TTG Chapter 296

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 296: The First Step to Kill a First Class Tour Guide

In fact, an Xuefeng, the captain of the return journey, has never been down since he appeared on the high platform. Even when several tour guides went up to give gifts, he has always stood by Bingyi.

The dreamer is also standing beside Bingyi. An Xuefeng and he are left and right, just like the two King Kong Dharma protectors around Bingyi. But C Yi’s empty hand has been holding the Sun Pendant. Even if there is no pollution for the time being, dreamers don’t like the smell of crazy sun. They stand a little farther away and closer to the seats of relatives and friends on the high platform.

This angle just blocks the clothes fish sitting in the front row.

Dream chaser and an Xuefeng can really protect Bing Yihu.

The puppet master complained and thought that although C-1 seemed to grow taller after changing the alienation state, it was still short. The dreamer was so blocked that she couldn’t even see the Sun Pendant clearly.

When all the staff came up on the way home, the clothed fish smiled and applauded. On the occasion of returning home and Bingyi, the dreamer finally stepped back and sat on the table of relatives and friends, which also enabled the puppet master to see more vividly.

Yes, it’s the Sun Pendant.

She could clearly feel the smell of the crazy sun coming from above. After intertwined with the pure abyss gas of C-I, the puppet master could vaguely taste the taste of life playing people.


The dreamer sitting next to her frowned and looked down her eyes.

“It’s a little close to the Sun Pendant.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

The puppet master coughed softly, holding a hairball in his hand. The clothed fish smiled and said, “I’m not so weak.”

The dreamer won’t doubt her, and the puppet master doesn’t worry about this, because what she gives as a gift is the permission of the cloaked fish abyss node.

Only guides with abyss nodes can share their rights with others. Only real clothed fish can give this gift! At most, the dreamer worried about her control over the clothed fish, but under the gaze of the hotel, as long as the puppet master controls the clothed fish, the clothed fish will fall to the ground seriously at the moment of the conflict between the control and the hotel.

But who could have thought that the abyss node originally belonged to her.

In other words, this itself is not a normal abyss node.

As a demon, it’s really hard to get to this step.

The puppet master thought.

When the countdown to her first death returned to zero, she was actually dead. She was really kind and had a special title. She didn’t fit any demons.

The power of the abyss would have swallowed ‘she’ and let ‘she’ eventually die in out of control madness.

Therefore, as a part of her, the puppet master finally integrated the power of the abyss, became the demon of her, and became the most special alienation state of her.

The puppet master doesn’t want to die, nor does he want ‘her’ to die. They are one and should be closer in the hotel.

But it’s really difficult. After all, puppet masters are not real demons. Later, by chance, they entered the abyss on a battlefield. They suffered a terrible disaster. In the disaster, the puppet master completely lost control, stripped off, had his own human form, and became an abyss monster.

At that time, the puppet master thought it would be better. The relationship between them was distorted. From people and a tumor with nervous fluctuations, to people and alienation, to people and abyss monsters… The existence of Puppet Master always makes’ her ‘painful. But without her, ‘she’ can’t survive in the hotel.

Maybe it’s better to separate. It might be better for them to die together. Originally, the puppet master should sink into the abyss, and everything should end like this. But “she” finally struggled to find the puppet master and mark the puppet master, just like establishing a connection with the abyss node.

Well, they still want to be together.

So the puppet master won’t let go. When they return to the hotel, the abyss will become their abyss node and so on.

Different from other nodes, the number of abyss nodes is always twice that of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, but this is not included. It is a special hidden node.

What is the new abyss node after the opening of the chieftain King’s tomb? The node won by the clothed fish is just specially arranged by her.

It was almost revealed. After the chieftain King’s tomb appeared, it is reasonable to say that there will be two more nodes, one will be obtained by the A5 little witch in the west, and the other should be in the East. The puppet master took advantage of this, but there was another abyss node in Wei Xun’s journey to northern Tibet.

But this is not a big deal. Others doubt the little witch at most and will not doubt the clothed fish. After all, the node she set was discovered by the clothed fish and the dreamer.

It’s a dangerous move to come up as a clothed fish. But the puppet master must get the Sun Pendant, and now is the only chance.

The sun pendant has been held by C Yi. Most of the time, when you want to get something, the most difficult thing is to confirm its location. It’s easy to take it away.

Puppet master has always been a gambler, just as gambling can be admitted by the hotel even if he is dominant. So it’s normal for the puppet master to become the leader and rise faster after ‘she’ falls asleep.

