TTG Chapter 300

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 300: Emotional Push

It is not so much a butterfly as a complete butterfly’s upper right wing. It’s blue and purple. It’s very beautiful. It fluctuates slightly with Wei Xun’s breath and heartbeat. It seems to be alive. It’s very eye-catching.

An Xuefeng had never seen such a situation, and his face became more serious.

He found some snow-white and soft filaments floating and winding around it, like a spider’s web. Before Wei Xun took a bath, these filaments had been washed away.

But now it appears again.

An Xuefeng took out a clean towel, dipped it in the lake water, and soaked the filaments carefully. The water in the lake was a little cold. Wei Xun hid behind, which brought an Xuefeng closer and the distance between them closer. There is a problem where the butterfly tattoo is… An Xuefeng’s action is light, but Wei Xun is a little itchy.

It’s really grinding.

“Use your strength.”

Wei Xun couldn’t help but straighten his chest. An Xuefeng glanced at him, but he was still slow and steady. After the filaments were softened by the lake, he took out a special pair of tweezers and carefully clamped them off.

The metal and sleek tweezers head replaced the cold and soft towel. The one rubbed by cold water stood up when stimulated, which was very conspicuous, but an Xuefeng was still serious, without any beauty. He was absorbed and careful, as if he was dealing with the wound for his comrades in arms.

Wei Xun smiled silently and stopped teasing him. He asked curiously, “you can’t take other people’s butterfly fragments, so you can take your own?”

What an Xuefeng said just now is “reach out to get other people’s butterfly fragments, you won’t die”. This “other people’s” was noticed by Wei Xun.

Like the puppet master’s butterfly fragments, it’s okay to hide them in the meat?

“You can’t say that.”

An Xuefeng whispered. He took a filament and put it into a small gold box full of exotic customs. There is no doubt that this is also something related to 30 degrees north latitude. Fine silk, the lake water that Wei Xun washed before was sealed by an Xuefeng.

“Maria butterfly fragments are very dangerous… More dangerous for tour guides than tourists.”

An Xuefeng spoke slowly, as if he were sorting his thoughts. He didn’t tell Wei Xun about this before. He planned to explain it in detail according to examples after entering the pyramid. But now

“You should have checked it, too.”

An Xuefeng said: “the flash butterfly in the abyss of Maria is the symbol of the global hotel. It is the most mysterious and beautiful incredible thing. Everyone is looking for it. Everyone is proud to have Maria”. This is what the hotel told you, isn’t it? ”

If Wei Xun had Butterfly Tattoos and knew about Maria butterfly, he must have checked it as soon as he entered the hotel.


Wei Xun should as like as two peas, and the other words of the hotel were exactly the same as that of the hotel. Apart from this sentence, there is no news about Maria butterfly fragments.

“It has a pure and powerful abyss breath and strong pollution force. People who are polluted by it will not feel any pain, but will only feel happy.”

“In theory, it is an absolutely pure abyss pollution. On the contrary, it will expel and alleviate other pollution… One fifth of the butterfly fragments on the way home. It can alleviate my pain before you appear.”

An Xuefeng’s tone was calm, but Wei Xun understood what he meant. To some extent, it can be regarded as an abyss monster. An Xuefeng’s slice mutated for some reason. That is to say, to some extent, butterfly fragments can suppress the principal?

“Of course, only the butterfly fragments belonging to ‘you’ can play a role. Others’ Butterfly fragments are highly toxic and the most terrible pollution.”

Wei Xun asked: “how does’ belong to me ‘be defined?”

“Maria butterfly fragments travel at 30 degrees north latitude, celebrate at the end of the year, and belong to whoever touches it first on the battlefield.”

An Xuefeng smiled with a cold smile: “or kill that man, the butterfly fragments will belong to the winner.”

“What if I dig out the butterfly fragments and throw them to the enemy in a critical moment?”

Wei Xun’s mind turned quickly and was full of bad moves.

An Xuefeng said, “those who give up butterfly fragments will not give him any care – they are all butterfly fragments.”

Either encounter it first, or kill the holder. After giving up, you can no longer have any butterfly fragments.

It has a strange and special magic that makes everyone crazy.

“Of course, there are rumors that as long as you have enough butterfly fragments, you can actively attract it, attract it to give up its original owner and take the initiative to belong to you.”

