TTG Chapter 297

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 297: Nutrient solution 580000 Jiageng

“Can’t you see that he’s going to kill Bingyi! Bingyi can’t see it when the fog rises!”

“Fart, C-1 was held in his arms by an team. I can see clearly! They shot together!”

“In front of them is the dreamer. My God, won’t you kill the dreamer? I don’t believe it!”

There was a lot of noise below, but only an Xuefeng, dream chaser, Wei Xun and puppet teacher were left on the high platform above. But in an instant, I couldn’t leave and return to the hotel. Finally, the virtual shadow reappeared and condensed into the figure of the puppet teacher again. She was still the face of a clothed fish. Her face was painful and pale. She seemed to want to say something.

But before he opened his mouth, the return knife and the maniac’s knife were cut off again!

The silver purple cloak has no defense in front of the returning knife. An Xuefeng’s returning knife cuts into the puppet master’s abdomen, and the illusory dreamer raises his hand into a dragon’s claw and grabs the puppet master’s face. Wei Xun’s Madman’s knife was originally cut off together with the returning knife, but immediately changes its course after rubbing it in the puppet master’s abdomen, and Leng Buding turns to stab the puppet master’s left shoulder!

An Xuefeng and the dreamer protect the Dharma. Wei Xun can chop wherever he wants. The dream chaser grabs the broken Puppet Master’s head to intercept her spirit and control the clothed fish. An Xuefeng cuts into the puppet master’s abdomen, which is his intuitive judgment that the abdomen is the key to the puppet master’s body!

Wei Xun kept in mind that an Xuefeng had said that she would chop in the same place as him. The puppet master’s special constitution made it difficult for her to be killed at one time. If she wanted to be judged to kill her, she had to kill something on her! If there is a way back, it can definitely hurt her. As long as the maniac’s knife rubs with her, it can also be regarded as a first-class tour guide’s blood!

Wei Xun had followed him, but just a moment ago, the kitten in his arms seemed to earn a move. An idea suddenly appeared in Wei Xun’s mind.

“Left shoulder, butterfly”

Cat talk!

Left shoulder butterfly?!

Wei Xun’s eyes were frozen for a moment. Without hesitation, he rubbed the madman’s knife against the puppet master’s blood and immediately picked it up. The madman’s knife after the integration of the killing knife has completely changed its shape. It has a narrow body, pure black, terrible blood groove, sharp serrations on the back and a sharp blood red blade.

What’s more frightening is that there is a layer of red, green and gold light floating on the knife. These lights are all spiritual pollution intertwined with chimerism, distortion and entanglement. Sometimes the red and gold melt into orange, and sometimes the red and green melt into brown. At this moment, even Qi leorange and others who have watched the forging process will never see the original shape of the knife!

When the blade fell on the puppet master’s shoulder, she really changed her face!

If you dare to come to the high platform alone, the puppet master will rely on himself. At this moment, her body is like a doll. An Xuefeng and C Yi jointly killed the first layer, and the dreamer and an Xuefeng crushed the second layer, but the puppet master on the third layer appears completely again. If she is not killed at one time, she will escape as long as she catches the opportunity!

The opportunity lies in the blockade of the four 30 degrees north latitude keepsakes! This blockade is both strong and weak. As soon as the keepsake of the four 30 degrees north latitude came out, the black widow projected directly disappeared. But her disappearance also led to violent spatial fluctuations. If she wanted to continue the blockade, an Xuefeng couldn’t use the token of 30 degrees north latitude, so she couldn’t kill her directly!

Even with its current strength, the blockade can only last for one minute at most.

A minute later, the rules of the hotel will come. The news here is bound to attract many principals. At that time, it will be an opportunity for her to escape!

However, even if the puppet is still a real and absolute weakness, the puppet master pays all his attention to the two killers of an Xuefeng and the dreamer, and some of his attention to the tombstone and the Sun Pendant of the hippie. As for Bingyi, who was held in an Xuefeng’s arms, the puppet master couldn’t pay attention to him.

Even if his knife rubbed in her stomach, it was not painful or itchy for the puppet master. If you want to cut it, you can cut it at will. An Xuefeng and dream pursuers are the most dangerous enemies.

The puppet master’s face changed slightly until Bingyi’s blade pierced her left shoulder, but the next second she was relieved. The knife is still too weak to pierce her body at all. It’s like a lion on the grassland hunting buffalo. The big lion needs to tear open the thick skin of the buffalo first, and the little lion can eat the tender meat inside.

Without the tear of the return knife, C Yi’s knife can’t pierce the puppet master’s skin at all!

So hard, so tough!

In just a few seconds, an Xuefeng split the puppet division’s abdomen countless times, and the dreamer crushed the puppet division’s head more than ten times. Wei Xun kept stabbing the puppet master’s left shoulder with a knife, but he only stabbed a small wound. He’s like cutting a rubber spider web that’s so tough that he can’t pierce it anyway.

