people like smart people, and C Yi likes stupid and honest people. According to what the psychic media said to him, the yin-yang butterfly finally realized!

“My Lord.”

He walked to Bingyi with a low eyebrow, as if he had a clear mind. The closer he approached, the more relaxed the yin-yang butterfly felt, as if any pollution had been eliminated.

Bingyi also has the same pure abyss breath as adults.

Yin and Yang butterfly halo Tao thought.

Yin and Yang butterflies recognize this breath, even if an Xuefeng says they are not the same person, it is difficult to use in his ears.

Butcher alliance and mutual aid alliance are the same. They are both home!

Without looking at it, the yin-yang butterfly gave him the small box in her hand and solemnly promised: “I will be your man in the future.”

Ha ha, anyone who has seen his performance just now can’t think that he is actually a smart man!

Even if Bingyi didn’t pick up his box himself, but was picked up by Yu Hehui, yin-yang butterfly silk didn’t mind. He always knows these cautious people.

Turned around, put on the black robe of the Mutual Aid Association, and stood with Bingyi. The yin-yang butterfly peered at the psychic medium.

Thank you, psychic!

The psychic didn’t bother to look at his dog’s eyes. The moment the sun pattern on his back neck was completely activated, the pollution left by the puppet master on him was removed.

Of course, Pinocchio’s pollution has also been removed. But now he is a little miserable. The psychic media put away the puppet fragments that were polluted by the crazy sun and collapsed out of control (but not dead), looked at C and nodded slightly. Then the psychic media glanced down slightly.

The psychic saw the hand he and an Xuefeng held, but Wei Xun didn’t loosen at all. He didn’t pick up the yin-yang butterfly before, because he held the Sun Pendant in one hand and was gripped by an Xuefeng in the other hand.

At the next moment, the dense fog shrouding the high platform dissipated and the live broadcast returned to normal. All the audience were anxious and anxious. They wanted to climb the high platform. As soon as they looked anxiously, they heard a short message from the high platform in a clear and powerful voice:

“The butcher alliance takes a special token at 30 degrees north latitude and several by-products of magic objects such as legend and peak. Congratulations on the landing of the mutual aid alliance!”

“In addition, the second tour guide Yin and Yang die announced to withdraw from the butcher alliance and join the mutual aid alliance. All contract items have been handed over.”

Countless people were shocked!

“Lying trough?! the keepsakes at 30 degrees north latitude have come out?”

“No, even people can send it? The B-2 elite tour guide directly let him enter the mutual aid alliance? Is the butcher alliance serious?!”

“From legend to WuJie level, and then to the token at 30 degrees north latitude… Does the tour guide alliance even give gifts like this?”

In fact, many people can’t feel any pure abyss breath, what C-I is suspected of playing life. Don’t the boss an Xuefeng say it? The boss must be right. Bingyi and Ximing people are related by blood. It’s normal that they are similar.

In fact, many viewers are waiting for gifts. They always like this link!

“The tour guide alliance has sent them all. It’s our turn to travel next.”

Even some people are worried about the major brigade teams: “it can’t be compared with the tour guides. If it can’t be compared with them, it would be too bad.”

“It’s okay. I’m not afraid. Haven’t you seen that team an has arrived? The first brigade is not a poor man. Brothers, watch it. It’s definitely a big scene!”

Yes, an Xuefeng has appeared on the platform.

The eyes of the big brigade passengers also fell on an Xuefeng.

The pure, abyss breath is really scary. Even the crazy sun can’t pollute the pure again.

Whether Bingyi is a hippie or not, and what does it have to do with the hippie? Even if an Xuefeng made a statement before… It is likely to worry about the live broadcast. If C-1 is true, the problem of connecting with hippies must not be exposed.

An Xuefeng’s attitude depends on how he treats Bingyi and the people of the butcher alliance.

The scene on the high platform was seen by everyone.

The psychic did not leave like the truth alliance and the shepherd alliance, but took a seat on the high platform… Well, it seems that the butcher guide has been controlled on the way home.

The yin-yang butterfly is dressed in a black robe and stands next to Bingyi… Well, maybe the yin-yang butterfly is an undercover agent on the way home and has a ghost medium. The voice I just spoke should be that of Yin-Yang butterfly imitating the psychic medium.

Pinocchio is gone… Sure enough, both the way home and the butcher alliance hate Pinocchio very much. I’m afraid he won’t live at all.

Of course, the most important thing is

Everyone looked around and finally fell back on the hands held by an Xuefeng and C Yi.

Good! An Xuefeng has completely controlled suspect C-I!


“Is it necessary to hold ten fingers?”

Qile orange, captain of Feihong, was a little toothache. He tied his left and right hands and shook his ten fingers.

“It seems that C-I is really not a life-playing man, nor is it his slice.”

Metaphysics Wan’an was poor and calm. “I still believe in the integrity of team an.”

“Hum, integrity.”

Fengdu wudui, with a cold face, didn’t bother to say more and watched the clothed fish go up to give gifts. After the three tour guides have finished, there are gifts from individual tour guides.

Which are really close to the mutual aid alliance and which are just polite greetings? Just look at whether the mutual aid alliance has reserved a seat for this person on the high platform.

When the tour guide gave it almost, it finally came to the gift giving link on the way home that countless people were looking forward to!

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