TTG Chapter 3

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (3)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 3: Drunk beauty Xiangxi


Another countdown appears, just below yes / No. Within five minutes, Wei Xun must make a choice to replace Bingjiu or refuse.

“Who are you?”

Wei Xun was not in a hurry to choose. He was a little curious about the male voice: “where’s creepy? Are you also my exclusive customer service? ”

[it can be understood that]

The man’s voice seemed to be chuckling and looked good to talk. This made Wei Xun continue to test: “what would happen if he refused?”

“The trip went wrong. It’s your hotel’s problem.”

[yes, if you choose to refuse, thriller global hotel apologizes for this and will send you directly to the destination.]

Wei Xun was interested: “let me go directly through this journey?”

[it is impossible for junior passengers to pass the dangerous journey. You will die at the end of this journey. The hotel will compensate you for the painless and quick death service.]

Wei Xun smiled: “maybe I can.”

The other party smiled and didn’t answer. Obviously, if Wei Xun refused, there would only be this solution.

Wei Xun didn’t bother here any more. After all, time is precious.

“I’m a newcomer. If you let me replace Bingjiu, I should always improve my strength.”

Wei Xun said reluctantly, “this is a dangerous journey. I don’t have any experience in leading a group. If I die in the end, I might as well choose to die without pain. ”

After thinking about it, he added: “it doesn’t matter if I die at that time. The passengers have no guide. What can I do if something happens.”

Wei Xun remembers the saying that [the hotel does not allow the absence of tour guide Bingjiu]. Tour guide Bingjiu is essential in this journey.

What happens if there is no guide during the trip?

Wei Xun is testing the rules of the hotel.

[every passenger is an important asset of the hotel. The tour guide really needs a strong force to protect the passengers during the dangerous journey.]

[you will receive the temporary title “C 9”, which will only take effect during this journey]

[please protect passengers]

This sentence seems to have profound meaning. Wei Xun still wants to ask again, but he finds that he can’t open his mouth again. There is only a yes or no option in front of him.

So far, Wei Xun will go on well with his decision.

Instead of a crazy tour guide?

This is really——

It’s so exciting.

It’s a pity that I didn’t know the name of this’ little customer service ‘.

Before the countdown to zero, Wei Xun chose “yes”

* *

In the bus, except Lin Xi’s crying voice, there was only the sound of rustling rain. The atmosphere was so tense that it almost solidified. The passengers were like chickens with their necks shrunk. They didn’t make a sound. In fact, they all pricked their ears to listen to the news ahead.


Lin Xi cried quickly and would only repeat this sentence over and over. Wei Xun’s silence made his despair deeper and deeper in his eyes.

Suddenly, Lin Xi clenched her teeth and her eyes were determined. He didn’t know where to draw out a Swiss Army knife. The sharp blade didn’t stab Wei Xun, but cut back at himself. He once held the knife to Wei Xun’s right hand!

Lin Xi’s action is fast and cruel. Instead of acting, she is really willing to give up one hand and ask for forgiveness! Watching him do this, only the fat man hesitated and said “Hey”, others were either indifferent or trembling, and no one moved.

But just as the blade was about to cut his skin, someone stepped on his wrist.

They were light black soft soled shoes. They stepped lightly on his wrist without any strength. But Lin Xi felt as if she had been trampled by a hard soled military boot. Her hand was soft and loosened the knife. The whole person was a few inches shorter and crawled deeper to the ground, bursting with the ecstasy of survival in her eyes!

The mysterious young man sitting in the front finally stood in the front. The bronze mask shaped like an evil ghost replaced the mask and sunglasses, covering the upper half of his face, revealing only a small half of his pale and thin chin and pale to almost colorless lips. The silver butterfly wing brooch with five Rhinestones on his chest was mysterious and luxurious.

The whole bus was silent, and the eyes of all passengers focused on him.

“Hello, passengers. I’m the tour guide of this trip, Bingjiu.”

In the spotlight, the man’s lips are slightly hooked, which seems to be laughing:

“Next, I will accompany you through this six day and five night trip.”

After he opened his mouth, the lights suddenly lit up. The bus lit up. The sound of rain outside gradually weakened. It recovered from the dark color to the normal cloudy light. All the traces of blood and hands on the window glass disappeared, and there was no sound from the foreign matter on the roof.

The heavy, thrilling atmosphere shrouded in the bus dissipated. Under the warm yellow light, the old but clean bus is a little warm.

