TTG Chapter 298

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 298: Side Face

“Lying trough!”

Everyone was stunned when Maria butterfly fragments were picked out! The dreamer couldn’t help but burst out a rude remark, and an Xuefeng’s knife stopped for a moment!

This moment gave the puppet master a chance to breathe. In an instant, she was about to fall into the abyss and leave here, but the puppet master did not leave normally – her upper body leaned forward desperately and stretched out her hand to catch the fragment, but someone caught up with her!

Almost all the black leather gloves were red with blood, and there was blood on the blade. The blue and purple fragments, like a tiny butterfly, fell on his fingertips and fell into a little black pure land surrounded by blood red.

But there was more red around the black. I was not sure whether the cat’s claws could be caught. In order to dig the puppet master Wei Xun took out the scarlet cloak of the playful man and wrapped it around the edge of the knife for second-hand preparation. As a result, the cat’s claws were too competitive.

All this happened in an instant, and Wei Xun quickly took away the fragments. However, before he took it away, an Xuefeng suddenly took action. He took Wei Xun back ten steps and retreated to the edge of the platform!

On the way home, the long knife was horizontal in front of him, but the other hand tied Wei Xun in his arms, and the big hand pressed him to the hand that grabbed the butterfly fragment.


Warm breathing, trembling and spitting in Wei Xun’s ear, an Xuefeng only had time to say this, and then Wei Xun’s brain roared with a loud noise, which was more deafening than thunder and almost made him faint! And the whole virtual hall, there was a terrible thunder in everyone’s mind!

Those with poor bearing capacity were stunned directly. According to common sense, they should be automatically sent out of the virtual hall or sent back to the hotel. However, the hotel did not make any action this time, so they were allowed to lie on the ground. The super class upward passengers and the B-class upward tour guides were barely awake, but they were almost stunned by the sound of terror.

Only stronger tourists and tour guides can understand the real meaning of the buzzing sound, which is almost the highest alarm sound of the hotel!

[alarm! Alarm! The interior of the hotel is invaded by strong energy, and the interior of the hotel is invaded by strong energy!]

[the most advanced defense system has been started, the search is about to start, the search is about to start!]

The voice of the hotel was extremely cold and terrible. At this moment, everyone felt that their scalp was caught and pulled by a hook, as if a thread was hanging on their soul, and the hotel tightened all the threads.

[no action, no leaving. The violator will be expelled. Repeat, the violator will be expelled!]

Wei Xun’s mind was buzzing, and it seemed as if a series of scarlet messages came to his face, swallowing him like a flood of blood. The feeling of uncontrollable suffocation surged into his heart. His heart beat faster and faster, completely uncontrollable. For a moment, he could hardly control his body, just like he was almost cleared for violation on the first day of entering the hotel.

The burning pain swept through his body, and the sharp and harsh alarm was blurred into meaningless crazy noise in his ears. Wei Xun vaguely saw a blue and purple light covering the edge of his field of vision, like a light blue film, isolating the scarlet system alarm.

In the chaos, Wei Xun strangely remained calm, and even his brain thought faster.

Is this a fragment of Maria butterfly? Is it the strong energy in the hotel warning?

Butterflies themselves represent hotels. Why are they called invasions?

Before, he took the butterfly fragments on the hotel bus and was fine… Was it because of the container of the fragments at that time, or because the fragments could not appear directly in the virtual hall?

What’s the reason why the fragments of Maria butterfly in the puppet master’s body are embedded in the meat and don’t become Butterfly Tattoos like him?

But the next second Wei Xun didn’t have time to think about this. His pupils shrank suddenly and his San value fell wildly.

Wei Xun saw something he couldn’t understand.

The virtual Hall of the hotel, which was always brightly lit, turned dark, which was more terrible than cutting off the electricity. In the endless darkness, a pair of huge, dark red ‘Suns’ appeared.

No, it’s not the sun, but a pair of huge dark red eyes. It has no pupils, no white eyes, just like a pair of huge searchlights.

This pair of eyes are directly facing an Xuefeng’s head, as if looking at something.

Its appearance seems to be an omen. Countless dark red eyes appear in the endless darkness, as if everyone in the virtual hall has a pair of dark staring eyes on his head.

