TTG Chapter 299

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 299: Butterfly Tattoo

[shocked!! a tour guide shows up!!!]

In just half a day, the news has spread all over the hotel, ranking the top of the forum hot posts! There are countless pictures in the post. I don’t know who took it. The camera angle is general, but the image is particularly clear.

Dark red, such as a bloody tour guide cloak, tall back.

Even if the next second thick fog shrouded the high platform, someone still photographed the back of the life playing man!

[horizontal slot, horizontal slot, is this true?!]

[pain, I used to chat without looking up!]

[who is so bold to send this? Be careful to be killed by the butcher alliance!]

[if you really want to come out, I’m afraid there will be a bloody storm…]

[Tut, didn’t you say that A-2 would come? But she didn’t come… Did she not come, or did she come but was killed?]

[all members of the shepherd alliance are under martial law… But so is the truth alliance. Those big tour guides have blocked themselves]

[no, I can’t believe it! Damn it, I saw it with my own eyes in my lifetime!]

[all right, all right, you’re so naive. Have you forgotten that C Yi can also wear a life playing cloak!]

[yes, he wore it several times in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing! To tell you the truth, an team is also on the high platform. If a comes out, they won’t turn the world upside down?]

[wasn’t C-1 present? Maybe both leaders forbore… Hey, I can’t make it up. To tell the truth, I also think it’s C-1]

Is this scarlet figure a C-1 or a hippie? There was a heated debate at the forum. Many people tried to explain it with their height. Some people named that only an DUI and red shadow were in the photo, but no C-1 was seen. It should be C-1 wearing a scarlet cloak.

But some people reincarnate like a microscope and circle a layer next to an Xuefeng… Where there is no C-1, isn’t C-1 held in the arms of an team! It’s just that I can’t see the angle clearly!

As soon as team C is here, the bloody back can only be a life-threatening man!

They argued endlessly, and the bosses who still remembered the hotel alarm were divided into two factions.

“If I say, it should be that the puppet master turned into a clothes fish to find fault. As a result, he was found by an Xuefeng and the dreamer.”

Feihong Qile orange analyzed: “if they want to do it in the virtual hall, it will definitely cause a hotel alarm… C Yi wears a life playing cloak, I’m afraid it’s to protect himself.”

“The hippies are still at the Inca Sun Gate.”

Metaphysics Wan Anfu stroked the turtle shell in his hand with a dignified expression. They are now in the reception hall on their way home, and the leaders of several other brigades have also come. This matter is too serious. Does it mean that there will be new changes in the Inca sun gate? Is the hotel warning related to him? Countless people want to know the answer.

But they couldn’t come in. There were only Wan’an poverty, Qile orange and dark clouds in the reception hall.

Wan’an poverty has just occupied a divination, and the divination result is very clear. The situation has not changed, and the hippies are still sealed at the Inca Sun Gate. But he thought of what an Xuefeng said: “I’ve found where the hippies are.”

When an Xuefeng said this before, he made a thick fog on the high platform, which can only be heard by the people on the high platform. But now they all know.

The hippie is still in the Inca Sun Gate. No problem… But his slices can come out.

The tombstone… Are the hippies really hidden in the tombstone? Qi Le orange is also right. An Xuefeng and the dream chaser absolutely shot the puppet master. Half life said that the puppet master made trouble for C Yi several times in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, and still wanted to dig his eyes?

The eyes of life playing people are really different. Bingyi’s eyes… It’s normal for puppet masters to think so. Is it the puppet master who wanted to do something to C Yi, so he alerted the life-playing people in the tombstone?

It’s not right. Wan’an is poor and meditating, and lives by playing. It’s time to take advantage of the entanglement of an Xuefeng, the dreamer and the puppet master. After all, there seems to be a fragment of a butterfly in the puppet master.

But in any case, the tombstone is absolutely the key. But the dreamer said that after the tombstone was punished by the hotel, the puppet division on the verge of collapse forcibly took it away.

“Lao Wu, how about the clothes fish?”

Wan Anfu asked. The Urumqi team with low pressure has not said a word since it came here. When he asked, the dark cloud snorted coldly, “don’t care about other people’s guides, but more about yourself!”

I see. I’m afraid he can’t contact Chlamydia at present.

Wan’an took back his eyes and sighed in his heart. Black cloud is right. It can be said that most brigades have enemies with life playing people. Half life Taoist lost half his life, which had something to do with him.

