TTG Chapter 30

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (30)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 30: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

Four hours ago, at 0:00 in the morning, Wei Xun just finished the blood experiment, poured the maggots into xiaolongxi, and then took the firefly ghost baby to the village head’s house.

While Pingping hasn’t come back, her baby ghost is in her hand again. Wei Xun is going to steal the house directly. As the core object throughout this journey, the house Pingping once lived in and the things she used are of great reference value.

Before, Wei Xun killed a corpse and turned into a flying fox. All he got were “Pingping’s blood resenting dagger” and “Pingping’s embroidered shoes”. I’m sure Pingping’s silk scarf and “Pingping’s Rouge” are not allowed at home.

Even if not, it’s exciting enough to go around Pingping’s house. Wei Xun always resents that he didn’t fight Li guipingping.

“Didn’t you live here before?”

The most well preserved building in the middle of qiebi village is the ancestral hall. Near the ancestral hall, it seems that the best house in the past should be the village head’s house. Unfortunately, Wei Xun went in and strolled around. In addition to being choked out by dust, he didn’t find anything good, let alone Pingping items. The whole house was pure and bright in appearance. The inner walls were as dark as if they had been burned by a big fire. There was no furniture, just an empty shell.

Perhaps this is the house where Pingping once lived, but it should not be the most important place.

According to Wei Xun’s analysis, Pingping is the first female village head of qiebi village for thousands of years, but in fact, her relationship with the villagers is extremely disharmonious. The group of rotten corpses trapped in Xiaolong Yizhuang, the fetal meat eaten in the legend, and everything in the village seems to be connected with Pingping’s tragic fate.

When giving birth, women should be the weakest and most powerless to resist. In this case, will Pingping give birth in the village?

“Baby, take your brother to see your home.”

Wei Xun didn’t waste any more time in the dilapidated house. He simply took the ghost baby out of the village. Take the firefly off your shoulder and throw it at you. The firefly fluttered its wings and seemed to think that Wei Xun would play with it again. Several times, it flew back to Wei Xun, but after it was thrown out, it danced around Wei Xun blankly and didn’t understand what he was doing.

Wei Xun didn’t expect the ghost baby to take him directly back to Pingping’s nest. Wei Xun continued to walk up the stream along the Xiaolong river. There was no rain tonight, but the night sky was still covered with a layer of light clouds. The shadow of the moon loomed and could not be seen clearly. The edge seemed to have a layer of rough edge.

This is the old saying of Mao moon. On the night of magic, the ghost door is wide open and should not go out.

Wei Xun didn’t encounter a ghost on the way. He walked along Xiaolong River to the end without anything. At the end of the stream is a pool, followed by a waterfall. Beside the pool, there are green bamboos with thick arms. The bamboos are spotted, as if covered with blood and tears. On both sides are clumps of deep weeds and shrubs. At a glance, you can’t see whether there is a road or a steep slope behind them.

“That’s it.”

Wei Xun stood by the pool and took out Pingping’s blood stained embroidered shoes with his hand stuck in his pocket. When he was in the village head’s house, he began to heat up. When he swam down, the heat decreased, and when he swam up, the heat increased. When he reached the pool, he was as hot as baked sweet potato.

Wei Xun estimated that this thing would be hot, pointing to either Pingping or the corpse flying fox king.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Wei Xun plans to find out and solve the corpse turned flying fox king.

In fact, Wei Xun wanted to fight with the corpse flying fox king as early as when he killed the left commander of corpse flying fox on the fierce bone plank road. Wei Xun’s vigilance was aroused by his desire to fight and bleed, his desire to destroy others and himself, and the possibility of losing control.

in fact, he has always subconsciously restrained himself and avoided meeting the corpse flying fox king, which is not like falling into the situation of crazy fighting again.

However, the loss of control caused by the decline of San value is not only the desire to fight. At the fetal meat grave, Wei Xun committed the stupid act of indulging in Pingping, not treating the wound and allowing the countdown to death to decline. This is also a loss of control.

San value is like a double-edged sword, which not only gives  strong power, but also deprives Wei Xun of his reason. The change makes Wei Xun eager to fight. The decline of San value itself will make him lose his interest in other things.

After drawing two tubes of blood, Wei Xun calmed down and opened his eyes. Since they were out of control, he might as well continue to look for stimulation. Now he still has 42 San points, which should be enough to fight with the corpse flying fox king.

In the final analysis, the most exciting thing in this journey that can also arouse Wei Xun’s interest is only the corpse flying fox king and Li Gui Pingping, and Wu Laoliu can barely count as one.

“Is there no way?”

Standing in front of the pool, Wei Xun tried to walk to its left and right sides, but the heat of blood stained embroidered shoes did not change. i’m not an experienced hunter. I can’t trace animals. I found them all the way by radar like blood stained embroidered shoes.

But now the embroidered shoes are useless, and the ghost baby fireflies are flying everywhere. Without the consciousness of leading the party, Wei Xun seems unable to continue tracking – no, is there really no way?

Wei Xun took out the small glass bottle, opened the lid and knocked it.

“Buzzing, buzzing -”

The golden mosquitoes trapped in the glass bottle jumped out like an orange juice sugar ball, but they didn’t fly away. Instead, they buzzed around Wei Xun, as if to express their joy and want to stick with him.

“You smell the blood.”

Wei Xun pasted the embroidered shoes on it: “take me to find it.”

Mosquitoes should be very sensitive to blood. It’s normal to use it when hunting dogs.