After all, only unscrupulous people in this hotel can climb higher and live longer. The hostel made “her” feel pain, but it made the puppet master feel happy and free.

Just sometimes lonely.

She’s been sleeping too long. She’s been sleeping almost forever since she became a second-class tour guide. Even if the first-class tour guide can choose the color of their own cloak, the puppet master still prefers the silver and purple cloak they wore together during the second-class tour guide.

Is it cheaper to wear a cloak of the same color as a second-class guide?

When she is strong enough, when she has mastered the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, she will replace the hippie to become A-1

No one will think so again.

When the gifts are delivered on the way home, when the passengers exit, when only the people of the mutual aid alliance and the tour guides are left on the scene, Bingyi and clothed fish are about to go to the abyss node tonight. She can just take advantage of the situation to stay and discuss with C Yi carefully. Until then

She has arranged for the people in the butcher alliance. The puppet master thought of it, but it’s better to hurry up. Before the psychic media found out she wasn’t in the butcher Alliance

How did you grind your way home!

“Oh, it’s a good thing for the mutual aid alliance to land. If you agree with a vice president, we will build a small bridge between the two alliances tomorrow!”

Wang pengpai sighed and smiled. As soon as he came up with a few words, he revitalized the originally cold atmosphere. Calling the vice president seems too angry. Calling C-I doesn’t sound overbearing. Vice president C sounds strange. Wang pengpai directly gave up the word C and called it “a vice president”, which almost laughed at Wang Yushu.

“Yier, I didn’t say anything. I wish our feelings on the way home are getting better and better!”

Tut tut Tut, why are you holding hands? Alas, thanks to Wei Xun’s absence this time, Wang Yushu thought, otherwise it would be more disturbing.

In fact, Wei Xun had better come and have a bright road with C. But both Bai Xiaosheng and Wang pengpai said that there might be a big movement tomorrow. Wei Xun’s words may be very dangerous. Wang Yushu was a little sorry and only secretly photographed the picture of Bingyi holding hands with an Xuefeng.

Alas! Honest people, such things must not be concealed from their teammates. What exactly does Wei Xun and an Dui mean? He can only be a bosom brother to communicate with Wei Xun in private.

“Come to the team for dinner then.”

Lu Shu orange said with a smile, “my craft is very good. You haven’t tasted it, but it’s too bad!

“Lushu orange is right. You should try your way home.”

Said Bai Xiaosheng.


Mao Xiaole couldn’t help glancing at the Sun Pendant held by C Yi, pursed his lips, didn’t say anything, and gave him a string of paper cranes.

“If there is danger, you can come to me at any time.”

“All right, all right, go and sit over there.”

They are still talking here. An Xuefeng is impatient first.

“Hurry, don’t waste time.”

No! We don’t think it’s a waste of time!

The audience in the live studio and the virtual hall shouted from their hearts.

It’s worth seeing so many big guys at once! They still want to hear the big guys talk on the spot!

But as soon as an Xuefeng made a sound, Wang pengpai and they went to the family and friends’ table and sat right next to the clothes fish dreamers. All the people who can sit on the stage are relatives and friends, and there is no rule for tour guides and tourists to separate.

The psychic sat a little farther away. The yin-yang butterfly sat next to the psychic. The others almost sat in a circle around the clothed fish.

The puppet master is calm. It’s normal for the clothed fish to attend the landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance. After all, the clothed fish is now the No. 1 figure in the shepherd alliance, and the puppet master is a person who wants a lot of space and face. There is no card for a single C-3 gift, so it’s necessary to have a person who can sit at the table of relatives and friends.

After the greetings on the way home, an Xuefeng finally began to give gifts. Everyone looked forward to whether he could give gifts beyond the top three tour guides!

Wei Xun looked at an Xuefeng with a smile. The part where the returning people came up to greet him just now was actually delaying time. During this time, he had a secret conversation with an Xuefeng.

“The maggot cocoon doesn’t respond. It’s a puppet teacher, not a clothed fish.”

“The hippies are not in the tombstone.”

“The puppet master wants to capture India and the Sun Gate”

The first sentence was said by Wei Xun, and the last two sentences were said by an Xuefeng and him.

In a word, the puppet master was successfully put on Wei Xun’s blacklist.

“You know what I like.”

Wei Xun’s voice is as low as a whisper, cold and wispy breathing, lingering in front of an Xuefeng. Seeing Wei Xun so high for the first time, an Xuefeng can clearly feel Wei Xun’s emotion.