This man will do anything to collect butterfly fragments, and those with butterfly fragments are nothing more than the top brigade and tour guide alliance qualified to explore the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

This man hid deeply and used to manipulate and stir up the wind and rain behind his back. It can be said that in those days, the tourist tour guide Alliance on both sides of the eastern and western regions was in chaos. It was not until the hippies were sealed at the Inca sun gate that all parties gradually stopped.

Maria butterfly fragments are also in the hands of metaphysics. But what is its use? Wan’an poverty has not been studied until now, and most other organizations are like this. But it’s absolutely significant. Whether you leave the hotel or find a chance of life on the battlefield, this is something that can save your life.

I’m afraid the person who has studied this thing most is the life frolicker.

That is, they have a good concentration. Now… I’m afraid countless people have gone to hunt down the puppet master. I heard that there are people from the west side.

The extremely weak A-2 guide, in her hand, lives in the tombstone sliced by the hippie. At this moment, the puppet master is like a piece of delicious meat. Everyone wants to taste it.

“Just tell him it’s no use staying here!”

Just then, Wang pengpai’s voice came from behind, accompanied by heavy footsteps, talking loudly and irritable.

“Go back to their butcher alliance, go back to the mutual aid alliance. I can’t control it. Don’t think that joining the mutual aid alliance will make a new face. Don’t eat him on the way home. Stay here again and be careful to be killed by our defense system!”

“That’s amazing -”

“Where did you get such a big anger? It’s surging. It’s bigger than me.”

Qi Le orange was laughing and laughing. Wang pengpai rolled over like a gust of wind. Hearing what he said, his round face was full of depression and grinned like a toothache: “don’t mention it. He was gone before he was released early! Who gave him the courage to touch porcelain at the door on his way home…”

Hearing what he said, Wan’an poverty couldn’t help laughing: “the yin-yang butterfly hasn’t gone yet?”

“Yes, he looks like a little daughter-in-law. I’m scratched all over when he pretends like this.”

Wang pengpai couldn’t stand shaking his solid arm. He didn’t know how cruel the yin-yang butterfly was before, and he didn’t have a journey together.

The psychic media went back to deal with the butcher alliance, but the yin-yang butterfly stayed here. No matter what you say, you just don’t listen! If you ignore him, he will cry later, laugh later and cry later. People will be numb to see Wang surging.

Yes, the back of the hippie came out. We all know that the people of your butcher alliance have to go crazy. But aren’t you a little stupid to wait for the joker on your way home??

I suffered a loss on the way home before. Now the defense system is updated. It is set that foreign tour guides sneak in and kill one. But now we can’t kill this yin-yang butterfly. Even Wang pengpai couldn’t stand it. Bai Xiaosheng just went to replace him.

“I don’t know when Bingyi and the captain will come back.”

Wang pengpai is just awkward now, like an alien at home.

Hurry back and get rid of this yin-yang butterfly. I can’t stand it.

Lushan Mountain, Poyang Lake.

The blue sky is reflected in the boundless, sparkling water, blue sky and white clouds. Tomorrow is in the sky, and the weather is very sunny. During the National Day holiday, countless tourist teams are playing around Poyang Lake. There are all kinds of cruise ships on the lake, which is very lively. The white crane flew leisurely across the lake, causing everyone to cry with joy.

However, the waters to the north of Poyang Lake are rarely populated, and there is a temple to the east of the waters. If you are a normal tourist, you will naturally see the newly built temple in recent years, but for the tourists of thrilling hotels around the world, the temple is dilapidated and old, just like the buildings of the last century.

This temple is called “Laoye Temple”, and the triangular water area on the back of Poyang Lake is called Laoye temple water area.

Also known as the devil’s triangle, it is at 30 degrees north latitude.

Countless ships sank in this water area, wind, rain and thunder clouds suddenly appeared on a sunny day, and thousands of people were missing. No matter the ship’s bones or bones, they could not be found. There was no one alive, no body dead, and almost all the shipwreck survivors were insane.

But at this moment, there was a tall man squatting on the bank, lifting the lake to wash the cat. His hair was wet and his body was covered with water vapor. He only wore black army trousers and bare feet, as if he had just swam in the lake. The cool and soft Maine kitten was motionless in his hands, just like a toy.

The man acted neatly, washed twice, and then wrapped the cat directly in a large dry towel. At the same time, he filled a few buckets of lake water into the storage space.

Then the man strode to the broken temple, his face a little agitated and worried.