The shepherd alliance, in the special prison room where the door should have been locked, the door was only hidden. The hair ghost leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and rested, hummed happily, as if waiting for someone’s return.

However, the next moment he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at his head in disbelief. The little bead that came out with him seemed to feel something, jumping wildly.

“Who’s looking at me?”

He muttered to himself that the sense of crisis made his back bristle. He had close contact with the puppet master. The ghost could feel that the puppet master was in bad luck, and there were signs that the bad luck was implicating him!

No matter what, the new ghost Xiaohong didn’t pack it. Without hesitation, he quickly moved back to Wei Xun’s station with live beads and drilled directly into his abyss node. By the way, put all kinds of precious and transferable items of Wei Xun on the facade of the abyss node first.

Wait a minute!

In the virtual hall, the crowded red eyeballs almost filled the darkness. The eyeballs are big and small. The small ones are only sand grains. The big ones are like wheel well covers, but none of them is bigger than the eyes on the head of an Xuefeng. It occupies almost two-thirds of the darkness corresponding to the high platform. The remaining third is occupied by two pairs of eyes.

A pair of larger ones are suspended on the head of the dreamer, and a pair of smaller ones are suspended on the head of the puppet master.

In the next moment, Wei Xun saw a thin red light falling from his eyes and cleaving on the wound on the puppet master’s shoulder, where the fragments of Maria butterfly were embedded. Then

The puppet master turned into a handful of ashes.

The tough skin that the maniac’s knife can’t break anyway, and the spirit that the dreamer can’t break several times. An Xuefeng used the half body cut off on his way home, and all turned into ashes under this thin red light.

Only a wisp of light black, almost nihilistic energy fled in a hurry and rushed into the previously torn abyss crack.

The normal abyss node was also controlled by the hotel. It was private to the puppet master. No registered abyss node saved her life. She ran away in a hurry and didn’t dare to see the butterfly fragments taken away, but before she left, she tried her last bit to bring the hippie’s tombstone.

No loss, no loss

Seeing the red light splitting the puppet teacher into ashes, Wei Xun closed his painful eyes. He found that others seemed unable to see these eyes or feel the light emitted by them. Whether the dreamer or the puppet master, even if there is no action, there should be emotional changes when the red light falls.

But no, nothing.

Only an Xuefeng, who held him in his arms, tensed in an instant, as if he sensed something, pressing Wei Xun’s hand tighter.

After beating the puppet master to ashes, those bright red eyes gradually faded and disappeared, as if they had completed their mission. The darkness has dispersed, and the faint tourist guides in the virtual hall get up again as if nothing had happened, but they seem to have forgotten that they fainted. They are still nervous and excited talking about things on the high platform, but the upper level tourist guides who remember them are silent and their faces are dignified to terrible.

“Look, look, the fog on the high platform has dispersed!”

Someone was surprised, and countless eyes immediately looked at the past. Really, the fog on the high platform has really dispersed! Although the live broadcast of the hotel has not been restored, people in the virtual hall can still see a general picture! Even when an Xuefeng stood on the edge of the high platform, they saw it most clearly.

“The dream chaser is still there! I said that team an can’t fight with the dream chaser!”

“Team an is standing close to the side. Sobbing, I feel that this is the closest I have to him!”

“Is the landing ceremony over? Where’s third one? There should be a closing speech or something.”

“Look who’s in Ann’s arms!”

“Sleeping trough, they, why are they still holding together? This, this…”

“Is this public?! to be honest, I thought it was wrong for Ann team to give gifts today!”

“How high-profile… But I like it. The first passenger in the East should be so high-profile!”

“The official announcement is coming soon. My mother, my heart beats so fast!”

Ignorant people are always the happiest and most relaxed. The others looked very dignified. At this moment, even the Yin and Yang butterflies are no longer in a relaxed mood when they look at an Xuefeng and Bingyi who are tightly held together.

An Xuefeng and Bingyi still didn’t move.

“Brother, do you think you will…”

Is it possible that the problem of strong energy invasion reported by the hotel has not been solved yet?

On the high platform, the dreamer breathed a sigh of relief, walked quickly to their side, gasped, lowered his voice and hurriedly said, “leave the virtual Hall… Go back.”