He hooked the corner of his mouth.

Don’t worry, you’ll like it.

The first gift an Xuefeng gave Wei Xun was a key. When he spoke, the shock effect was like throwing a nuclear bomb at the virtual Hall of the hotel!

“This key represents half of my property.”

I don’t know if it’s the reason why he hasn’t slept for a few nights. An Xuefeng’s voice sounds lazy, casual and relaxed. He doesn’t give gifts in the format of the previous tour guide alliance, and it doesn’t seem so formal.

But the first gift he gave was more than the combination of the first three tour guides alliance! Countless people took a breath of air conditioning at the same time, and they couldn’t believe their ears.

How rich is the first passenger, the captain of the first brigade, after ten years of accumulation?!

It’s definitely legendary props everywhere. There are as many unsolved props as dogs! I’m afraid those with more points can directly bury people hundreds or thousands of times!

Even if the three tour guides are proud, this kind of pride is completely incomparable with that of tourists!

The psychic unconsciously clenched his fist, closed his mouth and looked serious. The yin-yang butterfly sitting next to him kept sucking the air conditioner. It was like a silly dog. He kept whispering: “good guy, how many points does an Xuefeng have for half of his property? My God, I’m afraid I can buy hundreds of an Xuefeng posters.”

“No, no, no, I’m small. I can definitely buy more, psychic brother…”

The psychic’s face became more serious, but the cold expression could not completely hide his inner emotion. Even the tear like lines in the corners of his eyes turned dark blue, which directly frightened the yin-yang butterfly.

“Wealth is nothing to travelers.”

When the yin-yang butterfly was silent, the psychic medium whispered, “this is just the first gift. Be patient.”

The vast majority of people have been dazed by an Xuefeng’s first gift. Only knowledgeable people are barely awake. It’s just property. You know, an Xuefeng’s most important and precious is not a simple wealth!

But the next second, these people suffocated.

They watched an Xuefeng take out a miniature pyramid and a dark blue book with a fist sized crimson eye in the middle and a cover wrapped with purple tentacles like chains!

“This is the second gift.”

The next second, an Xuefeng gave a dull hum, and his face turned white, as if he had paid a serious price. Then everyone saw that there was a faint shadow on the pyramids and books!

“Give me your hand.”

An Xuefeng said seriously.

When Wei Xun held hands with him, an Xuefeng opened his mouth, and his voice was rare and somewhat hoarse: “the pioneer said… To share the power of the keepsake.”

As soon as he said this, even the onlookers couldn’t sit still!

“Lying trough!”


“What is this?! am I crazy or who is crazy?!”

“Is this what I can really hear? Is it what I can see?!”

An Xuefeng chose to share power! How could he do that! Is this the way home already arranged?!

Many people couldn’t help looking at the way back on the high platform, but they saw their same shocked expression!

“Lying trough!”

Shocked, Wang Yushu suddenly had a pain in his thigh. He couldn’t help shouting. He looked down and saw that Wang pengpai’s hand was pinching on his thigh.

“Calm down, what’s this like? Have you forgotten what the captain told us before?”

Wang pengpai is serious. If he doesn’t pinch harder and harder, Wang Yushu really believes it.

“Yes, the data research shows that the superposition of the authority of 30 degrees north latitude will help accelerate the opening of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.”

Bai Xiaosheng solemnly studied and lied with nihilistic data: “before we go to the battlefield, we will go to the chieftain’s tomb.”

Anyhow, an Xuefeng has already been to the chieftain’s Tomb of Bingyi. They should be able to go there at that time. That’s right anyway.

“Yes, you are surprised.”

Mao Xiaole said strangely, “the captain must have his reasons for doing things.”

Yuan, is that so?!

The eavesdropper suddenly realized.

“I’ve seen the world this time…”

Even the yin-yang butterfly murmured, and inexplicably excited.

Hey, hey, with these two, the vice president will have three 30 degrees north latitude journeys!

Three times more than the hippie!

“But it’s strange…”

While talking, the yin-yang butterfly glanced at the psychic medium carefully. Seeing that he clenched his fists and couldn’t leave himself, the yin-yang butterfly continued to beep.

“Isn’t it a gift on the way home? How can I feel that it’s more like an Xuefeng’s private gift?”

It’s all an Xuefeng’s own things.

It’s weird! Since seeing them holding hands in private, yin and Yang butterflies feel strange everywhere!