But Wei Xun was like a cunning poisonous snake. Each thorn poured pollution into the wound. Vulcan, Ming Dynasty, his own pollution, and pollution from the sun. The strength of tour guides originally comes from the abyss, and their changes are also a kind of pollution. The impact of different pollution will lead to their instinctive swallowing and attacking each other, which will weaken the defense of this place.

At the same time, Wei Xun is also doing his best to sense. If there are butterfly fragments on the puppet master, it doesn’t make sense for his brother to sense, he won’t feel at all!

When Wei Xun tried his best, the pure abyss breath on his suit suddenly no longer spilled out, but all poured into Wei Xun’s body. Wei Xun’s eyes were black and then bright. He saw it!

There was darkness in front of him, and even the puppet master became a dark shadow. Only the butterfly fragments are bright, not on the puppet master’s left shoulder, but on his right shoulder! There was only a very dim halo on the left shoulder, like residual energy. She moved the butterfly fragment from her left shoulder!

Right shoulder!

Wei Xun remained calm. He had a way in his mind and continued to tie the puppet master’s left shoulder. Wei Xun is waiting, waiting for a key node! An Xuefeng has noticed that Wei Xun has been stabbing the puppet master’s left shoulder! Wei Xun worked hard all over and his body was tight. Even his hands holding the cat subconsciously strengthened.

The cat was crowded into a ball, and the little hairy face twisted. In his arms, the hair on the back of the sleeping kitten had been red and shiny, but it was getting colder and colder, like ice, and there was no breath of life at all.

But in this case, the cat quietly opened his eyes. The cold eyes showed the brilliance of human nature. The cat’s eyes squeezed out of Wei Xun’s fingers and fell on the puppet master’s right shoulder, but he didn’t wait for him to look more. The next moment, his claws were caught by Wei Xun. Suddenly he lost his hand holding his body. He subconsciously grabbed Wei Xun’s suit with the other three claws to fix his body, but he was forcibly pulled away.

At this moment, almost coincidentally, an Xuefeng and the dreamer did not keep it, but moved their hands at the same time!

One minute is coming. Before that, you must kill the puppet master! The puppet master also knew that at the most critical moment, her body, which had been passively defending before, suddenly expanded sharply, and huge lumps covered her whole body like tumors. What’s more terrible is that some of the creeping purple black tumors even had hair and some teeth, just like a twisted person who has not yet developed completely!

The tumor will explode at the slightest touch. The cracked □ □ meat pollutes the body and the diffuse spirit pollutes the nerves. This is her most terrible mental pollution!

However, her unique skill was solved by an Xuefeng.

“Return knife…”

The orange knife light fell like a golden orange lightning! At that moment, an Xuefeng’s eyes also lit up a golden orange light, shining like a God. He didn’t open his mouth, but his voice rang through their minds on the high platform!

“Cut off the way home.”

The same move is quite different from the prestige of Bai Xiaosheng who imitated an Xuefeng on the fifth floor of the underground palace and used the replica of the return path knife! On the way home, an Xuefeng’s control is amazing and terrible. He instantly locked the way home he wants to cut off!

He cut off the way back when the tumor worsened and spread all over the body, and he chose the way back when the tumor healed and stripped!

The knife light fell on the puppet master’s body, and the tumor withered and peeled off. There was no way to return. The knife fell on her abdomen, but it didn’t open there this time.

Abdominal, not a tumor!

Then the knife moved obliquely upward and suddenly cut away. Belly up, from the puppet master’s waist to his left shoulder, he cut it in half!

Abdomen up, all tumors!

This time, the split flesh and blood did not heal again, but began to peel off. The puppet master felt that his strength was disappearing and being continuously lost.

It is worthy of being a return knife.

The puppet master thought of it, but the smile on her gradually gray face grew bigger and bigger. She was so dead that she was seriously injured this time, and the trick of tumor pollution could no longer be used. She had a splitting headache, and her spirit was disturbed by dreamers. Even the title of “A-2” on the list was ashen for a moment. But she didn’t die after all!

Not only did he not die, the puppet master held the tombstone of the life playing man in his hand! She finally got the tombstone!

The four 30 degree north latitude keepsakes have landed and can no longer shield the hotel. The puppet Division has opened the channel of the abyss node. As long as she can return to the abyss and cultivate herself this time, as long as she can leave this time… Everything is not a loss! What if an Xuefeng cuts off her left shoulder, that thing

However, at the next moment, the puppet master felt something sharp but tender and scratched on her right shoulder. It’s like the tender claw tip of a milk cat. It doesn’t have any harm, but it makes her shoulder split! At the same time, a knife followed silently, like a cunning snake hidden in colorful colors, directly stabbed her right shoulder, gouged it out and twisted it.

Caught off guard, a blue and purple butterfly fragment was picked out!


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