An Xuefeng has never seen it before. There are a lot of butterfly fragments in one fifth, but he has never encountered such a situation.

I saw you today.

The butterfly fragments that flew away from the puppet master’s flesh and blood fell directly on Wei Xun’s fingers. They were stuck like glue, and even there was only a little pollution. After the safe house of Poyang Lake, an Xuefeng checked carefully for the first time. The glove was still intact, but the butterfly fragments disappeared.

I’m afraid it’s integrated into Wei Xun.

“For the tour guide, you will become stronger rapidly. The heavier the pollution, the more beautiful the butterfly in your eyes will be. It will drive you to look for more and more butterfly fragments until it is put together completely.”

“People with more butterfly fragments will attract each other. There are all kinds of coincidences that make them finally come into contact.”

An Xuefeng now knows why he gave Wei Xun a contract directly. But between him and Wei Xun, it is not just the instinctive attraction of butterfly fragments.

“Hippies have a lot of butterfly fragments.”

An Xuefeng said, “but I’ve always been hostile to him.”


Wei Xun raised his eyebrow and patted an Xuefeng’s head, just like patting a big dog. As a result, an Xuefeng caught his hands that dared to make trouble. An Xuefeng took away his tweezers and stood up. Wipe Wei Xun’s wet chest and wrap the quilt again.

“All right.”

All the filaments on the butterfly tattoo were clamped down, and after this time, the blue and purple tattoo gradually disappeared, leaving only snow-white flawless skin.

Integration should be over.

An Xuefeng speculated.

These filaments on Wei Xun’s body may not be pollution, but the reaction of the fusion of Maria butterfly fragments… But even if it’s just a reaction, it’s too, too easy. Who doesn’t want to die when fusing butterfly fragments, such as crazy and evil?

When an Xuefeng said “OK”, Wei Xun also noticed the change of his butterfly tattoo.

There is no hotel prompt. The hotel is shielded in the safe house. But Wei Xun seemed to know instinctively that there were only 1 / 4 butterfly fragments, but now it’s 3 / 10. From a quarter to three tenths, the size of the piece of the puppet master is one twentieth.

“How many pieces of Maria butterfly fragments?”

Wei Xun asked curiously. One fifth of the way home, he has three tenths here, which adds up to half of the Maria butterflies.

And half the butterfly fragments are in the hands of others?

“If it’s just wing fragments, there’s twenty.”

An Xuefeng said, “but if you count the others, it’s not necessarily.”

“Yin Yang butterfly has a magic knife that can suck blood. It is extremely narrow and thin. It is like a sweater needle, but it is very soft. It can be rolled up and hidden in the waist on weekdays. As long as it stabs into the human body, it can instantly suck up all human juice. This knife is evil and vicious. It was cut off by my return knife, but it instantly recovers as usual. It is very similar to the bloodthirsty shadow knife used by people playing life in the past.”

“It’s the mouthpiece of a butterfly.”

“Butterfly’s mouthpiece…”

Wei Xun murmured that if so, collecting all the fragments of Maria butterfly would not be able to piece together a complete butterfly.

“Then there are butterfly heads, butterfly antennae, butterfly eyes and so on?”

“That’s right.”

“Isn’t that hard to spell?”

Wei Xun sighed. He also wanted to know what would happen to the butterflies. There must be a reason why my brother collected so many fragments of Maria butterflies.

“Spell it?”

An Xuefeng listened to his words, but gently shook his head: “you can’t spell it.”

“Do you know why it’s called Maria abyss flash butterfly?”

“From the abyss?”

This is what Wei Xun has always been curious about. Why can butterflies from the abyss represent hotels?


But an Xuefeng denied it.

“Maria abyss flash butterfly doesn’t mean from the abyss.”

An Xuefeng said slowly, “where it is, it is the abyss.”

Old people who have experienced the battlefield in the last decade know this‘ When the Mariah butterflies gather, the abyss will appear. “This sentence is the only reward they get after the end of the battlefield.

What do you mean when Maria butterflies gather, the abyss will appear?

If we collect the fragments of Mariah butterflies on the earth, will the earth become an abyss?


“We collect it to separate it or even destroy it.”

Therefore, those who play life will become the public enemy of the whole hotel. He collected butterfly fragments by any means, and many people suspected that he had been controlled by Maria butterfly.