There is a secret safe house under the Poyang Lake master temple. Only an Xuefeng and Bai Xiaosheng know about it. After leaving Gaotai, an Xuefeng immediately brought Wei Xun here.

Maria butterfly fragments.

Thinking of this, an Xuefeng’s face became more fierce and angry. He jumped down from the secret road behind the master temple. After several verification, he finally entered the safe house. It is similar to the structure of the safe house in Huashan grottoes, but smaller than there.

Beside the space of about 15 square meters is a marching bed. Wei Xunchi, naked, wrapped in a thick military green quilt, sits obliquely on the bed, full of interest in smashing the Sun Pendant.

After all, the Sun Pendant is a token of 30 degrees north latitude. Even if the “expulsion” of the hotel splits it into pieces, it can’t crush it into puppet ash. Although the pieces are a little small, they can be put together.

The body of the hippie is still in the Inca Sun Gate. What appears on the high platform can be regarded as his slice, or the “residual consciousness” of Wei Xun’s connection.

Tombstone, cat, maybe a scarlet cloak, let him show up temporarily.

Finally, it disappeared on the Sun Pendant, as if it had returned to the Inca sun gate through the Sun Pendant, but this was the dream of the mengzhui dreamer. The real residual consciousness has long become a cat and returned to Wei Xun.

Then he was taken to take a bath by an Xuefeng.


Seeing an Xuefeng coming back with water vapor, Wei Xun directly put down the fragments in his hands and smiled and stretched out his hands to pick them up.

But an Xuefeng put the towel roll in the distance and didn’t give it to him. With a straight face, “don’t touch it now.”

He drew a basin from under the bed and filled it with fresh lake water: “soak your feet first.”

Then he carried other buckets into a small room in the East and poured the water into the water tank on the self-made shower: “come and take a bath later.”

After an Xuefeng tossed out, Wei Xun just slowly stretched out his legs and soaked his feet in the basin. An Xuefeng came over with great vigour, squatted in front of Wei Xun, grabbed Wei Xun’s calf seriously and gently, and observed his feet.

The water waves fluctuate and can’t be seen clearly at first glance. After careful observation, it can be found that a layer of white and soft filaments are wrapped around Wei Xun’s feet.

An Xuefeng stared, his eyes still, until he found that the filaments gradually dissolved in the lake, and his heart was finally put down a little. But his voice still sounds fierce and can scare crying children.

“Stretch out your hand to get other people’s butterfly fragments. Are you dead?!”

“Is the pollution serious?”

Wei Xun asked curiously. In fact, he didn’t think there was any problem. If an Xuefeng hadn’t picked off his clothes directly and checked his feet from head to toe, there were only such painless filaments on his feet.

Wei Xun didn’t realize the seriousness of this until he saw that the sleeping kitten had abnormal horns, soft and rotten as mud, and an Xuefeng’s hands were distorted into tentacles.


An Xuefeng seemed to overflow a smile, but the smile was also very cold: “only 30 degrees north latitude can offset it. If you are more strict, you will die!”

The first time I brought you here, it is precisely in order to stop the spread of pollution as soon as possible. Even without direct contact, an Xuefeng and the cat have been soaking in the lake for a long time.

He used to take Wei Xun with him. Wei Xun’s problem should have been the most serious among them.

But in fact

“I don’t feel any pain.”

Wei Xun told the truth, raised his feet and splashed a little water. Those snow-white silk threads were directly taken away by the water flow. They were soft and could not see any aggression. Most importantly, he did not feel dangerous.

“It will be late when you feel pain!”

An Xuefeng severely scolded him for fear that Wei Xun wouldn’t take it seriously, but there were countless thoughts in his mind. Indeed… The pollution on Wei Xun is really not heavy, or even pollution.

An Xuefeng thought it was Wei Xun’s suit full of pure abyss power, but now it seems

“Is the butterfly tattoo on your chest still there?”

An Xuefeng asked in a low voice. Wei Xun opened the quilt directly to him.

An Xuefeng’s eyes flashed. He saw that Wei Xun’s pale and thin skin seemed to be covered with a layer of new snow, white and dazzling. On his left chest and next to his nipple, there was a mutilated blue purple butterfly.

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Wei Xun: where are you looking?

An Xuefeng: Butterfly Tattoo

Wei Xun: look?

An Xuefeng:

Wei Xun: huh?

An Xuefeng: tut

Cat towel roll:?


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