But an Xuefeng still didn’t move, and the third one in his arms also closed his eyes.

The giant eyeballs on their heads still didn’t leave.

Wei Xun opened his eyes, and the virtual hall was still dark for them. They didn’t see the dreamer, and of course they couldn’t hear him. It seemed that there was an invisible space to shield them from the hotel.

In the dark, only those huge, scarlet eyes.

I’m afraid it really came because of Maria butterfly fragments.

How can we get the giant eyeball to leave?

The puppet master made a good demonstration, but Wei Xun didn’t want to put down the butterfly fragments. Wei Xun moved slightly in an Xuefeng’s arms. Although the hotel warned that action was prohibited, subtle actions were still OK. He had no problem opening and closing his eyes.

Wei Xun wants to throw a tube of blood from the tattoo of Maria butterfly in the distance to see if he can attract the giant eyeballs away. But an Xuefeng still held a knife and pressed his hand firmly with one hand.

Don’t let him move.


The hotel didn’t say no to speak. Wei Xun wanted to talk to an Xuefeng in a low voice, but another hand covered his mouth.

Where did an Xuefeng get his third hand?

Wei Xun was still surrounded by a familiar breath, but it was a little layered. Wei Xun’s eyelashes fell. The hand covering his mouth was broad and powerful. It just seemed that he had been in the dark for a long time, his skin was a little pale, his cuffs slipped, and there seemed to be something soft and slippery in his dark robes.

It’s a tentacle.

Cover his mouth, yes.

An Xuefeng and *** are here. Wei Xun knew when sharing the authority of 30 degrees north latitude. At that time, he temporarily put down the Sun Pendant and put his hands on two keepsakes, one left and the other right. He was held by an Xuefeng’s two hands again.

The hand wearing the right ring belongs to an Xuefeng. The hand with a small octopus ring belongs to.

Realizing that an Xuefeng’s attitude is firm, Wei Xun no longer struggles. Since an Xuefeng and have come out, there must be their way. One hand covered Wei Xun’s mouth and felt that he didn’t speak. This hand turned upward, covered Wei Xun’s eyes and left it for him to his fingers.

Through his fingers, Wei Xun can spy on the outside more safely.

The other hand pressed on the back of Wei Xun’s hand.

Wei Xun likes this kind of interest of being controlled and deprived of perception, which makes him subconsciously relax.

Although the scene is wrong, it is dark at present, and no one has seen it anyway. The relaxed Wei Xun leans in an Xuefeng’s arms, his mind is more flexible, and suddenly shows his body shape, which makes Wei Xun suddenly realize a problem.

Wei Xun found the blind spot of his thinking.

Is it really because of Maria butterfly fragments.

Or is it just because of Maria butterfly fragments.

The warning voice of the hotel sounded when he dug up the fragments of the Maria butterfly, and also after the blockade of the token at 30 degrees north latitude failed and collapsed! The first four 30 degrees north latitude keepsakes hide their breath. Theoretically, the pyramid and the book of Western Europe can be regarded as two keepsakes.

Two keepsakes, one to hide the fluctuation when an Xuefeng started, the other… Is it hidden?

Can the principal appear in the virtual hall? Is it a strong energy invasion for the principal to appear in the virtual hall?

No, no, no matter what, it should have nothing to do with him, because he came out now and there was no energy fluctuation before. But Wei Xun thinks his speculation is very reasonable!

Four 30 degrees north latitude keepsakes, four people

The huge eyes still on their heads… So huge, monitor the eyes of the first person

Does it belong to an Xuefeng or

Wei Xun subconsciously clenched his hand. It was the other hand, holding the paw of the Maine cat cub. But when he tried hard, Wei Xun found his hand empty.


The sense of falling hit in an instant, and Wei Xun’s brain was blank for a moment. When he noticed that someone was pulling something away from him, Wei Xun subconsciously clenched his hand.


With a light Tut, Wei Xun suddenly opened his eyes and looked up. He couldn’t hear how messy it was outside, and didn’t know how many people in the virtual hall could not believe it at the same time. He stood up in shock. Even if the dreamer immediately opened the fog, there are not a few people who see the back!

Darkness isolated everything, but it could not be dyed black, a touch of crimson like fresh blood.