The golden mosquito fell on the embroidered shoes, and the four pairs of wings were obediently folded, staring at Wei Xun. Wei Xun stared at it unfathomably for a few seconds and confirmed that the stupid thing couldn’t understand his words.

If you want to communicate with golden mosquito and control it, Wei Xun has to give it some blood.

“It’s troublesome. Do I have to accept your loyalty?”

Wei Xun rolled up his sleeve, revealing his pale and thin left arm and the Mariya butterfly tattoo on his left arm. It’s not an illusion. The position of the tattoo has moved up again. Now it has reached the junction of the big arm and the small arm.

That piece of skin exposed, the golden mosquito immediately excited the crazy devil, and the wings quickly fanned out the virtual shadow. Rushed like a bullet, a fierce man fell on Wei Xun’s arm and began to suck blood.

“Suck less, useless little thing.”

Although there was no pain in being sucked blood, Wei Xun complained bitterly: “the people loyal to me are either mosquitoes or maggots. Can’t they have something powerful?”

“Buzz, buzz master!”

The excited blood sucking mosquitoes hummed in his mind and finally expressed their thoughts more clearly.

“The master is buzzing!”

It only smoked a little, just enough to make a contract with its owner. It stopped smoking when it had a sense of self-management. After pulling out the exit device, the golden mosquito suddenly flapped its wings and flew out, and bumped into a nearby tree.

Wei Xun was stunned when he looked at this posture. Without waiting to figure out whether the mosquito was stupid or drunk, he saw the golden mosquito flying back again, holding something in his slender limbs.

“Buzz, buzz, master”

The buzzing of golden mosquitoes seemed weak and put something in Wei Xun’s hand.

“Hiss -”

Rao Shiwei Xun was surprised and took a breath of air-conditioning after seeing the properties of this thing.

[Name: variant ¥%#* mouthpiece [gold]


[function: sucking blood & *%!]

[remarks: * &… Painless… # hard]

 I have never seen so many random codes in an item introduction!

The golden mosquito is weak and buzzing in Wei Xun’s mind. I know that this seems to be a special loyalty ceremony for the magic mosquito family. After finding the destined master, the magic mosquito will present its mouth to represent absolute loyalty. In the future, it would rather starve to death than suck the blood of other creatures. It will definitely only suck the master’s blood!

Of course, the mouthpiece will regenerate when it is broken, but what the magic mosquito gives to its master is the best mouthpiece to grow with it after it is born from its egg. The regenerated mouthparts are not as good as this.

The effect of the mouthpiece is the same as that of the magic mosquito. This golden mosquito is not highly evolved, and many meanings cannot be expressed. Wei Xun can only understand that his mouthpiece is “very hard” and “not painful”. These two points are basically consistent with the item tips.

“What the hell are you?”

Wei Xun held the mouthpiece like a gold needle in his hand and looked at it curiously. Can’t even the hotel identify this gadget. Thinking of his previous battle with the magic mosquito, the golden mosquito was loyal to him, and the hotel did not respond.

What are they?

“Buzz, master, things…”

The golden mosquito that has had enough rest buzzes and flies. It instinctively flatters Wei Xun. It has no concept of “I”. It instinctively feels that it is the owner’s part. Its meaning is not pleasant to hear, but Wei Xun will not quarrel with a mosquito.

In particular, the golden mosquito buzz is still very weak, but it has begun to perform the duties of a hound. After flying around the embroidered shoes, it rushed to the northwest.

The embroidered shoes were taken out from the corpse flying fox commander. At that time, Wei Xun was crazy and tore the corpse flying fox commander into meat foam. The blood smell on the shoes was particularly strong. The golden mosquito buzzed in Wei Xun’s mind.

It sensed the smell of blood in that direction, which was similar, but stronger and more terrible.

That’s the corpse flying fox king.

Golden mosquito flies and stops with Wei Xun all the way. There are many mountains in Western Hunan. It is even more remote and desolate. There is no path for mountain people. Thanks to Wei Xun’s dissimilated body now, even the mountain wall with an inclination of 45 degrees can walk on the ground. Our speed is not slow.

But even so, after crossing this heavy hillside, it was 2:30 a.m. From the map, the straight-line distance from Wei Xun may be only a few hundred meters, but the actual distance is already more than ten kilometers.

“Buzzing -”

The golden mosquito is buzzing and flying. In front of it is the territory of the ‘monster’. Its powerful breath makes the golden mosquito instinctively dare not approach and only dare to hover around the periphery.

Wei Xun did not hesitate. When he came here, he also caught the faint smell of powerful creatures.

Strong enemy.

Very strong, very strong. Wei Xun even felt that it was not much weaker than Li Gui Pingping.

Really strong.

The tip of his claws was itching, and a faint red light appeared in Wei Xun’s eyes. The desire to fight with strong enemies filled every blood vessel like stimulants, which made his blood boil.

I really want to fight at once.

Wei Xun walked in fearlessly.

It suddenly opened up in front of me. It was a rare clearing in the forest. It was as soft as grass, like the best carpet. The lawn is covered with unknown small white flowers. This lawn is neat and beautiful. It doesn’t seem to grow in the wild, but it seems that someone has trimmed it regularly.

There are no miscellaneous trees or nearby shrubs. In the center of the grassland, there is a very large old tree. When you look carefully, you can find that these two trees are intertwined and finally grow together, which has become a rare forest landscape.

What most attracted Wei Xun’s attention was a woman’s head in the middle of the huge tree trunk.


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