Wei Xun had a panoramic view of the faces of all the passengers. Their eyes are still afraid or afraid, but most of the passengers are leaning forward, like trying to get closer to Wei Xun.

Tourists are afraid of tour guides, but they are extremely dependent on them, even if Bingjiu is a “madman” who can kill the team.

The tour guide played a greater role in the journey than he thought.

Wei Xun glanced at his left wrist. His necklace had disappeared and was replaced by a small half of a blue purple butterfly tattoo branded on his pale wrist.

He remembered the blue and purple light he saw on the verge of death, the fragments of Maria butterfly and the relics left by his relatives. Why did it have anything to do with the thriller global hotel?

Does the disappearance of his family have something to do with the hotel?

The bus started. There was no driver in the driver’s seat, only the steering wheel was turning, heading for the first scenic spot of the journey.

Only by completing the journey and really entering the hotel can we have the opportunity to know the truth.

“Roll call now.”

Wei Xun held a piece of silver shiny paper in his hand. This is the automatic passenger list after becoming a tour guide. In addition, Wei Xun also had a thin book “temporary tour guide rules” in his mind.

“Family No. 1, Zhao Hongtu, Hou Feihu.”

The two passengers sitting in the middle row immediately answered “yes”, fearing no delay. Although they know each other, they are not really family members, but are divided into groups during the journey.

Wei Xun can write down the passenger’s information at a glance. At the same time, he was still distracted and quickly browsed through the temporary tour guide rules in his mind.

The 10 points of completing the task were exchanged by Wei Xun. Now his death countdown is [24:01:35]

24 hours is not enough for the whole journey. He needs more points.

Wei Xun is looking for a way for the guide to get points.

“No. 2 family, Shi Tao, Miao Fangfei”


[temporary tour guide rules]

[1. The tour guide accepts the entrustment of the hotel, leads the tourists to visit all the scenic spots in the schedule, and provides tourists with guides, explanations and related tourism services. At the end of the tour, the hotel will pay the tour guide the corresponding salary according to the tour level.]

[2. The tour guide shall not take the initiative to kill passengers. If the tour guide takes the initiative to kill passengers, 10000 points will be deducted!]

[3. The hotel and the tour guide are not responsible for the accidental death caused by the passenger’s own behavior]

There are only three guide rules.

[more details will be known after you officially become a tour guide of the hotel]

Wei Xun thought that even if there were no other rules, he could dig out more information.

“Family number three, Lin Xi.”


Lin Xi Mingming just knelt on the ground with snot and tears on his face, but now he wiped his face clean and sat back in his position. He looked at Wei Xun’s bright eyes and answered quickly and well, like a big dog desperately wagging its tail at him.

Wei Xun looked at Lin Xi. Lin Xi immediately sat straighter, like a pupil waiting for the teacher to call the roll, his eyes were shining!

[Name: Lin Xi]

[level: medium level Samsung]

[achievement Title:

[discover beautiful eyes (green title): as an idol surrounded by handsome men and beautiful women, you have a pair of picky eyes and can see others’ appearance scores at the first sight!]

This title made Wei Xun guess the reason why Lin Xi was hostile to him as soon as he got on the bus.

I’m afraid Wei Xun’s appearance score is higher, which makes Lin Xi feel a sense of crisis.

No way, he’s so handsome.

Every passenger on this bus has a title, and most of them have more than one title. Obviously, they are veteran passengers. From the title, Wei Xun can get a lot of useful information.

“Family number four, Wang pengpai.”


The fat man is full of enthusiasm. His big round face smiles into a flower and flatters like a licking dog. He has two titles.

[Name: Wang pengpai]

[level: medium level four stars]

[achievement Title:

[little driver (green title): little driver, Didi, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. You won’t be afraid even when driving on the steepest mountain road – of course, before you grow up as an old driver, you have the same probability of accident as you have the courage]

[Xiangxi, repeat guest (blue title): This is your second time to participate in the Xiangxi trip of our hotel. Out of your understanding here, you will get a incomplete travel map at the beginning of the trip]

Although Lin Xi and Wang pengpai seem to be loyal to the tour guide, Wei Xun still lists them as the key targets to guard against.

The title of painless is estimated to be very rare, otherwise they would not mistake Wei Xun for Bingjiu. These two people know that Bingjiu is painless, and they have a deep understanding of Bingjiu, the tour guide.

He may even have experienced the journey of tour guide Bingjiu.