At the moment, Wei Xun only has this red in his eyes.

Red, scarlet, is a cape Cape held by Wei Xun.

The scarlet guide cloak was draped on the back of a tall man standing in front of Wei Xun. He has a straight back, but he doesn’t look like a soldier. He looks very elegant. Let him be more like an old aristocrat trained in etiquette from childhood. No, not like aristocracy. That graceful, powerful and cold momentum lingered around him.

Make him more like a ruler in power. It seemed blasphemous to touch his cloak.

But Wei Xun didn’t care. He firmly clenched his cloak and couldn’t stand only looking at his back this time. If Wei Xun has enough strength, he can’t wait to pull his cloak and let the man in front of him turn around. Only one second has passed, but it seems that countless years have passed under the stalemate of Wei Xun. However, the other party was indifferent and determined. Wei Xun’s strength could not compare with the other party after all. The corner of the cloak was gradually pulling away.

My hand hurts.

Wei Xun never thought that Yue Jie would feel so painful when he grabbed the cloak. His hand was almost broken, but he still refused to let go. Physiological tears flowed down and remained on the hand covering his eyes.

It was like being scalded, an Xuefeng sighed.

The next moment, they had pressed Wei Xun to hold the butterfly fragments tightly, and the hand on the back of the hand holding the cloak was raised at the same time. Together with Wei Xun’s hand, they grabbed the scarlet cloak.

An Xuefeng is really strong.

The same strength.

The two times of great force superimposed together and almost pulled off the cloak completely. Finally, the man turned his head. A faint glance.

The black hair falls on his ears, longer than Wei Xun’s hair. All the way to the elegant mandibular line. He was wearing a black and gold mask as luxurious as the sun god bird. When his eyes fell on an Xuefeng’s hands, they were full of impatience and boredom, but when they fell on Wei Xun’s face, the emotions in his eyes all converged, like a deep pool.

Wei Xun was stunned when he looked at him.

It turned out to be a deep black, but a very deep blue and purple!

The blue and purple eyes are very similar to Wei Xun’s!

Stunned, hands naturally released. As soon as Wei Xun let go, an Xuefeng and immediately let go. The man only took one step, and the great sense of oppression that had enveloped an Xuefeng and Wei Xun suddenly disappeared. Sure enough, the giant eyeball was not an Xuefeng, but him! It’s revived from the cat, the ghost consciousness of life playing people!

Get the red light column from the eyeball and come quietly. I didn’t fall before, but I was afraid of hurting the first passenger of the hotel!


At the moment when the light column fell, the playful man looked up and seemed to make a joking laugh. When the light column fell on him, he suddenly disappeared, and Wei Xun’s pupils shrank suddenly. At the same time, he only heard a crackle!

The Sun Pendant on the ground was completely cracked and broken, and the playful man walked to the Sun Pendant as planned, like playing with a hotel! No one knows whether he returned to the Inca sun gate through the Sun Pendant or

The scarlet cloak, which collapsed on the ground, flew back to Wei Xun. In Wei Xun’s empty hand, there were many sleepy, cold and soft kittens.

The darkness fades, the eyes leave, the silence is no longer, and the excitement returns. Wei Xun suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and tightly grasped the kitten in his hand, as if his heart had finally returned to his chest.

Even if there are new and more questions, Wei Xun’s heart is finally secure.

Even if he wants to go back to study the new butterfly fragment immediately, there are still many things to be solved. For example, the landing ceremony of the mutual aid alliance, so Wei Xun was relieved when he saw the dreamer standing in front of him.

“Chasing dreams…”

Next, I’ll leave it to chase the dream. He’ll first



The dream chaser standing there had an earthquake in his pupils. He was like stumbling. He didn’t know what to say. He repeatedly took several deep breaths, first looked at an Xuefeng, then at C-1, repeated several times, and finally looked at C-1. There seemed to be countless emotions in that look.

But in the end, the dreamer couldn’t help but say:

“The hippie is back… You’re hiding it very tightly.”

Wei Xun:?


“How do you know?”

Wei Xun asked subconsciously, and the dreamer inhaled and gnashed his teeth. His voice seemed to be forced out of his teeth.

“It’s not just me… The whole hotel will know after today!”

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