“Just say so…”

The puppet master finally couldn’t help but say, “that’s a token of 30 degrees north latitude!”

It’s a token of 30 degrees north latitude that she planned not to smell exhaust for several years!

It was sent by an Xuefeng!

At this moment, the puppet master envied Bingyi infinitely and even wanted to become Bingyi. It’s so sour. Why did she sit so close? The pyramids and the book of Western Europe almost blinded her. If there were not a trace of reason, the puppet master would like to rob it directly!

C Yi, this is too calm!

Wei Xun put his hand on the virtual shadow of the pyramid and the keepsake of Western Europe and felt two cold forces invading his body. The Sun Pendant in his hand naturally exudes the heat of the crazy sun, and the human skin map also exudes a cold and strange smell.

This is the resonance between tokens at 30 degrees north latitude!

Few people in this hotel have seen such a big scene! A single token can only be taken out of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude because of stability, but when they come into contact with each other, they will have a special chain reaction!

For a moment, the smell of Wei Xun, an Xuefeng and the Sun Pendant almost disappeared from the hotel. Only the people in the family and friends table can feel this difference. If they were not still standing here, they almost thought they had disappeared.

No solution level journey, not controlled by the hotel, shielding the atmosphere!

Wei Xun subconsciously held his breath. He knew that an Xuefeng had never been a very high-profile person. An Xuefeng, the authority of the pyramid, shared a part with him before, and he didn’t have to take any souvenirs.

His real purpose is to take out these keepsakes at the same time and trigger this chain reaction that shields the atmosphere and is not controlled by the hotel!

There are four keepsakes present, belonging to an Xuefeng, Wei Xun and… Another person. If that person appears, his breath will also be blocked and will not be found by the hotel.

Is that true? Is it really what he imagined?

Wei Xun couldn’t help looking at an Xuefeng. He didn’t know that his eyes were almost shining. The pure, light blue pupils are like blue ice reflecting halo, which can make people drunk.

Of course, an Xuefeng knows what Wei Xun wants most. An Xuefeng knows how much he likes adventure and leapfrog challenges.

Although it’s true that the life playing man can’t really appear for the time being, it’s better to let Wei Xun get some satisfaction first rather than hook him all the time and let him take risks where he can’t see.

“This is the third gift I gave you.”

When an Xuefeng said these words, the atmosphere that had been heated to the extreme was suddenly high tide. The audience simply fell into some inexplicable enthusiasm. They even shared the token authority of 30 degrees north latitude. There was a third gift?!

Even the psychic media are numb. Their clenched fists are decadent and loose. They can’t compare. This aspect is really… Don’t compare.


“Can an Xuefeng take out something more precious than the token of 30 degrees north latitude?”

The yin-yang butterfly whispered, “I don’t believe it.”

Yes, the psychic doesn’t believe that there is anything more precious than the token of 30 degrees north latitude. Unless——

At the next moment, a tombstone appeared in an Xuefeng’s hand. Everyone’s eyes focused on the tombstone. Some people began to subconsciously analyze the black granite and square tombstone, but there seems to be no word on it, and there are many cracks. It looks incomplete, like an ordinary cracked tombstone

“I’ll give you a hippie tombstone.”


The moment an Xuefeng’s voice fell, the whole audience was silent, as if everyone had become mute at this moment.

He said… What?

What tombstone? Whose tombstone?

Whose tombstone is this?!!

The dreamer was stunned, the returnee was shocked and lost, the psychic suddenly stood up, but the puppet master stood faster than him!

Whose tombstone is this? The tombstone of the hippie?! Is it his real tombstone or a tombstone in the hotel? Does an Xuefeng know the real identity of the life playing man? The hippie is dead?!

Countless questions surrounded their minds, but an Xuefeng was really a bad thing. He didn’t say much after he took out the tombstone, as if it was just an ordinary object. He began to give gifts after he stuffed it into C Yi, and it was very fast, not as slow as before.

“The fourth gift, the legendary teapot, is good for me. It’s for you.”

“The fifth gift, this WuJie windbreaker is a little interesting. It must be good for you.”




Who wants to see you again from these ordinary gifts! The hearts of countless people present shouted.

Tell me about the hippie tombstone!

“Does it mean that… The hippie slice has something to do with the tombstone?”

The dreamer murmured, and his words were keenly captured by the puppet master!

what? Hippie slice? With the tombstone?

Is this really a hippie tombstone?

At this moment, the puppet master figured it out. No wonder the psychic media dared to send the Sun Pendant to the mutual aid alliance. I’m afraid the connection between the life players and the hotel has become a tombstone.