Next to the towel rolled, drilling out a messy cat’s head. He moved twice and found himself trapped by the towel roll. He pitifully shouted to Wei Xun for help.

The hippie is sleeping, and pancake is a normal cat again. Wei Xun was so soft hearted that he asked an Xuefeng to bring him the cat. An Xuefeng didn’t let him wear clothes. He was worried that the pollution of Butterfly Tattoos would recur. He had to observe it for at least half a day. Wei Xun was more at ease and ordered him.

But an Xuefeng seldom seems to be worried. After giving the cat to Wei Xun, he kept staring at him, his thick eyebrows locked, as if thinking about something.

“Are butterfly fragments in the human body in the form of puppet masters?”

He was silent, but Wei Xun asked first.

“Can you fly so easily?”


An Xuefeng shook his head: “attractive relationship, but…”

However, few people hide butterfly fragments in their bodies. The puppet master is a demon polluted by the abyss. Her abdomen is a “human”, so she did it.

But few normal guides dare to do so. Insert highly contaminated Maria butterfly fragments into the meat? Are you crazy?

“I’ve always been curious about what kind of state the butterfly fragments in my body are.”

When an Xuefeng handed the cat to him, Wei Xun took an Xuefeng’s hand. Now, an Xuefeng feels that Wei Xun has sent something hard to him.

It’s a maniac’s knife.

“You want to have a look, don’t you?”

Wei Xun’s eyes seemed to have insight into people’s hearts, and no mind could be hidden in front of him. Indeed, an Xuefeng has been thinking since he found the pollution problem on Wei Xun.

What kind of state is the butterfly fragment in Wei Xun’s body?

The position of the heart is too critical.

He was worried that the butterfly fragments had parasitized on Wei Xun’s heart. He was worried… This worry was like a big hand holding an Xuefeng’s heart.

If you don’t have a look, an Xuefeng won’t rest assured. But he rarely hesitated, just because Wei Xun is really afraid of pain now. Do you want to wait until the doomsday punishment is lifted? But there is a butterfly fragment swallowed by a monster in the Sahara. An Xuefeng is afraid that there will be another problem at that time.

Now, Wei Xun handed him the knife.

“… it hurts.”

An Xuefeng stared at him with dark eyes, like two Obsidian stones. That’s nice. Wei Xun thought that he still remembered that he sighed when he was held in his arms by an Xuefeng, but he still firmly stretched out his hand to help grab the hippie’s cloak. Until he turned his face.

It’s different. It’s hard for Wei Xun to describe his mood at that time, and it’s hard to judge his current emotion. But he wants to open more to an Xuefeng.

Of course, after seeing the butterfly fragments of the puppet master, Wei Xun also wanted to see what the butterfly fragments on his chest were like. If he stabbed himself, he would lose San, alienate, and have unstable hands. If he was not sure that the stab was heavy, he might even return to zero on the spot, but an Xuefeng wouldn’t.

An Xuefeng moved the knife, and Wei Xun was relieved. But an Xuefeng didn’t know what he was thinking. Wei Xun saw a hesitation in his eyes.

“Of course it hurts.”

An Xuefeng’s eyes made Wei Xun feel better. He put one hand around an Xuefeng’s neck and said with a low smile: “so, you know what to do… HMM!”

Before the words fell, an Xuefeng kissed him. Without hesitation, the tip of the tongue strongly pressed against his teeth and swept in his mouth, almost forcing people to be unable to breathe. It was as if the beast had caught the prey, and the feeling of being intimidated by the momentum of the other party almost immediately took away Wei Xun’s whole attention.

He likes an Xuefeng to take the initiative.

“Mi Mi!”

The kitten was squeezed between them, trying to separate them, trying to catch and kick someone, but no one paid attention to it for the time being. With a crisp clang, the murder knife fell to the ground. An Xuefeng didn’t use this knife. He took out his return knife. The controlled shortened return Dao was like a dagger. An Xuefeng turned to his side. He pressed the back of Wei Xun’s head and aggravated the kiss.



Wei Xun’s teeth couldn’t help biting his tongue. At the same time, an Xuefeng cut open his chest.

The author has something to say: three hundred chapters! Great emotional progress!

Thank you, hippie!

Try to separate their cat towel roll:!!!


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