Wei Xun needs the tiger skin of crazy Bingjiu, but even if he calls himself Bingjiu, Wei Xun knows that he can’t behave exactly like Bingjiu.

But on this trip, he doesn’t have to worry about exposure.

[Bingjiu (temporary title): when you wear this title, you will get the rank and some titles of guide Bingjiu, and in the eyes of anyone, you are Bingjiu]

Now Wei Xun’s personal information is as follows:

[guide information]

[Code: Bingjiu (only in this journey)]

[rank: Silver five stars (rank of C 9)]

[death Countdown: 23:55:23]

[score: 0]

[journey salary (danger level): 1500 points (temporary tour guide’s salary is halved and arrives at the end of the journey)]

[title of achievement (a title belonging to C-9, effective only on this trip):

[Bingjiu (temporary title): when you wear this title, you will get the rank and some titles of guide Bingjiu, and in the eyes of anyone, you will be Bingjiu himself]

[cold blooded person (purple title): you are a real cold-blooded person. You will not feel pain and will not be affected by any negative emotions. But your blood is so cold that you always feel that your surroundings are not warm enough!]

[engage in yellow (blue title): you seem to like engaging in yellow, but engaging in yellow is not allowed! When your yellow value is higher than 10 points, your live shot will be temporarily blocked!]

[current yellow value: 0]

Wei Xun’s eyes fell subtly on the last title.

Yellow value? Live footage?

It seems to trigger the keyword, and Wei Xun has a piece of information in his mind out of thin air.

[the live broadcast is the supervision of the tour guide. If the tour guide violates the rules during the journey, he will be punished by the hotel]

[the live broadcast is also a reward for the tour guide. Every 100 additional visitors in the live broadcast room will be converted into 1 point, and all the reward points will be obtained by the tour guide]

[the journey will be broadcast live upon arrival. Only the tour guide who reaches the golden stage can choose to turn off the live broadcast (except the impact caused by some titles and props)]

Salary and live broadcasting are the methods that Wei Xun has found so far, and the tour guide can get points.

It’s just that the salary can’t be obtained until the end of the journey, and this alone includes the responsibilities of many tour guides. For example, Wei Xun didn’t get any reward after carefully counting the names, because this is what the tour guide should do, which is included in the final ‘salary’.

In the same way, it is estimated that Wei Xun will not get extra points if he takes tourists to “scenic spots”.

Earn points through live broadcast?

Wei Xun doesn’t think it’s reliable. Those “spectators” are also tourists or tour guides. Let alone whether someone will reward him with life-saving points. According to the rules, for every 100 spectators in Wei Xun’s live studio, they can get 1 point.

10 points for one day is a novice benefit. Now you need 100 points for one day.

For the six-day journey, he must get at least 500 more points. In other words, the peak number of Wei Xun’s live studio was 50000.

Fifty thousand is not a small number. How many people are there in the whole thriller global hotel? A thousand? Ten thousand? 100000? Or more?

Wei Xun’s score is still zero. He must make plans early.

Is there any way to get points as soon as possible?

Suddenly, the bus stopped.

“Wuluoshan station, here we are”

The front and rear doors were all opened, and a cold and humid vapor came from the outside, adding a little coldness to the hoarse and harsh prompt sound in the bus.

[itinerary announcement]

[please guide Bingjiu to lead the passengers to Xiaolong Yizhuang, located in the hillside of the south foot of Wuluo mountain, before 6:00 p.m., and remember not to be late]

[this is a dangerous journey. Please follow the guide to avoid unnecessary dangers.]

Disposable raincoats appear at the hands of every passenger, which is a “benefit” provided by the journey. Wei Xun did, but his attention was attracted by a new message.

[please check the supplementary regulations for dangerous trips]

[the tour guide will get 300 points for each accidental death of a passenger during a trip of risk level and above.]

[Note: Oh, my God, a passenger died unexpectedly! It seems that the difficulties of this trip are beyond imagination. The benevolent host of the hotel issued a subsidy. Please use the points to improve yourself and better protect the safety of the remaining passengers!]

Wei Xun looked into the car. All the passengers put on colorful disposable raincoats. Some people were vigilant and looked out of the window, while others looked at Wei Xun carefully. Their eyes showed deep worry and fear.

If the tour guide kills passengers on his own initiative, 10000 points will be deducted.

The tourist died in an “accident” and the guide won 300 points.

Wei Xun found it interesting.

Are the supplementary regulations really the protection of passengers?


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