It’s no use grabbing the Sun Pendant. You have to grab the tombstone!

The puppet master took a deep breath and couldn’t help it. She saw Bingyi holding the tombstone in her left hand and the Sun Pendant in her right hand. She quickly thought out a plan in her mind.

When the landing ceremony is over, when an Xuefeng delivers the gift and an Xuefeng goes away, she will directly blink to C Yi and swallow him into the abyss node to take him away!

“The eleventh gift, this Maine kitten is very good. It’s for you.”

An Xuefeng is still here to give gifts, but the audience has long been numb. What he gave back were some practical gifts, nothing to pay attention to.

But Wei Xun suddenly got up at the moment!

The tombstone is not the point at all, but an Xuefeng uses it to attract everyone’s attention. He then took out a series of small gifts, which paralyzed other people’s nerves, and the real big gifts were hidden in these small gifts!

“Chase a dream, take it for me for a while.”

Wei Xun put down his things and hugged the kitten. The little Maine cat as like as two peas in Wei’s arms, no more than the one in Wei’s arms. No, they are the same cats.

The kitten’s body is very soft, but actually Wei Xun found that he didn’t breathe and his abdomen didn’t fluctuate. It seems dead, but it seems still alive. At the same time, Wei Xun found a collar hanging on the kitten’s neck with a golden bell hanging on it.

Inside the bell, there was a faint smell similar to the tombstone.

Remnant consciousness, tombstone, bell, brother’s slice

For a moment, countless clues were connected in Wei Xun’s mind. He subconsciously looked at an Xuefeng, who nodded at him to prove that Wei Xun was right.

An Xuefeng detects the tombstone and finally grabs a small piece of white stone that controls the tombstone. The white stone looks like a bone, but it’s very small. It’s not human. It’s more like the finger bone of an animal.

So he went to Wei Xun’s house. Maine cat cake finally became what it is now.

It’s pure abyss, but it seems to be sleeping. When Wei Xun held it in his arms, the breath gradually became stronger, as if a person was about to wake up! On the back of the cake, that layer of long floating hair is gradually catching the color of blood red.

The same color as the hippie cloak.

“I hope you will like this cat.”

An Xuefeng whispered.

“If you want to see him, it’s not enough to shield the keepsake at 30 degrees north latitude.”

An Xuefeng whispered to him, and Wei Xun knew it clearly.

“If another 12-A tour guide is fatally wounded… Is that enough?”

Wei Xun and an Xuefeng looked at each other, and then they glanced at the clothes fish next to the dreamer.

“Next is the last gift…”

What’s the last gift? The puppet master doesn’t care! The puppet master’s eyes lit up when C Yi inadvertently put the tombstone and the Sun Pendant of the playful man in front of the dreamer!

What’s this called? It takes no effort to call it! After all, the risk of robbing C-1 is too big. It’s much more convenient to take these two things away directly! Now in the eyes of the puppet master, there are only tombstones and sun decorations. She doesn’t care what the last gift is from an Xuefeng Bingyi

When the gift giving is over, an Xuefeng will turn around and leave. The puppet master aims at the opportunity and immediately shoots at the tombstone and the Sun Pendant! But at the same time, the knife light representing the afterglow of the sunset suddenly fell to her at the same time! The puppet master was reluctant to fall short. She gritted her teeth, grabbed the tombstone and was about to evacuate, but the knife was faster than she thought.

The silver purple cloak could not defend, and the two sharp blades cut her body at the same time! When the blade fell, an Xuefeng’s voice came late:

“… the last gift.”

“Teach you how to kill a first-class guide.”

At this moment, the sound of Bingyi’s chuckle is still very light.

He said——

“Yes, Miss Ann.”

The author has something to say: there will be a change at noon tomorrow!

An Xuefeng: holding his wife in his arms, Xun Xun kills class a get √

Wei Xun: hold a cat in your arms, kill a cat, get √

Cuddle in cuddle, cuddle in cuddle, cuddle in cuddle, cuddle in cuddle, cuddle in cuddle, cuddle in cuddle, cuddle in cuddle, cuddle in cuddle, cuddle in Cu?

Puppet Master: I can save it!!

Today, teacher an sent 500 red envelopes, boo boo!

Soon, soon, after this big story, there is still a little to go into the Sahara!

The puppet master can kill several times. Each time he kills, he has a new function. He is an economic and practical first-class tour guide!

Puppet Master:??


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